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“Plus, how to not only survive but THRIVE in a Global Credit Crisis and make a FORTUNE in a stock market crash!”

This edition has been revised and updated for the Global Credit Crisis with several new chapters and additional brand new strategies including E-minis Trading, Property Options and Tax & Asset Protection

Co-Founder of 21st Century Education & Founder of World Solutions Institute
Jamie McIntyre is the best selling author of "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had." He is an extraordinary Australian who is making a big difference to the quality of other people’s lives in this nation and around the world. He is a sought after Success Coach and has travelled the world meeting and learning from some of the very best teachers and business leaders on the planet, including Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), Richard Branson (Virgin Group), General Norman Schwarzkof (Desert Storm), Paul Zane Piltzer (Unlimited Wealth), Jay Abrahams (Fortune 500 Marketing Consultant) and even former Presidents of countries including FW De Klerk – former South African President and many others. Jamie became a self-made millionaire in his twenties. He is an entrepreneur, investor, sought after public speaker, author and the President and Founder of Financial Educators Association. He is also co-founder of 21st Century Education, a group of over a dozen Companies, including E-minis Global, 21st Century Finance, 21st Century Property Direct, 21st Century Accounting, 21st Century Broking, Pinnacle Capital Investments and 21st Century Academy - an education organisation that has provided a valuable 21st Century education to Australians and New Zealanders, and has received a Highly Commended Award from the Australian Achiever Awards. He was many years ago nominated as a Young Australian of the Year and has been responsible for educating over 250,000 people through his DVD courses and live seminars worldwide. He is also the author of the Best Selling Book, "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had." He is a leading advocate for real life education including financial literacy to be implemented into high schools nation wide. He believes this will give teenagers the most important skills they will need to excel in the 21st Century, and improve what many say is an inadequate and flawed education system. He is also an advocate to change the often bias practices of the financial planning industry, and wants to see financial planners have to produce real life investment results in their own life before being allowed to advise others in financial planning. He has appeared on TV including Foxtels Sky Business Channel for "Your Money Your Call," giving expert advice to viewers. He also established a non profit organisation called World Solutions Institute to educate people about Global Warming and other serious challenges and also established the 21st Century Charity Foundation to help eliminate poverty. Jamie McIntyre is an employee of 21st Century Investment Services Pty Ltd and an authorised representative of Romad Financial Services Pty Ltd (AFSL No 238 032). Jamie has been certified by Romad as being qualified in the areas of derivatives, securities and managed investment products. He is currently authorised to provide general advice and dealing services in Derivatives, Deposit Products, Managed Investments and Securities (ASIC No. 321 315). 21st Century is a corporate authorised representative of Romad and is currently authorised to provide general advice and dealing services in Derivatives, Deposit Products, Managed Investments and Securities (ASIC No. 321 314).


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Disclaimer - Important Information The information presented in this book is based on the author Jamie McIntyre's personal experiences as an entrepreneur, consultant, coach investor and other people he has modelled in detail. You may have to modify them, do further research on them or adapt them to suit your personal financial situation. Any information presented is given purely as an illustration and should not be construed as a specific investment recommendation. The laws relating to investment, taxation, benefits and the handling of money are constantly changing and are often subject to changes in Government policy. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material contained herein at the time of publication and presentation, neither the author, presenter, promoters nor the publishers will bear any responsibility or liability for any action taken by any person, persons or organisations on the purported basis of information contained in this book. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no person, persons or organisations should invest moneys or take other action by relying on the material contained in this book or any support material, but instead should satisfy themselves independently (whether by expert advice or otherwise), of the appropriateness of any such action. Every effort has been made to ensure that this book is free from error or omissions. However, the publisher, the author, the editor, or their respective employees or agents, shall not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of material in this book whether or not such injury, loss or damage is in any way due to any negligent act or omission, breach of duty or default on the part of the publisher, the author, the editor, or their respective employees or agents. Editor’s Note: As of August 2007 the author became Australian PS146 compliant in General Advice, Derivatives and Managed Investments. Jamie McIntyre is an employee of 21st Century Investment Services Pty Ltd and an authorised representative of Romad Financial Services Pty Ltd (AFSL No 238 032). Jamie has been certified by Romad as being qualified in the areas of derivatives, securities and managed investment products. He is currently authorised to provide general advice and dealing services in Derivatives, Deposit Products, Managed Investments and Securities (ASIC No. 321 315).

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Foreword My belief is that if you are not just curious but committed to excelling in your life in the 21st Century, then what you will find in this book will be a real gift to you from someone who is committed to helping you achieve similar things if you so desire. You can join the thousands of others who are applying these strategies and improving their lives immensely. I know I was extremely grateful when I first learnt this information - an education for life. In this book you will learn: • How to develop the mindset of a millionaire • Why most people fail • The history of money, how the systems control it and why you must understand this, and why you must understand this to understand the current Global Crisis and why the worst may yet be to come. • A real life 21st century modern day education that enabled me to excel financially, more than what I learned at school or university • How to rewire your subconscious mind for financial success • How to generate instant cash flow, even if you have little money to start with • How smart investors earn $35,000 per year from investment property - Tax Free • What you should have been taught at school, but were not • The 4 key skills you must master to succeed in the 21st century and how others have used these to earn over $100,000 p.a. • The 5 key components of a 21st Century Education that should be taught at school • How smart investors are replacing their income in 90 to 180 days or less by using a unique renting strategy • 8 ways investors raise money to start investing immediately, even if they have no money • How to easily develop the mindset of a millionaire and think like a winner. In this updated edition I've also added chapters on how to make $1000 to $5000 a week trading the E-minis market, a chapter from one of my millionaire friends about how he makes millions using property options and a chapter from my accountant on how to minimise your tax and protect your assets legally. I have also added a chapter on a typical day in a millionaire's life for a recent 30-day period as I find reading books by other successful people is a valuable way to learn more distinctions by

reading about what they do on a day to day basis. I also share some of things that have been happening in my life since releasing this book way back in 2002. Since the first release of this book in 2002 the world has changed dramatically, especially with the Global Credit Crisis and stock market crash that occurred in late 2007 and continues well into 2009 and is likely to continue for sometime. This means the rules of investing have completely changed especially the buy and hold strategy financial planners have espoused for decades which has proven to be a disaster for most investors who continued to be charged outrageous commissions for financial advisors to lose there retirement funds. However many of the strategies I taught back in 2002 are still as effective today and some more so thanks to the Global Credit Crisis causing such stock market volatility. To accomplish these objectives, I believe it is important to share parts of my story to make it more relatable and also spend time on developing a solid foundation of understanding the big picture of money and how to change our thinking to be more effective at implementing these exciting strategies. If someone told me fifteen years ago that this is how my life would be I would never have believed them, especially from where I was starting. I share the following with you, not to impress you but to impress upon you dreams do still come true. They did for me and I believe they can for you. I still pinch myself for being able to sit in my outdoor hot tub on the deck of a multi-million dollar mansion, overlooking the pool and waterfall that flows into the extended lounge room of my luxury waterfront home. The reality of my life today sinks in when I glance out over the water, looking at a gleaming brand new luxury sports cruiser boat. I am planning the next overseas holiday to include a stay with some of my closest friends and family in our brand new luxury winter home in the mountains overlooking Queenstown, New Zealand. It is comforting to have the feeling that despite still being only in my thirties, I never have to work another day in my life unless I choose. I reflect with immense gratitude on my life and can hardly believe that some of my wildest dreams are now a reality, like having a farm to escape to the solitude of nature, with its own personal airfield for a private plane to land. Or to have a beautiful apartment in Sydney overlooking, in my

opinion, the world's most beautiful harbour, to entertain friends when visiting this beautiful city. Or to be able to stay in a luxury chalet in one of the world's top ski resorts in Whistler, Canada. What is even more exciting is to have the thrill of having enough money to sponsor a whole school of children in a third world country and experience the happiness this brings to their faces. And being able to help our own Australian and New Zealand teenagers transform their lives by donating teenage scholarships to educate them with a real life education, unfortunately not taught in our schools yet. I love being able to travel regularly to some of the most beautiful places in the world like Monte Carlo, Portofino, Venice, Prague, Africa, Majorca, the Caribbean, Canada, Machu Picchu in Peru, Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, to name just a few magical places in our beautiful world. Even more important than just the wonderful material things I am blessed with today, is being surrounded by like minded friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want, as much as I want and importantly spending quality time with family and taking them on exotic holidays. What touches me the most is to know that I get to live my life's purpose, serve my creator and contribute and impact on so many people's lives in such a positive manner. There is hardly a week that goes by that I am not touched deeply by someone sending me a card or present or an email thanking me for the difference I have been able to make to their lives or the lives of their teenage children. Also getting pulled up in restaurants and being thanked profusely by people who have recognised me from a live seminar where I have been asked to share my strategies, concepts and ideas with fellow Australians and thanking me for how it has changed their lives. I share none of this to impress you as I said, as I am humbled by my life today and you will understand why when I share my story. However, I share it more to impress upon you that what I am attempting and intending to do by writing this book is to share freely with you the ideas, strategies and concepts that have transformed my entire life over the last eight to fifteen years. This includes my health, relationships, my emotional fulfilment and especially my finances. I went from sleeping on a mate's

August 2009 . I would be honoured if you would consider me as a friend. I know I was extremely grateful when I first learned this information. If only I had learnt this education at school. My dream is this type of education will soon be available in all Australian and New Zealand high schools. step by step creating and redesigning your life. no job. virtually bankrupt. My special thanks to all the 21st Century Team amongst the group of companies that contribute to ensuring we not only provide a modern day education world-wide. You can join the thousands of others who are applying these strategies and improving their lives immensely. especially if I get my way. if you so desire. I was able to build a group of companies from scratch facing extraordinary challenges along the way. then what you will find in this book will be a real gift to you from someone who is committed to helping others achieve similar things. My belief is that if you are not just curious. Jamie McIntyre. an education for life.000 in personal debt. so I commend you in advance for taking action and developing a 21st Century Education. no income. but committed to excelling in your life in the 21st century. but also the support required for our members to effectively implement the strategies into their life. with an emphasis on improving your financial results until you produce the results you ultimately desire. $150. as it is an exciting journey you are starting on. working together through this book. not even $20 left in my wallet. how much easier life would have been for me and no doubt many others. which were valued at between $70 to $100 million in mid 2008.couch (mate means 'friend' if you are not an Australian). no assets. to becoming a self made millionaire in a little under five years while creating an extraordinary quality of life for myself and others. a coach. Let's begin shall we.

23 Accountability and Action ....................................................................2 My expectations of this book ........... Purpose and Action ..................................................................................................................................................................61 The US Federal Reserve .............. 32 Let's consider changing our wealth conditioning ............................................................................................................... 42 How to have money work for us ....................... always start with the end in mind..107 If you wish to succeed........................ capitalism and communism...................47 Fractional Reserve Banking .............48 Australia........1 How and when do you measure education's success? ........................68 The Goldsmiths of mediaeval England............................53 The wealth of a nation is determined by the individuals...............Contents 1 The key to becoming wealthy ...73 The Bank of North America .....................35 Why many children grow up feeling guilty about wealth ...............90 What is financial intelligence? ........................................................................................................................88 What is Emotional Intelligence? ................ not cheap discounted products .................... 106 RPA ... 82 Demise of the First Bank of the United States..............................39 Do you charge enough? ..............108 ................................................69 The American Revolution.........103 What the Rich do differently!......................98 The Middle Class ............................83 The Battle of Waterloo.........................26 Mindset and Strategies ................................................................................................66 The Money Changers in Jerusalem . 105 Four Key Skills.............................................84 Economic history..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................77 The First Bank of the United States ................45 4 Money is just an idea ............................3 2 Why do most people fail? ............................................................................................... 1815 ........................ 80 Napoleon's rise to power in France ..........Results.......................................38 Why you should buy quality........30 3 The world of money ...............76 The Constitutional Convention ..................................... one of the highest taxed nations in the world ....... 40 Do you believe in scarcity or abundance? ..............................................................................25 Gratitude .......................................................................62 Media complicity ...................86 6 What is a 21st century education? ................................................................................ 36 Why you repel money if you are negative............ 19 Denial ........................................ 27 Here is the key .....56 5 What's causing the Global Credit Crisis...............................................

........................................................ 133 Write your own eulogy......................179 The benefit of cutting expenses.......................................... 175 Critical Mass..........................................................................154 12 Establish your financial goals .......................................................................................................................................................................160 Defining what you want financially .............................................................................................147 Goals..........................................................................126 9 How to find out what your primary purpose is .................................................................................................148 Master Dream List............................ 129 What do you want in your life? .......................................................121 Most of us will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure 123 What is money?...........................................................................................................................................................119 8 Developing the mindset of a Millionaire by rewiring your subconscious for wealth creation .......................151 Anthony Robbins has identified the Six Human Needs..............134 Put your primary purpose down on paper........................................159 Making your personal financial dreams a reality.........7 How to raise your energy levels fast! .............174 How you can pay for your child's education and more...................................171 The Wealthy Are Scarce...................................................................... 150 11 The Six Human needs . 110 Disease is another word for disharmony ..158 What is the true measure of financial wealth?............................................................................................165 Sample Payment Schedules...............................181 .....................................145 Napoleon Hill...................................................................................172 Your personal financial dreams realised..............139 10 Designing your life .............. 181 A Grain of Rice.................142 SMARTIES.................161 How to put your kids through university...................................... 125 The meaning of money exercise..176 How Your Money Grows Annually.................................143 Create a Goal Board and a Vision Poster ........163 Cut your mortgage in half!............................................... 109 Attracting money and success into your life.... 115 Decide what gives you energy....................................................................................................................................................... 173 The wealth bucket ........................180 The hot dog parable........... 170 A wealth questionnaire.......... 162 Education Timer.........177 The effects of compound interest...........................152 Constructive ways of meeting our need for growth.........................................................................................164 Financial Protection..................................................................

............................................200 What are you worth? ...............................................230 Ability to liquidate ........................................................................................................................................... 282 A 10-year plan.289 .......................................)......................................................................................................................................................................... 210 Renovations ........... 228 The way up and the way down strategy .................233 Selling insurance......................................................................................................................................................184 Debt-Elimination Time Calculator.....................................190 14 Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire .......................191 The bank.................................13 Debt reduction and cash flow management ...........................................................P........................................................................................................222 Channelling ........ 218 Buying shares .......................................187 Your Wealth Creation System .................................................................................................M................................. 229 Renting shares .................................................................................................. 192 The true definition of a business ..............................................223 Leverage .............203 Other People's Money (O..........207 Superannuation ....................................................................... 280 What about a line of credit? ............................186 Homework.......................................288 Adding value to a property........................245 16 A month in my life......... 287 Property vs buying stocks on the stock market...... 280 Millionaires from real estate ........ 185 Wealth-Building/Retirement Calculator...........................................................286 Fast Track Property Strategies........... 287 Property organising principles............ 196 Savings .................................................................. 225 Insuring your shares....................... 284 How wealth is generated.....................206 Parent's Equity ...................................................................................... 279 Why invest in real estate? ............................................................................................................................212 Creating cash flow through renting ...........219 Warren Buffett's share selection methodology.............186 How to eliminate debt in 3 to 7 years .................................................................. How to make money with OPM .217 15 Instant cash flow strategies ..............................202 Five forms of income game ......... 204 Using equity .....................................................198 The four skills of a 21st century education .............................................................................188 Are you a poor money manager or a good money manager? 189 Investment portfolio .209 How to make money out of thin air .............................................................................................................................................................................................................183 Debt reduction strategy....................................... 227 The way down strategy ...247 17 Fast Track Property Strategies ........................215 Case study........................................................

..........................365 21 The baby bucket principle .................335 Advantages of Trading Mini S&P 500 Futures and Options ....... exactly are Mini S&P 500 Futures? .....................351 Mark Rolton's five criteria for ideal Options........................................................... 346 20 Property Options....................................................................................................................................290 A 21-point property checklist....333 What is an E-mini? ....................................................304 Introduction to Trusts.........372 Some advice from Bill Gates......Money from thin air...............................................................................332 A trading career in E-minis .................................................... 345 E-minis case study..............................369 Lifestyle bucket.................... 334 Some benefits of E-minis ...................................................................................................................................................336 Trading E-minis has many advantages............. 350 Mark Rolton..................................... 358 The Churn Principle.......................380 Index ..............................................327 19 Trading E-minis.............................................................. 301 Should I get a finance broker to arrange my loan?........................................................................ 325 Businesses and asset protection..............................................................some frequently asked questions .................. 357 Negotiating Options.349 How can you 'sell' real estate if you don't own (buy) it first?........... 319 Some examples of warning labels.......................................................311 Trusts summary....... 355 Some real estate tips from Mark Rolton................................................ 343 Trading E-minis ....... 293 How to obtain 100 per cent finance...................................................324 Companies have two main players....................................................................302 18 Tax secrets of the rich....................................................... 354 Using Other Peoples' Money (OPM)...................313 Are your assets protected?......................................................................................................................................362 Key legalities.............................298 Some finance questions that you will need to address ...................................359 Cycles in the Real Estate Market............................336 What............................................................. 355 Options for success ............................................................... 298 Can I borrow money to finance property if I have little income? 300 What happens if I cannot obtain 100 percent finance? ....... 305 What is a 'bucket company'? ......................................... 389 ..........Adding value to the tenant.................353 How much deposit should I pay for an Option?..................................................338 E-minis traders use a range of charts.....378 22 Success stories ............................363 Option Combinations............................................................................................... 323 The strawman and person of substance..................................................................


I find many people that I coach still think to this date that making lots of money is the main key to becoming wealthy. (Please note this is a major wealth myth) 1. THE KEY TO B ECOMING WEALTHY Jamie McIntyre .

000 (below poverty level) • 51 have annual incomes between $10. at graduation or retirement? According to J. Urcivoli.300 saved towards their retirement.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had How and when do you measure education's success? How and when do you measure education's success.000 (median is $ 18. When Social Security was started there were 16 people working for every one person on the program. way beyond that which is provided in 21st century schools.000 when they are 65.000) • 4 have annual incomes over $ 35. Today the ratio is 3:1 In the next 12 years it is projected to be 1:1 Source: The Millionaire Next Door This book is designed to give you a 21st century educational system. Sr. TAFEs and universities.000 • Yet 1 in every 100 is a millionaire • Today's average 50 year old has only $2.000 and $ 35. Only 5 percent of the population can put their hands on $10. 2 . a former Vice President at Merrill Lynch for every 100 people at age 65: • 25 are dead • 20 have annual incomes under $10.

I expect to have achieved the following outcomes: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ To achieve these outcomes.com .The key to becoming wealthy My expectations of this book At the conclusion of reading this book.1 . I am willing to commit to the following to ensure I achieve my desired results: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.21stcenturybonusdvd.

Ewing did not seem to work too much. study hard to get really good grades and with those really good grades. But perhaps astronauts. I preferred to play sport rather than apply myself academically because I quite liked the idea of becoming a professional rugby league player. Has anyone ever bothered to check that out? Going through school. so when people would ask me that question at a young age I would answer. nurses or lawyers (well maybe not lawyers). what do you want to be when you grow up?” Now. That is what my father had done and what my grandfather did when he was alive. Growing up with a farm background. the two things that were conditioned into me from an early age were that life was hard work and a struggle. But unfortunately for me. I did not know exactly what I wanted to be. I just coasted along. or perhaps it was just in the back of my mind that I linked being rich to being above average and going for it in life. however quite warm in summer and usually nice and green. In order to do well in life and make money. Or it could have been from playing too much Monopoly with my brothers. actresses and so on . in a small town called Glen Innes.it is different for different people. Now I often wonder in the 21st century how that formula is going for people.” I do not know if it was from watching the American TV show 'Dallas' too much. I grew up in a small country town on a 2. drove around in expensive cars and lived on nice ranches. like most people did. it is rather cold. I was not at the top of the class. And the second part of the equation for the 'ultimate success formula' was that you needed to go to school. policemen.R. if you recall. “When I grow up I want to be rich. “Jamie. but that looked pretty good to me because J. some people may want to be doctors. if you want to make a lot of 4 . there was no mention of professional football when my teacher gave me his recommendation on what to do as a career. He said. “Jamie. 50 or 60 years of your life you would get to retire to the 'good life'.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had When I was a kid people would ask me. on the proviso that you worked hard for 40. Then. which is in Northern New South Wales. hopefully one day you would get a really good secure job. If you go there in winter you will never forget it. actors. you had to work really hard.000-acre farm that my family still has to this day. or at the bottom.

“Jamie. just like many other young people do. I can remember asking my mother. At the time I felt like a failure because I could not just settle for what I was being taught at university.” Actually. However. It is interesting to note that nearly all millionaires I have since had the fortunate opportunity to study were high school or university dropouts and now employ those who were apparently smarter and gained a higher high school score or university degree. let alone excel in the 21st century.com . after I had spent all my hard earned savings to fund my way to university. this was the exact opposite to what I had been conditioned or convinced into believing all my life.21stcenturybonusdvd. you need a university degree or otherwise unfortunately you will not make it in life. you should go to university and become an accountant. not one of them said. So I stuck to my teacher's game plan and went off to university. and I believe many others. If you are at university I do not suggest you quit as it teaches 5 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I felt the education system was failing me and many others and it was then that I started to become restless and looked for an education that would serve me for life.The key to becoming wealthy money when you grow up. It was like peer group pressure and this sense of fear that if I did not get a degree. I did not know at the time. I started to pursue a career without knowing if that was what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. That was the real reason I.1 . were there. “Why is there not a university that will teach me how to be successful in life?” I felt that many things I had learnt at school and was learning at university were never going to be helpful in achieving my dreams in life. but as I later realised out of all the successful role models and mentors I would study in the years ahead on what it takes to have an extraordinary quality of life. many of them stated that a university degree can be a major hindrance and what is taught in our current education system is mostly useless and is why most people fail miserably in life (more of this later in the book). I would be a failure in life. but I did not know the reality back then.” Now some accountants find that rather humorous. I soon discovered that accountancy was not my passion and eventually got to a point where I was disillusioned with what I had learnt at school and university.

I was able to acquire around $16. that is why I am not rich. I need a business . I later figured out the only way to get money from banks was to prove to them right up front that you do not need it in the first place. so I got creative and came across a thing called credit cards. He said. 6 . so this must be the true secret to becoming wealthy. “Okay.” or so I thought. But I did not want to give up my dream of being rich by owning my own business.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had many valuable things. then they seemed to just send it to you without asking in the form of pre-approved credit cards and lines of credit. A friend of mine had a mobile phone and I could see that more and more people were using them. I came to the conclusion that by the year 2000 most people would own a mobile phone. it also fails to teach many things. even though I did not have any idea of what business I should be in.000 in cash to launch my first business.that will bring millions to my door. right? To give money to people that really desperately need it. right? Well. I mean that is what banks must be for. So I did some 'in depth' research. However. A bank appeared to be the logical answer. therefore the telecommunications industry was definitely the industry of the future. I am not rich yet and I want to be rich one day. but that was my old way of thinking. In my opinion. I do not agree with that any more. You need money to make money. however. I thought owning a business that made lots of money would be handy. I simply need my own business and because I have been working for someone else. that is what I had always been taught growing up. etc. About this time I heard an interesting statistic from a wealthy gentleman. Unfortunately I did not meet the bank's criteria at the time and they would not give me any money. “Did you know that over 70 percent of people that become rich in this country do so by owning their own business?” At this point in time I knew nothing about making money or anything like that. My first challenge in owning my own business was where I was going to get the money to start it. Using credit cards. so I thought. one needs more than just a university education to achieve one's dreams in the 21st century. Have you discovered credit cards yet? I was able to develop multiple relationships with credit cards. which are so necessary to excel in the 21st century.

just a dream and lots of courage. Soon I became weighed down with debt and lost my enthusiasm for life. After a period of time I started to link more pain to money than pleasure. My teachers at school could only teach me what they knew and nobody had ever taught them.21stcenturybonusdvd.com . I was spending more than I earned and I quickly became an expert at creating debt. surprisingly within nine months of starting my business with no real business experience. Is this what life is meant to be like? Is this what I have to 7 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. It eventually got to the point where I was saying. I was making more money per month than I used to make in a whole year working for someone else. like a lot of people. I was living up to the good work ethic that my parents had instilled in me of working really hard.) However. had to figure out money management the hard way. Subconsciously. My business was turning over large amounts of cash so I thought. So I. “I am not interested in making money. My debt was spiralling out of control and I thought that if I could just earn more money then everything would be all right. they too were focused on going to work and to work for money. putting in long hours and then struggling to cover my bills.a whole 30 seconds of research! However. I do not know if you were ever taught at school how to manage this thing called money. Money is not important”.” I looked around me and found that most people's day to day activities were very similar to my own.1 .” I find many people that I coach still think to this date that making lots of money is the main key to becoming wealthy. what started to happen was that I began to link pain to money from the stress of not having enough and not knowing how to manage it. I discovered a new experience.The key to becoming wealthy As you can see a lot of planning went into this new business venture . I thought. success was easy and there was nothing to it. the expenses and overheads rapidly followed behind and then my expenses actually overtook my income. how to get into debt fast. “There has got to be more to life than just working for money. This led me to believe that business was simple. as my income increased. (Please note this is a major wealth myth. “Ahah! Another secret to becoming wealthy must be simply to make lots of money. No one had ever taught me how to manage this thing called money and it was creating major havoc in my life.

I had initially decided to get into the telecommunications business to get a life. In hindsight. but they too had found that it consumed their life. I should have said that I wanted to get out of the business by selling it for a nice profit and be financially comfortable until I decided what I really wanted to do. Later still I was to learn that you need to be careful what you ask for. As a result. which was not what I was really after. I had given my life to the business. When businesses like mine go broke. They phoned my customers direct. but still retain all their new customers the small businesses worked hard for years to create. because I was too trusting I fell victim to their foul play. a supposedly reputable company in Australia. They also avoid paying out the airtime commissions (percentage of customers' mobile phone calls which is money that would come in while you sleep if you owned a successful telecommunications company and one of the reasons I originally thought of it as being a great business). deliberately switched off all my mobile phone customers for several hours. Yet. But at this point in time I did not care how I got my life back. I was owed several hundred thousand dollars from the service providers I was dealing with. I decided I could not stand being in business any more and wanted out. so virtually forcing small businesses like mine to bankruptcy. whereby many service providers deliberately delayed paying commission to smaller businesses like mine that connected mobile phone customers to them. I just wanted to be out of the business and a few months later I was out of the business . I wanted my life back. Years later I learned that many others could relate to this as they had started their own business or career to get a life. told them that my company had not paid the phone bills and my company was going broke and they should sign up direct with them. one of the service providers I was dealing with. I now had my time back but I had no money.in fact. the service providers save paying out all their commissions.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had put up with for the next forty years? There has to be more to life than just working for money. They failed to mention that I was only going broke because 8 . But I forgot to mention that and I lost the business and my entire company. I could have been declared bankrupt! In hindsight. In fact.

21stcenturybonusdvd. but not much money . did I lose my entire income and my business was destroyed. over fifteen years ago. I have been informed that many of the mobile phone companies in Australia are still up to their dirty tricks and driving small dealers to the wall and quickly replacing them with the next victim. they sacrifice money for time.The key to becoming wealthy they refused to pay the commissions. my dreams were shattered and I was feeling sick in my stomach from stress. Not only were they doing something highly illegal. I was holidaying in Byron Bay. The name of the game is to sell that time for as much as they can per hour or per week. Some people get really good at that. Now it sounds very simple. Obviously. one day they will be investigated and someone will stand up for small Australian businesses being destroyed by the large. Since that time. but it can be a difficult equation for most people. Many people said I should sue them. I had more pressing problems to face. which we all have 24 hours of in a day. lifestyle is really time plus money. What I was really after was to get control of my life and also a thing called lifestyle.com . without the commission payments I did not have. mostly foreign companies. Hopefully. In essence. Of course there is always the other side of the spectrum where people will say that money is less important to them than their time. The challenge is that because we need both time and money to have lifestyle.no offence to Byron Bay. For most Australians and Americans the way they try to obtain lifestyle is to take their time.people with lots of time on their hands. they often have a better education than others and they can sell their time at a higher price. However. Not only. however that takes enormous money and time which. a beautiful part of of the east coast of Australia once and I witnessed many examples of this . A reason they wanted to get my customers to sign up directly was that they did not want to pay out their agreed commissions. you could imagine I was not a very happy young person when I found out. then they try to sell that time in exchange for some money. but also they were attempting to destroy my credibility. Instead. we often sacrifice our time for money. take it to the courts. I was facing bankruptcy.1 . which hurt even more. So the challenge is to find a way to have both time and money 9 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I owed over $150.000 in personal debt accumulated to cash flow my company whilst waiting for commission payments which never came.

but they are often based on theory. nothing. Imagine if we could have both together. I only really had two options. school etc.000 in personal debt. I will share the process I went through to work this out later in the book. You or someone you know may have read a personal development book or attended a seminar. the concept being that if we grow as people we are more likely to live our dreams. Luckily for me one of my friends. and that was when I realised I had to produce some real life results . however I had to let go of the hurt and anger I initially felt in order to actively become a millionaire.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had and to ensure the correct balance of both. Either I could retreat to the family farm with my tail between my legs and become a farmer like my father and his father before. At this stage. This was a major turning point for me in my short life because for the first time I took a good hard look at myself and asked what it was that I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.the things that actually made a difference in my life. You know. I realised that my education in the past had been based mainly on theory. not even $20 to my name. not actual experience. I do not think I was the only one. working for me at the time. or I could stay in Sydney and try to turn this mess around. That was something I thought would be ideal but I did not have a clue how to do it. Not traditional teachers that teach theory like many do at school or university. no money. I do not mean to be critical of those education systems. no job. I also realised I needed to develop 10 . which at the time I thought was a lot of money. It was then that I realised I needed to go out and seek teachers and role models to help me achieve that purpose. university. It eventually became clear what my purpose was. So I started to do that. I also realised that if I was going to live my dreams I needed to change as a person. Some say success is sweet revenge. walk into their offices in Sydney and fire the employees that ruthlessly enjoyed seeing my business destroyed for the sake of their increased profits. Plus. let me sleep on his couch because I could not afford to pay rent that is how bad it got. but teachers that had real life experiences. So there I was with no lifestyle and $150. I vowed that one day I would become so wealthy I would buy the telecommunications company that sent me to the wall. I had company debt on top of that and no income.

I would still be paying that debt off. The information age allows people to access information via seminars. I thought that perhaps I could learn from a multi-millionaire. And I usually find I am heading in the right direction . who were patient and caring enough to help me. nothing ever just happened. No doubt you may also be looking for mentors. A lot of people ask me where I got my role models or mentors from and I often jokingly say to them. I also learned how to eliminate debt rapidly. I was able to learn how to make money with no money. In other words.1 . I used to think knowledge was power until I learnt that I actually had to act on that knowledge. I consistently look at what most people do in a particular situation and then I generally do the exact opposite.21stcenturybonusdvd. However. 'I hear you want to do well financially and I am your local multi-millionaire here to give you some coaching. Instead. if I had just followed what most people do. because I had none and I was hoping that would work.even if I have no idea of what I am doing! 11 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. my life started to improve rather rapidly. I had wealthy mentors (my millionaire mentors as I refer to them). What I found was that I needed mentors that had produced phenomenal results in their life.'” Or you may need to do as I did and go out and search to find and do whatever it takes to develop relationships with people who have produced the results that you want in your life or easier still. books. I call it the law of opposites. Once I had learnt how to apply this information to my situation. surely someone like this would know more about money and success than I did. I followed the strategy my millionaire mentor recommended that one of the ways to be financially successful in life was to simply find out what most people are doing and then to do the exact opposite. I thought it would be great to learn how you make money with no money. My wealthy mentors shared information with me that proved to be very valuable which I will share with you in this book. tapes and the Internet. And that was important as I had lots to practice on. But it was not the information alone that made the difference. read books they have written.The key to becoming wealthy different areas of my education and I started to seek out mentors in these particular areas. not only to understand but also apply these skills and strategies. “Well you can be lucky and your local multi-millionaire could knock on your door one day and say.com .

even if it was hard to believe. My millionaire mentor also asked me how many forms of income most Australians have. so I thought I would try that as well. I liked the sound of making money while you sleep. He told me he had dozens of forms of income and most of them were coming in while he slept. In fact. The freedom to do what I want. To dramatically increase my income like this I had to learn strategies that enabled me to do that which I will expand on further later in this book. Today I get to live the lifestyle I have always dreamed about. but what you do with that money is what is important. Once I could do that I could free my time up and have the thing I wanted most .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had This also explains why many people never succeed because one of their excuses is they do not know what to do. whenever I want. that was too trusting and often overly optimistic! I also learned that being financially successful is not just about making money. which was important. where I want and with whomever I want sounded great to me. successful people in the beginning do not either. I was able to firstly get an income and then increase my income. multiply it by fifteen and imagine it increasing to that figure over the next year. my income went through a massive transformation where it increased fifteen fold in less than twelve months from an above average income in the first place. how to manage my cash flow and how to turn that money into more money.even a young farmer's son who some said was a dreamer.000. Jot down what your current income is. I had to learn how to keep money. They just get started and go on faith that they will learn what is necessary on the way. That is. while keeping the one focus.lifestyle.000 per annum x 15 = $750. 12 . I thought. However. The strategies my millionaire mentor shared with me were so simple that anyone could apply them . probably one. Would you be happy if that was the case? Most people would be happy if their income increased by only 10%. if you were earning $50. In other words how could I get it to come back to me and ideally while I was sleeping. I learned how to build multiple forms of income. These strategies started to work well for me and over a short period of time. or maybe two if they had a second part time job or part time business.

So I really respect you if you have read this far. you must be open to learning and I admire you for picking up this book and taking some time out of your busy schedule to read it. my life changed too. When I changed from someone that was very closed minded to a sponge. “Yeah right . New Zealand. by driving nice cars. open to any idea or concept that could improve my life in some way. The other thing I recommend is the concept of giving. travelling the world. I would have said. My millionaire mentor who was an Australian multimillionaire said to me. Now I do not know if you can relate to this. but most importantly living my life's purpose. And sometimes I could not even manage to do that. the amazing people I have met. The things I treasure and value the most are the great friendships I have developed. be earning the income I do. don't you think you are being 13 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. having a farm with its own personal airstrip.com . Thirteen years ago not being open-minded was a major part of what was holding me back. Today I pinch myself to think that my dreams are now a reality. If someone had said to me 15 years ago that I would have the lifestyle I have right now. having a successful stock and property portfolio. serving my creator and contributing and adding value to so many people's lives.The key to becoming wealthy But I share my story with you not to impress you but to impress upon you that there were certain things I had to learn that made a huge difference and turned my life around from being one of hard work and struggle into a life that is definitely not hard work and not a struggle.21stcenturybonusdvd. by impacting on the amount of people I do in a positive way. amongst other things.1 . Today I get the chance to travel extensively and one thing I have noticed about fellow Australians is there are only a very small percentage of people like myself who are actually willing to learn with an open mind. owning a multi-million dollar Noosa (Queensland) waterfront home and a dream winter home overlooking the beautiful lakes and mountains in Queenstown. “Jamie. but I used to make enough money to only get by. No wonder so few people ever live their dreams.impossible!” But I have found that amazing things can happen if people are willing to be open-minded and committed. I decided to measure my success by what difference I make to the world and how many people I help rather than using material things as a measure.

If you do not have a favourite charity. For the first time. Just joking. All I ask in return is that if your income or net wealth increases as a result. 14 . Imagine what you could do in your life. by shifting my focus from myself to helping other people I was able to look at creating wealth in a different way. Today I still work to create wealth. I am sure you will find someone in your circle of friends who will volunteer for this role. I realised I could be committed to helping others and become rich at the same time. the money or the energy to help a lot of other people as you are too overtaken with your own financial problems to consider helping others. I realised that instead of feeling guilty about making money I was obligated and morally responsible to become wealthy to help other people. that you will consider giving a percentage of that increase to a favourite charity. Money is a tool to serve. I do it primarily because I am driven to serve other people.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had a little bit selfish just making enough money to take care of yourself?” This gentleman was earning forty times more than he could ever possibly need and I replied. then you are the one being selfish because you do not have the time. but for other people. as unfortunately many people feel that they cannot be spiritual and rich at the same time. To me money is a tool. “I do not do it because I am greedy.” He went on to explain that if you just make enough money to take care of yourself. Now. if you could master this mysterious thing we call 'money'. I do it because it puts me in a position to help other people. It was this alternative way of looking at things that made a big difference to me. not just for yourself or your family. “Aren't you the selfish one? You are rich! You must be selfish. I am happy to share many wealth-creation strategies with you over the course of this book. not because I need it to survive as I have a lot more income and a lot more net worth than I need to live the lifestyle I always dreamed about.” He said there was a different way of looking at it and that he deliberately made thirty to forty times more in net worth and income than he needed. He said. I link massive pleasure to helping people which highly motivates me to work.

21stcenturybonusdvd. Once he applied our 15 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. We do not have to live in fear of what is going to happen because we can have a sense of certainty about our future. I will cover practical ways throughout the book to achieve this mindset. He had a high-paying senior management role in a multi-national company.or so you would think. If I lost the wealth I have been able to create in the last 13 years. You probably know some people like that who live in fear of losing money. There are many people in this country that are financially wealthy . One of their recent graduates. but I know with certainty I could create it back faster and easier without the need to work hard. Whenever I attend these sessions I am blown away by the phenomenal success stories I hear from graduates from all walks of life who have successfully applied these strategies. To me that is real freedom. which is what holds most people back. I also personally enjoy facilitating seminars on behalf of the 21st Century Academy. They are real life strategies I have personally used myself and strategies I have modelled from some of the most successful people on the planet.The key to becoming wealthy which means I earn even more money due to putting passion into my work. I would be lying if I said it would not bother me. I share this with you to help you understand that what I am going to be sharing with you is not theory. but he had no idea how to manage his cash flow to the point where he was heading towards bankruptcy. Part of what the 21st Century Academy do is conduct follow-up support seminars. I learned how to develop what I call an ideal mindset. And I think that is what most people want. I would probably be upset for a day or two. was going nowhere financially. a middle-aged gentleman.com .1 . They have lots of money but they live in fear of losing it. To master money was a goal of mine and I am glad I have achieved it to a level that produces better results than I ever expected. The truth of the matter was that he could not determine the difference between an asset and a liability. Who would not like to have that freedom? That is more valuable than having wealth alone because it is something that cannot be taken away. a multi-million dollar Australian education organisation that teaches the skills and strategies of a 21st century education which includes overcoming fears.

Other graduates have made $5.just as the founder of IBM did long before he ever opened the doors for business. doubled his fees and his customers keep coming back. In order to earn the equivalent they would normally have to work 230 hours. At the 21st Century Academy they teach people to start with the end in mind . He now enjoys a better quality of life and can look forward to a great future. She also re-negotiated her partner's loan and released $200. Since applying these strategies one person has managed to increase his active income to the maximum. I mention 21st Century Academy because the strategies in this book have already been utilised successfully by thousands of ordinary Australians who can testify to their results. Another story I heard was from two teenage brothers who have created a monthly cash flow of $1. He has given all his customers guarantees for his computer programming service. Yet another person created enough cash flow from her investments to take her family on a long overdue five-week trip to visit her son in Switzerland. So you can image how exciting their futures have suddenly become.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had debt reduction and cash flow management strategies he was able to eliminate 50 percent of his debt and save for the first time in his life.600 extra without needing to work by using some of the simple strategies covered in this book. working 8 hours a day) as a casual employee at a hamburger restaurant such as McDonald's. These two simple strategies alone have completely impacted his life and he is no longer a victim of financial stress. They travelled around Europe through their investments.000 to $10. You are going to get access to many of these strategies that normally you would have to pay thousands of dollars to access in seminars.000 in equity to use for the strategy you will learn later in this book.000 discount with 100% finance.000 per month within 90 days of implementing some of these strategies and have been able to leave their jobs. Since applying these strategies. (about 6 weeks. one individual found a Residential Investment Property at $15. All 21st Century Academy graduates are taught how to design their lives down to the smallest detail and are shown how to 16 . It is great to have this new mindset which allows them to share these experiences.

One of the guest speakers at an Advanced Seminar last year. so when you come to the exercises in the book I suggest you commit to doing them... he had no money. Now. You should use it like a workbook and a reference guide to look back on after you have finished reading it. including massive By writing his vision each day.com . he had his vision statement began to completely turned his life appear before his very eyes. around and the life he including massive financial created in his vision success and plenty of time to statement began to spend with his growing family in appear before his very their new dream home. could only speak basic English and he and his wife lived in an apartment with no furniture. combined with the best financial strategies I know.1 . he created . combined with RPA (Results Purpose Action). not only did he reinforce it. I am not trying to tell you that he just wrote his vision out daily and did not take any action. be like and wrote it out no he had completely turned his life less than twice a day.The key to becoming wealthy create action steps to ensure their dreams become a reality. as it will come down to your level of personal commitment to how well you apply these strategies. For you to get the most out of this book you will need to become involved. Several years later. financial success . he created a in his 'ideal' life would be like vision statement of what a and wrote it out no less than day in his 'ideal' life would twice a day. after struggling a vision statement of what a day financially. after struggling financially.. You may notice that the layout of this book is a little different to many other books you have read before.. also it kept him focused on what was really important in his life and gave him something to strive for. 17 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Within six months.21stcenturybonusdvd. By using the strategies of designing your life. shown in this book. you too can create your ideal life much sooner than you expect. knows first hand the impact designing your life can have. Australia's leading direct marketer. When he first emigrated from the Czech Republic. around and the life he created in Within six months. Obviously to achieve such dramatic results in such a short period of time requires dramatic action. eyes.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had So. then you will need to know why do most people fail? 18 . The percentages are similar in most western societies including the USA. nearly 96 percent of the population never achieves financial independence according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics published in mainstream Australian newspapers in 1999. But. or creating your ideal life sounds like something that you are committed to do. before you learn all these exciting cash flow and lifestyle strategies and how to excel in the 21st century. we need to discover why it is that we live in one of the wealthiest nations on earth but so few of us achieve the riches most people desire. if you think that learning how to make money while you sleep. then you are definitely ready to get started. In fact. or reducing debt. To find out how to become part of the 4 percent that excel financially.

.so why am I not rich? 2.W HY DO MOST PEOPLE F AIL? I live in one of the wealthiest countries on earth .

1 percent of the population at age 65 will become what we call 'rich'. It is interesting to note the people following this formula. dead broke. Going to school. often with a higher education. and what can we do about it? The other thing I was very curious about was why there are some people that start with nothing and become millionaires. despite our politicians trying to convince us otherwise. It just means they have enough money coming in to support them. With all the wealth that still exists. Unfortunately. which means that at age 65 they are able to stop working and continue to live a comfortable lifestyle. which is nearly 96 percent of the population. are the ones who generally by the age of 65 end up dead. The Australian Bureau of Statistics classifies 'rich' as having a net worth in excess of $1 million dollars. getting a good education and then working long and hard until retirement. fail and their lives are filled with hard work and struggle. But there are other people who seem much more intelligent. What is the difference between the two? Is it luck that has some people acquire wealth. now the standard of living for many Australians is dropping rapidly.there is no age limit for financial success. and there are a lot of examples of that in Australia right now. “Why is it that most people do not make it?” After all the World Bank once considered Australia to be the wealthiest nation on the planet. but some people do. some people even in their early 20s. I have been dead broke before and at one stage I thought that 'dead' would have been better and I am glad I did not take that option. 40s or 50s . usually around $42. 4 percent of the population becomes what we call 'Financially Independent' (FI).000 per annum.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had After I made the decision to stay in Sydney and turn my financial crisis around I began to ask myself some valuable questions. Some people in their 30s. The first question being. A million dollars used to be a lot of money years ago. perhaps they buy more lotto tickets? Do they marry into money or inherit it? Or is there a bit more to it? Let's look at the 'success formula' that most people have been following. but by today's standards it is not that 20 . why is it that so few Australians get to share in it? What is going on that limits us to sharing in only a fraction of this country's wealth. It does not mean they are rich. on a pension or need the family to support them. that in terms of achieving financial success.

Why do most people fail? much. despite their best intentions.2 . Exercise 1 Fill-in the incomplete words At age 65 in Australia 96% D 3% F 1% R I __________________ For those of you into detail. what we are trying to learn is how to achieve lifestyle. When you were leaving school. Now you may say you cannot blame money for that . (and some of you will need 21 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. There are many people who die with it and there is not a lot of lifestyle in that.000 millionaires in Australia and more than 3 million in North America. get a job that you do not really like and work really hard for 45 years? You will work Monday to Friday. Becoming asset rich and cash flow poor is really not the idea. most people will become millionaires just by paying their house off over 20 or 30 years. do these people necessarily have lifestyle? Remember.21stcenturybonusdvd. and lifestyle = time + money. Now. They become what we call asset rich and cash flow poor. 71 of them will end up broke at age 65 and sadly 25 of them will be dead. did your teacher ever say to you. “Who would like to volunteer to go out into the world. let me ask you a question. the percentage of people that actually have the quality of life they would really like is very small. In other words.maybe even intimately. imagine you had 100 classmates. they need to keep on working. There are many people that become millionaires but still lack time and money. You probably know some people like that . In the future. There are about 200. but even then.or can you? A lot of doctors talk about a thing called cancer of the wallet. Out of 100 of your classmates. Having money stuck away that cannot be used is pointless.com . Sadly. Do you know what that is? It is financial stress and is usually not caused by having too much money but a lack of money.

by the way. My guess is nearly 100% .a. It is clear now that this formula definitely is not working for most people.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had to work Saturday as well) to pay the bills and never get to do the things you really want to do because you will not have enough time or enough money. Have you heard the phrase that success leaves clues? I have found in my experience that failure leaves more clues. you need to figure out what most Australians are doing and do the exact opposite. travel to all the places they ever wanted. if you want to succeed. I had to take a good look in the mirror and find out what it was that was holding me back. We could look at this as evidence that it is highly unlikely that we are going to succeed and we could say. how many do you think would volunteer to learn how to set themselves up financially. “Jamie.000 (with an average of about $18. Alternatively. is below the poverty level! 51 of them will have an income between $10. Then at age 65 you will get to retire and within 2. When I was turning my life around I had to be completely honest with myself for the very first time. establish a career that they believe in and live the life of their dreams.000) .” What percentage of students do you think would have volunteered to do that? Maybe one or two up the back of the class who must not have been paying attention and missed the question.000 and $35.” Instead it is probably a good idea to take the advice of my millionaire mentor who said. so that from age 25 to 30 onwards they never had to work another day in their life unless they chose to? Instead they would get to spend quality time with family and friends.” I believe that anyone can follow this philosophy if we keep it rather simple. really lucky.000 p. at age 65. So. 22 . “What is the point of really trying? The people making it must be really.000 and only one of them will be classified as a millionaire. That.except for the ones up the back who must not have been paying attention and missed the question again. What about the ones that retired broke? How broke are they? 20 of them will have incomes of less than $15.7 years you will drop dead. 25 of your classmates have unfortunately passed away. Usually when things are not working we tend to look within.that is not very good either! Only four of them will have annual incomes of over $35.

” So I went from denying that I was interested in money to admitting that I was very interested in money because I loved my family dearly and valued my time and wanted to control my life. I could not figure out what he meant by this. I learned subtle shifts make a big difference to what is going on inside our heads and this became a huge turning point for me. “Jamie. you must not make money your god.2 . “That is true.” Then he said. Would you not say that is a classic case of denial?” For the first time I was actually honest with myself and I said. “I am not interested in money . Not only did I blame other people but also the circumstances. “You know most people would agree with you that there are other things more important than money.” until my millionaire mentor told me that I was in denial. because if I did I could have the freedom I wanted. no.Why do most people fail? Denial I used to say. (I will call them 96 percenters) is the ability to blame everyone else for your problems and to create elaborate excuses. then money will no longer be an issue. “If you want to become wealthy. “Well. Those things that are most important to you like family. I decided right then that I was prepared to make the effort to master money. career and relationships will always be your top priority. but can you guess what the people do who usually say that? They go and work for it because they are just like you Jamie. “Well that sort of makes sense. You go off and work your whole life for money and the whole time you say you are not interested in it. A lot of people say they are not interested in money. I used to 23 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.” I thought. If you can learn how to master it and have it work for you as opposed to you working for it. He said.21stcenturybonusdvd. do you think if you say you are not interested in money then that is going to help you become financially successful?” and I thought. health.com . I became really good at blaming other people when things were not working for me. maybe not. Instead you have to learn to master money.money is not everything. Blame and excuses The other two important qualities you need to have in order to be in the 96% of people who fail financially. I would blame the companies that would not pay me.” My millionaire mentor also said.

many other people would have been tempted to hang on and be upset. as a consequence they have never invested in property again. For those who have not. I would have blamed the dog if I had one! What I realised was that I was taking the power away from myself whenever I blamed other people. or if I could just find the right job or the right career. but you can not do both at the same time. “I invested in the market once and I lost a lot of money. If you still want to blame something then blame excuses! I used to have lots of excuses like. but by letting go. or you need money to make money. In the same situation. If you want to become wealthy you need to devote your energy to your future. then I would make it. or if someone would help me out.” One of my favourite excuses was. or if I did not have all this debt. Most people live in the past and they devote their energy to the past.” Then he gave me another pearl of wisdom. “I am not interested in money. I know someone who bought a property and lost money. “I heard once that you can make excuses in your life and you can make money. angry and peeved off about what happened to them.” All of these excuses were not doing me a lot of good.” At the time. therefore I am never going to invest ever again. I am not the only person that has been taken advantage of financially in one way or another.” Instead they should be taking a look at what they did and what could be done differently so they do better next time.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had blame my business partners who took advantage of me and I used to blame my parents for not being rich. you could focus your energy on your past and try to collect all this money that is owing to you. that is called 'old money'. “If I could just get back all the money that is owing to me then I could turn my business around. I did not realise it. And 24 . 20 or 30 years? The question is how will you deal with it? So. what do you think is likely to happen in the next 10. moving on and forgetting about it I was creating the space for a lot more new money to come into my life. He said. “Jamie.” When my millionaire mentor heard this he said. should we let those things stop us? Some people say. That is called new money. probably half the population has. “I guarantee if you take that energy and dedicate it to the future you will be a self made millionaire well before you ever collect the money that is owing to you.

become negative and settle for a low paid job for the rest of their lives! Getting a job and working hard. How many people do nothing different and wonder why nothing changes in their life? When I first learned I had to take some action. that is pretty profound. yet not thinking about things sometimes is the easy solution to the problem and most people opt for the easy way out in life. Once I applied the Law of Opposites. Now. Along with accountability comes action. Unfortunately my actions were not always intelligent or consistent.Why do most people fail? then there are some people who never touch anything or do anything. 25 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000 in debt and I was not sure what to do to turn my situation around. Accountability and action Until now I had been making excuses and shifting blame. As well as consistent action.com . I call this intelligent action. at the time I was sleeping on my friend's couch and I was $150. I learned to ask myself quality questions about the action I was taking. I thought that meant all I had to do was go out and take any sort of action and I would be successful. The intelligent action I took was to invest in my real life education.21stcenturybonusdvd. Obviously this was not an easy thing to do because I did not have any money at the time! I will later share in detail the major obstacles I had to overcome and the sense of commitment that was required of me. Is it really? I have covered the qualities that a 96 percenter possesses in abundance. I asked myself what most people would do faced with the same situation and the answer was .2 . Once I accepted I was responsible for my mistakes I was able to reclaim my personal power. but what attributes do you need to develop to put yourself in the 4% bracket of the financially independent. I discovered that if I was going to make it financially and in any other area of my life I needed to be accountable. So using the Law of Opposites I knew the financially intelligent thing to do was not going to be to just settle for a job. But when you think about it. Eventually I realised there was no point in being motivated for only a few weeks at a time. For example. They think this is a risk proof strategy. it is not the easiest solution because I would have needed to work at a job for around 25 to 30 years just to pay off my debt.

my millionaire mentor said to me. because without gratitude you will never have true wealth. Australia and New Zealand have been rated two of the safest countries in the world. the answer is no. “I live in Australia!” Is that a great place to live to create wealth? Australia is definitely a great place for lifestyle. you need to accept the wealth you already have. I would wake up each morning and ask myself. rather than what I did not have and immediately my life looked and felt better. with both USA and UK citizens flooding our embassies for visas to come and live here. At first I really struggled to find anything to be grateful for. So when I added DENIAL + BLAME + EXCUSES. so are you really wealthy? Obviously.that is common sense. “Nothing!” I was ungrateful and angry. Every morning when you wake up.” He said. And that is a lot to be grateful for. “Jamie. here is what I recommend you do. “You may need to train yourself to focus on what you can be grateful for. Do you think anyone in Australia in their right mind would want to trade places with someone in Bangladesh or Ethiopia? We have a tremendous amount of wealth already and I had to start to recognise that.I was 26 .” But what I was focused on at that time were my obstacles. find five things that you can be grateful for in your life.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Gratitude The other thing I had to develop was gratitude. So once again I had to apply the Law of Opposites and slowly began to focus on what I had. if you want to be successful. Especially since the September 11 attacks in America. “In order to have more of what you want. In fact we already have everything we need to be successful.I am alive!” If I wake up breathing is it more likely that I can become a millionaire as opposed to if I do not wake up breathing? I said. I know that what we focus on in life is what we get . At the time when I was waking up on my friend's couch freaking out about how I was going to get out of my financial mess.” he said. You can become a millionaire and lose your gratitude. “Hang on a minute . In Australia we are all incredibly wealthy. I got the perfect ingredients of the mindset of a 96 percenter . Then I thought. “What am I grateful for?” In the beginning I said. along with thousands of boat people.

Now. but most people only want to know about strategies and they neglect their mindset. I found most people go to work for money. The reason I believe this is because about fifteen years ago that is what I would have chosen. or b) Taking the effort to develop the mindset that is necessary to have the success they want in their life. I have nothing against making money and making a profit. I used to be in business purely to make money.2 . They have been taught at school to get a job to work for money.Why do most people fail? becoming one of the people that retire either dead or dead broke and are headed for financial disaster! Whereas. He told me that in order to live my dreams I would need to master two things. I did not have a higher purpose behind why I wanted to make the money (another big success clue). Exercise 2 Fill-in the incomplete words 96 percenter D B E My millionaire mentor pointed out to me that the thing that was stopping me from having wealth was my thinking. but it is the intention and energy behind it that really makes the difference. if we asked most Australians or Americans what they would prefer: a) The million dollars cash. Mindset and strategies Imagine for a moment that there was someone who was willing to give you a million dollars in cash.com . I started to develop the mindset of a 4 percenter and inevitably move towards becoming financially independent. Mindset + STRATEGIES. or alternatively teach you to develop and create the mindset of a millionaire. So if they have 27 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.21stcenturybonusdvd. once I decided to have a combination of ACCOUNTABILITY + ACTION + GRATITUDE. what do you think they would go for? I believe most people would take the cash. Both are important.

