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-- Develop and support the sub-sector of eco- INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES -- Encourage investment projects to plant 3
tourism; million hectares (ha) of forest up to 2025 ;
-- Investment in agro forestry;
-- Development of production industries for
Ministry of Plan and Development Revolution
-- Rehabilitation and construction of hotels,
-- Rehabilitate touristic sites and protected restaurants, protected areas and other paper pasta; National Agency for the Promotion of Investment
areas; touristic infrastructure; -- Industrial transformation of wood : sawing,
-- Designing new touristic sites; cutting, plywood, beam, rafters;
-- Modernisation of national parks and joint -- Production of wooden poles for electric lines;
management opportunity; -- Production and transportation of logs;
-- Development of eco-tourism; -- 16 plots of land available returned by their
-- Construction of hotel in the Virugna park and former owners to the government after the
a tourist site; conversion process.
-- Rehabilitation of the botanical EALE garden
in Equateur; NEW REFORM
-- Creation of fluvial boating touristic -- The enactment of a new forestry code in 2002
-- Creation of both a marina, lakeside PERSPECTIVES
transportation and hiking; Potentials -- Withdrawal of the moratorium.
-- Setting up of a cable car in the Virunga -- Fight against the illegal use and unlawful
Potentials -- 150 million ha or 47% of African tropical
mountains and in the volcanic site with business of wood.
forests and 6% of world tropical reserves.
-- 12% of the territory established as protected accommodation and catering; -- Continuation of the forest laying out process
-- More than 1000 identified tree species.
areas; -- Creation of seaside resorts with beaches, in order to guarantee a national and
-- Production potential: 10,000.000 m3 of wood
-- 7 national parks and 57 reservations areas; shoreline access camping equipment; sustainable forest management.
per year.
-- Many touristic sites available.
New reform -- Forest area: 150 million ha.
-- Presence of four endemic species:
-- Forest conceded area : 11 million ha.
-- Mountain Gorilla, Okapi, Bonobo and -- The adoption in progress of a very attractive
Congolese Peacock;
-- Ecosystem varieties covering almost 145
tourism Code.
million ha.
-- Build a national modern facility for Opportunities
telecommunication. -- Setting up of public phones;
-- Development of companies for
telecommunication construction of facilities;
-- Computerisation of both public and private
services and financial authorities;
-- Creation of a national network of fiber optics

-- Possibility of creating many companies for
the development of computer and internet
-- Dissemination of Internet service for mobile
and fixed telephone throughout the country.

