y the Grace of Allah and the utmost efforts of our group members, which are Rana Muhammad Hassan, Imtiaz Karim, Ahmad

Hasan, Asia Ramzan and Ammara Farooq we are now able to accomplish our project well within the time frame. Our efforts in project were never be able to give us this fruitful report without the help of certain individuals. At this moment, we would like to accomplish those individuals who have helped us a lot, so that we could make and complete our website and final report within limited time. First of all we would like to pay special thanks to our devoted teacher Prof. Amir Awan, that if he wouldn’t have given us this project, we wouldn’t be able to explore the E-commerce.


ur overall experience of preparing this report was a knowledgeable journey. business processes and SWOT analysis. HASSAN IMTIAZ KARIM AMMARA FAROOQ AHMED HASSAN ASIA RAMZAN E . For completing this project We required the e-commerce business plan for completing our project.A.PREFACE O business.COMMERCE . We got our required data from websites of online While conducting this report We faced some problems in getting the data as at websites data is not managed very well. we have visited several relevant websites to benchmark at this time in the industry in order to estimate the industrial profile. RANA M. Apart from this. We also learnt practical application of what We have been studying in overall M. by actually conducting this report. The knowledge of what We have studied in MBA also came in handy. Once every thing was found out it got very interesting.B. We learn a lot about the functions of e-commerce.

Lahore Oriental Rugs Our Lahore Oriental Rugs consists of the finest quality rugs made by Pakistani master weavers. dying. weaving and finishing. designers. free of defects and blemishes.COMMERCE .most of them use 100% New Zealand worsted wool for the pile. weavers.Introduction to Carpets The history of Pakistani carpets goes centuries back in carpets weaving and it has earned a name for its high quality carpets made in exquisite designs and pleasing / pastel colors combinations and offered at most competitive prices. Extreme care is taken to ensure that every piece is a perfect piece. and many have silk fields or highlights of silk. who have passed down the skill from generation to generation since the Mogul rule of the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. dyers and finishers keep a close watch on all steps of manufacturing from spinning of yarn to wool. For this reason. Other Facilities with Lahore Oriental Rugs Industries We have a large network of masters. The materials used in these rugs are top quality . E . designing. they are also often referred to as Mogul rugs. craftsmen.

We have built in capacity to under take manufacture of programmed goods. E . OUR SPECIAL SIZES Stock available in all sizes from 1*1 to 9*12 and runners (special sizes 10*14 and 12*18) are always available in our warehouse for spot selection. For this reason.COMMERCE . The materials used in these rugs are top quality . and many have silk fields or highlights of silk. who have passed down the skill from generation to generation since the Mogul rule of the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century.most of them use 100% New Zealand worsted wool for the pile. In response to market demands we always introduced new designs and colors. they are also often referred to as Mogul rugs.OVERVIEW Our Lahore Oriental Rugs consists of the finest quality rugs made by Pakistani master weavers. Our colors are always fast and have special sheen. QUALITY POLICY OUR COLOURS We attach special importance to colors and choose only those in fashion at a given time.

Single knot 9/14 silk ground 30%wool 70%silk Persian designs. 2.OUR DESIGNING We give special attention to designing which constitute the Saul of a carpet. This revolutionary change in carpet designing offers an infinite choice of designs to consumers. E . Our team designers have latest information on color trends and designs preferences CREATE SCINTILLATING new designs. Edges are also stitched with special trends to ensure resistance to rough handling and heavy traffic. PRODUCTS DESIGNS 1. Single knot 9/16 quality woolen Caucasian design. Single knot 9*14 quality movri bokhara woolen designs. OUR CRAFTSMANSHIP We make extra efforts to ensure that every carpet should be flat piled weaved which is made in our hand looms as a price of art. 4. Single knot 9*14 quality silk touch medallian designs. 5. We employ the best experts in the field for clipping and finishing the carpet. This is what makes Lahore oriental rugs difference from other exporters. 3. Double knot chobi/ziggler designs in handspun ghazni wool.COMMERCE .