“… this makes sense. Can you believe that? Would they have been better off with the cash or the mindset? If you can understand that simple concept you can do the opposite to most people. I know all this stuff. “Jamie. So what I had to do was take my eyes off the cash. Strategies only equal 20%. research shows they will be worse off 3 to 7 years later. and my mentor would say. So let's assume someone is lucky enough to win lotto. when really it is unbelievably simple.they can gamble. To me hard work and struggling made sense. yeah. you will think. I used to say to my millionaire mentor. some Australians are using. you will most likely stuff them up as you will have too much fear and too much doubt. Did you know you can go to seminars that will teach you how to marry into wealth? Seriously. just show me the money! I just want the nitty gritty. My millionaire mentor said.” That is where my thinking was. How well do you think they are doing three to seven years later? Are they better off financially or are they worse off? Statistics show us that in fact they are worse off! Even if an average Australian wins a million dollars in lotto.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had not already become wealthy enough to live their dreams by working hard for money they try other alternatives . And that is how most people plan to become wealthy. they have them in New York and 90% of participants are female for some reason. the strategies because I just need to pay some rent next week. yeah. In other words my mindset was in the way of my success and fear kept me paralysed from taking action. That is a strategy.” 28 . you know. this is the point! If you do not develop the mindset and convince me that you are willing to work on it. “Mindset represents 80% of success. yeah.” I thought success had to be hard work and a struggle. And success. Or the most common one is to buy a lotto ticket. unfortunately. if we neglect mindset it is going to hold us back from financial success. If you invest in lotto every month. try to marry into it or wait until their parents die to inherit wealth.” He said. I wanted to get to the point. then I am not going to waste my time sharing the strategies with you. you may live in hope (but unfortunately die in desperation). or you will think it sounds too good to be true because it is simple. “Because if I do. can not possibly be that simple. Therefore.

to do with each other in the 21st century. My millionaire mentor said. however. once we know what these external factors are and how they affect us. I repeat nothing. rather than against us. we can learn to make them work for us. We need to discover where money comes from and who controls it. So how do we change our mindset around money right now? Have accountability. that affect our finances and can prevent us as everyday Australians from ever living our dreams.2 . One of the most common myths about financial success is that working hard is the key to success. you will figure out a way. that helped me. “Working hard and making money has nothing.com . the faster we will create the things we want. With mindset and no strategies you will still make it. When it comes to wealth creation. Let me clarify this for you now to ensure you do not fall into the trap of believing this myth like I used to. That is exciting because the faster we change our mindset. but with just strategies and incorrect mindset it is virtually impossible to apply the strategies. In other words. There are. I will use my Dad as the first example. where many other people around me who have had the same opportunities have not.Why do most people fail? Exercise 3 Fill-in the incomplete words 4 percenter A A G I often believe that the reason why I have excelled financially in the past fifteen years of my life. My world has changed mainly because I have changed.” Let me explain what he meant. have gratitude and take lots of action and you will be well on your way. we can do something about it. He started off with nothing and today is worth over a 29 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. along with the powerful processes I am going to suggest you do later in this book. mindset is an internal factor and is very much under our control. However.21stcenturybonusdvd. is because I developed my mindset. many external factors that we do not necessarily have any direct control over.

She had always wanted a coffee shop in a town called Glen Innes in Northern NSW where I grew up. it would have paid off the $100. almost without effort. The building would have increased in value making her more 30 . His wealth was created by buying land at a low price and it increasing in value over a period of time. she could have: 1. You see my Dad is a millionaire because his farm is worth more than 1 million dollars. I will use my Mum as a second example of working hard versus working smart. Despite the fact he has worked hard on this farm for decades. Actually. But I explained to my Dad that hard work did not guarantee or actually play the major part in him becoming a millionaire.000 to buy the building.000 loan for the building. she did not buy it because they had already borrowed nearly $100. If she had borrowed another $100. this has not made him wealthy.” he said. not just working hard himself. Sound familiar? Here is the key.000 for the business and did not want to borrow another $100. I did not realise until many years after she bought the coffee shop that she was offered the opportunity to buy the building in which the coffee shop was located as well.another big mistake. He is like most farmers. Even if the business still struggled but only managed to pay the rent. often not paying herself a salary .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had million dollars. Now it is true that a good work ethic and some hard work in the beginning helped but this most important key was investing his money and letting his money work for him. his wealth was created while he was sleeping. He made more money while he slept at night from the capital growth of the farm than he did by working hard during the day on the farm for decades. Charged her business higher rent. he acquired it for less than $50. working hard for little result. “You must always pay yourself first to be wealthy. my millionaire mentor warned me. However.000. He believes hard work is the key to success and that is why he believes he became a millionaire. Farm incomes have actually dropped and he would never save a million dollars from his farm income in three lifetimes. 2. Often she struggled to simply pay the rent on the shop. But when he bought it many years ago.000 for the building. She worked hard for many years.

she could have offered vendor finance and the new owner pays her off for the business.2 .000 for the building or $100. I hope this explains why working too hard can often be detrimental and is not the key to wealth creation where working smart is. Which debt becomes the greatest risk. if they fail she can always sell it again. To make it easier to sell the business. the key is to simply ensure the new owner meets her rental obligations. she could consult or work part time for the new business owner and pick up another income and enjoy her work because she does not have to work long hard hours. She can only help them succeed. Actually working too hard prevented my Mum from thinking about how to become wealthy by working smart. the $100. for which she gets paid again. 4.21stcenturybonusdvd. 5.they are. No need to work hard at all.com . All she needed was the business owner to meet rent payments. She could have then sold the business and kept the building. She works because she enjoys it and it is a choice. In the business. making my Mum money while she sleeps. Exercise 4 Fill-in the missing words Success = 80% 20% 31 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. and ideally her vendor finance obligations. If the new business owner was not successful and did not meet her commitments.Why do most people fail? money without working. not an obligation. If she wanted to still work. plus her charging higher rent automatically makes the building worth more.000 for the business? Obviously the business as it can become worthless quickly. 3. my Mum could simply resell the business again to another owner as she is not responsible for their success . where the building is likely to increase or maintain its value.


These families also own the Governments.000 families own the world. somewhere between 500 and 1. the banking systems. and all the financial institutions . the societies.3. THE WORLD OF M ONEY My millionaire mentor believed just a few people.

People will show up. He shared some esoteric concepts that improved my ability to have money attracted to me in my life. If you raise your energy and have all these people showing up and then you have no way to bill them. they are going to lower themselves in through the ceiling. They are going to crawl over the walls and under the doors. then 33 . They will be there.” Although it was a different and humorous way to explain wealth creation. or become immensely wealthy. struggling and forcing money into one's life. The way he taught me to understand esoteric money was simply to raise my energy. having a product or service. You have to have a way of billing these people so you can basically make money and that means being organised. instead of becoming rich.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Some of the things you will learn in this chapter include: • Why. His work taught me some very valuable lessons in mastering money. he also opposed the concept of working hard. after a while I realised it made sense and it was not very different to what my millionaire mentor had been teaching me. what you have to do is bill them. how you feel about yourself can determine your income • Do you charge enough for your time and services? • How to be spiritually comfortable being rich • Why you should avoid the cheap and discounted products and only buy quality if you want to be rich • Why as children we can grow up thinking it is bad to become wealthy • Why if you are negative you will repel money When I first started looking at how to overcome my financial situation I came across the work of an English gentleman. to have more life force. but it is important to have enough money to go through the physical plane to buy those experiences that you need for yourself and for your loved ones. Like my millionaire mentor. if you have been conditioned for hard work and struggle. “… when you do that people will be pulled to you. Stuart Wilde wrote. you will attract 'more hard work and struggle'. more power. or something that you can give to these people when they show up in your life. and ways to change this • How to change your wealth conditioning • Why. His belief is that it is not necessary to become a millionaire. And when they show up.

And you think. If the people around you are in the same situation.000 families own the system apart. “Imagine if you could go to work and in one week could earn $2 million dollars. The way it is designed is that if you work really. He said that when you look at the universe. These controls ensure that the average person will not become too self-empowered and start to take away control from these families. just a few people.com . and all the system. or physical plane you can understand that it was not designed for people to be rich. really hard it will spit out just enough cash to keep you just My millionaire mentor above what I call the revolution believed just a few people. of only earning just enough to survive and you can only earn money from the energy of those people. I could not understand or believe it at first. These families also you just enough to keep you going own the governments. the banking systems. everyone would be a millionaire. somewhere between 500 and 1.” My millionaire mentor believed financial institutions.The World of Money obviously you will not have the abundance you want in your life. The system has been designed so that only a few people have the wealth. among all the people. in fact. the so that you do not blow away the societies. where you are somewhere between 500 not out in the street tearing the and 1. but they have fed world. from Friday. You know. the banking systems. then they are not going to have any disposable income to buy your product. My millionaire mentor reminded me of something Wilde wrote. and all the financial institutions. To pull yourself out of the system you need to put in a certain amount of transcendent energy. 34 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000 families own the world.3 . but I now believe it is possible and you will discover later that there is a lot of compelling evidence to show exactly that. level. I will retire from here on. the societies. So you can see how everybody is affected by the system. The system is not designed like that. If you own a small business then you are trading in an energy pattern of control and restriction. If we divided all the wealth up in the world. These families also own the Governments. They decide virtually everything for you and they also decide how much money the average man in the street will have.21stcenturybonusdvd.

” You can see he has an elaborate way of explaining things but it helped me grasp the world of money in a whole new light. We are supposed to support everything else. “The world is not designed for the people. greedy and corrupt. You get to pay for everything. and that if we do too well. we will be considered evil. Another story from Wilde illustrates this. And when you look at it. The fighting. it has more cherries on it than you can eat. kicking. when my business was going broke. And that is how the system is designed. it is designed to keep the philosophies up. it would have two iddy biddy apricots at the top of the tree and they would be out of reach and a little stale. “If a man designed an apricot tree. causing me to see the bigger picture of the way money works. you can look at a cherry tree. That simply is not true. clawing and the ripping off others was in a bid to make money! Now. My millionaire mentor went on to tell me our societies do not teach us power. I could relate to what he was saying because I would experience first hand being in this circle of activity. If there is a mistake you get to pay for it. It will give you anything that you believe in and more.” Let's consider changing our wealth conditioning I learned the only way you can get out of the system and its conditioning is to have a force of will that is stronger than the force of will that is trying to control you. You as the ordinary working people are always sent the bill. I believe as he does.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Wilde also reminded me that. by sending money to everyone else. We are conditioned to believe we are weak and we should have guilt. 35 . If there is some kind of disaster you pay for it. that making money should be a more fluid and simple activity by moving into a pattern that allows wealth to flow to you naturally. You would have to have permission to climb it and a certificate for when you got it and then a third of the apricot would belong to somebody else and eventually you would wind up with just the pith and a little bit of apricot. The universe is absolutely abundant. or an apricot tree and it has more apricots on there than you can ever eat. “You only have to look at nature. and it is designed to support the Governments. it has that splendid abundance naturally. It is designed to keep the institutions up.

Then you can see that this small child begins to record the belief patterns of its parents and it has no volition to stop it. “So if you imagine a small baby and it is lying there. when there was a shortage of money and food. nor is there a limit to how much money you can have. constantly recording information and it has been born to parents who think working hard is honourable. On the other hand if you choose the more fluid approach you allow others in the universe to share your energy and from your wealth they become richer. that is not true. There are millions of opportunities for cash at no effort at all. If you are doing well financially then your wealth will help others because you will be contributing to the community. Why many children grow up feeling guilty about becoming wealthy. Our language is made up of hundreds of proverbs that illustrate this conditioning.The World of Money Where you scratch and bite to get money it is almost like your wealth means someone else's poverty.3 . “The way we teach our children disengages them from money. what is going on inside the baby's mind is. the universe is neutral. 36 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Your wealth is not going to financially constrain anybody else because we are not living in a finite world. “If the mother is into saving and clipping little coupons and there is a big stack of them in the kitchen. This is because often our fathers and mothers came out of a generation when there was a depression.' “Now. so they are not able to express a more fluid understanding of money. So if the mum and dad are fighting over the rent. Stuart Wilde wrote. 'The meek will inherit the earth'. but the main idea is we take on the concepts of our environment. There is no limit to how much is out there. because I do not agree with that. There is always an ever expanding amount of wealth.com . that is in their subconscious mind. there will not be enough to eat. In other words the baby has no control over what information they record. it is not emotionally involved with how much money you have or do not have. for example. You know you are actually helping the world by becoming powerful. 'If I do not save coupons. But of course. It discourages them from having wealth because we condition them that it is wrong to be wealthy.21stcenturybonusdvd. I am not saying that you should waste stuff. spending money and hiring people.

'A stitch in time saves nine. it gives us back hard work and struggle. “In the olden days. You are here. Wilde wrote. we begin to resonate these thoughts and feelings into the universe.” 37 . “It is a totally different society. travel and making things happen. I feel you could transcend by pulling out and sitting on a mountaintop. “For you to get out of that energy pattern you have to push against it. say in 500 BC. It is interesting though that when you meet a person that is truly spiritual they will have a lot of energy.' We take on that mentality and then we wonder why as we go out as young adults into the work force.” Wilde explained what we need to do is to break free of these negative energy patterns surrounding us.' Once we resonate this to the universe it begins to reflect to us exactly what we believe. and a penny saved is a penny earned. You have to literally force yourself to allow yourself to be in control of the money that you make and to master the money. we are living in one of the largest and most fast moving capitalist societies in the world. Now if we had been conditioned that we need to work hard and struggle. So the philosophies that came out of poverty and seeing it as beautiful and seeing it as righteous. But you were not born then. There are millions and billions of dollars circulating at any one time and we still take on these ridiculous beliefs that have been handed down through the ages. “You know the sort of thing like. not necessarily becoming very. and so automatically they will have a lot of money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had “Today.” Why you can be spiritual and rich at the same time He also pointed out to me that very often we are taught that you cannot have money and also be spiritual. you are in commerce. came out of a time when there was not anything to do. as I said. but being in control so you spend less than you earn and you earn enough to buy yourself all the experiences that you are ever going to want on the physical plane. but once you had the power. And the mastery of money for me is. very wealthy. you would have to come back down into the physical plane and do something with it. it was fine for a person to withdraw and go up the mountain and sit under the Ban Yan Tree to contemplate upon the light of God.

As Wilde wrote. “In fact what you have got to do is begin to see abundance in the things that you already have. You need to allow yourself the patience to go beyond your old conditioning and begin to resonate in your feelings the abundance that you are a part of. “But you can not come from a state of limitation and poverty to instantly resonating absolute abundance. It is not designed to. The feelings you are resonating can change moment by moment. If you are negative you will pull to yourself energy patterns that are disastrous. all I have to do is act abundant. “Oh. act powerfully. Then you can go out and buy a good suit or dress and a fine pair of shoes. then being in debt.3 . It becomes natural. it begins to be there. act transcendent. then what happens is you get into the habit of holding your energy. we need to see beauty and abundance in what is around us already. because the very fact that you are in debt is going to pull you backwards. “Unless you are resonating this everlasting supply from within yourself and resonating it powerfully and strongly. holding that power to yourself and it is the same way with money. you will begin to create affirmations of abundance in your feelings that actually affirm that you are doing well. we need individuals that are preparing to push against the system without confronting it. because a lot of people begin to think. So if you are negative you will pull to you someone else who is equally negative. like the car will not start.21stcenturybonusdvd. buy a lot of stuff. “The system will never look after you. or the handle comes off the bathroom door. It is not a matter of going out and spending a lot of money on imported clothes. It may start as something small.com .The World of Money Why you repel money if you are negative In essence. If you feel negative. buy a lot of fancy clothes and abundance will come to me. and you have more and more surplus income. yeah. “But over time suddenly the whole energy pattern begins to break up around you and things become much worse until your whole life collapses around you. you begin to create energy that pulls to it the same type of energy. If you feel confident about it.” 38 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. “As you begin to become more and more confident. But you need to be careful. Instead.

is that the amount of money you make is directly linked to how you feel about yourself. She was very proud of herself because she got this thing for $15! So she wheeled in this vacuum cleaner and it looked like a $15 vacuum cleaner. very gentle curve as it went around the carpet and came in to this semi-circle around the other side of the room.” What if how much money you make was linked directly to how good you feel about yourself? Another great concept I learned from Wilde. As the wheel went round the room it did pick up a little bit of dust on the wheel. Since we were born we have vied for love and attention and acceptance from the people around us. I think you are right. to me it looked like she had been ripped off at $15. if you buy the cheap and cheerful that is the only energy you will ever have. this is how this vacuum cleaner works! It fires little wheels that pick up microscopic bits of dust. “If you go for the cheap the cheerful and the discount it always has that energy. In fact. As it went over dust and pieces of paper it just jumped up and then went back down again. Wilde shared a great story that underlines this strategy.” So she started vacuum cleaning this room and the vacuum cleaner made a decent kind of noise. “Yes.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Why you should buy quality. And I looked at it and thought. “Oh.” The moral of the story is that. I always knew to buy the very best I could possibly afford but buy less of them. it was from a used machinery shop. When we translate 39 . “Don't you think that bag is supposed to be full of air and abundant and pleased with itself?” and she said. but you could see that nothing was coming up off the carpet. I mean it was just holding on for grim death and I said. “This is not a real effective way of vacuum cleaning the carpet. She plugged it in and there was this limp little bag hanging on the back of this thing. I thought. which was natural. not cheap discounted products As a result of what I was learning. the wheel came off and as it came off it created this sort of very. “If you buy something at a discount. I remember my wife once bought this vacuum cleaner. you know one of those places where they sell used appliances.” Then as she was wheeling this stupid thing around.

This comes from self-image that people have of.21stcenturybonusdvd. I know when I first started in business. then you are saving them from actually doing it themselves. They do not charge enough for their labour and they do not charge enough for their products.'” “This is a way of expressing that you are not feeling confident about yourself when you sell something to somebody. if you are a hairdresser and you do someone's hair for them.com .” So many people do not charge enough.3 .The World of Money this need into the marketplace we have a tendency to charge less for our products and services. you can begin to charge what you like for your services.” 40 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. 'But. no I do not need any money. you are helping them feel good about themselves and probably listening to all their problems at the same time! When you transfer goods and services to people it is a way of loving them. “So often you will do an incredible job for someone and they will come up to you and say. “Oh gosh I am not really worthy of all of this so I really should not charge that. When you give them a service or do something for them in a commercial act. 'If I do this for absolutely nothing will you love me?' Or you have said. If you sell your products and services with energy and love you are selling a higher ideal and there is no limit to what you can charge. you are actually loving them. 'Yeah. is there anything wrong with them loving you back by giving you their money?” Do you charge enough? How much should you charge? Wilde says. “If you have come out of energy and dedication and you have come out of service there is not any limit to how much you can charge within reason. For example. what you are really saying is. I do not believe in rip off or overcharging but I certainly do not believe in undercharging. If you do not want peoples' acceptance then you just go about your life and what other people think about you is their problem. I worried about charging my clients too much until I remembered what Wilde pointed out. or not charge anything at all just to win peoples' acceptance. or they are not going to love me if I charge so much. 'How much do I owe you?' You will say. 'No. So if you love them. ok it should normally be $100 but just give me $20 and that will be enough.

You get this feeling of 'I am not a customer. mediocre everything. “Almost invariably. dead or dead broke at age 65. You walk in the door and the staff cannot even be bothered with you. They are going to want you to serve them quickly. I know personally I have been into a shop or hotels and the whole energy of the place is flat. mediocre hotels. But when you are served by a person who is enthusiastic and happy and they are willing to put their heart and soul into the product. you will just keep on playing the game the way the systems want you to play. “Isn't it so true? As you go out into the world you find mediocre restaurants. As Wilde wrote.” My millionaire mentor talks a lot about the systems that control us. the more quality that you put into something the more you can charge. I do not mind. Nobody really cares. Nobody seems to want to serve you. The fact is. When you can subjugate your ego and put yourself in the mind of the customers. So if we are going to master money. your customers are going to want to be comfortable. if we follow the masses and do what the systems condition us to do. The aim is to put yourself and your energy into your commercial endeavours. then we will need to understand the history and the world of money origin of money and how the systems play the game. There is not anything more required than just performing an act of service. They are going to want value for money and they may want more than one way of paying for your product or service. He also told me that these systems were never designed to have the average person become incredibly wealthy.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had But in fact when you can see the transactions that you are involved in as energy then you are not involved in the emotions of how much something costs. At the top end of the scale you can charge anything you want. At the time I had no idea what systems he was talking about. They are not organised and they are not interested in what you want. They are going to want your product or service to work. we will end up in financial disaster. You do not really want to spend your hard-earned money in such an establishment. I am not a person' and as a result you do not buy or limit the amount that you will buy. Because if you do not. I feel the energy and that inspires me. In other words. 41 . mediocre airlines. then it is not difficult to figure out what they are going to want.

That truth is that money is simply an idea. So. If we look once again at the 'Law of Opposites' and realise that most people in the world see life through the scarcity model. It only means something to you and I as humans.com . there is another side to money that most of us have never been taught. then we can see immediately that the abundance model is the mindset we should adopt. the horses and the sheep on our farm could not give a damn about money. Do you believe in scarcity or abundance? If you have ever studied economics at school or university. Up until now. The information and ideas you will learn in this chapter will show you how everyday thin air is turned into cash.21stcenturybonusdvd. In other words. I look at the world in abundance and that is probably why I have an abundance of things in my life. you have been taught by certain systems that the only way to get money is to work for it. you would have learnt about what is called the scarcity or poverty model. I often say to people that the cows. Isn't it interesting? 42 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Most people look at it through the scarcity model hence why they lack things in their life. When I was taught economics at university I was told it is the study of scarce resources. in the next chapter we will take a look at the history of money. then we can see what to do differently and you will see how simple it can become. money is literally made out of thin air. The value of money is only an idea that you and I have accepted. Essentially.The World of Money I am not necessarily saying it is deliberately designed that way. In the beginning of this chapter you were introduced to a story about the apricot tree and the reality that there is abundance in the world. To demonstrate what I am talking about. how do we change that? First of all to change it we have to look at how the systems play the game and why most people are not going to make it. where it comes from and the systems that control it. The reason you have never been taught this is because it is not in the best interests of the systems and organisations that control money to tell you the truth about it. It does not mean anything to them. as the result is the same. however it does not matter. However.3 . whether you believe it or not. there are two different ways of looking at the world.

In fact. There are three major systems that play their part in the control and distribution of money. it is not because there is not enough for everyone in the world to be comfortable. In reality. not become wealthy from being someone who rips people off. Education System.” If I was going to become wealthy I wanted to feel good about it. I know it is hard to believe. If you do not have enough. I thought. They all play a part in conditioning us about money that is often 43 . Banking System 3. everyone would be worth close to 3 million dollars right now. in other words. including people in third world countries. then basically you are being ripped off. At this time. Most people are not aware of the abundance theory and they think that the real reason people on this planet are starving is a lack of food. the secret to success in the 21st century has nothing to do with working hard and everything to do with helping others become wealthy in some way. So if it is not the amount of food available. let's find out how you are being possibly ripped off and how you can get some of your money back. but still do well at the same time. there is enough food to feed everyone on the planet several times over. “I am not like that. If $3 million is not enough for you. want to help other people. “Jamie.” The other thing he talked about was that if all the wealth on the planet were divided equally. I used to think that for someone to be rich they must take from others. That has always been the key to creating wealth. Government System 2. These are: 1. then you can rest assured knowing that every couple of hours there are several billion dollars being created out of thin air. my millionaire mentor said.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had But that was not always the case. Would you be happy with $3 million as a start? Who would not be? I often say to people that if you are not worth $3 million right now. they win and someone else loses. just like money. a trillion dollars is created in the world over one weekend! So if you have not acquired your 3 million dollars yet. It is the distribution of money and who controls it. what is it? It is the distribution of food that is the problem.

It is highly controversial and already there are attempts to prevent the general public from finding out this factual evidence. to get your voice heard down at the bank. especially if you are broke and sleeping on a friend's couch like I was. which continues to this day.” and vote for a different political party. We could look at these systems. especially the banks and their immense control over the world. Thirdly. but has that ever really changed anything? Or. we need to look at areas where we have the control to make a difference right now. They show exactly how these systems were established.com .21stcenturybonusdvd.The World of Money detrimental. For the purposes of this book. we will end up dead or dead broke and heading for financial disaster . When it comes to the Government system.that is where most people are headed. you could maybe run a protest rally outside one! Unfortunately none of it is probably going to make a big difference. the world is changing so rapidly that the systems just cannot keep up and they are outdated. Some of my other books cover the history of money and expose one of the world's greatest financial scams by the US Federal Reserve. If we continue to allow the systems to control us. “That is not fair. 44 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. and say. The second is that as these systems were designed in a time that no longer exists. you could say. It is imperative we begin by regaining our power. and I challenge everyone to make up their own mind about it.3 . Once you start to look at the systems you notice some inherent problems. then it is obvious that these systems are highly ineffective at helping the average person attain financial success. We can conclude that there is not a lot you can do to change these systems right now. there is a lot of evidence to suggest. that many of these systems were never designed in the first place for you and I to become incredibly wealthy. So if these systems cannot or will not help us to become wealthy. why don't they change them?” Let's look at these systems and see what we could do to improve them. these things will change automatically. Maybe one day if enough people become wealthy with the right intention. If we know that nearly 96 percent of people end up dead or dead broke. we need to set the agenda to become wealthy for ourselves. because nobody will set it for us. the IMF and the World Bank. “Enough is enough.

I am sure most people would agree it is a good start on the subject of money. frustration and financial disaster in our societies. In other words. then I highly recommend you get yourself a copy. we are taught how to get a job. Now we need to know how these elite families control the world's money supply and how that affects you. By writing the book. 45 . If you have not already read a book called. he was really challenging people to question the education system and ask. by Robert Kiyosaki. “If the education system is so phenomenal. We have also learned about the major systems that control the money supply. If most people have an outdated education how do they expect to excel in the 21st century? In this chapter. Kiyosaki also says. but you can change it when you leave school. Poor Dad. Poor Dad Kiyosaki wrote a best selling book titled. we are taught only one part of the equation and not the other. why then do most people end up as dismal failures in the financial area of their life?” Would you not agree that it is a fair enough question? Kiyosaki also identified that our education system is outdated. It would make a big difference in their life. Nowhere in our school life are we taught how to have money work for us. It was designed two hundred years ago in the 19th century. we see evidence of it everyday. Kiyosaki is not against education. which is pretty difficult to change while you are at school. Rich Dad. “The other thing to understand is our education system has planted seeds of failure. Although the title may suggest otherwise. So immediately we can see a challenge with that. What Kiyosaki talks about is a concept that school is designed to teach us how to work for money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The third system is the education system. If you want to be rich and happy don't go to school.” Unfortunately. he is all for education. Isn't it interesting? In other words. The basic concept of how to have money work for us could be taught to 10 year olds at primary school in probably a one-hour session. we have learned how money is just another form of energy. Before Rich Dad. being the son of a teacher and being a teacher himself. In fact.

So be quick. Also feel free to go to: www.21stcenturybonusdvd.21stcenturyacademy. After that they will cost $97. simply phone the Freecall number 1800 683 034 or go online to order. so take advantage of it while you can.000 of these for free. and join our online forum for free 46 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. a 3-hour DVD.com Click on Discussion Forum.The World of Money To assist you further with the strategies being taught in this book I am making available to you FREE. valued at $97. 50.com .3 .000 have already been requested.00 each. To have this sent to you complimentary. The DVD will explain many strategies in even further detail than this book and to ensure you learn even more I am donating 100.00.


4.M ONEY IS JUST AN IDEA The path to success is to take massive. determined action. Anthony Robbins .

“That can not really be true! Could it? I mean. They were not considered bankers as such but were generally goldsmiths. When we look into the history and study money. how is it possible for a select few families to have this control? Simple! Throughout history. goldsmiths issued gold deposit receipts to the owners. So how does this affect you? The few families that control the world's money supply can determine what we pay for virtually everything. It is so critical if we are going to master this thing called money that we know more about it than what most people are taught at school and university or by our local media. they and their allies used fractional reserve banking techniques to dominate the central banks in the UK. you would be amazed at what really goes on. which is true. When I did my own research into the history of money and how money is controlled. However.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Fractional Reserve Banking We have covered the major systems that control money. but where does the money actually come from in the first place? Previously. On receipt of this gold. how could that be possible?” Sounds like a conspiracy theory. it began in medieval England around 1024 AD by the moneychangers. I realised how it was actually possible for a small minority of people to virtually control the wealth of the entire world. The banking system creates about 99% of the world's money supply. Paper money became popular because it was 48 . these families have controlled the money supply and my research found that they maintained control over governments and citizens. They started storing other peoples' gold for them in their vaults. USA and France. When I first heard that I thought. one of my mentors mentioned that 500 to 1. The government only creates a fraction of the money supply. However. By the early 19th century.000 families control most of the world's money supply. the concept of fractional reserve banking did not start there. One example was the Rothschild family. even how much you pay for your mortgage! If this were true. the facts are that governments only print a very small fraction of it. Many people believe that Governments print money. Ranging from the t-shirt you wear to the fuel that goes into your car.to create money. most of us would think that is what the Government is for . In fact. This was the advent of paper money. Governments do print some of it.

trading banks have been able to loan out 18. without the need for an endorsing signature. Modern day fractional reserve banking works in the same way as when the goldsmiths first started it. the bank is able to loan out $32. and savings banks and building societies up to 32. They then started to print more gold deposit certificates than gold they had in reserve. They discovered they could lend out this extra paper money and charge interest on it as well. Not all banks do this.4 . From this example.21stcenturybonusdvd. To simplify the process. Would you agree then. not only were we conditioned to work hard.000 in the bank tomorrow. Therefore. Now I have nothing against savings. The amount of leverage it can get depends on the type of bank you deposit your money into and its liabilities ratio. People then no longer needed to visit the goldsmith regularly to collect their gold to purchase something.com . usually just the larger central banks. for each $1. If you and I should commit such acts. For example. but is it not interesting that at a young age I was conditioned that the safest place to put my money was in the bank? Let's look at whether it really is the best place for us to put our money. the receipts were eventually made out to the bearer making them easily transferable. Since 1984. if we put $1. Really. This broke the tie to any identifiable deposit of gold. This was the birth of fractional reserve lending or in other words lending out more money than reserves you have on deposit. that it is definitely in the bank's best interest for you to deposit your money with them? Remember at school. the bank is legally able to loan out a lot more than the $1. Over time the goldsmiths became aware that most depositors never returned for their gold. but also the bank came around to our school to encourage us to open an account and regularly deposit money into an account. Some banks just buy money off other banks at one rate and sell it at a 49 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. we would be jailed for fraud. it was the beginning of an elaborate scam that continues to this day.3 times the money they have on deposit.8 times.000 deposited.000 you have deposited. you can see how money is created and expanded.Money is just an idea more convenient and safer to carry than gold.000 plus. At this time they started to lend out some of the gold that was entrusted to them and kept the interest earned from the loan themselves.

The banks have little or no reserves. there are rules and regulations that to some degree are set by the government. The interesting thing is if 50 . seeing that it is designed to represent the people. This is because the account holder's funds no longer physically exist as they have been loaned out so many times. However.a. You then pay tax to the government and you are left with about $45. In essence. Through the Fractional Reserve System. there is a tremendous amount of money at stake when it comes to 'fractional reserve banking' and the Centrally Controlled Banks (CCB) can wield a lot of influence over individual politicians or the entire government to have the regulation set at a level that they would prefer. i. 6%.280 p. Most people would assume that the government. So you can see that the money is usually made by the bank. If the banks have only a small fraction of reserves.000. Would you not like to be a bank? Who sets the bank's liability ratio? Generally.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had higher rate. The second player is the US Federal Reserve. Essentially they are giving you fake money but because everyone accepts it. they effectively create counterfeit money and get away with it.. without actually earning it like we have to. Is it any wonder the banks own the tallest buildings in every city? So. let's be generous and say you earned $60 on your $1. For this example. rather than the depositor.000 out 32. Now with a name like the US Federal Reserve you would think it was a government organisation designed for the people. the banks would run out before they had even paid out 3 percent of their customers.220. the bank has risked nothing and earned $3. how does a small minority of the world's population gain control of the money supply and why is this of concern to us? There are two major players in the money game. The first is what we call a Centrally Controlled Bank (CCB).e. yet you and I would go to jail if we did the same thing. should regulate that figure in the best interest of the people. This interest rate could vary anywhere between 5% and 10% for a mortgage and up to 16% for a credit card. what then would happen if everybody wanted to withdraw their money? The truth is if everyone demanded their money.8 times at 10% they would earn $3. The interest you would get in return would be around 3%-6%. they can keep creating more of it. CCBs are owned and controlled by a small number of families and individuals. If the bank loans your $1.

was passed in such a corrupt manner. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 into law. The act transferred control of the money supply of the United States of America from Congress to a private banking elite.Money is just an idea you ask the average Australian or American if the US Federal Reserve is a government organisation. It is not surprising that a bill granting a few national bankers a private money monopoly. what do you think they would say? Most would say. At 6. stated on the Congressional Record that the Conference Committee had met without notifying them that Republicans were not present and were given no opportunity either to read or sign the Conference Committee report. during the unlikely hours of 1:30am and 4:30am. This is a perfect example of how governments are only puppets for CCBs. the Bill was hurried through the House and Senate. Senator Bristow of Kansas. The US Federal Reserve is a deliberate name designed to fool people into thinking it is a Federal Government organisation. The Republicans did not even see the report. it is listed in the commercial area where all commercial businesses are registered. if you look it up in the Yellow Pages.4 . because it is a private organisation and not a government organisation. At 4.21stcenturybonusdvd. The US Federal Reserve was actually formed out of deceit when the US Federal Reserve Act was railroaded through a carefully prepared Congressional Conference Committee meeting. The Conference report is normally read on the Senate floor.a-half to nine minutes per item.com . when many members had already left the Capital for the Christmas holiday. The meeting was scheduled when most members were sleeping. Some senators stated on the floor of the Senate that they had no knowledge of the contents of the Bill. deliberated upon. the Republican leader.02pm on 23 December. reconciled and voted upon in a near-miraculous four and. debated. during which time 20 to 40 substantial differences in the House and Senate versions were supposedly described. on Monday 22 December 1913. However. “If governments only print around 1% of the 51 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. You may ask. at that late hour. The US Federal Reserve is a private organisation designed to make maximum profit and does not answer to the US Government or the citizens of the USA. yes of course.30am the Committee's prepared report was handed to the printers. guess where it is listed? It is not listed in the Government area.

including the American and Australian Governments. The IMF loves to loan as much money to governments as possible. We can print our own money debt free and back it up by our own reserves and not have to pay interest overseas. firstly it will be guaranteed security from the taxes imposed on its citizens. If a country cannot afford to meet its interest repayments it can then be forced to sell its assets. if the country cannot get enough money from its citizens. the IMF is only too happy to loan it because. or would it? If we look at what the Australian Government has done over recent years you will see that it is now selling off what was the last remaining asset of any significance in Australia. would it not? Most governments would be. Now. which is largely controlled by the US Federal Reserve. You often hear about the Federal Reserve through its spokesperson making certain decisions that are going to change the interest rates and you would probably realise that American interest rates have an effect on Australia and the rest of the world. which is the face of many of the CCBs. or we can borrow money. do you think that. Governments have a choice. The Government's promise as part of its reelection platform was that in return for being allowed to sell Telstra it could completely wipe out the government debt. that asset was Telstra. I am sure if you are old enough to vote then you may know that during an election governments find out what different sections of the 52 . the repayment money can then be used to virtually bribe voters to ensure they win the next election. So. they know that a country has assets. Secondly. Why might they do that? If you were a CCB and your agenda was to make a lot of profit. If the governments want to borrow money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had money supply. So the IMF knows it is fairly certain they are going to be repaid. where do they get their money?” The answer is often the International Monetary Fund (IMF). does it not? If they can do that and wipe out the debt. our mortgages and virtually everything because interest rates affect the whole economy. you can see that decisions made by the US Federal Reserve can affect how much we pay for our credit cards. The IMF knows that the government can increase taxes to pay back that loan. Of course. At first it sounds smart. of course this would never happen in Australia or America. say the American or Australian Government would be a good organisation to loan money to? It would be.

53 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Unfortunately. Only now you still have the same habit of getting into debt. which virtually has already happened in Australia. Australia has been quoted as being one of the highest taxed nations in the world. So you can see these decisions are often made for short-term gain. Let's relate back to your so it makes more sense. then the whole country is in financial trouble. If taxes go up in a country then there is less wealth for the individual of that nation and their standard of living decreases. and the debt habit has not changed. everyday Australians as that section of the community gets the biggest tax bill. which is getting bigger. however. often leads to long-term pain. We will use Australia as an example as it affects us if we choose to live here. then you can see that politicians need to understand how to run a business successfully because they need to have the same mentality to run a country.4 . now you have got nothing left to sell to wipe out the new debt. Short-term pleasure. so you run up a huge bill on your credit cards again. In fact. governments are in the habit of getting into more and more debt.Money is just an idea community want and then offer it to them as an inducement to vote for them. Running a country is in some ways very similar to running a business. Guess who that someone else is? Generally the middle class. however. Let's look at the challenges this situation creates.21stcenturybonusdvd.com . The result being that you are now going to have to work harder for someone else to earn money to pay it off. What happens if the government borrows a lot of money? Firstly. If you are the government you simply send the bill to someone else in the form of increased taxes. governments tend to promise voters whatever it takes to win that next election. The result being that if we cash in all our assets to wipe out our debt. Unfortunately. many of our politicians have no real-life experience at running a successful business. If you had a profitable business that brings you in money without you needing to be there and you had a credit card bill. should you sell your business and lose your income in order to wipe out your debt? In the short-term it looks great because you have eliminated the debt. If that is the case.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had the country becomes impoverished because of the higher debt.” In Japan. if foreign companies are going to invest in Australia they are going to expect to make a profit and 54 . Australians get to work for the foreign owned companies and take home a wage. The interesting thing is that in Canada foreign ownership levels have increased from about 22% to 27% and Canadians are getting a little bit nervous. Could it be possible then that the government is a little bit concerned about the average Australian finding out how much of their country has actually been sold? Many experts are stating that foreign ownership is now between 70 and 90 percent and in the not too distant future it is predicted that Australia will be virtually foreign owned. despite technically being Australian owned. In Canada. because there is an influx of money flowing into the economy. the USA and the UK foreign ownership levels are all less than 11%. The mentality is. “We do not mind the money but we do not want to sell off our whole country. But where do the profits go? Do they stay in Australia or do they go back to the companies that invested here? Obviously. but for some strange reason they have been hidden over the last four or five years. but should we be concerned at this excessively high level? In the short-term foreign investment means our standard of living increases. This then results in the need to encourage investment in Australia by foreign companies. Not that there is anything wrong with controlled foreign investment. with lower wealth for citizens and the sale of national assets like Telstra. Recently. Then dare we ask the politicians of Australia how high our foreign ownership level is? These figures are actually meant to be published regularly. They are beginning to think that maybe foreign ownership is creeping up too much. Whenever I go to a new country I like to read the newspapers to study the economics of other countries as it fascinates me. leading to excessively high levels of foreign ownership. the government controls the majority of newspapers and foreigners are only allowed to own up to 25% of them. Is that the same as in Australia or America? Australian newspapers are mainly foreign controlled. this leads to higher taxes to pay back the debt. What surprised me was that these countries are worried about the level of foreign ownership. I was skiing in Whistler. Foreign investment creates jobs. Canada.

There are countries that were once rated as third world countries that now have a higher ranking of wealth per capita than Australia. i. I am not Australia as investors and suggesting that we have their savers. country and is now classified as a It is a classic example of third world country.21stcenturybonusdvd. The best place to start is with our own financial wealth. So. You may have Singapore outperforming heard of Argentina. Are we running up excessive bad debt and then cashing everything in to wipe out the debt? And then repeating that pattern? In Australia we tend to think everything is fine and we have not yet felt the full effects of the decline in our standard of living. We are now only rated the 30th wealthiest nation in the world and we used to be rated number one.com . Luck may be running out for the 'lucky country'. country like Singapore There is another country that with no natural resources used to be as wealthy as Australia can buy out large that has dropped to 33rd wealthiest Australian companies.Money is just an idea there is nothing wrong with that. It is a classic example of Singapore outperforming Australia as investors I am amazed that a tiny and savers. at least in some way.4 . We need to take a look at what we are doing in our own lives. Hopefully this book will help achieve that. unless of course we all decide to do something about it. But once we run out of things to sell. As a result the standard of living in Australia in the future may start to fall. I am amazed that a tiny country like Singapore with no natural resources can buy out large Australian companies. Now.e. Singapore. problems but we must not become too complacent living in Australia that we will not face serious financial problems in the future. 55 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. what has this got to do with you? I believe that if people in Australia and New Zealand were educated about these challenges they would want to help overcome them and ensure the long-term future of our country. there will be no fall back position. but these profits mostly go offshore virtually tax free.

that is a different question. I hope this helps you understand why Australians pay such a high level of tax. If the Government knows that we cannot sell much more to raise the revenue. so when we are told the economy in Australia is going really well that's great.you can still get the results you want. is it not only fair that they pay most of the tax? The reality of the situation is quite the opposite. The Australian Government has already sold off most of our last remaining assets such as Telstra. Someone has got to pay the bill and they know where you live so to speak . will it tax the rest of the wealth in the country like the foreign owned interests? Well. Australians now only own approximately 9 percent of corporate Australia. However. Companies mainly owned by foreign organisations contributed less than 9% of the total $262 billion in tax revenue in 2006-07.that way you get sent the bill. if they make most of the money. Australia is a very profitable business. in understanding that. we can take control of our own financial situation and eventually change those systems to make them fairer for everyone else in the future. The GST is a broad-based tax designed to target the Australian people. the only place left to get the revenue is from the people. But. Australians actually pay the majority of the tax. The important thing to remember is not to be disempowered by what the systems are creating. It does not matter what they are doing in Canberra . it would be fair that we only had to pay 9 percent of the tax and the remainder should be paid by the foreign interests that potentially own the other 91 percent? I mean. But it is not all doom and gloom! The good news is that you can become wealthy despite the current tax system and the country's foreign debt and economic challenges. A number of other solutions to solving some of the world's finance problems that I discovered are to firstly increase the cash 56 . Do you think that as we only own 9 percent. But it is a pity we do not own most of it so that we can share in it. To run Australia as a business in 2009/10 cost $338. This could explain why the government had to introduce a new tax system called the GST.5 billion dollars a year.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The wealth of a nation is determined by the wealth of the individuals of that nation.

4 - Money is just an idea

reserves in the banks by at least 50 percent. This would reduce the spiralling debt of many countries and could be done at say a 1% increase over 50 months. These cash reserves could then be used to wipe out third world debt. Once the third world debt is gone, the individual country debts could be extinguished. The consequences of not implementing some type of solution to escalating levels of debt is that the CCBs will continue to do what they are doing, which will create such poverty that it could lead to a major economic collapse. As nations become poorer and poorer, they will have less and less money to spend on products and services. These countries will become so poor and impoverished that they are not going to be able to buy products to sustain their people and everyone will eventually lose. Repeatedly, there have been times in our history where this has happened. The second solution is to completely reform the world's monetary system to remove the power of the monetary system from the private bankers. For example, from the US Federal Reserve and IMF, back into the hands of the nation - that is, governments elected by the citizens of the nation. (If these things had occurred when I first wrote this book the world would not be facing the Global Credit Crisis it is currently facing in 2009 which has been found to be caused by the excessive lending practices of US banks with inadequate reserves and the failed monetary system the Federal Reserve Controls.) This may mean the complete elimination of the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade organisation, or at least some major restructuring and transparency so they are accountable to individual citizens of nations. I would not be the first or last person to suggest such major changes. Central banking could still continue as it provides competition to the government having complete control over money, however, some benefit is that they must be controlled and accountable to the individual citizens of nations. After all, it is collectively our money and wealth they are taking. It also comes back to personal solutions for ourselves for which we can take control. We have the power to change our own situation. After looking at the bigger world solutions, which we may or may not be able to directly influence immediately, the question I had to ask myself was whether I have ever been guilty of running up a lot of bad debt like the government does. I
57 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.21stcenturybonusdvd.com

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

realised in the past I have been guilty of that. What we have to look at are the areas under our control. If we are getting into a lot of bad debt, then we are contributing to the debt of the nation. We are contributing to the wealth declining in our country. On the other hand if we become wealthy and manage our debt, then our nation becomes wealthier. So I often say to people, “If you do not have enough reasons to become wealthy for yourself, then just know your entire country depends upon your decision to become wealthy.” In other words, if you fail to become wealthier and your wealth decreases, then everyone is worse off, especially yourself. We are all linked. If there are people in our country or in the world suffering, it means we will all suffer to a degree. The terrorist strikes in the US have shown this in a major way. Another area that the CCBs use their power to influence is the media. In fact, a few years ago in the USA, three quarters of majority stockholders of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN were banks. The power to influence the media has however been reported since early last century, as evidenced by the following example from the 1917 USA Congressional Record. “In March 1915 the JP Morgan interests were steel, shipbuilding and powder. Their subsidiary organisations got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the USA, and a sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 15 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.” Another interesting example of media control comes from John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff of the New York Times and “the Dean of his profession”. He was asked to make a toast before his peers of the New York Press Club. He responded with the following statement: “There is no such thing as an independent press in America, if we except that of little country towns. You know this and I know it. Not a man among you dares to utter his

4 - Money is just an idea

honest opinion. Were you to utter it, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid one hundred and fifty dollars a week so that I may keep my honest opinion out of the newspaper for which I write. You too, are paid similar salaries for similar services. Were I to permit that a single edition of my newspaper contained an honest opinion, my occupation - like Othello's - would be gone in less than twenty-four hours. The man who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinion would soon be on the streets in search of another job. It is the duty of the New York journalist to lie, to distort, to revile, to toady at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread - or, what amounts to the same thing, his salary. We are the tools and the vessels of the rich behind the scenes. We are marionettes. These men pull the strings and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our capacities are all the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” If you would like to do some of your own research into who controls the world's money supply, I highly recommend the website: www.themoneymasters.com where you can order the DVD called The Money Masters. It is highly factual and will change your perception of the world immediately and help you understand why certain things are currently happening in the world such as the global credit crisis. You can see how difficult it is to convey accurate information in our society. One vehicle assisting with freedom of speech and the accurate dissemination of information is the Internet. The Internet is one source that the major systems have not yet figured out how to control. However, as I write this, the Government is now trying to come up with ways of doing just that. Nevertheless, the Internet has already created massive change in the 21st century and I believe will continue to do so. I have shared a brief insight with you on the world's monetary system to assist you in the bigger picture of how you fit into the world structure. I could write a whole book on this topic (I am actually in the process of it), but for the purpose of this book, I just wanted to give you a brief idea of the way money works in a global sense.
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

Now you know where money comes from and how the systems create it out of thin air. To tap into this thin air for yourself and excel financially in the 21st century, you will need to gain some new 21st century skills and strategies. In order to do this you will need to find out exactly what a 21st century education is and how to go about accessing one.

World Solutions Institute One of my new projects is the established non-profit organisation called World Solutions Institute. This organisation educates people about the world's greatest challenges and educates the public about potential solutions, in particular global warming and climate change. If you are interested in learning more about this or contributing to help make the world a better place, there is a blog and further material to read on these topics on their website: www.worldsolutionsinstitute.com.au


And why the worlds financial system and the US banks are on the verge of collapse and what to do about it.



How international bankers gained control of America

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

This chapter was written in 1998, almost ten years before the global credit crisis and the sub prime problems. In hindsight it provides fascinating reading and an insight into why the worlds' financial system and the US banks are on the verge of collapse and how international bankers gained control of America. It was extracted from the revised/updated book of the video, The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America, produced by Patrick S. J. Carmack for Royalty Production Company, Colorado, USA, © 1998. The US Federal Reserve There was a time when to ask someone for whom he worked was considered somewhat insulting, as it implied he was an incompetent, incapable of gainful self-employment. But now, property ownership (net wealth) is not a general feature of our society, as it largely was until the Great Depression. Rather, net debt and complete dependence on a precarious wage or salary at the will of others is the general condition. Since the exercise of freedom often includes using material objects such as books, food, clothing, shelter, arms, transport, etc., the choice and possession of which requires some wealth, we are forced to admit that the general condition of Americans is one of increasing dependence and limitations on freedom. Since the turn of the century, there has occurred throughout the world a major increase in debt and a major decline in the freedom of individuals and states to conduct their own affairs. To restore a condition of widespread, modest wealth is therefore essential to regaining and preserving our freedom. Why are we over our heads in debt? Why can't the politicians bring debt under control? Why are so many people (often, both parents) working at low-paying, dead-end jobs and still making do with less? What's the future of the American economy and way of life? Are we headed into an economic crash of unprecedented proportions? Larry Bates was a bank president for eleven years. As a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, he chaired the Committee on Banking and Commerce. He's also a former professor of economics and the author of the best-selling book, The New Economic Disorder. He has this to say about our future prospects:

5 - What’s causing the global credit crisis

I can tell you right now that there is going to be a crash of unprecedented proportions - a crash like we have never seen before in this country. The greatest shock of this decade is that more people are about to lose more money than at any time before in history, but the second greatest shock will be the incredible amount of money a relatively small group of people will make at the same time. You see, in periods of economic upheaval in periods of economic crisis, wealth is not destroyed - it is merely transferred. Former US presidential candidate Charles Collins is a lawyer and a banker who has owned banks and served as a bank director. He believes we'll never get out of debt because the Federal Reserve ('the Fed') is in control of our money. To quote Collins: Right now, it's perpetuated by the Federal Reserve making us borrow the money from them, at interest, to pay the interest that's already accumulated. So we cannot get out of debt the way we're going now. Economist Henry Pasquet is a tenured instructor in economics. He agrees that the end is near for the US economy: No, not when you are adding roughly a billion dollars a day. We just can't go on. We had less than one trillion dollars of national debt in 1980; now it's $5 trillion - five times greater in fifteen years. It just doesn't take a genius to realise that this just can't go on forever. The problem is that the US has one of the worst monetary systems ever devised: a central bank that operates independently of the government, which, with other private banks, creates all of our money with a parallel amount of interest-bearing debt. That's why we can never get out of debt. And that's why a deep Depression is a certainty for most US citizens, whether caused suddenly in a severe economic crash or gradually through continued relentless inflation. The Fed is creating it to enrich its private stockholders - just as it deliberately created the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Federal Reserve headquarters is in Washington, DC. It sits on a very impressive address on Constitution Avenue, right across from the Lincoln Memorial. But is it 'Federal'? Is it really part of the United States Government? Well, what we are about to show you is that there is nothing “Federal” about the Federal Reserve- and there are no reserves.
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

The name is a deception created before the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 to make Americans think that America's new central bank operates in the public interest. The truth is that the Fed is a private (or, at best, quasi-public) bank owned by private national banks, which are the stockholders, and run for their private profit. As economist Henry Pasquet noted: That's exactly correct: the Fed is a privately owned, for-profit corporation which has no reserves - at least no reserves to back up the Federal Reserve notes which are our common currency. The Federal Reserve Act was railroaded through a carefully prepared Congressional Conference Committee meeting, scheduled during the unlikely hours of 1.30 am to 4.30 am (when most members were sleeping) on Monday 22 December 1913, at which 20 to 40 substantial differences in the House and Senate versions were supposedly described, deliberated upon, debated, reconciled and voted upon in a near-miraculous four-and-a-half to nine minutes per item, at that late hour. As author Anthony C. Sutton noted: The Federal Reserve System is a legal private monopoly of the money supply, operated for the benefit of the few under the guise of protecting and promoting the public interest. If there's any doubt whether the Federal Reserve is a part of the US Government, check your local telephone book. It's not listed in the 'government' blue pages. It is correctly listed in the 'business' white pages, right next to Federal Express, another private company. But more directly, US courts have ruled that the Fed is a special form of private corporation. Let's take a look at the Fed shareholders. According to researcher Eric Samuelson, as of November 1997 the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which completely dominates the other 11 branches through stock ownership, control and influence, having the only permanent voting seat on the Federal Open Market Committee and handling all open market bond transactions), has 19,752,655 shares outstanding and is majorityowned by two banks: Chase Manhattan bank (now merged with Chemical Bank), with 6,389,445 shares or 32.35 percent; and Citibank, NA with 4,051,851 shares or 20.51 percent. Together, those two banks own 10,441,295 shares or 52.86 percent - which is majority control. While majority ownership conclusively demonstrates effective

the people been audited... the folks who profit from privately owned central banks like the Fed. This evil institution Reserve System have never has impoverished .. practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.5 .. have fought a running battle for control over who gets to issue America's money.com . McFadden (R-PA). If you have a monopoly on a commodity that everyone needs. right up to today. manipulates the credit of the United States. as President Madison called them.What’s causing the global credit crisis control. Senator Barry Goldwater was a frequent critic of the Fed: Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money-lenders . Throughout the history of the United States. the money power has gone back and forth between Congress and some sort of privately owned central bank. It operates of the United States . or. “the Money Changers”..21stcenturybonusdvd.. One of the most outspoken critics of the Fed in Congress was Louis T... the corrupt States.which is often exercised in large. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. everyone wants and nobody has enough of... That's what this battle is all about. It operates outside the control of Congress and .. the Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee during the Great Depression years. and has outside the control of practically bankrupted our Congress and .. In 1932 he said: Most Americans have no real We have in this country one understanding of the of the most corrupt institutions operation of the international the world has ever known. Why is who issues the money so important? Think of money as just another commodity. The American people fought off 65 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.. it is not critical to control . and even two percent when the other owners hold smaller blocks.. I money-lenders . publicly traded corporations by blocks of as little as 25 percent.. The refer to the Federal Reserve accounts of the Federal Board . manipulates government. It has done this the credit of the United through .. there are lots of ways to make a profit and also exert tremendous political influence. What one has to understand is that from the day the Constitution was adopted.

