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& knives! Denture Cleanser

$ 99 6
At $20/box for 1000pcs
you can't go wrong!
Drop in and see us :)
1951 Garcia St. merritt morning Please recycle

Black’s Pharmacy
2037 Quilchena Ave., Merritt BC (250) 378-2155

victoria day weekend edition — may 18, 2018 #3149

News, opinion, community events & classifieds since 1996! Box 2199 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
T (250)378-5717 F (250)378-2025

Stock up for the long weekend! Bedford apts attn: Property owners Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm
On Special thiS week: evacuated affected by flooding Saturday: 7am-2pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm
freSh burger pattieS Just before 3pm yesterday, the City is-
sued an evacuation order for Bedford
Flood-affected property owners are in-
vited to a start-up meeting to decide on a w here fri en ds mee t to eat
made in house every day from the best of bc natural beef! Apartments at 2325 & 2351 Garcia St. The strategy about ongoing flooding, and
order will affect a total of 27 people in 22 voice concerns to appropriate authorities. 210 1 quilc h en a av e. (25 0) 378-0 331
units. In some units, there had been a rise Organizers believe that as a group, prop- Find us on facebook
in groundwater along with sewage erty owners will have more power. Bring
backup that created unsanitary living your own chairs, Thurs. May 24, 7pm,
conditions for residents in the building. 1499 Quilchena Ave. FMI Nic 378-9503.
These buildings have not been af-
fected by overland flooding. Service BC helping
2001 Conditions for the Nicola River re- The Province’s Disaster Financial As-
Merritt’s Auto Glass sistance (DFA) Program has made
INC. main unchanged and pending new infor-
Specialists mation, no further evacuations are being arrangements with Service BC offices to
ICBC Claims contemplated. offer help with the DFA application
•Commercial •Residential
letters to the editor process to residents affected by flooding
sold ou
— especially for people who are out of
•Automotive •Industrial
2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire) re: flooding their homes, without access to a com-
puter or printer/fax machine. Service BC
378-4531 Voght Street flooding & closure offices are located in Kamloops (250-455
Why is it that Voght Street was closed Columbia Street), Merritt (2194 Coutlee
to flooding in 2018, when flooding hap- Ave.), and Ashcroft (318 Railway Ave.).
pened in 2017? If the City of Merritt en- Deadline for applications is August 2.
ike-Rochips gineers where proactive to prevent
flooding from going across the road in- Community
omputers stead of wanting to add up the overtime epic Ride, Merritt 150+ Trail
hours for extra pay, this wouldn't happen This inaugural ride starts at Rotary
Computer Sales & Service again and again. Surely they could put in Bike Park Sunday, May 20, 7am. Limit of
measures to add height to the river so 10 riders will attempt to ride this 120km Tickets available Arts Council,
CLIP & BRING IN THIS AD that it doesn't go across the road and & 4137m elevation gain circuit in 1 day. Merritt Curling Club, Theatre
for 10% OFF labour cause the road to be closed.Forward This may not be possible, but several rid- Society & Black’s Pharmacy
We com thinking, preventation, and experience ers will give it their best shot; for glory,
250-315-1848 e
to you! goes a long way — use it. JoAnn H. prizes, and swag. See lack of communication from City Canada-BC-Merritt-150 Trail for the route
In Wednesday’s MMM, I was interested “Reduce your fire risk”
to read the thank you from the City to res- Join your local Merritt FireSmart Co-
idents for reducing water consumption ordinator at the Merritt Library for this
over Saturday/Sunday, and in the same free workshop, Tuesday May 29, 5:30-
what’s on
issue, to read an article about the Merritt 7:30pm. Lean how FireSmart principles Nicola Valley Community arts Council
Grapevine providing information about can help you reduce the risk of fire loss. Courhouse art Gallery
the flood. I do appreciate the work done by
the Merritt Grapevine, but shouldn’t official alerts come from the City of Merritt? • The Gallery will be closed Thursday for a fresh coat of
On Saturday, I heard via word-of-mouth that sewage was possibly going to back
up into our homes, we shouldn’t use our toilets, we should cover them with plastic
wrap, our water was compromised with sewage, and we shouldn’t use it, not even
white paint & Gift Shop set up. Between art
shows but open Friday May 18, and Saturday May
Lilac Watch 2018 for showers. I wanted to know what was true and what was rumour, so I went to the
City’s website to look for up-to-date information. What I found at was only 19,12-6pm so pop in and browse the shop! New a copy of Friday’s Evacuation Alert; nada about reducing water consumption, nada stock, including local tea. Maybe we'll put out some
about the potential sewage spill. It would have been simple for the City to release a
statement on their website on Saturday, and I can only assume this didn’t happen be- easels and acrylic paints! Anyone interested?
