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This experiment was conducted in order to find the mass moment of inertia at the center of
gravity, IG (IGA and IGB) at the suspension points, IO (IOA and IOB) by oscillation. There are some
differences between the values of IG and IO from data and also from theoretical value that we got
after the experiment. The cause that make the differences in values are further discussed. The
finding is that the wooden pendulum oscillates in non-uniform motion especially when it is
suspended at IOB. Based on the experiment, although they have the same value of mass of the
wooden pendulum but we got the value of IG and IO from both suspension points is totally
different. Another that, the period is also different for both points setting. After the data was
taken, the period of oscillation, T1 and T2 are obtained from the two different suspension points.
After that, we can measure the value of IG and IO can be after getting T value. The errors that
occur might be due to disturbing from surrounding and human error. The time for 10 oscillations
was taken manually by using stopwatch. The values of IG and IO able to be calculated by using
the theory.