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Written Report

Culture Xtravaganza
A project to promote Cultural Interest

Beverly Teo Leong Kah Lun Hazeeq Sukri Debra Lim V-Ming

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Choice of Topic

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1.2 Reason for choice of topic
1.3 Importance for preserving culture

1.4 Goal for project

Chapter 2: Project Derivation and Introduction to our Project
2.1 Derivation of our project 2.2 Impacts of the Road Safety Park 2.2.1 Positive Impacts 2.2.2 Effectiveness of Road safety Park 2.2.3 Limitations 2.3 Applying idea to our chosen area: Cultural Xtravaganza Page 6 Page 6 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 8

Chapter 3: Pilot Details
3.1 Background and Aim of our event 3.2 Learning Outcomes 3.3 Date and Time of the event 3.4 Target Audience 3.5 Main Attraction of the event 3.6 Planned Activities for the event 3.6.1 I Love My Culture Because… 3.6.2 Cultural Delicacies 3.6.3 Traditional Costumes 3.7 Promoting Singapore’s Variety of Culture 3.7.1 Information Booth 3.7.2 Facebook and Blog webpage 3.8 Manpower Page 9 Page 9 Page 9 Page 10 Page 10 Page 11 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 14 Page 15/16 Page 17

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Chapter 4: Evaluation
4.1 Evaluation of Event 4.1.1 I love my culture because 4.1.2 Telematch 4.1.3 Post-Telematch Survey 4.2 Indicators of success 4.2.1 Short-term Indicators (Pre-event Survey) 4.2.2 Long-term Indicators 4.3 Strengths 4.3.1 Relevance to Modern Singapore 4.3.2 Feasibility 4.3.3 Fun-Factor 4.3.4 Diversity 4.4 Limitations 4.5 Solutions 4.6 Originality of our Project Page 18 Page 18 Page 18 Page 18 Page 19 Page 19/20 Page 21 Page 21 Page 21 Page 21 Page 21 Page 22 Page 22 Page 22 Page 23

Chapter 5: Conclusion
5.1 Summary of Project 5.2 Room for Improvement 5.3 Conclusion Page 24 Page 24 Page 24

Annex 1 Annex 2 Annex 3 Annex 4 Annex 5 Page 25/26/27 Page 28/29/30 Page 31 Page 32/33 Page 34

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we decided to examine the RSP closely. Page | 4 . cyclists or drivers. people have less exposure to their culture and are more inclined to disregard their culture. Globalisation has led to the infusion of culture2. resulting in our local cultures to be influenced by foreign cultures. 2 Tan. people become ignorant about cultural preservation and choose to let it erode. Hence. cultural practices are carried only on Government-allocated days such as Racial Harmony day.html (accessed 9/9/2010). Instead of embracing culture. We will examine the reasons for cultural erosion and methods for cultural preservation. we become ignorant about our culture due to our heavy workloads.mynippon.CHAPTER 1 – Introduction 1." http://www.http://www. The values are taught to students through a game where they take on roles such as pedestrians. 2001. applying the reason for its success to our (accessed 6/9/2010). 1. Carol. Currently. Realising the effects of having fun while learning. "Japanese culture takes Singapore by storm. July singapore. Local culture is now subjected to greater exposure by other cultures via the media.1 Choice of Topic My group examined a case study based on the amalgamation of fun and education of road safety values. Philip.2 Reason for choice of topic Living in a modern society1. 1 Yim. being practiced by the Road Safety Park (RSP). Western-centric films such as Gossip Girls are dominating the Singapore market.