The founding fathers knew the perils of a privately owned central bank. Ben Franklin claimed that this was the real cause of the American Revolution. Depressions have been caused to acquire it. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. a letter was introduced to the Committee. The battle over who gets to issue our money has been the pivotal issue through the history of the United States. agreed. Jefferson's succinct statement is in fact the solution to most of our economic problems today. James Madison. Thomas Jefferson put it this way: I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. written by Representative Joseph Sibley (PA). Madison strongly criticised their actions: History records that the Money Changers have used every form of abuse. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. It is interesting that he called those behind the central bank scheme 'the Money Changers'. a Rockefeller agent in Congress. after World War I this battle was rarely mentioned in newspapers or history books. they had seen how the privately owned British central bank. Wars have been fought over it. a Standard Oil employee of 66 . deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance. had run up the British national debt to such an extent that Parliament had been forced to place unfair taxes on the American colonies. to John D. In fact.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had four privately owned central banks before succumbing to the first stage of a fifth privately owned central bank during a time of national weakness: the Civil War. the Bank of England. Archbold. And yet. intrigue. the main author of the Constitution. Media complicity By World War I. Most of the founding fathers realised the potential dangers of banking and feared bankers' accumulation of wealth and power. In a 1912 Senate Privileges and Elections Committee hearing. First of all. the Money Changers with their dominant wealth had seized control of most of the US press.

not for a day or a crisis but for permanent healthy control of the Associated Press and kindred avenues. A few years ago. In fact. It will cost money but will be cheapest in the end. Only 50 cities in America now have more than one daily paper. the battle over who gets the power to issue our money has raged. later. Of course.such as Chase Manhattan Corp. much care is taken to fool the public with the appearance of competition by maintaining different corporate logos. projecting a sense of objectivity that belies the uniform underlying bank ownership and editorial control. NBC and CNN were banks . 58 newspapers (including the New York Times. it has changed hands back and forth eight times since 1694. yielding the present situation in which all major mass media and the critically important major reporting services. which are the source of most news stories. three-quarters of the majority stockholders of ABC. in five transition periods which may aptly be described as 'Bank Wars' (or. Morgan Guaranty Trust and Bank of America.5 . are controlled by the Money Changers. and they are often owned by the same group. and various motion-picture companies. throughout US history. 'Private Central Bank vs American People Wars'). Until we stop talking about 'deficits' and 'government 67 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.500 daily papers are independently owned. Nevertheless.What’s causing the global credit crisis Rockefeller. the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal). reflecting the identical control described above. Press control and. Only about 25 percent of the nation's 1. yet this fact has virtually vanished from public view for over three generations behind a smoke screen emitted by Fed cheerleaders in the media. Ten such corporations controlled 59 magazines (including Time and Newsweek). This concentration has been rapidly accelerating in recent years and ownership is nearly monolithic now. The press is the mass media of America today. Citibank. giving the major Wall Street banks virtually total ownership of the mass media with few exceptions (such as Disney's purchase of ABC).. anchorpersons and other trivia.com . CBS. It read in part: An efficient literary bureau is needed. This accounts for the total blackout on news coverage and investigative reporting on banker control of the country. more precisely.21stcenturybonusdvd. electronic media (radio and TV) control were seized in carefully planned steps.

without the image of a pagan Emperor. What were Money Changers doing in the Temple? When Jews came to Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax. these were the only times Jesus used physical violence. need to different points in US history by understand what is men like Benjamin Franklin.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had spending' and start talking about who creates and controls how much money we have. But these coins were not plentiful. The Money 68 . about the size of a quarter. it's just a shell game. money is not a radical solution. It won't matter if we pass an ironclad amendment to the Constitution mandating a balanced budget. Thomas Edison. This was a half-ounce of pure silver. a complete and utter deception. The government must take back the power to issue our money without debt. Our situation is only going to get worse until we root out the cause at its source. those few who are not part It's the same solution proposed at of the problem. they could only pay it with a special coin. Jesus Christ twice drove the Money Changers from the Temple in Jerusalem. Therefore. it was not the first. The Money Changers in Jerusalem Just who are these Money Changers to whom James Madison referred? The Bible tells us that.000 years ago. the half-shekel of the sanctuary. William Jennings Bryan. Issuing our own debt-free Our leaders and politicians. need to understand what is happening and how. as well Thomas Jefferson. the half-shekel was the only coin acceptable to God. Abraham Lincoln. to Jews. Henry Ford. Though the Federal Reserve is now one of the two most powerful central banks in the world. Our leaders and politicians. It was the only coin around at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight. Martin van Buren. we have to travel across the Atlantic. Andrew as what solutions exist. happening and how. as well as what solutions exist. Jackson. So where did this idea come from? To really understand the magnitude of the problem. Apart from when the Temple Guards were forced to the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane. and numerous congressmen and economists. those few who are not part of the problem. 2.

Money-changing in the Roman Empire But the money-changing scam did not originate in Jesus' day. One thing is for sure: with the death of Caesar came the demise of plentiful money in Rome. To Jesus. they were so active that. These 69 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. in AD 618-907. Taxes increased. In fact. But the Money Changers hated him. acting together. private Chinese merchants in Sichuan province issued paper money known as jiao zi. With this new. the Money Changers were making exorbitant profits because they held a virtual monopoly on money. Two early Roman emperors had tried to diminish the power of the Money Changers by reforming usury laws and limiting land ownership to 500 acres. the right to issue paper money was taken over in 1024 by the Song dynasty.What’s causing the global credit crisis Changers had cornered the market on them.5 . then they raised the price . By making money plentiful. as did corruption. In 48 BC Julius Caesar took back from the Money Changers the power to coin money and then minted coins for the benefit of all. Two hundred years before Christ. plentiful supply of money.just as has happened and will happen again in America to the few who still own their own land and homes. the common people lost their lands and homes . The Jews had to pay whatever they demanded.those who exchange. known as 'flying money' (a kind of banker's draft). Some believe this was an important factor in Caesar's assassination. The Goldsmiths of mediaeval England The Chinese were the first to use paper money. Both were assassinated. As a result. In about AD 1000.com .just as with any other monopolised commodity . Rome was having trouble with its Money Changers.were active in mediaeval England. In other words.21stcenturybonusdvd. this injustice violated the sanctity of God's house. he built great public works. Due to fraud. Eventually the Roman money supply was reduced by 90 percent. which then issued the first government paper money. About that same time. Caesar won the love of the common people. they could manipulate the English economy. create and manipulate the quantity of money . Money Changers .to whatever the market would bear.

banks make loans. money makes banks. So. They began by secretly lending out some of the gold that had been entrusted to them for safekeeping. often specifically outlawed once understood. lending out more money than you have reserves on deposit. they discovered they could lend out this extra paper money and collect interest on it. beggars make rags. depositors began endorsing these gold deposit receipts to others. The goldsmiths began with relatively modest cheating. The Money Changers generally were the goldsmiths.e. made from rag paper.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had were not bankers per se. five and even ten times more gold certificates than they had gold on deposit. and keeping the interest earned on this lending. Next. and usually no one would be any the wiser. As a convenience. They were the first bankers because they started keeping other people's gold for safekeeping in their safe rooms. This was the birth of 'fractional reserve lending' . goldsmiths noticed that only a small fraction of the depositors or bearers ever came in and demanded their gold at any one time. broke the tie to any identifiable deposit of gold. making them readily transferable without the need for a signature. This. rather than to the individual depositor. loans make beggars. As the ditty goes: Rags make paper. Eventually. however.000 in paper money and charge interest on it.that is. paper gold-deposit certificates) than they had gold. or vaults. to avoid unnecessary trips to the goldsmiths. if $1. Then the goldsmiths discovered that they could print more money (i. paper makes money. and no one would discover the deception.. lending out four. Paper money caught on because it was more convenient and safer to carry than a lot of heavy gold and silver coins. But they soon grew more confident and greedy.000 in gold were deposited with them. Over time. Goldsmiths started cheating on the system. lending out in gold deposit certificates only two or three times the amount of gold than they actually had in their safe rooms. for example. The first 'paper' money in Western Europe was merely a receipt for gold left with the goldsmiths. by their signature. By this 70 . they could lend out about $10. Obviously it was fraud. the receipts were made out to the bearer. to simplify the process.

5 . a $10.to private banks.e.What’s causing the global credit crisis means. this practice of lending out more money than there are reserves is known as 'fractional reserve banking'. Rather than issue more gold certificates than they have gold. But its not really 8 issues: it's 80 percent.which. which is their interest income on money. That is why States are allowed to banks always are in dreadful fear lend out at least ten of 'bank runs' this is the times more money than fundamental cause of inherent they actually have. at no cost to them except whatever interest they pay depositors. ink). 8 The banks in the United States percent interest. charging. after being accepted as standard practice. coupled with an unjust and unreasonable delegation of a sovereign. let's say. Should all their accountholders come in and demand cash. government function . a private mint (over 10.com . To give a modern example. the banks would run out before even three The banks in the United percent had been paid. fractional) reserve. It is still a fraud. the government percent interest. banks have on hand only a small fraction of the reserves needed to honour their obligations. which is their actually have. That's instability in banking. Every bank is.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 is ordinarily deposited by the borrower in either the same 71 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. rather. the bank need keep only $1.. the government issues: it's 80 percent. This $9. Under a 10 percent (i. evolved into modern deposit banking. let's say. But its are allowed to lend out at least ten not really 8 percent per times more money than they year.000 in the US).000 bond purchase by the Fed market results in a $10. modern bankers simply make more loans than they have currency cash! They do this by making book entries.a fraud . stock why they do so well on markets and national economies. goldsmiths gradually accumulated more and more wealth and used this wealth to accumulate more and more gold. It was this abuse of trust .000 deposit to the bond-sellers account.000. issuing money as loans. for nothing. creating loans to borrowers out of thin air (or. In other words. Today. That's why bank buildings are always the largest in town. 8 money.money creation . That's why they do interest income on so well on charging.000 in reserve and may lend out $9. percent per year. de facto.

. They also discovered that extra profits could be made by 'rowing' the economy between easy money and tight money. When they made money easier to borrow. a handful of the largest Wall Street banks create money as loans. or. due to numerous exceptions to the 10 percent reserve requirement the banking system multiplies the Fed's money creation by several magnitudes over ten times (e. more recently in the stock markets. only now we call this up-and-down rowing of the economy the 'business cycle'.000 created by the Fed by a factor of ten. collectively. less than one percent of the banks create over 75 percent of this money. the Fed requires only three percent reserves on deposits under approx.100 is in turn deposited in banks which must keep 10 percent ($810) in reserve but then may lend out $7. But then the goldsmiths would tighten the money supply and make loans more difficult to obtain. In other words. But because those crumbs represent billions. too. too. literally by the hundred billion. In actual practice. the banking system.100. the lesser bankers rarely grumble. support this corrupt system. Another 19th century French commentator put it this way: There is but one power in Europe. the initial $10. A certain percentage of people could not repay their previous loans and could not take out new loans to repay the old ones.g. Money was plentiful. and people took out more loans to expand their businesses. with rare exceptions. 72 . and no reserves on Eurodollars and nonpersonal time deposits).000 created by the Fed is deposited in numerous banks in the banking system.. However. 'corrections'. This $8. charging interest on these loans and leaving crumbs for the rest of the banks to create.290. To return to the goldsmiths . and so on. which then must keep 10 percent ($900) in reserve but may lend out the other $8. therefore they went bankrupt and had to sell their assets to the goldsmiths or at auction for 'pennies on the dollar'. then the amount of money in circulation expanded. giving rise (in roughly 20 repeated stages) to an expansion of $90. $50 million. Rather. The same thing is still going on today. they.000 in reserves.. Carried to the theoretical limits.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had bank or in other banks. In other words. What would happen? Just what happens today. and that is Rothschild.000 in new loans in addition to the $10. multiplies the $10.

By the mid-1700s. the Massachusetts Bay colony had printed its own paper money . conquered the world more thoroughly. Consequently. The scourge of a privately owned central bank had not yet landed in America. had borrowed heavily from the bank. pre-revolutionary America was still relatively poor.and was followed in 1703 by South Carolina and then by other colonies. Britain had fought four wars in Europe since the creation of its privately owned central bank. Author Frederic Morton wrote that the Rothschilds had: .com . and much more lastingly than all the Caesars before .. they have simply increased their 'passion for anonymity'..000. so the early colonists were increasingly forced to experiment with printing their own home-grown paper money.000-a staggering sum for those days. in 1690.5 . the government embarked on a program of trying to raise revenues from its American colonies in order to make the interest payments to the bank. more cunningly.. Tobacco was used as money in some colonies. rather than issuing its own debt-free currency. In 1742. the British Resumption Act required that 73 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. There was a severe shortage of precious metal coins to trade for goods.the first in America . with success. the British Empire was approaching its height of power around the world. the British Government's debt amounted to £140.What’s causing the global credit crisis There is no evidence that the Rothschild's predominant standing in European or world finance has changed. In 1720. To finance these wars the British Parliament. later.. The American Revolution Now let's take a look at the results the Bank of England produced on the British economy and how. every colonial Royal Governor was instructed to curtail the issue of colonial money. To the contrary. the Bank of England. Four years earlier. this was the root cause of the American Revolution. The cost had been high. By the mid-1700s. But in America it was a different story. as their wealth has increased. but this was largely unsuccessful. though the Bank of England exerted its baneful influence over the American colonies after 1694.21stcenturybonusdvd. Their vast holdings rarely bear their name. In the mid-1700s. Some of these experiments were successful.

Without hesitation he replied: That is simple. most colonial scrip was just paper money. Franklin was sent to London to fight for colonial paper money. It is called Colonial Scrip. In other words. In 1757. but you can imagine the impact it had at the Bank of England. debt-free money.. Colonial scrip provided a reliable medium of exchange and it also helped provide a feeling of unity between the colonies. In other words. more American colonies ignored Parliament and began to issue their own money. look what happened to America after the Currency Act of 1764 was passed. This was just common sense to Franklin. creating for ourselves our own paper money.nearly until the start of the American Revolution. it was a fiat currency.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had taxes and other debts be paid in gold. For those who believe that a gold standard is the answer for America's current monetary problems. we control its purchasing power. In the colonies we issue our own money. Franklin wrote: In one year the conditions were so reversed that the era of 74 . the Treaty of Paris. Parliament hurriedly passed the Currency Act of 1764. called 'colonial scrip'. in 1783. In this manner. This prohibited colonial officials from issuing their own money. and we have no interest to pay to no one. with notable exceptions. and that genie had to be returned to his bottle as soon as possible. and ordered them to pay all future taxes in gold or silver coins. it forced the colonies into a gold and silver standard. Officials of the Bank of England asked Franklin how he would account for the new-found prosperity of the colonies. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. printed in the public interest and not really backed by gold or silver coin.. Benjamin Franklin was a big supporter of the colonies printing their own money. During this period. This initiated the first intense phase of the First Bank War in America. America had learned the secret of money. beginning with the Declaration of Independence and concluding with the subsequent peace deal. He ended up staying for the next 18 years . which ended in defeat for the Money Changers. The endeavour was successful. In his autobiography. As a result. Remember. This caused a depression in the colonies and property was seized on foreclosure by the rich for one-tenth its value.

a refusal to accept a monetary system unjust to the people of the colonies. As a result. on 18 April 1775. it was nearly $500 million. Today. Massachusetts. the American colonial money supply stood at $12 million. colonial scrip had worked because just enough was issued to facilitate trade. Franklin claims that this was even the basic cause of the American Revolution. the continental government had no choice but to print its own paper money to finance the war. This flew in the face of the Bank of England and Parliament. paper money] which historians with ignorance or prejudice have belittled as instruments of reckless financial policy were really the standards of the Revolution. historian By the time the first shots were fired in Concord and Lexington. the Massachusetts Committee of Safety passed a resolution directing the issuance of more colonial currency and honouring the currency of other colonies. to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.5 . Alexander Del Mar. It constituted an act of defiance. As Franklin put it in his autobiography: The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money.21stcenturybonusdvd. which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.What’s causing the global credit crisis prosperity ended and a depression set in. the Congress of the Colonies resolved to issue $2 million in paper money based on the credit and faith of the “United Colonies”. At the start of the Revolution. As a result. They were more than this: they were the Revolution itself. indicating payment of tax in gold . the colonies had been drained of gold and silver coin by British taxation. Less than two weeks later. On 10 and 22 June 1775. the currency was virtually worthless. As George Washington lamented: A wagon load of money will scarcely purchase a wagon load of provisions. Thus the bills of credit [i. 75 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.. This was partly a result of massive British counterfeiting. Parliament passed the Stamp Act which required that a stamp be placed on every instrument of commerce.e.com . and counterfeiting was minimal. Earlier. In 1774.000 a pair. Shoes sold for $5.which again threatened the colonial paper money. By the end of the war.

He then lent this money to himself and his friends to reinvest in shares of the bank. It was allowed to practise (or rather. The Second American Bank War was on. The new bank. meeting at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.a felony. which had been lent to America by France. it was not prohibited from practicing) fractional reserve banking. acceptable in payment of taxes. to open a privately owned central bank in the hope that this would help.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had those who support a gold-backed currency point to this period during the Revolution to demonstrate the evils of a fiat currency. Soon. they allowed Robert Morris. the dangers became clear. the Bank of North America. If you or I were to do that. and during the war the British deliberately sought to undermine it by counterfeiting it in England and shipping it 'by the bale' to the colonies. of course. the continental Congress. we would be charged with fraud .gold. In 1781. Four years later.000 worth of initial capital. it could lend out money it didn't have. was closely modelled on the Bank of England. But remember. he brazenly used his political influence to have gold deposited in the bank . the same currency had worked so well 20 years earlier during times of peace that the Bank of England had Parliament outlaw it. Incidentally. in 1785. The bank's charter called for private investors to put up $400. it was concealed from the public and politicians as much as possible. the bank was given a monopoly on issuing banknotes. The leader of the successful effort to kill the bank was a patriot 76 . Thus the Second American Bank War quickly ended in defeat for the Money Changers. the bank's charter was not renewed. effectively ending the threat of the bank's power. grew desperate for money. The value of American currency continued to plummet. The Bank of North America Towards the end of the Revolution. that is. But when Morris was unable to raise the money. their Financial Superintendent. Few understood this practice at the time. then charge interest on it. and. Further. Morris was a wealthy man who had grown wealthier during the Revolution by trading in war materials.

control the issue of their Morris. headed the committee that wrote the final draft of the Constitution. the First then by deflation. then Secretary of ever allow private banks to the Treasury. During the debate over the future monetary system. children wake up homeless The Constitutional Convention In 1787. first by inflation. 77 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.did not give up. and the Bank's President. They wanted nothing of it.. the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. colonial leaders assembled in Philadelphia to replace the ailing Articles of Confederation. As Jefferson later put it: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency. Morris knew the motivations of the bankers well..What’s causing the global credit crisis named William Findley. Robert Morris. Plutocracy. and his mentor. They had seen the problems caused by the Bank of England. another one of the founding fathers. will corrupt the legislature so that laws will be made in its favour. having no principle but that of avarice. The players were the deprive the people of all same. Only six years If the American people later. Thomas Willing . He explained the problem this way: This institution. through banks and the the new Congress. owned central bank. Governor Morris. . then by deflation. As we saw earlier. Hamilton. from Pennsylvania.com on the continent their fathers conquered. will never be varied in its object . both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were unalterably opposed to a privately owned central bank. and the administration of justice will favour the rich.21stcenturybonusdvd. Thomas Willing corporations which grow again served as the bank's up around them will president. first by inflation.5 . once established. the Bank of the United States. to engross all the wealth. rammed a new privately currency. power and influence of the state. only the name of the bank property until their was changed. The men behind the Bank of North America .Alexander Hamilton.

Governor Morris revealed what was really going on: The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. keep them in their proper spheres. Governor Morris and Alexander Hamilton were the ones who had presented the original plan for the Bank of North America to the continental Congress in the last year of the Revolution. Despite the defection of Governor Morris from the ranks of the bank. Thomas Willing and their European backers were not about to give up. Hamilton. The Money Changers could not stand to have America printing her own money again.. Many believed that the Tenth Amendment. since the power to issue paper money was not specifically delegated to the federal government in the Constitution. Most of the delegates were still reeling from the wild inflation of the paper currency during the Revolution. The Constitution is silent on this point. which reserved powers to the states which were not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution. by a four-to-one margin. They will have the same effect here as elsewhere if we do not. In a letter he wrote to James Madison on 2 July 1787. They always did. But Hamilton and his banker friends saw this silence as an opportunity for keeping the government out of paper money creation which they hoped to monopolise privately. Robert Morris. passed in the affirmative. supported leaving any federal government authority for paper money creation out of the Constitution. Indeed. They always will . Most of the framers intended the Constitution's silence to keep the new federal government from having the power to authorise paper money creation. But the Bank of England had not... made the issuance of paper money by the federal government unconstitutional. So both bankers and anti-banking delegates. Robert Morris. However. 78 . by the power of government. the Constitution specifically forbade the individual States to "emit bills of credit" (paper money). They convinced the bulk of the delegates to the Constitution Convention not to give Congress the power to issue paper money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Along with his old boss.. for opposing motives. They had forgotten how well colonial scrip had worked before the war. the Journal of the Convention for 16 August reads as follows: It was moved and seconded to strike out the words 'and emit bills of credit' and the motion .

It is quantity that determines its value. and neither private banks nor even municipalities were prohibited from issuing paper money (as happened in around 400 cities during the Great Depression). the federal and state governments were widely regarded as prohibited from paper money creation. since it multiplied any inflation caused by excessive paper currency issuance by several times. Fractional reserve lending was the greater problem.it being argued that this power.” Regulating the value of money (that is to say. regulate the value 79 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. but has to do with its quantity . which incorporated them and so were prohibited from “emitting bills of credit”. etc. such as incorporated banks). were not addressed and so were not prohibited. But this was not understood by many. But bank loans. Of course. its purchasing power or value relative to other things) has nothing to do with quality or content (e.the supply of money. In their belief that prohibiting paper currency was a good end. whereas the evils of excessive paper currency issuance were. as were the states themselves. only the states were prohibited from issuing paper money. whereas private banks were not . As it happened.What’s causing the global credit crisis This ambiguity left the door open for the Money Changers . by not being specifically prohibited. the framers were well advised.5 .. created as book entries.com . Legislating a total money supply (including currency.).just as they had planned. In the end. was reserved for the people (including legal persons. Another error not often understood concerns the authority given the federal government “to coin money” and “to regulate the value thereof. The contrary argument was that bank corporations were instruments or agencies of the states. so many grains of gold or copper. and never has Congress legislated any total quantity of money in the United States. and it lost all force once the US Supreme Court ruled that even the federal government could charter a bank which could issue paper money.21stcenturybonusdvd. Prohibiting all paper currency would have severely limited the fractional reserve banking then practiced. since the use of checks was minimal and arguably would have been prohibited as well.g. This argument was ignored by the bankers. who proceeded to issue paper banknotes based on fractional reserves. checks and all bank deposits) would. paper money was not itself the main problem. in fact.

In fact. Hamilton developed the “implied powers” argument used so often since to eviscerate the Constitution. one of Hamilton's first jobs after graduating from law school in 1782 was as an aide to Robert Morris. that was the very year that Mayer Rothschild made his pronouncement from his flagship bank in Frankfurt: Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws. The bank was given authority to print currency and make loans based on fractional reserves. and did so.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had (purchasing power) of each dollar. or BUS. less than three years after the Constitution had been signed. in 1791 Congress passed Hamilton's bank bill and gave it a 20-year charter. Congress has never done either. despite Washington's reservations and Jefferson's and Madison's opposition.000 banks which create our money supply. the year before. saying: A national debt. The new bank was to be called the First Bank of the United States. It has left this function to the Federal Reserve and the more than 10. Interestingly. Legislating the rate of growth of the money supply would then determine its future value. if it is not excessive. The newly appointed first Secretary of the Treasury. To win over Washington. proposed a bill to the Congress. Alexander Hamilton. the Money Changers struck again. though it clearly has the constitutional authority to do so. He convinced Washington to sign the bill. Hamilton had written Morris a letter. the head of the Bank of North America. Coincidentally. calling for a now privately owned central bank. the Bank of the United States. The First Bank of the United States was headquartered in Philadelphia. He wanted to create another private central bank. A “blessing"” to whom? After a year of intense debate. The First Bank of the United States In 1790. Alexander Hamilton was a tool of the international bankers. Jefferson correctly predicted the dire consequences of opening such a Pandora's box which would allow judges to “apply” whatever they wished. Thus the Third American Bank War began. even though 80 percent 80 . will be to us a national blessing.

As with chosen to hide the fact the Bank of England. then the bank.2 million from the First Bank of the United States. The bank was promoted to Congress as a way to bring stability to the banking system and to eliminate inflation. The US Government put up its initial $2. In that period.000. but the reason was not to give the government a piece of the action: it was to provide the initial capital for the other 80 percent owners. So. They watch in helpless frustration as the federal government borrows the American taxpayer into oblivion . the name of that it was privately the bank .000 in capital needed for States . And. the names of the investors in the bank were never revealed. for nothing. made loans to its charter investors so they could .What’s causing the global credit crisis of its stock would be held by private investors.000..was deliberately this risk-free investment. The other 20 percent would be purchased by the US Government.. as in investors in the bank were the case of the Bank of England. unable to stop it: I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution.000. So what happened? Over the first five years. it was not the first attempt at a privately owned central bank in the 81 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. through the old magic of fractional reserve lending. never revealed. Jefferson.was deliberately chosen case of the Bank of to hide the fact that it was England. watched the borrowing with sadness and frustration. the US Government borrowed $8.the Bank of the United controlled. He was supported in this view by all conservative opinion of his time. prices rose by 72 percent. the new Secretary of State. Why continue to farm out to private banks. a prerogative of government? Millions of Americans feel the same way today. without debt. from private banks and the rich.21stcenturybonusdvd. taking from the federal government the power of borrowing. as in the States . although it was called the First Bank of the United States.5 . the stockholders never paid the full amount for their shares. As with the old Bank of North America and the Bank of England before that. in cash.com . the name of the bank come up with the remaining the Bank of the United $8. President Adams denounced the issuance of private banknotes as a fraud upon the public. And.borrowing. the money the government has the authority and duty to issue itself. the names of the privately controlled.

reaping the enormous profits of war. Four years later. thirtyyear-old Nathan Rothschild . the Bank of England and the Bank of North America. By 1803. He never trusted the Bank of France. Money has no motherland. financiers are without patriotism and without decency: their sole object is gain.are in control: The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Austria and finally Russia all went heavily into debt in a futile attempt to stop Napoleon. conquering everything in his path. But England and the Bank of England quickly rose to oppose him. They financed every nation in his path.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had US. Back in America. in exchange for a huge chunk of territory west of the Mississippi River: the Louisiana Purchase. with the main French Army in Russia. even when he put some of his own relatives on the governing board. In 1800. then the bankers lent that money to each other to buy the remaining stock in the bank. As with the first two. Napoleon's rise to power in France Next we have to travel back to Europe to see how a single man was able to manipulate the entire British economy by obtaining the first news of Napoleon's final defeat. the bankers . unexpected help was about to arrive.000. Jefferson and Napoleon had struck a deal. The US would give Napoleon $3. He clearly saw the dangers.and they wouldn't be able to get away with it for long. Thomas Jefferson narrowly defeated John Adams to become the third President of the United States. In Paris in 1800. the Bank of France was organised. With that three million dollars in gold. along similar lines to the Bank of England. It was a scam. Prussia. Nathan later bragged at a dinner party in London that it was the best business he'd ever done.000 in gold.the head of the London office of the Rothschild family . Napoleon quickly forged an army and set off across Europe. but did not see the proper safeguards or solution. He made money on each step 82 .not the leaders of the government . plain and simple .personally took charge of a bold plan to smuggle a much-needed shipment of gold right through France to finance an attack from Spain by Britain's Duke of Wellington. But Napoleon decided France had to break free of debt. Napoleon declared that when a government is dependent upon bankers for money. the government put up the cash to get this private bank going.

to have an independent press once again in America! A Congressman named P. broke a tie in the Senate and sent the First Bank of the United States . Louis XVIII was crowned King and Napoleon was exiled from France to Elba. Porter attacked the bank from the floor of Congress. When the smoke had cleared. Wellington's attacks from the south. prophetically warning that if the bank's charter were renewed. Some writers have claimed that Nathan Rothschild warned that the United States would find itself involved in a most disastrous war if the bank's charter were not renewed. America was trying to break free of its central bank as well. a “vulture”. ended in defeat for the Money Changers. Thus. By now. Prospects didn't look good for the bank. a bill was put before Congress to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States. the Third American Bank War. and a “cobra”. George Clinton. Demise of the First Bank of the United States and the war of 1812 While Napoleon was in exile. which one day or another will sting the liberties of this country to the heart”. Remember. America's fourth President. Madison was a staunch opponent of the bank. England attacked the United States and the War of 1812 was on. In 1811. calling it “a great swindle”. Little did he know then that he would do much better business in the near future.21stcenturybonusdvd. But it wasn't enough. was in the White House. a “viper”. supposedly forever. The press corps of the day attacked the bank openly.the second privately owned central bank based in America . as Rothschild was said to have predicted. Within five months. Oh. 83 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. His Vice President.into oblivion. a tiny island off the coast of Italy.What’s causing the global credit crisis of the shipment. lasting 20 years. temporarily defeated by England with the financial help of the Rothschilds. B. and other defeats. James Madison.com . eventually forced Napoleon to abdicate. the renewal bill was defeated by a single vote in the House and was deadlocked in the Senate.5 . Congress “will have planted in the bosom of this Constitution a viper. The debate grew very heated and the legislature of both Pennsylvania and Virginia passed resolutions asking Congress to kill the bank.

French troops were sent out to capture him. It would take them only another two years to bring in a fourth private central bank. but not before thousands of Frenchmen and Englishmen gave their lives on a steamy summer day in June 1815. 18 June. In 1815.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had But the British were still busy fighting Napoleon. such loans are usually conditional upon the guarantee that the victor will honour the debts of the vanquished. 1815 But now let's return for a moment to Napoleon. There Napoleon suffered his final defeat. The Battle of Waterloo. This episode aptly demonstrates the cunning of the Rothschild family in gaining control of the British stock market after Waterloo. it was not unusual for privately controlled central banks to finance both sides in a war. The ultimate loser is lent just enough to hold out the vain hope of victory. Napoleon returned to Paris a hero. Napoleon escaped his exile and resumed to Paris. A nation will borrow any amount for victory. and the ultimate winner is given enough to win.this time without a shot being fired. Besides. 74.000 troops 84 .an act not repeated until the Civil War. to fund the war effort . but bearing interest. a year after the end of the War of 1812. Only the bankers cannot lose. during this war. they were far from out. in what today is Belgium. Nevertheless. Why would a central bank finance opposing sides in a war? Because war is the biggest debt-generator of them all.000 French troops met 67. from about this point on. bigger and stronger than before. It is interesting to note that. the US Treasury printed some government paper money. and so the War of 1812 ended in a draw in 1814. In March Napoleon equipped an army which Britain's Duke of Wellington defeated less than 90 days later at Waterloo. He borrowed five million pounds from the Ouvard banking house in Paris in order to rearm. The site of the Waterloo battlefield is about 320 kilometres northeast of Paris. but such was his charisma that the soldiers rallied around their old leader and hailed him as their Emperor once again. King Louis fled into exile and Napoleon again ascended the French throne . On that day. Though the Money Changers were temporarily down.

Britain's financial situation would become grave indeed. If Wellington had been defeated and Napoleon were loose on the Continent again. you say? One hundred years later. The Rothschilds had a legendary communication network. Rothschild stationed a trusted agent. But no matter who won or lost. Other nervous investors saw that Rothschild was selling. Then.com . which said that Nathan Rothschild's grandson had attempted to secure a court order to suppress a book containing this stock market story.and prices dropped. legends. He delivered the news to Nathan Rothschild a full 24 hours before Wellington's own courier. The market plummeted.) Intermarriage with the Montefiores. (An interesting feature of some consols was that they were convertible to Bank of England stock. but the court denied the Rothschilds' request and ordered the family to pay all court costs.What’s causing the global credit crisis from Britain and other European nations. he began selling. The following account is hotly disputed by the Rothschilds.21stcenturybonusdvd. Once the battle had been decided. Wellington must have been defeated. the New York Times. suddenly. The outcome was certainly in doubt.their British government bonds and other stocks . closer to the English Channel. on the north side of the battlefield. Then Rothschild and his financial allies started secretly buying through agents. Soon. had Napoleon attacked a few hours earlier. He stood there motionless. in a matter of hours. What's even more interesting about this story is that some authors claim that the day after the Battle of Waterloo. All eyes were on him. It could only mean one thing: Napoleon must have won. Myths. Nathan Rothschild and allied financial interests came to dominate not only the bond market but the Bank of England as well. eyes downcast. Cohens and Goldsmiths banking families established in England in the century before the 85 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. a man named Rothworth. everyone was selling their consols . ran a story. The Rothschild family claimed the story was untrue and libellous. Rothworth took off for the Channel. back in London Nathan Rothschild planned to use the opportunity to try to seize control over the British stock-and bond market. Rothschild looked saddened. he would probably have won the battle. Rothschild hurried to the stock market and took up his usual position in front of an ancient pillar. In fact.5 .

all through surrogates. social scientist.000 percent greater then than now. Whatever the extent of their vast wealth. debt-captive corporations. only a handful bear the Rothschild name. One author.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Rothschilds . politicians and nations. historian and revolutionary. is probably the most influential socialist thinker to emerge in the 19th century. Keep in mind. the family has generally cultivated an aura of invisibility. Although he was largely ignored by scholars in his own lifetime. Despite this overwhelming wealth. the purchasing power of the dollar was over 1. In fact. his social. They also dominated a constellation of secondary. such as the Warburgs and Schiffs. This control was further consolidated through the passage of Peel's Bank Charter Act of 1844. Economic history. obscuring their role. They dominated the new government bond markets and branched into other banks and industrial concerns worldwide. and the wealthiest) in this manner. But since the turn of the century. the Rothschilds were the richest family in the world. lesser families. Ignatius Balla. Although the family controls scores of banking. one thing is certain: by the mid-1800s.enhanced the Rothschilds' financial control. mining and tourist corporations. even as their wealth and that of their financial allies increases and hence their control of banks. estimated their personal wealth in 1913 at over two billion dollars. capitalism and communism The philosopher. Karl Marx. Whether or not the Rothschild family and their financial allies seized outright control of the Bank of England (the first privately owned central bank in a major European nation. the Rothschilds have carefully cultivated the notion that their power has somehow waned. one expert estimated that the Rothschild family controlled half the wealth of the world. as power begets power and the appetite there for. By the end of the 19th century. the rest of the 19th century was known as the “Age of Rothschild”. agents. it is reasonable to assume that their percentage of the world's wealth has increased dramatically since then. industrial. commercial. bar none. nominees and interlocking directorates. who allied their own vast wealth with that of the Rothschilds. economic and political ideas 86 . the media.

has incredible foresight and piquancy: "Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods. until their debt becomes unbearable.What’s causing the global credit crisis gained rapid acceptance in the socialist movement after his death in 1883. Das Kapital written in 1867. houses and technology. pushing them to take more and more expensive credits.5 . The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks. This particular quote from Marx in his book.21stcenturybonusdvd. and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism.com . The fact that Marx delayed publication of many of his writings means that only recently have scholars had the opportunity to appreciate Marx's intellectual stature. which will have to be nationalised. The original ideas of Marx have often been modified and his meanings adapted to a great variety of political circumstances." 87 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.


W HAT IS A 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION? Common sense told me that to excel in the 21st Century one needed an education designed for today’s world. that is what I call a 21st Century Education. 6. .

these days it is much easier to do that.in excess of $100. Can I please enrol as a matter of urgency in the next 21st century education course?” They will probably say. When I first looked at the idea of getting a 21st century education. “What exactly is a 21st century education?” and secondly. but we can never change things on the outside unless we first change things inside ourselves. Now you understand the concept of how money is made out of thin air by the systems and how the families that control the money do this every day. please do not rush us . My first question was. I am not suggesting that you have to invest $100.you will need to take a number!” In other words. I had a couple of challenges with it. I was worried when I was 89 . I need to have a 21st century education. how do we get this 21st century education? To be honest. “How do I go about getting one?” Now you can ring your local educational college and say. However. has been rather tremendous . though the return on that investment has been phenomenal! Now. I started to say.” Common sense told me that to excel in the 21st century one needed an education designed for today's world. When I first began to understand these concepts.000. that is what I call a 21st century education. “I am reading a book at the moment that has suggested to me that in order to excel in the 21st century. and then our world automatically changes. the investment over the last fifteen years for me to acquire a 21st century education. Many people want to change the world.000 to develop your 21st century education. “What are you on? What are you talking about? We are still in the 19th century here.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The object of this chapter is to highlight the five crucial components of a 21st Century Education including how to become financially intelligent. “Maybe if I want to excel in the 21st century I need more than a school or university education I received in the 20th century (which was actually created in the 19th century). It is obvious those who have a 21st century education are probably more likely to excel than those who do not. I will say that yes. What I started to look for was solutions and different ways to take back control of my finances and my life. With the advent of the information age. These concepts are important steppingstones to a 21st century education.

The four key skills: i) Creative thinking ii) Negotiating iii) Communicating iv) Marketing 4. explained to me that every emotion you feel has a very specific physiology connected to it. Financial intelligence 3. Unfortunately. but subconsciously react to it driven by their habitual emotional patterns.What is a 21st Century Education? attempting to borrow $25. One of my mentors. Action (or RPA) 5. 90 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. but I was focused on developing a millionaire mindset and developing a real life education. whatever happens in their life they will react to it.6 . Purpose. You may have heard before that “emotion is created by motion”. we cannot control everything that happens in the world. keeping in mind that they are probably not resonating positive energy patterns and therefore probably not attracting positive energy into their lives. In other words. However. If you get that first. emotional intelligence is the ability to consciously respond to a situation rather than react under the influence of our emotions at that time. There are five major components of a 21st Century education: 1.com . Designing your life What is Emotional Intelligence? How do you define emotional intelligence? Rather than reacting to life as most people do.000 to start acquiring a 21st century education. In this chapter I will give an overview of the components that make up what I call a 21st century education. Results. I have found that most people do not consciously respond to life.21stcenturybonusdvd. Anthony Robbins. when I did not even have the money to cover the rent the next week. What I mean by physiology is your posture. then the rest will fall into place. Emotional Intelligence 2. Then the following sections in the book will cover each of these areas in detail.

So if we are going to be emotionally intelligent human beings and improve our chances of being successful in the things we want most. after a while. rather than reacting unconsciously. say five or ten years later. disappointment. The question is. Actually. worry. yet when the relationship ended. facial expressions and patterns of movement. businesses and even a financial crisis. But looking at that same experience. have you ever experienced in the past. run automatically and begin to dictate the emotional states we live in. anxiety. if my old girlfriend did not dump me way back then. This particular relationship did not work out and I was really upset about it. These physiology patterns. anger. now I am glad and happy it happened. Unconscious Reaction versus Conscious Response is the essence of what emotional intelligence is at a basic level. fear. we want to once again do the opposite. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. being madly in love with a special person. even though at the time I thought my life was virtually over and I could not imagine overcoming the loss. When that happens you can be emotionally devastated. Unfortunately. jobs. frustration. I would never have attracted more ideal relationships. For example. stress. The problem is that most people limit themselves to only a few habitual patterns of physiology that result in them experiencing no more than say ten different emotions on a weekly basis. most of the ten emotional states we live in are negative and will not serve us on our path to success. I know it happened to me in the past and I lost all my motivation. uncertainty. For instance. what I thought was a crisis at the time turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. In that state of mind I was definitely reacting to what was happening. doubt.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had breathing. “What has happened for us to change our perspective of that same event?” Initially we have reacted. for example. for a time you were emotionally distraught and perhaps devastated at the loss? Most people would have experienced a relationship break up at some time in their life. This is true for relationships. as devastated as I was. and you meet people where that has happened 91 . we may have been devastated by it in the moment. It was over. We want to make a conscious decision on how we will respond to a situation.

this is the beginning of the end and be paralysed by terror and refuse to go to work.the same experience but two completely different outcomes. Some people say the reason they are not successful is because of a particular event that happened in their life. it must be a movie or a hoax we are watching on television.6 . That was a tragic event that caused massive reaction worldwide.What is a 21st Century Education? and they stay in that state for a month. We think it cannot be true. would remember exactly where they were the moment they heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center Towers in New York on September 11. Instead of reacting and being devastated by it. yet that has become the reason why they are successful today . or five years or a lifetime to be able to look back at a particular experience. Others however. reacting in that way. like most people. When a crisis strikes in our lives. look at things differently. This soon then tends to change to a state of denial. a year. I. it is how we react to it and what meaning we associate with the particular event. initially went into a state of shock. Whereas a different person may experience exactly the same event. mainly in that state of fear and terror. hoping the next day we wake up and everything will be fine.com . is giving our power away. Emotional intelligence shortens the gap.21stcenturybonusdvd. Some people will begin to attach a meaning that the world is over. If we are not careful we can then go into a state of fear and/or become paralysed. 92 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. no doubt. which is understandable. Applying emotional intelligence means you do not need to wait twelve months. no doubt natural reactions for humans. just sit at home and go completely into their shell. 2001. even though it is not easy. But if we are going to be emotionally intelligent. over a given period of time. Everyone. we do not really want it to happen but it does. they never recover from it. But these are all reactions. understandably. creating tremendous doubt and uncertainty about the future of the whole world. what if in that moment we could choose to look at it differently? It is not what happens to us in life. through different sets of eyes. Then what will tend to happen after that is that we will begin to attach meanings to what has happened. refuse to even fly ever again. look at it differently and choose a different response. some people for the rest of their life.

the media has blown this totally out of perspective. despite that fact that there are people starving and cruelties occurring in the world. but if we put into perspective what is happening in the world.000 people die every single day from other tragic events. because if we look at the media. It is where we focus that we notice. only what can we do. Can we give blood. why has it happened and what can we do about it? I think the greatest danger is that many people feel helpless. or you as an individual. The ability of focusing on a particular event can always distort our perspective and the media. We must put things into perspective and the question is what can I.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had It is actually a state of selfishness about how we feel instead of perhaps that of more intelligent individuals who after they initially go through the shock and denial and natural terror begin to say.000 people were virtually murdered on that day. that they cannot do anything and that is not a good state to be in. is very good at this and distorted what happened. I think the state should be a state of what can we do. Or do we attach a different meaning about what has happened. is what meaning we now attach to the situation. the world's media is so focused on that particular event. do about this situation? Are we going to be disempowered by this for the rest of our lives or are we going to say this has happened and now I am going to be more committed to being a better person and enjoy my life while I can and help make a difference so that this may never happen again? I think some of the great things that came out of this unfortunate tragedy were that the world united as one. even magnified it. Do we now attach a meaning that life as we know it is over and the world is doom and gloom and we can never live life as we know it. but then we have to look at the bigger picture and I guess the key is what meaning do we attach to it? A very important step here is getting the right perspective. But because we are not focused on that. what are some things we can do immediately to try and do our best to help the people who have been affected by this situation. Initially we can donate blood and help people in that way. unfortunately. we are not aware of it and we do not feel the immense pain of that situation. they all 93 . can we send donations and can we pray for the people? Then what is important to be emotionally intelligent. It is tragic that some 3. but in other parts of the world more than 3.

We want to go about living our lives and that is what George W Bush said. as difficult as that may be. the question for your is how did you react to that? Did you choose to put it into perspective and choose what we call emotional intelligence? In other words. I know myself I decided. What can I do to give more to charity? What can I do to reach out and contact people and let them know how much I care about them while I am actually alive and have that opportunity? Also. united on what to do to eliminate terrorism and what we had possibly done that could have indirectly contributed to this. I happened to be in Africa at the time and then London shortly thereafter. ultimately if they are suffering we are all going to suffer unless we can help to change that.21stcenturybonusdvd. If we allow ourselves to be controlled by terrorism it will only become worse. Are there people suffering in the world that maybe we have overlooked or have not paid enough attention or perhaps done enough to try to assist? It made people look differently and realise that there are people starving and suffering under regimes and dictators that are cruel to the people of their countries. If we give away our power and give into terror.6 . and I certainly agree that we need to get on with our lives. The best thing we can do to help is going about our normal lives. Do we go into fear and never fly again? Many people said to me. Realising that poverty and the economic hardships that are caused by our current monetary system have a big part to play in this. to really appreciate the freedom and wonderful things I have in my life. many people had taken for granted. We must stand up to it and that is one of the best ways to deal with it. rather than be disempowered about this. you are crazy for getting on a plane and still flying. I became more committed and I asked myself what I could do to help improve the world's monetary system. Then. So. get on a plane and do not cancel things as it just makes the situation worse.What is a 21st Century Education? felt the pain. where there was a lot of fear and panic as London was possibly a target to be attacked. did you react to that in a 94 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.com . which prior to that tragedy and situation in the World Trade Center Towers. then that gives the power to the terrorists when we do not want to give into terror. what can I do to attempt to influence that more and create positive change.

and I coached and assisted at these events for several years. it was about 4 am in Hawaii where he was conducting his Life Mastery seminar events. as quite often happens in a heated dispute. The second day covers a topic that he teaches.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had way that is going to empower you to be more. I was not at this particular event. how would you value your life differently? He talked about this the whole night and a particular lady stood up in the seminar and said. I was going away to Life Mastery in Hawaii to really focus on myself. While we are on this topic I would like to share a story that was relayed to me by Tony Robbins.” So they parted. whom would you call. It is an event I attended many years ago. If there are enough people on the planet doing that. but Tony was at the beginning of the second day of a nine-day event. She realised by what Tony had been talking about what was most important to her so she made a decision that she wanted to accept his proposal and agree to marry her long-term boyfriend 95 . he started the seminar by mentioning to his audience. He was sharing a story about how at the time he heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. “You know just hearing what we have been talking about here tonight and what you are saying Tony. quite a long event. it was over between us. the day before the towers were struck. He was saying it was quite prophetic that the first day of the seminar. one of the world's leading success coaches and presidential advisors. what would you appreciate. has made me realise something. I felt like he was putting too much pressure on me and I was not ready and did not want to commit to marriage at this point in time. become more and assist more in a more positive way. He had made an ultimatum to me that if I was to go away to Life Mastery then that was it. where I first learnt about this concept of emotional intelligence. then we are collectively all better off. which I highly recommend to anyone. Just before coming along to the seminar my long term boyfriend had asked me to marry him and because I lost my husband under tragic circumstances many years ago and I was not over that yet. I told him no. how would you live your life differently if you knew you only had days or weeks left to live? When you think about what you would do differently in your life and to determine what is most important.

and had just arrived at work. I chose to look at it in a different way and not use my financial crisis as an excuse but a reason to be successful. he checked his voice mail and heard her message. He said. I had two options to choose from. Obviously it was a different time zone back in New York where he lived and all she got was his work voice mail. She obviously found this out the next day. obviously extremely devastated about what had happened. And she shared her story the next day. People who have gone bankrupt and have been in a lot of debt have jumped out of windows and killed themselves because they have linked massive pain to staying alive and facing their reality. or at least a whole lot easier. It is the happiest day of my life and I will die a happy man knowing that you have said yes. Another example I will use is my own financial crisis. so she left a message saying she had been doing some thinking and wanted to let him know how much she loved and cared for him and that she would be delighted and happy to accept his proposal to get married. dead broke or dead. and at one stage dead was sounding attractive. I had to become 96 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. He was expressing how unfortunate it was that they would probably never see each other again.com .21stcenturybonusdvd.What is a 21st Century Education? whom she loved dearly. I would just like to let you know I received your message and it meant so much to me that you agree to marry me and love me. she phoned.6 . So after the seminar that night. and it does not look like we will get out of here.” Quite a tragic story. And the very next morning was when the World Trade Towers where struck by the two planes. family and friends working in the building when the disaster struck. The morning that her boyfriend had gone to the World Trade Center. I have been in a very similar situation. Yet. “You may not be aware that the building has just been struck by a plane and is on fire. There were about 500 people in the seminar alone who were actually from New York and many people had workmates. but it really makes you realise how much we take life for granted knowing that we may only have hours. and that she could not wait until she got back. He was so happy he phoned back but she was not available because of the time difference but she received a voice mail back from her boyfriend. days or weeks or years left to appreciate it.

most of us will never have to go through that. Victor Frankel took charge of the resources he had. We cannot control what happens out there in the environment around us. So are we going to live with a sense of certainty or live with the fear of something bad happening one day? We do not want to live in fear with the mentality of. “I do not want to put the effort into a relationship in case it ends. he realised that although he could not control the conditions surrounding him such as virtually being beaten to death.II concentration camps.W. one thing he could control was his emotions and what meaning he attached to them. That took a lot of courage and a lot of power and he survived that better than many others. I actually had to ask myself what was great about my situation? I look at it now and I am so glad it happened. However. As difficult as it was at that time. There is a story of a man called Victor Frankel who survived the W. The way we want to do that is by taking control of what meaning we attach to events. he looked at it differently. because if it did not then I would not be where I am today. despite how bad it was inside those concentration camps. but we can control what happens inside of us. stripped naked and left there. or become wealthy in case I lose it. So what we are looking for is how to create certainty in our lives. or what is the point of trying as the world as we know it may end. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing is all interpreted by our choice. however. that inside he chose to remain free and therefore his freedom could never be taken away. So often things that we think are bad turn out to be good.” We want to have a sense of 97 . Hopefully. When many people were hoping to die because they could not handle the pain. He believed that no matter how much he was beaten into submission.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had a lot more emotionally intelligent and with the help of my millionaire mentor I began to look at my situation differently. we will endure other crises in our lives. He talks about how being locked up in a concentration camp is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a human being. starved or being taken outside in the freezing snow. Have you ever noticed that in life? What we need to look at is how we take control in the moment to respond to something rather than react to it.

if we are to become financially intelligent we need to know exactly what it is and how to go about it. even the worst thing could happen but we will still find the good in it. We are going to respond. I am going to suggest that if you want to excel in the 21st century you need to have money work for you. not just work for money. We need to ask. That is an important part of our education.000 right now.What is a 21st Century Education? certainty no matter what happens. you do not have to. “What is great about this situation?” So it does not matter what happens. Today I live with a complete sense of certainty that it does not matter what happens or what is taken away from me. if you do not like working for someone else.com . along with mastering other areas of your life. what would happen to that money in twelve months time? Statistics show that 80 percent of 98 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. With your newly acquired emotional intelligence you will be more than capable of putting any financial strategy into practice. we are forced to follow the path that most people take that we have seen very often leads to financial disaster. There is a lot to understand which is why I have dedicated several chapters in this book to help you develop the millionaire mindset.6 . we are going to have a lesson on how to have money work for you. “Instead of having our usual lesson today on Algebra. So. What is financial intelligence? Financial Intelligence is something that Robert Kiyosaki.21stcenturybonusdvd. talks about. as opposed to react. I cannot stress enough the importance of mastering emotional intelligence. Without it. we choose how we interpret it. author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. So this is what I mean by emotional intelligence on a higher level.” Most people would have gone to that lesson and I know that would have been one lesson I would have actually paid attention to. It does not matter what happens. to life by asking different questions. If we gave every Australian $10. The following example illustrates the depth of financial intelligence in the Australian population. And that inner sense of certainty is something that cannot be taken away unless I allow it. so when you leave school. I know what I have within me is everything I need to succeed. Who would have gone to a lesson on financial intelligence if they taught it at school? If the teacher had said.

If you can do that you would definitely be considered financially intelligent. there is probably no dream on the planet that you could not afford to buy one day that is up to 100 percent return on your money! The remaining 1 percent of the population can turn that $10.000 or more. the incidence of that happening is becoming much more rapid because of the Internet and dot-com billionaires.000 inside twelve months. Imagine we are back at school and we have to understand how to make money work for us. there are a few basic words we need to understand. if you can do that.000. Where do you think they would have put it. In fact.000 into $10.000 into as much as $20. we cannot call either of these categories financially intelligent and those figures make up 96 percent of the population! Less than 3 percent of the population would turn the $10.500.000 into $1.000 inside twelve months. 16 percent of people would have turned the $10.000 80% 16% 3% 1% In order to become financially intelligent.turn $10. which would be our pocket 99 . However. at least in the short to medium term. to get such a handsome return? Of course.000. it has gone straight in the bank! Now. but for most people it is not realistic. At school we have a thing called income. instead of working for it.000 into as much as $1. I call them financial words. because this is what most of us have been taught to do. That is exciting.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Australians would have spent all the money and have nothing left. Exercise 5 Fill-in the missing words Financial Intelligence in 12 months $10. Only a small percentage of people reading this book will develop the mindset necessary to one day be able to consistently do that .

Expenses are moneys that go out of our pockets. or I could have just $500. I believe we have to think smart in the 21st century.com . I know back then. Does the average Australian make record profits in this country? No. Let me ask you another question. home or car loan.000. You can also put down your clothes. house or furniture. In other words. but do banks make record profits in Australia? Yes. you could borrow Robert Kiyosaki's definition of an asset and that is “something that will put money into your pocket without the need to work for it. etc. Do you think that would be a good asset if it did that for you? What I wanted in the back of my mind was lifestyle. There are also things called assets and liabilities. The definition that I like to use for an asset is something that makes me money while I sleep.000.000. “Do you want to be right. I wanted the end result.6 . If you do not like my definition of an asset. There is no right or wrong here. that is not right!” and my millionaire mentor used to say.000. what are some of the things they let you put down as an asset? You can put down a car. my expenses were things like the school tuck shop or canteen.000 or even $100. CD collection.21stcenturybonusdvd. the interesting thing here is if we apply for a loan at the bank.” 100 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. hi-fi and even your television. a credit card.. I could have created $10.000 in assets but have been cash flow poor and still not had the lifestyle I desired. it is what you choose to believe that is important! I used to say “Well. Remember.” I am glad I forgot about who is right and who is wrong and just decided to become rich. or do you want to be rich? Make up your mind. without working. I did not want to get caught up in becoming asset rich and cash flow poor. not that we are picking on banks here. But you need to make up your own mind. no. Now.000 making me cash flow while I slept and be wealthier in quality of life than someone who is worth $10. yet has no cash flow. Access to cash and cash flow is important for lifestyle. is it a good idea to follow what the banks let's believe are assets and liabilities if we want to do well financially? I would dare say.What is a 21st Century Education? money and then we have expenses. So what I am going to suggest is that we need to create a new definition as to what the banks allow us if we want to do well financially.

but I do not see how that can work long term. Now. A liability then will be the exact opposite. because these strategies will generate plenty of cash flow for you too. In understanding that a bank has a different opinion of an asset consider the following: If you own your own house. The other area we have to look at is debt. But you will be on the winning side too. but if you want to do really well financially. we would put it in the liability column. “Jamie. but let's face it. is it an asset or liability under our new definition? Unfortunately. A liability would take money out of your pocket. under the bank's definition they will call your home an asset. you are living in it and paying it off. This typical scenario is exactly why most people. it is taking money out of our pocket.” 101 . ever be in debt again. at least it is going to set you up for a great lifestyle. you can put these items in your asset column. Which one of the systems sells that dream by the way? Of course. even if they do really well. I know it is a tough definition. a house will take money out of your pocket if it just sits there. Obviously. become asset rich and cash flow poor. I would call it a liability. The great Australian dream is to own your own home.or is there? We are going to look at some strategies later where banks are going to love us because we are going to make them lots of money. It may be harsh criteria. you do not have to use it.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had What would happen if you stopped working right now? Do you have things that will continue to put money into your pocket? If so. if you manage to work very hard and pay that home off and you are still living in it. it is still a liability because it still is not putting money into your pocket. you might want to consider that not all debt is bad. my goal was to never. is it not true? Under that new definition it would not be an asset. Once I had dug myself out of debt. I believe a win/win relationship is the way the universe works best. I can understand why you say that. Obviously there is no agenda behind that . it is the banking system. but under the new definition would we call it an asset or a liability? Unfortunately. in fact. we term it as a liability because it is not making us any money while we sleep. but if you can understand that. When my millionaire mentor heard me say this he said. There are people that think win/lose is the way to win.

