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May 2018 — Volume 12 , Issue 5
20 Village Road Open Mon, Tues, Wed 10am – 4pm
P.O. Box N-1207▪ Nassau, Bahamas ▪ Tel (242) 394.1886 ▪ Email:
Website: ▪ We are also on Facebook—
PROMOTING THE VISION: “By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian Art,
Culture and Heritage than by merely sun, sand and sea.”

‘Sankofa: The Madonna Diaries’ opens Thurs, May 31
‘Sankofa: The Madonna Diaries’ is a
celebration of women and their ability
to sustain life. The collection of works
examines the tales of early mother-
hood, revealing the social and per-
sonal expectation of childbearing and
the delight and challenges of child-
rearing, juxtaposed with its unspoken
and tabooed truths.
The artist, a native of Freeport who
obtained her Associate of Art at the
former College of The Bahamas,
Jalan Harris’ Inaugural Exhibition enti- stated from personal experience: “To
tled ‘Sankofa: The Madonna Diaries’ will create a cohesive body of work with a
young child was indeed a balance I
open at Doongalik Studios on Thursday,
had to achieve. Society expects
May 31 from 6-9pm. women to choose between their ca-
reers and professional aspirations or
'Sankofa' is a word in the Twi language motherhood. However, it is possible to
from the Akan tribe in Ghana which do both."
means, 'to go back and get it'. A bird
most commonly represents Sankofa The Exhibition will
with its head turned backwards, carrying be on display until
a previous egg in its mouth dropping it Wednesday, June
onto its back. Sankofa is often associ- 13.
ated with the proverb, “Se wo were fi
nawosankofa a yenkyi," which trans-
lates as: "It is not wrong to go back for IN THIS ISSUE
that which you have forgotten." The
Jalan Harris’ Upcoming Art Exhibition 1
other representation of 'Sankofa' is a 2
‘Woman’s Tongue’ photos
stylized heart. Doongalik & Creative Nassau News 3
opened to an enthusiastic all-age
crowd this month. The show will
remain on display until 4pm on
Wednesday, May 23. More info,
photos and videos are on the
artist’s social media pages at
26 from 2—10pm
in the Marina
Village at Atlantis,
Paradise Island to
view and
experience the
work of talented
artists, artisans,
NOTICE: The Doongalik Farmer’s farmers and musi-
...but Seasonal Sunshine will still be on the
porch on Saturdays from 9am—1pm

Creative Nassau would like to sincerely thank our very own Bahamian ceramicist, Alistair Stevenson (who is completing
studies in Jingdezhen, China) for agreeing to be the representative for the City of Nassau at the 2nd Cluster meeting of the
Cities of Crafts and Folk Arts of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network that was held in Icheon, South Korea from April 26-
30! Not only was Alistair busy participating in meetings and workshops, but he also had the opportunity to display his talents
in ceramics, as well as to soak in all of the rich cultural offerings of our Sister City of Icheon!Photos courtesy of the City of Icheon and Peter Ives (at pottery wheel)

Icheon is also internationally acclaimed for its ceramics tradition, and has always been
a good friend of Creative Nassau! Alistair presents a toast (top right) and Icheon’s
Mayor Cho (bottom) presents Alistair with a gift at the meeting’s conclusion ceremony.