To encourage Singaporeans located overseas to return to Singapore.4 Goal for project Our goal for this project is to raise awareness of cultural erosion and promote cultural preservation. 3 The Star. 4 Brogger. 2010.html (accessed 9/9/2010). Page | 5 .everyculture. Thus the loss of our local culture results in the loss of our national (accessed 6/9/2010). Feb 9. Benedicte. 1. "Singapore. we need to instil our national identity in them. 5 Tan.topix.htm (accessed 6/9/2010). We aim to help people to have a better grasp of what traditional culture is all about and help them better understand their culture by arousing their interest through engaging We want youths to embrace their culture and impart cultural knowledge to the future generation. May 15. Also. This will serve as a constant reiteration of returning to their country and their roots. more and more Singaporeans are leaving Singapore5 to travel overseas." Importance for preserving culture This is a pressing issue faced by Singapore3 as it is our local culture that creates our Singapore4 identity. 2010. We will support the government's active promotion of racial harmony by highlighting the importance of culture. Lincoln.

The RSP is about educating people on road safety through engaging mediums. instead of just through the textbook method. Page | 6 .sg/home/content/sgp/environment_society/shell_in_the_so ciety/social_investment/road_safety/ (accessed 28/8/2010).com. 6 http://www. It aims to educate children on the importance of road safety through a fun and an interactive learning environment within a simulated RSP. This shows that it has achieved its aim to increase the interest in Singaporeans. we have chosen to examine our idea from the RSP located at East Coast Road in Singapore. ensuring that road safety measures are inculcated in them. It being compulsory for students to attend a road safety course.Chapter 2 – Project derivation and Introduction to our Project 2. Figure 16: Students at Road Safety Park 2. at least 600000 children have become trained road marshals.1 Derivation of our project In our bid to tackle the loss of traditional culture in Singapore. The aim to get children interested by going through the courses allows them to learn more easily and willingly as they get to experience the ‘danger’ of road traffic and learn from their mistakes. Around 500 students go to the park daily and from 1981 to everyone will be educated and thus lowering the chances of traffic-related accidents.2 Impacts of the Road Safety Park 2.1 Positive Impacts The primary school children are taught about road safety at a young age.

893.31 708.94 742.200 1.76 59 4.736.240.865 0.213 0.300 1.612.700 1.287 0.98 78 3.53 707. of Pedestrian Deaths Population Per 100.94 656.15 70 3.059 0.2.17 705.700 2.907 0.200 1.64 64 4.82 67 3.90 49 4.08 716.07 63 3.73 685.000 1.865.2.55 46 4.131.500 1.09 677.171.156 0.600 1.969 0.572 0.86 56 3.467.552 1.69 54 4. of Registered Vehicles Per 10.017.600 1.44 682.47 684.01 No.185.818 1.82 626.351.000 Head of Population 199 5 199 6 199 7 199 8 199 9 200 0 200 1 200 2 200 3 200 4 200 5 41 4.000 Vehicles Page | 7 .2 Effectiveness of Road safety Park Year No.300 1.400 0.727 1.

using the same concept practised in the RSP. my group would like to ensure that nothing is missed out in our project. Knowing that there are other factors not covered in the Road Safety Park. Page | 8 .3 Limitations However. road accidents still occur frequently.94 776.www.483.3 Applying idea to our chosen area: Cultural Xtravaganza We want to arouse the interest of Singaporeans in their local culture through engaging mediums. 7 Ho.unescap.2. Seng Tim.doc (accessed 6/9/2010). Therefore. The RSP does not emphasise on the danger of drink-driving as it emphasises mainly on pedestrian’s safety. 2.200 6 Figure 37 42 4. This is brought about by the current situation of cultural erosion. ‘Cultural Xtravaganza’. road accidents can also be caused by factors such as drink-driving. with an approximate 6% of road accident victims below 15 years old. the RSP is effective in educating Singaporeans about road safety. We want our future generations to remember and practise their traditional culture and hope to achieve the similar outcomes of reigniting their Singaporean’s interest in their traditional culture. July 2007.900 0. Hence.571 0.54 The data shows that pedestrian death has decreased since the RSP was introduced.