It is debt that will go up in value. Obviously. do you want to make more money while you sleep?” I said.21stcenturybonusdvd. I have had 21st Century Academy graduates replace their 102 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I have increased the amount of debt I have gone into rapidly.” There are two thought forms to debt. “Yes” and he said. I base these estimates from tens of thousands of my seminar participants. I estimate 50 percent of the people reading this book will be in a position to take advantage of the strategies I am going to share with you in later chapters. Or better still. which represents a typical cross section of people in Australia. I also estimate within 90-180 days. we have to become comfortable with debt.” But that is a 19th century belief. this includes purchases that depreciate and have no tax benefits. One is bad.com . Money can come while you are sleeping to pay it off.” He said. America and New Zealand. “You might want to consider a thing called good debt.6 . a car. imagine a debt where you never. “They will never go into debt again. of course. The classic bad debt that most people have that drops 20% in value as soon as they drive it out of the showroom is. There is also something I term 'superduper' good debt and that is debt that you do not have to work hard to pay off. In the near future my goal is be able to increase my debt loading by many more millions and continue to grow that every year. predominantly the baby boomer 45 to 55 age group. I have increased my loading in excess of $10 million in recent times whereas I used to be concerned about being a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt. ever have to pay it off.What is a 21st Century Education? At first when he told me this I didn't want to listen and I said. they could be making more money while they sleep than while they work. instead of down and ideally has tax benefits. It is essential if we are to excel that we look at debt differently. Some people say. “Well. if they applied them successfully. let's see. The other 50 percent of readers are quite capable of implementing the strategies too. “There is no way you are going to convince me to go into debt. good debt is the opposite. most people are familiar with bad debt. Therefore. Would you agree that is a good debt to have? We will look at this type of debt in later chapters. it just may take them a little longer. Since this talk with my millionaire mentor.

The reason most people go to university is so they can get a higher paying job. like my Dad's example. which would put me in the category of the poor. If we use the mindset that most of us have been taught . He is a very good teacher on the subject of money. Most people who work hard and are wealthy believe they got wealthy from working hard. whether they worked hard or not. However. That is where many Australians are financially. the more tax they pay to the government. What he covers is something I had to learn. after attending some of our intensive programs. In other words the more they earn. A lot of farmers. But what they also have are expenses and most of us learned how to spend money rapidly at an early age and at the end of the week or month our pay cheque is gone. are worth a lot on paper.that of working hard. The Poor The poor are told to get a job. middle class and rich.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had income the very next day from just one strategy. which was cash flow management. He breaks the population down into three classes: poor. Did you know the communists created income tax? It is interesting why in our so-called free countries we are slugged with it. but the increase in the value of their property has come from guess where? Thin air . Stories such as that are real to me. if we understand by having a different mindset and a different understanding of money. it becomes possible. The government and banking systems know all about making 103 . The Middle Class The middle class generally earns a higher income and usually they went to university.the capital growth of their properties while they were sleeping. If they are lucky they will and that will bring in cash flow. I used to live pay cheque to pay cheque. and they think it is from hard work. I highly recommend his work. but due to society's conditioning it is not reality for most people. With that extra income also comes a major expense called tax. but in fact the wealth has really come out of thin air. The removal of income tax would solve a lot of societies financial problems. For those of you who have not read Robert Kiyosaki's book. then becoming financially free becomes almost impossible.

The banks tell middle class Australians that their house is an asset and that is not a lie because the house is an asset. These people get caught up in appearing to be wealthy and often they will have a nice car that goes with the nice house. instead of becoming wealthy. so there is more cash going out. For many people. From their angle it is a pretty good asset. The middle-class start acquiring things that are really liabilities.What is a 21st Century Education? money out of thin air. These VIPs are sent pre-approved credit cards. The other thing is the middle-class believe what the banks tell them are assets and liabilities. The middle class also tend to have bigger expenses. After a while they buy a bigger house in a better suburb and that usually costs more. there is one thing that often happens. They can either become wealthy. etc. To go with that bigger house. These days anyone can get credit cards.21stcenturybonusdvd. After all they have always promised the children they will take them to Hawaii or Disneyland for their holidays. These are the people they make most of their money from. with the intention of 104 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. they book the family holiday to Hawaii or Disneyland and whack it on the Gold Card. or they can appear to be wealthy. but Mr and Mrs Middle class are VIP clients of the bank. Many people get caught up in appearing to be wealthy. the golf memberships. they eat at better restaurants. so when the Gold Visa card arrives. these purchases start taking out their cash flow. which is not perceived to be sexy or flash. but whose asset is it really? The banks forget to mention to middle-class Australia that it is actually the bank's asset not theirs. in other words. It is the bank that gets money coming into its pocket every month while it sleeps. first appearing to be wealthy is actually easier because they can do it straight away.com . the clubs. by just doing the fundamentals of good investing. Often that nice car is financed. and they have complete security over the property.6 .

our assets will be able to draw out cash. If we want to become wealthy we obviously need to change that. they spend more than they earn so they fit into the middle class definition. There are three areas the rich get rich from. things that make money while you sleep. We have one of the lowest savings rates in the entire modern world. you can see how most of the middle class does not have a lot of cash flow left over at the end of the month. Companies pay tax on what is left after expenses at a lower rate than the middle class. What the Rich do differently! On the other hand in the beginning the rich will get any job. The first way to build up assets is by saving money. Most of us need to focus on our asset column more. I am Australian and I believe in paying tax and as a result 105 . that is. we need to learn how to turn these assets into making us money while we sleep. they run themselves as companies. The rich earn. In other words. I know people who come to me who earn $1 million a year plus and they fit into this category. or put money into your pocket. With these savings. It does not matter how much is earned. or generate cash flow from our asset column. Australia is not a nation of good savers. they are not into status and will do whatever it takes to get started. One of my goals is to change that. then spend their money and lastly pay tax on what is left. most people think the answer to their financial problems is to earn more. They will focus on real assets.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had paying it off with the next pay rise. The poor and middle class earn money and get tax taken away immediately and then they get to spend what is left and try to create wealth out of that. In other words. So. That means the money comes in without working. you no longer have to rely on a job. The reason I live my dreams today is because I became one of the best savers in the country. they are not really impressed because sometimes the truth hurts. these are business. property and stocks. The other area the rich understand is taxation. which will come in as our income. When I point it out to them. instead of focusing on income. I call them the 'Three Pillars of the Rich' and consistently focus on all three to become wealthier. You do not have to be very good at saving to be one of the best savers in Australia.

is fair.000 out of thin air. our average Australian couple and see if we can help them generate an extra $10. In later chapters we will cover some tax minimisation strategies. e-tax and other credible taxation alternatives that seem never to be allowed much public debate in our country. looking at these areas to see traditionally what people are doing and how we can improve upon these strategies by once again using the 'Law of Opposites'. This may sound obvious. What is a fair amount of tax? I do not agree with the amount of tax that most Australians have to pay. The second area we need to nurture is the ability to negotiate. This would mean all multinationals would have to pay their fair share of tax. especially middle-class Australians and especially if you know about credible taxation alternatives (other than a sales tax. In the 21st century the ability to think will be invaluable. Negotiating. Unfortunately. but we must learn how to think creatively. I am not into simply off shoring money. 106 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. is that true? But when we start to get rejection as we get older we start to take 'no' as an answer.com .21stcenturybonusdvd. What I mean by thinking creatively is having the ability to solve challenges. If you want to be successful. although I know that has become popular. VAT or GST) that would lower your tax rates massively by taxing every dollar in the economy. but you would be surprised at how few people actually do think creatively. In life to get what we want we have to know how to negotiate. 2. the secret is to never take 'no' for an answer. Four Key Skills 1. You may have heard of debit tax. The operative word though.000 per month in passive income. but initially we will look at Bill and Mary. As children. we are very good negotiators. We will also help them to go from making no money while they sleep now. We will also cover property and other strategies. Of the four key areas that I have worked on during the last fifteen years of my life the first is the ability to think.What is a 21st Century Education? volunteer to pay tax in this country. I think every Australian or New Zealander should pay a fair amount of tax. Creative Thinking.000 to $30.6 . to making $4. like their boss or spouse. most people have been taught not to think and how to have someone else do it for them.

I am talking about results focused marketing.000 people were employed in the vinyl record industry in the US When the CD was brought to the market. marketing. those who are specialists will suffer. The third skill is the ability to communicate. negotiation. So you can see the importance of a 21st century education and the four key skills. that knowledge was no longer required.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 3. That simply means Results. not that many years ago approximately 100. and been successful. that industry was virtually wiped out overnight. Communicating. then you are not communicating effectively and will not achieve your desired results. It is just not good enough knowing something beneficial. Being results focused. 4. This caused these specialists a tremendous amount of uncertainty and financial desperation. For example. if these people had developed the four key skills and had a generalist education. In the 21st century those who are generalists will excel. they could have gone to another industry with their communication. Now. how do you take an idea or concept and communicate that message in a business format to the marketplace to make it a reality? All these skills can be learnt rapidly and they are what we call generalist skills. One question everyone seems to ask today is. or had very little value. The fourth area is the ability to market or marketing. “How do I turn my 107 . what is the likelihood of industries and companies coming and going at a rapid rate in the 21st century? I believe that businesses will change even more rapidly the further we move into the information age. purpose driven and action oriented.Results. Marketing. RPA . These skills are so critical to have. In other words. However. Now you may say this was a one-off occurrence. because they had specialised in their knowledge. and fun to learn. To communicate effectively is not something we are taught at school. If you cannot communicate a benefit to someone else so they can understand it. Purpose and Action. Purpose and Action The fourth area we will cover is RPA. I do not mean you need a marketing degree like you would get at TAFE or university. but when you think about it. creativity and problem solving skills.

why you must achieve it and what it will give you emotionally.What is a 21st Century Education? dreams. any 'to do'' lists or plans you create will be generalised and ineffective. Finally.com . you may know all the individual digits in a person's telephone number. but how to actually think differently from those who become muddled in an ocean of activities. The first is to ask the question that all people who succeed ask . but you must know why you are going after it so that if your first plan or attempt fails you have the necessary drive to follow through. my desires into reality?” The RPA Planning Process is a proven system for taking anything you can envision and making it real. Having a sense of real purpose.21stcenturybonusdvd. you must know why you are doing what you are doing. You must know the Purpose. It not only teaches you how to organise. Secondly. The sequence in which you determine these three elements is the difference between success and failure. They have accessed the Power of Why. knowing all the numbers to a combination will not open the lock if they are not in the correct order. once you know the exact result you are committed to achieving.“What do I want from this situation? What is my Result?” The word result is the 'R' in RPA. but unless they are in the right sequence the numbers are useless. So do not ask yourself. If you wish to succeed. Begin by asking yourself what you must do in order to achieve this specific result. will make this result or outcome happen. represented by the 'P' in RPA. There are many ways to achieve a result. Similarly. Creating the action plan is simple when these first two 108 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. physically and psychologically. There is a major difference between simply having a dream and achieving a worthwhile goal. they have a burning desire to achieve their result and it is tied to a clear specific goal. compelling reasons. That Action plan is the 'A' in RPA. then you are in the state of mind to begin creating an Action plan. always start with the end in mind Successful people are totally clear about the final result they are after. There are three simple steps to the process. For example. my goals.6 . “What should I do” but “What is the result I am committed to achieving?” Until you are absolutely clear about what you specifically want.

There will be a lag time between applying the principles and having your dreams show up in your life. 109 . purpose-driven. “Thank God it's Friday!” Is it not interesting that most people that die of a heart attack have it between 8. I use RPA to design my life to a 'T'. In other words. go to Hawaii and America.000. When you have developed a resultsfocused.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had elements are put together.000 a year. What do you want to do on a daily basis? Do you want to do something that when you wake up you cannot wait to get to work because you love it? Or do you want to have to say. whenever I pleased. I wanted to lay in the Caribbean. In the future. Once we have learned to apply these critical areas. if you persevere. our lives will undergo dramatic changes.30 am and 9. I wanted to earn in excess of $1. So if you want to make a start on your mindset and discover the secrets of emotional intelligence you will find lots information on these topics in the next five chapters. So I am sure you would agree it is imperative we learn how to design our lives and design them well to ensure we choose a career we love! In this chapter I have covered the components of a 21st century education. you will have created the certainty of knowing that your dream is about to become a reality. When I was on my friend's couch I fantasised about the things that I wanted.30 am on Monday morning? And 86 percent of people have a job they are dissatisfied with. or do you want to be associated with people who take away from who you are and hold you back? Those things are critical. However. I also wanted to plan what sort of home I would live in and the sort of people I wanted to associate with. your month. action-oriented plan for your week. I wanted to travel. caring and who respect you. I wanted to do whatever I pleased. do you want to be surrounded by people who are uplifting. your day. see the 'Leaning Tower of Pisa' and different places around the world. or for any project or goal that you are committed to achieving. the life I live today is no accident. In short. the rewards will be unbelievable.

. People think they want money. but what is money? What is love? What is having an exciting life? All these things are just another form of energy. 7. without even being aware of it.HOW TO RAISE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS F AST! Most people want energy.

But how do you go about raising your energy? I will explore this concept with you. attach emotion to that thought and then manifest it rapidly. they would have more of a fulfilling life because they would be vibrating and evolving at a higher level. I briefly mentioned that in order to be successful. “Can you see that if you want a loving and fulfilling relationship. you will manifest into your life someone who also has a low. My millionaire mentor said.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Attracting money and success into your life In Chapter 3. If someone is at 0% energy. In essence. Let's imagine a graph where 0% represents no energy and 100% is maximum energy. One of my goals was always to have a loving. I dare say many people are living just above 0% energy. 111 . dense level of energy. They would be more spiritually connected where they can think a thought. then we can probably assume they are dead. but many people are living in a state of death warmed-up. you would need to raise your energy. fulfilling relationship. as it is a key step in achieving millionaire status fast. If a person moved up the scale. then having a very dense or a low level of energy could make that goal very difficult to achieve because you are only going to manifest the same energy you are projecting? In other words. as their life force is flowing more powerfully and is not stagnant or blocked like many people's. to have more life force and more power. 100% 0% Majority of the population has a low life force energy At the other end of the scale is 100% and that is an extremely positive energy. Not to be critical.

“Most people want energy. People think they want money.” I certainly did. If you grew up with brothers and sisters like I did. It is a great way to illustrate a competition for energy. Then as we grow older. so we get into what are called control dramas. They possibly learned at a young age to compete with their brothers and sisters or other people around them to get attention. They seem quiet and shy and often do 112 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. If we cry we get attention. even if we have to steal other people's energy. without even being aware of it. you can see the whole world differently. You may know some people who are rather intimidating and interrogating and they like to confront people. Their way of getting energy would be to get your sympathy by telling you all about their tragic circumstances and their catch line is. we think we are the centres of attention. My millionaire mentor said.21stcenturybonusdvd. they might be what we call 'intimidators' or 'interrogators'. we get love and we get energy. To get their energy they deflate others and literally take their energy if they are allowed. He said that when we are little babies.” He referred me to a book called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. When you can figure this out. You probably know some people like that. Now there is competition. He went on to explain to me that others are into confrontation. 'You just do not understand how tough it is for me' or 'You do not realise how much has happened to me'. They are often rude and abrupt. often subconsciously. It talked about a concept called 'Control Dramas'. Everyone wants energy. There are some people who use the 'poor me' drama.7 . we often do not realise we are doing it. So we start to run control dramas to get that energy. you will probably relate to the following example.How to raise your energy levels fast your relationship will result in a competition for energy. Let me explain. “There are many different control dramas. Some people are 'aloof'. These are used as a tool to control and manipulate people around us. They want you to know how bad things are so that you will feel sorry for them. but what is money? What is love? What is having an exciting life? All these things are just another form of energy. Therefore. we have to start competing with our brothers and sisters for that energy because they also want our parents' love too.com .

It is because I care deeply about people that I will not allow myself to be caught up in their control dramas. Have you ever had an argument? Silly question. because that is their pattern of how they get energy. They would embrace my negative situation and share with me that they knew my business venture would not work because it backed up their reference of 'why even bother because nearly everyone fails'. as I would only be supporting them where they were at. So when someone comes to me with financial problems the last thing I do is 'feel sorry for them'. as it made them feel more comfortable now that I was no longer more successful than them. often that is exactly what happens. I know everyone has had at least one argument in his or her lifetime. but it is not really what they need. They would look at my situation objectively and see where my improvements lay in my life today. It is not that I do not care for them. instead of supporting them to change and become what they are capable of. by being different. especially in Australia where often society wishes to pull down the successful people back to the level of everyone else. is it possible that we may continue these patterns into our adult life? Unfortunately. After my millionaire mentor shared this with me. But what is an argument really? What I referred to as an argument is really only a competition 113 . they attract some much-desired energy. I could tell my friends my hard luck stories and they would sympathise with me because misery loves company. People sometimes come to tell me how bad things are (poor me). That is what they think they need. This often explains the tall poppy syndrome that occurs a lot. but the last thing I want to do is give them sympathy. I thought to myself if we have these patterns as children. At the time they think I am too tough and that I should not be like that.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had not fully participate in an attempt to be different. Often people who are insecure become uncomfortable if someone is successful as it highlights to them what they could be doing if they were more committed to their life. so they say. I later realised subconsciously they were possibly comforted by my setbacks. I know it did to me. That way. On the other hand I learned that a mentor or coach is emotionally unattached to my situation. That is why I realised it is great to have a coach or a mentor as that makes a big difference.

when I meet a total stranger. But when I left that uplifting environment and went back to my normal daily routine. that higher energy level often dissipated. They will not even know where it is coming from.21stcenturybonusdvd. they will get the energy and the other person will lose the energy if they allow the intimidator or interrogator to upset them. we would start to feel ourselves pulling out of the negative energy surrounding us. We are truly amazing human beings. Just as an experiment why not try walking along the street to practice how your energy affects others. I later realised if we can raise our life force energy.com . I believe it is better to project love than to project anger. Often I found after attending an inspiring seminar my energy level naturally increased because I was surrounded by the group's combined energy. The energy in our environment is often pulling us down and we have to look at how we can build up our energy. “But is not that manipulating people?” Maybe. I make the effort to uplift their energy.7 . In most cases. even if it is as simple as giving them a smile or being warm and friendly. all of a sudden they will feel better. You can project an intention or an emotion and you can see an impact it has on people. They give away their power to the intimidator or interrogator type personality. Once I understood that concept it became part of my purpose to raise the life force energy of every person I met. Walk along and in your mind project love to a complete stranger. You might be thinking. Try sending love to someone that maybe is having a bad day and is not looking happy. 114 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. It is two people using control dramas to compete for energy with one another. This was a major challenge for me as it was for others. I had to learn to condition my energy to maintain and resonate.How to raise your energy levels fast for energy. the intimidator or interrogator usually wins. My mentor talked about the concept of becoming wealthy by raising your life force energy and then you take some of that energy and help other people raise their own. Once I could maintain my energy I could use that energy to uplift other people. or vibrate at a consistently high level of energy. However. Today.

you may be saying. if you can understand this. which will improve our relationships. So you can imagine if there is a hole in one's energy field and energy starts to pour out. Disease is another word for disharmony If people have diseases in their bodies. As the baby grows. 115 . would you not agree it is better to manipulate them in a positive way by sending love or acceptance rather than anger or judgement? If we are always projecting energy. Right about now. “Is this not hokey-pokey stuff? Just show me the money!” That is what I said to my millionaire mentor. there is the possibility of being wounded or traumatised again. I do not like travelling on public transport for this reason. career. The energy starts to lower and more and more negative things start to happen. if you were like me. You will notice the energy of a newborn baby is very pure. more times than not. often unconsciously. then we can raise our energy and help other people raise theirs. is that energy does not stay pure. their energy is in disharmony or not vibrating in harmony. Have you ever noticed how scattered the energy tends to be on forms of public transport like trains or buses? There tends to be. there is a wound. As the child goes through life. then who we are as a person is going to affect other people. do you want to be rich and miserable or rich and happy? I can promise you that making a million dollars is easier than being consistently happy and fulfilled in life. What can start to happen though. When that happens an energy leak is created. which causes anger and upset. finances. In other words. these occurrences begin to take the child's energy. it starts to leak away or disappear. However. a teenage relationship may end in heartbreak. If you have a low level of energy. because you have to continually try and maintain your energy and not let it be affected by the energy of fellow commuters. After all. things happen that cause disappointment. so if you are going to manipulate someone. a dense level of energy. health and all areas of our lives. what do you think happens to your health? Sadly. In short. The baby has a pure energy field flowing around it.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had We are manipulating people everyday. blockage or a breakdown in their energy flow. you can develop diseases. For instance.

it seems like a miracle. There are very few people in our country or in this world who simply die of old age. If we can resolve our past emotional issues we can heal our wounds. but if we understand energy fields. Then our energy will start to vibrate at a higher level and we will continually evolve as human beings.” I replied. and yes.com . “I do not know what you did Jamie. If we can deal with our past effectively and accept that we are human and we all have different experiences. One lady in particular had severe back problems and she could not sit or stand for a long period of time. You did!” The truth is. without us thinking about it. During the seminar she went through some processes where she had the opportunity to deal with some issues from the past and let them go. I found that the thing that gets in the way of a lot of people's future is their past. There is so much credible evidence now that many doctors will agree that cancer is often simply the result of unresolved emotional issues. A short while later she was walking fine and by the next week she could not believe it. Part of healing is forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and learning to love and accept ourselves for the greatness we are. it leads to diseases such as cancer. but I have not felt like this for 20 years. She said to me. it is just part of the laws of nature. A lot of people who do not deal with their issues will pay a price down the track. non stop. This is definitely a major part of emotional intelligence. so do you think 116 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.7 .21stcenturybonusdvd. we can start to heal these wounds. and that is a shocking cost. you can probably guess what they turn into? Unfortunately. which is very sad. it is not such a miracle. We have a lot at stake in becoming emotionally intelligent. In other words. “I did not do anything. we all have the amazing ability to make sure our heart beats every second. I work with some amazing people who have the ability to help people resolve their issues and they have had people with cancer whose cancer has disappeared in a very short period of time after the issue has been dealt with. Amazing you may say. I have had people attend my seminars who had chronic illnesses.How to raise your energy levels fast I was fortunate enough to learn that one of the keys to avoiding these leaks and wounds is to learn to heal ourselves. most people die through disease or poor health before they need to. If we do not heal these wounds.

I used to work in an office in Sydney over fifteen years ago and the inside of the office was grey. the desks were grey. what I would do is go on a holiday at least once every couple of months.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had your body would also have the ability to heal itself? It is all within us. But within three or four hours of being in that office I felt like I needed another holiday. It also assists me a lot in business dealings as my perception and awareness of others is much greater. it was just not effective for me. and trying to work and be creative. I would go to a nice coastal town and come back vibrant. Let's start with a list of things that drain our energy. which are continually raising my energy. the environment was not really uplifting. airconditioning and in short. So let's look at how I raised my energy and was able to manifest and draw to me the things I desired most. So. if my environment was draining my energy I needed to do something about it. on top of the world and motivated. but unfortunately it often tends to do the opposite and drain our energy. surrounded by grey walls. we need to take a look at some practical ideas we can implement right now to raise our energy. I realised that when I sat down at my desk in a slouched state. 117 . At the time I was passionate about building my career. The walls were grey. I was completely drained! This happened for nearly a year before I finally figured out that if I wanted to be empowered and do empowering work then I needed to be empowered not just once in a while but on a dayto-day basis. to get away from my working environment. Obviously. Every time I would go away on a holiday I would come back really uplifted and energised. I have also looked into Reiki and other energy healing techniques. If we start to tap into this infinite intelligence you can see how we can do these sorts of things. All of a sudden making a million dollars is like a piece of cake if we focus on the necessary steps. One of the things I did was. learning lots of things and studying from my mentors. air conditioning. Firstly. there was fluorescent lighting. Environment can play a very big part in boosting our energy. fluorescent lighting and computers.

There were practical things that I did that made a huge 118 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.How to raise your energy levels fast instead of coming directly into the office in the morning. I do not know if I would have had such a dramatic result if I had not moved suburbs. like sitting in an office. overlooking one of the world's most beautiful harbours and a beautiful harbour beach. this is so powerful and it started to change my life. I have nothing against the western suburbs of Sydney. there is nothing better than walking along the beach and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing. Unfortunately. I used to live out in the western suburbs of Sydney near Campbelltown. I would spend an hour to two walking along the beach first. I thought. but you need to identify the things that affect your energy. It was like the universe would open up and bring me the wisdom and insight of what I needed to do on a day-to-day basis to achieve my desires. and eliminating them while at the same time incorporating into my life the things that gave me energy. in some areas it was more conducive to poverty. In fact. It is like you breathe in and you can feel the energy expanding inside. and still is.7 . I wondered why I had not done this more often in the past. like walking along the beach. but if you know the area you may agree that it is an environment where the energy and the mindset of some of the suburbs are not always conducive to wealth. I decided to create the kind of life that would allow me to be empowered all the time.com . my income multiplied 15 fold in a period of a little over 12 months. I moved to a Sydney suburb called Balmoral near Mosman. If you know the suburb. I would sit down on the rocks by the ocean and I found this was where I could tap into my creativity. I realised it was as simple as pinpointing the things that drained my energy. By living near Mosman. So am I suggesting that you have to move suburbs next week? Maybe not. I know it did on mine. wow. you will be aware is much more conducive to wealth. Transforming your mindset will definitely have a huge impact on your life.21stcenturybonusdvd. I could think so clearly and everything just started to make sense. So I decided to move suburbs. I did not have to do anything and the ideas would just flow to me. That simple action helped immensely in transforming my mindset to accept more abundance into my life. To me. Bare feet in the sand breathing in the rich ocean air. I was immediately surrounded by more abundance.

The first step is to decide what gives you energy and what takes your energy away. Below are some common examples to get you started on your own list: Drain Energy Arguments Poor relationships Bad diet Stress Drugs/Alcohol Negative environment Negative emotions Cluttered environment Poor physiology Poor health Lack of/too much sleep Unbalanced lifestyle Watching television Lack of money Dysfunctional relationships Negative people Boring job Interpreting events as bad Lack of exercise Low standards Having money Smiling Success Knowledge/Learning Overcoming Challenges Positive Outlook Lighter colours Contribution Music Holidays Raise Energy Mentors/Uplifting people Loving relationships Nature Meditation/Yoga Sex Pets Having Fun/ Laughing Oxygen Exercise/Fitness Recognition/Significance What Drains my Energy? ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ 119 What Raises my Energy? _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ . then I would probably still be sitting behind a desk frustrated with my life and not getting the results I wanted.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had difference and if I had not done them.

Once you start changing. just like I had to. you may have noticed that it is not just things that can steal your energy.com . By associating with leaders. make positive contributions to society and make a difference. but that some people in your life may drain your energy as well. The question my millionaire mentor always asked me was. The friends you had ten years ago for many people will no doubt have evolved and changed to what they are today.21stcenturybonusdvd. Leaders stand up for what they believe in passionately and are people who usually create successful businesses. By increasing your energy. I will go into more detail about the impact that the people with whom you associate have on your life later in this book. You will want to avoid this at all cost. “How committed are you?” I will ask you the same question. so next you will need to rewire your subconscious for wealth creation. With all this new found wealth that started flowing into my life as a result. 120 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Are you committed enough to do this exercise right now and redesign your life? In doing this exercise.How to raise your energy levels fast Once you have identified what gives you energy and what takes your energy. you will find as a result that the relationships in your life will also change. Now you know some ways I increased my energy in order to make dramatic changes in my life instantly and attract the wealth I deserve. I came across a problem that many people encounter due to their past financial conditioning called self sabotage. By committing to raising your life force energy. There are possibly many people in your circle of friends now who are in the 96 percent bracket. You will create a life of contribution and fulfilment. you can start to put together some action steps to change your life. yet often we know it is the simple things we could do that would make a big difference. the people who are drawn into your life in the next ten years will be different to the people currently in your life. you too will become a leader and in turn will help other people become leaders and so the process continues.7 . you are going to stand out and begin to attract leaders into your life. but as you evolve you will attract more people from the 4 percent bracket into your life. This is what I call designing your life at a very basic level.


D EVELOPING THE M INDSET OF A M ILLIONAIRE BY REWIRING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS FOR WEALTH CREATION From surveys conducted in Australia. 8. . University studies have determined that many people actually link more pain than pleasure to money.

I believe that people really want to be certain that in the future they will not have to experience pain. There is no right or wrong answer. You want the certainty to be able to manage money. and as much as they want. Pain is what drives people the most. You can be wealthy and still have financial pressure. When was the last time you felt financial pressure? 2. or changing your financial future. what is it you think that people really want in their life? I dare say the reason you are reading this book is because you want a financial future that you are certain about. When have you felt completely free from financial pressure? For some people being completely free from financial pressure might have been as far back as when they were at school. It could have been when they got pocket money and had to determine whether to buy a packet of sweets or put it in their piggy bank. I know the quest for financial certainty drove me because I had so much uncertainty and so much pain in my life and I never wanted to experience that again. Pain drove me in the beginning more than pleasure. “If I do not learn how to master money now. only answers applicable to you. Subconsciously you were probably thinking. Do you currently feel financial pressure in your life? 3. When I refer to financial pressure I am not necessarily talking about being broke and struggling. Anyone would want that. and for others it may have been never! Apart from happiness.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The first thing you need to do in order to rewire your subconscious for wealth creation is to answer a few simple questions about financial pressure. Does having more money really create less financial pressure? 4. but more than likely it is pain that drove you to your initial decision to change. whenever they want. 1. So I was driven to become financially successful to avoid that pain. If you have made a decision to start changing your life. with whomever they want. wherever they want. that instead they will have the financial freedom to do whatever they want. eventually it will lead to more pleasure. Another term for that is security. have plenty of it and never have to worry about not having enough of it. what will it really cost me in the future?” Another way to begin to rewire your subconscious mind for 122 .

The second factor is to gain pleasure. Would you say that people mainly link pleasure or pain to money? From surveys that have been conducted in Australia. “Jamie. Others may say. that is so simplistic!” but when we look at most of our decisions in life you can see that it is true. Consciously we may be thinking more money means more pleasure and therefore more happy emotions. talks about the fact that humans make decisions based on two primary factors. not doing things properly and end up taking three steps back. The first factor is to avoid pain. 'The Meaning of Money Exercise'.21stcenturybonusdvd. For example.Developing the mindset of a millionaire success is to do. but subconsciously what is happening is that most people are linking negative emotions to money.com . This is important because consciously if we link pleasure to money and get excited and start doing things to be financially successful. as soon as we start to see some success. we will end up self-sabotaging it.) Most of us will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure. I would start to move two steps forward and then for some unknown reason I would start being slack. it is a damn pain! I hate having to do it every morning.” (No offence ladies. Tony Robbins. Is that not true when you think of how many decisions you have made in the past to try and avoid pain? We do not put our hand on a hot stove because at a very young age we learn that equals pain. “I do not put it on for pleasure. 123 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I know this was definitely a challenge for me. one of my mentors. if we are still linking pain to money subconsciously. but I do it to avoid the pain of what people will say if they see me without it on. At the same time. university studies have determined that many people actually link more pain than pleasure to money. we will start to move forward. This is exactly what happened to me.8 . why do women wear makeup? Some say they wear makeup because it gives them pleasure and they really enjoy it. This exercise determines exactly what beliefs we have that could be holding us back from our goals around money. I could not figure it out. You may say.

which will give you automatic conscious answers. Usually by the time they make it back again a few times. If I could do that. they will lose it. I would keep selfsabotaging my success. I could do something about it. An example may be that perhaps as a young kid your parents may have fought over money and you felt stressed about that. In other words they will be successful. they will be successful. we do not tend to make decisions based on logic. I had to rewire my subconscious to link pleasure to making more money. if your father always had to go away for work. Then your brain will begin searching past subconscious files and past memories will come to consciousness. you will exhaust all your conscious answers and begin to call on the files of the subconscious mind. then it would not matter what investment opportunities I came across. then I would be automatically driven on autopilot to financial success. they will have figured it out and so they remain successful. When you first begin you will more than likely only be answering from your conscious mind. we know what we should do. This exercise is designed to go beyond the conscious mind to access the subconscious files we link to money. if I did not change. then success can be very elusive. but we are not doing it. Now you can see the importance of the exercise and it is a simple process to ensure our nervous system is very clear that more wealth will equal more pleasure. However. Eventually. we know we should save 10 percent of our income. This will be evident from small changes in your physiology. Or perhaps. How do you know if you are wired like that? If you are like most people you probably will be wired that way because that is how society conditions us. The exercise that follows can help you rewire your own mind for financial success. Unless we understand what is going on and have this working in our favour. Logically. this 124 . Often. What we want to do is rewire the subconscious mind. Once I understood human psychology and knew that subconsciously I was linking painful emotions to money and that my subconscious mind was not wired for success. rather we make decisions based on our emotions.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Many people who become millionaires make it and lose it several times before they figure it out. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes and you will need to do it with a friend or your partner. Your eyes will lower and this is a sign you are more in touch with your emotions. However.

Even later. Push beyond the automatic answers so that you discover the deeper associations and emotional impacts of money in your life. As you answer the questions. Get your partner to ask you these three questions. As an adult. maybe even a week from now. after the exercise is over. What is not having money? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 125 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Your partner will need to keep asking each question until your answers have been completely exhausted in each area. your brain will keep coming up with files and you will start to recall memories that you have attached to money.Developing the mindset of a millionaire caused you to associate negative emotions with money because he could not be home with your family.when it was actually the lack of money that caused your father to have gone away.21stcenturybonusdvd. It will give you the chance to look at it differently and move on.com . consciously you can justify it. The benefits of this are enormous because you will then be on autopilot to financial success. 1. get your partner to write down your replies. Then you can start to understand what is really going on in your subconscious. Ask the question at least 20 times until the answers are completely exhausted. but subconsciously you may still be upset about it and link the pain to money . What is money? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2. then switch to the second question for 20 times.8 . You will be amazed at what may start to come up. and then the third question.

really? Feelings of scarcity Amplifier Being controlled by rules Less choice. Remember though. quality Inability to give Arguments Hurt Loss of relationship Stupid Not making a difference Frustration Pain Separation Choice to live life at highest level Powerful tool for magnifying impact A tool that can open doors Leverage Opportunity for people Choice Energy Turbo charged Only what we have decided Most powerful influencer of pain/ pleasure 126 . really? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ I have included some examples of other people's answers below. What is money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 3. it is the memory associated with your answers. it is not really the answer we are looking for. The meaning of money exercise What is money? Quality Gratitude Nothing but pieces of paper Lifestyle Commitment Ability to give Access to resources Ability to leverage time Entertainment Freedom from drudgery Gift from God for being a giver Reflection of value added Reflection of intelligence Reflection of intensity of focus Commitment What is not having money? What is money.

What specific amount of money represents financial abundance to me? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3. What will I do today toward developing a financial plan? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4. What did I learn today that I can use to make progress? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5. What are my most limiting beliefs about having absolute financial abundance? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2. Why am I committed to follow through? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 127 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.8 .com . What financial terms and aspects of personal finance do I not currently understand? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 6.21stcenturybonusdvd. 1.Developing the mindset of a millionaire To condition your nervous system for wealth. use the insights you have gained from completing this exercise to answer the following questions.

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Once you have completed this exercise you will have commenced the process of rewiring your subconscious association to money.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 7. Most people find it is something bigger and more powerful than the fancy cars and the ritzy houses. I recommend Anthony Robbins' work on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC). His books titled Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within are both best-sellers available in most bookstores. it probably has got something to do with helping your fellow man. or to find out about his seminars go to: www. we need to find out exactly what will drive us to do the things necessary to create the life we desire.21stcenturyacademy. Now that we have removed the obstacles in the way of our financial freedom.com and go to the link for Tony Robbins. if it really was the red Ferrari. I will give you a hint. pardon the pun! But. He is the world's leader in this field and produces phenomenal results rapidly and consistently. In the next chapter let's find out exactly what your primary purpose is. At the moment you might think that it is the shiny. Give one or two situations from the past of when you pulled through despite difficulty. new red Ferrari that is driving you. I guarantee you would already have one sitting in your driveway. If you would like to learn more about conditioning your subconscious and not only in relation to money but also in other areas of your life. 128 .

rather than what they don’t want. .HOW TO FIND OUT WHAT YOUR PRIMARY PURPOSE IS I have found in the past that for most people it is easier to begin with a list of what they do not want in their life.. 9..

In this chapter. yet many others have no idea what their primary purpose is. at your funeral. Most importantly. we will undertake a process that will help you become clear on what it is you want. This is probably the most important step. instant answers. Some questions have easy. In designing one's ideal life. what did you want to be when you grew up? 130 . the questions I asked for myself that were very powerful were as follows: • What do you want your life to look and feel like? • What do you value most? What is important to you? • What matters most at this point in life? • What would you like to be able to say about your life after it is too late to do anything about it? • Many years from now. no right or wrong answers. In other words the essence of who you are and what your life is about. just answers that are right for you. There are. some questions have difficult answers that can take a great deal of thought. Question yourself and then question your answers.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Before we move on to financial intelligence and specific wealth creation strategies. do you think it might be important to become clear on what it is that you really want? Some people may already be clear on this. What I mean by your primary purpose is what your true purpose or focus for life is. because unless you have clarity on what you want. of course. then no amount of strategies will help you get what you want. Take time to think about your answers. be honest with yourself. and some questions can cause you to rethink your most basic values and attitudes in life. A broad list of questions follows that can be helpful for stimulating your thoughts and putting you in the right frame of mind for working on your primary purpose. what do you hope will be said about you in your eulogy? • What do you want your life to look and feel like on a day-today basis? • What emotions would you like to feel consistently? • What would you like people's perceptions of you to be? • What are your daydreams about? • When you were young.

Unfortunately. They were not met at a high level. For some people instant financial solutions while for others financial freedom in less than twelve months . logical changes. they needed something else to move towards that would still meet those six human wants. Unless you figure out what that activity or purpose is for you. usually before the age of 14. if you do not know what you are going to do when you are free of the rat race.How to find out what your primary purpose is This is one of the first places I would suggest that you start if you are not clear on your dream. obvious solutions. to enable them to be free of the rat race. too many people lose sight of their childhood dreams. which I will cover in this book.9 . they were not uncomfortable enough to do anything to change the situation. I found that some people would not implement those changes. however. your purpose. then you may never move forward and you will continue to sabotage yourself.com .just simple. Think back to when you were younger. to move out of that and become free. what has given you the most satisfaction or pleasure? • If you no longer had to work how would you spend your time? • And with whom? It is so important to become clear on these questions before you worry about becoming financially free. even though they wanted to be financially free! They may have been trapped in a job or business they were not really happy with. The challenge for a lot of people is. We found their six human wants.21stcenturybonusdvd. even though they were not happy. For them. You probably had different hopes and aspirations for your future and often in that creativity was really the essence of what you could become and what your dreams are. However. but just met. • Do you ever find yourself wishing you were different? • What did you wish? • Why are you not that way? • What gets in your way? • Of all the things you have done in your life. were being met in their business or job. I know so many people that I have been able to give solutions to in the past. then your mind has nothing to link pleasure to or move forward to. 131 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.

no more than five or six. and you are in the right frame of mind. just write as many as you can think of. rather than what they do want because this is the way we have been conditioned.What you do not want in your life? I have found in the past that for most people it is easier to begin with a list of what they do not want in their life. frustration. what is it? • What motivates you to perform above and beyond the call of duty? • What are your greatest strengths? • What are your greatest weaknesses? • What do you want to achieve but find impossible to do? • What barriers make it impossible? • Are those barriers really insurmountable? Now that we have set the stage. Using the blank spaces below list everything you can think of that causes you anger. stress. 132 . hatred. thinking carefully about each item.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had • What is missing from your life? • When you find yourself wishing for something. Circle the few items. so to speak. Step 1 . dissatisfaction or anything that you do not want in your life. Notice your feelings. Don't think too much about it. There are five steps to the process. embarrassment. fear. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Now go back over your list. that are the most important not to have in your life. your sense of importance about each one. we can continue the process of discovering your primary purpose.

Write them in order of importance.9 . profoundly rewarding life experiences. Focus on what makes you happy. Write down the most important items. Again. Avoid the superficial and the material. Circle the few items. is keeping you from having them. These will tell you about what you really do desire. what is it that is stopping you having the things you truly want in your life? This step will help determine what you need to overcome.What are your priorities and what is in your way? Now. go back over your list thinking carefully about each item. if anything. that are the most important for you to have in your life. Your subconscious knows exactly what you really want. as well as what gets you energised. go for the deeply satisfying. motivated and purposeful.21stcenturybonusdvd. Look over those items and rank them from the most important to the least important. Think especially hard about self-imposed limitations and how these barriers and limitations can be overcome. As before. list everything you can think of that you do want in your life.com .What do you want in your life? Now that you know what you do not want in your life. do not think too much about it. What barriers stand in the way of having these things that are the most important to you. Step 3 . your sense of importance about each one. fulfilled and satisfied. Again.How to find out what your primary purpose is Step 2 . just write as many as you can: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ As previously. no more than five or six. it is much easier to find out what exactly it is you do want. using the blank spaces below. 133 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Think carefully about each of them and write down what. the ones you circled previously from the list of what you want in your life. Look back to what you circled that you did not want. notice your feelings.

you are heading off to a friend's funeral. you follow them inside the large wood panelled doors of the church. We will take a journey into the future and find out exactly what your life will hold. Unfortunately. I want you to imagine it is a cool. instead something seems to draw you to continue walking further down the aisle. not just business. I learned the concept of beginning with the end in mind for creating businesses from my millionaire mentor and decided to use the concept for my life. As you reach the top of the steps you see some other people walking into the church. You proceed down the aisle and notice some people sitting in the church that you are familiar with. The funeral is for a distant friend that you have not seen for some time. You pull up outside the church and as you get out of the car you notice the blustery winds blowing against your clothes. 134 . you walk up the steps of the church and notice its big sandstone walls. Most people in life have only a vague idea. Some of these people you have not seen for quite some time. We need to begin with the end in mind. There is no real direction in their life. windy day and you are heading off to a church. of where they want to go. if any. So I began with the end in mind. But you do not stop to greet them. The owners got clear on what they wanted IBM to look like when it was finished. We can do the same thing with our lives. Slowly.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Important things I want in life ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ Barriers and limitations _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Step 4 .Write your own eulogy This step will take you on a journey that will really make things clear on where you want to be at the end of your life. like IBM did when it wanted to become a huge computer corporation.

For a moment you are startled. but maybe they have not noticed you walking down the aisle.com . there are so many people here that you know.” You seem to be able to walk effortlessly as you walk further down the aisle to the front of the church. but also the feeling starts to sink in that it is you! It is you laying in the coffin. You are sort of curious. When you reach the front. You lean over the coffin to pay your deepest respects and notice who is laying in the coffin. many years. you recognise some more familiar faces. getting closer to the front where there are some of your immediate family members sitting. You gasp for a breath of air as if you are seeing things. timber coffin. You look again and realise not only does the person look like you.21stcenturybonusdvd. as the person laying in the coffin looks exactly like you! It just does not make sense. You proceed down the aisle again. They are obviously upset and you are just glad to notice who is sitting there. You finally get to the front of the church and you see the coffin at the front. Some of them are old school friends some are relations. and there are even some people you would not expect to see there. As you approach you decide to pay your last respects to your dear friend. You walk towards it and notice the casket is open. someone stands up at the front of the church and commences delivering a eulogy on your behalf. You think to yourself. not an old friend! It suddenly dawns on you that it is actually your funeral. You get closer to the coffin and notice someone lying there. Looking towards the front of the church you see how big the church is and how many people are sitting in it. 135 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. All those people in the church are there to pay their last respects to you. Just as you are trying to come to grips with what is happening. you cannot believe what you are seeing. They do not seem to recognise you. You notice the colour of the internal church walls and the stained-glass windows. There are some people sitting there you have not seen for many.9 . it is a large.How to find out what your primary purpose is As you walk down the aisle you glance to the pews on the right and left. There is a sombre feeling throughout the church. You notice there are three eulogies to be delivered. All of a sudden. The soft organ music begins to play. You are drawn to walk towards the coffin. you just turn and look around the church. “I have not seen some of these people for a long time.

Feeling heavy and distraught you walk 136 . or maybe even your best friend does not know what some of your dreams were. friends and people that you knew. someone who has known you for virtually your entire life. Imagine what they are saying about you. obviously upset. but that chance is now gone. They talk about what sort of person you were and some of the things you did. They start to talk about you to all your family. Imagine what they would say about you? How does it make you feel? A second person stands up to deliver your eulogy. But you realise it is hopeless and no one can hear you. “That is not all! There was more to my life than just that!” You just want to express yourself. They are someone that loves you dearly. When they finish talking it is like you want to jump up and say. who you were. what you were like and what your hopes and dreams were. you only knew some things!” There are some other things you would say if you had the chance. there is a part of you that wants to say. Your best friend starts to talk about you. This person is one of your close family members. People start to exit the church. what they thought of you and what sort of person you were. There is so much you might want to say and do about the rest of your life but all of a sudden it is too late. The reality starts to sink in that your life is over as you know it. They begin to talk about some funny things from your past. As they say these things. With a sense of helplessness you begin to walk down the aisle and out of the church. What are they saying about you? What else do they say? Do they cover everything. You do not know everything there was to know about me. “There is more to my life than just that!” But you realise you cannot say anything and the people in the church cannot even see you standing there. The last person comes up to deliver your eulogy and speaks to all the people in the church. what some of your dreams and ambitions were and the things you accomplished. This is your best friend.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The first is from someone you work with. It is hopeless to try and say anything because no one can hear you. What you were really like as a person. “You forgot some things! There is more to me. What you did. You start to realise you had your chance. They cannot see you and there is nothing you can do.

whoever. maybe tell some people I love them. What would you be willing to do to get that extra time? Just one more chance at life. You breathe in the freshness of the air and begin to see things around you that before you took for granted.com . You say.” Think about those things you would do differently.21stcenturybonusdvd. but you do not want to accept that reality.” You realise now that you cannot say anything and it is too late. What could you do in a whole week if you were granted that time? What if you had an extra month or maybe even a year or two or five? How precious would that be to you? What would you promise in exchange for this extra time? Would you promise to do whatever it takes to not waste another second of your life? Would you promise to never let a day go by without expressing your love to the people you care about? Would you promise to put your passion and belief into everything you do? If only somehow you could be granted that extra time. but no one can hear you. What are some things you would definitely do if you were granted more time? You realise how precious every second of life really is. “I did not realise! If I knew my time was about to be up I would have done things differently. please. You are totally aware of the immense beauty of the outside world. would you live your life differently? What are some things in your life you would change? What are 137 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. You try begging once again to whoever will listen. now that it is gone. “Please just give me one more chance. You hear the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees and the rustle of the leaves blowing. As soon as you walk outside you notice different things.” You beg. God. your creator.9 . “What if I had just one more chance? I really just want some more time. I would not have left it until it was too late to experience some of the things I wanted to experience. You beg to whoever will listen. If you were granted that chance. To express myself. another day or even an entire week? Imagine a whole week of extra time. just for another hour of life. Just give me some more time. There are some things I would do if I had some more time in my life. What would you be willing to do. You begin to walk towards your car thinking. while I had the chance.How to find out what your primary purpose is down the steps of the church.

the day you are laying there in that coffin. knowing that your wish may not be granted. Now that we have taken this journey and you have vowed to live your life to the fullest. another week. to be granted extra time. maybe another decade or two. another year. you can lay there and the eulogy that will be said about you would be what you want it to be. but through creativity you did what it took. Think about these things for a moment. Years and years from now. You agreed to do anything for another second. would you live up to the conditions that you gave? Would you be absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to never waste another second of your life again? Would you make it the best life you could possibly make it so when your time does come again. what you are begging for. after a happy and fulfilling life. You lived with passion. List some of the things you would change in your life and what you would promise. is given to you on the conditions that you agreed on. but you gave it everything you could. another hour. it is time to write your own eulogy.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had some things that would be most important to you that you would focus on? Who are some people you might express some love to and let them know how you really feel while you are alive and while they can hear you? What would you do differently? What are some of the things you would like to change? Would you fulfil your purpose while you had that chance? How would your life be different? As you think about the things you would do differently if only someone would give you one more chance. Now I want you to imagine that your wish. If that were granted to you. Imagine how that eulogy would be different. imagine it is a recording of yourself played at your funeral of how your life was after you have lived it to the best and fullest it could have possibly been. Life is the most precious gift we have. you had courage and you did not dwell on fear. You promised you would do all those things for another chance at life. What satisfaction would you have knowing that your life may eventually come to an end. you walk to your car despondently. How would that make you feel? You lived your purpose. think about those things you would do differently if you knew you had been granted one more chance at life. Instead of someone else talking about your life. you are given the 138 .

and a sense of “Yes This is for me!” If you do not feel this. creating a more empowered and prosperous world. a sentence.” “Building an institute that will help influence. It was simple but effective in the beginning. “My Primary Purpose is to raise the life force energy of every single person I have the privilege to connect with”. what will your eulogy say about your life? Looking back on the life of… ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Now for the final step in discovering your primary purpose: Step 5 . create and implement a more equitable.” 139 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.Put your primary purpose down on paper Write a very short statement . That was a selfish way to live. When you write it.com . The acid test for your primary purpose statement is your internal barometer. America and the world that will positively transform millions of peoples lives. when I did the exercise around fifteen years ago. keep on writing. Assuming you have the life you want from this point forward.How to find out what your primary purpose is opportunity to write the eulogy that will be given at your memorial service. I have expanded this now to where I have several primary purposes. you should feel energy.expressing the essence of what you want your life to be all about. commitment. my initial statement for my primary purpose was. no more than a couple of sentences .9 . enthusiasm. empowering and compassionate world monetary system that will help eliminate world hunger and poverty. It was enough to get me to think foremost about others and no longer focus just on my problems and myself.21stcenturybonusdvd. As an example. some which include “creating an ideal 21st century education system for Australia.a phrase. largely created by the current debt-based monetary system which has the majority of the wealth manipulated into the hands of a few.

000 people and eventually will be globally impacting millions. In the next chapter. to help eliminate world poverty and expose one of the world's greatest financial transfers of wealth carried out by the Federal Reserve. upon the nations of the world under the guise of globalisation. centrally controlled banks and the IMF.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The essence of my primary purpose is: ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Now that we have discovered what your primary purpose is. Many people are led into thinking they are getting unbiased financial advice from their financial planner. Already it has resulted in creating a multi million dollar educational organisation in Australia and New Zealand which has impacted over 250. that own 90 percent of the financial planning industry. It has also led me to educating Australians and New Zealanders about financial success and to help change the current financial ploy by large institutions (banks). these two primary purposes drive my entire life and focus virtually every day. The financial planners are not trained as money experts and successful investors but often simply commissioned sales people pushing the banks or associated companies' products under the guise of 'licensed financial planners'. Your primary purpose is the starting point and guides you to get on track. we will find out how to design your perfect life. It also guided me to start a book on solutions to the world's monetary problems. By becoming clear about my purposes. it is time to create an action plan to propel you forward to the kind of life you have written about in your eulogy. 140 . when this is often not the case.

21stcenturybonusdvd.How to find out what your primary purpose is It also caused me to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities including (former tennis player) Pat Rafter's Cherish the Children Foundation and to sponsor a whole third world school in Africa.” 141 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. however you must develop a strong sense of purpose or vision in your life.com . If I had not done the Primary Purpose exercise fifteen years ago. to assist in their education. I am naturally driven more than someone whose purpose or goal is simply to pay off the mortgage.9 . let alone a lifetime. I would never have been drawn to create a focus on all the above and made such progress in half a decade. I am not suggesting you have to want to make a massive difference in the world. I recall reading in a famous book “without a vision they will perish. You can see that by having a strong sense of purpose. giving them a better future.


.D ESIGNING YOUR L IFE .. If you are not living in balance you will find areas of your life will suffer in the long term 10. .

000 this year and you are paid fortnightly. If your goal is to lose weight. it is something like making significant improvements 143 . your goal could be expressed as. Be absolutely specific when setting your goals and use only the present tense positive statements. spiritual and social. if your goal is to save $10. It is also important to design goals in all areas of your life. It is the progressive. You can have all the money in the world. If however. Your goals need to be measurable. each written progressively to allow for changed circumstances. The areas I set goals in are. SMARTIES Your goals should be what I call SMARTIES! SMARTIES is an acronym for the following: Specific. career/business. you need to be able to monitor your progress so you can measure your success. I will continue this programme Monday through Saturday for the next three months. or once a month.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had I have covered how to discover our primary purpose so we now need to create an action plan of goals to ensure we are always moving towards the fulfilment of that primary purpose.30 pm to 7. It is important to remember though. but if you are not living in balance you will find areas of your life will suffer in the long term. “I am so happy I am starting my fitness programme at the local gym at 6. health. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve balance in the short term. which result in a much more balanced life. family.45 pm next Monday. you are probably not going to enjoy your wealth like you would if you were fit and full of vitality. Most people set goals that are way too large and become disheartened before they ever come close to reaching them. but if you have not looked after your health.” Measurable. financial. If your goal is to “have specific habits to improve your physical appearance”. A goal that works is one that is broken down until it represents a single event. you should have 26 single event goals. sequential accumulation of single events that ensure the final desired end result. obviously monitoring this is an easy thing to do by hopping on the scales once a week. In other words. For example. that no individual goal should ever be in conflict with your primary purpose. intellect.

