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1 a) Hf a ULL Everlast ¢ Black Jesus How many times have you heard that tired remark? When asked about his is. ‘ening habits, on the contrary, hick-hop per Erik Schrody (a.k.a. Everlast), profess sto diggingon country and hip-hop jams; his four musical heroes are Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Public Enemy, and Run’ DMG. Everlast emerged in 1989 as amem- ber ofthe hip-hop group Rhyme Syndicate fronted by Ice-T. In 1990, he released his solo debut, Forever Everlasting, before forming the hip-hop trio House of Pain— fueled by nish pride—with DJ Lethal and Danny Boy in 1992. The single “Jump Around,” from theit self-titled first disc brats and seasoned I everything but country and rap. spoke to suburban gstas alike, pish ng the record to platinum sales. Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, Bverlast’s second solo album, was released in September af 1998 dd his distinctive blues and coun. rytinged jams, given an added urban edge with appearances by hip-hop heavy weights Guru and Prince Paul. Several ‘months after its issue, the record reached Billboard's Top 10, and went on to achieve triple-platinum status. Everlast’s new album, Hav at Whitey’, includes the single “Black Jesus," which was inspired by an athlete in Spike Lee's He Got Game. THE FORM This am has an unusual form. It lacks the typical verse-choras op song structure, and ean be sectionalized as follows: intro 2nd sceings, while wrapping your thumb around the neckto fretthe 6th string (a Ja Jimi Hendrix). The “I” in paren. theses indicates this alternate fingering. ‘THE PICK HAND ‘he introduction features arpeggios of the main chord progression. You've got several ‘options: use a pick for each note, employ a hybrid approach, or go fingerstyle. Picking each note isthe least efficient, as you'll have to move your pick betiveen the Oth and Ist strings within short note values. Fora hybrid approach, use your pick to strike everything but the notes on the Ist string, which you'll pluck with your ring fin- get To ry thefingerstyleapproach,phicknotes fon the Sth and bth strings with your thumb, notes on the ath string with your index finge and noteson the Iststring with your ring fin: fer. Experiment with each approach, and use Whichever feels most comfortable. Whatever you choose, be sure to let each note ring out. ‘The verses wil be easier on your right hand themain guitar par features strumming exclu: sively, and the strum pattern isthe same in both measures of the rhythm figure. Try the suggested strums,as notated in Fig, 2 ‘THE FILS, Black Jesus" Features a number of guitar fills, Some are obscured in the mix, so this rs y the most Gtr 2 has a cles, i scription includes on| prominent parts \wahed tone, and first appears in the niga’ last measure (Fill 1). This fill is reminis- of a sweet lick found in soul singer vin Gaye's seminal sex jam "Lets G 1tOn.” And the pitches are derived fromthe G blues scale (G-B>-C-D>-D-B) Gir. § emerges in the second vers, It fea ures a funky underwater sound, wih can be found as a preset in many digital effects units, Or, if your amp has built-in tremolo, youcanachicve asimilarelfecthy settingboth its speed and intensity contrals somewhere berween'7"and"10.” Onceyouiveleamed he fills try coming upwith some of your own variations. @ four measures), first verse (18 measures), second verse (22 sures), third verse (6 measures ‘THE CHORD PROGRESSION The main chord progression is G-B-A-F and thechord voicings areparallel (i, each has thesame