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Fullname Ardita Tiara Nugraha

Student ID 2515 100 058

The paper contains points and description, not in the form of essay. If you were asked to
write the paper in English, please adjusted it by yourself and it is important to note the usage of
transition words such as moreover, however, therefore, and etc. Cover that is used only in 1 format,
English. In writing paper, it is not necessary to write chapter title on new page (you can see scientific
journal article writing model). You can read more guidance in Final Project, Thesis, and Dissertation
Writing Guideline (according to your study level) if there is any unwritten things in this example (in
example table and figure writing format and placement).
In writing paper, need to note the relevance between each paragraph that shows writer’s
idea. The usage of long sentences must be avoided, and it is better using concise but contains a
minimum sentence of subject and predicate.

Paper Writing Format

In this paragraph shows the example of paper writing format. This paper is written using
Calibri 11 with space 1.15 and mirror margin 3 – 2 – 2 – 2 cm (inside – outside – top – bottom). Your
paper maximum consists of 5 pages. You do not need to give additional header and footer, you only
need to give page number in the bottom-center of the page as shown in the example.
In document printing, use 80 gram A4 paper and printed it on both sides and not necessary
to be bound although it is quite thick (the usage of plastic and other material reduce inhospitable
environment). Your paper only need to be stapled (it is recommended to staple 2 times on the left
side). Avoid using nickname in writing your identity. This assignment must be submitted corresponds
to Lecturer’s or Assistant’s regulations.

Citation writing can use Harvard Referencing System by showing author’s name and year of
publication, in example (Groover, 2007) or other referencing format.This will familiarize you to
appreciate others work and prevent you from plagiarism – according to the statement you have to
write in this assignment’s cover. Meaning writing in brackets indicate that the quotations were taken
from the reference shown in alphabetical order in the reference section.
Reference (Using Harvard System):
Budiman, Angger, 2009. Penggunaan Internet Sebagai Tool Perencanaan Fasilitas,, diakses tanggal 1 Maret 2013
Groover, Mikell P., 2007. Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey
Masood, S., 2005. HIR 504 Advanced CAD/CAM selected lecture notes, Melbourne: Swinburne
University and Technology
Material properties, at 12 September 2005

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Pribadi, Anggita, 2009. Perencanaan Fasilitas Bagi Industri Indonesia, percakapan informal pada
tanggal 31 Agustus 2009
Tsang, V.L. and S.N.Bhatia, 2004. Three-dimensional tissue fabrication, Advanced Drug Delivery
Reviews, 56:p 1635-1647.
Wood, L., 1993. Rapid automated prototyping: an introduction, 1st edition, New York: Industrial
Press Inc.141.
Ziemian, C.W. and P.M. Crawn III, 2001, Computer aided decision support for fused deposition
modeling. Rapid Prototyping Journal, 7(3):p. 138-147

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