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1200W Smoke Generator


1. A small amount of smoke may spray during or after operation.
2. The Smoke Generator will have to reheat after long spray.
3. The Smoke Generator will become hot during use. After use, please wait for some minutes before
trying to touch it by hand
4. If you find there is low fog output after many hours of continuous operation or after the machine
has been idle or in storage for a long time, it is advised to empty all Fog Liquid from the machine
and clean the tank. Please unplug the machine from power socket before cleaning.
 This Smoke Generator is Remote Controllable/Wireless. It requires Power supply of AC
 It's Power consumption is 1200 W. It's Warm up time is 5 minutes. Smoke Output is
18000cu.ft/min. Spray Distance is 12 Maters.
 It will stop operation for a short period in order to heat up to operating temperature again. While
this is happening, fog cannot be produced.
 This product is not a toy. Please keep this unit out of reach of children and pets

Technical Details
Color Grey & Black
Item Weight 7.94 Kg
Package Dimensions 60.9 x 35.8 x 35.3 cm
Shipping Weight 499 Grams
Smoke Liquid Glycerin & Distill water (3:1 ratio)
Primary material Metal
Capacity 1200
Number of Pieces 1
What is in the box? Power Cord with Remote