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Terms Definitions

What is child abuse?

child abuse An intentional injury or mistreatment done to a child

child neglect
Failure of parents or caretakers to provide needed, age
appropriate care including food, clothing, shelter, protection
from harm

Injury of a child that leaves marks, scars, bruises, or broken

non-accidental physical
abuse bones

emotional abuse Rejecting, terrorizing, berating, ignoring, or isolating a child

sexual abuse
Any inappropriate sexual exposure or physical touch by an
adult or older child to a younger child

Sexual abuse by a relative

Sexual abuse by someone outside the family

A sign that something may be true or may have happened

charge A formal accusation that someone is responsible for a crime,

such as child abuse or neglect

Appropriate responses

mandated reporter
Persons who work with children and are required to report any
suspicion of child abuse or neglect

documenting Preparing a written record of an event or situation that occured

liable To be legally responsible

resilience Having coping skills to overcome hardhips; the ability to

“bounce back”

The value a person places on himself/herself


predictable Knowing what to expect