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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VI-Western Visayas
Division of Cadiz City

Test Questionnaire in Geometry

NAME: Year&Section: SCORE:

Direction : Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided before each

1. What is the measure of a right angle ?
A.50° B.60° C.90° D.180°

2. What is the measure of a straight angle ?
A.60° B.90° C. 120° D.180°

3. It is a triangle with no two sides are congruent ?
A. scalene B. isosceles C. equilateral D. equiangular

4. What is the measure of the angle of an equiangular triangle ?
A.60° B.75° C.90° D.180°

5. If the complement of an angle is 34°, what is the angle ?
A.34° B. 41° C.56° D.61°

6. In the figure below , what is the value of <x ?


A.127° B.137° C.143° D.153°
7. What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon whose one side measures cm?

20 25 25
A.5cm B. cm C. cm D. cm
3 3 6

8. It is a polygon with 11 sides?
A. nonagon B. decagon C. undecagon D. dodecagon

9.What is the sum of all interior angles of a polygon?
A. 90° B.180° C. 360° D.720°

10. The supplementary angles are in the ratio 1:5 . Find the value of the smaller
A.30° B45° C.60° D.150°

find BE.324 units D. The complement of an angle is 45. If the measure of DE = 3x-4 and DB = 8x-24. side 20.85cm2 C.103° D. 45° B.90cm2 D. 360° 17. A. tangent line C. 21 units 15. radius B. A.50° B.441 units D C E A B Given is a parallelogram ABCD for 13-14. 3πrh D. A.25° C. diameter C. 13. What is the area of the square if the given sides are . 100° 16. Find the area of a trapezoid whose bases measure 10 cm. 34. 180° D. 18 units D. πr C.√3cm2 B. <B <A 11.361 units B. Find the angle. Find the area of an equilateral triangle whose sides measure 4 cm. 74° 23. What is the longest chord of a circle? A.18 units D. 90° B. . What is the measure of one interior angle of a square? A. 95cm2 .20 units B.25° 21. 2πr B.17 units C. 60° C.400 units C. Which of the following does not belong to the circle? A. 16 units B.79° 12.102° B. find AC.101° C.15 units 14. and has a height of 6 cm? A. 3√3cm2 D. A.3cm2 22. A. π2 18.If the measure of AE = 2x+5 and CE= 3x. find the measure of <A. circumference D. 90° D.75°. A. 114. secant D. An angle is 10 more than four times it’s complement . 44. 3x-2 & 2x+5? A.25° B. 135° C.25° D. What is the formula for the circumference of a circle? A.60° C.2 √3cm2 C.75cm2 B. Radius B. If the measure of angle is <B= 2x+9 and <A=3x-4. and 15 cm. find the angle.64° D. What is the measure of a complete revolution? A.19 units C. tangent 19. 24.

B.310. Find the measure of <S. A.133° . Q 24. C.143. 10 units C. 65° B.763mm2 D. What is it’s volume? A.43mm2 D.63mm2 B.6 units B.589.60mm. If AB = 3x and DC = x+12. 75° C.02mm.43mm2 C. A rubik’s cube has a height of 67 mm.590.155° 26.122° D.43mm2 For numbers 30-31 .753mm2 A B ABCD is a parallelogram D C 27. P 85° S 110° R In trapezoid PQRS.67° D. What is the measure of <P + <Q? A. 138.115° 25. based on the figure below. What is the measure of <B? A.1.35° B.1.40 mm.690.140. 302. 150.57° C. What is the area of the circle described in no. A .763mm3 C.18 units 28. 300. PQ ││ RS .28? A.113° B.1. Find the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 45mm.78° 31.120° B.121° C. B 78° A 145° 30. Find the length of AB.489.151. A.1. What is the measure of <A? A. 95° D.20mm.381mm3 B. 29. 14 units D. D.140° D.135° C.

5in. cm D.90° 40. 500cm3 C.4 units B.24 units 37.10 units C.34? A.o Y 38.32.16 units (For numbers 38-40) In the circle O . How much water can it hold? A. arc xz = 80° and <xyz is an inscribed angle. A. 20 in.find the length of the minor arc xz. 30° B.5.80° D.75° C.350 in. 130cm2 34. 8 in.390 in. M P Q O N 36.7. cm B. 10 units C. If the wheel completed 5 5 revolution.12 units D.375 in. What is the length of MN? A. 120. 15 cm. What is the measure of <XOZ ? A. 40° C.60° B.450 in. base on the figure below. 119cm2 C. 18 units D. B.250cm3 D.50° D. A. What is the radius of the wheel in no.2.117cm2 B. Find the measure of the inscribed angle . cm 9 9 9 9 . III. and 25 cm.50cm2 D. D. 4. how far does it traveled ? 9 A. If a circle has a radius of 5cm.60° 39. D. Difficult For numbers 36-37. Find it’s volume. C. A shoe box 12cm. 10 in. Find the length of QP? A. B. cm C.550cm3 B. C. 4 units B. 35. 20π 22π 30π 47π A. A tin can has a radius of 3 cm and 13 cm tall. A wheel of a vehicle can take 63 inches per revolution . 80° X Z .500cm3 33.

PR D. QR B. PQ and SQ and secant RQ intersect at point Q. PQ C. cm2 C. 200 225 225 325 A. P Q T R S 42. QP 47. What is the shortest leg? A. 5 D. PR D. cm2 D. cm2 B. 250 cm2 (For numbers 46-48) Study the figure below. A. A. 208 cm2 C. What is the longest side? A. 200 cm2 B. PQ C. 46.10° B. Find the area of the shaded region. If m PR is 160° and m RT is 120°.find m<2. cm2 3 2 4 4 For no. 4 C.42-43.160° 43. find m<1.80° 44. find the value of x. 6 45. 238 cm2 D. A. Find the area of the inscribed square.45° D.41. If m TPR =240° and m RS=80°. RQ .45° D. 2 B. A. If the midline of a triangle is 2x-3 and the measure of the side parallel to it is 10 units. QR B.20° C. A square was inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 15 cm.40° B. 20° C.

56 cm2 . In the figure below. What is the complement of <P? A.48.46 cm2 C. What is the surface area of the rectangular broom box having dimensions of 24in x 20in x 50in (h x w x l)? A.35° D. 4960 in2 D. 5360 in2 50. 260. 2460 in2 B. Find the area the smaller circle. 254. 45° 49. 230. 25° C. the radius of the smaller circle is three-fourth of the larger circle.26 cm2 B.26 cm2 D. 276. 3cm A. 3340 in2 C. 15° B.