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No. 605, 01.07.

Nicole Rüffer
+49 (6151) 948-192

Automatic inline surface inspection of all painted car bodies

within a production run

Fastest paint inspection on the fly:

Flawless surfaces in shortet cycle times

Ever-growing quantities and high standards in paint quality are

presenting automotive manufacturers with new challenges. A new
robot-guided sensor inspects the paint surface of vehicles even
in motion. All defects are detected immediately after drying, clas-
sified and can – as an option – be marked automatically if re-
quired. Users can measure topographical defects in three dimen-
sions and gain comprehensive information that enables them to
systematically optimize production in next to no time.

The purpose of car paint is to protect car bodies from corrosion. But
looking good is no less important: impeccable paintwork ranks among
the top selling points for vehicles. With its Car Paint Vision solution,
ISRA VISION offers automatic and highly-flexible inline inspection of all
painted car bodies using four robot-guided sensors within a production
run. The system’s high automation potential also means a fast return
on investment. All relevant defects – including e.g. defects in coating
and pigmentation, inclusions and craters, scratches and indentations –
are reliably detected and classified.

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No. 605, 01.07.2016
Nicole Rüffer
+49 (6151) 948-192

On-the-fly inspection possible

Inspecting all paint surfaces objectively and consistently using the au-
tomated solution offers crucial advantages over visual inspection by
human eye – with direct cost benefits. In addition, the solution supports
process optimization based on reliable statistical data. The precise
marking of defect locations reduces reworking, and the complete in-
spection of the entire vehicle using four sensors only takes about 60
PAINTSCAN combines two surface inspection methods in one hybrid
sensor head. Combining these complementary processes ensures re-
liable detection of all topographical and non-topographical paint de-
fects. Every point on the car body is inspected multiple times. The
camera technology is directly connected to the integrated, high-
performance computing units. Inspection can be done on the fly, re-
ducing cycle times. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing

The deflectometry method

Alternatively, the PAINTSCAN solution is also available with deflec-

tometry sensors, with phase-measuring deflectometry integrated into
one of the sensor heads. The method requires only a single image to
identify defects. The system analyzes the evenness of a surface’s
bending to unambiguously classify defects in the lacquer. The inspec-
tion is done while the car body is at a standstill.
Extremely powerful technology components are used in both sensor
systems, including high-resolution cameras, state-of-the-art processors
and special LED matrix lighting. These technologies form the basis of
highly-accurate 3D paint inspection at maximum speed. The intuitive

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No. 605, 01.07.2016
Nicole Rüffer
+49 (6151) 948-192

software supports users in commissioning the system quickly, e.g. by

guiding them through setup and sensor calibration step by step.
Statistical data for process surveillance

Detailed information on defects is available almost in real time, also

making it possible to adjust parameters as needed – besides signifi-
cantly reducing the time for rework. The painting process can be sys-
tematically optimized based on the statistical data obtained in order to
further reduce the need for reworking. The Car Paint Vision system
with PAINTSCAN ensures reliable 100% quality control at significantly
reduced inspection times. ISRA’s solution makes it possible to in-
crease quality while maintaining production quantities and process
stability, resulting in enhanced efficiency throughout the entire painting

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No. 605, 01.07.2016
Nicole Rüffer
+49 (6151) 948-192


In his flat casing, PAINTSCAN unites state-of-the art-processors, high
resolution Gig-E camera components and specialized LED matrix illu-

The technology combines the precision of deflectometric 3D
measuring with the speed of 2D surface inspection. This creates
the in-line deflectometry a highly innovative and globally unique
and highly precise method, setting new standards in process in-
tegrated quality assurance.

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No. 605, 01.07.2016
Nicole Rüffer
+49 (6151) 948-192

Fast data capturing enables reliable inline 3D measurements for defect

Through the Windows 10 system, PAINTSCAN can be operated easily
and intuitively.

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