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Answer: C

Computer Graphics 8 . The subcategories of orthographic projection are ?

1 . If the eccentricity is less than one then the conic is ? A. isometric, dimetric, trimetric
A. parabola B. ellipse B. cavalier, cabinet
C. hyperbola D. circle C. cavalier, cabinet, isometric
Answer: B D. isometric, cavalier, trimetric
Explanation: Answer: A
The type of a conic corresponds to its eccentricity, those with 9 . The refresh rate below which a picture flickers is ?
eccentricity less than 1 being ellipses, those with eccentricity A. 5
equal to 1 being parabolas, and those with eccentricity greater B. 15
than 1 being hyperbolas. C. 20
2 . Fractals deals with curves that are ? D. 25
A. regularly irregular Answer: D
B. irregularly irregular 10 . What is ZUI in computer Graphics ?
C. regularly regular A. Logical Enhancement of GUI
D. irregularly regular B. A Widget
Answer: A C. An application that saves memory
Explanation: D. None of the above
Fractal curves are geometric pattern that is repeated at ever Answer: B
smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that Explanation:
cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used Zooming user interface or zoomable user interface (ZUI,
especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and pronounced zoo-ee) is a graphical environment where users
structures in nature. can change the scale of the viewed area in order to see more
3 . The best hidden surface removal algorithm is ? detail or less, and browse through different documents
A. Depth buffer 11 . In Bresenham's algorithm, while generating a circle , it is
B. Area subdivision easy to generate?
C. Depends on the application A. One octant first and other by successive rotation
D. painters B. One octant first and other by successive translation
Answer: C C. One octant first and other by successive reflection
Explanation: D. All octants
The Choice of the algorithm depends upon the application. Answer: C
4 . Engineering drawing commonly applies ? Explanation:
A. orthographic projection In Bresehnam's algorithm only one octant is needs to be
B. oblique projection generated ans other octants can be obtained by successive
C. perspective projection reflection.
D. none of the above 12 . Why a circle drawn on the screen appears to be elliptical ?
Answer: A A. Screen has rectangular shape
Explanation: B. It is due to the aspect ratio of monitor
An engineering drawing, a type of technical drawing, is used C. CRT is completely spherical
to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items. D. Our eyes are not at the same level on screen
Orthographic projection is used for such drawings. Answer: B
5 . Back face removal is an example of ? Explanation:
A. combination of both It is due to the aspect ratio of monitor
B. image space method 13 . In bresenhan's algorithm error term is initialized to ?
C. object space method A. 0
D. none of the above B. 1
Answer: C C. -1/2
Explanation: D. None of above
A simple object space algorithm is Back-Face removal (or Answer: A
back face cull) where no faces on the back of the object are 14 . Which of the following technique is used in Midpoint
displayed. Subdivision algorithm ?
6 . Which of the following device has a relative origin ? A. Heap sort
A. Mouse B. Bubble sort
B. Joystick C. Binary search
C. Track ball D. Linear search
D. none of the above Answer: C
Answer: A Explanation:
7 . In a clipping algorithm of Cohen & Sutherland using In mid point subdivision algorithm the line segment is
region codes, a line is already clipped if the ? separated at its mid point and them the two resulting segments
A. codes of the end point are same are checked for visibility and clipping
B. logical AND of the end point code is not 0000 15 . Which of the following clipping algorithm follows the
C. both (a) and (b) Divide and Conquer strategy?
D. logical AND of the end point code is 0000
A. Cohen- Sutherland algorithm D. None of above
B. Cyrus break algorithm Answer: B
C. 4-bit algorithm Explanation:
D. Midpoint algorithm 23 . Computer Graphics models are now commonly used for
Answer: D making ?
16 . A line with endpoints codes as 0000 and 0100 is ? A. Television shows
A. Completely visible B. Motion pictures
B. Completely invisible C. Music Videos
C. Partially invisible D. All of the above
D. Trivially invisible Answer: D
Answer: C 24 . Graphics and image processing technique used to produce
17 . Choose the correct statement? a transformation of one object into another is called ?
A. The components line of a random scan picture must be A. Half toning
refreshed in a particular order B. Morphine
B. Random scan method is well suited for displaying shading C. Animation
and color areas D. None of above
C. Raster scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time Answer: C
D. Random scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time 25 . The amount of light emitted by the phosphor coating
Answer: D depends on the?
18 . The ISO standard for computer Graphics is ? A. Number of electrons striking the screen
A. Computer graphics standard B. Distance from the cathode to the screen
B. Graphics Standard System C. Speed of electrons striking the screen
C. Graphics Kernel System D. None of above
D. None of above Answer: A
Answer: C Explanation:
19 . Examples of Presentation Graphics is ? The amount of light emitted by the phosphor coating depends
A. Line Graphs on the number of electrons striking the screen, so the
B. Bar Charts brightness of a display can be controlled by varying the
C. Both (a) and (b) voltage on the control grid.
D. CAD 26 . The maximum number of points that can be displayed
Answer: C without overlap on a CRT is refereed to as ?
