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Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Organic Rankine
Cycle (ORC) Systems, Strainers, Filters, Separators, Heat Exchangers, etc

Development and
Manufacturing of MARCH 06

4Kwe Turbine
Technology for
Electrical Power

Office Address - Flat No:.405,A Wing,Fourth Floor,Pavani Park,Chakan Talegoan Road,Kharabwadi,Tal-Khed,Dist-Pune,Pin
Work Address - W-71,W Block,Indrayani Corner,Bhosari,Pune-411026
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Contact No:.08446008842 / 08605899813 I http://www. Office Address .Flat No:.Pin Code:.410501 TELEPHONE NO 08446008840 / 08605899813 EMAIL ID SALES@ASSURE-SOLUTIONS.ASSURESOLUTIONS.FLAT NO:.W Block.COM WEBSITE WWW.Chakan Talegoan Road.FOURTH Contact No:.DIST-PUNE.Indrayani Corner.Pune-411026 Email .Kharabwadi.W-71.A Wing.PIN CODE:.CHAKAN TALEGOAN I power@assure-solutions.08446008842 / 08605899813 . Manufacturing and supply of Energy and Process Efficiency enhancement products like “Waste Heat to Electricity Generator (WHEG)” based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) principle.03. Filters.sales@assure-solutions. Strainers.Pavani Park. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. Heat Exchangers.Tal-Khed.405.2017 ASSURE SOLUTIONS OFFICE ADDRESS .IN ABOUT COMPANY Assure Solutions is engaged in the Design. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems.PAVANI CONTACT US PARK.Fourth Floor.405.A WING. etc PROPOSAL DETAILS PRODUCT 5KWE TURBINE GENERATOR PROJECT SANDVIK ASIA LOCATION PUNE OFFER NO:.assuresolutions.KHARABWADI.Bhosari. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. Engineering.410501 Work Address . Turbine Generators.TAL-KHED.COM POWER@ASSURE-SOLUTIONS. and Filtration & Acoustic Products. 12/16/TUR/01-REV1 DATE 06. Separators. Gas Turbines.

and range of products. solutions.Kharabwadi.Pavani Park.405.Tal-Khed.W-71. Exhaust gas of various processes is carrying a huge amount of energy also referred to as waste heat. Waste heat recovery is an economic method to increase the overall efficiency of the plant and. Often. Strainers. However. Assure Solutions has long accepted this challenge and addressed it head-on. In these cases the ORC-Technology can bring an additional benefit to raise the overall plant efficiency. We’ve got the solution! WASTE HEAT RECOVERY Improving power plant efficiency through recovery of waste heat is not a new concept. Separators. energy needs to be converted into power in order to make use of it.A Wing. but recent policy and regulatory shifts (efficiency and emissions mandates. for example. Heat I power@assure-solutions. It is this conversion process that drives us. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). thus. It is because of this commitment that Assure Solutions is pioneering in ORC Technology to provide environmentally intelligent products and sustainable solutions in India.Bhosari. The ORC-Unit utilizes this otherwise wasted energy and converts it into power. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. renewable portfolio standards.Pin Code:.Indrayani Corner.Fourth Floor. to lower fuel demand. Filters. Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs) or heat to power units could recover the waste heat and transform it into electricity by using. Office Address . It can be difficult to efficiently utilize the heat contained. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. waste heat is of low temperature Contact No:.410501 Work Address .W Block. carbon trading) and technological improvements are trending to improve the economics of recovering this I http://www. Assure Solutions technical expertise. It needs to be as efficient as possible and particularly economical.Dist-Pune. and services desires to have a long-standing tradition of making a difference to the world.assuresolutions. About 50 % of the fuel we use to produce power in conventional power plants is wasted due to the limitations of the power conversion processes. etc ASSURE SOLUTIONS CORE COMPETANCE The world is full of energy. fresh ideas.Pune-411026 Email .Flat No:.08446008842 / 08605899813 . It needs to be sustainable and we need to adapt the conversion process to local circumstances. Often industrial processes produce enough waste heat to generate electricity.Chakan Talegoan Road. You've got excess heat.

