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Abrahamian, Ervand. The 1963 Coup in Iran. (A)65:2(2001), 182S215

Adi, Hakim. The Communist Movement in West Africa. (C)61:1(1997), 94S99

Adi, Hakim. Forgotten Comrade? Desmond Buckle: An African Communist in Britain.
(A)70:1(2006), 22S45

Adler, Irving. Some Philosophical Implications of Modern Mathematics. (A)51:2(1987),

Adler, Irving. Equity, Law and Bartleby. (C)51:4(1987S88), 468S474

Adler, Irving. Mathematics and Philosophy: A Comment. (C)61:2(1997), 255S256

Ado, Anatoly. The Role of the French Revolution in the Transition from Feudalism to
Capitalism. (C)54:3(1990), 361S366

Agnoletto, Stefano. Periodic Crises in Capitalism: Pathological or Restorative?
(A)77:4(2013), 459S485

Alam, M. Shahid. Articulating Group Differences: A Variety of Autocentrisms.
(C)67:2(2003), 205S217

Albert, Michael, and Robin Hahnel. Participatory Planning. (A)56:1(1992), 39S59

Albert, Michael, and Robin Hahnel. In Defense of Participatory Economics.
(A)66:1(2002), 7S21

Albert, Michael, and Robin Hahnel. Reply [to Comments by Kotz and O’Neill].
(C)66:1(2002), 26S28

Albert, Michael, and Robin Hahnel. Comment [on Kotz]. (C)66:1(2002), 111S113

Albert, Michael, and Robin Hahnel. Comment [on O’Neill]. (C)66:1(2002), 154S156

Alcoff, José, and Linda Martín Alcoff. Autonomism in Theory and Practice.
(A)79:2(2015), 221S242

Alcoff, Linda Martín, and José Alcoff. Autonomism in Theory and Practice.
(A)79:2(2015), 221S242

Alcorn, John. Argument and Allocation: The Contention of Ajax and Ulysses for the
Armor of Achilles. (A)58:2(1994), 163S174


Arruzza, Cinzia. Functionalist, Determinist, Reductionist: Social Reproduction Feminism
and Its Critics. (A)80:1(2016), 9S30

Au, Wayne. Vygotsky and Lenin on Learning: The Parallel Structures of Individual and
Social Development. (A)71:3(2007), 273S298

Amin, Samir. Colonialism and the Rise of Capitalism: A Comment. (C)54:1(1990), 67S72

Anderson, Kevin. Lenin’s Encounter with Hegel After Eighty Years: A Critical
Assessment. (A)59:3(1995), 298S319

Anderson, Kevin B. A Recently Discovered Article by Erich Fromm on Trotsky and the
Russian Revolution. (C)66:2(2002), 266S271

Anderson, W. H. Locke, and Frank W. Thompson. Neoclassical Marxism.
(A)52:2(1988), 215S228

Andreyev, A., M. Jovchuk and M. Maslin. Soviet Philosophy Today: Perspectives and
New Directions. (C)51:3(1987), 339S346

Angotti, Thomas. The Stalin Period: Opening Up History. (A)52:1(1988), 5S34

Angotti, Thomas. The Housing Question: Progressive Agenda and Socialist Program.
(RA)54:1(1990), 86S97

Antentas, Josep Maria. Daniel Bensaïd’s Joan of Arc. (A)79:1(2015), 63S89

Aptheker, Bettina. Black Women: Love, Labor, Sorrow, Struggle. (RA)51:4(1987S88),

Aptheker, Bettina. Red Feminism: A Personal and Historical Reflection.
(A)66:4(2002S2003), 519S526

Aptheker, Bettina. Fireweed: Fusion of the Personal and Political in an Extraordinary Life.
(RA)70:3(2006), 411S417

Aptheker, Herbert. American Negro Slave Revolts: Fifty Years Gone. (C)51:1(1987),

Aptheker, Herbert. Racism and Anti-Racism: A Reply. (C)57:1(1993), 79S80

Aptheker, Herbert. The Soviet Collapse and the Surrounding Capitalist World.
(C)62:2(1998), 283S284