sg/blog/articles/start-learning-chinese-duringthe-early-age (accessed 29/8/2010).sg/2007/paper/papers /OTH060. from 21 to 28 July 2010. 3. by educating youths from an early age9.2 Learning Outcomes We want to highlight on the difference when learning through the textbook method in comparison to the hands-on method. We are concerned about the potential loss of our national cultural identity in the future if our traditional cultural traditions are not passed to future generations. In order to tackle this problem.3 Date and time of the event Our event will be a one week event. Richard B Baldauf Jr. namely students aged 14 – 18. is an amalgamation of culture and fun.nie. 5/28. 9 Awesome Tuition http://conference. Page | 9 .Chapter 3 – Project Details (accessed 29/8/2010).http://www. It is the ideal time to hold this event as we can best promote our project. we have set our sights on educating the younger It aims to remind people of the importance of their culture and ultimately their roots. 10 Yeo-Chua Siew Kheng Catherine. 8 http://www.1 Background and Aim of our event Our proposed event: ‘Culture Xtravaganza’. as our target audience as that is the age where youths start to be ignorant on their own culture8. held in conjunction with Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day. which aims to promote and preserve Singapore’s traditions and cultures through engaging and exciting mediums when in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day. Learning through first hand experiences10 would be more beneficial as it allows one to be more Furthermore. 3. it will be easier to get our message on cultural preservation across. We want to raise the awareness and interest of people about their own unique culture by captivating their interest in their culture through engaging mediums.polyforum. 6/28/2010.pdf (accessed 5/9/2010).

Five-Stones and Congkak. We would have achieved our aim of educating youths about their culture through engaging mediums. the location is easily accessible as it is our school and we will be able to continue on our research on any school day. Congkak Jumping Rope Team which gets most marbles wins. 3. These games allows students to have a better understanding of various races and cultures as they get to play the games the older generation once played when they do not have the luxury of technological games. Game Description Team A Points Chakteh Teams attempt to juggle the Chakteh as many times in 1 min. a higher degree of interest created. Team B Points 3. This allows us to conduct our researches with ease. Furthermore.4 Target Audience We will be targeting students from Temasek Junior College as they fit the age category that we want to educate. Teams will attempt to jump over the rope together. First team to score 5 wins. Sepak Tekraw Teams compete against one another. Students can participate in cultural games from different races such as.6 Planned Activities for the Event Page | 10 .3.5 Main attraction of the event – “Reminiscing the Games of The Past” This activity would be much favoured by the students over an ordinary exhibition as students are able to participate and enjoy themselves while playing games with their peers. As such. Team with most jumps wins.

I Love My Culture Because… paper 3.6. As students who visited our booth would be encouraged to join our Facebook group. This activity allows students to ponder and think about their culture and what they are most proud of about their culture before writing on the paper. Doug. As youths of the current era are too tied down with their workloads11 and other technological distractions. Page | 11 . It also serves as a timely reminder for students to realise that their own culture is eroding if they do not practice it. Photos of students holding the paper they wrote on would be taken.cfm/fuseaction/blog. 3/16/2010.3. they tend to neglect their own cultural practices.view/BlogID/165 (accessed 5/9/2010).6. Figure 1: Students with their . we will tag the students their photos on their Facebook account as a memento.1 I Love My Culture Because… Pieces of paper are prepared for students to pen down reasons on why they love their culture.2 Cultural Delicacies 11 Franklin.youthworkers.

we have prepared several cultural delicacies for students to sample to attract students to our booth. They include Kueh Lapis and Malt Candy. Students should be able to reflect on the change and difference in food preferences between the current and the past generation. We have ordered the delicacies from Muslim stall tenders. All these delicacies are aimed at raising12 the interests of students in their cultures through engaging mediums and we want students to learn more about the delicacies of their culture.In order to introduce and promote our aims to the students.html (accessed 10/9/2010).redorbit. Figure 2: Delicacies for students to sample Figure 3: Students enjoying the delicacies for sample 3.6. This is to cater to students from not only the Muslim community but also every other student as Muslims can only consume Halal food. hence allowing students to realise the presence of cultural erosion and the need to preserve their culture practice of their cultural delicacies. Page | 12 .com/news/science/124214/using_food_to_boost_math_and_sc ience_skills /index.3 Traditional costumes 12 Feb 2.http://www.2005.wikipedia. bearing in mind that the food is Halal13. 13 (accessed 29/8/2010).