Explanation: A. Attenuation
Presentation Graphics deals with the graphical representation B. Persistence
of information. Examples of Presentation includes bar charts, C. Resolution
line graphs, surface graphs and pie charts. D. None of above
20 . The technique used to summarize the financial, statistical, Answer: C
mathematical,scientific and economic data is ? Explanation:
A. Presentation Graphics Resolution is the number of points per centimeter that can be
B. Image processing plotted horizontally and vertically, although it is often simply
C. Computer Art stated as the total number of points in each direction.
D. None of above 27 . Gray scale is used in ?
Answer: A A. Monitor that have no color capability
Explanation: B. Monitor that have color capability
Presentation Graphics is commonly used to summarize the C. Random scan display
financial, statistical, mathematical,scientific and economic D. None of above
data for research reports, consumer information bulletins and Answer: A
other types of reports. Explanation:
21 . Computer generated models of physical,financial and Grayscale or greyscale digital image is an image in which the
economic systems are often used for ? value of each pixel is a single sample, that is, it carries only
A. Quality Control intensity information. Images of this sort, also known as
B. Educational Aid black-and-white, are composed exclusively of shades of gray,
C. Entertainment varying from black at the weakest intensity to white at the
D. None of above strongest
Answer: B 28 . Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-
Explanation: clockwise rotation of 900, is equivalent to reflection about the
Computer generated models of physical,financial and line ?
economic system are often used as Educational Aids. A. x = - y
22 . Special System designed for some training application are B. y = - x
known as ? C. x + y = 1
A. Video Display Devices D. x = y
B. Simulators Answer: D
29 . In the raster scan method for transformation, a 90º graphics installation, it is convenient to set up a table for each
rotation can be performed by ? output device that lists set of attribute values that are to be
A. by coping each row of the block into a column in the new used on that device to display each primitive type. Attribute
frame buffer location specified in this manner is known as bundled attribute.
B. reversing the order of bits within each row in the frame 35 . x = at² ; y = 2at is the parametric equation of ?
buffer A. Parabola
C. by performing XOR on the frame buffer location B. Circle
D. None of above C. Rectangular hyperbola
Answer: A D. Ellipse
30 . Obliquee projection with an angle of 450 to the horizontal Answer: A
plane is called as ? parametric equation is a method of defining a relation using
A. Cabinaet projection parameters
B. Cavalier projection 36 . In displaying a clipped picture the efficient method is ?
C. Isometric projection A. Clipping against the window and then applying the window
D. None of these transformation
Answer: B B. Applying window transformation and then clipping against
Explanation: the view port
Oblique projection is a simple type of graphical projection C. Both A and B have the same efficiency
used for producing pictorial, two-dimensional images of three- D. Efficiency depends on whether the window is an aligned
dimensional objects rectangle or not
31 . Which of the following statement is true ? .
A. Request, sample and event are the three basic modes of Answer: D
input Explanation:
B. A mouse is typically a device for inputting an absolute Efficiency depends on whether the window is an aligned
position on the screen rectangle or not
C. Special graphics hardware support is essential for providing 37 . The anti - aliasing technique which allows shift of 1/4,1/2
menu-driven user interface to an application and 3/4 of a pixel diameter enabling a closer path of a line is ?
Answer: A A. Filtering
32 . Choose the incorrect statement from the following about B. Pixel phasing
the basic ray tracing technique used in image synthesis ? C. Sampling technique
A. This technique removes hidden surfaces. D. Intensity compensation
B. In this technique, viewing transformation are not supplied .
to the scene prior to rendering Answer: B
C. In this technique rays are cast from the eye point through Explanation:
every pixel on the screen Pixel phasing is an anti-aliasing technique, stair steps are
D. In this technique rays are cast from the light source to the smoothed out by moving the electron beam to more nearly
object in the scene approximate positions specified by the object geometry.
Answer: D 38 . All the hidden surface algorithms employee image space
Explanation: approach except ?
Ray tracing is a technique for generating an image by tracing A. Depth sort method
the path of light through pixels in an image plane and B. Scan line method
simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects. C. Depth buffer method
33 . Aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of the ? D. Back face removal
A. Vertical to horizontal points .
B. Horizontal to vertical points Answer: D
C. Either A or B , depending on the convention followed Explanation:
D. Vertical to (horizontal + vertical) points A simple object space algorithm is Back-Face removal (or
Answer: C back face cull) where no faces on the back of the object are
Explanation: displayed. It can only be used on solid objects modeled as a
Aspect ration is the ratio of rectangle's width and height. polygon mesh.
34 . When several types of output devices are available in 39 . The major components of CRT are ?
graphics installation, it is convenient to use ? A. Phosphorous coated screen
A. inquiry attributes B. Control electrodes
B. unbundles attributes C. Deflection yoke and Electronic Gun
C. bundled attributes D. All of the above
D. all of above Answer: D
. Explanation:
Answer: C All of the above
Explanation: 40 . ........ used to regulate the flow of elections in CRT ?
