Parle Products has been India's largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, for almost 80 years.

Makers of the world's largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even the remotest villages of India , the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception. Many of the Parle products - biscuits or confectioneries, are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection, since 1971. With a 40% share of the total biscuit market and a 15% share of the total confectionary market in India , Parle has grown to become a multi-million dollar company. While to consumers it's a beacon of faith and trust, competitors look upon Parle as an example of marketing brilliance.

In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India. The intent was to spread joy and cheer to children and adults alike, all over the country with its sweets and candies. The company knew that it wouldn¶t be an easy task, but they decided to take the brave step. A small factory was set up in the suburbs of Mumbai, to manufacture sweets and toffees. A decade later it was upgraded to manufacture biscuits as well. Since then, the Parle name has grown in all directions, won international fame and has been sweetening people's lives all over India and abroad. Apart from the factories in Mumbai and Bangalore Parle also has factories in Bahadurgarh in Haryana and Neemrana in Rajasthan, which are the largest biscuit and confectionery plants in the country. Additionally, Parle Products also has 7 manufacturing units and 51 manufacturing units on contract

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and contributes more than 50 per cent of the company's turnover (Parle Products is an unlisted company and its executives are . Vile Parle which in turn is based on village Parle in olden days (there is also area called Irle nearby where the Parle Agro production factory is based). The company's slogan is G means Genius. on contract Parle-G or Parle Glucose biscuits. is derived from the name of the suburban rail station. This popular biscuit is primarily eaten as a tea-time snack. It has a 70% market share in India in the glucose biscuit category followed by Britannia. For decades. the Parle brand has grown from strength to strength ever since its inception. using the most modern equipment hence ensuring the same perfect quality across the nation and abroad.Hygiene is the precursor to every process at Parle. Parle-G is one of the oldest brand names as well as the largest selling brand of biscuits in India. From husking the wheat and melting the sugar to delivering the final products to the supermarkets and store shelves nationwide. are one of the most popular biscuits in India. "Parle-G". the product was instantly recognized by its iconic white and yellow wax paper wrapper with the depiction of a young girl on the front. Parle Products also has 14 manufacturing units for biscuits and 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries. Every batch of biscuits and confectioneries are thoroughly checked by expert staff. Tiger (17-18%) and ITC's Sunfeast (8-9%). Counterfeit companies have attempted to recreate and sell lower quality products of similar names with virtually identical package design. Karnataka. The factory in Mumbai was the first to be set up. manufactured by Parle Products Pvt Ltd.000 crore (Rs 20 billion). The brand is estimated to be worth over Rs 2. Concentrating on consumer tastes and preferences. Parle-G is the largest selling biscuit in the world. The name. followed soon by the one in Bangalore. care is taken at every step to ensure the best product of long-lasting freshness. The factories at Bahadurgarh in Haryana and Neemrana in Rajasthan are the largest biscuit and confectionery plants in the country.

not comfortable disclosing exact numbers). Parle had sales of Rs 3. Last fiscal.500 crore (Rs 35 billion). It also is popular across the world and is starting to sell in Western Europe and USA .

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