Michael and Roberta Garner. (A)74:3(2010). The Last Days: Some Memories of the War. Contemplating the Unusual and Unpredictable. . J. (C)54:2(1990). (A)75:1(2011). 224S225 Arthur. 447S459 Arthur. (C)57:2(1993). J. Paul. The Positivistic Nature of the Critical Theory. 194S204 Azeri. Contingency Plans for the Feminist Revolution. Consciousness as Objective Activity: A HistoricalSGenetic Approach. Foreigh Domestic Worker Policy in Canada and the Social Boundaries of Modern Citizenship. Abigail B. Christopher J. 319S339 Barbalet. The Young Engels and Philosophy. 469S476 Arthur. and Robert Chernomas. and Peter Skott. Class Action and Class Theory: Contra Culture. (A)75:2(2011). (A)51:2(1987). and Daiva Stasiulis. Christopher J. (C)66:2(2002). Elisabeth. 39S71 Arrighi. Household Debt and Profitability in 21st-Century Capitalism. Neoliberalism. 7S33 Bakir. (A)55:4(1991S92). (A)53:4(1989S90). Capitalist Trends and Socialist Priorities. (A)65:1(2001). John. Global Capitalism and the Persistence of the NorthSSouth Divide. Profits from Production and Profits from Exchange: Financialization. M. Chris. 323S342 Balaban. and Al Campbell. the Rate of Profit and the Rate of Accumulation. M. 248S258 Auerbach. Oded. Systematic Dialectic. 446S468 Barbalet. 4 Aptheker. (A)62:3(1998). Class and Rationality: Olson’s Critique of Marx. (A)58:1(1994). (A)76:3(2012). 263S266 Arena. 579 Ash. 8S37 Bakan. Capital: A Note on Translation. (RA)74:2(2010). 133S153 Barbalet. Fletcher. Bringing in the Black Working Class: The Black Urban Regime Strategy. M. J. Ergodan. The “Labor Aristocracy” in Context. (C)65:4(2001S2002). Herbert. Giovanni. Siyaves. 153S179 Armstrong. Pro Emotion.. 442S458 Baragar. (C)62:4(1998S99).

38S42 Bergmann. Rereading the Grundrisse After Capital: Symposium. 226S228 Betances. 610S613 . Nasanov and the Comintern’s American Negro Program. 411S432 Berland. and C. (A)75:1(2011). Mariátegui. (A)79:1(2015). Clyde W. Plain Marxists. (A)62:1(1998). Ramkrishna. S. Deepankar. (C)79:4(2015). (A) 70:4(2006). Neil. The Emergence of the Communist Perspective on the “Negro Question” in America: 1919S1931 (Part One). A Bright Shining Star: The CPGB and Anti-Fascist Activism in the 1930s. (A)63:4(1999S2000). 5 (C)60:4(1996S97). Rakesh. Riccardo. and the Indigenous Question in Latin America. Accumulation by Dispossession and Anti-Capitalist Struggles: A Long Historical Perspective. Oscar. 478S485 Barrett. Jean. 145S162 Berland. Rosalyn. Marc. (A)64:1(2000). 1978S1986. 95S105 Bhattacharya. (A)64:2(2000). 87S118 Barrow. the Comintern. 388S413 Bhandari. (A)71:4(2007). 194S217 Berland. 179S201 Batou. The Dominican Grassroots Movement and the Organized Left. (A)77:2(2013). Sophisticated Marxists. 10S26 Barrow. (C)72:1(2008). Precursors and Bridges: Was the CPUSA Unique? (A)66:4(2002S2003). Economy. Two Quotations in Marx’s Capital Identified. Clyde W. (A)79:3(2015). 400S430 Basu. 500S505 Becker. 11S37 Baxandall. The Marx Problem in Marxian State Theory. Theodor. (C)65:2(2001). Introduction. (A)61:1(1997). Emelio. 450S479 Bellofiore. The Reserve Army of Labor in the Postwar U. Grossman and Luxury Spending. Oscar. Engels on Agriculture. The Emergence of the Communist Perspective on the “Negro Question” in America: 1919S1931 (Part Two). Oscar. Wright Mills’ The Power Elite.