Waste Heat Recovery Systems. Item Code NO Qty Rate s) SUPPLY OF PRODUCTS Total Unit Rate TURBINE GENERATOR (ATM.Pin Code:.Dist-Pune.12. Separators.5% 13.Kharabwadi.12.08446008842 / 08605899813 .A Wing.0 P & F if any 5. 2.TOTAL 0 I power@assure-solutions. Strainers.00 Value 0.98.Indrayani Corner.405.Pune-411026 Email . Work Address .com I http://www.50 CODES & STANDARDS Latest edition of following codes/ standards as on award of job shall be applicable: Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code – Rules for ASME Section VIII.900. code for pressure piping ASME B 31.000.Chakan Talegoan Road.0 SUB .Materials Edition 2010 ASME B31.00% S. PART Amount(R No.Pavani Park.assuresolutions.0 SUB . 2. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. 1 1 MACHINE 10) 00 00 Assessee 2.14 GRAND TOTAL 1.50 To pay Frieght if any Basis 3.W-71.00% 3.900. Div 1 Construction of Pressure Vessels ASME Section II Part A & D. Heat Exchangers.H. Contact No:.98.241. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators.sales@assure-solutions. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code .W Block.50% 42.00% Edu Cess 0. Cess 0.12.00% 0 3. etc ASSURE SOLUTIONS 4KWE TURBINE GENERATOR Sr.Fourth Floor.3 Process piping.Flat No:.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping systems API STD 598 Valve Inspection and Test Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code – Welding and Brazing ASME Sec IX Qualifications Office Address .900.Tal-Khed.Bhosari.00 3.TOTAL 0 Excise Duty 0. I power@assure-solutions. turn-key contracting  Assist you in the financing of the project  Maintenance & Supervision in operation mode Office Address . ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators.5 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic ASTM A435 Examination of Steel Plates Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Examination of Heavy ASTM A388 Steel Forgings Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical ASTM A370 Testing of Steel Products API 5L Specification for Line Pipe WRC 107/297 WRC Bulletin AWS American Welding Society ASSURE SOLUTIONS ORC-TURNKEY/EPC Assure Solutions designs and implements industrial scale ORC turbo machines to improve energy efficiency and develop decentralized power generation. We provide our clients with our dedication and optimized solutions all along their project.Pavani Park. supervision of works.Dist-Pune. construction and key equipments to provide them with a comprehensive power plant. Filters.Pune-411026 Email . customization according to client’s expectations  Detail engineering and project execution  Assembly and Construction  Implementation & Commissioning  Implementation on site and commissioning of ORC turbo machines. We offer our clients our services to manage turn- key/EPC projects with ORC turbo machines. for maximum profit  Integration.Pin Code:. for a high availability and life-time of the plant  Ensure that the heat demand and the size of the plant fits together.A Wing. we take care of every phase of the design of the ORC systems we Contact No:.Bhosari.W Block.20 Wound.410501 Work Address .com I http://www.W-71. Basic engineering for ORC CHP power-plants  Design of our own ORC turbines (proprietary design)  Design of ORC turbo machines.Fourth Floor.Chakan Talegoan Road. electrical works. including mechanical works.assuresolutions.Indrayani Corner. Heat Exchangers.405. etc Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges: Ring-Joint.  Ensure that the fuel and the equipment fits together.Flat No:. Because our clients look for comprehensive and reliable solutions.Tal-Khed. Separators. Spiral- ASME B 16. Our services include:  Preparing feasibility studies  Design & Construction of ORC CHP Systems.Kharabwadi.08446008842 / 08605899813 . and Jacketed ASME B 16. Strainers.25 Butt welding Ends ASME B16. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. Waste Heat Recovery Systems.

