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SECTION IV C Comments and Suggestions of Consultants on the Terms of

Reference and On Data, Services, and Facilities to be Provided by the Client

1. Comments and suggestions on the Terms of Reference:

The ToR is comprehensive, clear and provides information to the consultant to prepare a responsive proposal.
However, the consultant feel that the following points would greatly improve the output of the assignment:

I. The time frame for the assignment is too tight to carry out the services in a comfortable manner. In the
long experiences in the relevant field, we had the main problem in the mobilization of drilling/boring
machine to the site due to lack of the excess road or non motorable condition of the access road
resulting in the delay of the project. Hence the consultant would like to suggest the client to be
flexible in time frame of the assignment during the contract agreement.

II. As per Scope of work Maximum input of Socio-economist is required for analysis and planning of
transportation system requirement in detailed engineering survey and design of BRIDGE so the
provision of social economist should be kept.

2. Comments and suggestions on the data, services, and facilities to be provides by the

The consultant is required to provide all the facilities required for the performance of the services on its own
way. However, the following support will expected from the client.

I. It is expected that the comments, feedbacks and approvals from the client will be obtained expeditiously
to enable the consultant’s team to meet the stringent deadlines.

II. All project related information such as reports, drawings, maps, design criteria, standards etc will be made
available to the consultant by the commencement of the services so that the activities can be started

EEC/SHREEYA/SEDS JV Comments and Suggestions