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Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 4

ISM404 - Java and Web Design

Set – 1

Q1. Explain the process of request processing by JSP. 10

Answer. JSPs-

JSPs are files that contain HTML and Java code. JSPs have overcome the shortcomings of Java Servlets. We
learnt that Java Servlet is used to develop server side extensions for presenting dynamic content to clients.
However, while using Java Servlet technology for creating dynamic views, we can observe the numerous
usage of the out.

Q2. Define JavaScript and the process of embedding JavaScript in HTML. 4+6

Answer. JavaScript

The HTML web pages that we have worked with in previous sections are plain and static, i.e., their
presentation, style, and content are more or less fixed. Moreover, plain HTML web pages do not offer a
two-way interaction with users that makes them rather uninteresting and monotonous. We can enhance
the web pages by

Q3. Describe the life cycle of a servlet. 10

Answer. A servlet life cycle can be defined as the entire process from its creation till the destruction. The
following are the paths followed by a servlet.

● The servlet is initialized by calling the init() method.

● The servlet calls service
Set – 2

Q1. What are Applets? What are the restrictions of Applets? Describe about applet class. 2+3+5

Answer. Applets

An applet is a small Internet-based program that has a Graphical User Interface (GUI), written in the Java
programming language. Applets are designed to run inside a web browser or applet viewer to facilitate the
user to

Q2. Compare JDBC and ODBC. 10

Answer. Open Database Connectivity (also known as ODBC) is a function that provides a standard
software API method to those computers using database management systems (or DBMS). Its designed
was predicated on the idea of making a function independent of programming languages, database
systems and, operating systems. Java Database Connectivity (also known as JDBC) is an API that is used
specifically for the Java programming language. It is used to define how a client may access a particular
database. It also

Q3. Describe about Java Beans. 10

Answer. One of the most important topics in software component model is reusability. Writing self-
contained software under the moto of “Developed them once, run and reuse them everywhere” is most
required and appreciated

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