COMMERCE . Our product is physical but we are delivering through “FedEx” and giving services at door step. E . These broachers have no cost and it will be delivered free at customer’s door step. DIRECT MARKETING Customer can contact our showroom and can get information. PURE AND PARTIAL Our business is basically not a pure one. That’s why our site is supporting business to business and business to consumer dealing.MOBILE NO: 0092-300-4541513 B2B AND B2C On our site organizations and individuals both can order any time. We deal with organizations and with individuals both. That’s why our business is not a pure one. We are delivering carpets through “FedEx”. Same as customer can visit our site and can order for free broachers of our products which will be mailed with in 3 days.

The reason is that you know better your product and better you know that how to present your product.COMMERCE . That’s why we concentrate only on direct marketing.Enquiry Form Name: Name Company Telephone Fax Address Email Enquiry þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ Submit Reset Business Model Direct Marketing: We believe in direct marketing because we think that no one can better advertise your product as you can do. E .

Full cyber and partial cyber marketing: We are depending on full cyber and partial cyber marketing. As we show the front page of our website which size in only 889bytes.COMMERCE . Advertisement Strategy Page Loading Speed: We keep care about the size of the website. Special Electronic Distributors: Order will be delivered through electronic distributors and those distributors will make sure the payments of products. Global Marketing: We are establishing our business globally so we are marketing our products globally. In partial cyber marketing we are using some local and international mags for advertisement our product. E . In full cyber marketing we are using Google channel for advertisement and using some banners on other famous websites. Customer can order online from any country and order will be delivered in 4 working days at customer’s door step.

2.Price of the product.Order button Ad Display Strategy: We are using ad display strategy. 3. Customer can get any type of information from our site and can query from given emails addresses.COMMERCE we will charge you delivery .There will be product image.Passive Pull Strategy: We make an attractive website and provide full information about the product. Payment Cash On Delivery ( Lahore Only ) Methods Now you can order your products online and the amount on E . ordering and payment.Material of the product. The style of the given information is. 4.The size of the product. For this purpose we designed some colorful add for different websites. 5. 1.

0% surcharge will be added ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ E .COMMERCE .________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Cheque On Delivery ( Lahore Only ) Please "Lahore make your Check Oriental payable to: Rugs" ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Credit Card All Visa and Master card are accepted at our office premises (Lahore Only) 2.

Click Logon on Pay Bills to & Prepaid UBL from menu netbanking bar 3.Online Credit Cards Accepted Citibank and cybernet are the payment processors. and you can view Shophive. Bank Branch Transfer From anywhere Locator: in Pakistan ________________________________________________________ E .com) Enter your PIN on the confirmation page to execute the transaction. 2. Scroll down to Online Shopping. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Online Bank Transfer: All it takes to enjoy hassle-free payments is to follow 4 simple steps: 1.COMMERCE . Click on Pay and enter your Order Id (given to you by Lahore Oriental Rugs.com. 4.

________________________________________ Online Bank Branch Transfer Bank From Transfer: anywhere Locator: in Pakistan ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Bank Branch Transfer From Locator anywhere : in Pakistan ________________________________________________________ E .COMMERCE .

COMMERCE .________________________________________ Money Transfer From anywhere in the World Send money transfer online via Credit Card from Australia Austria Canada France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands New Norway Sweden United United Kingdom States Zealand ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ E .

COMMERCE . as the information transmitted online is highly encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations. and we use the third party payment processing system of WorldPay.Check / Money Order / Demand Draft Please make your Check / Money Order / Demand Draft "Lahore And Lahore should be sent Rugs Oriental Oriental to . To ensure the security we at Lahore Oriental Rugs do not save the credit card numbers in our database. the following c payable to: Rugs" address o m How Secure Lahore Oriental Rugs is? Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for both the shopper and the retailer during an online transaction. In reality an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone or by fax.com and PayPal.com E .

