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Machine Problem #1

EE 150 - Power System Analysis I

Due: May 25, 2018

1. Softcopy of source code and required output text files (.txt). Upload at class e-group.
2. Hardcopy of documentation. Submit in A4 paper, IEEE double-column format.

Problem Objectives:
1. To be able to develop a program in Matlab 2009b (or any higher version) that can determine the
following :
a. The transmission line parameters (resistance, inductance and capacitance).
b. The transmission line model (short, medium or long).
c. The ABCD parameters of a transmission line (for short, medium and long).
d. The transmission line performance (Sending-end voltage, current, power factor,
efficiency and voltage regulation).
2. To be able to utilize the table data for commonly used bundled conductors as input for the
developed program.

Problem Specifications:
1. The high-level programming language Matlab must be used.
2. In calculating the GMD, the user should be able input the distances of the 3 conductors (line a, b
and c).
3. Aside from displaying your output in the command prompt, all information displayed should be
saved in a text file.
4. The documentation should include but not limited to the following sections.
 Abstract – brief summary of the problem and your program
 Implementation – include a short description of each program module/part
 Testing – emphasize the assumptions of each test case
 Results and Discussion
 Conclusions – answer the problem objectives
 On the first page/cover page of your documentation, write the boxed statement below (or
any statement of the same effect) and sign.
5. Use the IEEE format for the documentation.

I certify upon my honor that I solved these problems independently, without asking help
from anybody. I may have, however, consulted published references and reading
materials, and I hereby acknowledge (write proper bibliography) them accordingly. It
took me _______ hours to finish this machine problem.

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