cause no-one was working on the weekend. When so many citizens are working 24/7 Our next show is in the works, and will open May 24.
to ensure their property isn’t washed away, shouldn’t someone at the City be working • Open Mic Nights Fri, 7-9pm @ Kekuli Cafe

Historic weekends, too? We need up-to-date alerts so we’re not inundated with rumour, caus-
ing undue stress. Because I couldn’t find information, and I understood I couldn’t

Baillie House
even do dishes, I was packing my car to leave, when I heard via word-of-mouth that
we were okay to use our water again.
Thanks for the thanks, City of Merritt, but it’s a little late to be telling us what was
urgent and necessary information, five days ago! Jackie Stibbards HAPPY
everybody is talking about these new invisible bananas I just don't see the appeal.
Strawberry Sale Have you ever tried blind folded archery? You don’t know what you’re missing...
Fresh Strawberries from Chilliwack, No MMMarket Monday!
sliced & ready to eat, make jam or freeze. Knock knock. Who's there? Just a little old lady. Just a little old lady who? Wow! I didn't
30lb pail $85, 15lb pail $45. Deadline to order know you could yodel.
is  May 26, they arrive  June 2nd.  I will never name my son "Phone." Even if it has a nice ring to it.
Call 378-0349 to place your order.
S a l e S • M ay 1 8 , 1 9 , 2 0 7
10am-6pm, 7 days per week
­Corner­of­Voght­­&­Mammette,­Merritt,­BC 1 1293 Miller Rd., corner of Hwy 8 & Miller Rd., (approx. 2
(250)­378-0349­­­ blocks from LN Eco-Depot/garbage dump). FRI 12noon-
6:30pm & SAT 8:30am-3:30pm. Household, farm
equips, antiques, furniture, hunting & fishing
equips., horse tack, child’s bike, car roof
rack, smoker, bq & more
2 2138 Granite Ave., SAT & /SUN
8am-4pm . Huge yard/estate
sale: Lots of tools,kitchenware,
linens household and much
more. Rain or shine
3 2400 Coldwater Ave., #7.
SAT 8am-2pm Books,
DVDs, CDs, VHS movies
4 1626 Canford Ave.,
List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out 1
SAT 8am-2pm 2
Email: 5 1625 Chestnut Lane,
SAT 9am to 1pm 4 6
6 1898 Douglas St., SAT 3

space for your ad 9am-3pm

7 6841 Old Nicola Trail,
Tel 378-5717 • fax 378-4700 Quilchena on the Lake.,
5 SUN 9am-3 pm. Household

items, tools, Clothes ( girl
new born- 18 month, women and Men)
merritt morning market
friday edition — may 18, 2018 #3149
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Tel: (250)378-5717 Fax (250)378-2025 Email
93 dodge ram 150 2wd, near nw en- oak china cab. & hutch $300obo 378-5857

Custom mugs
gine/frnt rotors/brks,  all nw sensors fuel
volunteers needed to sort ta- modulator fuel filter, nw tires $3750  will for sale - electronics/software
bles at Fall Fair building, Lindley Crk consider all offers! 315-5822 antique stereo, loaded, works grt
Your photos or art on a mug — great gifts! Rd., Martha 378-2303
lost: yellow/grey 21-speed bike, with
haul it away: 87 Olds Firenze
stnwgn, tans gone 378-6180
$100 378-8326

Office Supplies (250)378-6882

shock in ctre, well-known 378-7393, or
drop off at 1925 Quilchena Ave. missing
since May 14, midnight-1am
truck canopy $95obo 378-7075 
78 ford 3/4 ton, rns/drives gd, gd
zenith stereo/radio/8-track/record
player, not working $350obo 378-5857
canon 3600 printer for iPad, prints 2-
Lilac Watch 2018
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 cond, 351 v8, auto $2400 378-8156 sided, wifi, $160 nw, sell $50obo 378-0885
1951 Garcia St. Merritt, Bc
need someone to take care of pets
or home during your summer vacation?,
02 dodge ram 1500 shrt bx, club panasonic dvd player, brnd nw still
cab, nds motor $1500obo 378-6180 in bx $75. StarChoice receiver DSR505
honest, reliable, Bill 315-3621
unreliaBle, no ability, bad eye- HD brnd nw still in bx $100 315-0030
looking for student for housekeep- sight, poor location, but try it anyway.
