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Division of Child development Applying for a

and Early Education

Childcare Types of child care license
The division is the actual
License by the The types of license are
licensing agency they come
Temporary- given when a change in
around and inspect the facility to Division of ownership or location happens, last up to
make sure they meet the Child 6 months
requirements stated. They work notice of compliance- religious
to ensure quality standards .
Development sponsored child care centers can receive
these, the same thing as a license in a
Child Care normal child care
star rated- given to a childcare facility
where child care laws and rules are met.
Provisional-permit given for up to one
year to child care providers who fail to
meet minimum licensing requirements.
special provisional- permit issued for up
to six months to child care providers
Child care is defined as a program when it is determined that child abuse or
where neglect has occurred.
Probationary.- permit issued for up to
● 3 or more kids under 13 one year to a child care when it is
● Get care from a nonrelative determined that a violation of the child
● On regular basis at least once care law has been violated.
a week 820 south boylan avenue
● For more than 4 hours a day Raleigh Nc 27699
but less than 24
Steps to obtain a license Staff requirements Education standards
It is very important to have requirements Lead teachers must have
-attend pre-licensing workshop for staff to ensure the child's safety
earned a north carolina early
-apply for license All administrators must have, or complete,
at least a Level I NCECAC or its equivalent childhood credential
Get inspections as determined by the Division of Child
Fire, sanitation, building Development. All administrators must
-pay fees begin work towards a NCECAC or its
equivalent within 6 months of assuming the
duties of administrator. All administrators
must complete a NCECAC or its equivalent
within 2 years.
Licensing Agency Director- Must be at least 21
Lead Teacher- Must be at least 18 Discipline and Behavior management
-The operators are encouraged to do Every program needs a discipline guideline
background checks on the staff using the that is written out and shown to the parents
The licensing agency is the Department of Social Services Responsible
and discussed including a copy of it during
Individuals list of Abuse and Serious
place that gives out Neglect cases. enrollment. If there is a change in the
licenses when a facility has Training - planning safe healthy learning guideline the parents need to be informed by
environments’, steps to advance children's writing the changes and giving it to them
met requirements. The physical and intellectual development before it goes into effect. Corporal
,positive ways to support children's social
punishment is not allowed anywhere.
purpose is to reflect the and emotional development, strategies to
Religious sponsored programs that inform the
manage an effective program operation
growing significance of maintaining a commitment to division of Child Development and Early
professionalism, observing and recording Education that corporal punishment is part of
childcare and ensure children's behavior principles of child their religion are exempt.
quality standards and growth and developmental and learning and
activities that promote inclusion with
access for families children with special needs.