The goal planning sheets are only tools to guide the thinking process. it is very unlikely to happen. Short-term and medium-term goal sheets I have included a short-term and medium-term goal sheet plus a master dream list in this chapter to get you started on writing down some goals. Drive one. or something altruistic like. go down to the car dealership and sit in one. If you want the red Ferrari.Designing your life in your career. Tangible. Realistic.” This is the secret to success.10 . whether it is a sporty red Ferrari or a three-story mansion. Perhaps setting a goal to become the number one basketball player would be more appropriate.com . that you can see and touch. you may need to ask your boss for regular feedback on your performance to see how much progress you are making with your goal. You also need to be able to conceive your goal in order to attain it. 'to be the number one jockey in the world'. Excellence is the result of attention to detail. it is unrealistic to expect that you will be driven to take action to achieve them. Make sure you choose goals that will give you a 'buzz'. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive. Your goal needs to be something that is real or physical. Emotional. write down every possible benefit you will realise as a result of achieving your goal and its impact on all areas of your 144 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Get your photo taken with you in the driver's seat. saving the whales. During your planning process. Inspirational. Unless you can see yourself achieving your goal. There is no use setting a goal for example. Attainable. If your goals do not inspire you.21stcenturybonusdvd. The more emotionally involved you become with your goal the quicker it will manifest into your life. By using visualisation techniques you can speed up this process. if you are six foot four and weigh 250 pounds. Use additional sheets of paper to map out your plans in detail. Napoleon Hill said. Smell the leather seats and feel the steering wheel in your hands. Obviously goals need to be within the bounds of logic and circumstance. he can achieve. Then every time you look at your goal you will experience the Ferrari rather than just looking at a two-dimensional picture. as well as writing down your goals.

I ask all the participants to bring in a selection of magazines to cover all areas of their life. I recommend you write them on some small cards and carry them with you so you can read them on a daily basis. for example a photo in a Ferrari that is even better. This is one of the processes we do during our three-day seminar at 21st Century Academy. to focus on your goal card and mediation to create the necessary operating principles and practices for your life. Is that not interesting? Create a Goal Board and a Vision Poster Another great idea for keeping you tuned into your goals is to create a goal board for yourself. choosing the dreams each participant wants to create their perfect lifestyle. This will help to embed your dreams and goals into your subconscious. Visualisation Visualisation is a very powerful tool that can be used to help manifest all that you desire into your life. Pick half an hour at an exact time each day that you can consistently achieve. If you can get pictures of yourself visiting your dreams. Fortunately for us our 145 . Strangely enough there was only one definable difference between the two and that was that billionaires reviewed their goals twice a day. I encourage them to think big.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had life. the bigger the better and I am not talking about just focusing on material aspects of their lives but to think outside the square. We then give everyone a sheet of cardboard. Once you have planned and written your goals. There was a survey undertaken as to the differences between a millionaire and a billionaire. and how so much of what they have put on their vision posters has been very quickly attracted into their lives. while millionaires only reviewed theirs once. glue and scissors and we spend a good amount of time flicking through magazines. Visualisations are like a projection or a movie screen in your mind. in fact. Many graduates have told me about how they have put their goal boards up on a wall once they arrived back home from the Academy. I recommend you put your goal board and vision poster in your bedroom so that you will see it just before you drift off to sleep at night and when you awaken first thing in the morning. It is a very worthwhile exercise.

goals. desires. not just in a financial sense. It goes like this: “I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today. I give thanks for all my dreams. By doing actions to your affirmations. The second one I use is: “God's wealth flows into my life in avalanches of abundance. I say this as many times as possible with hand gestures to get me completely in a state of focus and to have the ability to serve others at the highest level. Therefore. the more powerful they will be and the quicker you will manifest them into your life. By creating actions and movements that relate directly to the words in your incantation. Have you ever actually achieved a goal and said. Incantations We have discussed the concept of. they are set like concrete into our nervous system. I believe it plays a big part in ensuring wealth continuously flows into my life. it will become like a secret ritual you perform. we attract into our lives what we continually focus on.Designing your life subconscious cannot tell the difference between reality and dreams. Remember. You may feel a little awkward when you first try this. “Is that all 146 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. whatever it takes to get these people and to show these people to better their lives now”. I use an incantation prior to speaking at my seminars to get me into the best state possible to impact my audience. Incantations are affirmations with actions. by giving me the strength. then your subconscious will automatically create the circumstances necessary for your goal to be achieved.10 .21stcenturybonusdvd. the persuasion. the emotion. which are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence and I give thanks for all the good I am now and all of God's riches as I am truly one with God and God is everything”. your physiology will instantly be put into a peak state. the humour. Because I have consistently conditioned these into my nervous system over many years. if you continuously project your goals onto your movie screen in your mind. The more detailed and the more often you visualise your goals.com . “motion = emotion” in a previous chapter. but after a while when you see how effective it is. the brevity. Again we can use this to manifest what we want into our lives quickly and easily.

” Hill's writing style is often subtle and cryptic and the reader will need to read closely to gain maximum value from what he has to say. you will readily recognise the other half the moment it reaches your mind. Hill's work stands as a monument to individual achievement and is the cornerstone of modern motivation. To prevent yourself from setting goals that fall short of your expectations you will need to know all about the six human needs.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had there is?” In the next chapter. How could a book written in 1937 during a major depression transform so many people's lives and propel them to such riches? Since it's first printing in 1937 Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and Hill is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. Think and Grow Rich is one of those rare books that almost every millionaire or billionaire has read at least once in their life. In 1937 Hill wrote.” 21st Century Publishing have reprinted Hill's classic best seller Think and Grow Rich first published in 1937. Hill spent 25 years researching this book in which he details the Scottish born.S. U. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive. His words "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve" serve as a timeless reminder for any person who wishes to achieve success in their chosen field. In every situation we make decisions according to our personal criteria of what vehicles meet our needs. “All achievement. For instance: “The peculiar thing about this secret is that those who once acquire it and use it. have their beginning in an idea! If you are ready for the secret. you will learn that each of us has our own way of getting our needs met. Napoleon Hill On page 144 I quoted Napoleon Hill who said. based upon thirteen proven steps to riches. all earned riches. 147 . He was probably the forerunner of personal success technique development and was perhaps the most influential man in this area through this classic book that has helped millions of the people and has been important in the life of many successful people. you already possess one half of it. therefore. he can achieve. find themselves literally swept on to success. Steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie's formula for money-making.

.21stcenturybonusdvd... __________________________________________ Social 1.... __________________________________________ 3.com .. “There is no such thing as something for nothing! “The secret to which I refer cannot be had without a price.. __________________________________________ 2. it cannot be purchased for money. __________________________________________ Spiritual 1.. study the names of those who have used it... __________________________________________ 148 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. and be convinced..... __________________________________________ Family 1...Designing your life with but little effort.__________________________________________ 2.. __________________________________________ 2.” Short-term goals Name . __________________________________________ 3.....10 . check their records for yourself.. for the reason that it comes in two parts.... __________________________________________ Financial 1... __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3.. __________________________________________ 2.... __________________________________________ 3.... wherever they have been mentioned... __________________________________________ 3...... Health 1.......__________________________________________ Career/ Business 1. Short-term goals are things you would like to achieve within one to ninety days... __________________________________________ Other 1..... although the price is far less than its value. Date ......... __________________________________________ 2.. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ 3.. __________________________________________ 2. It cannot be had at any price by those who are not intentionally searching for it.... Write three goals in each of the following areas.... __________________________________________ Intellect 1.. __________________________________________ 2...... One part is already in possession of those who are ready for it... It cannot be given away. and they never again submit to failure! If you doubt this.... __________________________________________ 3.

.. __________________________________________ 2..... __________________________________________ Spiritual 1.. Date ....................... __________________________________________ Intellect 1. __________________________________________ 3.... __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3.. __________________________________________ 1.... Write three goals in each of the following areas.... Short-term goals are things you would like to achieve within one to ninety days... __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3..... __________________________________________ Social 1...... __________________________________________ Financial 1...What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Medium-term goals Name ..... __________________________________________ 3... __________________________________________ 1. __________________________________________ 3.... __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3.. __________________________________________ 2........ __________________________________________ 3... Health 1. __________________________________________ 3... __________________________________________ Other 149 .__________________________________________ Family Career/ Business 1.. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 2......__________________________________________ 2...

__________________________________________ Financial 1. __________________________________________ 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 2.Designing your life Write down three things in each category below that you have ever wanted to be. __________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________ Master Dream List Family Career/ Business 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ Social 1. Be completely unrestrained and freewheeling. __________________________________________ 3. to see or to have. __________________________________________ 2. ignore any imagined limitations of money. Let your imagination run free. Add to your master dream list daily.com . __________________________________________ Intellect 1. __________________________________________ 3. Health 1. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ 3. to do. __________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________ Spiritual 1. weekly and monthly for the rest of your life. __________________________________________ 1. __________________________________________ Other 150 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. education or ability.21stcenturybonusdvd.10 . __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________ 3.


. T HE SIX HUMAN NEEDS If you want to create tremendous wealth for your future and impact a lot of people it will come from mastering your need for contribution at the highest level.11.

Have you ever achieved a goal only to say. I learned from Tony that there are two general categories of needs: the first one is. Anthony Robbins has identified the Six Human Needs as follows: The four fundamental needs: 1. Tony Robbins says. The question is at what level of fulfilment and using what vehicles? Do you meet these needs at a high level. But you must remember that you choose the vehicle.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The following six human needs are a technology I learned from Tony Robbins and I think is a brilliant way to understand how to be fulfilled in life. Everyone meets his or her needs some way. obviously you need to meet these needs at a high level. The secret to meeting your needs is meeting your perceptions or procedures. or a low level. some neutral. It is a 'see-saw' of making sure your needs are met. “Everything human beings do. really loved someone. or read a book. They are trying to meet one of six basic human needs. “Is that all there is?” Have you ever held yourself to a high standard and not been satisfied? Have you ever been in a relationship. 'The Two Primary and Essential Needs'. being at one with or being 152 . That is the key. we all have different beliefs. it does not choose you. they do for a reason. Others go shopping. 'The Four Fundamental Needs'. While human values may vary. some people use alcohol. Other ways to meet this need are by bonding. but became bored and did something to jeopardise the relationship? Each of us has our own way of getting our needs met. you need to adopt a new strategy to get new results. The number of vehicles is almost as unlimited as the number of people who use them. sharing. For example. and the second one is. have sex. cigarettes or drugs to feel 'relaxed' for the moment. or somewhere in between? To have the ultimate life. and others are constructive. The first of the four basic needs is the need for connection or love. In other words. ” I have found that sometimes life is like a balancing act. Connection/Love. some are destructive. All must be met for us to experience ultimate fulfilment. feeling a part of. strategies and desires. We could call these vehicles. We all share the same needs. without doing it so often and so much that you become habituated or take things for granted.

uniqueness or the need to feel important. challenge or excitement. or create. to being fulfilled. Significance. Today that is not true. Uncertainty/Variety.21stcenturybonusdvd. Growth. We all have the need for it and we all meet that need in some way.The Six Human Needs intimate with others. People want to feel secure in their jobs and relationships. eliminate. Now at the same time. which is another word for certainty. Most people believe that a job will give them certainty. 2. The first one is growth. a sense of being needed or having a purpose. you will be fulfilled. To meet this need on a higher level we need to be willing to consistently give to others that which you wish to receive. this creates a lot of fear and uncertainty for people. we need to go from being 'culturally successful'. or avoid stress. The second primary need is the need for contribution. Often. The fourth need is the need for significance. 153 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. we often feel we need to change some things in our life. So to have a rewarding life. Contribution.com . if you get too much certainty in your life you become bored and your life becomes monotonous. 4. We have all heard that 'variety is the spice of life' have we not? So. It is important to not only receive love but to also be able to give love. Everyone needs to be able to connect with other humans and feel a sense of love. increase or intensify pleasure. Many people have this challenge so they crave the third need. 6.11 . diversity. However this could be an illusion. 5. we will do more for other people than what we will do for ourselves. Most people cannot wait to get a job because on a cultural level it represents security. If you help others to be fulfilled. which is variety or uncertainty in their life. There are also two primary and essential needs. Certainty/Comfort. which is one of the most powerful needs. The second need is certainty or comfort. In the past that was possible and it did give some sense of certainty because most people worked for one company all their lives. It can also be described as surprise. 3. when the certainty and comfort becomes boring. If you are not growing you are dying. This is the ability to produce. difference.

If you are not growing in a relationship. then that relationship will probably not continue for much longer as that need is not being met. yet due to their need for uncertainty they sabotage that relationship or job and are forced to move on to something else. A person that goes from one job to the next or one relationship to another is meeting their need for variety and uncertainty in this way. reading books and listening to tapes are great ways of meeting this need. Let's look at what could be destructive ways for meeting these needs. The 'tall poppy syndrome' is another way some people meet their need for significance by pulling others down to build them selves up. As soon as he linked pleasure to that he could not help but find 154 . In America people are more enthusiastic and excited about other people's success and they think. If you want to create tremendous wealth for your future and impact a lot of people it will come from mastering your need for contribution at the highest level. People that gamble are fulfilling their need for variety. Often. He gets so excited and passionate and it has totally transformed his life. things are going along fine.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had To do that we need to find out how we are currently meeting these needs. as are people that take drugs. This is the most powerful driver in human beings. “If they can do it. unfortunately it is the driver very few people tap into. and if at the moment we are meeting them in destructive ways. By meeting these needs at a higher level you will find fulfilment on a consistent basis in all areas of your life. Anthony Robbins is a prime example of someone who is driven by the need to contribute to others. he links so much pleasure to serving others. New relationships can also help you grow. you can make it anywhere. which gives them a new 'buzz' or a new high. Robert Kiyosaki talks about how prevalent this syndrome is in Australia in particular and how if you can make it in Australia. how we can meet them at a higher level. I can do it!” Constructive ways of meeting our need for growth Going to seminars. a member of a street gang is meeting their needs for connection by using peer group pressure and their need for significance by having people fear them and their gang. For example.

11 . Look at the tables that follow for some examples of how you can meet your six basic human needs at different levels. regardless of how others respond. If you do that.21stcenturybonusdvd. My dream is for you to find ways you can massively serve other people. neutral and constructive vehicles. The table contains destructive. “What would I need to 155 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.com . Connection/ Love Sympathy through sickness or injury Crime Smoking Drugs Gangs Attempting to get others to comply with your requests Relationships Spirituality Being in natural surroundings Pets Certainty/ Comfort / Control Consistency Food Learning Negative identity Completion Uncertainty Variety Alcohol Drugs Gambling Self sabotage helplessness New relationships New job Significance Tearing others down Violence Negative identity Disease and disorder Material possessions Academic degrees Identity Faith Belief in guidance Saving money New location Stimulating conversation Taking on new challenges Learning Accomplishments Style Development of new skills and knowledge Growing levels of caring or extraordinary compassion Scarcity Picking an argument Being a leader Teaching Sex Beauty or art Self-sacrifice Joining a team Debt reduction Insurance/ Traditions Hugs Refocusing your goals Saving hedging Investing Extreme sport We have within ourselves the resources to feel completely fulfilled in all six categories in any situation. So have a think about what you could contribute.The Six Human Needs ways to help more and more people and as a result he has transformed millions of people's lives all around the world. simply ask the question. everything you desire will be manifested into your life at a remarkably rapid rate and importantly you will have a fulfilling life by being an outstanding example for others to follow. To do this.

Explore the vehicles you may be using now by completing the exercise. Saving (certainty/ (comfort) Teaching/Sharing (contribution) CLASS 2 It does not feel good It is good for you It is good for others It serves the greater good What are the Class 2 ways you are currently meeting your needs? e. Alcohol (variety) CLASS 4 It does not feel good It is not good for you It is not good for others It does not serve the greater good What are the Class 4 ways you currently meeting your needs? e. significance) In this chapter. up until now have in most cases been chosen by you on a subconscious level and therefore may not always be Class 1 vehicles. you would have a fair idea of the vehicles you currently use to meet your needs on a consistent basis. After completing the exercise above. Starting an exercise program (acceptance/ significance) Working.g.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had believe / appreciate / perceive or do (procedures / vehicles / approach) in order to feel more fulfilled in this category now?” Now we have identified some negative and positive ways of fulfilling the six basic human needs. you began to consciously choose positive vehicles for your 156 . CLASS 1 It feels good It is good for you It is good for others It serves the greater good What are the Class 1 ways you are currently meeting your needs? e. What if you could learn how to control what triggers you and instead of turning to negative vehicles for meeting your needs. (certainty contribution. Obviously it is better to adopt the Class 1 vehicle for meeting your six human needs. Bad debts (comfort) Owning a sports car (significance) Fighting and arguing (variety.g. significance) CLASS 3 It feels good It is not good for you It is not good for others It does not serve the greater good What are the Class 3 ways you are currently meeting your needs? e. These vehicles. we have learned what the six human needs are and identified the different vehicles for meeting them.g. I have included a few examples below to get you started.g. take a look at the four classes of human experience in the table below.

com .21stcenturybonusdvd. an inspiration to millions. There is no doubt why he became the youngest ranked number 1 tennis player in the world. The remainder of this book will focus on what it takes to become financially successful in the 21st century. 157 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.11 . is an excellent example of someone who can consistently put himself in a peak state. 'Come on'.The Six Human Needs fulfilment? You can do this by learning how to control your emotions through state management and how to put yourself in a peak state. Lleyton Hewitt with his famous catch phrase. beginning with setting your financial targets.


They are both important and schools are forgetting one of them. 12. Robert Kiyosaki .E STABLISH YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education.

you will have very little idea..... independent or free . How long will it take? Once again just guess for now as we will figure it out shortly. independent or free? What is the true measure of financial wealth? The answer is the number of days from now you can continue to live without the need to work...... How much will it take for you to be financially free? If you are like most people.. A.....What I didn't learn at school but wish I had When are you financially secure..the first figure that comes to mind.. if I won $X million in lotto. $ ..... How much will it take? Simply guess what it will take to be financially secure.. The following exercise is designed to help you figure out how much it will take...... I would…….. B.. 159 .... for example.

let 's define each of the goals with precision.Establish Your Financial Goals Making your personal financial dreams a reality Everyone has the right to pursue his or her financial dreams.com . Financial Freedom ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5. Use this list to clarify what dreams are most important for you to achieve in your lifetime. Financial Independence ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4. Absolute Financial Freedom ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Now. we must identify precisely what they are. The following are five levels of financial well being that are possible to attain. Financial Security ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3.12 . 160 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Remember: Clarity equals Power! 1. Financial Protection ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2.21stcenturybonusdvd. To turn those dreams into a reality.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Let's start with defining what you want financially Give yourself 3 to 5 minutes to brainstorm what you want in each of these areas. Goals Toys and rewards -things you want to own • House • Car • Art • Yacht • Jewels • Others • Things you want to give or experience (for yourself. your family or others) • Travel • Philanthropy • Buy a house for your parents or children Economic goals • Reduction of debt • Cash in hand • Net worth • Annual income from investments • New business profitability Short term 6-36 months Intermediate 3-10 years Long term 10+ years 161 .

078 1.247 1.188 1.876 Capital at End of Year $ 11.060 53.000 to start the program.870 40.602 44. then you could start this plan 2-3 years before the birth of a child by putting aside $300 a month so that when your child is born.000 11.532 3.026 1. you already have the initial $10. then you have to start this plan with a larger initial investment of principal.060 53.765 14.441 1.215 3.131 1.346 16.026 4. If you do not currently have children but plan to in the future.026 Contribution Interest Dollars $ Earned $ 600 630 662 695 729 766 804 844 886 931 977 1.377 30.310 1.375 720 815 919 1.019 22.033 1.250 64.12 .655 2.779 1. if you have a 6 year-old.264 24.000* investment Assumptions: Interest Rate 10%.264 24.651 * Start saving with $10.840 59.407 2.765 14.279 33. or just $50 per month.657 49.436 36.157 1.711 27377 30. Tax Rate 28%.711 27. If you already have children.Establish Your Financial Goals How to put your kids through University starting with a $10.279 33.230 12.21stcenturybonusdvd. Inflation Rate 5% End of Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Principal $ 10. For example.320 12.603 1.180 2.346 16.073 19.760 20.293 1.960 20.960 to start the savings plan.657 49.651 Total dollars available: $ 64.923 3.019 22.840 59.870 40.602 44.971 2.000 and add an additional $600 per year. 162 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.436 36.com .073 17. you will need $17.

24 288.15 792.43 1.29 180.20 197.84 211.68 305.56 157.95 864.80 523.38 226.50 * Figures in the table are based on a fixed 9% interest rate.19 172.25 869.000 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 43.03 915.10 $40. Figures are not intended to be a projection of any investment results.32 122.98 1.35 406.40 152.33 519.16 61.68 422.60 592.60 996.056.48 432.58 361.80 1.75 452. compounded monthly.67 122.71 648.05 240.50 $150.46 970.55 346.12 144.78 173. 163 .20 1.38 $100.40 261.20 785.70 347.081.35 610.607.90 1.12 209.06 339.819.01 48.40 664.212.90 270.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Education Timer To accumulate these goals by your child's 15th birthday.585.000 161.33 1.22 138.45 135.65 1.303.13 679.328.02 96.60 382.738.98 3.992.000 322.60 720.000 86. No adjustment has been made for income taxes.95 90.38 345.72 531.11 69.425.75 $75.53 120.000 107.36 265. you must set aside these monthly amounts* Child's Age Now $20.80 305.51 457.20 458.90 181.30 1.296.80 296.75 2.22 $50.56 104.000 215.34 244.16 259.95 540.20 1.638.30 360.73 485.10 229.18 54.40 695.40 394. The table assumes no fluctuation in value of principal.10 528.28 78.13 2.36 108.68 203.25 1.

000. you need to create the space in your life for the money to show up! 164 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. the monthly payment is a constant number.00 959. and you will never have to pay interest on the principal that has been pre-paid. Then. you will not have to pay the interest on $40. is usually the smallest portion of the payment. Consistently following this strategy will enable you to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 15 years.com .39 for the February payment.39 1. The following month.Establish Your Financial Goals Cut your mortgage in half! Homeowners.12 . when the principal is paid off.21 958.81 Balance 98.85 98. For most mortgages.091. Only a small portion of that $1. it is $1. in this case. This is a powerful strategy for saving a tremendous amount of money on your interest payments and cutting the term of your mortgage in half.47 In the example above. you can literally cut your mortgage term in half simply by making extra principal payments! The next time you write your monthly mortgage cheque. In our example below. Remember.000 40.000 and pay the 'principal only' portion of the April payment for $41.10.21stcenturybonusdvd. make the March payment for $1.10 Interest 960.00 1.000 40. get one! Remember. by the way.172. Note .000 41. Example Month Jan Feb Mar Apr of a Typical Mortgage* Payment Principal 1.050.66 98.if you do not have an amortisation schedule from your lender.79 1.000 monthly payment normally goes towards paying off the actual principal of the mortgage itself.132. This.000 40.39 when making the February payment. write a second cheque for the 'principal only' portion on next month's payment.45 98. Continue to do this every month. when you make the January payment you can also write a second cheque for the 'principal only' part of the following month's payment.61 959. the loan is paid off. $40.

Electricity. These are the basics required to survive financially. including car insurance) per month 4. Current Cost Per Month $ +$ +$ +$ +$ +$ Item 1. (average) per month 3. You can choose six months more or less. the minimums). Bill and Mary calculate that they require $2. Private superannuation plan per month 7. etc. Financial Protection The precise amount of money you will require in liquid assets to be financially protected can be established simply by reviewing your current monthly overheads (i. Total monthly income necessary for protection + $ My goals This does not include any credit card or debt repayments.000 per month and decide to have six months set aside for their financial protection goal.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 1. Food (average) per month 5. Insurance (disability. What does it take for you to keep things together? Listed below are the critical obligations that must be met to ensure that you and your family are financially protected.e. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ My financial protection goal is to save enough money to cover 6 months of basic overhead (line 7x6 months). Mortgage payment per month 2.) per month 6. but six months is the minimum suggested. For example. Transportation (average. health. etc. TOTAL $ ______ 165 . gas.

000 required aside to complete their first level in their five-step plan. Remember.000 x 12 Months = $24. Financial independence The amount of money you will need to achieve financial independence is very simple to establish. 166 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. How much money do you now earn annually? To duplicate your current lifestyle it is likely you will need to duplicate your present monthly annual income*. Financial independence is achieved when your investments produce an income equal to your 'work' income.12 . then the number you would actually need to be financially independent is $150.21stcenturybonusdvd. Financial security The amount of money you will need to achieve financial security is very simple to establish. this means determining how much you need to be independent of the basic necessities such as food. (basic necessities). $12.000 per month. Monthly income necessary to achieve Financial Protection = $2. this means determining how much money you need to be independent of work.000 My Goal Bill and Mary's is $2.000. If you earn $200. clothes. Remember.com . Your goal would be the monthly figure from the previous page multiplied by 12 to achieve the second level called financial security for you.000 a year and invest $50.Establish Your Financial Goals (Bill and Mary chose six months of protection at $2. Annual income needed from investment to create financial security for life = $ ______ 3. (Financial Protection Figure).000 per month x 12 months = $24.000 total annual income required.000.) 2. Example. that is. and transport. Financial security is achieved when your investments produce an income equal to your Financial Protection Figure.

(Remember that this is not absolute financial freedom. so the financial independence figure is $48. if Bill and Mary are saving say $10. Establish how much these new desires would cost per month and record on line 1. but enough income to also purchase 'other things' you would like to have but can not currently afford. That is. 1. as this is what they require to meet their current standard of living. 4. Simply ask yourself.000 gross and currently do not save.000 My Goal Bill and Mary earn $48.) 167 .000 salary. they would only need $38. then the amount of money you need to duplicate your actual current lifestyle not counting investments is less than your current or monthly/annual income. Annual income needed from investment to create financial independence for life for you is: = $________ * If you are saving or investing a substantial amount of your current income. Financial freedom This goal is attained when your investments provide enough income for you to live the lifestyle you desire for the rest of your life without ever having to work again.000 per annum to be financially independent.000 x 12 Months = $48.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Monthly income necessary to support your current lifestyle = $4. Calculate the additional monthly income needed to meet these desires.000 out of $48.000. “What annual income would I need to have the lifestyle I want?” The following steps are suggested: In order to have financial freedom you would have not only your current monthly income. Remember that this is not your ultimate dream.

$ _____ $10.000 2.500 $1.com . (Write in line 1) 3.000 $80.000 2.000 Monthly Payment $3.000 3.000 per month x 12 = $120.500 $1. Monthly amount already needed for financial independence: + $4. Monthly Payment $ Bill and Mary Item 1.21stcenturybonusdvd.12 .000 Cost $ You $ ______ $ ______ $ ------------ x 12 Months x 12 Months Bill and Mary Line 1 Line 2 ($48.000 = $ ______ 1.000 3.000 $4.000 $6. Record on line 2 the total amount of monthly income you need for your current lifestyle.000 $12.000 = $120. $______ 2. i.000 Total additional monthly income needed = $6. Add lines 1 and 2 to arrive at your total monthly cost to achieve financial freedom. Total additional monthly income needed: $6.000 $150. for financial independence x 12 months) Line 3 Bill and Mary = $10. Total monthly income necessary for financial freedom: = $10. Financial Independence.000 p. $ _____ My Goal $_______ 168 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.Establish Your Financial Goals Example Item Second Home in the country 35-foot boat BMW Cost $350.a.e.

Take a moment to establish what you would really need to be absolutely financially free by filling out this worksheet. List all the things you would have if you were absolutely financially free. 169 . 3. Specifically. as much as you want.000 $ 500.without ever working again.000 $1. with whomever you want .000 $171. a) Rewrite the things you would still keep if you were absolutely financially free.800 $25. b) Now.500 $5. If you want to keep the boat. Example Item Keep 2nd home in the country Replace boat with yacht Replace Mercedes with Lamborghini Great Barrier Reef Island New Helicopter Cost $350. c) Establish how much each of these new desires would cost per month and record on line 1. then write it down. Add lines 1 and 2 to arrive at your total monthly cost to achieve absolute financial freedom. wherever you want. For example. review your financial freedom list.000 $13.000.350 Total additional monthly income needed to be absolutely financially free 2.e.595 = Monthly Payment $3. Absolute financial freedom You have achieved absolute financial freedom when your investment income provides you with the certainty that you can do whatever you want. Financial Independence. 1. whenever you want.000 $2. Multiply by 12 to find the yearly income you will need.000 $7. then write down the cost of the yacht. Record on line 2 the total amount of monthly income you need for your current lifestyle.000 $200. If not.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 5. i. add to your list all the new things you want that are not on your financial freedom list. you have a 35foot boat but now you want a yacht.

194 4.21stcenturybonusdvd.com .523 12% 1.012 4.000 3.669 7.000 5% 749 1496 2248 2997 6% 760 1521 2282 3042 7% 772 8% 783 4 Year _________________ 5% 576 1151 1727 2303 6% 587 1174 1761 2349 7% 599 1197 1796 2395 8% 610 1221 1831 2441 1544 1567 2316 2356 3088 3134 Monthly Car Payments 5 Year _________________ $ 25.200 MY GOAL Annual income needed to create financial freedom: = $352.000 3.286 22. Monthly amount already needed for financial independence: $ 4.143 10.570 30.959 8% 734 1.350 2.046 10% 878 2.663 3.023 8.987 7% 665 1.3888 8.Establish Your Financial Goals Bill and Mary You 1. Total monthly income necessary for absolute financial freedom: = $29. Total additional monthly income needed: $25.000 250.000 500.834 3.776 26.000 75.000 50.653 19.029 2.572 5.998 5.200 $ ______ $ ______ $ ______ $ ______ $ ______ Sample Payment Schedules 30 Year Fixed Mortgage $ 100.000.000 6% 600 1.013 24.000 50.996 17.327 6.858 Monthly Car Payments 3 Year _______________ $ 25.000 100.499 2.327 11% 952 2.12 .000 100.000 5% 472 944 1415 1887 6% 483 967 1450 1933 7% 495 990 8% 507 1014 6 Year _________________ 5% 403 805 1208 1610 6% 414 829 7% 426 852 8% 438 877 1315 1753 1485 1521 1980 2028 1243 1279 1657 1705 170 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.350 x 12 Months = $352.000 75.381 4.762 9.000.338 9% 805 2.139 28.000 1.

) 3. By what age must you accomplish it? ____________________________________________________ (This time line may change when you discover what it will take to achieve it. Is this figure higher or lower than the one you wrote? $ _______________________________ (The majority of people realise it is lower.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Boat Loan Monthly 7 Year ____________ 10 Year __________ 8% 2338 $ Boat 150000 9% 2413 10% 11% 2490 2568 8% 9% 10% 11% 2066 1820 1900 1982 A wealth questionnaire 1. $ ___________________________________ (Check back to the beginning of this exercise.) 4. Write down the amount that is actually needed to be financially secure. Where are you today? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 171 . Which of your dreams is really important for you to turn into reality? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2.) 5. Write down the amount you guessed you would need to be financially secure.

1% (1 in 1.999 0.000 a year • Nearly 80% of the Australian population makes less than $52.000-$ 199.5% • This represents one half of 1% of the population (1 in 50) (1 in 200) $500.000) • This represents one tenth of 1% of the population $1.Establish Your Financial Goals The Wealthy Are Scarce Adjusted Gross income Percentage of households $0-$24.000) • This represents one twentieth of 1% of the population 172 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000.999 11.7% (1 in 10) • The top 12% of the nation makes $50.9% (about 2 in 3) • 59% of the US population makes less than $25.6% • Only 1% of the nation makes $100.999 1.999 0.12 .1% (1 in 4) • 86% of the US population makes less than $50.000-$99.999 27.000 a year.000 a year $50.000 per year $25.000-$999.05% (1 in 2.000-$ 49.com . This represents the top 1% for women $100.21stcenturybonusdvd.000-$499.000 + 0.999 58.000-$100.000+ $200.

You work only because you choose to. Financial Protection You have accumulated enough liquid assets to cover your basic overhead for a minimum of six months. Financial Independence You have accumulated a critical mass of capital.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Your personal financial dreams realised . My goal is to accumulate enough money to cover six months of my economic needs of: $__________ Bill and Mary's was $12.000 3. utilities. Financial Security You have accumulated a critical mass of capital. food. invested in a secure environment at a 10% rate of return that will cover the cost of your monthly mortgage payment. invested in a secure environment at a 10% return to provide enough income to maintain your current lifestyle adjusted for inflation without ever having to work again for the rest of your life. Financial Freedom Your investments now provide sufficient income that you can live the lifestyle you desire for the rest of your life without ever having to work again.000 4. You have begun a super fund and now have disability insurance. The annual income I need to accumulate in order to be Financially Secure is: $__________ Bill and Mary's was $24.your Master Goals! 1. insurance and transportation.000 2. You work only because you choose to! The annual income I need to accumulate in order to be Financially Free is: $__________ Bill and Mary's was $120.000 173 . The annual income I need to accumulate to be Financially Independent is: $__________ Bill and Mary's was $48.

Absolute Financial Freedom Your investments provide a sufficient annual income that you are now certain you can do whatever you want. whenever you want.000. Financial Independence 2.200 The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. Financial Freedom 3. say 5% return.000 If you want a more conservative plan.e.000 $48.com .000 x 20 = $480.Bill and Mary’s example Investment required Income per annum 5.Establish Your Financial Goals 5. (5 ÷ 100 = 20).000 $24. The Wealth Bucket . i. Financial Security $352. 174 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000.12 .000 x 10 = $240. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get. then you would use $24. as much as you want in a way that empowers you and others forever! You work only because you choose to! The annual income I need to accumulate to be Absolutely Financially Free is: $__________ Bill and Mary's was $352.200 $120.21stcenturybonusdvd. We are going to assume you are able to achieve a 10% rate of return on your investments $24. Absolute Financial Freedom 4.000 per year without working to achieve financial security. This means Bill and Mary would require $240.000 to generate $24. with whomever you want.

000 Lump Sum Figure $ _________ $ _______ $ ________ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ How you can pay for your child's education and more $50 per month $50 per month is just $11. Financial Security 1.33 per day $100 per month (beginning at your child's birth) earning 15% annually will be worth: $110.424 by the time your child turns 19 If no more contributions are made and the money continues growing at 15% (taxes excluded).30 per week or only $3.6 million by age 50 $19. Financial Freedom 3. Financial Security Protection $7. Absolute Financial Freedom 4.4 million $960.000 $12.000 $480.52 million $1.70 per day! $100 per month is just $23.70 per day $50 per month (beginning at your child's birth) earning 15% annually will be worth: $55.000 $240. it will be worth: $4. it will be worth: $100 per month $100 per month is just $23.70 per week or only $1.2 million by age 70 $50 per month is just $11.2 million $480.2 million by age 60 $79.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Wealth Bucket Assuming a 10% rate of return Investment required Your Income per annum Figures 5. Financial Freedom 3. Financial Security 1.30 per week and only $3.212 by the time your child turns 19 If no more contributions are made and the money continues growing at 15% (taxes excluded).000 Lump Sum Figure $ $ $ $ $ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ $ ________ Assuming a 5% Rate of Return Investment required Your Income per annum Figures 5. Financial Security Protection $3. Absolute Financial Freedom 4.1 million by age 70 $158.33 per day! 175 .8 million by age 50 $9. Financial Independence 2.70 per week and only $1. Financial Independence 2.04 million $2.000 $12.6 million by age 60 $39.

000 112.000.500 75.000 175.167 33.000 800.500.000 3.750.125.000 3.000 2.000 350.000 1.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 6.000.083 3.com .000.000 100.500 50.000.000 1.000.333 66.000 500.000 375.000.000 500.500 100.000 1.333 104.Establish Your Financial Goals Critical Mass To create an effective financial plan.000 58.292 8.000 2.000 5.000.500 14.000.500 25.000 87.125 4.333 Critical Mass 125.12 .250.500.333 41.000 10.000 62.000 12.000 20.667 208.000 875.000 2.000.000 37.000. you must determine how much 'critical mass' you need in order to achieve your desired annual lifetime income.000 300.667 20.000 250.167 166.000 250.000 5.000 1.000 8.167 5.000 600. Annual Income at 10% 6.000 625.000 700.000 Monthly Income at 10% 1.000.000 2.000 1.667 50.000 400.500.667 83.833 25.000 176 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000 7.375 29.000 150.000 4.417 12.000 1.042 2.000.000 750.583 16.667 833.000 1.333 9.333 416.000 10.000 200.500.000 25.500 125.250 7.

452 17.047.112 316.346 25.943 20.040 1.039.596 227.472 12.731 12.321 6.393 303.709 133.495 185.571.731 194.953 2.773 382.751 7.148 474.707 389.971.261 89.364 20 Yrs $ 158.766 13.422.704 27.715 40 Yrs $ 48.201 159.756 119.977 200 2.625.677 20.302 1.672.064 191.473 95.396 139.946 400 5.998.051.029 1.058 2.191 378.751 23.876 50 Yrs $ 578.014 104.995 438.014 867.174.780.118 28.423.582 85.034.955 30 Yrs $ 350.859.060 2.530 111.554 500 6.212 1.121 123.323.439 29.978 1.759 100 1.444 1.173 75 1.929.036 350 4.376 11.711.382 682.365 7.798 113.788.222 632.360.657 51.852 13.909 1.666 1.408 48.310 55.945 172.429.950 25% ANNUAL RETURN $per month 1 Yr 5 Yrs $ $ 50 698 5.237.677 38.561.680.805 20 Yrs $ 342.901.601 23.725.683 2.764.787 530.941.960 53.971 170.255 3.864 300 4.844 10 Yrs $ 26.873 40.289 177 .563 6.043 2.873.345 150 2.475 927.955 514.469.887.219 292.482 213.592.069.357 44.242 247.964 1.866 97.563.522 1.930 500 6.182 286.821 40 Yrs $ 1.968 13.314 12.313.063 17.484 6.101 4.097 17.969 250 3.057.518 1.799 55.782 3.628 50 Yrs $ 61.743.803 20.878 59.728 2.866 41.314 525.518 200 2.928 3.567.353 41.264.371.415 28.389 35.975 243.190 53.862.772.957.116 5.734.239.161.984 150 2.168.520.713.679 24.080 3.086.463 125.567.401.127 10.789.864 1.726 8.479 30 Yrs $ 1.004 7.727 618.752.160 5.008.463 340.032 8.638 3.504.386.120 4.241 8.990 309.899 27.371.466.855.254.852.591 114.731 69.136.317 89.329 208.437 2.906 4.000 13.878 23.450.207 16.827 152.859.672.189.592 1.134.036 81.980 556.580.664 83.926 42.159.453.910 5.603 532.344.515.028.284.993 278.691 51.933 20.378.521 139.017.104 8.009.545.383 103.953 350 4.400.296.988 100 1.283.194 34.098.382 450 6.939 9.427.144.106.591 1.841 186.946 2.763.454 10 Yrs $ 19.657 20 Yrs $ 75.512.000 1 Yr $ 651 977 1.989 454.209 400 5.463 22.915.588.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had How Your Money Grows Annually 15% ANNUAL RETURN $per month 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 750 1.888.864.817 31.473 1.512.493.432 685.028 20% ANNUAL RETURN $per month 1 Yr 5 Yrs $ $ 50 669 5.904 31.145 8.087 4.321 10.228 10.691.762 266.296 790.597 97.690 15.394.737 371.526.072 3.630.693.961 300 4.388 59.974.682 10 Yrs $ 13.987.257.627.120 68.543.419 3.802 40 Yrs $ 8.507 41.985.938 450 6.756.561 50 Yrs $ 6.455 2.110 3.840.438 730.945.398.200 7.211 62.701.130 5.197.281 9.488 146.890.079.691 250 3.835.781.022 46.037 77.727 750 10.794.502 47.841 67.819 1.478.943.604 3.356.376 4.420 26.485 433.122 239.569.232 494.402 399.714.358 61.640 39.502 14.511 9.208 5.194 486.370 948.087.156.932.752.803.015 31.901.584 606.860 6.982 1.966 1.188 2.592 3.740 2.203.992 75 1.280 79.747 92.355 76.736 6.180 757.774 2.886 36.504.150 32.851 76.547 5.217 11.815 41.737 700.657 973.336.312.684 36.074 237.697 151.901 10.557 5.000 13.883 1.112 69.361 11.094 30 Yrs $ 4.622 40.244 73.248.508.236 57.102.921 106.606 34.127 35.401 17.481.922 750 10.021 5 Yrs $ 4.007 15.578.142.

903.047 10.211 260.117 179.434 23.689 299.043.558 275.639.328.000 10.277 2.360.552 35.632 10 Yrs $ 417.794.747.390 68.com .042 279.888 799.886 7.425 2.436.322.222 1.000 10.823.500 5.772 15.789.055 349.363 224.794 63.084 10 Yrs $ 573.731 14.905 122.611 599.908 258.745.446 115.444 2.664.408 896.807.636 7.275.914 133.000 1 Yr $ 20.818.093.738 34.657 5 Yrs $ 155.103 70.474.288.Establish Your Financial Goals How Your Money Grows Annually 15% ANNUAL RETURN $ per month 1.000 10.605.000 1 Yr $ 19.271 20 Yrs $ 4.000 2.402.909 3.147.575 819.159.579 28.009 233.500 5.074 231.203 46.767 239.031.587 30 Yrs $ 35.274.018 467.498 24.181.590.637.909 1.986 557.374 6.816 1.478 68.579.643 13.500 2.099 30 Yrs $ 10.785 Remember. How much money goes through your hands unnoticed each week? 178 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.004 116.181 206.718.962.514.512 34.190 17.21stcenturybonusdvd.286 2.219 6.023 5.422 5 Yrs $ 134.000 25% ANNUAL RETURN 1 Yr $ 5 Yrs $ 10 Yrs $ 20 Yrs $ 30 Yrs $ 50 Yrs $ 20.137.779 137.069 698.936.635 517.000 2.524.549.721.573.590.522 179.670.500 5.319.634 27.396.000 20.643 1.577.072 50 Yrs $ 448.12 .793.855.609 1.065.698 15.198.146 20 Yrs $ 2.766 33.315 696.075.544 30.069.397 31.372.450.000 20.727 955.553 65.818 3.932 3.995 $ per month 1.098.000 20.554 20% ANNUAL RETURN $ per month 1.229.542 2.206 628.149 1.299 2.873.019.909.608.430 204.393.911.787 409.041.900 3.332.742.802.573 5.271 1.641 17.000 2.457 66.035 50 Yrs $ 1.882.494.545 764.560.604 58.139 1.647.345.786.829 267.723 57.749 12.952 137.397. no investment is without risk! We do not guarantee any specific results or returns.500 2.656.614.532 26.901.207 1.042 32.106 130.093 10.949.959 7.012 2.

548 944.200 0 4.140 364.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The effects of compound interest The table on the next page shows the incredible power of compound interest over time.485 189.431 16.000 216.716 0 67.620 28 2.289 66.766 790. INVESTOR A INVESTOR B value Age Contribution Year-end Contribution Year-end Contribution Year-end Contribution Yearvalue value value INVESTOR C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.254 65 2.282 29 2. but the table also shows how much difference it makes to start your tax-deferred investing early in life.543 0 1.210 13.000 596.558 33.774 0 16.727 490.620 0 7.315 6.210 21.876 17.887 60 2. It also shows the dramatic effect of letting interest compound without taxes being taken out.888 0 109.000 2.000 4.174 0 28.178 45.153 0 46.877 0 19.000 16.000) 1.083 0 283.000 2.433 15.415 226.872 22.296 49.000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.872 33 2.750) 1.976 40.791 0 31.858 10.463 19.641 66-Fold INVESTOR D 8 0 0 9 0 0 10 0 0 11 0 0 12 0 0 13 0 0 14 0 0 15 0 0 16 0 0 17 0 0 18 0 0 19 0 0 20 0 0 21 0 0 22 0 0 23 0 0 24 0 0 25 0 0 26 2.106 0 61.825 54.317 72.600 117-Fold 550 1.000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 500 0 750 0 1.000 2.704 Money Grew: 11-Fold 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.750 2.631 0 23.250 0 1.125 30.928 13.000 2.266.600 0 (10.174.949 117.974 20.431 31 2.568 28.741 49.000 35.005 50 2.215 54.000 2.000 2.920 (6.368 0 51.062 40 2.000 0 1.000 25.715 0 735.431 0 14.000 7.794 0 26.780 30.000 29.938 34.170 118-Fold 179 .210 30 2.000 20.837 0 38.200 4.843 11.282 0 10.000 2.383 1.000 10.000 2.364 55 2.211 304.665 0 21.673 44.614 36.244 25.272.397 8.434 41.252 0 17.334 0 176.200 586.430 2.959 25.200 27 2.899 45 2.000 361.184.187 140.000) Equals net earnings: 893.875 35 2.031 37.962 9.005 0 56.000 126.673 4.121 14.000 2.210 0 13.808 60.000 2.620 7.584 0 456.641 (14.000 973.794 32 2.136 87.000) 930.000 2.000 13.670 0 34.282 10. All the example investors enjoy the advantage of tax-deferred compounding.000 69.255 27.704 Less total invested: (80.131 23.321 0 42.159 34 2.500 0 1.

000 A Savings of Critical Mass $ 15.000 975.000 135.000 525.000 1.000 2.000 675.000 45.000 4.000 375.900 2.000 180.000 750.com .300 1.600 1.12 .000 30.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 6.000 270.000 210.000 285.000 105.000 600.000 900.500 3.000 3.800 1.000 255.000 75.000 180 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.700 1.000 225.200 1.000 195.000 1.500 1.000 300.000 825.500 4.000 150.500 6.000 120.100 1.000 90.500 7.000 240.000 60.050.400 1.000 165.Establish Your Financial Goals The benefit of cutting expenses This can save you years of critical mass accumulation (@ 8% return) Amount of Expenses Cut from Monthly Budget $ 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1.500 5.000 450.000 5.

“You are right son. 32 grains. “Buy a hot dog. “I would like a grain of rice”. the grandest room in the palace. “We certainly are in a serious recession. and no longer stood by the side of the road to sell his hot dogs. and the domestic economy is getting worse. on 181 . 16 grains. They bought so many hot dogs the man increased his meat and bun orders. Pong Lo said. he brought his son home from university to help out in the family business.” So on the first day a grain of rice was delivered to Pong Lo. mister?” And people bought his hot dogs.” So the man cut down his meat and bun orders. On the second day two grains of rice were delivered. He stood by the side of the road and called out. took down his highway signs. “Father. In fact. His sales fell almost overnight. “But if His Majesty insists. A young peasant named Pong Lo entered the palace.” said Pong Lo. He bought a bigger stove so he could meet his customers' demands. He put up highway signs telling people how good his hot dogs tasted. After several moments of thought. But something happened. On the third day Pong Lo received four grains and on the fourth day eight grains.” said the father.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The hot dog parable There once was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. a stable full of wild stallions . or read the newspapers? Do you not know we are heading for a recession? The European situation is unstable. On the fifth day. And finally. With his wit and bravery he restored the Princess's health and won her heart. His son said. do you not watch television.they shall be yours!” “A grain of rice will do. As his reward. “My son is a smart boy. Pong Lo asked for her hand in marriage. He has been to university. He ought to know what he is talking about.” And the father thought.” A grain of rice The daughter of the Chinese Emperor was ill and he promised riches beyond compare to whoever could cure her. on the sixth day. he may double the amount every day for a hundred days. he sold very good hot dogs. “A grain of rice! That is nonsense! Ask me for fine silks. The Emperor refused and asked the peasant to think of anything else he would like.

870.12 .com . 182 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. In desperation the Emperor did the only honourable thing he could do and consented to the marriage. By the twentieth day 524.requiring 40 servants to carry them were brought to Pong Lo. And by the thirtieth day 536. 64 grains.048. on the eighth day.288 grains were delivered. no rice was served at the wedding banquet.21stcenturybonusdvd. By the twelfth day the grains of rice numbered 2.912 grains . 128 grains.Establish Your Financial Goals the seventh day. Out of consideration for the Emperor's feelings.


Outstanding investors are outstanding savers. 13. D EBT . Begin to save by having effective cash flow management.REDUCTION AND C ASH F LOW MANAGEMENT Create a monthly surplus.

The following is a sample letter you could use as a guide in drafting your own letter.. I would be pleased to do so.. Dear . especially if it is out of control. Remember. it may be better to use debt agreement companies to arrange your affairs.. that is a car. If you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation. If you are in an uncontrollable amount of debt. I am aware that this is not the figure I had previously agreed to pay you.. holiday and clothes.. Each week (or month) you will receive a cheque for $xxxxx from my 'DCA'. that is a quality property or stock portfolio. and if you would like to have me review them with you so that you might help others who are in your debt.. As you know.. until my account with you is clear. Have a wonderful day! Sincerely John Doe 184 . That will enable me to have sufficient resources to live on. Bad debt is something that you borrow to purchase.... These days though. This chapter is designed to solve the debt problem. To this end. without worry or stress and it will prevent me from falling further into debt. please feel free to contact me. A good debt is something you borrow for that goes up in value and ideally is a tax deductible debt. but I am sure you will be understanding and appreciate what I am doing. I have opened a 'Debt Clearance Account' and twenty percent of my income is going directly into that account.. I am quite excited about my new plans... there is a difference between good debt and bad debt. you can use the following strategy.. In order to achieve this goal. I have been devising a plan during the past few days to put myself in a stable financial position.. I am in debt to you for $__. that goes down in value and generally is not tax deductible.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Debt reduction strategy Bad debt is often like a ball and chain around your ankle which can drag you down. and I intend to pay you in full.. plus interest. This chapter is designed to eliminate bad debt..

But please hold your ground because there is no court in the country that would not congratulate you when you explained your entire plan for Financial Independence.902 2.609 5 Yrs 21 64 106 149 212 319 425 637 850 1.00 15.000.21stcenturybonusdvd.979 26.758 2.067 9.062 1.768 6.com .307 3.846 2.583 21.00 150.470 3.591 8.660 2.000.980 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.073 6.843 3 Yrs 32 97 161 226 323 484 645 968 1.320 4. etc.00 125.000. Debt-Elimination Time Calculator Total Monthly Payment Amount Over Time Total Debt Amount ($) 1.it is you who are in charge of your finances.461 4.312 6.779 2.00 75.00 185 1 Yr 88 264 440 615 879 1. you will find that 95 percent of the people whom you write to will be most cooperative.374 6 Yrs 7 Yrs 19 17 56 50 93 83 130 116 185 166 278 249 371 332 556 498 741 664 926 830 1.00 3.245 1.656 3.804 5.075 2.384 1.922 9.291 1.453 8.536 3.680 4 Yrs 25 76 127 178 254 380 507 761 1.375 2 Yrs 46 138 231 323 461 692 923 1.558 4.341 7.00 5.000.316 2.00 300.13 .000.637 3.000. Moreover.614 5.Debt reduction and cash flow management Understand that your letter to your creditor is a statement of fact and not a request .00 200.000. Now give yourself a good 'pat on the back' because as of this moment you are well on your way to starting a completely new way of life! The following table can be useful as a guide to eliminating debts.000.319 1.00 20.631 4.125 2.830 6. They might even go so far as to phone you and attempt to intimidate you with threats of taking you to court.00 30.853 1.00 10.00 10.000.389 1.00 100.00 250.249 5.187 4.594 2.000.603 2.229 11.268 1.517 4.015 1.536 13.170 3. Realise there is an 'outside chance' that some unreasonable person will not want to cooperate with you.000.705 3.150 5.490 3. not your creditors! Be sure to have your letters neatly typed and enclose your first new payment with your covering letter.395 6.000.023 4.000.00 40.989 17.267 4.00 7.

000 $146.000 $4.253.249 1.874 3.123 4.000.393 208.00 10.772 2.00 3.140 Monthly After Income 15 Yrs 826 1.500 $8.431 Monthly Income 1.672 3.104 619.000 $9.000 $17.276 206.00 2.760 1.000.041 78.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Monthly Investment Amount After 5 Yrs 500.262 12.957 8.717 25.500.075 per month for the rest of your life without putting another cent in.000 Payment $1.165 234.552 413.000.685 103.618 Example: If you invest $ Factor 100 29 26 20 18 15 27 186 .00 1.500 $1.431 in total principal and you will be able to retire at an income of $25.00 7.962 417.000 $600 $350 $300 $250 $100 $300 $2.000 $6.621 3.032.00 39.082 Wealth-Building/Retirement Calculator Monthly After Income 10 Yrs 312 625 1.343 6.652 3. Reduce your expenses by eliminating 'bad debt' and wastage.247 390.305 4.656 1.849 1.075 156. Based on an average 10% Return on Investment. Why? Because you will require less money and time to achieve financial freedom. How to eliminate debt in 3 to 7 years without the need to increase your income Home Loan Car 1 Car 2 Visa Mastercard Department Store Personal Loan Total: $100.412 585. you will have $3.549.924 835.500 each month for 15 years.303 16.

The next lowest factor is Car 2 with a balance of $9. We now add the $390 we were paying off the department store card. $350 and $940 spare = $1.500 balance on the department store card balance which equals approximately 4 more monthly payments and the $1. How would you coach them to be able to eliminate all their debt within 3 to 7 years? Firstly. as it is now spare. This column represents how many payments are remaining. it would be sooner as the $9. We want to pay this off first.com . as it is the quickest to pay off. which is the Department Store card of $1.500 with a $250 payment. that is a Personal Loan of $8. Therefore. Then we go to the next lowest factor. $300 plus $640.000 at $350 per month. 6 + 11 = 17 months for Visa. 7 months plus 17 months = 24 months or 2 years into the debt elimination plan.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 balance on Visa = 6 months approximately to pay off. The next lowest factor is the Personal Loan of $8.500 on Department Store card = 7 months. Divide this into the $1.000 = 5 months approximately.Debt reduction and cash flow management Homework The couple in the example above is able to find $290 in their budget to eliminate their debt. which equals a total of $390. $300 + $1. and we repeat the cycle.500 at $100 payment with a factor of 15 as it is the lowest. 4 months + 7 months = 11 months since we started the debt elimination strategy and already Bill and Mary can see significant progress. you need to consider the 'factor' column. therefore our plan is conservative. which is Visa at $6.590 total into $8. MasterCard and the department store card to be all paid off.000 at $300 per month will take about 27 payments.290 is now spare = $1.000 at $300 per month. 187 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.290 total into $9. Now we look at the next lowest factor. We are going to look at the lowest factor. that is MasterCard $4.500 is completely paid off.13 . The next lowest factor is Car 1 of $17.000 = approximately 7 months. now spare = $940 total into $6. In reality.000 at $300 per month. we take the $290 spare we have and add it to the $100 per month payment already being paid towards the Department Store card. 5 months + 24 months = 29 months in total so far. We can now pay $250 + $390 = $640 per month of the $4.000 + $600 per month.000 would already have reduced to less due to payments made in the first 17 months.

a bit like your pocket money. yet it is an area in which very few people are skilled or familiar with. This account should not be linked to the Cash Account/s (that is. Most of us know how much we earn each year. in other words. The foundation of our system is strategic spending.190 now spare = $3. This is your daily living expenses for which you normally pay cash. It is the habit that has to change and consolidation loans do not guarantee a habit change. easily controlled bundles. which is transferred monthly into your Cash Management Trust Account. The idea of strategic spending is to divide your hard earned income up into small. you will always find that there is nothing left.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had $600 + $1. This strategy is often far more effective than consolidation of loans as many people consolidate. getting into debt is a habit.000 per month. which defeats the purpose as they get in more debt. Remember.a minimum 10% of your gross pay. which is effective. quarterly or yearly by cheque. This account/s is simply accessed by a 24-hour access keycard.190 into $100. I have covered just one way.590 is now spare = $2. you can not access it with your Cash Account 188 . monthly. 31 Months + 37 months = 68 months or 5 to 6 years. We have created a strategic spending system. $1. These are all non-deductible items. but they run up their credit cards again.000 = 8 months approximately. This is for those larger amounts. The second bundle is your Cash Account/s. The first bundle taken out should be savings .000 per month + $2. Your Wealth Creation System Wealth creation is probably the most important aspect of financial planning.000 is 31 months approximately. The last one is the Home loan of $100. If you leave savings to what is left over. There are numerous ways to eliminate this debt in 3 to 7 years. 8 months + 29 months = 37 months so far. which has worked successfully for our clients for many years now. It is through this strategy that we can become financially independent.190 per month into $17. Like every successful business. saving some money. but have no idea what we spend the money on. which are usually paid.000 at $1. The third bundle is your Operations Account. we need to constantly monitor income and expenditure while also ensuring that we are making a profit.