Individual attribute commands provide a simple and direct A. Focusing electrode
method for specifying attributes when a single output device is B. Electronic Gun
used. When several kinds of output device are available at a C. Control electrode
D. All of the above B. depth sort method
Answer: C C. depth buffer method
Explanation: D. back face removal
The electrode in an electron tube whose voltage with respect .
to the voltage of the cathode determines the electron flow to Answer: D
the anode. Explanation:
41 . The glow given off by the, phosphor during exposure of back face removal
the electron beam is known as ? 47 . The typical aspect ratio of the CRT is?
A. Phosphorescence A. 0.8
B. Fluorescence B. 0.5
C. Persistence C. 0.2
D. All of the above D. 0.99
Answer: B .Answer: A
Explanation: Explanation:
Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has 0.8
absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form 48 . Which one of the following adapters does not support. All
of luminescence points addressable display?
42 . Raster is a synonym for the term ? A. VGA
A. Model B. CGA
B. Matrix C. MGA
C. Array D. EGA
D. All of above Answer: D
Answer: B Explanation:
Explanation: MGA
Matrix 49 . The resolution offered by SVGA is?
43 . The ......... simply reads each successive byte of data from A. 720 x 348 Pixels
the frame buffer? B. 640 x 350 Pixels
A. Display Controller C. 1280 x 1024 Pixels
B. Digital Controller D. 1024 x 768 Pixels
C. Data Controller Answer: C
D. All of above Explanation:
. 1280 x 1024 Pixels
Answer: A 50 . The CAD stands for?
Explanation: A. Computer And Data
A Video Display Controller or VDC is an integrated circuit B. Commonly Available Data
which is the main component in a video signal generator, a C. Computer Aided Drawing
device responsible for the production of a TV video signal in a D. Computer Aided Design
computing or game system. Some VDCs also generate an Answer: D
Audio signal, but in that case it's not their main function. Explanation:
44 . Hue of color is related to ? Computer Aided Design
A. Incandescence 51 . Which one of the following transmits digital information
B. Luminance to the computer?
C. Saturation A. Joystick
D. Wavelength B. Mouse
Answer: D C. Graphics tablet
Explanation: D. None of the above
A hue refers to the gradation of color within the optical Answer: D
spectrum, or visible spectrum, of light. "Hue" may also refer 52 . Which one of the following attributes is important for
to a particular color within this spectrum, as defined by its presenting text in a multemedia document?
dominant wavelength, or the central tendency of its combined A. Font
wavelengths. For example, a light wave with a central B. Colour
tendency within 565-590 nm will be yellow. C. Character Format
45 . The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of a beam D. All of the above
on the screen even after it is removed is called as .Answer: A
A. persistence 53 . A scanner is specified by?
B. fluorescence A. Dots per inch it can scan
C. phosphorescence B. Length of paper it can scan
D. incandescence C. Vertical and Horizontal Resolution
Answer: C D. None of the above
46 . All the following hidden surface algorithms employ answer: C
image space approach except Explanation:
A. scan line method Vertical and Horizontal Resolution
54 . What is the name of the display feature that highlights are 63 . SVGA system displays?
of the screen which requires operator attention? A. 800 X 640
A. Touch screen B. 800 X 600
B. Reverse video C. 800 X 400
C. Pixel D. 800 X 200
D. Cursor Answer: B
Answer: B 64 . Metafiles are __________ that contain both raster and
Explanation: vector data?
Reverse video A. Word
55 . In a display specified as 600x400 the number of pixels B. WAV
across the display screen is? C. Multimedia
A. 600 D. Graphics
B. 400 Answer: D
C. 240000 65 . The number of LED display indicators in logic probe are?
D. All of these A. 0
Answer: A B. 1
56 . If the resolution of a printer is 1200 dpi, the number of C. 2
dots per square inch is? D. 3
A. 12 Answer: C
B. 800 66 . The method which used either delta x or delta y,
C. 1200 whichever is larger, is chosen as one raster unit to draw the
D. 1200x1200 line this algorithm is called?
Answer: D A. DDA Line Algorithm
57 . Graphics programmes are those which create? B. Midpoint Line Algorithm
A. Designs C. Bresenham`s Line Algorithm
B. Images D. Generalized Bresenham`s Algorithm
C. Pictures Answer: A
D. All of the above 67 . There are two standard methods of mathematically
.Answer: C representing a circle centered at the origin. They are?
58 . Graphics programmes create images on the screen or A. DDA, and Bresenham`s
printer either as? B. Polynomial Method, and Trigonometric Method
A. Vector images C. Polynomial Method, and Bresenham`s
B. Bitmapped images D. Trigonometric Method and Bresenham`s
C. Both (a) and (b) Answer: B
D. None of these 68 . There are 2 types of polygons. They are?
Answer: A A. squire and rectangle
59 . Graphics software packages are available for? B. convex and concave
A. Pictures C. octagon and convex
B. Charts D. hexagon and squire
C. Graphics Answer: B
D. All of the above 69 . Which type of display is used in digital watches?
Answer: D A. CRT
60 . What technology is used for flat panel displays? B. LED display
A. RBG monitor C. HD display
B. Direct view storage tube D. LCD display
C. Solid state Answer: D
D. VLSI Explanation:
Answer: C 70 . The smallest addressable screen element is called?
