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BUSS1040 Written Assignment RUBRIC

Learning outcome: Students will be able to apply economic theory to analyse real world events and policy issues.
40 marks total: responses to 4 questions (out of 8 marks each), readability & writing proficiency (4 marks) and referencing (4 marks).

CRITERIA / LEVEL Expert Intermediate Basic Beginning

Readability and general 4 3 2 1
writing proficiency Reads well with very few Generally well written, but Difficult to read. Various Very difficult to read. Poor
(max 4 marks) spelling/grammatical readability is occasionally spelling/ grammatical sentence structure, poor
errors. harmed by spelling or errors and/or confusing spelling/grammar,…
grammatical errors. sentence structure.
Referencing 4 3 2 1
= presence of own Own research done. No Some own research done. Indication of an attempt to No referencing or only
research, relevance of obvious problem with Referencing has been include references, but sources of low quality
references, quality of referencing. Relevant done but with some inconsistent or with errors. used, and/or referencing
sources, in-text references references used and inconsistencies or errors. very poorly done.
referenced correctly and
and reference list
(max 4 marks)
Questions 1-4 8 6 4 2
= quality of answer: Question answered in a Question answered in an Aspects of an answer are Minimal development of
content & analysis clear, focused and relevant adequate manner. Several present. Some economic an answer. Very few
(max 8 marks) manner. All key economic relevant economic concepts identified, but the economic concepts
concepts identified. Claims concepts identified. answer requires a more identified and applied
well supported with Motivation provided for detailed and precise correctly. Information and
evidence. Assumptions most claims made. explanation/application examples listed but not
clarified. Logical arguments Indication of logical flow in using economic concepts. expressed in the context
provided and supported explanations and Some logic in arguments of a logical argument or
with correct diagrams. arguments. Diagrams provided but also model, or not in support of
Claims and arguments are provide support for inconsistencies and/or claims made. No diagram
fully consistent. Makes arguments made. insufficient explanation. / incorrect diagram /
connections between Generally consistent in Diagrams provide some diagram not supporting
concepts studied. thinking and makes some basic support for the argument made.
Interesting own insights are connections between arguments made.
present. concepts studied.