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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 4

ISM401 - Enterprise Resource Planning

Set – 1

Q1. What are the reasons for the growth of ERP market? And what are the reasons for the failure of ERP

Reasons for the growth of ERP market 5

Reasons for the failure of ERP implementation 5

Answer. Reasons for the Growth of ERP Market

Earlier, the application of ERP was limited to large organisations. However, over a period of time, vendors
have developed customised ERP packages for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). By implementing such
packages, organisations are able to improve their business performance. This has led to the

Q2. Explain ERP implementation lifecycle

ERP implementation lifecycle 10

Answer. The process of implementing an ERP system in an organisation is called ERP implementation
lifecycle or ERP lifecycle, which comprises a number of phases. Figure shows the different phases of ERP

Q3. Explain briefly about Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Material requirement Planning 10

Answer. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)

In the 1960s, most organisations implemented software packages for controlling and managing their
inventory. However, these organisations were not completely satisfied with these software packages. As a
result, in the 1970s, a new system called MRP was invented. MRP is a production planning and inventory-
Set - 2

Q1. Explain different sub modules of Sales and distribution module.

Sub modules of Sales and distribution module 10

Answer. Sub-Modules of the Sales and Distribution Module

Sales are a comprehensive function of an organisation that involves a number of activities, such as order

Q2. Write short notes on the following:

a. Sub-modules of CRM

b. Features of Human Resource Management(HRM) module

a. Explaining the 3 sub-modules of CRM 6

b. Listing at least 4 features of HRM module 4

Answer. Sub-Modules of CRM

You have already studied that the CRM system provides information related to customers to an
organisation in order to make various business decisions. To do so, the CRM system works in association
with its different sub-module

Q3. Who is an ERP consultant? Describe different types of ERP consultants, and the role of ERP

ERP consultant 3

Types of ERP consultants 3

Role of ERP consultant 4

Answer. ERP consultant

Apart from vendors, there are some other system experts who can deal with issues, which may take place
during an ERP implementation

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