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What could I do with a degree in


T he good news is half of all vacancies for recent graduates are open to those with a degree in any
discipline including yours! The remaining careers require specific training or education — some of
which you are already qualified for. Be prepared; you will soon find that no degree on its own is enough
to get you a job.

Each employer will be seeking different sets of skills and some of them will come from your degree. You
will need to actively develop any missing required skills through work, volunteer, and extra-curricular
experiences to gain a competitive advantage. Start by using this guide to help you brainstorm potential
careers of interest, and continue by researching specific occupations in the Career Resource Library.
Career profiles with a check mark (9) can be viewed using Career Cruising and Career Descriptions
binders, both available at the Career Centre.

What are my direct career options?

• Corporate securities • Legal investigator 9 Mediator
• Customs inspector 9 Legislative aide 9 Paralegal
9 Civil litigator 9 Lobbyist 9 Probation officer
• Insurance investigator • Loss prevention specialist • Public opinion analyst

What are my alternative career options?

9 Activist 9 Lawyer
9 Community worker 9 Policy analyst
Social sciences, education, • Drug addiction counsellor 9 Politician
and religion 9 Immigration officer 9 Social worker

9 Author 9 Journalist
9 Event coordinator 9 Librarian
Art, culture, recreation, 9 Fundraiser • Speech writer
and sports 9 Information specialist 9 Translator

Business, finance, and 9 Human resource specialist 9 Marketing assistant

administration 9 Labour relations officer 9 Public relations specialist

9 Importer or exporter 9 Real estate agent

Sales and services • Public speaking consultant 9 Travel agent

9 Health care administrator

Health 9 Psychologist

Trades, apprenticeships, 9 Correction officer

and primary industry 9 Police officer

• Cryptographer
Natural and applied sciences • Cryptanalyst
Communication Planning and development
What skills will I • Mediate or negotiate conflict • Edit and write creatively
• Persuade and influence • Decision making

develop studying • Assess the needs of the audience

• Clarify ideas and present all viewpoints
• Conceptualize and implement projects
• Draft documents

criminology? Analysis Research

• Interpret issues and data • Gather and organize information
• Summarize ideas • Use information resources
• Develop critical evaluations • Design and direct projects
• Attention to detail • Develop research design and models

Where have previous graduates worked? Did you know…

Art, culture, and entertainment Wholesale and retail
• American Broadcasting Company (ABC) • Hudson Bay Company
• Casino Niagara • Holt Renfrew • Organized crime is estimated to
• Toronto Star
account for 10% of the United
Consulting • Citizenship and Immigration Canada States' national income.
• Service Intelligence Ops • Toronto Police Service • A group of crows is called a
Personal service industry Social service
• Intercon Security • Legal Aid Ontario • In Toronto, releasing ten or more
• Dell Inc. • Toronto Humane Society balloons filled with lighter-than-air
gases within a twenty-four-hour
Financial, insurance, and real estate Other
period is against the law.
• AIG Life of Canada • Law Society of Upper Canada
• Dominion of Canada Insurance

Where can I find more information?

• Careers in Law — Gary Munneke

Books • Great Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors — Stephen Lambert and Debra Regan
• Career Opportunities in Law and the Legal Industry — Susan Echaore-McDavid

• United Nations Association in Canada —

Web links • The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme —
• Ontario Internship Program —

The Career Resource Library has a collection of over 2,000 print and electronic resources spanning all areas of career development
and the job search. Research career options, educational programs, organizations, and industries as well as résumé, interview, and
networking strategies. A reference librarian is always available to assist you in finding the best resources to meet your specific needs.

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