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Friedman test conducted on the questions on which the respondent was asked to give the rating of

certain attribute on 1 to 10

Different Ice creams brands in Parlor and Branded Ice Cream Categories

Attributes were Trusted brand, Flavor, natural content, frozen level, taste, texture and appearance
aroma and nutrition and packaging

Among the category of brand ice cream, the brands were Cornetto Magnum Walls pack Omore Igloo

Trusted Brands Flavors and taste have consistent high mean ranks in almost all the categories

Natural Content Aroma and Nutrition have been consistent low mean ranks in the tests with value
ranging in 3 and 4

Among the Brands were Gelato, Movenpick, and Kaybees

In Gelato Natural Content Aroma Nutrition and Attractive Packaging were of lower mean ranks, whereas
in Kaybees and Movenpick Natural Content aroma and nutrition were having lower mean ranks

Chi Square Presentation

Cones were among the preferred format of Ice cream both in males and Females

Where as the preferred format of ice cream for company brand comes out to be cones whereas the
preferred format of ice cream for a parlor brand comes out to be scoop or a cup

Males Have slightly higher preference for the parlor brand than females .


Females have slighter higher frequency of consumption than males in Company Brands Category Where as male have more higher frequency of consumption in Parlor Ice cream .

Magnum and Walls brick pack were among the most popular brands in the results .Cornetto.

Cornetto was the most popular brand among all income groups and is the most popular among the income brackets of 50-100k Gelato Affairs turned out to be the most preferred Ice cream Parlor brand among the people having income greater than 250K .