ing & yard work, ASAP 378-8326 sylvania flat screen tv 32”, $100 1 yr
Only $40/mo. sell your car or trailer or old, nr nw 378-4022
seniors: need extra help in your 5th wheel 378-2370, 378-2337
home? honest, reliable. Bill 315-3621 tv 42” $100. Stereo am/fm radio sw/lw,
72 pick-up truck box, ready for paint artif. fireplace w/ wet bar, cabinet
this cowgirl is back for business, $1200 378-5140 $150obo works well 778-358-9930
Looking for Work? house-sitting, ranch-sitting, exc refs, 02 honda Odyssey mini van, v6 auto,
RCMP-approved 378-7435 canon movie camera 8mm. 2 35mm
Merritt Employment Services can help. trans. going, still drvs/bcks up, 4 grt wntr cameras 378-4007
offering rides to Kamloops, tires on alloy mags $500. whls/tires telus satellite PVR 9241 hdtv receiver
We offer free services for job-seekers. Kelowna and Vancouver area. Please worth that alone 378-8156 w/ remote usb port to increase recording
phone 604-414-7623 for details pontiac Grand Am, loaded, new capacity, caller id capable, 30 seconds
• Job search resources • Self-employment
healthy man looking for odd jobs: batt./whl bearings, 2 sets tires, p/s, p/l, skip backward/forward, 60 minutes
• Resume assistance • Wage subsidies dump runs, have pick-up, reas. rates: sen- vry nice cond. Joe 378-2676 buffer w/ recording capability to rewind
• Education & skills training for employers iors $10/hr, reg. $15/hr. Jim 280-4688 06 ford F150 pck-up, 4-dr, mtr has live tv, selection of screen size 4.3: or
angie’s tea leaf reading. 160k, brnd nw trans, brk caliper vry gd 16.9 $295obo 378-5004
Anytime, gift certificates avail., will do shape $8500obo. 00 lincoln 4-dr sedan, Bell/telus satelite dish and tri-
group tea leaf reading. Future, money,
love, relationships, business. 378-8326,
(sml Lincoln) 240k, immac. shape, vry pod for camping. $50. 378-4853 Closed Wednesdays
gd cond $4500 604-991-0242 32” flatscreen tv, 1 year old $150
315-8685 378-4022
livestock/pets & access.
employment opportunity
for sale - recreational
Tel (250)378-8283 • 1953 Nicola Ave.
