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Anything that makes you weak physically, Intellectually and spiritually, reject as poison.

Youth is the future.

Be a hero. Always say, ‘I have no fear’.

A brave, frank, clean- hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on
which the future nation can be built.

Your country requires heroes; be heroes; your duty is to go on working and then
everything will follow of itself.

A few heart-whole, sincere and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a
mob in a country.

My faith is in younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come my

The Earth is enjoyed by heroes- this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero. Always say,” I have
no fear”.

Supreme value of youth period is incalculable and indescribable. Youth life is the most
precious life.

Youth is the best time. The way in which you utilize this period will decide the nature of
coming years that lie ahead of you.

Brave, bold people, these are what we want. What we want is vigor in the blood,
strength in the nerves, iron muscles and nerves of steel, not softening namby-pamby
ideas. Avoid all these. Avoid all mystery.

All powers is within you; you can do anything and everything.

See for the highest, aim at the highest and you shall reach the highest.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.

Who is helping you, Don’t forget them. Who is loving you, Don’t hate them. Who
believes you, Don’t cheat them.

The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge.
In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.

The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified and
God will be in them.

Man is born to conquer nature and not to follow it.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.

YOUTH CENTERS Overview Building Attributes Relevant Codes and Standards Major Resources The Youth Center is a social and recreational center intended primarily for use by children ages 11 to 18 years.Otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world. Arise. There is no other teacher but your own soul. If the mind is intensely eager. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. children as young as six years old will use a Youth Center. leadership. friendship. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration. . but usually only if special programs are in place to accommodate them. and recognition. and obedient – good to themselves and the country at large. yoga. renouncing all for the services of others. none can make you spiritual. You have to grow from the inside out. and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement. It also offers opportunities for unstructured activities such as game playing. The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock. and outdoor play. club meetings. intelligent. and theater. My hope of the future lies in the youths of character. awake and stop not till the goal is reached. Strength is life. None can teach you.Talk to yourself once in a day…. Weakness is Death. how to give it the necessary blow. social. enjoyment. and martial arts and for academic and arts programs such as science. The Center supports opportunities for youth to develop their physical. In some cases. All the powers in the universe are already ours. The Youth Center offers organized instructional programs for physical activities such as dance. Youth means to place your firm confidence in yourself and exercise your hopeful determination and resolution and willing good intentions in this beautiful task of self- culture. socializing. emotional. crafts. everything can be accomplished—mountains can be crumbled into atoms.

BUILDING ATTRIBUTES A. these are staffed facilities and control and supervision are critical elements. These elements impact facility design as do considerations for youth-friendly and youth-appealing design. outdoor activity area. teen room and computer room Sample adjacency diagram for a youth center. admin area. and general gathering/conversation spaces. This drives the facility layout and functional space adjacencies. an eating area (adjacent to the snack bar). The Commons should naturally "grow" out of the lobby. multipurpose gymnasium. The control desk should have visual control over the entire Commons and any entrances to other spaces. It usually includes subareas such as a game area. past the control desk. It is particularly effective to organize the activity spaces around the Commons-making it the heart of the program area around which the other program spaces revolve. Arlington. supervised environment. Also. a television (TV) viewing area.While unstructured activities are an essential part of a Youth Center. The Commons area is the principal social gathering point and fulfills many of the social interaction goals of the facility. and available budget. programs offered. and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). snack and kitchen. It should be adjacent to an eating area in the Commons. The snack bar can range from self-service vending stations to a full-service hot bar with an adjacent teaching kitchen that also serves an instructional function. VA Typical Youth Center activity spaces include the following: Control desk/check-in Commons/game room Snack bar Activity rooms/classrooms Multipurpose room/gymnasium Computer room Teen room and Outdoor activity areas. Typical Youth Center support spaces include the following: Administrative office space Toilets and janitor facilities Kitchen and Mechanical/electrical/communications space. formerly the National School-Age Care Alliance. depending on facility mission. Sample adjacency diagram for a youth center with a main commons/game room linked with activity rooms. The activity rooms can range from small classroom spaces to a full-sized gymnasium. control/check-in room. the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) provides training and curriculum development. Several nationally recognized accreditation agencies identify requirements for programs and facility conditions: National AfterSchool Association (NAA). lobby. SPACE TYPES AND BUILDING ORGANIZATION A Youth Center serves the dual purpose of accommodating unstructured social interaction among different age groups and providing instructional classes all in a safe. These subareas should accommodate social units of 12 to 15 youth gathering in pockets. Typically at least . Developed by DMJM Design. The entrances to the other activity spaces should be well defined and act as portals to those areas. Safety is also of paramount importance.

with warm colors for accents). the teen room should feel private but maintain a sense of connection to the rest of the facility. textures. neutral tones for backgrounds and ceilings. Provide either a separate. the finishes. and Design display areas to be easily changed and updated. Ideally. Design the Youth Center to communicate a sense of fun. and equipment in Youth Centers should be comfortable and have a homelike quality: Provide ample natural light Provide a sense of welcome and arrival at the entrance. design the room to meet high school or college standards for a gymnasium to provide maximum utility and flexibility. FL. exterior entrance or an entrance directly off the lobby into the gymnasium.. Photo by Mayport MWR Department B.two activity rooms should be provided: one configured for more academic or arts and crafts instruction and one configured for physical activities. fixtures. consider guiding a teen focus group to select an interior color scheme Provide space and consider various techniques to display and celebrate youth artwork. A computer room provides the youth with supervised computer and Internet access for recreation and homework purposes. ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY Part of the facility's mission is to encourage creative development. This facilitates access to this room for after-hours sporting events when the rest of the facility is closed. Naval Station Mayport. ENCOURAGE AUTONOMY Youth centers are not schools. Photo by Mayport MWR Department Arts-and-crafts-style Activity Room. Particularly for the teen room. TV watching. the design should accommodate autonomy in the unstructured activity areas. unnatural finishes. The project development process and final design can help accomplish this in several ways: Carefully consider interior colors and textures. If mission and budget allow for a large activity room (or multipurpose room). and control desk Use residential-style doors and windows Use indirect lighting as main ambient lighting. Worker answering the phone behind the main desk at the youth center. Consider wall murals in some common areas. The teen room provides a separate space for older youth to socialize independently from the rest of the facility. and colors. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Key design goals and considerations for Youth Centers include the following: CREATE A HOMELIKE ENVIRONMENT While meeting the durability requirements for a public facility. It provides functions similar to those of the Commons area and should include space for games. naval station Mayport Child in front of red cabinets in the arts-and-crafts-style activity room at the youth center. Naval Station Mayport. lobby. furnishings. but use restraint (e.g. and Avoid institutional. minimize permanent graphics. naval station Mayport Youth Center Control Desk. The youth patrons should have independent access to the following: Snack bar and toilets . While supervision must be maintained at all times. and conversation.

Outside of normal day-to-day operations. and Ensure that equipment. and Quiet space for solitude. INCLUDE APPROPRIATE SPACE FOR STAFF Provide space to assist staff in developing and maintaining the center's programs and business.Games. and Store equipment and records. MAINTAIN A SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT Design the facility to accommodate equipment and operational strategies to both protect the youth and maintain a healthy environment. furnishings. staff must be able to accomplish the following: Think and plan Meet and communicate Host visitors. . and TV Friends and companions. computers. Consider the following critical elements: Prevent unauthorized access by potentially dangerous personnel Provide visual access to all spaces to monitor potential child abuse situations Provide easily-cleaned finishes Use non-toxic building materials and improved maintenance practices Ensure good indoor air quality and abundant natural light. and finishes do not contain asbestos or lead.

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