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English: inglés
Science: ciencias naturales
Maths: mates
Art and Design: plástica
Geography: geografía
History: historia
Music: música
Drama: teatro
Social Science: ciencias sociales
Spanish: lengua española
Religion: religión
Ethical Values: valores éticos


I have got (I've got) Art on Mondays.
You have not got (You haven't got) English on Tuesdays.

It's quarter past two. _5:30_ It's quarter to six. It's half past two. I haven't. We have not got (We haven't got) ICT at half past eleven. Answer these questions Have you got PE on Thursdays? Yes. Have we got Science today? Yes. _5:00_ It's quarter past five. It's five o'clock. Has she got History at quarter to twelve? Yes. _5:15_ It's half past five. It's two o'clock. she has / No. we have / No. she hasn't.He/She has (He's/She's got) got Music at nine. I have / No. _5:45_ . What have we got at ten? We've got Maths TELLING THE TIME It's quarter to two. we haven't.

mustache. fair hair. glasses. UNIT 2 DESCRIBING PEOPLE VOCABULARY curly hair. Review What's he/ she wearing? He's / She's wearing a coat. She hasn't got a ponytail. beard. etc. What's the time?  What time is it? Example: What time is it? It's twelve o'clock. dark hair. GRAMMAR Affirmative He has got / He's got short hair. ponytail. long hair. She has got / She's got long hair. Negative He hasn't got glasses. Example: What time do you go to school? At quarter to nine. Interrogative Has he got a moustache? Has she got fair hair? . short hair. straight hair. a hat.

there are / No.Short answers Yes. THERE ARE = THERE'RE (PLURAL) THERE ARE NOT = THERE AREN´T (PLURAL) There are two cinemas. there aren't WHERE + IS + THE CINEMA? SUBJECT + VERB TO BE + PREPOSITION + PLACE Where is the cinema? The cinema is between the shop and the bank. Are there museums? Yes. . Is there a school? Yes. No. There isn´t a shop. There aren't hospitals. he / she hasn't UNIT 3 AROUND THE TOWN THERE IS / THERE ARE THERE IS = THERE'S (SINGULAR) THERE IS NOT = THERE ISN´T ( SINGULAR) There´s a shop. there is. he / she has No. there isn´t.

a vet. a fashion designer. Coloca siempre el artículo a delante de las profesiones. a web designer. an architect. a police officer. an artist. She does´t work. a pop star. a nurse.(An si la palabra siguiente empieza por vocal) PRESENT SIMPLE AFFIRMATIVE I want you work he wants she works NEGATIVE I don´t want.. he doesn´t want. You don´t work. a shop assistant.UNIT 4 JOBS AND ROUTINES obs a firefighter.. a farmer. a taxi driver. INTERROGATIVE Do you work? Does she work? .

s.UNIT 5 THINGS WE LIKE DOING VOCABULARY collecting stickers.taking photos playing golf.talking to friends.using the computer.rollerskating.dancing. I like skipping. se le añade s). riding a horse.painting pictures. playing the piano. reading comics.playing basketball.riding a bike. playing computer games. going to likes rollerskating (a la 3º p. playing tennis. Ej. playing the violin. We like playing the piano You like taking photos They like playing golf . in the morning: por la mañana in the afternoon: por la tarde in the evening: al anochecer at night: por la noche STRUCTURES Para expresar si nos gusta realizar una actividad se usa el verbo gustar(like) en presente simple seguido de un verbo terminado en ing.playing football. PRESENT SIMPLE AFFIRMATIVE Sujeto + like/likes+ Verbo terminado en ing I like shopping You like playing cards He.

Yes. he/she/it doesn't .it like rollerskating?(con la 3º p.she. Yes.NEGATIVE Sujeto+don't/doesn't+like+Verbo terminado en ing I don't like shopping You don't like playing cards usa does y no se añade la s cuando va interrogativo) Do you like taking photos? Do they like playing golf? Short Answers 1º p. I/we don't 3º p.s. It doesn't like rollerskating(con la 3º p.I /we do / No.s. usa doesn't y no se añade la s a like) We don't like playing the piano you don't like taking photos They don't like playing golf INTERROGATIVE Do/Does+sujeto+like+Verbo terminado en ing? Do you like shopping? Does he. he/she/it does / No.