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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 4

ISM403 - Technology Management

Set – 1

Q1. What is technology management? How it can be done at national level and firm level?

Technology Management definition 4

Technology management at national level 3

Technology management at firm level 3

Answer. Technology Management

Technology management can be defined as a process of planning, organising, selecting, and controlling
technological resources to maintain or increase the capability and efficiency of an organisation. According
to the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering, technology management is, “the
field concerned with the supervision of personnel across the technical spectrum and a

Q2. What are the guiding principles of technology management?

Guiding principles of technology management 10

Answer. Guiding Principles of Technology Management

Principles act as a guiding force in the management of any operation. For instance, to execute the
marketing activities of an organisation, certain principles should be followed. These principles are value
creation, fulfilment of consumer needs, etc. Similarly, a new technology paradigm requires definite guiding

Q3. With a neat diagram, explain the various stages of technology life cycle.

Diagram 2

Various stages of technology life cycle 8

Set - 2

Q1. What are the issues in strategic decision making in Technology Management? What are the 6 I’s of
Strategic decision making?

a. Issues in Strategic decision making 5

b. 6I’s of Strategic decision making 5

Answer. Issues in strategic decisions

Strategic decision making in an organisation is immeasurable and quite difficult to perform, because it
cannot be analysed and explained easily. There are various issues in strategic decision making that may
arise in an organisation. The issues in strategic decision making in the following section:

Q2. What is technology transfer? Discuss the steps in technology transfer process.

a. Technology transfer 3

b. Steps in technology transfer process 7

Answer. Technology Transfer

In simple words, technology refers to the practical applications of scientific knowledge. Technology
includes all the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods, and systems that are employed to create
goods or provide

Q3. Discuss the emerging trends in Infrastructure and Facilities sector in India

Emerging trends in Infrastructure and Facilities sector in India 10

Answer. Emerging Trends in Infrastructure and Facilities Sector

A well-developed infrastructure helps an economy in achieving high growth, eradicating poverty, providing
a higher standard of life to people, and effectively utilising the resources available. However, infrastructure

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