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Pisgah Presbyterian Church Our Mission: to worship God,

Woodford County, Kentucky Study the Scripture, practice the
August 2008 teachings of Jesus.

Thoughts from Ground Level

How do we hold justice and mercy together? Jesus
offered a parable about this (Luke 13:6-9). He said a
landowner noticed that a fig tree in his vineyard had

y family had an amazing time together in
produced no figs for three years. He called his gardener
Germany last month. Since we’ve been back,
over and told him to cut the fig tree down since it was
I’ve shared about it as part of my preaching, and
not producing any fruit. The gardener said to the
I still have a few more stories to share.
vineyard owner, “Give it one more year. I will dig
We visited Susanne’s family near Mannheim. They
around it and fertilize it, and if it produces fruit, well and
were able to see Katherine as a tall, soon-to-be nine year
good, but if after one year it has produced no fruit, then
old. The last time they saw her she had just turned two.
you can cut it down.”
They also met Jonah for the first time. The kids were
The landowner and the gardener both want the same
great on our trip. They sat quietly while adults visited,
thing. They want a fig tree that produces figs. They
played together while adults kept on visiting, walked a
differ, however, in what to do when there is no fruit in
lot, endured two long airplane rides, came with us into
the present. The parable is about holding justice and
many churches (Ministers are among a group of folks
mercy together, and only God does this perfectly.
who like to visit churches
In this parable judgment and
when we travel—at least one
mercy are in tension with each
per city), and braved some
other. One can’t cut a tree down
unusual German food.
and then tend to its roots so that
Surprisingly, the kids didn’t
it will produce fruit.
like German milk; they said it
The preacher in Ecclesiastes
tasted different than milk at
asks, Is it time to plant or is it time
home. Jonah really enjoyed
to pluck up what is planted? So,
schnitzel, and Katherine liked
which time is it in the parable?
pommes frites.
Did you notice that the
It was fun to watch them
gardener has the last word in the
experience so many new
parable? Maybe that’s a clue that
things in Germany. Jonah was
we should side with mercy. I say
fascinated with trains,
that in part because our history
especially the really fast ones.
shows that humanity does better
Katherine enjoyed taking a
with mercy toward others than
variety of pictures with the
with judgment.
digital camera.
There’s another reason we should side with mercy.
We spent one of our first days in Mannheim and
We’re the fig tree! We were created to bear fruit. We are
began our visit at the Marktplatz in the city-center. The
expected to bear fruit; not given an option to bear fruit if
Marktplatz is an open market where every week produce,
we feel like it.
flowers, wine, meat, cheese, and bread is sold. The
To accomplish this we are given a growing season
historic city government building (Rathaus) is on the
and the attention of a knowledgeable gardener. The fruit
Marktplatz. It’s a magnificent baroque building. A tall
we bear will not be of our doing. It will be because of
clock tower rises from the center of the building. There
the persistence of a landowner and the tender care of a
are two wings that extend from each side of the tower,
each with its own entrance.
I appreciate how the world around us, in this case
Above these entrances are statues symbolizing
the words on a building, helps us reflect on our
justice (above the left entrance) and mercy (above the
relationship with our God. Hope your summer has been
right entrance). Justice is depicted by a woman holding a
sword in one hand and scales in the other (she’s not
Grace and Peace, Jon
blindfolded) Underneath this statue is the Latin word for
justice: JUSTITIAE.
Mercy is depicted by a woman with her arm around
a large cross. It’s taller than she. Underneath this statue
is the Latin word for mercy: PIETATI.
Justice on the left, mercy on the right, and in the
middle of the building under the clock tower is the Latin
word for and, ET.

