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5 Year Professional Development Plan

Michael A. Wigglesworth

Year 1 I will attend a week long AP training seminar (AP

by the Sea) at the University of San Diego. I have
attended this seminar once before prior to
teaching AP Government and Politics, but next
year the college board is implementing a complete
redesign of the course that will require me to
significantly change the curriculum, assessments,
modes of teaching. The institute will be an
invaluable resource for figuring out what is
expected of students and how to prep them for
the new testing format. It will provide an
opportunity for my to collaborate with other
educators who have insight into the College

Year 2 I will complete the College Board’s course audit.

This will reauthorize me to teach the class.
Because of the course redesign, this will require a
significant reevaluation of the course; including
required readings, projects, course calendars, etc.
Part of this process will have to include the
creation of a reader designed to supplement our
current textbook (which is no longer an accepted
text for the College Board course audit).

Year 3 I will apply to be a member of the textbook

adoption committee for my district (based on my
prediction that our district will be allowing for new
textbooks. Our Government textbook is 12 years
old (has a picture of Senator Barack Obama in it!)
and is no longer an accepted textbook by the
College Board. Unfortunately, in the meantime this
means that in order to pass the syllabus audit we
must create a supplemental reader that can be
approved by the College Board. I have already
contacted publishers for textbook samples and I
plan to further evaluate these potential adoptions
prior to making my recommendations to the
school district.
Year 4 I will take on the task of running the Student
Senate at Dana Hills High School. The Senate will
be designed to function in conjunction with the
traditional Associated Student Union. I will work
with students and administration to write the
governing body’s constitution and bylaws. I will
train students on proper parliamentary procedure
and the authorities of the student senate. I will
serve as a liaison between the student Senate and
the administration / School board.

Year 5 I will continue taking Spanish language courses at

Saddleback College. These courses do not
contribute to my salary column advancement but I
feel are absolutely essential to my ability to
engage and teach my English Language learners.

I plan to present this plan to my department chair and department administrator during
our final collaboration meeting this year. The meeting will highlight my plans for the Student
Senate and give me an opportunity to explain how I plan to make student government a more
democratic and engaging force on campus. Also, this will provide an opportunity for me to
present my concerns about our current textbook as well as my desire to be a part of the
textbook adoption process.