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If you don’t have MBA Projects yet: choose 2-3 items to add - here are examples to help you think of
relevant ones for you:

Master of Business Administration, Emphases: Emphasis #1 | Emphasis #2, June 2012

University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management, Working Professional Program
 Relevant courses taken: Product Development, Portfolio Analysis, Corporate Finance, Merger &
Acquisition, Financial Accounting, Business Taxation.
 Bay Area MBA Portfolio Challenge, CFA Society of San Francisco, Lead winning team 2010
 Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society (top 20% of the graduating class).
 Completed 11 quarters of finance courses covering topics including equity valuation, derivative
securities, quantitative analysis, financial accounting, merger & acquisition, venture capital, and
corporate finance.
 VP, Finance – UC Davis Bay Area Marketing Association, 2012 – Present
 VP, UC Davis Bay Area NetImpact – Philanthropic Council, 2012 – Present

Way’s to Incorporate MBA Projects - choose 1 or 2 projects that will help target toward the job opening.
Below are MANY Project Examples from other GSM resumes to help you think of relevant ones for you:

Master of Business Administration, Emphases: Emphasis #1 | Emphasis #2, June 2012

University of California Davis, Graduate School of Management
 Financial Modeling Project – Developed a detailed financial model for the leveraged buyout of Free
Scale semiconductor by Blackstone Capital. Used earnings projections, associated weighted average
cost of capital and DCF computations.
 Business Plan Development Project – Prepared a detailed business plan to launch “Ziddle”, a service
that enables companies to be more socially responsible by offering green and productive commuting
options to their employees.
 M&A Analysis Project: Analyzed financial and strategic highlights of the Adobe, Macromedia merger.
Performed a comparables analysis of other transactions in the enterprise application sector to research
key market valuation metrics.
 Biotech Project: Analyzed Genentech’s manufacturing leadership structure which was presented to the
associate director for Cell Culture Manufacturing
 Value Investing Project: Independently developed a tool automating over 500 hours of analysis effort
required from the class. In addition to extracting financial data, the tool applied data mining techniques
that automatically examined value investing strategies from entire markets within a matter of hours.
After completion, fund managers who taught the class retained me as a consultant to further automate
their analysis efforts.
 New Ventures Project: Developed a complete business plan for a mobile application. Plan included a
detailed business model, marketing strategy, and full financial projections from initial funding through
IPO, leading to a 12x ROI. Professor requested that business plan be used as a benchmark for future
 Data Mining Project: Utilized association rules in WEKA to analyze shopping patterns from over
150,000 HP sales orders. HP implemented a number of the report’s findings, ultimately increasing the
effectiveness of their dynamic recommendations system.
 Business Plan Development Project – Worked on an MBA team to develop a complete business plan
for a cell phone dating application. The plan included a detailed business model, marketing strategy,
and financial projections. Submitted the business plan to both the UC Davis and UC Berkeley business
plan competitions.
 Strategy Project: Worked on an MBA team to analyze AMD’s current organization and business in an
effort to develop strategic recommendations which would allow the company to attain profitable
growth. Recommendations included product development shifts, R&D organization changes, asset
management changes, and focus on competitive sales channels.
 Corporate Strategy Project – Conducted a detailed industry analysis of Electronic Arts’ entry into the
mobile video gaming market, including strategy recommendations for maintaining revenue and profit
 Decision Science Project – Constructed a socially responsible efficient stock portfolio utilizing mean-
variance/non-linear optimization based on the genetic algorithm.
 Business Plan Development – Prepared a detailed business plan to launch “SmartShip”, a cloud based
supply chain optimization service that drastically reduces logistics costs via efficient planning,
scheduling, and consolidated shipping.
 Negotiations – Analyzed negotiation tactics utilized by all stakeholders during Porsche’s pursuit of
Volkswagen that ended up in a Volkswagen acquisition of Porsche.
 Marketing Strategy – Conducted a detailed comparative study of Cisco and Juniper’s marketing
strategies for network routers.
 Valuation – Conducted end-to-end valuation exercises for two publicly listed companies, including
forecasting, ratio analysis, cost of capital and DCF calculation, and finally determine expected stock
 Corporate Finance – Developed a detailed financial model to evaluate financing options for a private
firm to support short and long term revenue growth.
 Organizational Behavior – Conducted a detailed study of gender bias at Deloitte & Touche and their
WIN initiative for the retention and advancement of women employees.
 IT Management – Conducted a detailed evaluation of a customer relationship management technology
implementation for non-profit organization and the potential value CRM tools provide to non-profit
organizations in general.
 Marketing Research – Conducted an end-to-end primary market research study to aide the decision
making process for launching, a web-based travel activity/vendor management service.
This study entailed a focus group study, a general survey, and statistical data analysis using SPSS.
 Investment Analysis – Constructed a detailed financial model to provide strategic and tactical asset
allocation recommendations to a private foundation.
 Business Taxation – Conducted a detailed study of a tax arbitrage – Estee Lauder’s attempted use of
short selling to convert a massive tax liability into a tax refund.