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About 2 weeks ago I just left the NYSC camp. After all the parading and inhalation of lots of dust because
of the period of the year which is the dry season. I am the kind of guy that doesn’t know how to get gift
from any journey. Although, this is a bad part of me I would love to change. I got into Ilorin about
10:30pm half of the family was asleep, my younger brothers welcomed “bro Habib, ekaabo o(welcome)”
“corper shun!!!” they exclaimed jokingly.

The next morning my sister said “you didn’t buy anything for us” sadly for me I didn’t. I jokingly covered
the matter up. In the real fact I did bring something from Ekiti. It was “cold and Cartarh” . They didn’t
know a host of infection has hit them until I had my first sneeze. Ah!! My dad exclaimed, you would
infect us all.

If I had known I would have quarantined myself and stayed in a hotel for a few days till my immune
system overcomes the infection but unfortunately for them I didn’t. The infection kept me weak from
even visiting my friends, it changed my voice. I tried to sneeze away from them but due to the
harmattan weather condition the droplets evaporated so fast into droplet nuclei and stayed in the
atmosphere for a sometime. Unassuming younger sister got the infection from the thin air in the house
and was the first to sneeze after me and gradually, the whole family got the infection.

As a fellow scientist what do you think I should have done to prevent my family from getting the
infection apart from quarantine?

Adeyemi, Habib Ayodeji is an altruist. He has worked as research assistant and helped colleagues solve
many scientific problems. He has a degree in Microbiology.