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The motivation behind this task is to enhance the recognised shortcomings with suitable supporting

With the assistance of this proposal we have enhanced our shortcomings which will help us in our individual
lives and in hospitality industry as well


The procedure towards this report was systematic. To begin with the different shortcomings were recognised
after which guaranteed steps were taken to defeat our shortcomings which were bolstered by legitimate
coronations .


1.4.1 Time period to discern our shortcomings were very less .
1.4.2 Time period to upgrade our shortcomings was exceptionally constrained

Soft skills are qualities of a person which improves individuals interaction, work performance and career
expansion. They are basic personality traits of a person which help one to exceed expectations in the working
environment. They are important for both individual as well as the industry . Industry requires people with
personal as well as interpersonal skills and soft skills are a must for a person to be successful in hospitality
industry. The soft skills in which I lack are APA 6 referencing , Time management , Leadership ,
Communication skills and Confidence Building. (Mitra, 2011)

For assessing various soft skills different modules were selected . To assess APA 6 Referencing and
communication skills PDP module was used . Various assessments were done in both which were provided

by module leader herself. I was unable to cite journals in December.This was a completely new skill for me and was quite difficult to understand in the initial stages due to lack of knowledge. With the help of PDP module I was able to enhance my speaking skills and body language with presenting in front of a lot of people . Listening . written as well as non verbal skills. For leadership —— ?? FINDINGS & DISCUSSION APA6 REFERENCING . I was unable to speak fluent english and express my views to other people during the initial month . COMMUNICATION SKILLS . Therefore in the month of January i identified my time robbers with the help of handouts provided our PDP Module tutor Ms Meena Sinha and dealing with them helped me to enhance my time management skills further. I lacked in Oral .Time management is an absolutely necessary skill to have because it helps us to distribute time to all important activities . This was an essential skill to have because it was used in the assignments of all the modules. In the month of January i realised the importance of time as i had to submit a lot of assignments to submit and therefore i made a schedule and a to do list which helped me initially but i was not able to follow it constantly . As the time is limited it haps us to prioritise our time to important activities . Non verbal skills. valuable feedback and assessment sheets from Ms Meena Sinha ma'am and Mr Arun kumar sharma sir helped me to enhance my time management skills . It boosted my confidence and over time i started receiving positive feedback over time. For time management timely submission of assignments of various modules were used as well as feedback from our FnB module tutor Mr. Also the material provided by her which included various handouts and presentations helped me a lot. TIME MANAGEMENT .Communication skills are essential for everyone. Arun kumar sharma sir . They include Oral .Written. To . Therefore i practised it more in various other modules and a huge improvement was seen as i got 4% similarity in the nutrition assignment in the month of December. After submitting my first assignment which was PDP proposal in November i realised i needed improvement in the skill as i got 25% similarity in it due to wrong references . Meena Sinha ma'am helped me in evaluating. After knowing its importance I started working on this in which our PDP module tutor Ms Meena Sinha helped me a lot by explaining on how to cite different cases. For confidence building . After practising this skill in various module assignments and paraphrasing various articles in the month of December a lot of improvement was seen which showed when i got 31 out of 40 in our APA 6 referencing test help by or PDP module tutor . In November i was not able to manage my time because of various reasons and because of that i didn't do important activities until it was urgent . I realised that i lack in written communication as well after getting results of case study in which i got C grade. Various tests which took place and feedback from the module leader Ms.

CONCLUSION Personality development planning has helped me a lot in improving my weak points. Although i didn't win the competition but it helped me a lot in gaining a lot of confidence . . All the syndicate presentations in various modules had an important role in enhancing my confidence level .work on this i was advised by our PDP module tutor to read more books and articles and solve the given assessment sheets and online material as well and i did the same . There was a remarkable improvement seen in each of the skills like I have improved my APA6 referencing skills which will help me in all the assignments in future . In the test held in January on business communication I scored an A+ which shows the improvement in the skill over the time. LEADERSHIP - CONFIDENCE BUILDING . K. I felt a lot comfortable while presenting in front of the whole class in January . Personality development and soft skills. I had stage fright and i also lacked fluency Also my body language was also not correct because of lack of confidence . My confidence level and leadership skills have been boosted with the help of this module . B. New Delhi: Oxford University Press. in which i was guided by Mr. With help of this module i was able to enhance my personality which will help me a lot in future .Although I still struggle in managing time but now i am able to manage my time more efficiently . sharma sir .I lacked a lot in confidence in the initial month. Arun kumar sharma . In November and December i did a lot of mistakes because of lack of confidence but after practising the service over and over again in the month of January i was able to gain confidence and got good feedback from Mr. REFERENCES Mitra. Also my communication skills have also increased in all aspects but i can still improve a lot by practising it . (2011). Also when i came here i didn't knew much about food and beverage service. To counter this I participated in Mr.Freshers 2016 to get rid of my stage fright .