looking for a home for 4 & half
help wanted: lady as required, 35-55 yr old mixed breEd dog, neut’d male w/ 12’ aluminum boat & utility trailer
yrs, for local dry cleaners/laundry, pt- to dog house, toys & dishes, Well-behaved
Nicola Valley Museum Archives full time Chris 378-2676 & loved but due to medical reasons, he’s
$750 315-0030
stndrd exercise bike $25 378-4007
smart step summer student employ- not getting the time he needs 378-7077
EMployMENt opportuNity ment: Summer Program Coordinator will 3 kittens to good homes 280-7474
estate clearance, 2 boat trailers: 18'
be between 15 & 30 yrs of age, returning EZ 5.2 galv .19' HD u built both w/ boats
Museum Assistant f-t to high school or post-sec. in 2018-19
happy puppy dog grooming. $750ea w/ registrations. Kamloops. 250-
Dogs up to 10 lbs. Flexible hrs 378-6289 319-2101
30 hours per week school year. Position dates: Jul 3-Aug31, Belgian Malinois x German Shepard
30hrs/wk, $12.65/hr. To apply, submit moving sale: treadmill hardly used
Required Knowledge: cover letter & resume to Marlene Jones by
pups with shots & vaccination papers, 2 $100obo. 378-5546
avail., both male.  Born February 16 /18
~ Good computer skills emailing by Fri., May 25. $500 each. Darcy 315-1400 northern Lite camper 10' 2" RR,
temp. p-t bookkeeper needed, familiar 2004 clean w/ lots of stor., solar, electric
~ Good verbal and written communication skills w/ Quickbooks a must. Payroll exper.,
horse trailer needs tlc/painting $100
jcks $18,000 315-5677
~ Good organizational and multi-tasking skills too Nikki 378-9125. dog carrier med. size dog, exc e Bike; 2017 RAD ROVER fat tire,
nv health care auxiliary is cond., pd $140, sell $45 315-0179 white, c/w extra new tire n tubes, rear
~ Greet and assist visitors & researchers hiring 5 summer students at the Thrift rack. Senior ridden; 200 miles; as new.
young beautiful rooster, free to gd
~ Sales – publications, memberships Shop: 1 Team Supervisor, Jun 18 - Aug home 4476 Great for snow/sand/streets/trails. $1700
25 (30 hrs/wk, Tues-Fri); 3 team mem- Darch 378-7363
~ Accessioning bers, July 3-Aug 25 (30hrs/wk, Tues-Fri);
30-gal aquarium with fish. Large
10’ lowe boat w/ oars $650 378-6108
home-made bird cage 280-9433
~ Reception 1 team member, July 3-Aug 25 (20hrs/wk, lrg dog house for large dog 378-8326 24’ citation Supreme 5th wheel, exc
Tues -Sat). To be eligible you must be: 15- cond, many extras 378-9453
~ Research Information requests 30 yrs old, f-t student last schl yr, and re-
Birds for sale: boys & girls young
nice 1992 24 foot Wilderness  travel
finches $10ea, very healthy. Healthy
~ Filing turning to school f-t next schl yr. Please lovebirds. 3 parrots $50ea. Young para- trailer, exc cond. $6000 obo 315-5822
submit a resume & cover letter at Thrift
~ Give tours to visitors Shop, 1803 Voght St. by May 26. Com-
keets/budgy: violet, turquoise, royal 5th whl Corsair $3500 with hook-up.
blue $25ea. canaries Gloucester, proven 378-6892
~ Research artifacts for labelling petitive wages will be paid. breeding pair $10ea. Owl finch $35. Boat motor 2009 Suzuki 9.9, 4
Bricklayer wanted experienced in wtd to buy: young male senegal parrot.
~ Updating displays brick chimney repair in Kingsvale, 30k
strke shrt leg boat motor, hardly used
320-2054 Wendy. $1499obo. 315-0167
~ Write & research articles for publication south of Merritt 378-6787 having trouBle understanding 35ft 5th wheel 2003 Jayco Designer, 3
~ Record visitor, info requests, research, volun- handyman wtd, reliable, for all round your pet? Problem solving, obedience slides,vry gd cond. $14,900obo 604-996-
casual labour &vinyl skirting, plumbing, training, puppy house breaking, nutrition 8065
teer statistics etc. Pls send refs & resume along w/ name, & treat info. Can give you insight into the 09 38’ heartland Bighorn 5th-whl
address & tel. no. by email greenmtn@ problems your pet may be encountering.
