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Universal Table-Top Mold Depositor
Includes Depositor and Digital Variable Temperature Control Panel
This Depositor is used for manual, metered deposits of chocolate, caramel, gummy and hard candy
into molds. Manual operation allows for gentle depositing to give an improved product quality. The
digitally controlled, heated Hopper, allows you to work with higher temperature settings and fill 6 to 8
mold cavities at once, allowing increased productivity. The maximum temperature: 320°F/160°C.

Caramel deposited in mold
Tray with mold cavity


Depositor and included,
Accommodates many mold cavity stand-alone, Digital Variable
configurations, up to 8 across. Temperature Control Panel

Construction: Stainless steel construction, metal nozzles
Hopper Capacity: 1.5 Gallon / 6 Liter
Dimensions: 15-3/4" Wide x 20-1/2" Long x 22-1/2" High; 49 LB empty
Standard Power: Standard 120VAC
Shipping Details: Precision engineered and manufactured in Germany; direct shipment.
Removable pistons for
Hand Lever - To release deposit easy cleaning
Wide mold capacity - Accepts molds up to 11 ½” wide.
Easy disassembly and cleaning - Clean completely without the use of tools.
Removable electric heaters in hopper - Digital, variable temperature control panel.
Adjustable and removable Nozzles - 6 Nozzles standard; capacity up to 8 nozzles with
adjustable centerlines and dosage volume to accommodate various mold configurations.
Fully adjustable deposit amount - Nozzles adjustable for dosage from 3g to 16.5g
(0.1058 to 0.5820 ounces/wt.) and spacing to fit mold cavities.
Adjustable Mold Tray - Manually adjustable to allow for perfect delivery.

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Item #4700 - November 2017