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Worksheet 1

Describing People

Adjectives are describing words. We

use adjectives to give more information

about nouns (naming words).

Here are some adjectives. Which of these adjectives might

you use to describe Barack Obama? Underline them.

poor clever blonde pretty

attractive successful popular old

Read this text about President Barack Obama. How many

adjectives can you find? Underline the adjectives.

Barack Obama is President of the United States. He is married

with two children. He is an African American. He has dark hair

and brown eyes. He is middle aged. He is the first black person

to become president of the USA.
Worksheet 2

Describing People - Barack Obama

Can you find the mistakes in these sentences?

Write them out again correctly.

1) Barack Obama is an Africa American.


2) He has dark hairs.


3) His eyes is brown.


4) He is medium aged.


5) He has white teeths.


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