To provide an opportunity for students to appreciate their own traditional costumes as well as that of other races. The best dressed student will be given a sash. thus allowing them to realise the presence of cultural erosion and the need to preserve the custom of wearing tradition clothing. This event aims to encourage youths to wear their traditional costumes more often and allow them to feel proud of their own traditional costumes. students would be encouraged to come to school dressed up in their traditional costumes.1 Information Booth Page | 13 .7 Promoting Singapore’s Variety of Culture 3. A traditional costume competition would be organised and students who are in their traditional costumes will be rated by our group members. Students will take turns to present themselves in their tradition costume for the judges to rate them. We also want students to realise the change and difference in clothing preferences between the current and the past generation. Criterion Maximum score Adherence to tradition 15 Attractiveness 15 3.7.

we have placed some flyers at the information booth to promote our cultural week from 21 July to 28 July. We have chosen to set up a Facebook group as it is not only easily accessible but also one of the most viewed webpage in Page | 14 . The information will provide students with basic knowledge they should know about their culture. such as the dates and origins of festivities and the meaning of various festivities. Secondly. we have put up several posters to provide information on the culture of the four main races in Singapore.2 Facebook and Blog webpage The Facebook group is created to serve as the main platform to provide students with information on the planned events.7. Date 21 July 2010 26 July 2010 28 July 2010 Time 3:30pm to 4:30pm 4:00pm to 6:00pm 3:30pm to 5:30pm Event Traditional Costume Competition Traditional Games Telematch Pilot Test 3. Activities are held during school hours so that students can participate in our event.Firstly. The flyers would provide details on the activities we would be holding throughout the weeklong event.

the world14.dailyfinance. This allows us to garner more support for our project and raise awareness on our group’s aims and (accessed 29/8/2010). 15 Xue. To add on.facebook. The Blog webpage is an ideal choice for us to provide our readers with information as it is one of the more widely used webpage too. Figure 4: Facebook Page16 14 Gustin. several blogs15 have achieved successes and have attracted many readers daily. The webpage is also easily accessible and allows us to edit to update our information to ensure that it is up-to-date. Page | 15 . Sam. The Blog webpage is used to provide information to Singaporean students who wish to know more about the various ethnic and traditions in our Multi-Racial society. which includes the people from the older generation as well as people from other (accessed 5/9/2010).blogspot.http://www. 16 we will be able to reach out to a larger group of audience. 3/15/2010. For example. http://xiaxue.php?gid=101524443236679&v=wall&ref=ts (accessed 5/9/2010). Xia.

Telematch 4 4 Games-Master 1 Surveyor Pilot Test 4 2 members at Reflections station.8 Manpower A total of 4 people. 1 facilitator. Event Traditional Costume Competition 4 Manpower Work Allocation 3 judges. 1 member at Delicacies station.blogspot.Figure 5: Blog webpage17 3. Page | 16 .com/ (accessed 5/9/2010).http://mysingaporeculture. 17 7/11/2010. consisting of all our members. are required for the event.

we aim to create a conducive environment for students to appreciate traditional games by recreating a village atmosphere to show that traditional games still have a place in modern society.1.Evaluation of the Showcase The fact that students actually spent time to go through their answers proves that they are serious about cultural preservation.1 Evaluation of Event 4.1 I love my culture because… The basis of the test was to let students ponder and reflect on why they love their culture.Chapter 4 . we conducted a Telematch based on cultural games.2 Telematch To emulate the RSP’s success of education through engaging mediums. On 28 Thus.pdf (accessed 6/9/2010) Page | 17 . we attracted 12 students to participate in our Telematch and they were grouped into two teams where they competed with one another to facilitate learning 18 Oct 2004. 4. This method worked well as we received insightful answers which show maturity. respect and proper understanding towards their culture and these traits are desirable in elevating the process of cultural preservation.http://www. Research18 shows that games stimulate the mind and encourage learning.

