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Presently Bank is sending SMS alerts to all customers where mobile number is
registered. Following are transactions / events for which bank is sending SMS alerts.

 All Debit / Credit transactions above Rs.5000/- at branch level.

 All type of Alternate Delivery channel (ADC) transactions irrespective of the
(Internet banking (Baroda Connect), Mobile Banking, ATM, NEFT & RTGS,IMPS
 Various alerts related to cheque presented in clearing, cheque passed/returned in
clearing, cheque book issuance/dispatch etc.
 Various informative alerts like loan installment due, interest rate change, TD
maturity etc.
 SMS sent to customers in response to Missed Call request.
 Various promotional / Educative SMSs.

Till date bank was offering these service at free of cost and no service charges are
recovered from customer / account holder.

Notice is given to Customers and General Public that Bank wish to start recovery
of SMS alerts charges from the account holder / customer, as service charges for
providing SMS alert facility as detail below.

 Effective date - 01.04.2016

 Saving Bank accounts - Rs. 15/-+ Taxes per quarter
 Current / Cash Credit (CC) / Overdraft (OD) account - Rs. 25/-+ Taxes per

Other Terms and Conditions for SMS alert charges.

1. These charges will be recovered in advance on quarterly basis from

account holder, who had registered their mobile number with Bank

2. Following categories of customers are exempted from SMS alert


 Basic Saving Bank / FI / PMJDY customers

 Super Saving / CA Premium / CA privilege customers
 Staff Members (including ex-staff members)
An option to unsubscribe SMS alert facility will be provided to existing account holder /
customer for a particular account by giving written application at base branch of
account. For new account holder SMS alert charges will be recovered by default
otherwise a specific written application is given to unsubscribe at base branch.

If account holder unsubscribe before the start of next quarter then he will not be
charged from next quarter but will be charged for current quarter. Such customer will
get only SMS alerts made mandatory by RBI and will not get other
transactional/educative/promotional/confirmation SMSs.