Explanation: A. Pixel
Solid state B. voltage level
61 . Pixel stands for? C. color information
A. Picture Element D. Graph
B. Sound Answer: A
C. File Format 71 . Pixel on the graphics display represents?
D. None of these A. picture
Answer: A B. voltage values
62 . Bitmap image is also known as? C. mathematical point
A. Raster Images D. a region which theoretically can contain an infinite number
B. Picture of points
C. Photo Answer: D
D. None of these Explanation:
Answer: A
a region which theoretically can contain an infinite number of A. number of scan lines
points B. A single scan lines
72 . The process of determining the appropriate pixels for C. one word
representing picture or graphics object is known as? D. One bit
A. representation Answer: A
B. rasterization 82 . Display controller is not required for __?
C. animation A. Display system with display controller
D. Both (a) and (b) B. display system with only frame buffer
Answer: B C. both (a) and (b)
73 . The relationship among the data and objects which are D. display system with color
stored in the database called application database, and referred .Answer: B
by the? 83 . The midpoint circle drawing algorithm also uses the __of
A. Application programs the circle to generate?
B. graphics display A. two-way symmetry
C. application model B. four-way symmetry
D. none of these C. both (a) and (b)
Answer: A D. eight-way symmetry
74 . Selective or part erasing of screen is not possible in? Answer: D
A. vector scan display 84 . A polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points
B. raster scan display within the polygon lies completely inside the polygon is
C. both (a) and (b) called__?
D. DVST A. convex polygon
Answer: D B. concave polygon
75 . Display processor is also called a C. both (a) and (b)
A. display coprocessor D. none of these
B. graphics controller .
C. both (a) and (b) Answer: A
D. output device for graphics 85 . A polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points
Answer: C within the polygon may not lie completely inside the polygon
76 . Graphics software acts as a very powerful tool to create? is called __?
A. animated pictures A. convex polygon
B. Images B. concave polygon
C. both (a) and (b) C. both (a) and (b)
D. system interface D. none of these
Answer: C Answer: B
77 . The purpose of display processor is __from the graphics 86 . Rectangular patterns are sometimes referred as__?
routine task? A. coloring patterns
A. To free the secondary memory B. Filling patterns
B. to free the CPU C. All of these
C. to free the main memory D. tiling patterns
D. none of these Answer: D
Answer:-B 87 . Replicating pixels is one of the methods
78 . Random-scan monitors typically offer __color choices? of_____________
A. Only a few A. thin primitives
B. wide range B. thick primitives
C. just 1 or 2 C. stylish primitives
D. moderate range of D. none of these
Answer: A Answer: B
79 . RGB system needs __of storage for the frame buffer? 88 . Line produced by moving pen is __ at the end points than
A. 3 megabytes the line produced by the pixel replication?
B. 2 Gb A. straight
C. 10 megabytes B. thin
D. 100 megabytes C. both (a) and (b)
Answer: B D. thicker
80 . The SRGP package provides the __to wide the variety of Answer: D
display devices? 89 . The process of selecting and viewing the picture with
A. connection different views is called_______________
B. way A. Windowing
C. link B. clipping
D. interface C. both (a) and (b)
Answer: D D. projecting
81 . Length of shift register in bits is equal to __? Answer: A
90 . The process which divides each element of the picture 99 . In two dimensional viewing we have?
into its visible and invisible portions, allowing the invisible A. 2D window and 3D viewport