379S399 . M. (A)57:1(1993). Joseph Needham. 6 Bichler. (A)66:2(2002). Shimson. Gregory. (C)61:3(1997). Paul. Lenin on Tolstoy: Between Imaginary Resolution and Revolutionary Christian Communism. (C)63:2(1999). Martin. and Jonathan Nitzan. Forms of Physical Determination. Karl Kautsky and Marxist Historiography. Eftichios. 41S60 Boger. (C)71:2(2007). (A)51:4(1987S88). Heterodox Marxism and the Social Background to Chinese Science. The “Stalinist” Tradition in Dialectics. 389S413 Bitsakis. Werner. J. Paul. P. 243S249 Bidney. Eftichios. Inflation and Accumulation: The Case of Israel. For an Evolutionary Epistemology. (A)53:3(1989). Shimson. Rethinking the “Other Transition”: Towards an Alternative Marxist Explanation. (C)73:1(2009). 382S393 Blue. 77S84 Blank. Inflation and Accumulation: Correction. Neo-Blakean Vision in the Verse of Historian E. 396S420 Bitsakis. Political Power Shifts in Israel. 228S255 Blackledge. 383S385 Bichler. Evaluating Imperialism. 260S296 Blaut. 26S59 Bonefeld. Thompson: The “Abstraction” of Labor and Cultural Capital. and Jonathan Nitzan. The Rockefeller Boys. Shimson. Primitive Accumulation and Capitalist Accumulation: Notes on Social Constitution and Expropriation. Shimson. George. and Jonathan Nitzan. History. Gary. (A)77:2(2013). 1977 and 1992: Unsuccessful Electoral Economics or Long Range Realignment? (A)58:4(1994S95). (C)65:3(2001). 160S193 Bitsakis. (A)75:3(2011). 153S178 Blaut. 274S309 Bichler. Scientific Realism. 337S359 Blackledge. M. (A)78:1(2014). 415S439 Bichler. (A)64:3(2000). Ethics and Politics. Eftichios. (A)55:1(1991). (A)70:3(2006). (A)62:2(1998). 242 Bitsakis. On the Materialist Appropriation of Hegel’s Dialectical Method. Eftichios. (A)68:4(2004S05). Roland. 195S217 Boer. J. Colonialism and the Rise of Capitalism.

Renate. and David Laibman. Lukács’ Later Ontology. Tom. 197S219 Brass. Race and Gender in the Construction of Class. 81:4(2017) Broadhead. Freedom. 10S34 Brass. Disposable Time. 288S311 Brass. Class Struggle and Unfree Labor: The (Marxist) Road Not Taken. China’s Reforms: A Study in the Application of Historical Materialism. Paul Leduc. and Care. 7 Boucher. and Tony Stone. Special Issue. Tom. (A)61:2(1997). Festina Lente? (A)81:3(2017). Nanotechnology and the Developing Critique of Scientism. 324S352 . Not with a Bang but a Whimper. Dick. Tom. 279S289 Bowles. (A)69:3(2005). 297S324 Bryan. Umut. 471S477 Browne. Paul. 372S396 Braa. “The Deep Structure of the Present Moment”]. (A)64:2(2000). Dean M. (A)60:3(1996). Paul. (A)55:3(1991). Renate. 78:3(A). The Russian Revolution: One Century Later. Douglas H. (A)77:3(2013). John P. (A)80:1(2017). 261S290 Bozkurt. John. (C)60:4(1996S97). 171S193 Bridenthal. and Sean Howard. Tom. (A)75:3(2011). International Accumulation and the Contradictions of National Monetary Policy. Modern Capitalism and Unfree Labor: The Unsaying of Marxism. Lee-Anne. Revolutionizing Spirituality: Reflections on Marxism and Religion. 403S409 Brentlinger. The Great Potato Famine and the Transformation of Irish Peasant Society. Neoliberalism with a Human Face: Making Sense of the Justice and Development Party’s Neoliberal Populism in Turkey. Russell. (A)81:2(2017). Who These Days is Not a Subaltern? The Populist Drift of Global Labor History. 193S218 Browne. Introduction [to Special Issue. Karen. and Shana A. 553S562 Brodkin. 193S215 Brass. Pittman. (C)74:4(2010). (A)54:2(1990). (A)56:3(1992). 278S283 Bridenthal.