~ Photocopy scan archival documents & photos or fax (604)985-2508 Doug or Maureen 378-7600
RV, fully inspected & ready for fun, fully
furnished, incl combo w/d. View in Mer-
Interested applicants should submit resumes by 2 p-t positions for server/bus person ritt 378-3593
& line cook/prep, mostly nights & week- for sale - miscellaneous
May 31 st , 2018 to: ends, suitable for highschool students. star wars rebel assault plane $40
rv cover for  15'-18’  travel trailer
Nicola Valley Museum Archives Bring resume between 2pm & 4pm, ask $250 378-2733 
for Ken or Nikki, 1950 Garcia St. cedar lumber: 2x4s, 2x6s, planter 2010 trailsport 23’ travel trlr, solar
1675 Tutill Court boxes 315-8573 panel a/c, full bath, 1 slide, awning
PO Box 1262, Merritt, B.C. V1K 1B8 services $13,000 315-0065
nw cedar shingles, 4/SQ tapered, stained
rv repairs 378-6696 nat. cedar 18" #1 $1300obo 315-5677 BeachcomBer 5 person hot tub,
Email: round design, 110 wiring, cover, new
drywall, textured ceiling, painting. glazed porcelain tile 13”x13”, 12
pcs/box, 6 boxes 14.07 sq. ft/box $75/all. motor + spare $3500 378-2862
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066
vanity marble sink for bthrm, nvr used short queen 10” RV mattress by Serta
get ready to garden. nd your 60  x 75  immac. cond. $150. RV 50 amp.
what’s on garden rototiller Bill 315-3621
need home renos? Skilled handy-
man with 20+yrs experience in light
49”x23” w/ back splash, pd $265, sell
$100. 2 solid fir closet doors, nvr used
80”x24” $50ea. 378-0897
electrical cable 30’ long heavy duty cop-
per,  lk nw $190. 378-9009
garden ornaments, planters, trellises 9’ vanguard camper $600 toilet, new
framing, plumbing, drywall, finishing, jacks, gd shape 315-0001
Nicola Valley Community arts Council taping, textured ceilings, flooring, cus- 378-2778 before 8pm
Courhouse art Gallery tom woodwork such as shelving etc. Free free: Scrap wood, suitable for burn- helmets: motorcycle & skidoo, one
with bluetooth. 378-8823
estimate 315-8679. Refs upon request ing.  378-6289
woody’s tree services. 315-8087 pond liner, pumps, UV filter, water one full set of ladies right hand golf
plant & koi fish 315-8197, 378-6832 clubs plus assessories. $250 378-6217
certified tree faller w/ small wood
• The Gallery will be closed Thursday for a fresh coat of chipper,  truck & trlr w/  all the gear. or 15-lite interior door with frame, stiles
for sale - tools/equipment
and rails solid wood, OD 32 X 82 inches,
white paint & Gift Shop set up. Between art
just hauling debris to the dump. 378-6431
granny's House Quilting & Retreat
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734
$60, 378-6982, Collettville
organ, lrg $300. piano $100 378-6892
dozens of old comic books $100
garage door seal 10 X 8  $30. Black
aluminum soffit 21' X 16" $20 280-8563
honda 4-stroke 2hp gas motor $700
space for your ad
shows but open Friday May 18, and Saturday May childcare firm/all 378-4007 315-9491
piano, lk nw $1800. Elect. wheelchair lawnmower Lawn Boy 20” cut, Tel 378-5717 • fax 378-4700
19,12-6pm so pop in and browse the shop! New licensed childcare Family
Place for children 0 – 12 years. We will
$1300 378-3488 rear bag 378-4101
shoprider $3200 378-2003 8’x10’ metal shed, exc shape, taken
help complete subsidy paperwork. Open
stock, including local tea. Maybe we'll put out some Mon-Sat-. Drop ins welcome. Hours are
exerc. stationary bike $75obo. “Do It down, ready to deliver $100 315-7611
Yourself” encycl. 24 vol. $25obo. 378-4007 8’x5’ well-built util trlr w/ side boards &
6am – 9pm. Located at Railyard Mall.
easels and acrylic paints! Anyone interested? 2172 Coutlee Ave. FMI 378-4878 Box of 6 Vehicle toys on wheels with tailgate, overhead rck for sml boat, set of wanted/wanted to buy under renovation, bright
sirens & flashing lights, do not nd batter- ramps $700 firm 378-4696 furnished studio ste, wifi/util incl.
