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9 September 2010 PRESS RELEASE

A Great Celebration of Puerto Peñasco 30 Years Conserving Nature

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, better known as CEDO, is a non-profit, bi-national organization based in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, celebrating 30 years of continuous work in conservation and education. In its research projects, CEDO has collaborated with prestigious Mexican institutions such as CIBNOR, UABC, CICESE and INAPESCA, and in the United Status, with the University of Arizona, the University of California/Santa Cruz, and NOAA, and others. In its 30 years, CEDO has accomplished much, including helping establish the Biosphere Reserves of the Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar and of the Alto Golfo de California and Colorado River Delta, as well as working with species in danger of extinction such as the vaquita marina porpoise, the least tern and the Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope. For these accomplishments, CEDO received Mexico’s National Conservation Award for 2007, awarded to nongovernmental organizations by CONANP (Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas) of SEMARNAT (Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales); and recently CEDO received the 2009 Environmental Education Award from the Center for Education and Training for Sustainable Development from SEMARNAT. And on September 23, 2010, CEDO will receive the Human Diversity in Field Sciences award from the Organization for Biological Field Stations (OBFS).

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CEDO is known throughout Mexico and the World for its leadership in conservation in the Northern Gulf of California, but even more significantly, for its commitment to local communities to help find sustainable ways to use and develop their natural resources. Today, CEDO is working with about 135 coastal fishing cooperatives in eight communities; involving more than 150 people in the sustainable use of the coastal zone; and in the last tour years, CEDO’s Environmental Education program has reached more than 4,000 students in seven communities in northern Sonora. In addition, its traditional natural history talks have reached many thousands of tourists visiting the region, giving them insight into the nature of the region. Over these 30 years, CEDO’s programs have touched hundreds of thousands of people. The ecotourism corridor “NaturArte”, created by CEDO, is a good example of a sustainable development Project whose great potential as alternative tourism is receiving attention on the local, national and international levels. Its goal is to promote ecotourism, develop small businesses with cooperatives and other community groups, with a vision of sustainability to minimize negative impacts on the ecosystem. Today, the tourist market is looking for responsible environmental businesses. Puerto Peñasco has an excellent opportunity to become a leader in this quest through the NaturArte program. We invite you to the NaturArte Festival on October 9th, and other events celebrating CEDO’s 30th anniversary. Details about these events will follow shortly. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in CEDO’s 30th Anniversary Campaign – take advantage of the promotional packets and become a sponsor, and even better, participate in these three planned events. CEDO thanks the community of Puerto Peñasco for its support and participation in the celebration of its 30 years of conservation work, and above all, for accompanying us on this road to sustainability. Working for conservation and sustainable use of resources requires the participation of everyone.

For more information: in the US, contact Sherie Steele, CEDO Development and Communication Assistant, 520-320-5473 or email sherie@cedointercultural.org; In Mexico, contact Reynaldo Nava, CEDO NaturArte and Sustainable Tourism Assistant at 638-382-0113 or email rey@cedointercultural.org.

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