Encryption makes it impossible for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers. your browser will inform you visually by displaying a lock in the status bar of your browser. Location of the image i-Internet Explorer (bottom right corner) ii-Netscape Navigator (bottom left corner). The privacy of communications between you (your browser) and our servers is ensured via encryption. There 1) are two general indications of a secured page web page URL Check the web Normally. However. RSA and MD5 to ensure that the information passed is secure and tamper-proof. Transaction Encryption The transfer of the purchase details from the Lahore Oriental Rugs site to Worldpay are encapsulated using our own encrypted and digitally-signed protocol. ensuring that both the shopper and retailer can have confidence that nobody can impersonate WorldPay to obtain confidential information. Furthermore. when browsing the web.com uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. Encryption scrambles messages exchanged between your browser and our online secure server. Security for the Shopper E . The Lahore Oriental Rugs payment system in association with WorldPay. we process your order request (before the payment page) on SSL Secure server.COMMERCE . the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters ''http''.At Lahore Oriental Rugs. our public web servers are certified by Thawte. over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with ''https'' note the ''s'' at the end 2) Check for the ''Lock'' icon In order to ensure a connection is secure. This uses a combination of standard methods such as PGP. it is therefore very unlikely that anyone read this page as it traveled across the network. a public Certificate Authority.

Therefore.com will not be held responsible for items lost or damaged during return shipment (from customer to Lahore Oriental Rugs). Privacy You should be assured that the information you provide during an online transaction is treated confidentially.Any communication between the shopper and WorldPay is also encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the shopper's browser using TLS or 128 Bit SSL. We'll be happy to exchange or issue web site credit within this period. Customized items and special orders are not returnable or exchangeable. Lahore Oriental Rugs. Please send back the package securely wrapped. is regularly audited by the banking authorities to ensure a secure transaction environment. original tags must be attached. We do not provide or sell your details to third parties unless you have specifically requested that we do so. The card issuers provides the right for shopper to dispute a transaction if the goods/services did not arrive or if the card was used fraudulently. goods and services that may be of interest to you. We also ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest versions of any third-party code we use. Data Storage Data storage on WorldPay systems. and the communication between WorldPay and the worldwide banking networks. You must have a valid reason to return an item. via prepaid and insured mail. Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer and should be insured properly based on the value of the contents. Shipping and handling are not refundable. by their card issuers.COMMERCE . and continually review our own proprietary code. Shopper are also protected from fraudulent use of their card in a "card not present" environment. which comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Returns and Exchanges: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase our standard policy for merchandise returns is 14 days from date of receipt. in order that these advertisers and/or third parties can offer you information. and with no visible usage or damage. the item must be returned in the product box if delivered in one. customers who wish to return a product should be E . Returned items must be not used. and not disclosed to a third party. Lahore Oriental Rugs's payment processor WorldPay has adopted a set of guidelines to protect our users' privacy.

Same here in e-commerce there is two types of source of income 1-by the sale of our original items or goods 2advertising on the web site etc. All items are inspected prior to shipping. only in case if exact match is not available at that time. Shipped items to you may be different in color. It is highly unlikely that a customer would receive damaged goods. This is necessary in order to control our inventory. therefore they must be returned to our office in Please Lahore TELEPHONE NOS: FAX NO: send the merchandise Oriental 0092-42-4727578---4101323 to: Rugs Pakistan. not by Lahore Oriental Rugs. flavor or design from the presented on web. Our staff is available during normal business hours. ADDRESS: 15/A NEW CLOTH MARKET.A. Monday to Saturday. Revenue (Source of Income) As there every business have a source of income. in the unlikely event you do receive a damaged item. but the quality/price would be same. However. All items are shipped from Pakistan.JINNAH ROAD 0092-42-6611761 0092-300-4541513 MOBILE NO: Contact our customer service department for return or exchange. it must be returned within 14 days of receiving that item. please remember that the returning shipping charges are paid by the customer. M. • • • • • Sale of goods Advertising on the page Subscription charges Transaction fee Affiliation fee E .conscious about which shipping company and method of shipment they choose.COMMERCE .

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