Our next show is in the works, and will open May 24. for sale - appliances ies, lk nw $10. Box of boy’s clothes: 3
pairs of jeans: 1 brnd nw sz xl,  1 Levi Sz 1/4 hp submersible water pump, 1200- mature lilac bushes for large
hedge. Will pay 378-2855
$725, avail. soon 315-0179 for appt
gal/hr, only used 2hrs $70 378-6354 to view
• Open Mic Nights Fri, 7-9pm @ Kekuli Cafe
kenmore dryer $150 Dave 280-8444
window air cond. $50. 378-8181
14, 1 sz 16 skinny legs & tees $10. Boy’s
red Rawling soccer shoes sz  3 exc. cond. u-Built trailer, flat deck exc. for
snwmbl/ATV, gd tires $300obo 315-5677
man cave metal signs: gas sta-
tions, car/truck/motorbikes, tool signs
1-Bdrm house 800 sq. ft fenced
yard, w/d/dw/f/s, nr school/play-
dishwasher under-counter Kitchen $10.  315-8158 let me know what you have 378-8156 Aid, first $100, will deliver 315-7716 elvis presley memorabilia album, 3 - 6”x8” spruce timbers, 10’ l $10ea. 12 ground $850 + util 378-5810
f.m.i. a/c, window-type $100 378-4007 valued at $100, sell $70 378-0885 - 6”x8”x4’ timbers $25/all 378-0897
2 or 4 gd used summer tires
205/65R15, must be gd cond./fair
1-Bdrm bsmt ste, cbl/ elect/w/d
incl. prkng for 1 vehicle Jun 1 $600
port. dish wshr, gd cond. $50 378-4142 2 qu size beds w/ springs, kitchen ta- wood splitter $100obo. Farm tractor tread left 378-2676
$1400. 378-6892 Text/call 936-8612
woods upright freezer, med. sz $50 bles, weight set, lawnmower 315-2247 to Borrow/rent a camper van, or
canadian firearm safety course book snowthrower 30" Ariens, 6 for- 2-Bdrm bsmt laundry incl, nr Cn-
378-5404 mini motor home for a holiday or two
MErritt piCKlEBAll CluB wshr & dryer $150obo 250-870-1244 restricted & non-rest. $20 315-8087 ward gears, heated handles, exc. cond this summer and fall.  sleeps 2 -4 peo-
tral Schl 315-2366
$975. drill press, 16-spd,  flr model furnished bed-sitting rm, prv
playing M/W/F 8:30-11:00am at old CMs Gym (2975 kenmore 700 series, high capacity
we Build picnic tables 315-7748
$150. 8" bnch grinder $30. 4800w,
ple. Cecilia call/text 315-0022
bath, ht/lt/cable/onsite parking incl.
2 cast iron bathtubs; one 4' and one old hvy duty w/d for dog blankets
Clapperton Ave); t/tH 6:30-8:30pm at Merritt Civic dryer, incl. shoe drying rack, 5 years
5' have only one set of 'feet'. No deliver- 240v,  construction heater, unused, still outside. Cecilia call/text 315-0022 May 15 378-9607
NEW - GREAT condition! 378-0818 in box $40. shocker hitch (hitch with 2-Bdrm grnd lvl ste, util incl. sep.