portion to be discarded is called__? B. 2D window and 2D viewport
A. Windowing C. 3D window and 2D viewport
B. clipping D. 3D window and 3D viewport
C. both (a) and (b) .Answer: C
D. Projecting 100 . The first viewing parameter we must consider is the?
.Answer: B A. view reference plane
91 . The region against which an object is to be clipped is B. view reference point
called________________ C. viewing window
A. image window D. shift vector
B. Drawing window .Answer: B
C. clip window or clipping window 101 . The line segment from the view plane to the view
D. none of these reference point is called_____________
.Answer: C A. view-distance
92 . The region code 0000 represents B. view-path
the____________________ C. both (a) and (b)
A. bottom clipping window D. Projection distance
B. right clipping window .Answer: A
C. left clipping window 102 . In perspective projection, the lines of projection are not
D. viewing window parallel. Instead, they all coverage at a single point
.Answer: D called__________________
93 . A method used to test lines for total clipping is equivalent A. interaction point
to the_____________________ B. Center of projection
A. logical OR operator C. projection reference point
B. logical AND operator D. center of projection or projection reference point
C. both (a) and (b) .Answer: D
D. logical XOR operator 103 . when the projection is obtained by projecting points
.Answer: B along parallel lines that are not perpendicular to the projection
94 . A process of changing the position of an object in a plane is called_________________
straight line path from one coordinate location to another is A. cavalier projection
called_____________________ B. isometric projection
A. rotation C. perspective projection
B. translation D. oblique projection
C. motion .Answer: D
D. none of these 104 . The transformation that produces a mirror image of an
Answer: B object relative to an axis is called__________
95 . Data hazards occur when______________ A. reflection
A. machine size is limited B. translation
B. Greater performance loss C. rotation
C. Pipeline changes the order of read/write accesses to D. none of these
operands .Answer: A
D. some functional unit is not fully pipelined 105 . A transformation that slants the shape of objects is called
.Answer: D the_____________
96 . A two dimensional rotation is applied to an object by A. reflection
repositioning it along a? B. shear transformation
A. upward in the x-y plane C. translation
B. diagonals path in the x-y plane D. none of these
C. circular path in the x-y plane .Answer: B
D. straight path in the x-y plane 106 . Sometimes it may require undoing the applied
.Answer: C transformation, In such a case which of the following
97 . A scaling transformation changes the __________ of an transformation will be used____________
object? A. shear transformation
A. location B. size B. reflection
C. shape D. none of these
C. inverse transformation
.Answer: B D. translation
98 . Given matrix 1000000yxSSS represents the? .Answer: C
A. Homogeneous Coordinates for both rotation and scaling 107 . The main task of the display processor is to digitize a
B. Homogeneous Coordinates for translation picture definition given in an application program; this
C. Homogeneous Coordinates for rotation digitization process is known as_________________
D. Homogeneous Coordinates for Scaling A. transformation
.Answer: D B. rasterization
C. both (a) and (b) 116 . What is pixel?
D. scan conversion A. A term of graphic or video display
Answer: D B. A software
108 . After completion of scanning of one line, the electron C. A hardware
beam files back to the start of next line, this process is known D. A point
as______________ .answer: A
A. interleaving 117 . An LCD display mechanism that uses an individual
B. vertical retrace transistor to control every pixel in the screen is
C. horizontal retrace called______________
D. none of these A. passive matrix screen
Answer: C B. active matrix screen
109 . The screen images is maintained by repeating scanning C. both (a) and (b)
the same image. This process is known as___________ D. none of these
A. redisplay .Answer: B
B. Redrawing 118 . Which device is used to specify scalar values?
C. both (a) and (b) A. String
D. refreshing of screen B. Stroke
Answer: D C. Locator
110 . Refresh buffer in CRT, is used to store the picture D. Valuator
information in the form of___________ .Answer: D
A. voltage level 119 . Smallest size object that can be displayed on a monitor is
B. 0`s and 1`s called .....................
C. -1`s and 1`s A. Picture element
D. lines and curve B. Point
Answer: B C. Dot Pitch
111 . A DVST uses the __________ which stores the picture D. aspect ratio
information as a __________ just behind the phosphor-coated .Answer: A
screen? 120 . Each screen point is referred to as .........................
A. charge distribution, voltage information A. Resolution
B. storage grid , voltage information B. Pixel
C. pixel, voltage information C. Persistence
D. storage grid, charge distribution D. Dot Pitch
.Answer: D .Answer: C
112 . The main hardware components of a graphics 121 . On a monochromatic monitor, the frame buffer is known
workstation are____________ as ......................
A. display devices, recorder A. Display file
B. input and out put device B. Pixmap
C. CPU and Display Processor C. Bitmap
D. plotter, joystick D. Refresh buffer
.Answer: C .Answer: C
113 . In random scan displays, the display processor has its 122 . On a color monitor, the refresh buffer is also called
own instruction set and instruction address register, Hence it is .....................
also called? A. Frame buffer
A. Graphics Controller B. Pixmap
B. Display Processing Unit ( DPU) C. Bitmap
C. both (a) and (b) D. Display file
D. to store processor clock cycles .Answer: B
.Answer: C 123 . .................. refers to pixel spacing.
114 . In random scan display __________ is provided for scan A. Pixmap
conversion algorithms? B. Pixel depth
A. register C. Persistence
B. local memory D. Resolution
C. flash memory .Answer: D
D. no local memory 124 . The distance from one pixel to the next pixel is called
.Answer: D ...........
115 . Frame buffer can implement using? A. Resolution
A. ROM B. Dot Pitch
B. shift registers only C. Pixmap
C. rotating random access semiconductor memory only D. ppi
D. rotating random access semiconductor memory or shift .Answer: A
registers 125 . The maximum number of points that can be displayed
.Answer: D without overlap on a CRT
A. Aspect Ratio D. None of these
B. Resolution .Answer: B
C. Brightness 135 . Higher persistence phosphorus needs _________ refresh
D. Pixel rate
.Answer: B A. Lower
126 . ..................... is the number of points per centimeter that B. Higher
can be plotted horizontally and vertically C. Medium
A. Aspect Ratio D. None of these
B. Pixel Depth .Answer: A
C. Resolution 136 . Higher persistence phosphorus is used in
D. Dot Pitch A. Animation
.Answer: C B. Simple object
127 . ..................... is the ratio of horizontal points to vertical C. High Complex object
