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Columbia County Georgia Response to Banking Services Proposal RFP #2010-005 TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I - Executive Summary Section II - Corporate Profile Section III - Staffing Section IV - Services Section V - Cost Information Section VI - Contract Acceptance Section VII — Additional Information Section VIII - Terms and Conditions Attachments ~ “A” — Price Sheet (Page 1 of 3) Price Sheet (Page 2 of 3) Price Sheet (Price 3 of 3) “B” - Banking Services request for Proposal Checklist and Certification Inserts ~ Vendor Information Form Contractor Affidavit and Agreement Southeastern Bank Financial Corporation Page 2 5 6 12 Envelope Containing Sealed Bid with Attachment “A” 13 14 a7 18 19 20 2 Section Il - Corporate Profile Include a brief overview and history of your firm. Indicate the contractual entity which will be responsible for the performance of all aspects of this contract. Provide name of firm, local address, local contact person, email address, and telephone number. Georgia Bank & Trust Company, a state-chartered institution was chartered on September 7, 1988, having been organized by a group of local leaders who were committed to our community and to a style of banking that would provide high-quality financial products and personalized service. Georgia Bank & Trust is committed to building life-long profitable relationships with ‘our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve, guided daily by our core values of integrity, excellence and responsiveness. On December 31, 2008 the bank reported assets totaling $1,411,039,000. ‘The Bank presently has 12 offices serving our area and also offers investment, trust and mortgage services. Four offices are located in Columbia County with the Evans Office at 627 Ronald Reagan Drive, the Evans Express Office at 4440 Washington Road, the Martinez. Office at 4109 Columbia Road and the Fury’s Ferry Office at 409 Fury’s Ferry Road. Georgia Bank & Trust understands the importance of giving back through community leadership, financial donations and volunteer work. Investing in the community is done with pride and the knowledge that everyone prospers when a community comes together. iA SOR AR REpSASAEIGSAAMISTASBORD and within his report is a listing of the organizations that Georgia Bank & Trust supported during that year. Since its inception the Bank has invested significant sums in technology and has initiated a Customer Relationship Management System that will assist in the management of all various accounts and will help deliver quality customer service that exceeds expectations. An upgraded telephone banking system allows customers to more efficiently handle their banking transactions by telephone. Internet banking offers additional convenience to consumers, businesses and to governments. Georgia Bank and Trust Company is committed to all residents of the Augusta area and to making home ownership available to low and moderate income families. Georgia Bank & Trust Company has a highly skilled and professional staff and with a local Board and Management Team it can be responsive and supportive of our local government. The name of our bank is Georgia Bank and Trust Company with headquarters located at 3530 Wheeler road, Augusta, Georgia, 30909, with Zack Daffin being the contact person at 706-739-1072. Page 4