We keep the bundles separate. e. cars. tick which box applies to you from each column. This will save time and effort for your accountant when preparing tax returns. etc.g. stereos.21stcenturybonusdvd. In addition to your savings. into which your pay is banked. you should also put in enough funds to cover all your tax-deductible expenses. 6-12 months o Follows the crowd and their friends o Has a plan they actually implement o Mixes with people who have similar o Mixes with people who are money problems successful money managers o Believes they don't need advice o Knows that strategic spending is a must o Has no interest in gaining financial o Seeks professional advice and has a knowledge wealth coach o Spends on items which lose value. which go into your Cash Management Trust Account. It is wise to use this account in conjunction with a credit card for those occasions when your monthly expenses are higher than the budgeted amount. o Is keen to learn new things and e. The card acts as a 'smoother' as next month will be a surplus that can be paid back into the credit card.g. no matter how much it hurts or how much credit they must use o Has no goals or plans other than to be rich and famous 'one day' The Good Money Manager o Saves a minimum of 10% out of every pay o Minimises borrowings for items which depreciate in value o Has definite goals. The Poor Money Manager o Spends all their pay immediately o Must have it now.13 . periodic payments are set up to transfer funds to all the accounts on the 15th of each month.com .Debt reduction and cash flow management keycard). Are you a poor money manager or a good money manager? To give you an idea of how you currently manage money. ideas about managing money Total ____ Total _________ 189 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. You should maintain a small float in the Cash Account and Operations Account. The system is linked by the use of the Transfer Account. The main aim is to accumulate as much as possible in the Cash Management Trust Account and to use these funds wisely to create wealth. From there.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 190 .

. You want to enjoy life by having money work for you.14. EIGHT STEPS TO START YOU ON THE P ATH TO B ECOMING A MILLIONAIRE Life is too important to simply work for money.

Therefore a lot of people do not put their money directly in the stock market. working smart and knowing the right strategies to use. Bill and Mary are typical Australians in the sense that they have a very poor savings record. focus.000 per year to replace their income. All that the majority of people know about investing is putting their money in the bank because you know 'which bank' came around to your school when you were at a young age to teach you to put money in the bank. If you put your money in the bank at the moment the cash interest rates may be between 4 and (if you are lucky) 6 per cent.$60. Obviously. 192 . commitment and action is how Bill and Mary could. in other words cash.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had To begin this exercise let's use Bill and Mary as our example. with money coming in while they sleep. what we want to see with the right coaching. just by commitment. in a very short period of time. The bank. First of all they could put money in the bank. so it is going to take a lot of money to become wealthy. with more coming in from their investments they could be setting themselves up financially and eliminating any bad debts without a large amount of hard work. however the stock market for many people would be considered highly risky. First of all what we are going to look at is where a couple can look at investing. We can look at putting money in the stock market. collectively earning $48. because if they have a million dollars from lotto and they receive a 5 or 6 per cent return on that money. one working full time and one part time. replace the income they earn by working. then they will have $50. We will assume that Bill and Mary are an average couple. That is why many people think they need to win lotto. saving is a good habit but just putting money in the bank usually only makes the bank richer. In other words. they tend to get people to put their money into a managed fund.000 gross per year.000 . However. they tend to spend more money than they earn and they are heading nowhere fast financially. Other than that where can people put their money? The Stock Market. Instead. they often seek the advice of a financial planner and because financial planners tend to earn large commissions selling managed funds and super funds.

Many of these financial planners are not successful investors so it is almost the blind leading the blind.you or someone else? Many of these financial planners are not wealthy individuals themselves. are they really money experts or simply glorified financial planners selling commission based products? I think the only way to determine that is to see the results of the people that you are taking notice of. I would not have become a millionaire by following their advice. The question always remains. which sounds smart in many ways. What you want to look for in learning financial success is to learn from people who have produced results. is who is going to look after your money better . I did not become wealthy as a self-made millionaire by going and sitting in front of a financial planner.and a very valuable lesson. Why would I do that if they were not successful investors themselves? My millionaire mentor told me the obvious question to ask of financial planners is. but the obvious question if you want to be financially independent. they always promote seeing a financial planner because they have their own agenda to grow their own financial planning businesses. They are right down the pay ladder even in the banking structure and they are often just selling products with little or no training in financial success. As my millionaire mentor always said.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire Hence.21stcenturybonusdvd. Actually. the truth is in the results and unfortunately the majority of financial planners are not millionaires. They do not have to worry about their money. With so many so-called money experts in the media. because anyone can get a license to advice on money without the need to even be an investor themselves.14 . not people who just have a license to give advise on money. as these businesses are highly profitable from all the commissions they earn. if they could help me to become financially independent and live my ideal lifestyle. then why are they not doing it themselves? 'Something to think about' my millionaire mentor said . For instance one Australian financial planner made over $20 193 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. people let someone else invest their money. The few that are have generally become millionaires by growing their financial planning business and selling them for a small fortune. let alone financially independent or even affluent.com . This is regardless of whether their clients make money or not.

this was by far the cheapest option. and all of my millionaire friends. Another area where people can invest their money is in property. to remain a millionaire. That way if it is not as good as promised. you can then get your money back. mainly because everyone lives in a property either as a tenant or at some stage buys a house. as they often have their own agenda behind the advice. I suggest being wary of some financial planners. Property is very popular.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had million from the sale of his share of his financial planning business. In other words. If you find a financial planner that is financially very successful listen to them. risk free education. Property. then select seminars and home study courses presented by people you feel you can learn from and simply ensure their courses offer 100 per cent money back guarantee. I. In Australia. or just not suitable for you. as many are not wealthy investors themselves. We did not hesitate in investing thousands of dollars into courses to become wealthy as compared to a university degree or the alternative of not knowing how to do it. as a result of the $14. I am yet to meet a single person that has become wealthy as a result of a licensed financial planner. so that I was not at the mercy of taking other people’s advice. Their courses are swamped by people wanting to learn how to do it themselves as opposed to relying on financial planners for risky commission driven advice. otherwise do not blindly take advice from them or anyone. I decided to educate myself so I knew how to become wealthy myself. even being wary of journalists that write money type books or magazines as they are often not investors and consequently all they can teach is theory. This is why financial educators that are actually wealthy from investing are in such high demand as they can teach from real life experience. I have never seen a financial planner in order to become a millionaire and never will.000 government housing 194 . If you are like me and are prepared to invest into your financial education. achieved millionaire status (many of us in our twenties and thirties) by investing in seminars to learn about successful investors and entrepreneurs and/or working with wealthy mentors.

Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire grant that was made available in 2001. Instead of working five days a week for a guaranteed paycheque they now get to work six or seven days a week and often for no 195 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. and even less for some people.14 . That is not working smart. Remember what my millionaire mentor always told me: Life is too important to simply work for money. the next five years almost certainly will. So they are going to have to work hard over a long period of time in order to gain enough properties to be able to live off the rent. I want to make a point about this and highlight why I think many people go into business and what some of the downsides are. 'If you have been in business for more than five years. so they decide to start their own businesses and they end up becoming the idiot boss. the taxation office as the rent is classified as income. Sounds exciting and it is. It is possible but there is a faster way.com . The only other area people can really invest in other than collectables. Then they have to share that rent with their 'silent partner'. but because they do not like any debt whatsoever. Rather than a 15-20 year plan we are going to look at a 3-10 year plan. do not get too excited as the next five years after that 80 per cent of those businesses will also fail. but it is certainly working hard. These people usually use the typical negative gearing scenario when they buy properties. Once again. We will be looking at strategies that are much faster and much more effective than that which allow you to retire in a much shorter period of time. Most people become sick of working for their idiot bosses (as they call them). He often talks about how 80 per cent of businesses fail in the first five years. You want to enjoy life by having money work for you. they work even harder now to pay off the properties and hopefully to retire off the rent. art and antiques is in business. What they do not realise as they are paying off the property is that even though they are becoming wealthier they have to work harder to do it and it is a 15-20 year plan before they retire and then live off the rent. Businesses. many people who start investing in property fail to buy more than one or two investment properties. Michael Gerber is an entrepreneurial guru so to speak and the author of the book titled The E-Myth. So if the first five years in business does not wipe you out.21stcenturybonusdvd. many people purchased their first property instead of renting. Gerber said.

I have seen this happen so many times and I consider that a big no-no. As a coach and 21st century educator. Often that traditional business fails and as a result these people lose the business and possibly the house as well . they just have another job that creates a lot more stress.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had paycheque. What they will do is borrow money out of their house in a line of credit and use that money to commence a traditional business. Most people really do not have a business.it all ends in a total financial disaster. Think about that. The true definition of a business A true business is a profitable enterprise that will work ideally without you. I consider a business to be what we call a high-risk investment. is becoming a business owner where you have an organisation or business that will work without you having to be there. a profitable enterprise that will work ideally without you.' For those who have been in business you may be able to relate to those sad statistics. I have been working with tens of thousands of Australians. But to purchase a coffee shop for say $100. In other words. One of the things I am going to suggest if we are going to make money out of property. Now I am not saying do not go into business. is we do not want to put our money into a business unless we can afford to lose it. is a high-risk investment.000 like my mother did. This 196 . Low investment type businesses like network marketing businesses which many people become involved in these days and which are set up with low cost are certainly not in the high-risk category. This has allowed thousands of people to retire in a reasonably short period of time. helping many people become millionaires. The idea of a real business which Robert Kiyosaki talks about in the 'Cashflow Quadrant' and which I highly recommend. creating the lifestyle they desired. if you wanted to go away for six months you could and your business would still create a passive income. yet many have been able to achieve it in a matter of a few years. Originally they thought it was going to take them 20-30 years. One thing I have noticed though is a big mistake many Australians have made. It is taking money out of a more secure investment like property and borrowing against that to put into a business that is considered a high-risk and often it means you have to work hard for it as well.

We are going to look at two strategies that I believe generally have less risk than traditional businesses . so one day they will be making money while they sleep to replace their current income. then just maybe you can do it also. The bank will always want security on your house or property and that gives you a very good idea of how banks are not silly in that regard.' All I need them to decide is whether they are absolutely committed.000 to $15. and if I can help Bill and Mary as well. they know where the security is and that is placing all your financial future at risk.stocks and properties. If they are absolutely committed I can assist them to become wealthy.000 to start an investment plan that could set them up financially in the next 3 to 10 years. the reason many people do not even get started in becoming wealthy is that they think they need a lot of money. I would ask them if they could initially come up with $10.000 to start investing. So let us make the assumption that Bill and Mary are committed. if they are not committed no one can help them. My last point is that to borrow against a business is very difficult. Let's look at eight ways to get started with $10. You just need to know what most people don't know. Most people do not know how to set up a business like that. Now Bill and Mary might say yes.21stcenturybonusdvd. and both of these can create substantial cash flow in the short term as well. not even Warren Buffett or Robert Kiyosaki. Now I am going to assume like for Bill and Mary. Before we do that we need to look at how to get started. Here is what I am going to suggest. To know how to do that you have to understand a thing called systems. If I were assisting them. If you want to study how to develop systems in your business I highly recommend Michael Gerber's books. If I was to coach Bill and Mary the way my millionaire mentor coached me.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire is money while you sleep. 'Allow me to help you come up with some ways to get $10.000. 197 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.com . then I would then say as a friend and coach. The E-Myth or The EMyth Revisited.14 .000 to $15. or like a lot of people they might say no.000 to $15. I am here to eliminate that myth.000. we do not have $10. want to become financially free and want set themselves up for a quality lifestyle. No one can help anyone become wealthy unless they are committed themselves. If I can do it.000 or $15. They can create capital growth and also provide cash flow to live on.

I am committed.you can save money.” He went on to say.Savings The number one way I would suggest is saving money.” He quickly responded. actually nothing to be honest. which is a real shame: New Zealand is even worse. You must create a way to make yourself start saving. In other words. Are there some things you no longer need or are willing to sacrifice in the short-term to set your self up financially? Do you have a spare refrigerator.great product). One of the first questions I remember him asking me was how much money I was saving.' But it does not matter how much you earn . piece of furniture. you cannot be wealthy.” I replied.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Step 1 . I thought. When I first started off. it is a subconscious shift that is required. “Yes. Even if it is only a small amount. spare bike. “Then do not waste my time. if you cannot save money. could you sell something? I do not mean run out and join Tupperware and have a Tupperware party (nothing against Tupperware . “A lot of people can talk the talk. I thought you told me you were committed to becoming wealthy and now you are telling me you are not saving any money. What I am suggesting is that you could have a garage sale. “You rich people are rude and arrogant. A lot of people say. You are either committed or you are not. 'Well it is okay for you Jamie. spare car 198 .' If you are not saving money now then you are never going to become wealthy until you start saving. “All great investors are great savers. I said. Step 2 . He was also proving a point and being truthful.Sell something The second thing to look at is.” At the time I thought he was being rude and arrogant but I later realised that he was just being very firm. Predominately in Australia we are one of the worst saving nations on the planet. 'Well. it is the golden rule to wealth and you must look at ways to start saving money immediately.” My millionaire mentor replied. You must pay yourself first. In other words. I really do want to become wealthy. I was trying to convince my millionaire mentor to give me some coaching on how to become wealthy. you are wealthy and you can save money. but very few people can walk the walk.” I was in a state of shock for a moment. “Go away and prove it and then start saving and show me proof that you are committed.

especially people who fit into the middle class category in Australia and America. They were committed to financial success and they were sacrificing some things in the process of becoming wealthier. My millionaire mentor taught me. You should use some of that tax money for investing. which they were very excited about. so they would have more money to put into the market. It was interesting though how some people can see things differently. what other people think is none of your business. They had actually learnt how to replace their income by trading the market and working from home. My sister and brother-in-law did this and it was quite effective. They trade the Option market and live a simple life in Glenn Innes where we all grew up. either in negative gearing into stocks or property where your tax money 199 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire or even a spare boat that you could convert to cash? Anything that you could convert to cash to come up with a few thousand dollars is great. 'Jamie. Despite the perception of some people who thought they had been doing something wrong on the market and lost a lot of money.' Step 3 . That way they could obviously make more returns on their investments. Rumours were circulating in that small country town at the time and people were saying.14 .com . If you are concerned about what other people think. Certainly many people are paying a large amount of income tax. You just have to ignore that and focus on what you are doing as you know the truth of what you are doing is required. We knew he would have been better off keeping his safe and secure job. You will not achieve it because you will be held back by other peoples' limitation and fears.Tax The third step is tax minimisation.” We all thought it was most humorous because the reality was quite different.21stcenturybonusdvd. “They must be going broke because they need to have garage sale to sell everything in order to live. then forget about becoming wealthy. They decided to use the strategy of having a garage sale to sell off some of the things that they did not need. if you are going to become wealthy. My brother-in-law started to replace his income and was trading full time. They ran the garage sale and as a result generated several thousand dollars from what they sold and that became extra money to invest in the market.

To create wealth. my millionaire mentor always said. You may want to discuss working as a consultant or contractor with your employer as many industries actually encourage this now. One way you can do that is to improve and develop your skills. The ability to negotiate If you go work on these four skills.' The four skills of a 21st century education are: 1. I will not go into too much detail now but I will give you a hint. you may not be aware that you can have your tax benefits contributed weekly. a new buzz word in the 21st century. There are other ways. 'Jamie you must add more value. The ability to think creatively and solve problems 2. They are often sending personal e-mails while they work. There is an 80/20 rule with it though where you have to have at least 20 percent of your income generated from another source. The ability to communicate more effectively 3. thus improving your cash-flow and take home pay.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had will pay for many of your investments. you could set yourself up as a consultant or contractor for your company rather than work as an employee. the areas you want to look at are how you can add more value. they steal paper clips and pens every day and they are not proactive 200 . often at a lower rate. that is an extra 10 per cent you could put aside for savings and investment. rather than wait for a refund cheque at the end of the year. The reason most people do not generate a lot of income is because they just show up at work. If you want to increase your income. To increase your income is not that difficult. The ability to market an idea or concept to bring it to reality 4. If you can increase your income by an extra 10 per cent. Rather than earn a salary you can contract or consult to your employer where you will be paid the gross amount and you have to pay your taxes later. Step 4 . but there are often ways to achieve that. If you have an investment property in Australia.Income The fourth step is to increase your income. The rule is constantly changing. I guarantee your income will improve substantially because they are all skills in being able to add more value and increase your income. It is also known as outsourcing.

$2. 10 or 20 percent. If you can help them make more money. as some managers may not accept your proposals. It may take some time but it is worth the effort. They are often only interested in getting their pay cheque. they do not have to adopt the strategy but if they do and it saves them money. out of that you might get 10 per cent . If you know how to negotiate they will often agree to it.com . 'Jamie. I have some ideas I would like to share. If you can figure out a way to cut that wastage. as I guarantee there are thousands of dollars being wasted.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire in creating profits for the company they work for. you can negotiate a share in those extra profits. you can negotiate with your boss or your managers and say. In some companies though. as companies waste a lot of money. My millionaire mentor said. You can look around at the company you work for. What you will find in some companies is that people have managers who if they found 201 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I did a lot of things in the beginning and it is amazing how effectively they can work. 'You do not have to use these ideas but if I present you with the ideas and you adopt and use them to save the company money. It is a win-win situation. If there is anything you can suggest I do to make this company more profitable.000 as an example. I am very open to that because I want this company to be more valuable and the only way I can do that is to help the company do better.' This is a win-win scenario and you can present proposals to accomplish that.14 . One way you can help a company make more money is obviously to look at how to help eliminate expenses. you may find it is not like that. to become wealthy what you must focus on is how to help the company you work for to make more money. whatever you can negotiate and get them to sign off for it upfront. 'If I can help this company save $20. say $20. How many employers would love their employees to come to them on a Monday morning and say.000. 'I have just been thinking over the weekend how I can help the company make more profit.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 per year will you sign an agreement to give me a bonus?' You could say. say $20.000 extra bonus for one simple idea. will you allow me to share in a percentage of that?' Maybe 5. that is it. I just want to let you know that I am absolutely committed to doing that. My millionaire mentor went on to say the other way you can assist the company increase its profits is to just be more committed.

I had a friend who works for one of our companies. normally you have to ask for a pay rise. What are you worth? My millionaire mentor taught me. You need to be aware of that if this occurs.' Let's say you work for one company. so if you apply this strategy. so you must put a plan to your employer that is going to provide evidence as to why they should pay you more. which leads me to the next strategy. This has happened so many times. Then you can go out and negotiate with your current employer along these lines. 'I am considering leaving. This is the money that I would like to earn for doing that and I would like you to consider that. It is all right if you are not prepared to agree to my proposal because I am quite happy to leave as other companies are willing to reward me to the level I believe I am worth. Remember your boss is usually never going to walk up to you and offer you a pay rise. It is not until you are willing to leave that they realise how valuable you are and they are willing to pay you more.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had out that you put in a proposal where you could make more money than them. you could be pleasantly surprised.' Now as long as you are committed to adding value and you communicate that effectively. your potential success causes their ego to get in the way and they will try to sabotage your success. I believe I am worth this amount of money and this what I am prepared to do to add the value that makes me worth that amount of money. She used to work in a large bank and when she made the choice that she 202 . To get something you first must give. then you will find (as many of the graduates from my seminars have found) the company suddenly realises the value you add and how hard it will be to replace you. Can you go out and look at more job options with other companies? To be in a stronger position to negotiate what you want is to have at least three more alternatives where you could work. You may need to go to another person in the company or another company altogether. 'Another way you can quickly increase your income is to find out what you are worth. If you had three or four companies that would be interested in your services you would have to go out and investigate to find out what you are worth on the job market.

obviously you are in a much better position to negotiate. She did not even ask for it. If she had wanted to she could have stayed with the bank and picked up around $10.000 if she stayed on. her company immediately increased her salary by around $10. she was valuable and she was willing to walk away. Sometimes your employer might not give you the extra income but if you know you can go to another company and generate extra income.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire was willing to leave and had arranged to go on contract to one of our companies to provide services.14 . Determination is the wake-up call to the human will.21stcenturybonusdvd.com . What kind of person will I have to become in order to achieve all that I want? Anthony Robbins Five forms of income game What forms of income do you currently have? _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ What forms of income can you think of? _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ What forms of income could you most easily obtain? _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ _____________________________________ $ ___________ 203 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. To be a strong negotiator you must put yourself in a position where you are willing to walk away.000 extra just by one simple negotiating method because she was adding value.

could you go out and obtain a personal loan? If you have a job I dare say you would be able to obtain a personal loan or be able to borrow that money from someone. _________________________________________________ Step 5 . There are some financial strategies we will look at in a moment where $15.000. guess what they will do after they start saving? They will probably spend it on a holiday.000? If they borrow on a personal loan that would probably only cost them around $75 per week to pay off. Let me give you an example. By saving $100 per week it will take Bill and Mary three years of consistent effort to save that amount. _________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________ 5. the $100 per week they are saving could now cover the cost of that loan without putting any extra stress on them financially.P. Let us say you were able to borrow $15.) The fifth step we are going to look at is called O.Other People's Money (O.P. If they are already committed to saving $100 per week. but what it gives them is $15.000 to use immediately for investing. If you wanted to invest $15.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had List your possible forms of income 1. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to save this $15.000 invested (for instance in the stock market with a low to medium-risk strategy. an acronym for other Other People's Money. But what if Bill and Mary were committed to investing and were willing to borrow $15.000 and you did not have it right now. _________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________ 4.M. _________________________________________________ 6. To become wealthy you may need to consider using other people's money and that is something we will look at later on.M.. if they were to do it the way I teach people) could generate anywhere from $300 up to as 204 . another car or something insignificant.000 if this was appropriate for you and let us compare that to Bill and Mary who did not do that. If they are like most Australians.

however it can also produce a negative return if done incorrectly. The point is to illustrate that using other people's money and borrowing money. What is risky here? The biggest risks you will take with money is not investing and not saving. but that amount can be manageable. $15.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire much. 'Jamie.000 or more for a car? What do we know about a car? A car is actually a classic case of a poor investment. Most people will say. in some cases. I realise that a car is considered a necessity in Australia but really it is a luxury people obtain before they can really afford it. When you are investing.000 car worth? It could be worth as little as a few thousand dollars. It is too risky to invest in the stock market. Otherwise. but how many Australians have at least one or two cars? Many people! And they consider that smart. they would still not perform as badly as a car over the next five to ten years. At times you will lose. Even if it was invested in the worst companies listed on the stock market. if it is done smartly and wisely. And that is with less risk than most people are taking right now. can we move right onto that topic and show me how to do that?' We will actually cover that in the next few chapters. if you are not willing to.14 . We have got to look at our mindset. I agree that you can lose.000 in many months of the year in additional cash flow. You can learn to deal with that and you will be way ahead of someone who did not decide to invest.000 to invest. Within five or ten years what is our $15. as $1.com .000 per month in some fast track strategies with less risk than buying a car. You might ask. yet the same Australians could go and borrow $15. therefore we have lost a considerable amount of money. that is the greatest risk. Remember that I am advising you what to do with these strategies. Every time you drive into a petrol station your car takes more money out of your pocket. Cars cost money every month and they lose value. It is a complete waste of money for most people. As soon as we drive the car out of the showroom door we lose around 20 per cent. then the money 205 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.21stcenturybonusdvd.' But how many people will go out and borrow $15.000 can generate $300 to $1. They are a guaranteed loss. 'I am not going to do that. they are suggestions to consider and you will need to adjust them to your personal situation and also consider whether you are willing to develop your mindset to have these ideas work for you. can increase potential returns.

000 to $1. It is just slow and boring and is offered by financial planners who have made their wealth though selling advice and earning commissions. they may be fortunate to find. there is nothing wrong with that advice. or journalists who are yet to produce real-life results. and it is now virtually over. They no longer need a big house but they still have to continue work because all their money is tied up in their house. if it is in a good suburb it could be worth $500. Now. which is that life is a risky business. There is not a single one of us who is going to get out of it alive. In her dying moments she said to some of her closest family and friends. is not taking more risks. “You know. equity being a portion of their house they actually own.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had magazine type advice is about the best you will get where you hope to retire in 100 years from now. work hard all our lives. What was I so scared of?” You see the challenge for many people is that day is going to 206 . The house is not producing any cash flow. My millionaire mentor used to share with me the story of an 86-year old lady who was on her deathbed. Some people might say. For many couples. Many people have equity in their homes. It is too risky. life is a risky business. “I do not want to do that. That is how risky it is.Using equity The fifth step is what we call using equity. But the challenge is the house is really big and the children have left home. When you think about it. The challenge with many people is that they become asset rich and cash flow poor because predominately we have been taught to get a good education. by the time they pay off their house. Always seek financial mentors who have real life results for further help. We must all take risks. Much of that equity could be put to good use. pay off the house and retire to the good life. or attend seminars or use home study courses taught by self-made millionaires to continually educate yourself.000 or more. Step 6 .000. as they get older.” Often what I say is what my millionaire mentor taught me. the only thing I regret as I look back on my life. The greatest risk in life is to do nothing at all. So I suggest using some of that equity to invest in investments that are going to generate some cash flow. rather than just sitting there idly.

where you can insure your position. As my millionaire mentor told me. had a poor mindset around money and did not like people getting too excited about financial freedom.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire come and they will regret it. It is sad and I do like to mention it to many people.' Let me ask you a question that I posed to the reporter and the 207 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I decided to start investing as it carried the least risk! Step 7 . Do the exact opposite. We will take that equity and put it into either another property with a good strategy. or the stock market with a good strategy. it is just a matter of choices. Most people are currently taking far greater risks than what is necessary. 'This sounds really ruthless. Other people might say. Most people wait until their parents die to inherit their house. Why wait? Why not ask to draw down your inheritance early. The question with investing is. are the risks you may take less risky than not investing? I just want to help you understand and illustrate this important point. The sad part is that this reporter was not open to learning.21stcenturybonusdvd. but do not use it to invest in high-risk businesses. (I will explain insuring later). They could take less risk investing wisely to become incredibly wealthy in a very short period of time.' Now that is a risk I was not prepared to take.com . The reporter was also broke.Parents' equity This seventh step in the eight steps to kick starting your investments is about using your parents' equity. You could try to avoid all risks in life and do nothing. Also remember these are only suggestions. If you do not have any equity perhaps your parents or grandparents do.14 . but what if I do not have any equity?' Remember there is always a solution if you are absolutely committed. you will just risk wasting your entire life. What I am going to suggest is why wait until your parents die to inherit their wealth. To him nothing worked. the law of opposites. that is fine if you have equity. 'Jamie. A reporter who attended on of my seminars later wrote that I was suggesting a ruthless strategy because I said this. He said. I cannot believe that you are even suggesting it. I am going to suggest possibly considering using some of your equity. however. 'You do not have to do anything. but how many fights are there over their money and assets after someone dies? It is a sad and selfish part of human nature. which the hundreds of people attending were getting excited about.

There is so much equity sitting around in this country that is not being utilised. we just have to compare one risk to the other to be able to make a financially intelligent decision. these are my guarantees. 'Jamie. If I am even one day late paying back the money I owe. which is usually a car. but some people say to me. I have had properties that doubled in a little over two years. 'Look I want to buy my first investment property and get into some real investing. the value is virtually guaranteed to go down. some will double in less time. One way they think they are helping their sons and daughters is to first of all assist them to get their first investment. it is just an option. which is not really helping them to become wealthy.' If you look at the investment property it is virtually guaranteed to go up in value. Now that does not mean that every investment property is going to double every 7 to 10 years. Whereas investing in a car. We know a car is a classic investment. so they use the family assets to buy it and become guarantor for them. The amazing thing about using equity out of a property is that 208 . You can also have the rights to take over my investment property if I am late three times. you do not have to. What if you approached your parents and said. just as likely as the sun is to go down tomorrow. I have done my homework. just as likely as the sun is to rise tomorrow. If you do not have parents or grandparents perhaps you can use some friend's equity. Do you follow what I mean? There is always a risk. But a good property is virtually guaranteed to eventually increase in value. If you do that. The average Australian or New Zealand residential investment property doubles every 7 to 10 years. I want to borrow some of your equity to get started. you do not know my parents.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had audience. I have looked at the potential downsides. Do most parents want to see their sons and daughters do well in life? Yes or no? I would say yes. So maybe you can consider using your parent's equity. I agree to pay an additional $500 in late fees (sounds like the banks). Some properties do not double in value in twenty years and in some places property values will never double. That is unusual I know.' But let us assume most parents do want to see their sons and daughters do well in life. the upsides and how to manage the risk. I am willing to guarantee that I will pay the money back on time. Remember. One of the properties was worth a million dollars when I purchased it and it doubled in value within 2 years.

So what if we encouraged more people to invest in super by providing further tax benefits. superannuation is compulsory.Superannuation The eighth step is superannuation. the employees.000 Save it 2. such as in Singapore. One of my companies helps many people I educate to access their super by setting up selfmanaged super funds where they can actively invest and manage their own superfund. say if employees put in at least the equivalent to what the employer put into the super fund. . Now that is magic! Getting started . Sell something Decrease tax 4. even if you take some of the equity out of the property and invest it somewhere else. If they change the rules of super then people can actively use it. they would receive a tax incentive so the funds go into their super tax-free. Step 8 .P. 7. Superannuation 1. I think the reason a lot of people are not excited about super is that they do not count it as real money as they generally cannot touch it until age 65. 3. 5.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire the property can still increase in value.21stcenturybonusdvd. Equity Parent's equity 8. Assuming it increases in value. I think if the Australian Government was more creative and wanted to help increase savings in this country they would really look at changing superannuation. you have money working for you twice. have to match the employer’s contribution.com .000 . In Australia. why not create some incentive for the employees to match that 9 per cent? In other words. What I would suggest for instance is instead of the employer having to pay the super.M.$10.other people's money 6.$15. Currently in Australia the employer has to contribute super of around 9 per cent. but allowed a portion of that super to be accessible if they made additional profits? If you could 209 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. In the United States. A smart government would completely revolutionise superannuation and make it more beneficial. Rather than charging the employer another 9 per cent to increase it. Increase income O.14 . it is referred to as a 401K account.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had generate profits above 5 or 6 per cent and you are allowed to actually pull some of it out before retirement age. Rather than have to beg for multi-nationals to invest here. there are still ways that you can actually use your super to be actively investing and that is something you may want to consider further. In other words. If we can add value to anything.how to make money out of thin air Now we have looked at eight ways to come up with money to get started. Australians could create more jobs and create a wealthier Australia. If we add value to property we are going to create more wealth. in other words if we add value to the businesses that we work in. with the result that most of our profits go back overseas. because they are much better savers and investors and therefore in a much stronger position than the US. So with superannuation. but let’s now look at how we make some money out of thin air. it follows that its valuation should increase. If you could access some of your super well before retirement age. tax-free. would you be more motivated to consider putting more money into super? The obvious answer is yes! The Government could create a massive increase in savings across the entire nation and that extra wealth in the country could be used to invest in Australian businesses. The first step we need to look at is adding value. With recent changes to the Australian tax laws around superannuation it has become a much more attractive investment. You may note that many of the laws in this country are set up to benefit those in power and the masses suffer as a result. 210 . despite the government's restrictions. which I mentioned previously. and other countries that are tiny dots on the map compared to Australia and the US. Australia could become even wealthier as a nation. We could actually be buying out companies overseas. The next step . we can generate more wealth. Countries like Singapore. in the same manner that foreign companies often buy out Australian companies. like politicians they do not have to wait until retirement age to access their super. are able to come and buy out our companies. which used to be a third world country. There are many other ways out there. Instead of being bought out and at the mercy of the world market and to the detriment of globalisation.

They have already borrowed that amount so they cannot re-borrow what they have already borrowed. You could go and arrange a line of credit on this property. Bill and Mary have a property that is worth $150.000-$15. 211 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000 loan 80% = $120. Bill and Mary.com .000 less $100.000 just sitting there is yours to use. You could potentially be using that for investing.21stcenturybonusdvd.000.000-$15. A line of credit is a facility where you can draw out some money on the property.000 less $100. Let's use Bill and Mary as an example. Let's imagine that you have a house or your parents have a house.000 of that. Say they needed $10.” $150. Bill and Mary could use a line of credit to use some of their equity for investing.000 as the value of the property.000 for investing Line of Credit $120. 80 per cent of that is $120. That $50. When using a line of credit I always suggest leaving as a buffer in case of emergency. Bill and Mary might be thinking.000 but then you have to subtract $100. the maximum the banks will let you draw out of property is usually 80 per cent of its value.000 $100.14 . But Bill and Mary could draw some of that out and use it for investing immediately.000 the portion of the house they actually own. One of the first things you could look at is utilising equity. depending on their ability to obtain the finance. “You have equity in this property. To work out how much that could be.000.” But I would say. “Well Jamie I do not have $10.000 loan $20.000.000 would equal $20. So $120.000 because that is what Bill and Mary owe to the bank.000.000 So let’s look at $150. so that means Bill and Mary's equity is $50. The bank happens to own $100.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire So let us first have a look at how we can make some money out of thin air to increase the amount of money we have to invest.000. would be able to potentially to draw out in a line of credit as much as $20.

not $150.000 now. Sometimes the bank will pay for it.000 I would get them to call their bank immediately and ask them to get a valuation done on their property which will cost them approximately $300-$400. Bill and Mary now would have more money they could draw out in a line of credit than what they had previously. Renovations What if Bill and Mary were to do some quick renovations to the house that are inexpensive but would add significant value to the house before they have the valuation done? Let us consider this 212 . I will show you an example of how they can turn that into extra monthly cash flow that would be coming in without them needing to work .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Let's say they took out $15. The next step for Bill and Mary to help them create more money for investing is to utilise the $150. to implement in simple terms.that is when it becomes really exciting.000 house. It is not something that takes years to set up.000 Revalued $160. anyway it could be worthwhile.000.000 because properties have risen in the area. it is something that could be occurring for them within a month. if they are like most Australians it will probably be several years. Especially if you have the right mindset and someone shares the fast-track strategies with you. So we ask Bill and Mary when they last had their house valued. $150. Therefore. That is why once people understand what is possible they get excited with these strategies. They could potentially get that re-valued. They could get their house valued and the bank valuation might say the house is actually worth $160. Properties in most capital cities around Australia tend to rise in value.

especially as it looks more desirable. By doing some of these things let's say they invested $20.000 on their renovations and their house is now valued at $200. Then if Bill and Mary should be able to obtain a new valuation on the house. but they completely transform these properties. if you watch those popular renovation type TV shows it is amazing how they can transform the landscape of a backyard in a just a weekend. how in a very short period of time you can create significant extra 213 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Could Bill and Mary perhaps also repaint the inside and outside of the house and make it tidier? Could they possibly redo the kitchen and bathroom.000 less the $20. Because they have a beautiful garden and landscape some of these TV renovations have added in many cases $20.000 into improving their property.the less we spend the better. I used this as real life example. The obvious first step is to ascertain what sort of inexpensive landscaping we can do to fix up the garden.000. That is money out of thin air. the two most important areas of the house . We do not want to spend too much money .000 to $50. Could they perhaps replace the carpets or have polished floorboards? These are simple things they could do to add value.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire for a moment.14 .000. What I am thinking in the back of my mind is that these people are so fortunate and they get so excited about a beautiful backyard. Bill and Mary spent $20. 'How long has it taken you to save your last $30.000 value to the properties they work on. Admittedly. Let me ask you a question.000 in value out of thin air.000.com . Their house is now better than other houses in the street and it could be revalued at say $200. The increase in value is $50.000?' You can start to see by thinking smart and outside the box.000 they spent on their renovations. Bill and Mary have thus created an extra $30. they have a lot of helpers.and they can be done quite inexpensively if one is creative. to make that house look better.21stcenturybonusdvd. but let us assume a valuation of $200. Bill and Mary could 'backyard blitz' it. In some cases the value may not increase by as much as that and in some cases the value may increase more. What Bill and Mary would want to is add value to this property to make it worth more.

They might spend $50.000 to $5. We are now going to look at some other strategies. All she spent was $1. One of the big mistakes with people carrying out renovations to improve the cosmetic appearance of the house is that they want to do major renovations.000 you could add tremendous value to a property. build a three-car garage and spend an absolute fortune. which people often laugh at.000 she increased the value of her property. but what if I live in a small city?' It still works do whatever you can to add value to something! I have a story of young girl in one smaller city who told me she took this strategy that I shared with her in a free seminar I did in one of these smaller cities. but often people remark.000 for their renovations? The reality is for as little as $3. In other words for an outlay of $1.000 and the value of the house might increase by only $20. In certain areas you will achieve a major increase in value and other areas only a small increase. I often say this strategy is good it even works in smaller cities. A problem you might suggest is what if Bill and Mary do not have $20. I understand the stock market today but that was not always the case. yet many Australians figure out ways to not make it work. You want to spend as little as possible. This lady was very happy with just that one idea and she was then able to start investing that money into other things. 'That is all right for people in the really large cities. That is how not to make it work. I still am to this day and I have helped many people 214 .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had money out of thin air just by taking some action. When I adopted those strategies I had such success with them that I became a raving fan of the market. Bill and Mary now have more money and are more excited to now invest in their potential investments to make money while they sleep. the least outlay for the greatest potential gain.000. Let us take a look at the stock market. I used to think that it was too risky and too time consuming until my millionaire mentor helped me understand certain strategies. They want to put in a big pool.000 on her property and she was able to increase its value by $20. By using this strategy it is very difficult not to be successful. Not to pick on the people in smaller cities.000. It almost sounds too good to be true! Here are a few rules of what not do to ensure it becomes true for you. So you see how she could get massive momentum in an investment strategy very quickly.

21stcenturybonusdvd. as a friend and coach. we will come back to that a little further on. is this a misprint. Bill and Mary could go on more holidays. It is exciting because it can generate cash flow quickly and if it is done properly you can minimise your risk as well. they could cut back to part time work if they wanted to. only work six months of the year. to come up with some good ideas to generate an extra thousand dollars a week. It would completely transform their lives just by implementing a few strategies. it is still a good place for many to commence.000 a week is because that is approximately what they jointly earn right now. That amount would replace their income and give them some major choices in their life. Creating cash flow through renting One of the most exciting strategies is how you go about stock renting. A lot of people do not understand this. Most people have no idea that they can insure their position in the stock market through this strategy. but generally the challenge for a lot of people to be successful in the stock market is to learn the technical language. That is. I want to look at how I helped Bill and Mary. 'Jamie. Even though I did not start investing in the market initially to create my wealth.14 . 215 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Maybe moving to another career which they enjoy because they want to. Another thing this book covers is how you can insure your position in the stock market.com . even if they have never invested before. maybe even consider not working at all. The words are often coded and it all sounds complicated but it really is not. not just because they have to do it for the money. There are more technical words that people generally use to describe this strategy as will be explained later.Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire generate substantial amounts of money from the stock market. You may be interested in doing the same. money coming in while they sleep in the shortest time possible without them needing to work to earn that income and by managing risk and utilising their money more effectively. 'Renting' is a word I created as a communicator and educator to educate Australians on how to go about carrying out the strategy in a very simple format. A lot of people ask. The reason they are after $1. stock renting? I know you can rent out property but how can you rent stocks?' It is actually true that you rent out stocks. In other words.

The majority of millionaires invest heavily and spend a large amount of their time studying their investments or seeking advice from financial advisors. I will go into the last couple in detail. 3.com I have no doubt that if you are like hundreds of thousands of people who have watched my DVDs you will become very excited about these strategies. They are self-employed or own their own businesses. If you require more assistance in understanding the strategies. Most do not buy $5. Half of the millionaires interviewed did not live in high-status neighbourhoods. Some didn't even go to university and 216 . This book will give you the fundamental understanding of how you would go about doing these things if it is applicable to your current situation or your future situation. because they are not only realistic. they lived in average neighbourhoods in average houses.they connect with their Jobs and feel very passionate about them. They don't drive a new car every year or jet around the world. 2. you can request my free DVD explaining the strategies in detail at: www. expensive boats or even new cars. They plan and study investments. but they can be done quickly. 5. That's how they were able to save money. They also love their work . particularly stock renting. sometimes they're the least likely person you would suspect. They lead frugal lifestyles. Do you share these Millionaire traits? In Thomas Stanley and William Danko's book The Millionaire Next Door they revealed that most millionaires really could be the people next door. The other half that did live in high-status neighbourhoods only moved there after they had become wealthy. They shop for bargains and always negotiate for a better deal. In fact. How do you shape up with these characteristics? 1.000 suits.21stcenturyacademy. 4. They weren't always at the top of their class.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had In the next chapter I will explain half a dozen fast track stock strategies. Another surprising commonality among the millionaires interviewed was that they didn't all have advanced degrees or graduate at the top of their classes. You might say they're tightwads. Instead. They live below their means. There are seven commonalities that most millionaires share.

they are not afraid to have a go and keep trying against all odds. 7. But with the right advice and guidance .Eight steps on the path to becoming a millionaire a few didn't even finish high school. Case study How to make money with OPM (Other Peoples Money) . I understand the importance of turning failures into valuable lessons. Solly's totally debt-funded original investment in Myer way back in the mid-1980s delivered him a clear profit of almost $1 billion once the break-up and sale was complete. It's not a pre-requisite. Don't think you have to fail before you succeed. When the Coles Myer sale process was completed in late 2007.on their own.21stcenturybonusdvd.$1 billion profit from a totally debt funded investment. They are self-made. They want their children to succeed the same way they did . can be a very effective wealth strategy. They've failed more than most. This is a good example that borrowing to invest. I want to add something insightful to this point. despite all the scandals and blunders along the way. This above all others sets millionaires apart .you can stack the odds heavily in your favour and be successful without leaving a trail of disaster behind you. 6. if done smoothly. Solomon Lew is a well-known Australian investor and retailer.com . 217 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. He has added more than $200 million to his personal fortune from canny retail investments in the likes of Colorado and Just Group since he departed the board of major but troubled Australian retailer Coles Myer a few years ago.14 . sure. The majority of millionaires received no family money and do not plan to give their own children a lot of money.


. 15. But guess what most people do? They guess or they take a tip.I NSTANT CASH FLOW STRATEGIES Rule out guessing and taking tips as they are a big no-no in the stock market.

My intention is to educate by providing readers with a range of financial strategies for their consideration. we want to look at how to determine what price to buy the shares at. I believe the greatest mistake many people make is they think to be wealthy and successful is rather complicated. A lot of the necessary information can 219 . I think a lot of people think life is difficult and complicated. One is called technical analysis and another is fundamental analysis. you are really buying into a business. We are going to treat shares and share trading as a business. so if we are going to invest in a business. The first thing we are going to look at is buying some shares.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had At the commencement of this chapter I will point out that my intention is not to provide financial advice even though I am licensed in general advice for shares and derivatives by ASIC in Australia. Humans have an amazing capacity to complicate things. Let's say it trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The first thing we want to do is find out some information about the share (business). Let's say we have a share called XYZ. but instead should satisfy themselves independently (whether by expert advice or otherwise). so don't try to look it up on any share indexes. When you purchase shares. and if something seems too simple. I tend to use a little bit of both but I think one of the reasons I have been successful at share investing where many others have not been is because I keep it very simple. Buying Shares The first thing we are going to look at on the share market is understanding at what price to buy a share and whether the share is good value. Some readers may already own shares. Now XYZ doesn't really exist. One of the reasons I helped other people to be successful is through teaching them a very simple format. of the appropriateness of any such action. I won't say it is easy . there must be something wrong with it or it can't be that simple. Readers should not invest moneys or take other action by relying on the material contained in this book or any support material. That's just an example. but it is simple if you just allow it to be simple and not complicated. There are two forms of analysis for the share market.it requires focus and commitment.

au 4. based on common sense and a lot of people lose sight of common sense.Instant cash flow strategies be obtained through the newspaper or via the Internet for free. yet produce phenomenal cash flow. We don't want to be guessing about our financial future or taking someone's hot tip.com.21stcenturybonusdvd. When trading shares I want a profitable enterprise that ideally works without me and what I love about the strategies I use in share trading is they take 15 or 30 minutes a month to manage. would you buy it? In order to make a decision on buying the share with only that information. And guess what most people do? They guess or they take a tip. also teaches this. www. We never want to do that. If you use technical analysis. as they are a big no-no in the share market. 2.com. the world's greatest investor and billionaire. I think it is because common sense is one of the uncommon things there is on the planet. or take a hot tip if you don't know its previous highs and lows.com. Potentially the price has been much higher and lower with $19 somewhere in between.au 3. If you didn't know that information and someone said XYZ share is currently at $19. This gives you more of an idea without having to guess whether you should buy. Warren Buffet. just by knowing this information that you can access quite cheaply from the newspaper or Internet. such as: 1. We always want to make sound common sense decisions. His decisions are very sound. If we look in the newspaper.go to the welcome page and become a member of market monitor . the question is now would you consider buying the shares? We don't know everything about the share.au .quicken. So rule out guessing and taking tips.com . it will tell us that XYZ in the past has traded up to as high as say $26 in the last 12 months and it has been down as low as say $12.com. most people would basically have to guess whether you should buy them or not.stockwatch. so let's look at what we can do.it's free. There are also numerous share trading software programs available. you can go to a range of websites which will give you a lot of share information for free.comsec. www. www. That's a good business. www.15 . but we do have an indication of its price range.stanford.au 220 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. But if you just found out that the share price has been up to $26 and down to $12 in the last 12 months trading and is currently at $19.

fear and we have seen that recently with the panic and fear after the September 11 attacks and the US sub-prime fallout when the share market crashed. A chart showing the Australian all ordinaries index share movements over a period from 1985. It is interesting to note that on each of those occasions. greed. Two things you must understand that drive the share market are the emotions of humanity . But when more common sense prevailed. also a little bit of fundamental analysis on what the share does.September 2008 The first strategy we will look at is technical analysis. the share market has rebounded to a higher price index than its previous high. What emotion tends to drive the share market down more rapidly than when it usually goes up? You guessed it. The share market is often driven by fear and greed. Greed drives the share market up. A major cause of many people losing money when investing is they become too greedy. We talked about basically finding out the high and low price of the share. For the share market to rise. it started to pick back up and many investors saw great trading opportunities. It is handy 221 . what emotion do you think is generally driving that? You probably guessed it.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Technical analysis will show the day-to-day charting or week-toweek charting of the share prices and will help identify the share market tends to occur in patterns. It is interesting to note since World War II there has been something like 27 crises that have caused the share market to drop suddenly. what the company does and whether it makes a profit.basically fear and greed.

giving you information on current profit positions. I always stick to the larger and stronger companies that are usually making a profit.15 . not all the risk but a lot of it. all because he refused to invest in dot com companies despite their share prices going from a few cents to up to $100 or more in less then a year. Warren Buffett's share selection methodology I use Warren Buffett's share selection methodology .21stcenturybonusdvd. Why? Well if he doesn't understand how they make their money then how can he predict its likely future? For instance Buffet didn't buy Enron shares as he couldn't understand how they were making money. He never buys a company he doesn't understand how it makes its money. You can then look at the low and high prices for the previous twelve months to gain an indication of whether you are paying too much for the share or are getting it at a much better value and price. Pretend to buy . is losing his marbles. He never buys a company that's not making a profit. not even Enron executives. Buffet was criticised for missing out on the dot com boom before the boom turned to the dot com crash. This can be a more difficult assessment and becomes a judgement 222 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Critics said Buffet is old school. He never buys a company that he considers over valued. Nor could anyone else for that matter. 1. My belief is if it works for Buffet it works for me. 3. This can reduce your risk significantly. Generally that's because they weren't and many never did. on the particular share.he has three basic criteria. Sounds simplistic but how many people buy a share on a hot tip and never check if it's a profitable company? 2.and see how much you would make on paper. he simply doesn't understand the future. A good full service broker can also help with fundamental analysis. That eliminates a lot of risk to start with. etc.Instant cash flow strategies to know if it is making a profit and whether it is one of the larger and stronger companies on the share market.com . So he avoided the dot com crash as a result as he sticks to fundamentals. You can also paper trade the shares in the beginning to build up your confidence. But he stuck by his three point criteria and as a result he couldn't understand how the were making money.

000 you aren't going to buy it at $300. Channelling The second strategy we want to look at is a concept called channelling. But ideally he is looking for companies the share market is under valuing so he can get a bargain. By knowing that information you are more likely to want to buy it at $16 than pay too much for it at $19. You bought it around $16. Could you simply then instruct your broker the next time that share price falls to around $16 to buy it again? You could do that and when it approaches its peak of $19.000 but you would want it at say $200. corner store or restaurant you would check if is profitable and check if the accounting is reliable and you would want to understand how it makes its money. We start to notice that it is following a pattern.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had call. and the answer is possibly yes. back up to $19. Some may say that's all right for Buffet to say as he usually is buying the entire company. Make sense? Buffet keeps to this simple criteria and has become a billionaire as a result. For instance. back down to $16. Even if it was profitable and you understood how it makes its money if it is only worth $250. In this case. If you were buying a newsagent. Obviously if it gets up to $19 you can make another decision. the next time that share is around $16. then back up around $19. this share would be called channelling sideways because it is going in a sideways movement. what you will find is that they trade in patterns. sell. I didn't invent this strategy. 223 . and repeat that over and over again. you sold it at $19. the question is whether you would consider buying it. then back down to $16. However it is still good advice. the answer would generally be yes and you can see you can make a potential profit. Buffett says to look at buying a share as if you were going to buy the entire company. back up to $19. in this case you are making close to 20%. let's say a particular share has been as low as say $16 and has been up to as high as say $19 and then it ran back down to say $16. Are you likely to sell it? If you are using common sense. Sometimes they may channel upwards or they may channel downwards. If you follow the charts of many shares. If you become aware of the share forming a pattern.000 below value. but it is a strategy many top investors use.

Instant cash flow strategies Historical share data chart 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Time frame in months Let's assume this share XYZ channelled up and down four times in a year and let's say you're making 20% profit every time you bought and sold that share. Greed would stop some people from selling at $19 and fear would stop some people from buying at around $16 because as it drops back down. let alone a year. it's great. 224 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Doing the opposite to what most people are doing requires you not to be concerned with what other people think but to have a decision making process where you are confident with your decision and can go against the majority of opinions.com . it would equal a potential total of 80% per annum in profit. down or sideways. you can potentially increase your returns dramatically.21stcenturybonusdvd. It is going up because most people are buying it but we want to learn to do the exact opposite. all their financial advisers or brokers say it's good and it's been going up. After the fourth time. though four times a year is much more realistic. everyone is selling the share. You can see how by adopting some unique strategies. That's a strategy many top investors use and it is one to consider by keeping it rather simple.15 . Often they don't even check to find out whether this share has been up. That would be a good time to be selling. This strategy sounds fairly simple but it is one many people would fail to take on board. So they buy it and they tend to buy it at a peak when everyone else is buying it. The reason they would do that is because everyone is talking about this share. Some shares may channel up and down four times within a month. What they would often do is buy the share at around $19.

People tell me they just want the strategies. doubters.” Remember fear and greed will be your greatest enemies in the share market and that's why a lot of this book has been devoted to developing the right mindset. they might be able to double that and buy 2. doing the opposite to most people.000 shares worth $30. but I guarantee if you don't adopt and develop and work on your mindset. developing the right As Henry Ford used to remind his mindset.000 invested in the share market that could buy them 1. we are going to look at some strategies to make sure you can be more effective with dealing with your emotions when investing. If you have already invested in the share market. In a later chapter. The golden rule I always follow Remember fear and is you can't go broke by making a greed will be your profit. If you sold it at $19 and you greatest enemies in the bought it at $16.000 shares that are worth $15 each. you made $3 share market and that's profit even if it took off to $21. then you will have a much more difficult time applying the strategies because your emotions will interfere with common sense decisions. You why a lot of this book potentially missed out on $2 extra has been devoted to profit but you have made $3 profit.000 shares working for them instead 225 . greed will cause you to stop selling because you think what if it goes up to $21. That would often be an opportune time to buy. If they were able to get leverage. in other words use other people's money or borrow some money for shares. “You can't go broke making a profit.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The more people are selling. Obviously let's say Bill and Mary only had $15. This could potentially increase their returns. the more the sentiment or market opinion would be that the share is going down and most people would be advised by their broker or advisor not to buy.000. obviously when it goes back up towards $19. Leverage The third strategy we are going to look at is a strategy called leverage. you would probably agree with me that this is the most difficult part. which it could easily do? You don't sell and it could go the other way and you could miss out on your profit. if greed kicks in. They would now have 2. Then.

g.000.000. All you need to have is a deposit. as long as you are 18 years of age. you should always seek professional financial advice on any investment as to whether it is appropriate to your situation.000 x $15 shares). I have this capital protected by insurance so my $2 million exposure is fully protected. on a $15. or someone else's shares to be able to access that additional money as a loan to you. Even if you have been bankrupt or you have a bad credit history.15 . but through stock broking firms. e. When you are gearing. to enable you to borrow another $15. You may be able to borrow up to three times your deposit. however it can also increase your potential losses if you fail to do things correctly. your parents' shares.000. You need to be aware of that and to consider whether that is an appropriate strategy for you. Increasing your leverage can increase your potential returns.000 deposit you may be able to borrow another $30. for a total of $45. you can still borrow for shares in most cases. can borrow money in this country to invest in the share market. 226 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.Instant cash flow strategies of just 1.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 (3. A margin call is a request from your broker giving you 24 hours to put more money into your share account to top up your deposit in the event of shares dropping in value to cover your eroded deposit. we look at different asset allocations and risk profiles to help you determine what is appropriate. An example of another leveraged strategy I use is where I recently borrowed $2 million (100%) to invest in the share market.com . always keep at least 50% deposit to avoid or reduce the chances of a dreaded margin call. Let me make a statement here . I would not suggest going through the banks because they would make it very difficult. Remember if you borrow for shares. The interest rates are usually quite reasonable. Further on in this book. in this case a deposit of $15. How would they do that? Some people may have a bad credit history or have been bankrupt before or can't borrow money. many of who will allow you to borrow money. That deposit has to be in cash or in existing shares.virtually anyone. just 1% to 2% above the variable home mortgage rates. otherwise your shares can be sold.000 and in a moment we can show how they could potentially double their income.

it wouldn't bother them because they couldn't lose money. Your broker would do that for you. as you bought your shares at $16. A lot of people say.” The word insurance is not the technical word for it. you would be paying 30¢. It 227 . Let's say you bought 1. you can't ring up your local insurance company tomorrow and say. You could pay. I often ask people whether they would consider investing in the share market if they could insure their shares.000 shares at $16. Then we can start to enjoy the game of life and the game of investing. Insurance is just to help you understand the concept of what you can do and the way shares would be insured through stockbrokers as only stockbrokers can do this. “What are you on? You must be on drugs. Potential investors are able learn strategies where they can protect the downside risk. which takes a lot of the stress out investing in shares and makes it more enjoyable. “I am reading this book and Jamie told me I can insure my shares. for which the technical term would be buying a put option. “Yes I would invest in the share market. a game. what you would be doing to insure shares is buying put options: in other words you would be paying money like an insurance premium via the stockbroker through the share and options market. I didn't realise I could use insurance like that. obviously you can't insure your shares with us. say 30¢ per share as an insurance premium. Can I get an insurance quote on my shares?” They are probably going to say. they might be trading a bit above that but you want them insured at $16 because you realise that the share price might fall.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Insuring your shares Our fourth strategy is the concept of insuring your shares. To insure shares. At 30¢ per share by 1.000 shares. Let me give you an example. Someone would take your money and they would make a guarantee to buy your shares from you at the current price if they were to fall in value. Generally. it is going to cost you $300 in insurance premium to insure those shares for a period of time. so that even if there was a major crash or the market fell down. After all that's all it is. In other words.” Remember that people's greatest fear about investing in shares is the possibility of losing their money. The key is how you are going to play and whether you are going to play the game to win.

