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I am interested to apply for the Bank Negara Malaysia scholarship because it is an excellent

scholarship that can help me to achieve my dream to study Computer Science in Australia .
This scholarship can help to ease my family burden .In addition , I admire Bank Negara for its
efficiency in managing the finance system of our country . Plus , I heard that graduated
students with this scholarship may have to work for Bank Negara after their studies. This
scholarship can guarantee my future after completing my bachelor degree as it will provide
jobs for us .It is difficult to find good jobs in Malaysia nowadays especially for graduated
students like us . So I decided to grab this golden opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

I choose to pursue my studies in Computer Science due to my love towards computers .Even
though I didn't expose to much the information about computer science as my family
members do not work on it but it still attracts me to choose it as a subject for me to study in
future . The computer networking in Malaysia is grooming like the mushrooms after the rain
nowadays .I foreseen the future of Computer Science in Malaysia as it is definitely needed
for today's world . Technology is the basic to develop our country to a better stage . By
learning Computer Science , I can help to secure the safety of our personal security . I yearn
to play a role as the 'army' to protect and secure our country from the networking hazards
from the outside worlds .

I scored straights As for my SPM and I also won several awards during my student life even
to the international level . I was a librarian and I was the Secretary of the Tenis Club of my
school , SMK Sultanah Asma . I was known by my teachers and friends for my leadership . I
know that maybe I am not the most suitable one for this scholarship . However, I will try my
very best to prove my ability if I am given the opportunity to do so . Thank you for lending
me your time .Hope that I could hear the reply from you soon .