points necessary to produce equal length lines in both D. All of these
direction. .Answer: C
A. Dot Pitch 137 . Memory area holding the intensity information of an
B. Resolution image is called ..............
C. Aspect Ratio A. Refresh buffer
D. Height-Width Ratio B. Font cache
.Answer: C C. Picture definition
128 . Identify the odd one out from the following D. Video controller
A. Frame Buffer .Answer: A
B. Pixmap 138 . Intensity representation of an image is called
C. Display program ......................
D. Refresh Buffer A. Frame buffer
.Answer: B B. Picture definition
129 . The shortest distance between any two dots of the same C. Display list
color is called ................. D. Brightness
A. Resolution .Answer: B
B. Pixel Depth 139 . The purpose of refreshing a CRT is ..........................
C. Dot Pitch A. To avoid flickering
D. ppi B. To maintain steady picture
.Answer: C C. To avoid fading of pixels
130 . The standard aspect ratio for PC is ................. D. All of the above
A. 6:5 B. 3:2 .Answer: A
C. 4:3 D. 5:3 140 . The fly-back of electron beams from one scanline to next
.Answer: C is known as ....................
131 . In CRT, the electron intensity is adjusted using A. Vertical Retrace
................. B. Horizontal Retrace
A. Accelerating anode C. Raster scanning
B. Control grid D. Refreshing
C. Electron gun .Answer: B
D. Focusing anode 141 . The return of electron beam to top left corner of the
.Answer: B screen after one frame is called ............
132 . Brightness of a display is controlled by varying the A. Horizontal fly-back
voltage on the ...................... B. Vertical Fly-back
A. Focusing anode C. Scanning
B. Connection pins D. None of the above
C. Control grid .Answer: B
D. Power supply 142 . In raster scan display, the frame buffer holds
.Answer: C ......................
133 . Lower persistence phosphorus is used in A. Line drawing commands
A. Animation B. Scanning instructions
B. Simple object C. Image Resolution
C. Complex object D. Intensity information
D. All of these .Answer: D
.Answer: A 143 . In random scan display, the frame buffer holds
134 . Lower persistence phosphorus needs_________ refresh ......................
rate A. Line drawing commands
A. Lower B. Scanning instructions
B. Higher C. Image Resolution
C. Medium D. Intensity information
.Answer: A C. Direct View Storage Tube
144 . Identify the odd one out from the following D. Digital View Storage Tube
A. Vector display .Answer: C
B. Raster scan display 154 . Refreshing is not needed in DVST because of the
C. Calligraphic display presence of .................
D. Stroke-writing display A. Primary gun
.Answer: B B. Flood gun
145 . Interlaced refresh procedure is allowed in ................. C. Focusing anode
A. LCD D. Control grid
B. DVST .Answer: B
C. Raster scan display 155 . In DVST, the electron beam from primary electron gun
D. Random scan display strikes on ..............
.Answer: C A. Storage mesh
146 . Vector display is well suited for ................. B. Flood gun
A. Line drawing applications C. Collector mesh
B. Animation D. Phosphor screen
C. Cartoons .Answer: A
D. All of these 156 . The purpose of flood gun in DVST is ...........................
.Answer: A A. To store the picture pattern
147 . Beam penetration method is usually used in B. To slow down the flood electrons
............................... C. To enable color pixels
A. LCD D. To focus the electron beam
B. Raster Scan display .Answer: B
C. Random scan display 157 . Identify the features of DVST from the following.
D. DVST A. Monochromatic, Flicker free, Low resolution
.Aswer: C B. Monochromatic, Flicker free
148 . Shadow mask method is usually used in C. Color screens, Refresh monitors, High resolution
............................... D. Expensive, Low resolution
A. LCD .Answer: B
B. Raster Scan display 158 . Video devices with reduced volume, weight and power
C. Random scan display consumption are collectively known as .........
D. DVST A. Light weight monitors
.Answer: B B. Flat-panel displays
149 . Identify the colors produced in beam penetration C. CRT
method. D. Portable display
A. Red, Green, Blue, White .Answer: B
B. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green 159 . ................... is responsible for accessing the frame buffer
