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Deadliest drug

crisis in American


More than 800

people die a week
from opioid


OPIOID More than a million

are addicted to an




A CRISIS: overdoses have

increased by 30%
Opioid addiction started when in the 90’s they believed you can’t get
of where it was at
addicted to pain prescription which led to a widespread of misuse. It
became clear after that, that they are addicting. An epidemic so large ────
can have a huge toll on the economy. Not only that but it can be a huge
threat to national security. The plan to stop the spread is to cut off in 2013 over a
domestic supply of opioid medications from foreign countries. Many billion opioid
places have been showing dramatic spikes in overdoses. On the bright
side the drug naloxone can reverse opioid overdoses.
prescriptions were
giving out all
around the U.S.
giving more access
to opioids