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) a Wool | “= B J Lifehouse + Hanging by a Moment Lifehouse frontman/guitarist Jason ‘Wade. “Tim starting to realize that each day isa different road and a different jour rey, and you dor’ have to have ial figured out; you dontt have to have all the answers to everything right now.” Jason, along with bandmates Sergio Andrade (bass), Stuart Mathis (guitar), and Rick Woolstenhulme (drums), may be as dazed by their recent rour dates opening for earl [am as by the twists and turns of every day life, Dut his honest examination of that bewilderment makes for great songwriting “Hanging by a Moment,” from Lifehouse’ debut release, No Name Face, 1s an tunabashed love song depicting the confict: Ing emouonal extremes of aheady romance Jason's deep baritone voles and the tunes Drop D tuning (tured down an additional half step) could easily fool the listener into believing “Hanging by a Moment” isthe lt est offering by Creed or our mates Peat Jam: that is, until the band injects a series of pure [pop moves that shift the sound from alterna. grunge to pure pop & Ia Cheap Trick, the Knack, or even the Beatles. Let's take a ook at how they do i, [és hhave it all figured out,” says DROP D DROPPED EVEN DEEPER “Hanging by @ Moment” employs a tun- ing that’s been around for decades, but thas been getting extremely igh mileage in the past 10 years or so: Drop D tuning. a datk sonority made even darker when tuned down an additional half step. as Lifehouse does. Beginning in standard tuning, the recipe fr this tuning sas fl- lows Tune all of your strings down one half step dow 10 high: Es-AMDs-Go- Br-B). This can be done either with 2 chromatic tuner or by tuning your low E string to match the open A string at the low E's 6th fret, then tuning your other five strings in the usual manner. Once youve achieved this “down a-halt-s using a chromatic tuner, or by matching Ito the open A (now an AD) atthe 7th fret. The end rusult should sound, low to high: Ds-A~-D- GBB. HANGING WITH THE TONES OF THE MOMENT (Once in tune, focus on Jason’ clean guitar tone that opens the song, If your amp has separate ‘controls for gain and volume, set the gain aslow ‘as you ean and compensate by raising the vol- ‘ume. A touch af chorus effect on the opening ‘wont hurt, ether, but save a more pronounced chorus effect fr the ine played by Gu. 2 during the chorus. This guitars tone has a shade more frit and compression than Gt. 1. $0 try a neck pickup and a lightly overdriven amp tone in Conjunction with the aforementioned chorus fect. Open'string harmonics chime in during the second verse, ut the biggest tonal change ‘comes in atthe second chorus, when the gul tars shift into. overdrive—literally'—with a high-gain, distorted tone that helps to push the needle on the “energy meter” into the ted. If'you've got a channel-switching amp, go for ‘a meltdown setting, and a good, hot overdrive Fig. 1 D Major Seale or distortion pedal coulda‘t hurt, HANGING WITH THE MAJOR SCAI ‘Once your tones are sorted out. look at the ideas behind the “Hanging by a Moment.” The op 1 based on the D major scale using lowest strings as drones and the D) the changing melody notes: Fig. 1 full D major scale played in this fi reat way to get to know scales ‘ontrastfothe usual "across-the- partes that most players and ted Similarly, ll of the song’ found within the D major se these diatonic (Le, within t is shown in Fig. 2. Out of the ble chords, you can see th “Moment” uses only five G5(G),A5 (A), and BS By all “ve” chords are sim chords without their Identified as the 3d see how Lifehouse, catchy, major-key HANGING BY A MOMENT As Recorded by Lifehouse (From the Dreamworks Recording NO NAME FACE) Transcribed by Adam Perimutter Words and Music by lason Wace Dp Drain tun down 2 sep owto sign OHALDECE SEES Intry ‘Moderate Rock J = 124 (1 (ean) > mf ia rng rsh | — Chord mba rele implied termes nd Rats : 192 Guitar One FEBAUAFY 200% + oh end REAL spore etting goof all Tye eld — on im standing bere on 2 (eam) | FEBRUARY 2001 « | ohms ing eo you Tm fal = ing ven 1 The Magazhe You Can Pay 138 Hanging by a Moment Bm A‘ D> Bm A Intertode Verse (Gt 1 w/t) D et = ing os eerng 134 Guitar One FEBRUARY 2007 + www gutaranomag com Hanging by a Moment | Bae le FEBRUARY 2001 © @1 Tre Mogaane You Can Pay 198 Hanging by a Moment nd Rhy Pig 1 Hanging by a Moment ote tadiie, Bs as ops Bs as pst Vm ran ning and not quite sure whem tego Amd 1 dow't know what : t i | = = : ——— Thon’s nthing cheat {Tar Bie ng “Sy there's moth + ing FEBRARY 2001 + @1 The agiae You Can Pay 137 Hanging by a Moment Bs (hu 25m Rhy Fig. 218 mes) Gs AS 198 Guttar One FEBAUNEY 2001 # wnngulatonerag com ES Theres i acth- ing Hanging by a Moment orem os ss Tn Intertude 2 OD Se den Verse (ub w/RAAL oe 2 cet D ‘by Fu oer FEBRUARY 2001 + @1 The Magusine ou Gan Pay 198 Hanging by a Moment Outro-Choras (te w/ RAF Cat mans) (te EWR. 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