Topic: VI. LAWS 2. Parts of a law; (c) Preamble People v Echavez, 95 SCRA 663 (1980) Facts: Fiscal Abundio R.

Ello filed separate informations against sixteen people for squatting which was punishable under PD No. 772. FIve of the informations were raffled to Judge Vicente Echavez, Jr. The Judge dismissed the five informations before the accused could be arraigned. One of the Judge's grounds for the dismissal was that under the rule of ejusdem generis the decree does not apply to the cultivation of a grazing land. The fiscal asked that the dismissal order be reconsidered. Issues: Whether PD No. 772 which penalizes squatting and similar acts, applies to agricultural lands. Ruling/Held: No. The court ruled that PD No. 772 does not apply to pasture lands because its preamble shows that it was intended to apply to squatting in urban communities or more particularly to illegal constructions in squatter areas made by well-to-do individuals. The squatting complained of involves pasture lands in rural areas. Stat Con ^^

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