220S226 Buhle. (A)63:1(1999). S. Rethinking C. (RA)65:1(2001). (C)74:4(2010). 332S359 Burkett. R. and What Needs to Be Done? (RA)81:2(2017). Aleksandr. the State and the Intelligentsia: Khodorkovsky as a Mirror of the Counter-Points of Post-Soviet Russia. (A)81:4(2017). Robinson. 8 Buey. 10S39 Burkett. The Left in American Comics: Rethinking the Visual Vernacular. (RA)71:3(2007). 501S514 Buzgalin.. (A)60:3(1996). (C)67:4(2003S04). 193S197 Burns. Paul. Kolganov. The Oligarchy. Economic Crisis: Scenarios of Post-Crisis Development. and Carles Muntaner. L. Capital and Nature: Some Ecological Implications of Marx’s Critique of Political Economy. The October Revolution: Practice as the Impulse for the Development of Theory. (C)59:2(1995). Aleksandr. Aleksandr. 471S481 Buhle. Peter. Paul. Contradictions of the Intellectuals. Aleksandr V. Joseph Dietzgen and the History of Marxism. 348S356 Bulavka. 452S462 Burns. (RA)60:2(1996). 248S256 . Lyudmila. and Markets. Nature and Value Theory: Airing Out the Issues. Value. 136S144 Buhle. Socialism. and Andrey I. 202S227 Buzgalin. 248S256 Burbach. (C)80:2(2016). (C)58:4(1994S95). Paul. The Oligarchy. and Aleksandr Buzgalin. 538S546 Buzgalin. Francisco Fernandez. Ukraine: Who Is to Blame. and Andrey Kolganov. Roger. (A)66:2(2002). Tony. and William I. (A)77:4(2013). The Fin de Siecle Debate: Globalization as Epochal Shift. The Anatomy of Twenty-First Century Exploitation: From Traditional Extraction of Surplus Value to Exploitation of Creative Activity. and Andrey Kolganov. Social Democracy. 486S511 Buzgalin. James. Paul. (C)80:2(2016). the State and the Intelligentsia: Khodorkovsky as a Mirror of the Counter-Points of Post-Soviet Russia. Paul. Aleksandr. 287S296 Buzgalin.J. Marxisms Against the Current: Weighing the Decade of the Eighties. and Lyudmila Bulavka.

Gastón. Al. G. Al. 9 Byron. John. 130S132 Campbell. and Guido Starosta. Models. 47S49 Campbell. 80:4(2016). Introduction [to Special Issue: “Crises and Transformation of Capitalism: Marx’s Investigations and Contemporary Analysis”]. Al. (C)66:1(2002). Neoliberalism. (C)66:1(2002). 323S342 Campbell. Essence and Alienation: Marx’s Theory of Human Nature. “Designing Socialism: Visions. Cohen and the Critique of Political Economy. and Joseph Choonara. and Ergodan Bakir. Racism. Al. Reply [to Cottrell & Cockshott and Campbell]. Cuba: Realities and Debates. (A)66:1(2002). (A)80:3(2016). David. (A)74:3(2010). 252S274 Callinicos. 152S154 Campbell. 392S414 Callaghan. A Critique of Sean Sayers’ Marxian Theory of Human Nature. Alex. The Concept of Property in Marx’s Theory of History: A Defense of the Autonomy of the Socioeconomic Base. Al. the Rate of Profit and the Rate of Accumulation. (A)58:4(1994S95). (A)80:4(2016). Colonies. Chris. 513S525 Caligaris. 444S453 Callinicos. and Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque. Democratic Planned Socialism: Feasible Economic Procedures. Comment [on Laibman]. How Not to Write About the Rate of Profit: A Critique of David Harvey. 375S394 Cahan. Alex. 481S494 Camfield. Chris. Special Issue. 29S42 Campbell. Guest Editor. Re-Orienting Class Analysis: Working Classes as Historical Formations. 226S230 Campbell. A. (A)68:4(2004S05). Al. (C)61:4(1997S98). (A)80:3(2016). the CPGB and the Comintern in the Inter-War Years. (C)66:1(2002). 421S446 Campbell. (RA)67:2(2003). 241S248 Byron.” 76:2(2012) . Jean Axelrad. 319S345 Callinicos. Alex. Al. (C)78:2(2014). The Commodity Nature of Labor-Power. Projections. Comment [on O’Neill]. (A)70:2(2006).