construction and number of notes). Therefore, with one move able shape, you can play ever cchordin “Black Jeu [Fig.l Use fone of two fingerings: either a full ‘barre chord, orbareniythe Istand DECEMBER 2000 + G1 The Magatre You Car Pray 148. BLACK JESUS As Recorded by Everlast (From the Tommy Boy Recording EAT AT WHITEY'S) Transcribed by Adam Perlmutter Whitten by Erik Schrody Intro Slow Rock J = Gs ls as Fs Ore 1 (008) af erring tighows as Bis AS Fs 1they call me lou. 2 (eke) mp ‘hin Hy Mk LLC ne a ASAP 140 GuitarOne DECEVEER 2000 + wary gutaronerag com Verse black Jes te, ty. ig 1 me) © bw a F E ~ gos ip pi’ stipes keep— flippin cis keep. crip pin 4 Cte 8 (ee): my i times) Ge 2taset G Bh A F keeps slip pin’, and 1 keep all-in And 1 can't see, hear them call DECEMBER 2000 # @1 The Magazine You Can Play 147 Black Jesus a (2: win Be A e Bal — ent towl-in’, players py i hat = ers Sight it Fight = eas pay =i 6 Bb A F es Done break-in’ me, have “em keep makin’. Werk-mien Koop takin, shook ones Keep shakin". — Comers nd Ra A P wean tne (Gi & w/RiA OH time) @ cs writ >. No time for fakin Now, 1 mean I ain't chop-pin’ no bodies, just ris-in’ tke creum.— And if you Ot: 2ucet G B a F ig gin’ a scone, you feelin” vibes, throw your funds in the ait, serena cat, you're a = Hive. Singin’ « be a F no, oom Mm ming mm mm Sing, Gi A tsk G Bh A NC. mu Singin Rip los. tes ad hy LL Ess 148 GuitarOne CECENEER 2000 « wow gullatonemag com Verse (Gu wih. Fi. times) G cy tre (ee § (eee) Ip ici tone & "underseer” eect ue. 5: wer 8 Black Jesus (2 wrt A F (2a B= boy por ie, i. 3: wiRby Fig 14s) Ge 4 wRITA sine) Gr Sace a Bb lig-pin’ the mix, if you feelin the drugs, if ise es and bugs like forty-five loge — pan = ork chicks, The you keep int Come kde ore al = right, bat 1 nea omy fix I you We real, if you tiv -in’ tke thugs. 1 spend MOr Gin 2 xet a F back on the nun, and Kish my love gun Gotta DECEMBER 2000 + @1 The Maguaine You Can Pay 140 Black Jesus B A r that L— think Towan=ne marry. Got F ook that =" ill voice — that" cary, half doz-en women Bh A & Tom a-feel-in? them Jose,— tut sill I gotta find. me some-one to a= base. So won't you trouble on my mind, te se x (ir 1 83 why, Fl G Ne. 8 ran, spread the news help— say. the word and jump the fick back and act_— ike you heard, They call. me is. 43: wy Fi. 6 es) Cheat Ara AU mes) G C7 A 2 7 black Je su, baw = en cos i ell ficex i ew = en freer ves, hell cloves. Say Black Jems, white Mone, Shoo, be, do, fering throughout 1180 Guitarome CECEVEER 2000 « wna gutatonamag cam Black Jesus wah wah, wah pide Th 3.They calle Verse (Ges. 15 wR. Fig 1 ines) G a * r white sin ner, block mar-tyn, lve wire — fire stat — er jun = ghe prod -vet red = neck crack-er, freak of nn- ure few world slacker 1 od Fis Gx. wFil3 G Bi A F Sox jumk-ie, lookin’ for dealer You cam play the lep, id, and 1 can play the heal-er, She was DECEMBER 2000 The Magexna You Con Pay 184 (hr, w/t Gir Sts Gi. 2 writ G Bi A NC only gettin’ red-der, baby, have=n you heard hat the bird, bind, bird, yes, the ict is the word. Ie go Gis. 3: wy. Ge. 2 weet c ob A F De Gwe le eae ee a f 2 none === = SS J = he é 9S Se = = anemone eta = Set ae ———— = white dev i black Jes - us, hea en clos - 65, etl freer =i Jes =, 6 Bb a Play 3 ines mmm, mama, mk Sing amma mama, Sing Gx 2 wr? (a1: wy. Gi diset G Bb A. Ne. my nym mmm Singin, mom, mm, Singin", Ss 1 3 wht Fi. 1 Ai) Gir watt Amey Gir Be G B A F Play toms po, ony ma, mma, tm Sing’ no mm mk Sing it ‘Begin ae 2s ine, fs oun ine, e138 Atacet Ne gees + — e Ce 4152 Gultarone DECEMEER 2000 » vn gutaranamag com