VALIDITY: This offer is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the offer.Fourth Floor.W Block. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) I I http://www.405. • Balance against proforma invoice prior to Contact No:.A Wing. whichever is earlier.Flat No:.Chakan Talegoan Road. 13 of the terms & conditions of sale.Pavani Park. WARRANTY: The ORC shall be covered under standard warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date dispatch. • Excise Duty: The prevailing excise duty is extra wherever applicable.410501 Work Address .08446008842 / 08605899813 .Dist-Pune. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. • Packing & Forwarding: 5% extra. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. The terms and conditions of the warranty shall be as mentioned in point no. DELIVERY PERIOD: 4 months from the date of order and advance.Pune. • Sales Tax: The central sales tax @ 2% against Form-C or Maharashtra VAT shall be extra. etc COMMERCIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS:. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Office Address .W-71. PRICE SCHEDULE QUOTED PRICE BASIS: The price quoted above is ex-works.Kharabwadi.sales@assure-solutions.Pune-411026 Email .Indrayani Corner.Pin Code:. • Transport & transit insurance: Shall be Bourne by the customer. Filters.Bhosari. Heat Exchangers. TERMS OF PAYMENT: • 40% advance along with PO. Strainers. Separators.

ETC.405. in the present conditions we cannot guarantee that the contract prices will hold good when the order is executed. dimensions. The prices of this quotation are based on the prevailing costs of raw materials. we can arrange to do so by road transport only to a destination named by the purchaser. variations occur in these costs.W-71. Freight and octroi. The goods may be dispatched in one or separate lots at our option. In the normal course we do not anticipate any revisions of ex-works prices to exceed 10% over the contract price of deliveries up to 8 Contact No:. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. 4. on the understanding that no liability is attached to us. If we are required to dispatch the goods on behalf of the purchaser. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. on freight-to pay basis..Bhosari. PACKING Packing for dispatch.A Wing.Pin Code:. bought out components and wages etc. ORDER CONFIRMATION All orders placed on us directly or through our Regional Offices or through our authorized sales representatives will be binding on us only after our Head Office in Pune has issued an order confirmation. Heat Exchangers.Flat No:. Waste Heat Recovery Systems.Dist-Pune. PRICES All prices are ex-works.Pune-411026 Email . Office Address I power@assure-solutions. 2.Fourth Floor.Indrayani Corner. Otherwise. whenever necessary will be in accordance with our standard practice and packing charges @5% of the total value of the order. if any. our prices may stand revised and the ex-works price ruling at the time of delivery will be applicable. and are exclusive of transit insurance. The purchasers registered under the Sales Tax Act are advised to send sales tax registration number and date and also concessional sales tax form along with the purchase order. If between the dates of the contract and its completion.assuresolutions. Bhosari/ex-our suppliers works. description. 5. are not binding on us in minute details and are subject to reasonable alterations without notice. the State/Central Tax reduction will not be made. which shall be charged separately. Specifications. Bhosari. Pune/ex-our supplier's works in case of part of the goods to be manufactured at their works. 3. MODE OF DELIVERY All deliveries will be ex-our works. shade of paints. SPECIFICATIONS. While every effort will be made to adhere to the contract price.W Block. all taxes. Filters.Chakan Talegoan Road.sales@assure-solutions.410501 Work Address .Kharabwadi. etc 1. shall be borne by the purchaser. I http://www. excise and other duties and levies as applicable at the time of delivery.08446008842 / 08605899813 . Strainers. Separators. The freight charges contracted by us on behalf of the purchaser will be treated as negotiated under the purchaser's authority and shall therefore be final.Pavani Park.

