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© conic tetas wih aves ‘silent 4. clow 2. dangerous 5. horible 3. bad Bcay © took. tnepcres ard compet the sentences with an adr Foo he Lh alls OS 1. Speak_loxdv (loud), 2. Thecatis walling 3. Hedoeshis homework please! (quiet) 4. She sings 5. ThekidsarewatchingTV 6. lle makes hisbed (beautifud! (attentive). (quick). @ read te sentence and look at abe (My parents and | are going to travel to Torquay. swim teat swim He /she /t He she it Lime expressions. (9 Gn Si a Nou They 2, You They, EPL feoue cue Wer ou /They 3, Wer'You/ They went pedals somara © complete with be going to in the affirmative. Follow the example. 1. The tourists ave ving to vst_ (visit the city tomorow. 2. My parents _ (lly) to Venice next week 3. He (take) lots of photos in Paris. 4, Ellen (tay) at the hotel tonight 5. My friends and | (have) an amazing time this weekend, © Write the sentences in the negative 1. They are going to catch the train to Mactid tonight 2. MrTayloris going to drive to work tomorrow. 3. We are going to swim inthe lake next week 4, She is going to send the leaflet. © comolte tn sentences 1. Harry (not write) an email. He (buy) apostcard. 2. The Walkers (visit) London next weekend but they (not travel) by plane. Mr Walker (drive), 3. Kathy, (not have) dinner at a restaurant. She (00k) a traditional meal for her iriends tonight, © compete with be going to. 1 you isten) to music? Yes, | 2 they (travel) by train? No, they you (taste) traditional food? Yes, we © C= Askandanswer questions about the pictures. Follow the example & Is Sophie goingtoswin? } | Yes sheis | IsSophie going to ide . S| herbike? 1. Sophie / swim ¥ / No, she isn't. ride her bike x 2.Liamand Mateo/ 2. Ricky /buy 4. Laura / catch the exploreacavern ¥ / — souvenits ¥ /visit train ¥ /buya plane watch 1V x the museum x, ticket