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Medium Voltage Distribution

NEX 24 kV
Withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker

July 2011

Licenced partner

A new path for achieving your electrical installations
A comprehensive offer
The NEX 24 range is part of a comprehensive offer of products that are perfectly
coordinated to meet all medium and low voltage electrical distribution requirements.
All of these products have been designed to work together: electrical, mechanical
and communication compatibility.
The electrical installation is thus both optimised and has improved performance:
@ better service continuity,
@ increased personnel and equipment safety,
@ guaranteed upgradeability,
@ efficient monitoring and control.
You therefore have all the advantages at hand in terms of know-how and creativity
for achieving optimised, safe, upgradeable and compliant installations.

Tools for facilitating the design and installation

With Schneider Electric, you have a complete range of tools to help you get to know and
install the products whilst complying with current standards and good working practices.
These tools, technical sheets and guides, design software, training courses, etc are
regularly updated.

Schneider Electric is associating itself with

your know-how and your creativity to produce
optimised, safe, upgradeable and compliant

For a real partnership with you

A universal solution doesn’t exist because each electrical installation is specific.

The variety of combinations on offer allows you to truly customise the technical solutions.
You are able to express your creativity and put your know-how to best advantage
when designing, manufacturing and exploiting an electrical installation.
NEX range Contents
1 to 24 kV

Presentation 4
Field of application 4
Continuity of service and complete safety 5
NEX 24, a comprehensive solution 6
Quality assurance - environment 9
NEX 24 range 10
Description 10
Technical characteristics 12
Operating conditions 13
Protection of people 14
Choice of functional units 15
Cubicle description 17
IF Incomer and Feeder 17
ID Incomer Direct to busbar 18
BC Bus Coupler 19
RF Bus Riser Fixed 20
RW Bus Riser Withdrawable 21
BM Busbar Metering 22
LB-QM Fuse Switch feeder 23
LB-IM Switch 24
LB-TM MV/LV transformer unit for auxiliaries 25
Protection, monitoring and control 26
Protection system 26
Sepam series 20, series 40, series 80, Sepam 100 27
Instrument transformers 29
Switchgear 31
Withdrawable parts 31
LB switch cubicle 35
Installation 37
Connections 37
Implementation example 39
Appendix 40
Cubicle equipment 40

TCP/IP over Ethernet

Front socket





NEX 24 switchboard
NEX 24 range Description



LV control cabinet



Circuit breaker


Earthing switch


area (option)

Director: Mr. Phan Van Nien
New office address: 31 Street no 5, Ward 7,
Go Vap District, HCMC
Tel: 08 3895 0641
Fax: 08 3895 0642 CORPORATION
Factory address: Street No. 09, Licenced partner
Bien Hoa Industrial Zone I, by

Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Tel: 061 8826 664
Fax: 061 8826 665

VIETSTAR Corp., the Vietnamese company established in 2002, specializes

in supplying mechanical electrical products and technical solutions for
Construction Industries and Civil projects.

Our Actives

MV enclosure
■ NEX 24KV, MV metal enclosure
■ Ring main Unit (RMU)
■ MV capacitor bank
■ Kiosk Substation
■ Pad-mounted substation
Low voltage switchboards
■ Main switchboards up to 6300A
■ Sub-Distribution boards (SDB), Distribution boards (DB), Consumer unit (CU)
■ MCC with draw-able type, MCC fixed type, Control desk
■ HVAC control panel, Ventilation control panel, Water pump control panel,
Waste water treatment control panel
■ Fire pump control panel
■ Inverter and Soft starter panel, Automation and Integrate system

Our Purpose

Our objective is bringing International quality products with competitive prices and
professional services to Customers.

Our manufacturing capability

The factory size is more than 3000sqm located next to the Saigon High-Tech park
and more than 30.000sqm in Dongnai industrial zone. Our factory is equipped with
the updated machinery. Using CNC machine to fabricate metal part such as cutting,
punching, bending to make the exact frame cover and other part, then powder
coated with seven step surface treatment before coating. All the procedures of
manufacturing, assembly and installation are strictly allow the quality control process
and inspection routine under ISO9001-2000.
■ Mechanical machinery
- CNC punching Trupunch1000
- CNC bending Trubend3120
- CNC/NC press break FB250, RG80, RG80
- Spot welding, MIG, TIG welding
■ Powder coating system
- The latest powder coating technology, seven steps surface treatment
before coating
■ Electrical switchboards assembly line
- Professional copper busbar fabricated system – Novopress : cutting,
bending, punching
- Electrical testing instrument: Insulation, Dielectric, continuity testing,
Relay test set
- High voltage up 50KV testing, Primary current injection…..

Project guarantee & Services

Our services team is well trained. We can provide the flexible and optimize solution
to the customer. In addional, We provide on-time site testing and commissioning of
products. Where required, We are able to provide a 24-hour standby service.