1 Short-term Indicators (Pre-event Survey21) Survey forms were disseminated to visitors at our main booth under LT2 and through this.1.3 Post-Telematch Survey20 To ensure that participants sincerely appreciated their culture through the Telematch.2 Indicators of success Short Term Indicators 1.2. we can safely conclude that the Telematch was successful.helium. http://www. From the survey. a team comprising of 3 males and 3 females won the students learn better in the presence of friendly competition19.Facebook: No.Increasing Interest in culture from public 3.Response through survey 3. we found out that cultural erosion is very real as most of the respondents felt that they were ignorant about their own culture. 19 (accessed 29/8/2010).Response through surveys 4. Ben. Results indicated that the participants rated our Telematch very highly as they learnt more about their culture and hence.Turnout at event booth. 4. The participants were attentive to the intricacies surrounding the games and in the end. 4. 20 Refer to statistics in Appendix 21 Refer to statistics in Appendix Page | 18 . of Members 2. we aim to assess the extent to which our activities are able to achieve our objective – to educate youths on their cultures through engaging mediums.Long-term activity of Facebook Page And Blog 2. our group conducted a post-match survey. showing support generated Long Term Indicators 1.

20% Willing. Most of the respondents were enthusiastic about learning more about their culture and were willing to go to contribute more to be more involved in their culture.40% Below Average (2 . all is not lost. H willingare you to put on your ow cultural costum when the occasion calls e forit? 8.80% Highly willing .60% 42.3 28.1) Page | 19 .However.4 Fair .5 20.

way of life and games and with globalization.3 Strengths 4.3 Below Average (2 . 4.4 Fair . we can use Facebook to communicate with our active members who can contribute by stating how they can help preserve Singapore’s culture and suggest activities that will pique their interest.30% 15.60% Highly willing . For instance. the high percentage of those passionate to be more involved with their culture justifies that absolute cultural depletion will be avoided. Culture encompasses many aspects such as heritage.90% 30. 4.1) The high number of respondents ignorant being to their culture indicates the need for “Cultural Xtravaganza” to be around to ensure that there will be an avenue for people to learn and foster their love towards their culture.3. many of Page | 20 . We want “Cultural Xtravaganza” to continue even after Project Work ends.2.H far would you g to learn m about ow o ore your culture? 5. Secondly.20% 48.1 Relevance to Modern Singapore Cultural erosion is a prevalent issue in Singapore. This will allow our group to strengthen those ideas by coming up with initiatives to preserve culture in Singapore.5 Willing.2 Long-term indicators The long-term indicators will show if our project is able to withstand the test of time.

we put the participants in a state of ease. 4. a major theme in many of our activities.3.3. Hence.these aspects are diminishing in Singapore.3. 4. Hence. Hence.4 Limitations 22 Dec 2009.2 Feasibility Our project is conducted by all 4 group members. By doing so. Therefore. it is important to ensure that our cultures do not get eroded.pdf (accessed 6/9/2010). with minimal costs. making it a feasible project.4 Diversity Through diversifying our means of connecting to our demographic. Hollywood films22 constantly out gross local films. the results obtained from the surveys will be more accurate and in tune with the feelings of the respondents. Traditional methods of advertising such as flyers also the strength of our project is where we advocate ways to preserve local culture to combat cultural erosion. For instance. we can use our low production cost as a selling point to attract 3rd party sponsors as we can easily conduct our project again. Page | 21 . As such.http://www. allowing them to be more relaxed when they participate in our surveys and activities. 4. 4. The results can be seen through our Facebook group where 290+ members have joined and most have expressed interest in our initiatives.smf. we expanded our reach of finding ways to encourage cultural preservation and promote it.3 Fun-Factor Fun can be created simply by interactivity. it was better to diversify than to stick to just one media of advertisement as the various forms complement each other. More people had access to our flyers than Facebook group.