Just like insurance. You can actually make money in the share market without even owning shares and by learning how to trade the options market. it depends on what period of cover you want. many people go into a cardiac arrest and think. 2 months. That means you can sleep well at night knowing that if the share market falls and the shares drop to $13. To be a successful options trader requires a very high level of mindset and usually requires you to focus for half an hour to an hour a day on your options activities. the more expensive it will be. You will receive $16 for your shares. where they work 8-10 hours a day. options can have a risk element to them if they are misunderstood and not utilised properly. It sounds too good to be true but it is possible.21stcenturybonusdvd.” Most things that people don't understand are often perceived as highly risky. even though the shares are only worth $13. without even owning any shares in the first place. When the word options is mentioned. The way down strategy The way down strategy. is a strategy my brother-in-law became very good at.15 . “I have heard about options. The other great thing about this strategy is it can potentially make you money and we will look at that next. learning how to use the strategy and practicing on 228 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. and often people make much more money trading options than they would in a normal job. He didn't have a lot of money to get into the share market so he started with a strategy where he could make money on the way up as well as make money on the way down in the share market. My brother-in-law who used to work in the army was able to use this strategy and he was able to replace and double his income by working 30 minutes to an hour a day after investing in initial training. 3 months. it doesn't matter because you can exercise your insurance rights at any time once it is below the $16 until your insurance expires. Obviously this is a strategy that is not recommended for everyone. Obviously the longer the cover. etc. Some would say that's better than a job. they are highly risky. And yes. What happens is that someone else is making a promise to the market that they will buy your shares if they fall below that price in the period of time for which you have taken out the insurance cover. sometimes more.com .Instant cash flow strategies might be for a period of 1 month.

The way down strategy is very simple. you would do this if you believed the share is going to take off to maybe $17 or $18.300 return less any fees. even though you don't even own the shares. a further benefit is if the share price doesn't go down. you have outlaid 30¢ and you could now sell that insurance for $3. it is simply a reverse scenario to the previous strategy where you are able to buy what is known as 'call options' (explained in more detail later in the book). for how a small outlay you have made potentially large amounts of money. The reason you would do this. that insurance you paid 30¢ for could now be worth approximately $3.30 as insurance. not 100% on your money but in excess of 1. but you receive a $3.30.000 of those insurance premiums. which would give you the right to buy a share at a certain price. and I call it 'The Way Up and the Way Down Strategy'. You can see that you have made not just 10% on your money. To make money on the upward.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had paper for a period of time to become proficient enough at it to generate profits. because you can make money on the way up and on the way down in the share market without owning any shares in the first place. If you had purchased 1. You can also see. as it is now more valuable for people to have. you could buy some insurance.00 at the end of the month. or the 30 cents per share insured. 229 . In other words. The contract goes up in value if share price falls. You can actually buy insurance just like the previous example without even owning shares. If it is currently trading around that price. You just want to buy some insurance because if the share price falls down to say $13. all you can potentially lose in that transaction is your $300 outlay. your outlay would be $300. In this example. which is the same thing.000% on your money and that could occur in a matter of a few days or a few weeks. If you think the share market might be likely to fall. The way up and the way down strategy The sixth strategy is also a strategy my brother-in-law does very well. is you might outlay 30 cents to be able to buy the right to buy the share at say $16. You might pay 30¢ for that insurance premium to cover the share price at $16.

21stcenturybonusdvd. The next strategy though.30. It is quite exciting. We have helped many Australians with 'The way up and the way down strategy' through our training programs and many of these people are now effectively working half an hour to an hour per day. five days per week. Renting is a word that I created as an educator to teach Australians how to utilise this strategy and as a result I have been able to communicate this in very simple terms to tens of thousands of people and now many seminar presenters and brokers use the term 'Renting' shares genetically. but it also requires much more intensive training. is I believe for nearly everyone and is what I am most excited about. 'Renting' shares I call this strategy 'Renting' shares. You can see how you could potentially make massive amounts of money as a return on your investment and the only risk is the initial outlay.000 of these shares and they are now worth $2. so I will share it in some detail. The majority of people who are good at this strategy are females who tend to be much better at this particular strategy than males. I would prefer to dedicate that to the next strategy that I am going to show you which only takes 5 minutes per month as opposed to 30 minutes to an hour per day and has less risk involved.Instant cash flow strategies If it did go up by the end of the month to $18. You would require the ability to understand technical analysis and would require appropriate software.15 . That could occur in a week or several weeks. This is an ideal strategy for those who are willing to spend some time. I am not sure why that is but I think women tend to follow the instructions/recipe whereas males tend to want to change things and don't do what they are meant to and obviously that leads them to losing money. In other words you have outlaid 30 cents or $300 for a 1. There are thousands of people now that as a result 230 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I would imagine less than 30 percent of people would be ideal for it if they were trained properly.com . However. this strategy is not something I generally do because I personally don't like sitting in front of a computer too much and it requires too much of my time. as many people have even generated a full time income as a result of learning 'The way up and the way down strategy'.300. The other thing is that the strategy is not suitable for everyone. then that particular call option that you paid 30 cents for could now be worth say $2.

I don't know a more ideal strategy for beginners or even advanced share market operators to generate a cash flow from the share market for a reasonably low outlay. But be aware. It is a much safer investment strategy than the majority of strategies available on the share market. It is certainly worth being aware of even if you have never invested in shares before or whether you are currently. However many people now claim to teach this strategy. even through major crises such as the stock market crash after September 11th. often only 5 minutes. I don't even use software to do this and it takes me literally 1530 minutes per month or less. First of all. 2001. You could be absolutely amazed and potentially shocked at how much money you are missing out on by not knowing this 'Renting' shares strategy. I also treat property as a business and I think this is one of the keys to why I have been successful at it. this strategy has become even more profitable then ever.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had have been able to generate a part time or full time income from this one strategy. To achieve the correct mindset for this strategy. If we combine it with some of the other things we have been talking about. just as I would treat a normal business. before I go into the 'renting' shares strategy. I have done this through the good times and potentially bad times and the strategy has still held sound. Let's compare a traditional business.is that I have kept it extremely simple. you are not going to achieve the results you want. it is important to have the right mindset and understanding to make this strategy work because if you look at this from the wrong angle. What would be required? 231 . I treat renting shares as a business. This is due to the volatility and also the ability to buy shares at very low prices compared to in the boom years. The reason it has worked so well for myself and my students is I teach it in combination with other strategies and this creates a synergistic effect that significantly increases the profit potential as opposed to those doing it as a sole strategy. I have been using this strategy for long enough now that it has proven itself to be a safe and effective strategy. I believe this to be one of the safest share market strategies available if carried out correctly. One of the keys to this and why I think I have been so successful with it . In fact since the Global Credit Crisis and Stock Market Crash of November 2007.and more successful than many people .

21stcenturybonusdvd.15 . If you were going to buy a restaurant for instance. But having staff is actually worse than an adult day care centre because in a day care centre you would actually be paid money to look after them. having staff in a business is like running an adult day care centre”. In the first few years of a traditional business. you actually have to pay them and you still have to look after them and often they make very 232 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. Staff. The bank would want security over the business itself and ideally they would want security over your property. as you have to be there to run it unless you know how to implement systems to have it run without you. Do you need staff? Generally you require staff so your stress levels are definitely going to be higher. I would say is definitely high. etc. Is it hands-on? In a traditional business. is the reality of even getting a salary out of the business very high? Generally not. Are the stress levels in a traditional business high or low? I am going to suggest generally not low. Lifestyle. always fairly high. You have to put up security and that's one of the reasons it is high risk . so expect a low income initially. Let's look at income potential.security is required. like myself. your capital outlay could quite easily be as much as $100. Stress levels.com . it is definitely hands-on. that it makes this strategy look even better when you understand your alternatives. “You know.? Then we will compare that to a renting shares business and I am sure you will start to see. What about the lifestyle element? Does the business provide a high lifestyle? Not unless the business itself is your lifestyle because usually you are going to have to spend maybe 5-7 days a week at the business. Income potential. First of all let's look at a traditional business. sometimes millions. My millionaire mentor said. although if businesses do well they have the potential to provide you with a good income in the longer term.Instant cash flow strategies What would be the risk? What would be the capital and resource requirements. Hands-on. In a business with staff. I thought that was quite humorous until I actually had companies with a lot of staff and realised what it means.000. The risk factor to borrow for a traditional business.

Location. On the other side of the column.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had expensive mistakes. you can't work from anywhere in the world if you buy a restaurant. You can come up to any amount of money but let's say you are able to come up with $100. Can you liquidate quickly and get the majority of your money back? Well. If it hasn't been managed properly. the capital required can be quite low. What we are going to do is come up with some money to run a business. Another thing to look at is the ability to liquidate. It is not very liquid and could become worthless. As far as location goes.whatever combination is best for you. The risk factor to be able to borrow money for a renting shares business is very simple.000 (you could do it for as little as a few thousand dollars) but I am going to suggest $15.000 as an ideal amount to get started with this strategy. You can do this on as little as 1. Let's compare this to a share renting business. As far as capital to start a renting shares business is concerned. Ability to liquidate. You have to get your money back first so we are going to say low ROI. You have to be in the particular area where the restaurant is running.000-$20. $100. Risk factor.000 so we can keep it comparable to a traditional business. In most traditional businesses you could pay $100.000 could be $50.000 shares so you are going to need at least $15. unless you are an experienced marketer. The return on investment (ROI). you could struggle to get a buyer. so let's compare it with a traditional business. Renting shares capital. So we should 233 .000 from a line of credit from property and $50. Return on investment (ROI). I would say no. So it is a fixed location that affects your lifestyle as well.000 for the business and try to sell it a year later. Having staff is a major difficulty and a major cost factor and it can be a real challenge in business.000 in a share loan (margin loan) . In other words. we are going to have to say it is a fixed location. So it is very hard to liquidate and the resale value is generally difficult to increase. what we are going to look at is the risk factor.

The shares themselves are security. In this sort of business.500 to $6. Virtually anyone can get a margin loan. It's now not even necessary to go through a bank. So as we said. that can generate anything from $500 up to as much as $1. With a $100.Instant cash flow strategies add another category. you cannot only lose the $100.15 . Do they require security over your house. anywhere from 6 to 9 months. for this business? The answer is no. the ability to borrow. but better through broking houses. This means all you can lose is what you put in but unlike a business. technically every month of the year.000. Income potential. which is good news. which is good. You can use things such as margin loans. the risk level drops dramatically and is very manageable even if the market crashes. so the income potential is enormous. etc. The risk factor of borrowing is much lower. With leverage.000 shares in a single month and this can be counted on in many months of the year.com . With a traditional business the ability to borrow is very difficult. Borrowing for a renting shares business.000 to $12. $5.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 outlay the cash flow that could be generated from day one could be $2. etc.500 on 1. even if you are bankrupt or have a bad credit record..000-$20. The key is obviously being properly educated and that is why 234 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.000 per month. We are going to be looking at an outlay of as little as $15. What I mean by that is that anyone. So much for those who say it has to be highly risky to get high returns.200 per month.500 to $18.000 you put in but you can also lose your house and everything. has the ability to borrow money in this country to use in the share market. if it is applicable for you. the security required is zero other than the shares themselves. Obviously you will require a deposit in shares or cash for the balance but they will give the additional amount to you. as they make it more difficult.000 per month and you could still ensure your capital against losses ensuring less risk than buying a car.000 per month and with extreme leverage (experts only) $7. I have seen over $1. I am going to suggest the level of income is quite high. as the banks will require security. If you are properly educated. is one of the easiest forms of finance and is also quite cheap. The ability to borrow for a renting shares business is the easiest form of finance in the world.

Lifestyle. your lifestyle is great for two reasons because: 1.000 in equity could have made $30. which for a traditional business is massive. I cover these current examples in detail at 21st Century live 4-day seminars.5% of brokers are not accredited for renting shares. Do you need to be hands on? Basically you need 15 minutes per month and your overhead (another category we forgot to put in. We are also going to look at the lifestyle element. You can still generate other forms of income through your job 235 . This means as little as $15. (Most brokers you call about renting shares though won't have a clue what you are talking about. Hands on.) The more brokers that we teach at our seminars. and 2.000 of capital leveraged and insured can still generate up to $3000 in rental income for the month on certain shares. Obviously as you only have to work 15 minutes per month. ideally The Australian. due to the global credit crisis. For instance. It doesn't take up a lot of time. the easier it will be for you to access a knowledgeable broker. By using leverage and also insuring their positions an average Australian with $150. cash flow strategies and 'share renting' are now more profitable than ever. Recent update Due to the global credit crisis and the stock market crash in 2008 which has continued into 2009 many people have become afraid to invest in the stock market which is ironic as shares can now be bought at a fraction of the prices people were rushing to pay for them at the peak of the boom in late 2007. See www. the only overheads are going to be your time for 15 minutes per month and buying the newspaper.com for more details. That's a massive return and much higher than the typical $7500 to $18000 per month suggested above and this is possible due to the volatility at present.21stcenturyacademy. it shows how much you can get for renting your shares out in the share section.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had credible investment seminars taught by successful investors are creating thousands of happy clients. The overheads involved in renting shares I am going to suggest is virtually nil.000 in January 2009 and again the following month. let's put in overhead). Other than your shares themselves. as 92.

If you are in New Zealand. some months up to 100%. and the great thing about it is that you can do this from anywhere in the world.Instant cash flow strategies or other businesses.not difficult is it? Location. if you want to. Location is not fixed. margin loans) the returns on your initial outlay could become as high as 50%-60%. I am guaranteed to profit from it. rather than be a victim of a manipulated crash. As I mentioned you could be anywhere in the world. skiing the slopes of Whistler. If you were going to use leveraged (i. With this strategy 15% to 30% percent per annum is quite realistic return on investment.21stcenturybonusdvd. Return on investment (ROI). What better career than one where you generate income without having to work .it doesn't matter. I suggest also using the Australian share market.15 . I only ever use these strategies with insurance in place. on an African Safari. Obviously if you are reading this book in other countries.com . 236 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I was on an African safari for six weeks and was able to SMS my broker with instructions to make more money in a few minutes than the entire safari cost. In any business.except for maybe 15 minutes a month when you look in the newspaper? After looking in the newspaper. When I have been on overseas holidays. The reason is that I believe the market will suffer a major crash within the next 5 to 10 years and with insurance in place. you then make a phone call to your broker who can provide additional assistance . But I am going to suggest the Australian share market for our example. You can also do it on virtually the majority of share markets around the world. So the lifestyle element is great. or more. it is just a matter of an SMS or phone call back to my broker once a month to be able to run this business from anywhere in the world.e. return on investment is a major key performance indicator (KPI). you will look at your share market to see if it is suitable for this strategy. You are potentially looking at 2%-5% per month if you do this effectively and if you insure your shares you protect your downside. or lazing on a Caribbean beach .

If we compare a traditional business to a renting shares business. We can minimise our risk and maximise our return. So if you invested $100. stronger companies. I highly recommend attending the seminars 21st Century Academy conducts for its' members in Australia and New Zealand. Can you liquidate your business? The good news is you can liquidate your share business. The ability to liquidate is important. there will still be risk and it is important you become educated first. is usually very good and you can control that to a degree.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Risk factor. they often tend to come back to where they were or continue rising with some exceptions.000 in quality larger. If a quality larger. sometimes even at a profit from your capital. 21st Century Academy members also have access to numerous share experts who trade all the time using these strategies and accredited stockbrokers who are fully licensed by ASIC to execute these strategies. stronger company slips. however. who often are too 237 . it is likely that in six months' time there will be buyers. not like a business where you may not get even $1 for it.log on to www. You can liquidate and often you get your money back. Resale value. Let's say you want to sell your business and close up shop 'quickly'. it is obvious the clear winner is a renting shares business and it certainly sounds too good to be true.com Ability to liquidate. stronger companies that are making profits and trading on the Australian Stock Exchange. However life can be too good to be true if we become educated and understand what we are doing. You can also learn how to utilise these strategies by purchasing the Homestudy DVD that forms part of the 21st Century Homestudy Membership which shows you in detail .21stcenturyacademy. which we talked about. I consider this a low risk investment if you understand how to minimise the risk. so to speak. where many other people completely miss out on these opportunities because they are not open minded enough to educate themselves and rely on their so called financial advisors. In order to learn how to utilise these strategies in detail. Generally the way we are going to do it is in 30 days or less and there are always likely to be buyers because you are going to do this with quality larger.

you must have a minimum of 1. go to seminars. We are going to have to buy this particular share so we will only do this with quality. because that is 238 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. why isn't everyone doing it? “Risky compared to what?” my millionaire mentor always asked when people claimed it sounded risky. Generally we need to know a little about the company.000 shares and this is the minimum you will need to utilise this strategy.00. so 1. Obviously the more ideal time to buy that share is at $16. I promise you this will happen if you are not careful.000 shares will involve an outlay of $16. We will choose what price we will pay for the share. it sounds risky. The statement should never be. you may be able margin loan some of that amount.21stcenturybonusdvd. That's why you need to become your own investment expert.com . They say don't do it. To utilise this strategy.15 . Let's look at XYZ shares. One Contract = 1. The first step to having a renting shares business is that you buy some shares. The effort to learn is worth it. So you buy 1. Not all shares can be rented out and we will go through some examples and how you can determine that. If you don't have $16. we have looked at the high and low for the last 12 months (which you can read from the paper) and we know in recent times that XYZ shares have been up to say $19 and down to $16.00. However you could go back to the 8 steps on how to come up with the money. so let's imagine we go out and buy the share when it is around $16. stronger companies that the ASX allows share renting on. You can buy shares to do this with for as little as a couple of dollars each but ideally you want to make good premiums.000 shares also known as one contract. Read books. as everything carries some level of risk and investing intelligently often has the lowest risk? Let's use an example. practise on paper then trade in small amounts initially until you build your confidence and adjust your mindset.Instant cash flow strategies embarrassed to admit they don't know how to utilise these strategies so they cover up by saying it is too risky.000. If you have some existing shares. There is a risk either way. The question is what risk are you prepared to take.000. that it is making a profit and some basic fundamentals. to cover up the fact they don't know what you are talking about. I am going to use $16.000 shares. Remember it is more risky to not be investing. you may be able to do this on those shares.00.

or you can ring a stockbroker. but also capable of executing it. even though it can be minimised but it would still be considered a highrisk strategy. But if you can find a stockbroker who knows how to do this. so by the end of December.00 per share by the end of the month . he is willing to place a calculated bet and right now he is willing to pay 44 cents as a rental premium to be able to control this share for a particular month as that is the current market rental value at $17. the person who would pay rent for shares. only 8% are accredited and this can be a challenge to find one that not only understands the strategy. There is still risk involved but we can manage a lot of that risk and we will look at how to do this.let's say this month is December. I'm going to explain what I do and then on the other side of the equation is what my brother-in-law does. Let's assume there are two people. What Simon does could be called a high-risk strategy. 239 .00. The renting shares strategy is exactly the opposite of what Simon does. you generally do it either in the first few days of the month or the first week of the month because rental premiums are higher then. He is able to rent other peoples' shares and potentially make money when they go up or down without even owning any shares. may have a belief that this particular share is going to go up to $17.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had a fair value for shares on which you can make very good returns. Unfortunately 92% of stockbrokers in Australia are not accredited to do this strategy. Simon. his name being Simon. They vary up and down every single moment. I have explained to you what Simon does as you may wish to do the same. We talked before about what Simon does. (A reminder that 21st Century Members have access to our Brokers). one on either side of the equation. if you can find a good broker. Say the share price is $16. I am going to suggest that the strategy we are going to utilise is low to medium risk level. and I will also to help you understand what we do. depending on supply and demand. When you utilise this strategy of renting out shares. How do you find out your rental premiums? You find them in the newspaper.00. they can tell you over the phone exactly what the rental premiums are. which determines how much rental you will obtain for your shares.

for instance. If the share price goes up the rental value also goes up. He has now traded a rental contract that he bought from us. which is 44 cents to us.00 by the end of December. I have heard some people say if you are making money from the market. which you will receive in your share account virtually immediately and that money will be yours to keep .com . What does that mean? We have 1. Let me explain how he could potentially make a profit. so we put our shares on the rental market and we receive 44 cents for the month.21stcenturybonusdvd.000 shares x 44 cents = $440.that monthly premium is yours . so he could suffer a small loss. he has paid 44 cents for a rental contract that he may only be able to sell a week later for 30 cents or possibly less depending on the share price. therefore he is willing to pay the rental price on these shares. he is going to do it because he can potentially make a profit.if they haven't.15 . That's one of the reasons why he would do that: however he also takes the risk that if the share price goes down. however you don't even need to understand what Simon does because it really has no bearing on us. As a share trader you could do that and many people who own shares could have been doing this .Instant cash flow strategies We are going to rent our shares out and Simon believes the shares are going to go up to $17. How many hours do you have to work for $440? What happens with Simon? Why would Simon pay 44 cents to us to rent our shares? He is not going to do it because he is a pleasant brother-in-law. they have missed out on the monthly premium. Is that a good thing? The answer is obviously yes. We are just renting out our shares and collecting the rental money. He may be able to resell the rental premium for which he paid 44 cents back on the rental market to someone else for 88 cents. We take on the low risk and they take the high risk. He has paid 44 cents and perhaps he can sell that for 88 cents a week later and double his money. it means someone else is losing. Let's say it did go up. though I personally 240 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.it is your rent. as he believes the share price is going to go up. if the share price was to go up. But Simon would pay 44 cents. thank you very much. via the stockbroker and the options market to someone else who was happy to pay 88 cents because the share price has gone up.

00. You bought the shares. if he wanted to. I think it is just a language to confuse the masses about the share market. you make an additional profit of $1 per share. that's the good thing. then they can be sold. your shares have simply been sold.you have been paid your 44 cents upfront which you get regardless of what happens to the share market after that. it simply means they have been sold.00 at the end of the month (the end of the month is usually determined by the last trading Thursday of the particular month).00. I don't know why they don't just say they have been sold.00 and now they have gone up to $17. Simon paid 44 cents for the rights to be able to buy your shares if they were above $17. All you need to understand is that if the share price goes up the value of the rental contract will go up. If you sell them for $17.00. If your shares go above the price you have agreed to rent them out for. The above example with Simon shows how we have made some rental money and he could also make some money as well and he is prepared to take a risk and lose some of the time. The second thing that can happen is that the share price can go up. If you ever hear people talking about having had their shares Exercised it doesn't mean their stockbroker took their shares out for a walk around the park for some exercise.00 is important because that's where you rented the shares out. Let's see what happens there.00. That means Simon could. purchase your shares at $17. If the share price goes up above $17.00. so you get to keep the 44 cents rental and repeat the process the next month and continue repeating the process. The first thing is the share price stays the same. That is such a poor money mindset and inaccurate. Another word for your shares being sold in the Market is being Exercised.00. There are really only three things that can happen in this scenario. Your shares would be sold at what price? Your shares would actually be sold at $17.00 you must be aware of what can happen. you own the shares at $16. Let's assume the share price goes up to above $17. That's it.00. But there is nothing confusing about it. Now $17.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had don't accept that at face value. the reason being that you took the rental premium at an agreed price of $17. so let's assume the price does go above $17. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Let's look at it. So you multiply $1 per share because you are now 241 . not that this affects you .

By utilising this strategy you are better off because your premiums have offset the majority of your paper losses in this case.440 less fees.000 additional profit you have made. “Well so what? That would be good. can you buy them straight back again? The answer is yes. You can also reverse the transaction if you really want to. The third thing you want to look at… you might be thinking “Oh no. there is always a catch. however you received 44 cents in rental premium at the beginning of the month. What if the share price falls during the month of December to say $15. so you have to deduct 50 cents.com . but you still get to keep the $440 rental you received.440.21stcenturybonusdvd. You now have a paper loss of 50 cents per share. you can't go broke making a profit. In other words if you didn't rent out your shares for the month.000 = $1. Is that a good thing? The answer is obviously yes. $1 per share x 1.50 from $16. which means sold. What is the third thing that can happen? What if the share price goes down Jamie… you haven't covered that.000. But. but 50 cents less 44 cents.” As I said earlier.00. as share prices constantly fluctuate. depending on who you use for arranging the rental contract.00? The share could quite easily do that. possibly less and a small percentage of the value of shares that have been sold. which is only a paper loss of 6 cents. so your real paper loss is not 50 cents. But wait there's more! Not only do you make the $1. obviously you will pay some broking fees out of that. you are grossing $1.00 per share. Is that a good thing? Absolutely! Often if you approach uneducated brokers about this strategy they will say you don't want to do that as your shares could be exercised.50 at the end of the month. I get excited about something then it never turns out to be like that in the real world…” Let's consider that.15 . Let's say it drops to $15. Out of this transaction you may be looking at as little as $75 in fees.Instant cash flow strategies getting $17. So you actually now make $1. this sounds too good to be true. The fees involved are quite minor at this point in time. I would be happy to take that profit. So let's cover that. you would have lost 50 cents on paper per share but because you 242 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. First of all what will happen? On paper your shares are worth 50 cents less. where you paid $16. You would probably say. And if you love your shares.

00 for your share which means you would make an additional $1 profit per share x 1. you've accepted that it can go up or down. You would receive $17.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had rented out your shares. 3. you paid $16. Next month if the share price was to go back up. So it acts as a type of buffer as well which reduces your risk on the share price.00. only then can your shares be bought from you and they would most likely be exercised. You simply rent out your shares again. Your cost price of that share is no longer $15. you receive your 44 cents on 1.000 which is an extra $1. so you are not going to panic and jump out of a window as a result. reduces your paper losses which means you are better off doing this in that example for the month than not doing it because if you didn't do it you would miss out on the 44 cents. you make $440 and we have decided that that is a good thing: that is additional income.440 less fees. The other thing you are going to consider is that every month you take a rental premium.000 shares. In other words. 2. you have regained your paper losses and all that money then becomes profit.000. You 243 . The second thing that can happen. you only lost 6 cents per share which means you are better off.00 less 44 cents which comes to $15. if the share price did go down. it acts as a buffer. So the third thing that happens is still a good thing.00. Let's say you were able to rent out your shares for the next month and are able get 56 cents as rental prices fluctuate by the second due to supply and demand. it has now dropped to $15. which means your real buy price for that share was not $16. if your share price did take off above that agreed price of $17. 1. plus you still get to keep your rental money totalling $1.00 for these shares and you received 44 cents in rental straight back. The first thing that happens is you rent out your shares.00. At the end of the month you can do the very same thing the next month. is say you were happy to buy the share at this price. Let's go through those three things again.56 or $16. You actually purchased your shares at a discount. You are still going to rent out your shares and the rental premium is going to help offset any potential paper loss.00 but rather $16. you are actually buying your shares at a discount.56. The third thing that can happen.

If the which makes this strategy market crashes.e. which I was able to do consistently.Instant cash flow strategies can see after you do this for numerous months the price/cost of your shares is getting less and less. So even if the share I often buy cheap insurance. if they are trading at $16. Dependent upon the shares that you use.e. $1614 = $2. but if a share price is very cheap. That way if the shares fall it doesn't matter. i. obviously only a small rental premium of 10 cents may be available. In the US market. I am happy with a $2.00. You could insure shares at $15. because you received I can buy insurance (a put premiums and reduced option) at 8 cents per share to the cost of your shares.00 basically hedged yourself below where they are trading: against that downturn i.00 exposure because four months of rent at an average of 50 cents per month equals $2. so I could potentially recover my losses. maximum loss is $2.com . If some shares are cheaper.00 so my not using it. The highest I have ever received is $1.00 and higher. protect them at say $14.21stcenturybonusdvd. market did suffer a at perhaps 5 to 10 cents.00.00 or $16. It depends on the level of risk you are comfortable with. you can trade a large number of them and still earn a significant rental income.00 as well. you can get higher and lower premiums. which makes this strategy a far safer strategy than not using it. you can obtain premiums up to $5. however it would simply cost you more in premiums. to downturn you have protect my shares at say $2. you can't lose a lot of money because they are protected.51 on some shares on the Australian market. You received 44 cents in rental and you could take some of that money. So even if the share market did suffer a downturn you have basically hedged yourself against that downturn because you received premiums and reduced the cost of your shares. maybe 10 or 20 cents.00. You can also insure your shares so it doesn't matter if the share price drops. The good news is you can receive more than 44 cents on some shares.00. 244 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.15 . as an expense and buy insurance.00. then my shares a far safer strategy than are protected at $14.

This means your real buy price is $15.50. You get paid money simply for making a promise you may never have to deliver.20.50 but you get to keep the $0.e.50 in rental premium meaning your real buy price has dropped to $15. people wanting to insure their shares may have to pay $0. not $16. If XYZ share rises above $16. up to the end of say the next month. you will receive insurance money from others via your broker.70.000 shares you promise to buy.50 if it is below that.50. I often use this strategy combined with renting shares as it is a great way to buy a share at a discount and often generate monthly cashflow while hardly outlaying a cent. then you don't have to buy the shares unless they drop below $16. If not.50 before the end of the particular month.00 and I wish to buy it.80.00.e. Just by doing that. 245 . saving interest on margin loans and brokerage fees on share purchases. i. $16. Some clients have made over $60. i. then don't use this strategy. Instead of buying it. Otherwise. usually at $2.00 if you have to buy them. meaning you have to buy the shares at $16. in which case if they did you could be exercised. To utilise this strategy though.70 or $700 in premiums.000 a month in a rising market with this strategy. a significant discount.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Selling insurance This strategy is like becoming an insurance company. For instance. you could have unlimited downside if the share crashed in value and that is a risk you are best to avoid. If you are. I make it a must to insure my positions with this strategy.50 less $0. below current share price (usually less than 10 cents) minimising my risk with this strategy. Another strategy used by 21st Century members is where traders promise to buy shares but never have to buy them. That means you can receive $0. However it is an advanced strategy that I will not detail here. you must have the ability to purchase the shares if required. There is also another strategy for buying shares at a significant discount that is difficult to explain but is taught at 21st Century live seminars. The key question is whether you are willing to buy these shares if you have to. then it is fine. However. then you can immediately rent your shares and maybe pick up say $0.70 per share to insure their shares at $16. say XYZ is trading at $16. I could make a promise to the market that I agree to buy XYZ at $16.70 per share or $700 per 1.

sell shares at a higher price or create additional income.com . 2. Insurance is being used to offer protection from a decline in market price or as a hedge against rising prices.15 . The versatility of these strategies has made the concepts described in this chapter very popular with investors looking to build and protect long-term wealth and generate instant cashflow to replace or supplement their job income. The ability to negotiate. The ability to communicate more effectively. Summary In summary. To study share trading in more detail order a free DVD by logging on to: www. One way to do that is by developing your financial education skills he told me. The ability to think creatively and solve problems. Today. these strategies are just as likely to be used by long-term investors managing risk. These strategies are being used in a variety of ways by investors to profit from a rise or fall in prices. The ability to market an idea or concept and bring that idea to reality and commercial viability. Those skills are: 1.Instant cash flow strategies Developing your financial education skills My millionaire mentor would often advise me to add more value in order to create wealth.21stcenturybonusdvd. At one stage our accounting practice viewed this style of investment as one to be used by speculators. Selling insurance and share renting has enabled investors to buy shares at a lower price. 3.au/t193 246 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. we see investors becoming more and more involved with renting and insurance strategies. The most basic strategies adopted by our investor clients are renting and insuring shares as a way to generate instant cash flow. 4. investors buying shares on margin or in a self-managed super fund.com.21stfreedvd5.


I can run a dozen companies from anywhere in the world. as much as I want. A . in a fraction of the time freeing my life up to do whatever I want. That’s ultimate freedom. 16. with whomever I want. With technology such as BlackBerry phones.MONTH IN M Y L IFE My office is wherever I am in the world.

It was held on Cockatoo Island . The logistics behind the event was certainly appreciated by myself considering the amount of logistics and pre-work required to run the seminar division of my company. My partner and I will be on the very first launch flight with Sir Richard himself which departs tomorrow from Sydney International Airport at 3pm. It wouldn't be a Virgin Launch without the 'parties' and we are invited tonight to the prelaunch party in Sydney to celebrate. My partner is excited. as this is her first trip to North America. Friday February 27th Departing on V Australia maiden flight with Sir Richard Branson.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had I have included a recent four-week period in my life from my blog www.a surreal setting on an abandoned island in the middle of Sydney Harbour where Hugh Jackman's famous Wolverine movie was being filmed. I was able to chat to Derryn Hinch on the ferry who had travelled from Melbourne to be at the event and he seemed like a nice guy. Sir Richard is renowned for throwing good parties and he himself knows how to have fun. As a personal supporter of Virgin's charities we have been invited to be part of 'V Australia's' Launch to the world. I was fortunate enough to meet Sir Richard Branson a few times last year which was an absolute privilege as he has been a business role model for many years.com Many people have asked me what a typical day in my life is like. so I am looking forward to a lot of fun tonight.jamiemcintyre. media and Virgin staff. part of the Virgin family which will fly direct to LA. The pre-launch party in Sydney last night was a blast. 'V Australia' is a new airline. We departed 3pm today on V Australia's maiden flight with Sir Richard. Catriona Rowntree. The pre-launch party consisted of 1000 people 'ferried' to Cockatoo Island from Circular Quay. so I thought I would include a four-week period to provide an insight of the Time Rich lifestyle. Brett Godfrey. We were fortunate enough to have access to the VIP area at the party and met many interesting 248 . Thursday February 26th 2009 Off to V Australia's Sydney launch party with Sir Richard Branson. Marcia Hines and numerous other celebrities. We depart the Gold Coast where I've recently moved from Sydney to live.

I caught up with a Foxtel presenter who was part of the media crew on the flight who I had met last year when shooting a segment of 'Your Money Your Call' at Sydney's Foxtel studios. Virgin staff are super friendly as always and the business class beds are great for sleeping on. life and what's happening in the world. There are some great photos of antics that occur on the 249 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. It's a day behind here so actually it is still February 27th in the US.com .16 . I had some great conversations with Sir Richard and it was good to get some one-on-one time with him to discuss business. including numerous actors and actresses who apparently are TV stars on Home and Away and Neighbours. Having a bar on a plane is such a great idea to break a long flight up and meet interesting people. She mentioned she wanted to get into public speaking and motivation talks so I said I'd consider inviting her to speak at our upcoming Women's Academy Seminars.21stcenturybonusdvd.she is a truly beautiful soul with great energy and ever so friendly and down to earth. Got to chat with Marcia Hines (singer and one of the judges on Australian Idol) . so it was great to reconnect and all in all it was a great night that finished in the early morning. It was a party nearly all the way. The flight over was by far the best flight I have been on and I have done my fair share of travelling. although not that much sleep was had. We also met up with some friends at the party. Friendly bunch and I promise them I'll watch Home and Away and Neighbours at least once to check their acting talent. I do a quick interview with Channel Ten on the plane and back to the bar for more socialising. He gladly offered his name to be put behind any efforts including my lobbying to Governments in Australia to introduce and expand financial education into schools for which his endorsement could be a great help.A month in my life people. Friday 27 February in LA Touch Down! Sir Richard Branson and inaugural V Australia guests land in LA. as they lay completely flat. I mentioned my goal of ensuring that a financial education should be taught at schools and my efforts to date to make this a reality. He has a tough job getting flown to LA for the Virgin Parties and to report on V Australia's launch on Sky Business News.

Considering I think Charlize is one of the most beautiful women on the planet (apart from my partner of course) it should be another great party. At 21st Century we do have a lot of parties and team events which are a blast but Richard has inspired me to take it to another level as a way to boost a team's performance and of course for the sake of enjoying life and work even more. 250 . I give credit to Richard. Charlize Theron and Ashlee Simpson are expected amongst others at the party.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had plane that no doubt will end up on You Tube but I won't go into detail. Fortunately for the budding entrepreneur he gets Richard's attention for 30 seconds to pitch his idea and he is happy for this chance to meet the rock star of the business world. I meet an enterprising entrepreneur who is patiently waiting to pitch Sir Richard Branson about an idea for a product he'd like to have him promote. My partner politely introduces him to Sam. he makes the effort to be courteous and friendly at all times. Due to a lack of sleep we head to our hotel to catch a few hours sleep before another big Launch party hosted in Hollywood. especially launch parties for when we start new companies or release new products. There is a press conference at the LA airport upon arrival and the Americans are excited to see a new airline from Australia especially in light of the fact their economy needs all the new business it can get. Richard's son who is 23 and a great guy who offers to take the product sample and show his dad later if he doesn't get a chance to pitch his idea to Richard at the airport. likeable. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore. He figures his best chance is to try and get Richard's attention for a minute after the press conference finishes. Richard inspires me to have a lot more parties in my organisation as we discuss the value they add to a company and as a way of having your team bond better and enjoy their work. I'm sold on the concept and shoot an email off to my Operations Manager to organise more parties. It runs in the family. even new books which I released four last year alone. easy going and credit to his dad. LA is surprisingly warm so I didn't need to have packed winter clothes as much as I did. as Sam being the son of a billionaire could have turned out to be a spoilt brat but he is so grounded. that despite the thousands of people who have business ideas they wish to pitch or people that just want to meet him in general.

the new host for 'Getaway' and 'The Farmer wants a Wife' and many other Australians who were all there to be a part of this memorable moment for the Virgin Group. Hollywood. I must say Richard Branson knows how to throw a party and the Virgin team certainly love to party.com . We mingled with Catriona Rowntree. as a group of companies.21stcenturybonusdvd. Scott Swift the CEO of V Australia took particularly good care of us and is a legend and highlights why Virgin. Ashlee Simpson was also present. Australia's most famous and liked host. Upon entering the venue we were greeted by our Virgin hosts and then by the media camera shots to capture the moment of the V Australia launch to the world. especially now I have Sir Richard happy to put his name behind it. He is certainly passionate about soccer and invited us to celebrity soccer match the next day that has many Australian actors playing against other actors with the goal of raising money for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal which is well 251 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. My partner was thrilled to meet her 'Sex and the City' idol 'Charlotte' (Kristen Davies) who was at the party amongst other celebrities. They made us feel part of the Virgin family and I must say it was one of the best parties I've been to. The Launch party was held at Chateau Marmont overlooking West Hollywood.Chateau Marmont. is so successful as they go beyond the call of duty to ensure people have a great experience. I also met Anthony LaPaglia the hit Australian actor from 'Without a Trace' who was very interesting to talk to. Julian McMahon was there along with other Australian actors such as Melissa George to support the V Australia launch.A month in my life Friday 27 February in LA Launch Party . I also had the chance to chat with Peter Beattie the former Queensland Premier and made a mental note to send a follow up email to him on how he may be able to help with getting quality Financial Education into Australian Schools. The Venue was great for the launch party and was split over numerous levels with bars in every corner. I met some interesting entrepreneurs to network with including the financier who financed Richard Pratt's Visy expansion into the US and who now finances Virgin as well.16 . Natalie Gruzlewski .personally I would have been more excited to meet her sister Jessica but life isn't always fair. looking great even though I have been informed she has just had her first child .

especially as they just want to hear our accent. She had her heart set on going to Jlo's club as apparently the word was Prince was making a guest appearance and singing tonight. Jet lag and late nights are catching up and maybe sleep at this point isn't overrated. Then it's a quick trip to shops as we've been invited by a friend in LA to attend the Playboy Mansion Party being held that night. We manage to go with the flow and end up at the 'after party at Sir Richard's penthouse overlooking the sensational Hollywood . Americans are very friendly towards Australians. Sir Richard maintains a hectic schedule. It would have been great but Prince can't compete with the Playboy party invite so I won and we were off to the playboy mansion! I know my mates back home are going to be somewhat jealous that I'm attending a Playboy Mansion party without them but I'm sure I will get them an invite next time. with a large majority of them women.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had supported by the Australian community living in LA. He seems to be able to party hard.where dreams are made and unfortunately for some broken as well! I occasionally like to smoke mini-cigars from Cuba so I share some cigars with some friends at the party and we enjoy a cigar overlooking the night sky of Hollywood. Finally in bed a little after 3am. Partying at the Playboy Mansion Enjoyed a sleep in after a huge night at the Playboy Mansion. The girls aren't shy either. one the players for the Hollywood football club. A few of us are off to the Celebrity Soccer challenge and being such a warm winters day in LA it's great to be outdoors. I quickly talk my partner into coming and convince her it will be a great time .you don't get many opportunities like this and as we have the night free let's check it out. They willingly hand over their phone numbers for me to call them while I'm in LA. sleep three hours then be up and doing business amongst numerous PR interviews before he heads off to London as part of an eight-day tour around the world. 252 . It was certainly a party to remember with over 1200 guests. Saturday February 28th After a great sleep in we go to the House of Blues in West Hollywood for a brunch with Sir Richard Branson and fellow partygoers. I get to see Anthony LaPaglia in action playing soccer.

16 . Beverly Hills. We had a great lunch at the Beverly Wiltshire Regent Hotel made famous in the movie 'Pretty Woman'. The last 4 days have been busy with non-stop parties. castle like mansion on a large estate with its own animal zoo on the grounds.21stcenturybonusdvd.Four big nights of partying in a row and I'm feeling ready for a holiday. I book a massage to relax before heading out to dinner at the famous 'Mr Chow' restaurant with a good friend of mine who lives in LA.com .A month in my life At this my point I have to highlight I'm in a relationship and introduce my beautiful partner. I explain that I wasn't expecting to be at a Playboy Mansion party either but it's been a great night and I'm glad I made it. I take a lot of photos knowing my mates are going to want to see what the Playboy Mansion is like. Turns out he 253 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. The guy is in his 80's yet still seems to have plenty of stamina for parties among other things (I think). Despite being amongst 1200 people I bump into several people who recognise me from doing seminars in Australia and New Zealand who are having a great time at the party and weren't expecting to see me there. Hugh Hefner was at the party and it was no surprise that he was surrounded by a lot of blonde girls very eager to have their photo taken with him. We meet an Australian girl who is client manager at Wynn’s Casino in Las Vegas where we are staying in a few days time so she offers to take good care of us when we arrive in Las Vegas. After shopping on Rodeo Drive. glamorous. however I venture that I have plenty of Australian mates who I'm happy to pass their details on to. The V Australia launch in LA two nights ago with Richard Branson was certainly one of the best parties I've been to. I recall him a few years back saying he was selling his residential properties and moving into commercial. He purchased more than 1000 residential properties in 1993 and 1994 and due to the property boom over the next decade did very well. My friend made big money in real estate back in the '90s in LA. It's a huge. We arrive back to the hotel in the early hours of the morning after a fun night ready for a relaxing day ahead. Sunday March 1st Cruising Beverly Hills. Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon on Rodeo Drive whilst my partner does her bit towards boosting the American economy.

which is good as everything seems new again. Monday March 2nd Off to Disneyland After a great sleep in we headed off to Disneyland. Disneyworld in Orlando Florida is actually better then Disneyland in LA but it's still a lot of fun especially for a big kid like me. one of Hollywood's top restaurants to catch up with four friends. I've been once before but my partner hasn't. Tomorrow I'm planning to take my partner to Disneyland. The winter weather is amazing. My partner was so excited as it will be her first trip to Disneyland. She is 7 months pregnant with her second child and looking as healthy as ever and still working. We head off to Dinner at Argos in Melrose Place at 6. With the Qantas monopoly to LA now broken. The days of paying $14. thanks to Virgin. two from NZ who have moved to live in LA and two American friends we caught up with the night before. but it's a quick overview of the Wonderful World of Disney. With lower fares. Even though I've been to Disneyland over a decade ago and I can't remember much of it.45pm and only have three hours to explore as much as we can as I have committed to catching up with an old friend who lives in LA later in the day.45pm. Several days is probably needed to fully take advantage of the whole park and I certainly look forward to a return trip. people can fly for as little as AUD$900 economy return or $5. She is a very successful TV presenter in LA and presents an Entertainment show every night broadcast across America on the 911 of entertainment news. After Disneyland I get to catch up with a friend I haven't seen for two years. Three hours is certainly not nearly enough time.000 for business class on Qantas and having to pay extra if you'd like a smile with your service is now gone. not only is it good for tourists but it also makes it far more viable to do business in the US and I've been considering options to expand over here for some time. a 45-minute drive from West Hollywood.000 business class from Sydney to LA. We arrive around 12. I could easily live in LA for several months of the year. We discuss spending 254 .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had did that with good timing just before the US residential market crashed.

We all agree it's better to rent a nice house than stay in hotels which can spoil a holiday by constantly moving from one hotel to the next. the tough go on holidays! I've jokingly been telling friends that this is my motto for 2009. Actually. The biggest challenge many have . a quality of life has more to do with planning and how to free yourself from being chained to 255 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. socialise more and exercise more. however. I forget my own lessons and over the last 18 months I was so busy working that I had actually became less productive and had taken fewer holidays.16 . committing to it and making it happen. This is why I wrote this book. This year.21stcenturybonusdvd. For people to outperform they should take regular holidays. near St Tropez and Cannes. Ironically. And of course my managers prefer if I'm out of the country so they can get on with running the companies and divisions without me coming up with a new idea every second day. This is a concept I've been teaching for a decade now. When the going gets tough. August and September off this year to live in Europe and Southern France. We can always find the money for the things we are most committed to. as this is one of my favourite parts of the world. which is usually from lack of definite purpose . most people just talk about it.apart from the lack of money. We also plan to charter a yacht for a week while in Southern France and invite 20 select friends and interesting people to join us for a week. It's something I've wanted to do for a long-time and never actually made it happen.com . So I've already halved my work schedule and scheduled in a lot more holidays and taken up playing tennis and shed 4kg in no time. one of my New Year resolutions is to work less. which is about how to develop a millionaire's lifestyle inside 12-months without even needing to become a millionaire.is the lack of time.A month in my life July and August in the South of France with my American friends as I've been planning for some time to take July. with the recession and worldwide downturn. my companies tend to perform better when I go on regular holidays than when I am working in them. How many people say “I'll take the kids to Disneyland one day?” Instead of setting a goal. This will ensure they don't keep deferring their life to "one day they'll get around to it" and decide to start doing the things they've always wanted. I think this will encourage many to simplify their lives and develop a better work-life balance. As I highlight.

The 'Land' part of the sign fell apart and the residents wanted to keep a permanent Hollywood sign. visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the stars on the sidewalk. 1 can run a dozen companies from anywhere in the world. A great spot to live with many US$15 to $20 million homes in the street. so a young celebrity at the time. singers. We finish dinner and my American friend takes us to a mansion his friend owns in Beverly Hills that sits on the hill overlooking the whole of LA. The Hollywood sign was actually a 'Hollywood Land' sign erected to sell Hollywood land many years ago and was only meant to be a temporary sign. but radio. Wednesday March 4th Hanging out In Hollywood. My partner is very much into art and was thrilled to discover he had a real Picasso drawing which she had a photo taken with.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had an office desk than money. which ends up being a lot of fun checking out the movie stars homes. TV and stage performers. and other well-known show-biz personalities. I have also created a Homestudy program on these concepts. This can be duplicated by many people now to run their jobs remotely if they knew some simple but effective strategies covered in this book. which was filmed late last year in Melbourne and I now teach it at 21st Century Seminars. For instance my office is wherever I am in the world.000 each and as a result the famous sign still stands to this day. where you become accustomed to friendly service. These 'stars' honour not only movie actors. which provides very poor service. Today we check out of our hotel and depart Hollywood for Las Vegas. We fly American Airlines. Off to bed after another huge day and ready to head to Las Vegas in the next few days. directors. A good trick though is to book only an economy seat online and then upgrade at the 256 . songwriters. held parties at his Playboy Mansion to raise money via charity by selling off each letter of Hollywood for $30. We are scheduled for a 2-hour private tour of Hollywood. With technology such as BlackBerry phones. the now famous Hugh Hefner. especially after flying Virgin airlines so much. visiting the famous Hollywood sign overlooking Hollywood. I talk my mate into coming to Las Vegas to join us there and he decides to rearrange his schedule.

I could spend hours here as the spa is to die for. Just ask for Leanne (Client Manager) and she'll take good care of you.com . one of Vegas' newest hotels which is part of Wynn's Casino. We are in bed by 2. Vegas is very quiet to what it's usually like and the recession is taking its toll but there are still plenty of people in town. but six consecutive late nights means I'm taking tomorrow morning off. New York Hotel. The view from the suite is exceptional. We check into the Encore. Leanne is a young Australian girl from Melbourne who left Crown Casino to move to Las Vegas and is a Client Manager for Wynn and Encore. After a relaxing morning I head down to Encore's pool. We head out for a show and see 'Zumanity' at New York.21stcenturybonusdvd. A mild and windy day.16 . The Encore has only been open since late December and is in immaculate condition so if you're heading to Vegas it's certainly worth staying here. Afterwards we head off to 'Blush' a new nightclub in Encore for a few drinks. Wherever I go in the world I hire helicopters as it's always the best way to explore places in a short time. yet only US$45 at the airport when checking in. We have a lunch booked with Leanne in a great Japanese Restaurant before rushing to catch a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. Thursday March 5th Living the life in Vegas. It has mixed reviews and I can see why.A month in my life airport to Business class.I only have 30 minutes but remind myself I need to come back. Some people would love it and some wouldn't. My partner is loving Las Vegas and doesn't want to leave so 257 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. especially on a short flight that takes less than an hour. too cold for a swim so I head indoors to check out their Jacuzzis at the spa. Exceptional hotel and we score a penthouse suite for 40% of the normal price thanks to meeting the Encore Client Manager at the Playboy Mansion party a few days before. Even though I've been over the Grand Canyon many times before it's always a buzz seeing one of the natural wonders of the world. She cannot only get you great room rates but into many clubs and restaurants throughout the hotel. so it's a good tip for traveller's wanting to save money. I am big Jacuzzi/pool fan and the Encore spa has three plunge pools depending on your mood of temperature .30am. It costs US$550 extra each to purchase beforehand.

000 last night on the roulette table. It has a lot of potential and if supplier relations can be improved then it's worth more to me to keep for now. I have a good American friend flying in to see me in Vegas tonight so I am looking forward to catching up at one of the many great restaurants in town.A great place to holiday thanks to the recession We depart Las Vegas today for Miami via Dallas. We are also booked into a fashion show and an exclusive bar. however. I'm not into fashion as much as my partner is but there are worse things than being dragged along to a fashion show and being forced to watch gorgeous models strut their stuff on the catwalk. I started this company two years ago promoting a US product and it had a turnover of almost $10 million in its first year and has been a very successful company. however. I squeeze in a conference call before I depart the hotel at 12pm with a US Company I market in Australia. until the market rebounds. He agrees to delay the meeting for a day which allows an extra night in Vegas. due to the downturn. However my partner tends to do well whenever she goes into a casino and made US$2. I knew I would be back! Friday March 6th Las Vegas . I've never been to Dallas before and I recall watching the hit TV show from the 80's called Dallas about the oil rich families of Texas. Don't 258 .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had soon so I email my business partner in Houston who I'm due to meet in couple of days time and suggest to either fly to Vegas to meet me or delay the meeting one extra day. My friend is keen to pick my brain on some business ideas so I'm meeting him at the Jacuzzi to chill out before another big night out. due to my tight schedule this was not going to be possible so we settle for a conference call which ends up being productive. Texas. $5 million was the best I could expect to get for it so I've been in two minds whether to sell. Before the Global Financial Crisis it was valued at $12 million. I had been considering selling it and had been meeting with several Public Companies who were interested in acquiring the company. Many people ask whether I gamble especially when I'm in Las Vegas. I've got to admit I'm a far better investor than a gambler. I was meant to meet them in Texas for a meeting.

My partner has a general rule that any money she wins firstly covers my betting losses and secondly she donates back to the casino by buying a dress or shoes from one of the stores in the casino. A good friend of mine from LA who is a big roulette fan joined us in Vegas so he and my partner hit the tables at every chance to boost their winnings. I'm not sure how Kerry would feel about his son lames Packers huge gambles with buying US casinos. especially when I can do trades in the share market with a far greater degree of certainty of making money. however. So gambling makes little sense to me other than occasional fun. I'd bet no more than a few hundred dollars and be happy to make $300. which has cost the Packer Empire a large fortune with the Stock Market Crash reportedly reducing Packers wealth from over $7 billion to $2 billion. He is certainly renowned for building some of the best casinos in the world. I'm sure 259 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. He recognises our Australian accent and asks if we know Solomon Lew from Australia who must be well known at his casinos.21stcenturybonusdvd. he virtually built Las Vegas including casinos.com . Thus growing up I was always reluctant to ever spend much at the gambling tables. For those who don't know who Steve Wynn is. At least in Vegas you get free drinks while at the tables. My dad was always very anti gambling.16 . I believe one Manolo Blahnik store was paid a visit before we departed. such as Bellagio and Mirage. so at least she helped out the American economy in these tough times. In my visit to Macau last year.A month in my life know how she does it. unlike Australian casinos. Kerry Packer is still remembered in Las Vegas with most taxi drivers still able to share legendary stories about Kerry's huge gambling days. To me gambling is a bit of fun and I'm quite conservative when it comes to gambling. which he then sold and he now has Wynn's Casino in Vegas which just opened Encore next door. Apparently the night Kerry passed away he had his Lear jet on standby for one last trip to Vegas to go out with a bang. Many in Vegas don't understand why he has purchased low profile smaller operation casinos at such high prices. I find gambling a hard way to make money. if I do play it will generally be blackjack. We were fortunate to meet Steve Wynn for a short chat and photo on our way to dinner. I also stayed in his replica Wynn casino there. but she tends to do much better than me on the tables and of course the casino likes having women scream from excitement to attract other bidders.