Greetings from Mission and Evangelism

New to our lineup this year are: Jim and Wanda Rodgers,
Greg Lawrence, Jim Cullen, Bella Mancuso, and Toss
Chandler. We believe they will be wonderful - come and
Though we did not meet in July, that doesn’t mean
judge for yourself.
we weren’t busy! We have been in contact with Olivet
In addition, there will be a traditional Pisgah Picnic
Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids Iowa; a church that
with all the standard features. Tables and chairs will be
was forced to move from their location by the flooding
setup and ready at 6:30p.m. You bring your favorite
and is in the long, slow process of rebuilding. We were
covered dish to share with enough for your family and
able to offer them financial support from Pisgah
others, as well as your drinks, tools, cups, and plates. Joy,
($1,410.82) from a fund established for a Katrina family
fellowship, and good times are provided at no additional
in 2007 that did not require the assistance. In the words
of Olivet’s Pastor Montovani “Thank you for flooding us
Sponsored by the Stewardship Committee
with your kindness and caring! Your gift from Versailles
is yet another grace note received by us in Cedar Rapids.
Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love....’
The M&E Committee is exploring the idea of a mission
trip from Pisgah to Iowa next spring. Pastor Montovani Here Come the Bride and Groom
says that it will be at least 2 years before Cedar Rapids’
cleanup and rebuilding will be complete. We will keep Ann Sheets & Wendell Harris were united together
you updated on the progress and planning of the trip! in marriage in Lexington, KY on July 30, 1948. This
The other exciting news from M&E is that thanks to past Sunday (7/27) at Pisgah Presbyterian, many
the generosity of the 5th Sunday offering in June gathered to honor and celebrate Ann and Wendell’s 60th
($1,044.79), the Burnamwood Scholarship fund is well Wedding Anniversary. Significant specials were present
and truly established. Total to date in the account is during the church service, including the offertory music,
$1,264.79. Every Pisgah youth is eligible for a Prayer by F. G. Dunlap and the awarding of scholarships
scholarship. Applications and camp opportunities are to collegiate recipients, many of whom had been
available from Jon Martin or Sue Henry. Thank you so nurtured by Ann and Wendell during their years of
much for supporting our youth and helping them to service in the Pisgah Nursery.
make memories of Christian fellowship at Burnamwood. At the end of the service Pastor Jon Martin invited
Contributions to the scholarship fund may be made Ann and Wendell to come to the front of the church.
at anytime throughout the year. Our meetings are always Two Session Members, Pam Stilz and Becky Prater
the first Monday of the month; the next meeting is surprised the Harris’ by placing a top hat on Wendell and
Monday, August 4 at 7p.m. in the Academy building. We a bridal veil on Ann! To complete the scene, Linda
are an equal opportunity committee and would love to Jones’ organ surrounded all with Mendellsohn’s
have you join us! ☺ Wedding March!
Your Mission and Evangelism Committee Ann and Wendell led the procession out the back
doors to a lovely lawn reception held in their honor.
Flowers by Sue
Fosson and
The Annual Pisgah Talent Show
Peggy Graddy
graced the table
and hung on a
Fun Fun Fun on the grounds of Pisgah Church
wreath from a
Saturday, August 9 at 6:30p.m. when the congregation
maple branch
and the Pisgah Community Club gather for our annual
over the
combined potluck picnic and talent show. You can
anniversary cake.
count on loads of talent and good food.
Teens from the
The talents hidden in the church pews and
Youth Group (Andrew Johnson, Courtland Johnson,
neighborhood of Pisgah are surprising. Singers from the
Erin McLeod and Hannah Kindred) catered ice tea and
choir, skits from the youth
lemonade trays to the congregation gathered. Ann and
and some not-so-young, magic
Wendell cut their cake and all were served while Melanie
tricks that defy your eyes,
Burrier serenaded us on flute. Lindsey McHatton and
dancing girls ages 6 to 60, and
Steve Cox captured the moments on film.
then some people with real
Many behind the scenes special friends passed the
skills blowing, banging,
word during the week and kept the secret about the
scraping and plucking various
surprise reception. Ann and Wendell are cherished
instruments to make all sorts of (sweet) noises.
members of our church family and the attendance at
Returning are MC Jud Davis backed up by Lantz
their surprise reception was a testimony to the love they
Kindred, the choir performing less religious music than
have always shared with many. Praise God!
usual, the youth group, and several outstanding soloists.