Centre (1950 Mamette Ave). It's an easy sport to play, kenmore refrigerator 2-dr, frzer on
ies; you pick up, easy access. $50. each.
airbag) makes trailer ride smoother $180.
wht plastic buckets w/lids for food
entr., n/p, immed 378-2047 1601 Bann
378-5268 storage,must be clean 778-255-0675
great fun and exercise. Demo paddles and instruction bttm/ fridge on top, 32.5”w x 32.5”d 65” hangups inversion table  like new mechanic's creeper $35. 4' jackall 88-key musical keyboard, any 1-Bdrm suite, downtown on Blair,
high, ice mkr $200 gd wrkng ordr 315-5018 $35. 4' wide roll of cardboard  $35. 780- $800 incl. ht & light 315-6105
available. FMI call Gary 250-280-0105. $250. treadmill, new condition $250.
933-6634, 280-0997
brand, will pay up to $300 378-2337
for sale - automotive 378-9009 exter. metal door 378-6180 low. nic. 3 bdrm main flr ste in
collection of LP vinyl records, l shaped fuel tnk & pmp $600 315-5822 small transportable greenhouse. 4-plex, n/smoking, n/drnkng, avail.
2 Bf goodrich p225/60R16 m&s open to offers. 378-4142 cargo trailer 6x10, brand new $5000 call 525-0361 if you have one you NOW. Suit. for working single peo-
tires on rims, 5-bolt, 2 Nordic winter singer sewing machine, class 99K 378-3488 don't use anymore and wish to sell. ple. No pets. $1000 + util. 378-3748
p225/60R16 on 5-bolt rims 280-8804 $50, after 5pm 378-2325 omega 5-spd hvy duty drill press clapperton manor 2-bdrm
lmBrtarps for 53ft step dck trlr. 315-7079
2 chev Cavaliers 2000, 2003. 95 nis- scooter 3-whlr, nw batt./canopy/ $225. 2 100-lb propane tanks, rebal- electric welder 378-7075  units $900 incl ht/hot water/laundry.
san Sentra 378-2700, 280-7550 baskets $1200 378-6511 anced $150ea. Dave 280-8444 Bunk Bed set. Dorothy 378-4300 call/text Randy 525-0144
89 cutlass Siera SL 115k 6-cyl. 4-dr, unpasteurized raw honey: $40 for elect. leaf blower & vacuum, brand wilderness Baja 250 quad for 1-Bdrm suite immed. 378-6899
vry gd shape $2500 Jack 250-458-2401 8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 new $75 378-1336 parts. 936-9356 3-Bdrm 2-bath  modular in Petit
97 honda Civic, gd running cond. for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic, 70 ft of 4 ft chain link fencing: rails, Crk. $1200 + util. Refs required, n/s,
378-9948, 525-1250 $10/lb. 378-4947 posts, hardware and gate, $100.  8 con- for sale house/property garage avail now. Dave 378-7226
tires & rims P275/45R20, 20x8.5 granny's House Quilting & Retreat crete urn planters $25 each. 378-8181 exc dbl wide mbl home, fully furn’d, 2-Bdrm condo Logan Lk business
rims $100/all 4 315-5018 has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric electric snowblower ,used twice gd longterm renter in place, top 'net" rntrs only, cleaning 1x per wk, hi-spd,
tires: set 4 of Cooper Discoverer from Katja's Quilt Shoppe 378-3734 $75 315-0030 return yearly, full yard pad $22,000 util incl, furn’d $1850 778-879-2044
265/70R17 m&s $200obo. Set of 3 Terra Track for sale - furniture dolly, rebuilt, new hitch/wires/tie- 778-880-5807, 280-0875 for viewing 2-Bdrm dplx, Collettville, spa-
radials 265/75R16 $150obo 250-462-5408 down straps/tires, less than 300km 315- reduced 1.5 acres, beside Cold- cious  lvngrm, fncd yrd & dck,
89 cutlass Siera SL, 115k, 6-cyl. 4- qu size box spring & rails $30 315-0053 7716 before 9pm water River, with older mobile f/s, w/d, n/p, n/s