23 Kimmelman.5 Solutions Upon further research23. There was no sure way of saying that the same success will translate on a larger scale. For instance. 2010). (accessed September 10. organisations such as The Seri Warisan also aim to preserve certain aspects of Pardon My French (2010). 4. We could have had a more profound impact if we had the resources to engage in more activities.6 Originality of our project Our project was probably not the only one in Singapore to deal with the issue of culture. 4. http://www.html? _r=1&pagewanted=1&sq=preserving%20culture&st=cse&scp=29. we believe that our aim of spreading the message of cultural preservation was limited. Page | 22 . though imminent.One limitation was that “Cultural Xtravaganza” was organized within the perimeters of Temasek Junior College. we discovered that the impact of cultural erosion. On a national scale. the issue of preserving culture is not original. Next. "In Age of Globalism.nytimes. Michael. can be minimised through constant implementation of cultural activities so that the values of said culture will live on in our minds. 1-3. due to a lack of sponsor from a third-party organisation. We want to show that it is possible to amalgamate fun with appreciation of one’s culture. The perfect synergy of various unrelated concepts into our project made it original in its own right. However. we used the new to save the old by incorporating new media tools such as Facebook and Blogger to our project.

to attract more people and to educate them with a more engaging method. Next. We hope that the public will be more proactive in participating in cultural activities as cultural preservation starts from individuals. 5. 5.CHAPTER 5 – Conclusion 5. The Facebook and Blog serve as platforms for us to reach out to the younger generation. we aimed to help others gain a better grasp of what traditional culture is all about and to help people better understand their culture so as to arouse their interest. instead of only reaching out to the younger generation.2 Room for Improvement This project could be improved by implementing it on larger scale and by employing more resources. raising awareness on traditional culture and also to allow them to learn more about their culture through interactive measures. thus increasing their enthusiasm to participate in cultural activities. It reminds people of their roots.1 Summary of Project In this project. allowing us to achieve our aim of preventing cultural erosion with time. we should reiterate the importance of culture to the working adults. we will be able to come up with more interactive measures such as comic scripts created under the theme of traditional culture. cultural preservation will then be a success. my group believes that this project has played its role in raising awareness of cultural erosion and aroused people's interest about their culture. Page | 23 . with more resources. For instance.3 Conclusion In conclusion. If everyone plays their part in preventing cultural erosion with time.

Please circle the alphabet of your choice. Retired 2. How would you rate your involvement in your culture? a. 3 d. To what extent do you think that culture is still important in today’s society? a. 5 (highest) Page | 24 . 3 d. Secondary/Pre-University school student b. 2 c. 2 c. Which group do you fall under? a. 4 e. 1 (lowest) b. Unemployed e. Indian and Eurasian. Malay. University Student c. 1 (not important) b. 1. 5 (most important) 3. 4 e. Chinese. Working Adult d. we aim to find out more about cultural preservation in Singapore’s society. We are focusing on the cultures of our four main ethnic groups namely.APPENDIX Annex 1: Pre-Event Survey This is a Pre-Event survey done my Project Work Group: TJ127 and through this survey.

5 (highest) 5. Racial Harmony Day) a. 1 (lowest) b. increase your interest in your culture? a. 5 (highest) 6. 4 e. No Page | 25 . How willing are you to put on your cultural costume when the occasion calls for it? (e. Will joining a Facebook group on culture. 4 e. 5 (highest) 8. 4 e. 1 (lowest) b. 2 c. How proud are you of your culture? a. 1 (lowest) b. 2 c. 2 c. 3 d. 3 d. How well do you think you know about your culture? a. 2 c. 3 d. 3 d. Yes b. 1 (lowest) b. 5 (highest) 7. How far would you go to learn more about your culture? a. 4 e.4.g.

cultural festivals related to your culture. Name as many as possible. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Page | 26 . Do you know what your traditional cultural costumes are? List some of them. Name as many as possible. Yes b.9. Yes b. cultural delicacies related to your culture. No ___________________________________________________________ ___ ____________________________________________________________ __ 11. No 10. (if yes) a. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 12. Do you know what makes your culture different? a.

