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WILD WORLD As Recorded by Cat Stevens (From the A&iM Rocording TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN) fn Dg £ For this song ard 4 other classic and sees silane — ton oe hore eet ease aca: fa FAR ARR roe ans must ty cat sovens Eee “= aI mM THOT Arranged by Adam Perlmutter tn Slowly J an > a ¢ ay Re Bak we Now that Pye lot ev = toy = thin ee you say 708 wan =a sat some = thing 2You hte, Ive Seen Toc OF what tie worst Sa do 200 Gru Tes boskcing my ews a Fr Do B —— snd. its breaking my heart you're Tea — ing. Baby. I'm grow - ing fo be - came Tomevoer wat (ee yak Dow ten fal gin But if, you want to leave take good are. — Hope you have 2 kt of ice things wea — But if you want to lewve take good are Hope jou make 2 lot of nice fiencs out there F Din 6 ——— =>: SS ts but then a Tot of nice ta bad— om there aa Dut jase re-mom-ber then's = ‘had ite ware 0, ba by its . or % wild ‘serk Spano Sn a tng LM nea Cappo sande y yan ta se nhs 4172 GuitarOne NOVEMBER 2000 « Wild World Ws bard to got by just up-on 8 sme 00, ta = by obey os a wild wort To Coda 6 F c Da E TU al-ways re~ member you tke a chil, si Verse Am D 6 a Sia iy ll — Lk komo bk be la Baty, [love you Rov if you nant ro ewe, take goal care Hope you make a Jot of ice fends out DS. al Coda F Da e o 2 ‘tere bout just re=mem=ber there's @ lot of bad snd be = wate 0 Coda ‘Outro-Chorus © « F Ox, b= by ba by, ie wild world — And its hand (0 get by Jat ups on a smile 6 F © Oo, te baby ee wow 6 F c a Es =, =—= = = ee —? 6 ae =] e 77, === ers fod TM k- ways e-mem-ber you te 8 em gid NOVEVOER 2000+ Tes lagre You lan ey 178