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SOMEBODY TO LOVE Words and Music by FREDDIE MERCURY Freely Eb/g Fm Domajo EbTsuse id E71 gare RRARES Bs BS # Canaan y= bod -y_ Moderately (in 4) Ab gb/G Fm Ab ic oes EBT Hy a Eb/G Fm Ebr z 8 oe ge Bae litte, can't bare-ly stand_ on my feet. BbT Eb7 a yeah, yeah LEY Cirr Lord, what you're do - ing to me. spent all my years in be -liev- ing you, but 1 just. can't get no re = lief, Lord, eae a Eb1/G Fm7 Dbmal? £7 BE ae emenes—RL PTET a Some-body. Can_an + y-bod-y find me Ab ‘ Ab/a Fm Db Eb? ae Eb/G Fm Ab Bb? Eb a, Ge 7 ate t ¥ Tr r ¢ = eS ev'ry day of my life, 1 work till {ache my bones. At the ve 23%: Ab Eb/G Fm a” Se a trope 1 take home _ my hard earned pay all on my own ¥ on Bb? = Bb7/D Eb Db eB fy down on mykneesand I start to pray ‘til the tears rundownfrom my eyes, we EbV/G Fmt Domai? EbiL = | | 6 Cir? 4 Can an - y-bod y find me Some-bod-y_To 43 a aa ag | Lowe? By «Ty day 1 a Ea and 1 try and I . ‘ry-bod -y wants to put _me down, they 4 set = say— I'mgo-in' era - 2. lot of wa-ter in my brain, got__ ——, —— nocommonsense..1 got no-bod-y left {0 be - lieve.——— Yeah, yeah, yeah— 44 Ab cm/s Fm BbT Eb? A> cmG Fm fi f eae ae Instrumente! Solo BT ET Dg + a a ab Eb1/G pm1 Dbmaj? —Eb7 a ees a Be some-bod-y,Can an - y-bod -y find me Ab Fm Dbmaj? at, ae a: — — bod-y Te Love? O-K. I'm_al-right, Ain't gon-na_face—_____-_no_de - feat Ab BbT eb ‘Bb7/D Eb Db a Le iene an ER 1 got-ta get out of this pris-on cell, One day I'm gon-na be free, Lord. No Chords fa = 7 =. Find me some-bod-y to love, Find me somebody to love Find mesomebod-y to love,— Mp quasi voices @ cappella 46 bi SSS Se SS } Find me some-bod - y to—sovwe,_.. Find = me some-bod - y to love.__ to love Find sme some-bod = y Find me some-bod-y to love. Find me somebod-y to love, poco 4 poco erese. y to love, Some-bod = y, some-bod - y, some-bod - y, some-bod -y. 47 bb Db ab ayy copie | a ee . ea = SS ee SS SSS = a aa ——— ——F = ' some-bod - y, Find me some-bod - y. find me some - bod - y to love. Can Freel E&7/G Fm? Dbmaj? aad z 3 aa Fe No Chords et SS + = ‘an = y-hod - y find Ab/G Fm Dp Eb? Ab/G a § 8 ef & & Find me Some - bod -y To Lowe! Find me— — ? Fm Db Eb7 a 2 & . + bod = y To Love! Find me. find me, find me, find me. —— poco a poco dim.