dr, gd shape Jack 250-458-2401 ktchn table & 4 chairs $75. 315-0030 ladders: 32 ft. aluminum extention home. $190,000 378-7412 2-Bdrm apt. furnished in Merritt to
2 pt cruisers: 05 red convertable, 4-pc custom sofa set (sofa, loveseat, ladder $250. 14 ft. orchard ladder $200 463 Brenton ave., Low. Nic 3- share, wrkng prsn only. 378-1581
heated leather seats, like new top  $6000. chair, ottoman) $299 378-8188 378-9694. bdrm rancher on 1100 sq. ft, on 1/2 2-Bdrm fully furnished, util incl,
06 green four door, comes with spoiler, moving sale: 2 older dressers $10ea. will trade: 196cc Baja bush bike ac $245,000 525-1212 free prkng, out-of-town workers
automatic, great deal at $2800 315-7611 recliner $20. 378-5546 w/ big tires for W.H.Y 378-7756 douBle lot, ready to build on, only, rent reduction for work around
trailer hitch fits 04-07 dodge car- free: sofa & chair, alley behind 2364 gas lawnmower 378-4101 in quiet neighbourhood 280-1017 the house 778-679-2044
avan $75, new 378-5165 Quilchena Ave. sofa & loveseat on sun- steel fence gate.  9ft wide, incl. hinge moBile home: w/ dwnpay- room for sngl tenant avail. in
07 dodge Caliber, 92k $4500 378-2547 deck. you pick up before weekend assembly, suitable for large animals ment, OAC, (fin. avail.). Manuf. lrg 3 bdrm, priv. bathrm, lrg closet,
04 toyota Matrix, 151k, no rust sum- free couch and loveseat, can be picked $100. E-Z DUZIT high efficiency tube home 3-bdrm 2-bth, or 2- bdrm 1- furn’d w/ twin bed & lrg drssr, large
mers & winters mounted, manual Trans. up. 378-5228 heater, 12ft. tube suitable for large areas: bth, on lrg lots in mbl home park, shared ktchn, w/d, dwntwn, n/s, n/p
Clutch good. $4000 378-8199 Buffet and hutch dark brown shops-sheds-barns-etc.,natural gas $400. fully set up. Call to view 315-1000, $450 936-9702 to view
1948 austin A-40, compl. car incl. $500obo 378-6423 378-2325 after 5pm 1-800-361-8111 wwwbuyandsell- priv. bdrm & bthrm in shared semi-
registration, grt restoration project $3000 Bedroom set w/ 6’ dresser, highboy 2 large cabinet style sandblaster, vry gd furn’d moduline home, $600 + util.
378-6787 night tables, no bed 280-9433 cond. $850 Joe 378-2676 n/s, n/drugs, Refs req’d 315-7611    
for rent
92 olds Cutlass Supreme, 1 owner, palliser oak dining suite, modern snwBlwer 24” dual stage TroyBilt, priv. Bdrm & bthrm in shared
new tires, all seas. no rust, a/c redone colonial styling, lk nw cond., c/w ex- heated handle grips, 208cc eng., 6 frwrd 2-Bdrm modular in Lower Nicola, semi-furn’d moduline home, in twn
165k $1200obo 378-4292 pandable oval, pedestal table, 6 chairs, & gears/2 rev gears, headlight, elect start, right across from Nicola Canford El- $600 + util., n/s, n/drugs, refs
fiBreglass canopy for short box 2-pce china cabinet/hutch with lots of exc cond $900 250-612-2611 ementary, gd sized fenced yrd $900 + req’d.   315-7611 
$200. 378-6892 storage space. $400 315-1874 lrg Craftsman 2 snwblwr, elect. strt, util. Refs req’d, n/s, June 15 378-4669 2-Bdrm Low. Nic., main floor of
89 ford f250 4x4 for parts. Ted 378- lrg ent. centre, glass doors $25. looks brnd nw, incl loading rmp for pick Big 1-bdrm ste above ground, large house in country, $850 + dep.,
2577, 315-9597 Smaller ent ctre free 378-0064 up $1200 Joe 378-2676 downtown, $950 incl ht/lt 378-2337 n/s, no pets 378-3748

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