Pin Code:. If the goods cannot be diverted. If inspection is not carried out on the date so advised.Indrayani I power@assure-solutions. charges will be made for storage.Flat No:.W-71. PAYMENT TERMS 40% advance with the order and balance payment prior to delivery against proforma invoice. the goods will be offered for visual inspection only at our works/our supplier's works. GENERAL LIEN We shall be entitled to general lien on goods in our possession or dispatched for all money due to us by the purchaser.W Block. We shall have the right to adjust against such advances any payments which might become due because of delay in lifting the ordered equipment or because of any incidental expenses we may incur on the purchaser's behalf. we shall be free to dispatch consignment as per terms of delivery. we reserve the right to divert the ordered I http://www.Kharabwadi.Pune-411026 Email . Office Address . Filters. INSPECTION If necessary. INSURANCE Transit Insurance has to be covered by the purchaser. 10.Tal-Khed.Fourth Floor. Deliveries subject to "Force Majeure" as defined in clause 12 hereof. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. We will give a fresh delivery period at the time of diversion which will be binding on the purchaser and the contract cannot be rendered void on this account. Separators.Chakan Talegoan Road.sales@assure-solutions.assuresolutions. The advance shall be forfeited in case request for cancellation of order is accepted by us.Pavani Park. both under this contract or any other account and we shall also be entitled to apply any money in our hands under any contract due to us under any other contract or contracts.Dist-Pune. 7. etc 6.A Contact No:. ADVANCES Advances paid against an order shall not be subject to any interest. Heat Exchangers.08446008842 / 08605899813 . 9. 8. The date of inspection will be intimated by us about 15 days in advance and confirmed by the purchaser accordingly. Strainers.410501 Work Address . We shall convey the dispatch particulars as soon as possible after actual dispatch to enable the purchaser to arrange insurance. We shall send proforma invoice inclusive of all taxes and incidental charges about the time the ordered materials are ready for delivery in full or in part and if payment is not made within 15 days of date of proforma invoice.405. insurance and interest at the rate of 1% of the invoice value for each week or part thereof commencing 15 days from the date of proforma invoice.Bhosari. DELIVERY PERIOD The goods will be ready for delivery approximately months from the final confirmation by our Head Office of the Purchaser`s Order along with the requisite advance and with all technical and commercial points duly clarified. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. 11. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators.

the supply/installation having been formally accepted as per the Handing Over clause (No. breakdown of machinery. delay or inability to obtain labor. contractors.discuss installation details in terms of physical/technical requirements. consumables such as Lithium Molybdate . materials or workmanship within 12 months of the date of dispatch. etc. . Heat Contact No:.Indrayani Corner.08446008842 / 08605899813 .The equipment or part thereof not being subject to accident.. are however.The installation having been made in proper manner as per our installation instructions. providing that if we so require. It is advised that the purchaser enters in to annual maintenance contract with Assure Solutions immediately after commissioning of equipment.Kharabwadi. Strainers. abuse or misuse. affecting us or our subcontractors. fire. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. 14.A Wing. 13.sales@assure-solutions. thermometers. Separators. We undertake to make good by replacement or repair defects arising out of faulty design. This warranty is valid subject to installation having been completed within 3 months of despatch of the equipment. raw causes whatsoever beyond our reasonable control. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems. Office Address . etc. strikes. Such expense will be refunded if our liability is admitted. .W Block. civil disobedience. . And instruments such as pressure gauges.Chakan Talegoan Road. COMMISSIONING Commissioning service offered at the rate and terms mentioned below covers a reasonable number of visits/meeting to: .410501 Work Address .Fourth Floor. I http://www.Pin Code:. such as heaters. rubber components. FORCE MAJEURE The offer is subject to force majeure by which it means cause beyond our reasonable control such as war invasion. the parts in respect of which a claim is made. materials wagons. must be sent at purchaser's expense to our works before liability can be entertained under this clause. riots. AC Drive etc. floods. Filters. Electrical components.Tal-Khed.15 below). suppliers. motors.The equipment being operated and maintained as per our Operation and Maintenance instructions.assuresolutions. not covered under this warranty.Pune-411026 Email . lockouts. shipping space or any other earthquakes.Pavani Park.Bhosari. etc 12. . can be depended upon for long and trouble free service.Dist-Pune. accident. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. government orders or restrictions.Flat No:.discuss arrangement for the safe unloading of the consignment on receipt at destination by the I power@assure-solutions. Bought out components are guaranteed by us only to the extent of guarantees given to us by our suppliers. alteration.405. Octyl Alcohol etc. WARRANTY All our equipment are thoroughly inspected/tested before dispatch and therefore.

