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LESSON PLAN Trainee’s Name: Flores Gabriela-Diaz Mauro Date: 08/05/18

Institution: Course: Lesson Length: 40 min

Students’ Age: 4-5 Level: Kindergarten Number of Students: 27

Teaching Point: Create a dynamic and interactive space in the class which students will work together and with the


Lesson Objectives / Aim of the Class:

 Students will learn vocabulary about parts of the body.

 Students will learn how to pronounce the new vocabulary.

 Students will identify the different parts of the body.


 Grammar Structures: “This is my…”, “These are my…”

 Vocabulary: Parts of the body (Human body: head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and


 Functions of Language: Directive, aesthetic, phatic and expressive.

Skills: Writing




Step Time Tch´s Activities Ss’ Activities Interaction Materials

1 10’ Presentation of the topic “Parts Students will see each Repeating Flashcards

of the body” by showing students flashcard and will touch their each word of

flashcards which will have parts of the body when the the flashcards

pictures of the body and how to teacher ask them to do it. together.

write it. Teacher will slowly Then they will repeat the words

reveal each flashcard and will pronunciated by the teacher.

ask students to touch their part

of the body. After that the

teacher will pronunciate the

word of one flashcard and will

ask students to repeat it and will

do the same with the others


2 5’ Teacher will play a song called: Students will listen to the song Listening and Radio

“This is ME!” and will ask “This is ME!” and will dance dancing USB/CD

students to dance if they want to. with the teacher touching their together as

As the song plays the teacher parts of the body. the song

will sing and do all the actions, plays.

touching each part of his/her

body with two hands in time with

the song.

3 10’ Teacher will play a game Students will play a game Playing

“TEACHER SAYS” (it is the game “TEACHER SAYS” and they will together

“Simon says” but using the word follow the commands that the (teacher-

teacher). Teacher will go straight teacher gives to them. They students) a

into the game by saying “teacher will touch the correct part of game called

says touch your (head)” and will the body according what the “TEACHER

do the action making sure teacher says. SAYS”.

students follows him/her. First

the teacher will say “teacher

says” but then will omit it and

will say e.g “touch your head”.

Teacher will play the game faster

and faster so when students

make a mistake they have to sit.

The last student standing is the


4 10’ Teacher will give students an Students will divide in groups. Teacher gives A piece of paper

activity called “Funny drawing”. In each group a student will the activity for each group

This activity consist in which the respond to a command e.g. and there is Pencils

teacher will divide students in “draw a nose”. Then they will an interaction Erasers

groups about 5-6 members and pass the picture to the next between

will give them a piece of paper. student and will give a students.

Then he/she will ask them to command e.g. “draw a mouth”.

draw a picture of the human body It will go on until the picture is

by using the parts of the body completed with all the parts of

learned before. The group that the body.

finishes first will win.

5 5’ Teacher will make a review of

the vocabulary learned in class

“parts of the body


Evaluation Criteria / Assesment criteria:

Teacher will evaluate students during the realization of the activities in the class:

 Unfolding of the students through the activities.

 Participation of the students.

 Motivation.

 Knowledge acquired by the students.