(C)67:3(2003). “Black Bolsheviks” and Recognition of African-America’s Right to Self-Determination by the Communist Party USA. (A)58:4(1994S95). (C)65:4(2001S2002). (C)72:4(2008). (RA)51:2(1987). Alan. 97S109 Carling. Guglielmo. Guglielmo. (C)70:3(2006). Alan. 31S65 Carling. 509S515 Carchedi. Marxism Today: What Can We Learn from Yesterday? (RA)63:1(1999). The PrincipalSAgent Problem for Egalitarians: Bowles. (C)76:4(2012). (A)70:2(2006). 546S549 Carchedi. Projections. Gintis and Their Critics. Simultaneity and TSS: A Reply to Laibman. 76:2(2012). Alan. 275S297 Carling. Tsakalotos on Homo Economicus: Some Comments. Who Was Angelica Balabanoff’s “Maria”? A Note on Historical Identification. Introduction [to Special Issue. Alan. 440S470 Cannistraro. Al. 10 Campbell. “Designing Socialism: Visions. 146S153 . (A)70:2(2006). Guglielmo. 349S352 Carchedi. On Temporality. Analytical Marxism and Historical Materialism: The Debate on Social Evolution. (RA)66:3(2002). 140S146 Campbell. The Strength of Historical Materialism: A Comment. Mathematics and Dialectics in Marx: A Reply. Alan. Classes and Choices. Guglielmo. (C)73:1(2009). Problems of the Deep: Intention and History. 60S72 Carling. Susan. Philip V. 200S206 Carling. 370S375 Carchedi. “Introduction” [to Special Issue. 495S514 Carling. Guglielmo. Alan. Was the Great Recession a Crisis of Profitability? (A)80:4(2016). 89S97 Carling. Alan. 415S426 Carchedi. Models”]. (A)57:1(1993). Dialectics and Temporality in Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts. 408S416 Carling. Alan. Karl Marx’s Theory of History and the Recovery of the Marxian Tradition. “Rethinking Marx and History”]. and Paul Wetherly. (C)58:1(1994).

1920S1995. 1948S68. Realism for Latin America: Finding and Achieving the Possible. and Fletcher Baragar. Paresh. (A)73:2(2009). Jorge. 319S339 Cherry. and Angelus Novus. (A)72:3(2008). 43S67 Carroll. 319S348 Chandavarkar. (C)73:2(2009). 60S78 Cherry. Profits from Production and Profits from Exchange: Financialization. On the Question of Soviet Socialism. 219S224 . 337S341 Castañeda. Household Debt and Profitability in 21st-Century Capitalism. Barry. The Myth of the Moscow Archives. Paresh. Rajnarayan. Robert. Tadami. 481S494 Christian. Peter. Wai Kit. How Not to Write About the Rate of Profit: A Critique of David Harvey. Holocaust Historiography: The Role of the Cold War. (A)69:2(2005). (A)68:3(2004). Toward a Communist Immanent Critique: Maoism. 208S216 Choi. (C)54:2(1990). 11 Carr. Larry. 242S260 Choonara. Crisis in Mexican Communism: The Extraordinary Congress of the Mexican Communist Party (Part 2). Robert. (A)51:1(1987). Value and Exploitation: Marx’s Problem and Skillman’s Solution. The Base and Superstructure Debate in the Hollywood Communist Party. Robert. the Frankfurt School. 218S240 Chattopadhyay. (C)61:1(1997). (A)55:1(1991). (A)75:1(2011). (A)76:3(2012). (A)80:4(2016). 459S477 Chizuka. Wai Kit. Accumulation and Accumulators: The Metaphor Marx Muffed. Race and Gender Aspects of Marxian Macromodels: The Case of the Social Structure of Accumulation School. and Alex Callinicos. 107S114 Chernomas. 99S106 Chattopadhyay. Marxist Studies of the French Revolution in Japan. David. Revolutionary Shanghai: Rethinking Class and the Politics of Difference Through Chinese Communism. Joseph. (C)54:3(1990). 138S142 Ceplair. 366S374 Choi. From Communism to “Social Democracy”: The Rise and Resilience of Communist Parties in India. and Michio Shibata. (A)62:2(1998). (A)63:4(1999S2000).