C. Red, Green, Blue to refresh the screen.
D. Green, Red, White, Orange A. Graphics package
.Answer: B B. Video controller
150 . An RGB color system with 24 bits as storage per pixel is C. CPU
known as ........................ D. Monitor
A. Color CRT .Answer: B
B. True-color system 160 . ....................... will free the CPU from graphics chores
C. RGB monitor A. Display processor
D. Color- Depth B. Monitor
.Answer: B C. ALU
151 . Identify the features of Vector display D. Video controller
A. High resolution, Jagged lines, Lack in color depth .Answer: A
B. Smooth lines, Poor resolution, Black & White 161 . GIF stands for ......................
C. High resolution, Lack in color depth, Smooth lines A. Global Image Format
D. Inexpensive, monochromatic, smooth lines B. Graphics Interchange Format
.Answer: A C. Graphics Image Format
152 . Identify different type of computer graphics D. None of the above
A. Monochrome and Color .Answer: B
B. CRT and Flat panel 162 . The ................ simply reads each successive byte of data
C. Vector an Raster from the frame buffer.
D. Monitors and Hardcopy devices A. Display Controller
.Answer: C B. Digital Controller
153 . DVST stands for .......................... C. Data Controller
A. Digital View Storing Table D. All of the above
B. Direct Visual Storage Tube .Answer: A
163 . The refresh rate below which a picture flicker is D. None of these
................ .Answer: C
A. 20 173 . TIFF (tagged image file format )are used for
B. 25 A. Vector graphics
C. 30 B. Bitmap
D. 35 C. Both a & b
.Answer: B D. None of these
164 . ........ used to regulate the flow of elections in CRT ? .Answer: B
A. Electron gun 174 . Two dimensional color model are
B. Focusing anode A. RGB and CMKY
C. Control grid B. RBG and CYMK
D. All of the above C. RGB and CMYK
.Answer: C D. None
165 . The technique used to summarize the financial, .Answer: C
statistical, mathematical,scientific and economic data is ? 175 . RGB model are used for
A. Computer Art A. Computer display
B. Image processing B. Printing
C. Presentation Graphics C. Painting
D. None of the above D. None of these
.Answer: C .Answer: A
166 . Graphics and image processing technique used to 176 . CMYK model are used for
produce a transformation of one object into another is called A. Computer display
A. Animation B. Printing
B. Morphing C. Painting
C. Half toning D. None of these
D. None of the above .Answer: B
.Answer: A 177 . The intersection of three primary RGB color produces
167 . The amount of light emitted by the phosphor coating A. White color
depends on the? B. Black color
A. Number of electrons striking the screen C. Magenta color
B. Speed of electrons striking the screen D. Blue color
C. Distance from the cathode to the screen .Answer: A
D. None of above 178 . The intersection of primary CMYK color produces
.Answer: A A. White color
168 . Gray scale is used in ............................ B. Black color
A. A Monitor that have color capability C. Cyan color
B. A Monitor that have no color capability D. Magenta color
C. Random scan display .Answer: B
D. Raster scan display 179 . Random scan systems are designed for
.Answer: B A. Line drawing application
169 . A wireless mouse works on B. Pixel drawing application
A. Infra blue radiation C. Color drawing application
B. Infra Red radiation D. None of these
C. X-rays .Answer: A
D. UV rays 180 . A major disadvantage of DVST in interactive computer
.Answer: B graphics is
170 . Vector graphics is composed of A. Ability to selectively erase part of an image
A. Pixels B. Inability to selectively erase part of image from screen
B. Paths C. Inability to produce bright picture
C. Palette D. None
D. None of these .Answer: B
.Answer: B 181 . Which of the following allow for 8 mirror images?
171 . Raster graphics are composed of A. Parabola
A. Pixels B. Ellipse
B. Paths C. Hyperbola
C. Palette D. Circle
D. None of these .Answer: D
.Answer: A 182 . The simplest output primitive is ............
172 . EPS image file format is used for A. Straight line
A. Vector graphics B. Straight line segment
B. Bitmap C. Point
C. Both a & b D. Circle
.Answer: C 192 . ..................... is defined as the distance between the
183 . A bitmap is .............. bit(s) per pixels. baseline and cap line of the character body.
A. 0 A. Character Size
B. 1 B. Character Height
C. 2 C. Character Width
D. 3 D. Character Length
.Answer: B .Answer: B
184 . The intensity of a grayscale pixel is expressed within a Explanation:
given range between a minimum and a maximum 193 . .............. function is used to change the size of a
A. 1 and 2 character without changing the height:width ratio
B. 2 and 1 A. setTextSize(ts)
C. 0 and 1 B. setCharacterHeight(ch)
D. 0 and 2 C. setCharacterSize(cs)
. D. setTextHeight(th)
Answer: C .Answer: B
185 . Each pixel has ________basic color components 194 . ............. function is used to set how text is to be
A. Two or three positioned with respect to the start coordinates
B. One or two A. setTextAlignment(h,v)
C. Three or four B. setTextPrecision(tp)
D. None of these C. setTextPosition(h,v)
Answer: C D. setText(ts)
186 . The quality of an image depend on .Answer: A
A. No. of pixel used by image 195 . ................ is used to check the current status of each
B. No. of line used by image attributes
C. No. of resolution used by image A. setpixel
D. None B. inquiry function
Answer: A C. getpixel
187 . The basic geometric structures that describes a scene on D. status function
display is called ................. .Answer: B
A. Attributes 196 . The basic transformations include