Potentials NEW REFORM

-- DRC, a Hub in the heart of Africa; -- The enactment in 2002 of the law on
-- Connection of DRC to the fiber optics cable of telecommunication;
high capacity; -- The creation of a high regulation authority of
-- A market of nearly 70 million users; telecommunication;
-- A penetration rate of 37% for mobile -- Fully open to sector competition.
telephone and 6% for the internet.
Contacts : +243 9999 25 026 / B.P. : 1797 Kinshasa 1 / - December 2015
ELECTRICITY SECTOR agro industrial parks organised by the state, NEW REFORM INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR
OBJECTIVES : including that of Bukanga-Lonzo which is - The promulgation of a very incentive agricultu- OBJECTIVES :
• Substantially increase the capacity of -- Gabon -Cameroon-Nigeria; already operational; ral code; - Modernise railroad infrastructures and the -- 270 airport Platforms to reconstruct;
production and transport of electricity. -- Inga-Kolwezi-Zambia Zimbambwe- -- 22 agro-industrial parks have already been - The enactment of a very incentive decree on a airport equipments of safety and security; -- 2 maritime international ports to modernise;
• Develop the energy distribution of electric RSA; identified, including some with feasibility strategic partnership on value chains. - Maintain, lay out and tag the water ways in -- Several ports in the country need to be
infrastructures in order to improve the service -- Inga-Angola-Namibia-Botswana-RSA studies; the country. equiped and dredged;
rate for households. -- Inga - South Sudan - Egypt. -- Creation of an international market in -- The interconnection roads of economic pools.
• Diversify and develop alternative energy • Construction of hydroelectric plants Wanie Kinshasa.
sources. of Rukula (688 MW) of Sombwe (186 MW) INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES
of Kalengwe (204 MW) and Kamimbi / HYDROCARBONS SECTOR
OBJECTIVES : - Construction of a deep water port at Ba-
FUTA (53 MW); nana.
• Rehabilitation and modernisation of G16 • The revival of the production of both hydro- -- The basin of the western branch of East
carbon and natural gas in order to reduce the Africa Rift :
- Construction of railroads, including the
and G13 groups of INGA I and G24 Inga II; Banana-Matadi-Kinshasa- Ilebo railway ;
• Construction of Inga III low head (4800 deficit in energy. • The Albertine Graben (5 blocks, 1
- Modernisation of SNCC and SCTP
MW) ; open for exploration);
• Construction of Inga III high head • The Tanganyika Graben (11 blocks);
- The modernisation and equipment of the
(3000MW); • Lake Kivu (open for exploration of
maritime ports of Matadi and Boma;
• 217 hydroelectric sites identified for methane gas);
Potentials - Modernisation of SCTP ports in the country.
construction of hydroelectric power plants; • Lake Upemba.
-- A road network of 145.000 km,with only 3 000
• Production Potential estimated at INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES NEW REFORM
km covered roads;
Potentials 44000MW; -- Certification of oil and gas reserves; -- A 5 033 km rail road network to rehabilitate - A bill on public private partnership, allowing
• Hydroelectric Potential: 100 000 Megawatts; • Transportation, Distribution and Marketing -- Prospection and exploration of sedimentary completely; the private sector to invest in area pre-
-- 23% of the global potential; potentials. basins; -- A maritime, river and Lake network of 16 238 viously reserved exclusively to the public
-- 37% of the African potential; -- Exploitation of Lake Kivu methane gas; km to tag, dredge and exploit; sector.
-- 52% of African reserves; NEW REFORM -- Construction of a pipeline crossing the basin;
• Biofuels: huge production; possibilities; -- The enactment of the Electricity Act in June -- Construction of storage facilities;
2014 enshrining the liberalisation of the -- Construction of a refinery; BANKING, ASSURANCES AND MICRO-FINANCE SECTORS
• Renewable energy: solar, wind, turbine,
sector; Potential -- Production of road bitumen in Kongo Central OBJECTIVE :
biomass and geothermal. -- Creation of specialised financial institutions INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES
-- The establishment of a regulatory authority of Province;
-- 6% of African oil stock, notably: and operational universalisation of existing
electricity;. -- Storage, transportation and Pipelines. -- Creation of business specialised banks:
INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES -- Costal basin: (5992 km2,Province of Kongo banks;
-- The transformation of SNEL (National development bank, settlement bank, farming
• Construction of hydroelectric dams; Central ) NEW REFORM
Company of Electricity) and REGIDESO bank, etc
• Construction of 4 Pan African energy -- The sedimentary basin of the central basin -- The enactment of the law n°15/012 of August
(Water Authority) into commercial companies; -- Creation of a structured financial market;
highways : (800,000Km2) with 32 blocks which are not 1st 2015 on the general of hydrocarbons
-- 59% projected increase level of electrification -- Creation of micro-finance institutions in the
-- Inga-Cabinda (Angola) - Pointe-Noire yet allocated; system.
in the country by 2030. country sides, where live more than 70% of
the population who are excluded from the
AGRO-INDUSTRIAL SECTOR 40million large heads livestock; MINING SECTOR -- Tin industry,
formal banking system;
OBJECTIVES : • A fish potential of 700000 tons per year; OBJECTIVES : -- Auriferous: current mineral resources
-- Setting up leasing company;
• A varied climate and abundant rainfall (1000 The revival of the mining production in order to estimated at around 750 tons of Gold,
• Increase the production of food, vegetable -- Creation of insurance companies,
mm per year); support economic growth and employment. -- Bauxite and phosphate industry,
and perennial products; reinsurance, health insurance and
• Large reserves of fresh water. -- Iron and manganese industry,
• Restore food security. intermediary in private insurance.
-- Development of poultry, pork and beef -- Setting up of processing units of the
production industries; transformation of mining products; -- The enactment of the law on the liberalisation
-- Development of fishing industry; fish farming, -- Setting up of diamond hewing, gold refinery -- A market of around 70 million people; of insurance;
processing and preservation; and of smelting ores of tin accompanying; -- 18 commercial banks, 1 saving bank; -- The adoption of a more liberal banking law in
-- Development of the Special Economic -- Existence of geological research zones -- 3 specialised financial institutions; compliance with international standards;
Zone(SEZ) Maluku aimed among others «ZRG» for exploration works and -- 3 institutions of electronic money; -- The enactment of the law on leasing in 2015;
to the implementation of the agribusiness development of deposits and convincing -- 2 saving and credit cooperatives; -- The enactment of the Law of micro-finance
industry sector; indices of cassiterites, wolfram, coltan, gold, -- 23 micro-finance institutions; institutions in 2011;
-- Development of perennial crops industries: diamond, copper; -- 55 Messengers and 15 currency exchange -- The enactment of the new currency exchange
coffee, cocoa, tea, cinchona, hevea, sugar -- Installation of cable manufacturing industries, offices ; regulation in 2014.
and palm oil; etc -- Sectors fully open to competition.
• 80 million ha of arable land and 4million Potentials New reform
ha of irrigable lands (only 10% is currently -- Development of food crops industries: maize,
cassava, rice and soya; -- Copper- cobalt-Zinc industry, -- The promulgation of a new mining code in
exploited); -- Diamond industry, 2002, currently being revisited;
• Vast area of pasture for raising more than -- Development of economic activities in the
-- Chromium-Nickel industry, -- The creation of a mining registry in 2002.