Paul. 109S110 Cockshott. S. 43S44 Cockshott. (A)66:1(2002). Political Culture of the 1930s and the American Response to the Spanish Civil War. (A)62:1(1998). and Allin Cottrell. Blance Weisen. (C)62:2(1998). Michael. 266S276 Cockshott. and Dave Zachariah. 375S378 Clow. (A)54:4(1990S91). Comment [on Campbell]. 147S261 Colodny. 50S64 Cockshott. 442S467 Clay. 70S71 Cockshott. 12 Clarke. 93S96 Colodny.” 76:2(2012). 163S180 Cook. The Deep Difference Between Labor and Use-Value: Comment. distributed throughout Special Issue. Reply [to Comments by Devine and Laibman]. Paul. (C)53:4(1989S90). (A)53:1(1989). 47S61 Concheiro. Leonardo. and Allin F. Paul. Robert G. Paul. Markets and Socialism. Value. (C)66:1(2002). The Problem of the Ruling Class in Marxist Theory: A Comment. Answers to five questions. and Allin Cottrell. (C)66:1(2002). “Designing Socialism. Paul. (C)66:1(2002). Paul. Robert G. Paul. Credit Crunch: Origins and Orientation. (C)70:3(2006). (C)51:1(1987). and Allin Cottrell. 330S357 Cockshott. Comment [on Kotz]. The U. Solar Energy is No Panacea for Ecological Limits on Economic Activity. and Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque. Elvira. W. and Allin Cottrell. A Century After His Death: Friedrich Engels and the Concept of Political Parties. The Impact of Anti-Communism in American Life. The Marxist Theory of Overaccumulation and Crisis. and Allin Cottrell. Countertendencies . 509S527 Cockshott. Cottrell. John. and Dave Zachariah. Hunting Productive Work. Paul. (A)70:4(2006). 470S475 Costa Ribeiro. (A)74:3(2010). (A)61:3(1997). The Relation Between Economic and Political Instances in the Communist Mode of Production. Simon. 343S361 Cockshott.

and Paul Cockshott. Allin. 347S354 Das. Retrieving Macpherson: Critical Appraisal of a New Study. The Relation Between Economic and Political Instances in the Communist Mode of Production. Guglielmo Carchedi on Marx. 70S71 Cottrell. 80(1). 566S580 Cottrell. Frank. 80:4(2016). and Alex Callinicos. (C)75:4(2011). 444S453 da Motta e Albuquerque. “Designing Socialism. 43S44 Cottrell. State Theories: A Critical Analysis. Markets and Socialism. and W. Calculus. 236S244 Dale. 555S566 Dale. and Andrew Flinn. 330S357 Cottrell. (C)66:1(2002). 27S57 . Answers to five questions. 1970S1975. Comment [on Campbell]. (A)60:1(1996). Introduction [to Special Issue. Raju J. Russell. Time. Allin F. 4S8 da Motta e Albuquerque. Wage-Profit Tradeoffs in Brazil: An Input/Output Analysis. Reply [to Comments by Devine and Laibman]. Allin. Comment [on Kotz]. Allin. and Dialectics. Paul Cockshott. Eduardo. 147S261 Cross. (A)66:1(2002). (C)66:1(2002). Introduction [to Special Issue: “Socializing Philosophy”]. (A)80:4(2016). (A)61:3(1997). and Paul Cockshott. “Biography Meets History: Communist Party Lives in International Perspective”]. and Paul Cockshott. 566S580 Da Silva. Russell. Allin.” (A)76:2(2012). Holt. (C)51:3(1987). and Leonardo Costa Ribeiro. and Paul Cockshott. (A)70:1(2006). (A)80:4(2016). Allin. Richard. and Paul Cockshott. 11S21 Cunningham. Countertendencies at Work: New Sectors and New Regions in the Current Transition Towards a New Phase of Capitalism. (C)66:1(2002). Eduardo. Introduction [to Special Issue: “Crises and Transformation of Capitalism: Marx’s Investigations and Contemporary Analysis”]. 13 at Work: New Sectors and New Regions in the Current Transition Towards a New Phase of Capitalism. 109S110 Cottrell. and Justin P. distributed throughout Special Issue. Value.. (RA)67:2(2003). 50S64 Cottrell. Ednaldo Araquem.

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