84.6% had a fair rating.2% of the respondents felt that they knew more about their culture with an above average rating of 4 – 5 out of 5.THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THIS SURVEY  --------------Annex 2: Results of Pre-Event Survey Based on the survey.2% of the respondents felt that they had little knowledge on their culture and 45. A low 4. 50. Page | 27 .8% of 120 respondents respectively. we have had a high percentage of Pre-U students and several working adults who participated in our survey.--------------.2% and 15.

Page | 28 . with 42.2% thinking that they had an above average rating of their involvement in their culture. 36.7% of the respondents felt that they were doing just enough in their involvement in their own culture with a minority of 17.46. A large proportion of respondents were enthusiastic when it comes to putting on their cultural costume.1% of the respondents felt that they are not very involved in their own culture.2% who are highly willing and 28.4% who are willing.

Only 5. 30. Page | 29 .3% of the respondents gave a below average rating.20. Most respondents were eager to learn more about their culture.2% who gave a fair rating. and 15.8% gave a below average rating.6% willing.9% highly willing.6% of the respondents gave a fair rating and only 8. with 48.

After the telematch. we want to find out the effectiveness of our activities in raising your interest in cultural activities. Yes b. Malay. 3 d. Indian and Eurasian. 2 c. do you think that culture practices can still be practiced regularly in our society? a. Yes b. No 3. No Page | 30 . to what extent has the Telematch successfully raised your interest in traditional games? a. After the telematch. 1 (Lowest) b. 5 (Highest) 2. 4 e. Please circle the alphabet of your choice. We are focusing on the cultures of our four main ethnic groups namely. have u learnt more about your culture through these traditional games? a. After the telematch. 1. Chinese.Annex 3: Post-Event Survey This is a Post-Event survey done my Project Work Group: TJ127 and through this survey.

Page | 31 .3% rated 5. 33.3% rated 4 and only 8.3% rated 3.Annex 4: Post-Event Survey The Telematch was successful in raising the interest of all 12 respondents as 58.

00% 30.00% 10.30% The Telematch has successfully raised the cultural knowledge of most of the respondents as 83.00% Yes No 16.00% 80. it is possible to conduct our cultural practices in today’s society.00% 0.3% rated yes and 16.00% 70.6% rated no. have u learnt m ore aboutyour culture throug these traditional h g es? am 90. Page | 32 .00% 20.60% Sales 83.Afterthe telem atch.00% 60. All the 12 respondents felt that despite our hectic schedules.00% 40.00% 50.

00PM-6.30-5.” for more details!! Oh no! Culture’s in trouble! What can we do?? o. YOU can start by supporting TJ127 in our quest To promote cultural preservation from 21st July to 28th July 2010! But how? By simply: ATTENDING OUR CULTURAL FASHION PARADE ON 21ST JULY TIME/PLACE: UNDERNEATH LT1..30PM WANNA BOOST YOUR KNOWLEDGE FURTHER? VISIT : http://mysingaporeculture.blogspot. NOW!!! Page | 33 .4..30 PM. 4.30 PM PARTAKING IN OUR TELEMATCH ON 26TH JULY!! TIME/PLACE: PARADE SQUARE.00PM COOL PRIZES TO BE WON! TREATING YOURSELF TO FREE TRADITIONAL DELICACIES ON 28TH JULY! TIME/PLACE: GOOD NEWS CAFÉ/UNDERNEATH LT2.O’’ Well. 3.WELCOME!! Annex 5: Flyer सवागत Proudly Presents: 欢 迎 Selam at Datan g! Visit our Facebook page: “I love my culture because.