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LESSON PLAN – Which Job? Which Family?

Theme – Investigating The World Of Work

CAREER SKILLS – Career Exploration

KEY SKILLS – Communication, Problem Solving , Working With Others, Improving Own Learning and

WORK RELATED LEARNING – Learning For Work, Learning About Work

COMPETENCIES – *ai, *aii, *aiii, *bi, *cii, *di, **ei, **eiii, **eiv, **ev, **evi, ***fiv, ***Iii, ****li,

SUGGESTED SUBJECT AREA – Social Studies, Personal Development, English

Learning Outcomes

By completing this task students will be able to:

 Gain an understanding of job families.
 Increase the range of jobs they know about.
 Sort job titles into job families to show understanding.

Preparation and Materials

 One or more copies of Activity Sheet (1) “Which Job? Which Family?” for each student.
 3-4 sets of Activity Sheets (2) to (6).
 Teachers’ Notes (1) and (2).
 Blackboard/flipchart.
 This lesson links with lesson plan “Where Do My Neighbours Work?” and “Local Jobs”.


1. Split the class into groups of 3 or 4.
2. Explain the aims of the lesson using the learning outcomes on Activity Sheet (1).
3. Brainstorm as a class the types of jobs the students think would come under the heading ‘Construction’
– list on the blackboard/flipchart.
4. Discuss the list when all ideas have been recorded using the Teachers’ Notes (1) as a guide.
5. Give out one of the Activity Sheets (2) to (6) to each group. Give out Activity Sheet (1) to each student
and ask them in groups to follow the instructions. Working together in their groups as k the students to
allocate jobs to families. (A few jobs may fall into two categories).
6. Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson.
7. Summarise the main learning outcomes.

Extension Activity

 Students should be encouraged to move on to a new Activity Sheet when they have allocated all the
jobs on their first one.

 Time should be left to share answers with the whole class and check the quality of the work completed before summarising the learning outcomes. accountant. fish farmer. farm manager. foreign exchange clerk. stockbroker. The Activity  At this stage it is suggested that students are encouraged to explore the idea of job families without too much emphasis on right or wrong answers. painter and decorator. groom. bank clerk. There may similar jobs that we do not know about but which would suit us better. Active. architect. sign-writer. insurance clerk. bank manager.  Are there any other words to describe this type of job? E. D.g. accounting technician.  What is the point of “Job Families?” They are helpful in thinking about career plans for the future. fashion designer. or by giving a clear time limit and seeing which team has the most allocated jobs at that point. civil engineering. glazier. Outdoor. If for any reason the first choice is not possible. insurance broker. kitchen fitter. gamekeeper. When thinking about the future it is best to have a few ideas. B. graphic designer. Building. jockey. grounds person. photographer. Finance: Actuary. then another job in the same family may be a good second choice.  There will be opportunities for them to find out more about classifications of jobs next year when they begin to use the careers library more seriously. C. Construction: Bricklayer. window dresser. Possible Answers A. Agriculture/Horticulture: Gardener. electrician. pig farmer. quantity surveyor. Skilled etc. Often if we like a job then its “relatives” may also appeal to us. Art and Design: Florist. landscape architect. nursery worker. kennel assistant. insurance claims official.  This activity can be treated as a competitive game by encouraging the groups to compete with one another to get through all the Activity Sheets (2) to (6). plumber. fine artist. . potter. joiner.TEACHERS’ NOTES – Which Jobs? Which Family? Discussion Points  Do any jobs not belong?  Are there any jobs which are only partly to do with construction. rather than just one job. interior designer.

hotel receptionist. Administrative/clerical: Clerk. Medical Scientific: Doctor. fitter. social worker. word processor operator. electrician. J. restaurant manager. fitness instructor. ice-cream factory operative. school secretary. air steward/stewardess. telephone operator. careers adviser. train manager. civil engineer. taxi driver. warehouse manager. kitchen assistant. nursery school teacher. fork lift truck operator. bike courier. Care and Community: Care assistant. butcher. administrative assistant. non-teaching assistant. food service counter assistant. psychiatrist. courier. housekeeper. truck driver. Food/ Catering: Chef. pilot. swimming pool attendant. matron. baker. Education: School secretary. health care assistant. Travel. . clerical officer. veterinary nurse. Tourism and Leisure: Housekeeper. health visitor. educational psychologist. medical secretary. motor mechanic. Engineering/Motor Vehicle: Vehicle body repairer. youth leader. college principal. merchant navy deck officer. adult education centre principal. Transport and Distribution: Bus driver. fishmonger. I. L. nurse. welder. matron. dentist. probation officer. call centre manager. resort representative. fabricator. washing machine service engineer. nursery nurse. radiographer. telecommunication technician. G. careers adviser. home economist. hotel receptionist. voluntary helper. physiotherapist. teacher.TEACHERS’ NOTES – Which Job? Which Family? Possible Answers (continued) E. H. yoga teacher. laboratory technician. waiter/waitress. medical secretary. nanny. F. university lecturer. personal assistant. K. midwife. travel agent. telephone salesperson. community worker.

