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(A Govt.

of Maharashtra Undertaking)
CIN: U40100MH2005SGC153648
O/o The Chief Engineer (Project), Koradi Complex, Chhindwara Road, Koradi- 441111, Dist: Nagpur.
Phone: 07109- 264862 (P), 264863,264869 (O), Fax: 07109- 264866; Email:

E-Tender No. - 52721

SUBJECT: - Work of providing Landscape Lighting System at Main entrance gate of
3x660MW Koradi Expansion Project, MSPGCL, Koradi, Nagpur.

The intent of this specification is to enter into single point responsibility contract
for providing Landscape Lighting system at main entrance gate of 3x660MW Koradi
Expansion Project.

The bidder should satisfy the following minimum qualifying criteria.
1. Average annual financial turnover during the last 3 years, ending 31 st March of
the previous financial year, should be at least 30% of the estimate cost.

2. Experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7 years
ending last day of month previous to the one in which applications are invited
should be either of the following in state/central power generating company or
any other state/central Govt. undertaking/public sector undertaking of India.

a. Three similar completed works each costing not less than the amount
equal to 40% of the estimated cost.
b. Two similar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal
to 50% of the estimated cost.
c. One similar completed work each costing not less than the amount equal
to 80% of the estimated cost.

3. Bidder should produce the documentary proof regarding satisfactory
performance & execution of tender work, orders as above 2 (a), (b) & (c)

4. The bidder should produce the copies of statement of annual accounts for
previous three years duly certified by a Chartered Accountant or produce a
certificate of annual turnover during previous three years duly certified by a
Chartered Accountant.

NOTE: Definition of “similar work” in this tender is defined as bidder should have
successfully executed works of supplying, Installation, Testing &
Commissioning of Landscape / Garden / High mast / Stadium lighting system
at MSPGCL / NTPC / SEB’s/ Central/ State Govt. Organization/ Public
Sector undertaking of India.

3.1. Order will be placed on overall lowest basis.
3.2. Documents to be uploaded (Scanned Copy of Original)
3.2.1. PAN CARD

2. Special Terms & Conditions of the Tender are specified in Section – VI. .Please refer Note specified below.5. proposed location of high mast. EMD PAID DETAILS.02. for drawings/schemes of the proposed system as per prevailing rules. The bidder shall enclose documentary evidence wherever required. Landscape LED fitting and accessories.2. the bidder may visit the site to ascertain the nature of work. date of commissioning . 5) In case of bidders other than manufacturer. 8) The bidder should submit the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) from the LED fitting/Luminaries manufacturer and High mast manufacturer on stamp paper of Rs. 3. NOTE: 1) ESIC » If contract is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) then ESIC is mandatory otherwise. 2) LABOUR LICENSE » Labour License is applicable as per contract labour regulation & Abolition Act & Rules their under.2. such contractor can work without ESIC registration code but contract worker working in said contract will not get the benefit under ESIC Act 1948.Please refer Note specified below. the contractor who are having less than 20 labours. 11) Transportation.2014.3. dtd. 4) Bidder should have experience of supply and installation of the Landscape Lighting System. name of project where installed. order value in rupees etc. 1637. 07.3. 13) Before submitting the bid proposal. Contractor shall bring this fact to the knowledge of contract labours. High Mast. the same is to be arranged by the contractor without any financial implications to Mahagenco. ESIC REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.4. name of purchaser/user. Director (HR) MAHAGENCO vide ltr. Stacking & Storage of material till erection shall be in the contractor’s scope.3.6.2. TIN CERTIFICATE 3. 12) Any item / works though not specifically mentioned in the tender document but is required for making the system complete in all respect. 10) Bidder fulfilling these requirement shall furnish their experience list in a format. NOTE: In addition to Section – III. giving the technical details. 3) ELECTRICAL LICENSE » The bidder must have valid electrical license. bidders should be authorized dealers of the major item such as LED luminaries. as directed by Ex. -------. no.2. LABOUR LICENSE -------. 7) The winch must be type tested from government institute/IIT and the test certificate should be furnished. 3.duly notarized regarding guarantee and technical backup and after sales service 9) The bidder must get necessary approvals/clearances from concerned statutory bodies such as Electrical Inspector Etc. 100/. SERVICE TAX REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE 3. 3. are not getting registration code under ESIC Act 1948. 6) Bidder should furnish wind tunnel test of high mast duly approved by the Government Institute.2.

The Chief Engineer (P) 3 x 660 MW Koradi Expn Project. Koradi. is our regular and genuine authorized dealer /channel partner * having valid authorization for a period of three years / more than three years *. This is to certify that. We pronounce our unequivocal support and guarantee for goods supplied and services offered on our behalf by M/s ……………………………. ANNEXURE-I (Format for Authorization Certificate from Manufacturers) Certificate of Authorization To.. request to allow his participation as authorized dealer/channel partner * on our behalf in this Tender. This authorization is valid for all the tendered items / some of the tendered items * as follows: (Attach list of Tendered items for which the manufacturer is authorizing the dealer) Period of authorization: From: To: Sign of manufacturer with address Seal of manufacturer *--strike out which is not applicable. I/We* the manufacturer M/s …………………………. M/s …………………………. ..