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Letham Holiday Lunch Club- Menu

Everyday there will also be sandwich options with different fillings along with a salad bar. Juice, fruit and
yoghurts will also be available. There will also be food parcels for you to take away with you.

Mon 2.7.18, 16.7.18, Tues 3.7.18, Wed 4.7.18, Thurs Fri 6.7.18, 20.7.18,
30.7.18 17.7.18, 31.7.18 18.7.18, 1.8.18 5.7.18,19.7.18, 3.8.18

Spaghetti Bolognese Pizza with Garlic Hot Dogs with pasta/ Macaroni Cheese Fishy Friday with
Bread potato wedges and with Garlic Bread chip, peas or beans
beans or spaghetti

Mon 9.7.18, 23.7.18, Tues 10.7.18, Wed 11.7.18, Thurs 12.7.18, Fri 13.7.18, 27.7.18,
6.8.18 24.7.18, 7.8.18 25.7.18, 8.8.18 26.7.18, 9.8.18 10.8.18

Chicken Fajitas Chicken and Bacon Meatballs in tomato Chilli Beef and Rice BBQ- Burgers and
Pasta Bake sauce and pasta Sausages

*Please note this menu is subject to change dependant on availability of products.

** On days when there is a trip a packed lunch will be provided instead of the above menu- 12th July, 26th July,
2nd August, 9th August