Tourism and Leisure L. Finance J. Travel.  Increase the range of jobs you know about. Engineering/Motor Vehicle . Administrative/Clerical C. Food and Catering F. Art and Design I. Medical/Scientific E. Argriculture/Horticulture H. Transport and distribution K. ACTIVITY SHEET (1) – Which Jobs? Which Family? See how many jobs you can find that belong to the ‘Job Families’ below. Care and Community D.  Sort job titles into job families to show your understanding. Construction G. Write them down in the space below: A. Education B.Learning Outcomes: By completing this task you will be able to:  Gain an understanding of job families.

Some jobs may fit into more than one family! ACTIVITY SHEET (2) – Which Jobs? Which Family? Bricklayer Bricklayer non non teaching teaching assistant assistant Nursery Nursery Nurse Nurse Doctor Doctor Bus Bus Driver Driver School School Secretary Secretary Actuary Actuary Courier Courier Bank Bank Clerk Clerk Chef Chef Potter Potter Florist Florist Vehicle Vehicle Body Body Repair Repair Clerk Clerk Baker Baker Teacher Teacher Truck Truck Driver Driver House House Keeper Keeper Gardener Gardener Care Care Assistant Assistant Electrician Electrician Plumber Plumber Laboratory Laboratory Technician Technician Groom Groom .

ACTIVITY SHEET (3) – Which Jobs? Which Family? Painter Painter & & Decorator Decorator Landscape Landscape Architect Architect Fashion Fashion Designer Designer Building Building Society Society Manager Manager Motorcycle Motorcycle Courier Courier Travel Travel Agent Agent Matron Matron School School Secretary Secretary Hotel Hotel receptionist receptionist Civil Civil Engineer Engineer Waiter/Waitress Waiter/Waitress College College Principal Principal Pilot Pilot Nursery Nursery Teacher Teacher Jockey Jockey Window Window Dresser Dresser Train Train Manager Manager Merchant Merchant Navy Navy Deck Deck Officer Officer Fish Fish Monger Monger Resort Resort Representative Representative Kitchen Kitchen Fitter Fitter Hotel Hotel Receptionist Receptionist .

ACTIVITY SHEET (4) – Which Jobs? Which Family? University University Lecturer Lecturer Call Call Centre Centre Manager Manager Nurse Nurse Nanny Nanny Welder Welder Glazier Glazier Grounds-person Grounds-person Fine Fine Artist Artist Butcher Butcher Dentist Dentist Probation Probation Officer Officer Insurance Insurance Clerk Clerk Swimming Swimming Pool Pool Attendant Attendant Youth Youth Leader Leader Taxi Taxi Driver Driver Foreign Foreign Exchange Exchange Clerk Clerk Careers Careers Advisor Advisor Medical Medical Secretary Secretary Interior Interior Designer Designer Telephone Telephone Salesperson Salesperson Interior Interior Designer Designer Restaurant Restaurant Manager Manager House House keeper keeper Architect Architect Washing Washing Machine Machine Service Service Engineer Engineer .

ACTIVITY SHEET (5) – Which Jobs? Which Family? Telecommunication Telecommunication Technician Technician Home Home Economist Economist Quantity Quantity Surveyor Surveyor Ice Ice Cream Cream Factory Factory Operative Operative Graphic Graphic Designer Designer Civil Civil Engineer Engineer Gamekeeper Gamekeeper Fork Fork Lift Lift Truck Truck Operator Operator Accountant Accountant Matron Matron Air Air Steward/ess Steward/ess Health Health Visitor Visitor Administrative Administrative Assistant Assistant Psychiatrist Psychiatrist Accounting Accounting Technician Technician Fitter Fitter Electrician Electrician Pig Pig Farmer Farmer Joiner Joiner Farm Farm Manager Manager Yoga Yoga Teacher Teacher Health Health Care Care Assistant Assistant Careers Careers Advisor Advisor Personal Personal Assistant Assistant Insurance Insurance Claims Claims Official Official .

ACTIVITY SHEET (6) – Which Jobs? Which Family? Fabricator Fabricator Sign-writer Sign-writer Midwife Midwife Clerical Clerical Officer Officer Radiographer Radiographer Insurance Insurance Broker Broker Warehouse Warehouse Manager Manager Fitness Fitness Instructor Instructor Kitchen Kitchen Assistant Assistant Stockbroker Stockbroker Physiotherapist Physiotherapist Veterinary Veterinary Nurse Nurse Volunteer Volunteer Helper Helper Word Word Processor Processor Operator Operator Social Social Worker Worker Telephone Telephone Operator Operator Nursery Nursery School School Teacher Teacher Educational Educational Psychologist Psychologist Adult Adult Education Education Centre Centre Principal Principal Motor Motor Mechanic Mechanic Kennel Kennel Assistant Assistant Fish Fish Farmer Farmer Photographer Photographer Food Food service service Counter Counter Assistant Assistant .