B. Output primitive A. Translation
C. Lines B. Rotation
D. Curves C. Scaling
.Answer: B D. All of the above
188 . ..................... controls the basic display properties of .Answer: D
output primitives. 197 . The transformation in which an object is moved in a
A. Attribute parameter minimum distance path from one position to another is called
B. setpixel A. Rotation
C. getpixel B. Replacement
D. None of the above C. Translation
.Answer: A D. Scaling
189 . To set line width attributes in a PHIGS package, .Answer: C
................... function is used 198 . The translation distances (dx, dy) is called as
A. setLineWidthScaleFactor(lw) A. Translation vector
B. setLineThickness(lw) B. Shift vector
C. setPolylineWidth(lw) C. Both a and b
D. setLineWidth(lw) D. Neither a nor b
.Answer: A .Answer: C
190 . Identify the values for fill-style parameter from the 199 . The transformation in which an object is moved from
following one position to another in circular path around a specified
A. Hollow pivot point is called
B. Hatch A. Rotation
C. Pattern B. Shearing
D. All of the above C. Translation
.Answer: D D. Scaling
191 . ..................... function is used to set the basic fill style. .Answer: A
A. setFillStyle(fs) 200 . The transformation in which the dimension of an object
B. setFillStyleIndex(fs) are changed relative to a specified fixed point is called
C. setInteriorStyle(fs) A. Rotation
D. FillType(ft) B. Reflection
.Answer: C C. Translation
D. Scaling
.nswer: D 209 . Two consecutive rotation transformation r1 and r2 are
201 . The transformation that produces a parallel mirror image A. Additive
of an object are called B. Multiplicative
A. Rotation C. Subtractive
B. Reflection D. none of above
C. Translation .Answer: A
D. Scaling 210 . Two consecutive scaling transformation s1 and s2 are
.Answer: B A. Additive
Explanation: B. Multiplicative
C. Subtractive
202 . If an object is rotated through an angle A in clockwise D. none of above
direction, the rotation matrix R= ............... .Answer: B
A. cos A sin A 211 . The process of mapping a world window in world
-sin A cos A coordinate system to viewport are called
B. cos A -sin A A. Transformation viewing
sin A cos A B. Viewport
C. sin A cos A C. Clipping window
cos A sin A D. Screen coordinate system
D. None .Answer: A
.Answer: A 212 . The process of extracting a portion of a database or a
203 . Which technique of color CRT is used for production of picture inside or outside a specified region are called
realistic image A. Transformation
A. Beam penetration B. Projection
B. Shadow mask C. Clipping
C. both a & b D. Mapping
D. None of above .Answer: C
.Answer: B 213 . The rectangle portion of the interface window that
204 . A composite transformation matrix can be made by defines where the image will actually appear are called
determining the ________of matrix of the individual A. View port
transformation B. Transformation viewing
A. Sum C. Clipping window
B. Product D. Screen coordinate system
C. Difference .Answer: A
D. None of the above 214 . Coordinates of window are knows as ..............
.Answer: B A. Screen coordinates
205 . Each successive transformation matrix _________ the B. World coordinates
product of the preceding transformation C. Device coordinates
A. pre-multiplies D. Cartesian coordinates
B. post-multiplies .Aswer: B
C. adds 215 . Coordinates of viewport are known as ............
D. subtracts A. World coordinates
.Answer: A B. Polar coordinates
206 . Which of the following is not a rigid body C. Screen coordinates
transformation? D. Cartesian coordinates
A. Translation .Answer: C
B. Rotation 216 . The region against which an object is clipped is called a
C. Shearing ..............
D. Reflection A. Clip window
Answer: C B. Boundary
207 . Forming products of transformation matrices is often C. Enclosing rectangle
referred as D. Clip square
A. Concatenation .Answer: A
B. Composition 217 . ............. identifies the picture portions that are exterior to
C. both a & b the clip window
D. None of above A. Interior clipping
.Answer: C B. Exterior clipping
208 . Two consecutive translation transformation t1 and t2 are C. Extraction
A. Additive D. None of the above
B. Multiplicative .Answer: B
C. Subtractive 218 . Identify line clipping algorithms from the following
D. none of above A. Cohen- Sutherland algorithm
.Answer: A B. Liang-Barsky clipping
C. Nicholl-Lee-Nicholl clipping
D. All of the above
.Answer: D
219 . The region code of a point within the window is ............
A. 0000
B. 0001
C. 1000
D. 1111
Answer: A
220 . According to Cohen-Sutherland algorithm, a line is
completely outside the window if ............
A. The region codes of line endpoints have a '1' in same bit
B. The endpoints region code are nonzero values
C. If L bit and R bit are nonzero.
D. The region codes of line endpoints have a '0' in same bit
.Answer: A
221 . The region code of a point is 1001. The point is in the
................. region of window.
A. Top right
B. Top lef
C. Bottom lef
D. Botton right
.Answer: B
222 . The result of logical AND operation with endpoint
region codes is a nonzero value. Which of the following
statement is true?
A. The line is completely inside the window
B. The line is completely outside the window
C. The line is partially inside the window
D. The line is already clipped
.Answer: B
223 . The ...................... algorithm divides a 2D space into 9
regions, of which only the middle part (viewport) is visible.
A. Cohen-Sutherland
B. Liang Barsky
C. Sutherland Hodegeman
D. N-L-N

Answer: A