Thank You Attention Circle Members

Dear Friends, If you have not picked up your study book on Luke
You cannot imagine the surprise that Wendell and I for the coming year will you please try and do so before
received Sunday morning. the first meeting? Our books are on the Circle table in
The reception…the idea of our young friends and the Academy Building. The cost for the book is $6.60.
the help of Cathy Johnson’s young people…was You can either pay me when you see me at church or
something else again. send a check to my home:
We did not know that secrets could be kept.
Jan Botkin
There is nothing like friends who make you feel
3701 Salisbury Drive
loved with hugs, good wishes, cards and much laughter.
Lexington, KY 40510
I would like to write each of you because you have been
a part of our lives either as a friend or a parent of your
“Pisgah Church and her People” will always be what
we are today.
Ann S. Harris

Musical Sunday Service

Life in the Church Join us for worship on August 31 (a fifth Sunday
month), for what will be a “Musical Service” led by the
New Members: Pisgah Choir and Abe Fosson. A variety of inspirational
On June 1, we welcomed Mark music will be sung by the choir as well as the
and Gina Hines, and their congregation. Abe will provide a brief morning sermon.
daughters Karise, Catherine and Olivia into Pisgah’s Although we will follow the traditional order of
Church family. worship the focus will be on music during worship.

On June 1, we celebrated the sacrament of baptism with
Karise Hines, Catherine Hines and Olivia Hines.

Todd Murty and Lashae Kittinger were married July 26
in the sanctuary.

Budget Update
As of July 15, our checking account balance was
$10,910 and our investments totaled $99,277. This
includes a CD for $35,923 which will be used for church
roof repair later this year. Through July 15 our
income/expense budget was on target with total income
of $120,154 or 53.4% of budget and expense total of
$120,104 or 53.3 of budget. Thanks to our staff and
others who authorize expenditures for carefully
managing our expenses during this “lean” budget year.
At our meeting this week we established a schedule
for preparing the 2009 budget. This schedule will permit
us to present the new budget to the congregation in early
October. If you have budget or budgeting process
suggestions or questions please talk to me or any
member of the administration committee.
Don Schmidt

Happy Birthday to You in August

Snippets 1 Heather Jones, W. Gay Reading, Dana Brooks,

Brody Mancuso
o Ally Howard spent five weeks this summer at 2 Jamie Robida
Morehead State University as a 2008 Kentucky 3 Alice Schaaf, Will Smith
Governor’s Scholar. Her major field of study was 4 Nicki Graddy
Modes of Mathematical Thinking with a minor in 8 Monty Hinton, Vera Kadamyan
Environmental Studies. The weeks were enhanced 9 Tom Cope
with many enrichment activities outside the 11 Bob James
classroom. Ask Ally about the awesome Governor’s 14 Bill Adkins, Chelsea Welch
Scholar experience! 15 Baker Martie
o On July 27, Bryce Baker won the title of Miss 16 Jack Ivancevich
Kentucky Princess at a pageant in Louisville. She 19 Grant Welling
will go on to represent Kentucky and compete for 21 Bobbie Washer
the national title in November at Disney World. 23 Terence Collier
24 Lucie Chandler, Jean Sandifer
We are always on the lookout for more “Snippets.” 25 Linda Kuder
Help us keep this column going by sending in any 26 Dave Sweeney
interesting little tidbits you hear! 27 Thomas O’Shaughnessy, Ken Scott
28 Lucy Jones, Kitty Tonkin
30 Amy Straub, Jill Fey
31 Katherine Martin, Linda Busby

And in early September…

1 Joe Lagrew, Becky Prater, Bob Washer,
Chauncey Hill
2 Glenn Fister
3 Miriam Cox
4 Kelley Hutcherson

Please help us keep this list up to date!

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