cancellation charges as levied by our suppliers/manufacturers shall be borne by the I http://www. handing over of the equipment and/or installation would be considered as completed and a formal completion certificate shall be issued by the buyer/user if: (a) The material has been supplied as per terms of scope of supply or with agreed deviations. Waste Heat Recovery Systems. Strainers.A Wing.Tal-Khed. . if any.ensure the installation has finally been made as recommended.sales@assure-solutions.Commissioning charges as specified in the quotation. .assuresolutions.Pavani I power@assure-solutions.commission the unit for a short run from the point of view of mechanical working and to set various controls as necessary.Bhosari.Indrayani Corner. if applicable generally as agreed. Separators. The buyer/user is expected to put the equipment to commercial use only after issuing a formal completion certificate.Pin Code:. However. if any.W-71. . Commissioning Charges and Terms of Payment: . (c) The equipment has been commissioned. In addition the customer shall pay us compensation for cost Office Address . Our responsibility in terms of warranty shall cease straightaway if the equipment is put to use without formal taking Contact No:.Flat No:. etc .Terms of Payment 100% payment within 10 days of commissioning of the unit.Pune-411026 Email . Filters.Fourth Floor. . (d) The equipment and/or installation have been put to commercially use either with or without help of our engineer.Kharabwadi. 16.make the user conversant with statutory requirements.410501 Work Address .08446008842 / 08605899813 . we shall be entitled to suspend/cancel the work on account of • Customer’s instructions/lack of instructions • Non-payment against our invoices (If the work or part of the work is cancelled after customer’s acceptance.405. if involved. fuel systems etc. has been completed generally as per terms of order or with unavoidable deviations.Chakan Talegoan Road.W Block. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems.conduct demonstration for the purpose of user’s education for equipment operation and maintenance. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators. (b) Erection. HANDING OVER Unless otherwise specified in the order and accepted. . 15. SUSPENSION OF WORK / CANCELLATION Orders received and acknowledged by us shall not be subject to cancellation. Heat Exchangers.discuss details of requirements in respect of power supply. feed water.

Pavani Park.sales@assure-solutions.410501 Work Address . Separators.08446008842 Office Address .W Block.A I power@assure-solutions. VALIDITY While every effort will be made to keep our quotation valid for acceptance for a period of 30 days from the date hereof. Contact No:.Bhosari.405. FOR ASSURE SOLUTIONS Kailas Nimbalkar Mo No:. 19. GENERAL Any condition or other matters relating to this quotation not expressly stipulated will be a matter of mutual discussion and agreement at the time of accepting the order.Dist-Pune. If this quotation is accepted and an order placed all the above conditions of sale stand automatically accepted by the buyer.assuresolutions. Filters.Chakan Talegoan Road. 18.Indrayani Corner. 17. Waste Heat Recovery Systems.Pin Code:.Fourth Floor. etc and expenses incurred by us unto the date of cancellation plus ten I http://www. In the event of re-starting the work we shall charge extra for any increase in costs). Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems.Flat No:.Pune-411026 Email . subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Pune.Kharabwadi. Heat Exchangers. JURISDICTION All contracts between purchasers and ourselves are deemed to be entered into at Pune and are therefore.Tal-Khed.08446008842 / 08605899813 . we may be constrained to modify this offer within this period due to circumstances beyond our control.W-71. ASSURE SOLUTIONS Manufacturers of Micro-Turbine Generators.