" As we only have 3 days in Miami we decided to go out and see the nightlife straight away. however much more upmarket. get changed and head out to meet good friends who I have not seen for 18-months. He shares some of the gruelling training he has had to endure to be trained as an astronaut to be fully prepared for his mission. "There is always some commotion. So if you're looking for an inexpensive holiday then Vegas should soon be that.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had his Dad would have had more fun betting $5 billion at the casinos and probably would have come out better. The huge Venetian casino next door is apparently about to file for bankruptcy. As the taxi divers explain. They believe soon the casinos from Mondays to Wednesdays will start giving rooms away for free to simply get people to them as they make their money on food. The Trump Tower. Most astronauts are government funded but in Russia they allow civilians to be trained. My mate is an amazing guy who just became a certified astronaut and is due to go into space as the first Australian civilian astronaut and only the fifth ever in the world. Steve Wynn mentions he is very good friends with Tony Robbins and Sage his wife and they were staying as guests of Steve only last week at Encore. Saturday March 7th Hangin' with mates in Miami We arrive in Miami the night before at around midnight. It costs US$3 million just to go through the 260 .We drop off our bags to the apartment. which is now complete across the street from Wynn's casino is apparently offering rooms from only US$69 a night (cheap!). I recall when I was in Las Vegas several years ago Tony mentioned he and Steve were good friends. drinks and gambling. cultured and sophisticated and is the playground of America. Miami is a fun place and there is always something happening every night. Miami is like the Gold Coast. In the 15 years I've been going to Vegas it's the quietest I've ever seen it and it's clear the recession is taking its toll. at the Fountain Blue Resort at the LIV nightclub. After dinner we headed off to Tryst nightclub at the Wynn that is one of the best clubs in Vegas overlooking a huge waterfall. We are staying at the Setai in a condominium (apartment) right on the beach next to the famous shore club.

And this is only after 30 days in space where some astronauts stay up to the maximum of six months. as part of his training to go into space. by the time he could access his shares the dot. He managed to convince them and he rebuilt the company however. has had to parachute solo from 30. Then to go into space it is a further US$27 million so it's an expensive dream and hobby. All this training is critical as on re-entry to earth they may have to parachute from their capsule at 30.21stcenturybonusdvd. Since the crash apparently his remaining $30 million is worth about $1 million so the guy certainly has a story of rags to riches to rags again. My mate's friend who spent US$30 million to be the fourth civilian ever into space made $100 million in his twenties as a dot.000 feet and need to be able to survive for at least five days in case it 261 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. When they land they then have to find each other and survive five days in the Siberian wilderness at minus 35. As the company had no money to pay salaries he was able to convince his 300 staff if they worked for free for three months.A month in my life training alone which takes several years and you must pass intense. Apparently when he landed he was very pale and disorientated and took several days to even learn how to walk again as in space there is no gravity so your muscles break down quickly from lack of resistance. this time being smarter he sold the company for $60 million but in cash. which he doesn't recommend. not shares.com entrepreneur. They are provided with limited food and had to learn to source their own food including catching and eating squirrels. They unfortunately landed over one kilometre away from one another and had to walk in soft snow with heavy gear on in freezing conditions. However as the $100 million was in shares and held in escrow.com . but my mate is a thrill seeker and adventurer who makes things happen. He took $30 million to pay for his trip into space and invested the rest into US share market before the crash.000 feet (that's almost the height jumbos fly at) into the middle of Siberia at minus 35. I love him for that! His friend just returned from a month in space.com crash had occurred making his $100 million worthless. My mate.16 . at the end of the three months he would promise them a job. solo with two of his space crew. ongoing medical tests otherwise you forfeit your entire $3 million training fee.

I've learnt not to let these things bother me as travelling a lot it does eventually happen. I immediately sms'd my mate to come join us. We had flown from Miami on a 5-hour flight to connect in LA for the Australian return trip. On the Sunday we were laying around the pool and heard a hell of a party occurring at the hotel next door. I was able to get a decent sleep on board as the beds are flat so it made the 14-hour flight go quickly. this was a much quieter trip. as I know he wouldn't want to miss such a party. We hit the sheets around 4am. another famous hotel for a great dinner and off to Nikki Beach Dance club and finally to bed.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had takes that long to find them. We arrive back from LA on V Australia flight early into Sydney. "best to check it out. Tuesday March 10th My last days in the US. so we thought. The bags did turn up three days later and were delivered to our home on the Gold Coast.” The hotel next door is the famous 'Shore Club' which is renowned for its Sunday pool parties and I can see why. My partner is clearly not impressed (understandably). We have a great night out in Miami and my partner can see herself living here part of the year. Afterwards we head to the Delano. which is actually 8pm Australian time so it's easy on this time zone to stay up late and sleep in late. Unlike the trip over with Sir Richard onboard when the bar was full on. The day before we headed down Lincoln Drive in South Beach for some shopping and late lunch. A beautiful sunny day by the pool with 500 young people and many bikini clad women partying from sunrise to sunset. thus they promised to put them on a Qantas flight later that night to Australia. He also had to do a similar exercise escaping from the capsule in the middle of the ocean in case they land in water and have to survive up to seven days. Miami is only 7 hours from Europe and 4 hours from LA with the best winter weather you could imagine so you can see why South Beach Miami is a popular spot to hang out for part of the year. however. A friend joins us and a 262 . We were on an American Airlines flight to LA which managed to lose our bags. as she loves the culture. The last few days in Miami were great! We were out partying every night.

Cuban people are some of the best people in the world. I think it's great for 'the boys' to hang out together at times. Miami is a great place to party and I will consider adding it to the itinerary for an upcoming boys trip I have just planned for June. A lot of my mates have already confirmed they are in and my partner also organises a girl's trip at the same time with her friends. Once Obama removes some of the restrictions for Americans to travel there it will change.000). whereas to rent a 2-bedroom ocean front apartment twice the size and much more luxurious. no doubt forever and become commercialised like most tourist places left in the world.000). So while they head off to New York and Miami. is only about AUD$3000 a month (US$2.16 .com . It was only July 2008 I recall exchanging Australian dollars for 99 cents to the US dollar. so we are very lucky in Australia to still have a much better quality of living despite high property prices.21stcenturybonusdvd. My partner being of Egyptian decent loves it and we have a great afternoon. in say the Q1 on the Gold Coast. us boys will head off to Cuba and Las Vegas and catch up in LA at the end of the trip. For instance a one bedroom condo in Miami is US$6500 a month to rent (AUD$10.A month in my life lunch turns into 6 hours at a very cool outdoor Egyptian restaurant where we try the Shisha Pipes. and inform my friends to go now before it changes forever. She meets a Prince from Dubai and speaks Arabic for some time which means I have no idea what they're saying as I know about two Arabic words from my latest Egypt trip. rather than a unique place where you can almost travel back in time to the 1950s and explore a whole different way of life. Afterwards we head out to a great club for the night. however there is still a tremendous amount of wealth there and the prices of restaurants and some hotels in many places are still ridiculously expensive. Very few friends decline the offer to join the trip so it's obviously popular. 263 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. whether single or in a relationship and the same for girls. America is certainly feeling the recession. I've been to Cuba once before. so when it was only 66 cents at the time of writing this book it certainly makes the US still relatively expensive for Australian's.

I feel I need at least one day to rest and relax at home on the Gold Coast and in the water is the most ideal place for that. I also have a great gym room. as I'm a mad Rugby League fan and it's the best paper for reading all the football action and following my beloved Bulldogs team. I'm an avid reader so I'll generally start the day reading the Financial Review on my outside lounge overlooking the water while having breakfast. though I am able to work out for as little as 10-minutes a month and stay in reasonable shape. where I live most of the time and the remainder of the time in Melbourne. I can say it's been ten times better than expected and I think it will be hard to get me to leave the Gold Coast. After playing with us for a few weeks we discovered one of my males used to be a professional tennis player. After arriving into Sydney yesterday morning we change our flight that was booked straight to Melbourne to fly to the Gold Coast instead. What's a typical day in my life? My typical day generally starts with going outside to the tennis court to collect the papers that are thrown over the fence earlier in the morning. 264 . I have an outdoor Jacuzzi which is my place to relax and it is a form of meditation for me and apparently described by some as 'my second office'.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Wednesday March 11th Home sweet home on the Cold Coast. but always managed to beat us when it counted. which I like to swim in regularly as swimming in the canal is out of the question due to the aggressive bull sharks. I've managed to lose 5 kilos from playing tennis in the last 2 months alone so it's been a great way to exercise. He had been pretending not to be able to play that well. I only moved there from Sydney at Christmas time for a change to see if I'd like the slower pace. I also read The Australian newspaper. plus I have the Sydney Telegraph delivered also. After 11 days of parties and holidays. So now he has become a free tennis coach to many of us who are trying to improve our game secretly to beat the other in time for the next game. I'm fortunate enough to have a tennis court at the house and being a tennis fan I have my friends over every Wednesday night for a big night of tennis which is always a blast and quite competitive. I also have a saltwater pool. however it doesn't get used nearly enough.

For one week a month I'll generally be in Melbourne at our 21st Century Head Office and two days every 5 to 6 weeks I spend with my managers in a management meeting. I've trained all my managers and business partners to email me. however after seeing how much Russell Crowe loses financially every year since buying South Sydney and after Sir Richard Branson shared how expensive it was when he owned a Rugby League team in London known as the London Broncos.A month in my life It used to be a dream to one day be able to buy the Bulldogs football team. rather than playing phone tag all day and I can also forward the email on for others to action. so my days aren't always typical. as it's hard for a manager to BS a whole room. I don't use a computer whatsoever as I have all my emails come to my BlackBerry so often I'll work on my deck lounge outside overlooking the water while responding to my emails.21stcenturybonusdvd. So if they 265 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. I am taking lessons though. as it would make a great reality show. Every manager gets their turn to present to all the other managers and to tell them what their division has accomplished since the last meeting. not that I can surf well. I find emails make people think first about what they need. I'm learning to get over the guilt of not working all the time.com . I think we should film these meetings. I don't take any phone calls whatsoever unless a special phone meeting is planned or my mum calls. I can see why surfers are so into their lifestyle as its very fulfilling. The dramas and day to day challenges of running a group of companies is never boring and I have found managers meetings to be very productive. It also allows others to get back to them when they can.16 . as I feel phone calls waste my day. What I love about the Gold Coast is it's great to jump in my Ferrari and drive down to the beach and go for a swim and just be present and content doing bugger all. as they will get a response much quicker than if they phone. their targets for the month ahead and any challenges. Then anyone can ask them questions and this is where the fun starts. After breakfast I often go for a swim in the pool and then head to my home office to do some work. This year I've cut my workload back dramatically and many days now I'll deliberately do very little work. I decided to remain a supporter rather than an owner. which isn't easy for high achievers who often feel like they must be doing something.

21st Century certainly isn't a typical boring corporate culture. Several years ago one of my NZ business partners had to be air lifted off the mountain after breaking his hip and many other bones in his body. Generally. On the day after the four days finish we always do a team day where we take the team out on a boat to a tropical island when we stay in Fiji and play beach volleyball and other activities. which most people do at times due to their limiting beliefs. which are a total blast where the team can celebrate their four or so days of hard work and little sleep. Or in Queenstown we always do the Luge riding down the mountain which is always popular. The parties in Fiji and Queenstown are generally the wildest and the 21st Century team love to dance and party hard. by the time I arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before and finish on the Monday. one day is barely enough and meetings tend to go until 7pm and sometimes as late as 9pm so we have extended them to 2 days now. but more of a family friendly culture which I think the team love as opposed to many jobs in the corporate world which are bland and boring. highly competitive and sometimes quite dangerous. If you go to the Queenstown Luge ride you'll see a whole section of the track shut off and that's why since he crashed there. It is also invaluable for managers to understand what's happening in each department and company and how this all affects everyone and to get the team working as a team and not against each other.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had are telling a story that others don't buy. It's also a good time to recognise top achievers and speakers and we have the Academy Awards with prizes given out. then this becomes very apparent and gives some managers a quick reality check when they see that maybe their reasons things can't be done are not valid and it is possible to improve results. We always have a team party on the Monday night of a 4-day seminar. Maintaining this culture as the Group has grown to over 100 staff has been more of a challenge though. so that takes a week out of my schedule. He was trying to overtake me which he has since learnt isn't such a good idea. Every 6 weeks I am generally doing a seminar. Some of the awards are very funny and it's always hilarious. We generally have a DJ and caterers and the partying is still usually going to 3am in the morning. We used to have team days the day before the seminar until 266 .

21stcenturybonusdvd. I used to do an entire seminar by myself and go till 1. Tuesday nights are sometimes card nights where. Now I ensure I am finished by 8pm at night and let the other speakers go until midnight or later sometimes. We also invite our volunteer team who are past participants at our 4-day programs who help out at the 4-day events and join us for the Team Party and Team day. what's left of the team before flying home. I'll be overseas living in Europe part of this year and I have a dozen other companies to run. Seminars are very physically demanding as I am on stage from 9. and it is one of the key reasons I still do the seminars despite the physical effort involved. In the early days. plays card games such as cheat or better known as "Bullshit.16 .30am in the morning. However. so this allows me to share some of the events with another great speaker who the attendees absolutely love. However these days I've learnt to pace myself and invite over 18 key speakers to deliver more content and mix the seminar up more. I've now trained someone else to do my segments at events and they've worked just as well.30am and get off generally by 8pm. It's an intense seminar and participants have made massive life and financial changes as a result. It's the first major 4-day of the year." For events like Fiji or Queenstown I generally stay a week or longer after the event and holiday and many of the team and speakers do as well which is always a lot of fun.A month in my life this accident but now we find its best the day after. an event I conduct about 8 to 1 0 times a year in Australia mainly and one in Queenstown NZ and also one in Fiji. Thursday March 12th Home for the 4-day 'Education For Life' Seminar in Melbourne I'm flying off to Melbourne as I have a 4-day seminar to conduct starting tomorrow. the former AFL star to the Melbourne Team party considering he has the only other penthouse on the floor and best to have the neighbours onside. We also often go Go Kart racing as many of the team and speakers love to do this.com . My biggest goal is to get people into action at the events as 267 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. It's also a great way for them to network with speakers and many of them have become good friends and part of the 21st Century family over the years. in saying that. We invited Sam Newman.

even many successful intelligent people. but each month since I made my predictions everything I suggested would happen. I've watched in dismay as I see how foolish these people have been and now how surprised they are. then I highly encourage you to check one out. leading economists admitted the US is now a 30% chance of going into a depression. including governments around the world including Australia have been hopelessly optimistic. And then noticing what's working and not working and continually refining ones approach until the desired result is achieved. when all it comes down to is taking massive. If you've never been to a 4-day Education for Life event. So many intelligent people think about what they should be doing and delay or hesitate. No one knows for sure what will happen. as things start to get worse and they slowly start to figure out. I've been saying for over 6 months the world is heading towards a severe recession and it is an even bet it will head into a depression. "Houston we have a problem. It's almost like many people.21stcenturyacademy. is happening. Many people. Just last week whilst I was in America. Well we are definitely in a recession and will do well to avoid a severe recession.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had I've only accomplished so much in life at a young age because I don't just talk about things. These comments would have been scoffed at 6 months ago just 268 . were surprised by my comments and didn't quite see why I'd think that. as a majority of the world economy does go into a severe recession or possible depression.com to check out dates and more detail as I would love to see you there and I know you will love it! Saturday March 14 Many people ask me what do I think is going to happen with the global credit crisis? My response has been it is far worse than the media and governments realise. immediate and intelligent action. Visit www. but implement ideas immediately." I mean the Australian politicians are still trying to argue we aren't in a recession and we may avoid a recession. and almost in denial thinking somehow it would be a small downturn and then a recovery in later 2009. Apart from being life changing and empowering they are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to network with like-minded people.

You should slash unnecessary spending.21stcenturybonusdvd. What should you do? I'd suggest financial intelligence is the answer. and also often they aren't smart enough to know or question otherwise. And remember we don't want to ignore the reality of the world economy. And it's this paradox that explains why we are in this mess in the first place. Seriously though. can be better prepared than those who are like those on the Titanic while it is sinking. Go to work on improving your job related skills and financial education to be prepared to take advantage of opportunity. Growth at all costs. the exact definitions vary. especially by easy credit and over leveraging and spending more than you earn to boost the economy is why the growth in the past hasn't been sustainable.A month in my life like many people scoffed at my view. to boost the economy. The financially educated and the ones who can see into the future. We want to acknowledge it and then focus on how to create abundance amongst the world recession. build up your savings and eliminate any bad debt or excessive debt. What people must understand is governments don't wish to cause panic and thus don't tell people how bad it is. Wealth is never lost in a financial crisis but merely transferred.com . This advice conflicts with what governments want us to do.hard and fast' Actually a severe recession or depression has been the catalyst for many people to create a lot of wealth. They still don't realise there is a serious problem because the authorities don't wish to create a panic and they should have already got off into a lifeboat before it's too late. and how bad it will be. They want us to spend. My advice is to see what could happen and act now. Some people ask what the difference between a recession and a depression is? The best answer I heard is a recession is when your neighbour loses his job and a depression is when you lose your job. not save. I know it's not a fun thing to do as an entrepreneur to cut staff but if companies don't they won't be around and thus all staff will lose their jobs so it's best to shed some staff to save the rest. even 6 months into the future. Innovate if you're a business owner and cut overheads early . as there is still a massive amount of wealth around. In fact they will borrow billions and throw the money at us to get us to spend.16 . I'll be covering this subject more at the 21st Century 4-day seminars so 269 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.

considering the effort they've put in support the 4-day event.21stCenturyacademy. I am usually tied up for several hours signing books and having photos taken but I don't mind as I get to hear the success stories from the participants and to chat briefly with them one-on-one and the participants are always extremely grateful. Docklands. Sunday I don't speak so I have a day off or sometimes catch up with some of the 18 different speakers who have flown in to speak at the event. This is a chance to reward the team and allow them to let their hair down. often surviving on little sleep. visit www. If you are not a Member then become one now and get prepared for the great financial challenges ahead and learn how to not only survive but thrive in the Global Credit Crisis. Then later that night we always throw a party for speakers and the 21st Century team who have put a huge effort in over the 4 days. Our parties usually go to 3am or often 6am. they deserve it.30pm and was held in a luxury penthouse in Docklands overlooking Melbourne and opposite 21st Century Head Offices on Lorimer Street. We then have drinks for all attendees and a chance for participants to network and ask one-on-one questions with speakers and to have their photos taken.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had get yourself along to one. if in other places like Queenstown in New Zealand. Generally Team Parties start by 9pm however the seminar had run later than expected and the team had to 270 . Or. I've just been delivering my '4-day Education For Life' Seminar on Friday and Saturday.com Monday March 16th 4-day Melbourne seminar and after party. If you're already a 21st Century Member you can attend as many times as you wish for free with your spouse and teenagers. the home I'm generally leasing for the week is the designated party house. We hire a DJ and caterers and good looking waiters and waitresses to serve drinks. This time the Melbourne party didn't start until after 10. I usually sneak off by 2am and let the team party on. We generally hold the parties at one of my homes or apartments if in Melbourne or Sydney. I used to speak late on the Sunday night of the seminar but decided to change to the Monday night being the official end of the 4-day seminar to finish the seminar off.

Tuesday is always Team Day after 4day events where we find some new exciting adventurous activity to do. Always best to keep your enemies close to you. For this event we decided to invite several VIP clients to the event and they had a great time hanging out with the team and chatting to some of the 21st Century speakers.16 . It's Tuesday after the Melbourne 4-day which usually means a sleep in before Team Day. plus learning the only other time I'd played paintball (which was outdoors in Thailand) that the paintballs can hurt. Knowing I will be a target of the team for sure. I reassure them it was a totally random computer selection but I don't think they are 271 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. After the team is briefed on all the rules and dressed in full combat gear I read out the teams. He picks me up in the new baby Hummer which I love as I've been planning on buying one to use as my vehicle to travel to my farms and back from the Gold Coast. I cleverly select the most likely players to target me in paintball on my team. so early starts don't quite work. When they hear the names of those in my Blue team who will be opposed to the Red team (who lack the same level of talent) some of the red team are sceptical the computer randomly selected the teams. The party was a blast as usual and I snuck off to bed by 2am while others partied until the sun came up.21stcenturybonusdvd. So the team suggest we should allow 21st Century VIP members to attend future team parties which will be considered. We are going to indoor paintball in Melbourne not far from Docklands. Tuesday March 17th Team day after Melbourne 4-day seminar. There are 16 of us attending paint ball.com . I get picked up by an associate who speaks about QLink at our 21st Century events. QLink is a magnet you can wear around your neck or on your wrist to protect you from the energy mobiles phones and computers emit. I tell them the computer has randomly selected 8 on each team. We all register and I quickly secretly select two teams of 8 each.A month in my life pack up the entire event before the party due to AV equipment which needs to be shipped for an upcoming Internet and Business Event being field the following weekend on the Gold Coast. We generally have team day at midday onwards as most of the team only go to sleep by 6am after partying all night.

Joel is also drawing blood from some shots to the hands. After the first game .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had buying it. It's been an awesome day and everyone has enjoyed themselves. I'm gasping for breath. It's also quite slippery from the paint everywhere. The strategy works and we win the next two games despite protests from the Red team who reckon some of our team aren't dying when shot. This requires higher stakes but with Rob from AV on my team and our legendary seminar co-coordinator Joel who are both aggressive and effective soldiers we dominate the Red team again and again for the next five games. I've already had the top of my head blasted and paint over my mask and as well I slip and roll my ankle but it doesn't hurt much and seems fine. I suffer three solid bruises across my lower stomach where it hurts the most and Rob looks like he has chicken pox from the number of bruises over his body. However we do take plenty of hits from our aggressive approach. We are each loaded up with 500 paintballs in three canisters and we have two and a half hours scheduled to play. We all arrive back at the 21st Century offices and annoy the corporate staff trying to do their work. But compared to the Red team who have suffered a lot of casualties we can rejoice in our 8-nil victory.that lasted for only 5 minutes ~ which of course my Blue team won. as they see us covered in 272 . We now move to another room with different combat obstacles and the goal is to retrieve the flag and return it to safety. We relax over drinks and pizza for lunch. We also conserve our paintballs meaning during the last game the Red team runs out before most of us and allows us to make them pay dearly. as I certainly need it. I'm lucky I have a massage booked later in the day. The Red team plays too defensively and lacks strategy as opposed to our team who play aggressively to win and take risks providing a far better strategy. We dismiss the allegations as nothing but them having to deal with being comprehensively beaten. I suggest to the guys on the Blue team go along the outside walls of the arena as we'll have the wall behind us to protect us and we can force the enemy inside making them easy targets to shoot. not realising how fit you need to be to play this game. Plus it's not a good idea to let the enemy know you're injured. So I gather the blue team and suggest we need a strategy and that we need to play aggressively to win.

273 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. It's my partner's birthday today. By lunchtime I'm almost walking normally. My partner is away for the night and thinks it's funny when I tell her I can't walk. and thank-goodness she looks stunning in it. I was hoping to take her hot air ballooning at 6am but it wasn't possible and with my ankle it wasn't going to be ideal. Lucky for me my ankle has improved and I can now begin to slowly walk on it again. It's my fifth book in bookstores and forms part of the What I Didn't Learn series.A month in my life paint from head to toe and showing off our well-earned war wounds. It's her birthday tomorrow so I'm hoping I will be better by then. Lucky I'm exhausted so I fall asleep despite the pain of my twisted ankle.21stcenturybonusdvd. We go to one of my partner's favourite Melbourne restaurants. I have to quickly sign 50 copies of one of my new books. as it wasn't easy to organise. which is a big relief as it's always a big risk buying a dress for any woman.16 . Wednesday March 18th Time with friends. I head across the road to my apartment and look forward to a well deserved massage. I have dinner booked with friends for my partner's birthday plus a big party on the weekend at the Gold Coast. 1 tell her if not she'll have to bring me crutches in the morning as hopping around on one leg isn't my idea of fun.au Channel 7 Head of Staff asked for a copy as well so I sign one for them and a Channel 7 person drops by to collect it as the Channel 7 offices are nearby across the Yarra in the Docklands. It's a one off Ralph Lauren dress that was modelled at the recent New York Fashion Show. I've bought her a great present thanks to the help of one of her friends so I hope she likes it. that's just hit bookstores. It was all well worth it though and 1 look forward to the next paintball challenge.21stcenturyfinance. Lucky I'm staying in for the night. The dress actually fits her perfectly.com. She visited her mum and stayed with her the night before so she's coming to catch up for lunch.com . What I Didn't Learn From My Finance Broker But Wish I Had that made me a property millionaire. The twisting of my ankle in paintball didn't seem to hurt much when it happened but all of a sudden two hours later it swells up to a point 1 can no longer walk. For a free copy of the eBook version go to www.

I complain to my partner that it's not fair she gets topless male waiters yet us boys don't get topless female waiters. About 12 friends attend dinner and I even organise a birthday cake that she likes and it's a great night out. I get a chance to chat to some 21st Century Members and everyone is excited about what they're learning.Red night theme. I always enjoy speaking at this event as being an entrepreneur at heart I love to teach all the valuable lessons I've learnt in my business career and others from role models such as Sir Richard Branson. The theme is red for the party starling at 8pm and nearly all the guests come in theme. Actually this event is nearly all new speakers and a new 2-day format so attendees who have been before comment how much better the format is. We have 10 different speakers who have flown from all around the world in to teach how they make millions online including a brand new eBay speaker.15am. It's partly owned by Robert De Niro and although expensive it's well worth it.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Nobu at Crown Casino. I'm looking forward to two straight weeks at home. The house is ideal for parties. but it's just not Las Vegas. Such a sexist world I joke. Overlooking the canals of the Gold Coast the house has huge glass doors two stories high that 274 . I'm on the Gold Coast relaxing and preparing for tonight's big Red Party for my partner's birthday. including a mate who shows up in red Speedos only. The seminar goes well. Saturday March 21st Party night . Some of the waiters .30am and I'm scheduled to fly to the Gold Coast to my home the next day. We are home by 2. I have a three and half hour speaking engagement at a 21st Century Internet and Business Seminar being held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre commencing at 9.chosen by my partner are topless so she and her girlfriends are happy with the eye candy. though she doesn't always appreciate my sense of humour. If you haven't been there. We hit tile roulette tables afterwards briefly. you must check it out when in Melbourne. My partner has the party preparations under control and thankfully didn't need my help so after finishing speaking I take my Ferrari to the car wash where the car wash crew jostle to drive my car and then I head home to have a siesta before starting the big party that night.

16 - A month in my life

open up the whole house and invites the outside in. We have a DJ and also a cartoonist who draws guests faces as caricatures within six minutes. One of my best mates is an international magician, so of course he is roaming around the room working his magic on the girls and guests. I've organised a video montage of my partner as celebration for her birthday which we screen up on an internal wall of the house around 11pm. Thanks to Kaliyann who works in my graphics team and is a legend, she takes some photos and turns it into a mini-movie based on the theme with the title 'Confessions of a shopaholic' starring my partner. It turns out great and my partner thinks it's funny - lucky' She also arranged Chinese sky lanterns and everyone lights one and sets them off into the starlit night from the jetty in front of our house. If there were any UFO sightings reported tonight it was probably our lanterns floating into the midnight sky. The party goes until a little after 3am and everyone has a great time. Sunday March 22nd Managers arrive for a two-day company meeting A relaxing Sunday at home with a small pool party and a hit of tennis with one of my Melbourne mates who I beat 8 - 6 in a tie break. By the way I have very competitive mates, so who wins is important. I drive to the Convention Centre for 45 minutes of drinks and photos with participants. I never get tired of people being so grateful for the impact my education programs have had on their futures. I then rush home as a good friend is arriving for a catchup. Monday March 23rd I jump in my Ferrari to drive to the Marriot Hotel for a management meeting. I have my Managers flying in for two days from Melbourne, Sydney and also Noosa offices. There are ten of us at the meeting and my Property Direct manager and myself are the only male managers. Basically we are surrounded by women managers who clearly out number us, so it's lucky I get along well with women, otherwise management meetings wouldn't be much fun. It's our first management meeting over two days as generally they are only one-day long but the last few have been running
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

too late so we decide to trial two days and hold them at a nice resort. The meeting starts around 9.30am and I kick it off for 2 hours to update the team on new things launching, including a new company we are launching and new promotions we intend doing. I also give an overview of every company and division in the group, since the last management meeting five weeks ago and the challenges facing the group during the Global Credit Crisis and proposed solutions. Then we have a presentation by a CRM company to update the team on a brand new CRM I have signed off on which we are investing a lot of money into that's only 5 weeks away from launch. All the team is excited about this and hoping it will deliver the efficiencies expected, as it will transform the group and the manager's ability to achieve so much more in less time. I'm a sceptic when it comes to software as I've paid a small fortune in my career for so many software systems, which have all failed to deliver a fraction of what they were meant to. However, this one is a customised to the company's requirements and we spent a considerable time in the scoping processes to really nut out what we require the system to do which we've never done before. After the presentation of the progress I'm feeling more confident the investment will be worth it. After lunch every manager has to deliver a presentation for their division or department covering what they have achieved since the last meeting and challenges and targets for the month ahead. We have a brand new manager for one of the divisions of the 21st Century Group so it's her first meeting. She is a good addition to the team with lots of energy. Half the managers get to share today and the rest are scheduled for tomorrow. The meeting finishes by 6pm and we have a team dinner scheduled for 8pm at Broadbeach. I find management meetings a very effective leveraged way to keep the team focused and action orientated and results driven. It also enables the team to be updated on what's happening in other divisions and to be updated of changes and new staff in each department. It also puts pressure on divisions to perform as healthy competition is good and it also eliminates excuses, as any manager that makes an excuse for non-performance has to explain why to 10 other managers who can all ask questions and

16 - A month in my life

challenge certain decisions. We also nominate the employee of the month and division of the month. It is then my casting vote that decides the winners if the team can't decide. It also identifies if they need help or assistance to achieve their divisions goals and the most common question I ask is, "Do you need anything else to achieve your targets?" If they do, I can ensure they get it if is worthwhile. If they don't, then they know they have no excuses. Team dinner is a lot of fun and the team generally enjoy each other's company. It is also good for team bonding. We find a small bar after dinner and continue socialising. However, being a Monday night there isn't much happening on the Gold Coast and also I don't want to encourage the managers to have too late a night considering we have a big day ahead tomorrow, so by 1.30am everyone heads back to his or her hotel. Wednesday March 25th I have a meeting scheduled at my home with an old friend. I've asked him to come over to discuss a potential capital raising for some of my companies. Even though my companies don't require additional capital, my intention is to consider all options in view of the worsening economic environment and the world recession threatening to turn into a depression and the fact most companies have been raising capital to be better positioned for such a downturn. I'm interested in being prepared for the opportunity to buy out distressed companies in the different industries my companies operate in. So if I did some capital raising it would be predominantly for this purpose. After deciding not to list on the ASX last year I'd only consider a capital raising if it involved little effort and not overly costly. The meeting is productive and it gives me food for thought and I am actually quite excited about the opportunities. It's funny how the world works, just after the meeting with my good friend I get an email from one of my advisors letting me know a private equity fund wants to meet with me to discuss investing into my companies and help with acquisitions. It's certainly a topic worth discussing so I agree to the meeting. When I'm at home 1 work from the front of my house overlooking the canal and it's such an empowering environment to work from. My house opens up completely with large twostory glass walls and it is like living in a private resort that is so
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

peaceful and hence the reason why I don't leave the house for many days. I decide to cancel a bike riding boy's trip to Fraser Island due on the weekend as my book distributor sends through orders for two new books they have promoted to bookstores. The challenge is, I'm yet to finish either of them so I set aside the next 10 days to focus on finishing my books as it will take a further 3 to 5 weeks after I complete my work before they can be printed and sent to bookstores. The books are 70% done but require a lot of time to add my personal stories, which relate to the content and to help the reader absorb the concepts and strategies. I love educating people to see the potential in their lives. Life is what you make it to be - if you want something you need to ask for it and make it happen. Create your dream life for yourself and start living it each day.


"On top of the world," on the highest peak on one of my farms in Northern NSW, 40 klm East of Glen Innes.

Relaxing in my Gold Coast house where I recently moved from Sydney to enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle. This is effectively my home office where I work from many days overlooking the canal.

Driving my Ferrari 360 Sypder to the farm. It was my Christmas present a few years back and a childhood dream realised.

In Las Vegas near the Grand Canyon with Anthony Robbins and his wife Sage.

In deep conversation with Anthony Robbins in Tahiti and my good friend Simon.

On top of a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand (left) and exploring the Grand Canyon near Las Vegas (right). I LOVE flying in helicopters.

Partying with Richard Branson and my partner.

With Richard Branson, my partner and Virgin Blue CEO Brett Godfrey in Sydney.

With Richard Branson on the Launch Flight of Richard's new airline "V Australia" to Los Angeles (left). At the Sydney "V Australia" launch party. I'm usually not into art but this night I made an exception (right).

The family farm house where I grew up which my parents live in to this day and I escape to every few months.

At the family farm with my dad and 3 of my brothers; Paul, Dennis and Troy (left). My first attempt to make a million dollars was selling Swede Turnips like this to the Brisbane markets as a teenager (right).

In Fiji at a 21st Century conference with my mum. I often fly my mum and dad overseas. They supported me well when I was starting out and I'll be forever grateful.

. This exercise helps participates break through limiting barriers when they realise so much more is possible in life with the right emotional state and strategy. They all say it's so much better then school. Breaking boards at my seminars. The events are a total blast and I've been doing them for nearly 11 years now and intend doing them for many more decades to come.On stage at one of my 21st Century 'Education for Life' 4 Day Events in Melbourne. a happy participant after breaking the board. Mary. I allow all parents to bring one teenager free to all events which they absolutely love.

which wasn't one of his better decisions. Paul and Dennis and Sonny Bill Williams. . With Australian Idol judge. the infamous NRL player who fled shortly thereafter my favourite team the Bulldogs to play Union in France.Meeting Kristin Davis in Los Angeles at a private party who is famous from the hit show Sex and the City. Marcia Hines. A truly wonderful lady. My 35th birthday bash with my brothers. Better known as Charlotte.

Exploring the pyramids of Egypt. In Miami US with my good mate Nik Halik . Working from my home office with my loyal companion and business partner Rocky McIntyre (a Maltese Shih Tzu). one of the world's most fascinating countries. Nik is a crazy friend who has dived to the deck of the Titanic and is a trained Cosmonaut awaiting to be the 5th civilian ever to go into space. . At a cost of US$30million I suggested it might have been cheaper to join NASA and have them pay for it.

Some of my 21st Century Seminar Team enjoying themselves working at locations such as Queenstown. New Zealand for our 4 Day Seminars. and our warehouse and shipping admin facility in Noosa QLD.My corporate Head Quarters in Melbourne for the 21st Century Companies. Queenstown is where I have a second home and is one of my favourite places in the whole world . Australia's Top Model show moved in after I left to film the foxtel show. . Where I used to live in Sydney over looking the harbour.

17. . FAST TRACK P ROPERTY STRATEGIES McDonald’s makes more from its real estate than its hamburgers because they use that real estate as equity to reinvest.

This is down from 73 percent in 1980. So property is clearly not just for the super wealthy. This means that these people are going to be 'renters' for their entire lives.000). I have learnt how to buy property virtually no money down.000 and I do not have to pay for these properties for over a year.000 worth of property that I purchased at around $40.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Why invest in real estate? One reason is because many people have made money out of real estate and I expect many more people to make even more money in the years to come. As property prices and interest rates keep rising. Bear in mind that if you wish to be one of the 'wealthy' people in the future you should probably be using property to your advantage. If you are using real estate make sure that you do your homework properly. $600. Depending on your experience. Personally. Like any investment area. It is expected by the year 2010 that only 40 percent of Australians will own their dream home.400. rather than putting the 10 percent deposit 280 . you can just as easily lose money as make money in real estate.000 below bank valuation and my only cash outlay was around $2. In the meantime the cash saved by not outlaying a 10 percent deposit on these properties is tied up generating returns from stock-renting strategies. I like to buy property with no money down because I do not like to tie up cash in property if I can avoid it. Millionaires from real estate The intelligent use of real estate can enable ordinary Australians to become millionaires in about 10 years or less. there are both sensible and risky ways of investing in real estate. Many years ago I purchased several properties in Brisbane (Queensland. it is for anyone who wishes to increase their net worth in a steady. Thus there is a definite trend of many people side-stepping real estate. most Australian property investors earn below the average wage (which is currently around $50. In a year those properties were worth close to $800. less and less people are able to afford their 'dream home'. Despite the 'concept' of property belonging to the 'rich'. Australia). It is an easily accessible market that has many favourable advantages. That means an instant profit of $40. appreciating environment. determination and skill.000 with an outlay of virtually nothing.

$50. a run down mining town in outback Australia. A lot of statisticians say that on average across the board.always make your plans conservative as it could take 10 years or longer.300 in Broken Hill. I have some properties outside capital cities that have made phenomenal returns but I prefer capital cities. especially if you are buying them with good criteria and they are good quality properties. Imagine Broken Hill. A tip .000 a year after tax. In 10 years time these properties could be worth $600.000 a year is approximately $35.17 . Let us look at how they can buy two investment properties to allow them to retire. especially when you get to a point where you do not need the money. For instance. it obviously depends on the location and quality of the property and the price you pay for it.Fast Track Property Strategies into a trust account with a realtor with zero returns.000 that we will use for this strategy. property does not double every 10 years in Broken Hill. You can buy a property for as little as $1. this is $300.com/pdsbk .000 a year and they want to replace their income. I am going to suggest that just by buying two investment properties they could achieve this. The strategy is not going to work in a small country town because the property will not double in 10 years or even 100 years and could even go the other way. So would you be committed to buying two properties in the next decade if you could retire from them? In year one of the plan we are going to buy one property.000 in extra money we have made 281 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. Not all property though. People are leaving because of the downturn in work and your property will just sit there. You can see how investing is not a bad hobby. The second year we do not buy any property and in the third year we buy our second property. property has doubled on average every 7 to 10 years in the last 150 years in Australia and America. It is fun and you can do a lot of things with it. Some people have properties that double in value in 5 years.propertydirectworkshop. John and Sally are earning $50. If the property doubles in 10 years (ideally 7 years. but 10 to be conservative). That is 10 years after you buy them. You do not have to buy 100 properties and become a property guru to make this work.000 each. I generally buy properties in capital cities because these properties will continue to grow. while some properties may take 20 years to double in value. you have to decide your own criteria. The properties I tend to buy are often around $300.

they generally have to pay capital gains tax. Remember. being in a capital city.000 in year 3. You probably purchased these properties with a 10 percent deposit (unless you have learnt to buy with virtually no money down) and borrowed the difference. John and Sally can draw out $35. John and Sally have waited 10 years before the commenced drawing this money down. it may be worth $900.000 out of the second property. That is if it has doubled in 10 years to $600. Is there any law saying they cannot spend that money? The banks don’t care where John and Sally spend the money as long as they meet their commitments.000.000 net cash to replace their income.000 in the first year. In years 4. a total gain of $600. John and Sally need $35. six years later it could be in excess of $900. Where can John and Sally obtain that money from? What about a line of credit? A line of credit allows us to draw equity/cash out of property by setting up a bank account from which to draw this down. Six years later the first property is worth more than $600.000 to $1 million. In year 2 John and Sally can do the same thing and draw out another $35.000 and the property keeps increasing in 282 . a good growth area. 5 and 6 they could take say $35.000 which is sitting there available to be used. Are they spending money they worked hard for or are they spending money they made out of thin air while they slept? John and Sally do not want take any more money out of that property even though they could. They are probably thinking that if they buy the property they will have to work harder.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had over 10 years on each property. so they might as well use the money they have made.000. If they buy and sell to make a profit. We will use that as an example. Now your properties are worth $600. It is worth $600.000.000.000 from capital growth. The money is just sitting there so why not use it? If they do not use it when they die someone else will get it.000 and they now have another $300.000 each and you have earned $600.000 a year net to replace their current incomes. John and Sally have not finished using the first $300.000 and draw another $35. They need $35.000. In this strategy we are going to buy a good property and ideally keep it forever. That gives John and Sally another $300.

a different way of looking at money. A lot of wealthy people understand this and that is why they are wealthy.000 per year that they are drawing out? The answer (in Australia) is no.17 . because it is not income. Do John and Sally have to pay income tax on the $35. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will let them do that because it is borrowings. out of this mindset.propertydirectworkshop. they could get into a cycle of making more money than they spend. 283 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. Now if John and Sally are not careful. also if you do not invest and buy properties to house Australians the government will have to. Do you think that the banks are not pulling that money out and using it? McDonald's makes more from its real estate than its hamburgers because they use that real estate as equity to reinvest. The banks do not work hard for money. Have you noticed that the banks own the biggest buildings in the cities? Do you think the banks are working hard to pay off these buildings? The banks know that they are increasing in value. John and Sally are spending thin air and there is no tax on thin air as yet! That money is legally tax-free. your debt and your life insurance will pay out the properties. Do you have to pay back this debt or do you simply have to meet the interest payments? The answer is you never actually have to pay this debt back unless you choose. thus wiping out our debt without having to work hard to pay the debt.com/pdsbk . they take your money to insure your debt. we could now sell the second property and use this money to pay off the first property. If you want to pay this debt you can. because they have been taught to work hard for money and they have to get out of this way of thinking. Is that really smart? No. If we wanted to pay off the debt with this strategy and live off the rent. Gerry Harvey for instance of major Australian appliance retailer Harvey Norman fame creates a lot of his wealth from the properties he develops for his franchised Harvey Norman stores. This is what insurance companies are for. as critics may say this is a debt-ridden strategy. This is another example of working smart versus working hard .Fast Track Property Strategies value whether they like it or not. When you die. which can mean they have more money than they need for retirement. Most people work hard to try to pay off their property. However let us consider what a real debt strategy is.

000 $300.000 Draw out $35.000 Draw out $35.000 property Property value in 10 years time.000 Draw out $35.000 Year 2 Year 3 Property 2 $600.000 Year 1 $300.000 Draw out $35.000 less tax gross ($35.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had A 10-year plan Year 1 2 3 Property value Buy $300.000 Property 1 is now worth $900k plus approximately: this equals another $300.000 in additional equity Draw out $35.000 net) Draw out $35.000 in additional equity Cycle continues Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Note: Year 1 commences from 10-years after purchase of first property in this example. However John and Sally could start drawing down equity sooner if needed.000 Draw out $35. 284 .000 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Draw out $35.000 in line of credit from property 2 Draw out $35.000 plus approximately: this equals another $300.000 property You do not buy any property Buy a second $300. assuming the properties double in value Extra equity in 10 years Property 1 $600.000 in line of credit TAX FREE to replace John and Sally's income of $50.000 Property 2 is now worth $900.

Fast Track Property Strategies I have illustrated this as a concept only. All that you really want in life is to change how you feel. One question I asked my millionaire mentor when I first learned how he did this was. as long as I was willing to think outside the box and compare it to my other alternatives of working hard and not really enjoying the fruits of one's wealth.000 year after year?” He told me that I needed to be creative and overcome any challenges that I might encounter. Or what if the property market goes flat? Then you may have to adjust your plan to a 15-year plan rather than 10 years.com/pdsbk . For instance he said. Obviously in reality there are obstacles that may have to be overcome. such as qualifying for finance. Anthony Robbins 285 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. rents tend to double every 7 to 9 years and this is additional income that could be used.17 . Could you draw some extra equity to cover some of the interest shortfall if need be? Could you still qualify for tax deductions to help fund the shortfall? For instance could you generate some income from the renting strategy to cover some of the interest bill without the need to work to ensure you enjoy your retirement? The answer was obviously yes. Is this still preferable to no plan or the pension plan? I would say. getting good valuations and being comfortable spending equity (thin air) rather than just leaving it to go to waste and dying with it unspent. You've got to be in a determined state in order to succeed. as it will be increasing the more I draw on the $35. or 5 years as it has been in recent times. most definitely! However if you understand the concept you are 80 percent there.propertydirectworkshop. “How do I pay the interest bill in the line of credits.

000 and expenses are $10. Commitment The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had If property income is $10. Anthony Robbins 286 .000 this is geared neutrally.

Few 287 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.000 would be required 90% loan is possible to gain greater leverage with property than stocks Assuming 10% capital growth in 1 year then $1.000 equity gain on $100.000 outlay (10% deposit) = 100% net ROI (return on investment) To equal the return of our property portfolio would require a 100% gain on our stocks Assuming same 10% capital growth as property = $10.Fast Track Property Strategies Fast Track Property Strategies to make you money while you sleep What if you could? • Buy property with virtually no money down • Ensure your property increases in value • Have tenants who: 1.1 million would be the new value of property portfolio = $100. whereas it is not common to do so with stocks due to the higher risk. Sign 3-5 year leases • Obtain returns in property equivalent to 100 percent return in companies • Legally minimise tax • Find motivated vendors • Massively reduce stamp duty • Learn more about secrets of property investors Property versus buying stocks on the Stock Market Stock Market $100k deposit stock portfolio Example Property Purchase $1 million property portfolio Generally a 10% deposit i.com/pdsbk . Treat the property as if it their own 3.propertydirectworkshop.000 = 10% ROI only Property in this example is 10 times more profitable when measured as return on outlay.17 . This is due to it being common to borrow 80-90 percent or even 100 percent on property.e. Will pay rent on time. all the time 2. $100. Be willing to pay more rent 4.

A successful business must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The clients in residential properties are your tenants and should be treated like VIP's. It is true you can margin loan up to 70 percent on stocks. 288 . mainly due to them earning commissions on selling managed funds which are predominately invested in the stock market. I realise that it is easier and takes less time. However. however this carries substantial risk in comparison to borrowing for property.O.). easier to buy with no money down and potential tax benefits. I personally invest in both properties and stocks. Treat it as a business. i. Few financial planners are honest enough to highlight this. I was able to build a property portfolio of over $10 million in less than 5 years using many of these principles. If you own one out of fifty similar properties in a CBD apartment block. is your business unique? I would suggest not.I. mainly due to them earning commissions on selling managed funds which are predominately invested in the stock market. including many of them using no money down. therefore a business must add value and make a profit A successful business must treat its clients like VIP's.e. involvement and skill to obtain up to a 10 percent gain per annum on a quality investment property portfolio in contrast to requiring a 100 percent gain in stocks to achieve the same return on investment (R. Commercial property is treated as a business What if we adopted commercial property principles to residential property? Increase rent and automatically increase value of property.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had financial planners are honest enough to highlight this. Property Organising Principles I have included my key organising principles that I have generally used to build a large property portfolio.

3.propertydirectworkshop. 4. as the property is more desirable. Add value to the tenant. 5. 289 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. longer staying tenant. List five things you can do to add value to a property. • Increase capital value. New value $350k Extra equity $50k e. the higher the property value.g. Renovate  bathroom and kitchen Paint it New carpet. Original value $300k 1. higher paying and longer staying tenant for your property. I have included some examples that can work effectively in different circumstances on the next page.com/pdsbk . • You could use the increased line of credit that you can access to purchase new furniture for the property to entice a better quality. Think about what the tenant wants and would like to have. • Speed up your retirement plan as you can do it sooner.17 . 2. • Also if the tenant will sign a 3-5 year lease it will increase the capital valuation instantly as the property is worth more. while your existing bank will value upwards based on your purchase price. the higher the rent. By adding value you can: • Charge more rent. floorboards Landscape gardens  (backyard blitz style) Clean up and tidy After you have done this you should have the house re-valued. List five ways to attract a better quality. It is better to use a new bank to re-value and refinance the house because they will have a new objectivity and value based on similar properties in the area. • Increase access to cash as you can draw out more money in a line of credit.Fast Track Property Strategies Adding value to property including your own house.

You will have time to increase savings. e.000. Target developers or vendors who are prepared to consider offering discounts.see chart on previous page. furniture package A furniture package. Always look for a win-win opportunity as many people are happy to sell at a discount for various reasons. 3. if they sign a 5-year lease and agree to the above. 5.000 deposit by using a deposit bond for a cost of approximately $600. 100 per cent finance The steps: 1. use higher rent to cover cost of car payments 2. 4. Maybe if your tenants were university students you could include a free car subject to costs. You negotiate a 10 percent discount to reduce the property cost to $270.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Adding value to the tenant 1. Save paying a $27. Often. You purchase a property worth say $300. You do not need to be ruthless to gain discounts.g.000 2. by claiming that to obtain a discount is taking advantage of someone. 4. An example of no money down. Exchange contracts at point A . include pool or garden maintenance. Charge higher rent. often that is just a story some critics use to discredit many successful investors. give the tenant a share in percentage of capital growth. pay higher rent and always pay on time If rent is paid on time. gain extra equity from 290 . 3. they get to own it if they agree to a longer lease. to obtain a discount you do not have to take advantage of desperate vendors.

000 that is over 100 percent of the finance required.i. An 80 percent LVR loan of $264.propertydirectworkshop. a 10 percent increase. We had the properties re-valued at $335.000 (which was on zero outlay as I used a deposit bond to save the 10 percent deposit. our purchase price was $308. 7.000 allowing an option to sell it prior to settlement if desired at a profit of $67.com/pdsbk . Obtain a 90 per cent LVR loan (loan to value ratio) of $297.000 with a six months delayed settlement. Prior to settlement have the property re-valued to say $330. 100 per cent finance Point B 12 months later Revalued at $330.000 and I put one unit on the market at $375.000 which is close to 100% finance as well.000 Use deposit bond to save $27.000 for stamp duty. generally my preferred strategy is to hold properties 291 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.e.000 .Fast Track Property Strategies other properties and obtain more favourable finance before settlement.00 A Exchange B Settlement 10% discount $270. legal fees and extra cash or 80% loan = $264.000 Point A Worth $300.000 new valuation on property $297.000 outlay for 10% deposit Outlay approximately $600 for deposit bond (a guarantee from an insurance company for your deposit) $330.000 90% loan less $270.) However.000 after negotiating a $22. An 80% loan is obviously much easier than a 90% loan I recently purchased several properties valued at $330.000 would be almost 100 percent. 6. whichever is the higher. Delay settlement until 12 months later. An example of no money down. Arrange bank finance based on the contract price or the re-valuation.000 purchase price leaves $27. Thus.17 .000 discount per property as a group of us purchased the complete development.

000 property it equals $3.000. For instance. A six month delayed settlement allows time to arrange tenants and to improve my financial position to obtain better finance. My comment would be how many critics become self-made millionaires? Not many! Discounts are available if you target the right people and negotiate well. if you negotiated a discount you automatically reduced your risk as you are buying below value and quality property rarely drops in value. collecting the extra $60. Two.000 within six months and is likely to double in value within 7 to 10 years? You could find properties yourself. i. Also be wary of some property seminars selling negative geared property and always obtain an independent valuation if you wish to proceed.000 in fees if a friend or associate arranged a property at a $22.000 property at a discount. Hopefully increased regulations will stop some property marketeers from selling overpriced properties to 292 . higher LVR 90 percent instead of 80 percent. Is it worth asking for a discount? Critics will offer this advice One.300. A warning: If you attend wealth seminars. if you can buy the property at a discount. My associates often pay one of my companies a sourcing fee for helping put the deal together.000 to $35. would you pay $2. Either way. it was not really worth that in the first place. plus earn a fee by bringing offers to other property investors or just benefit from discounts due to buying properties in bulk together as a group of investors. You need to create win-win relationships and not take advantage of people. property sharks (marketeers) often add 20 percent and more to the value of a property and sell these properties to gullible interstate investors (punters) at say $360. what if the property drops in value? The solution is to use criteria to select carefully.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had and never sell unless I need some quick cash. 100 percent investment loans are quite common also. Instead of obtaining a $300. make sure all they are selling are education courses and that they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.e. The investor then finds out several years later that their property is worth less than what they paid for it. If you can gain just a 1 percent discount on a $330.000 discount and that property is likely to increase in value by a further $25.000 as profit. These days.

check how many properties are listed on their For Lease list. However. e. • Property values will also increase at a greater rate. Select properties within sought after ‘lifestyle locations’ that will attract consistent rental demand by quality tenants.Fast Track Property Strategies consumers.propertydirectworkshop. regulation will not protect everyone. which is a good reason to educate yourself by reading books and attending educational only seminars or studying courses to develop your financial education to avoid being a victim. • If the property is priced over $500. Select properties close to ‘water’. 4. 6. beaches. Select properties in areas within 10 miles of the CBD but not the CBD or some fringe areas. • It will also be difficult to obtain a 90 percent LVR (loan to value ratio) finance option from most institutions. Properties priced below $250. not have the desired quality finishes or not be in the best possible area.000 price range.g. Select properties in suburbs with proven capital growth over the past five years. Select properties in suburbs that have a high rental demand. Only self-education will.000 to $500. • Limited land also means that the area is in demand. e. oceans and rivers. then visit the ‘top’ realtors in the area and check their rental lists to assess the rental demand.g. 293 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.000 in most cases it will cease to become affordable to the vast majority of tenants. 5. Most tenants will not be able to afford rental payments in excess of $550 per week. 3. people want to live there. A 21-point property checklist 1.17 . 7.com/pdsbk .000 will either be too small. • First phone. • If there is limited land available for further development. Select properties within suburbs and streets where limited land is available. 2. you will have less competition for tenants. Select properties within the $250.

• In certain circumstances. 8. major public and private schools. because they provide their occupants with fabulous water. specific high-rise apartments might be worth more than houses in the same area. Select properties close to educational facilities. flats and houses built on large land lots. • High capital growth areas investments. city or mountain views. • The general rule is that land appreciates in value and buildings depreciate. 9. • More and more people are now leasing residential property and investing excess income into investments.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had • Talk to realtor’s rental manager in regard to ‘rental growth’ in the area. • You can call relocation agencies listed in the Yellow Pages to find out what suburbs corporate clients most prefer. 14. where affluent individuals choose to live. • The higher the tenants income. 13. 11. Select properties that are located close to public transport. universities. 294 . Select properties close to major sporting. Select townhouse style properties. • Townhouses should be a preference to apartments. the more chance you have of raising the rental every year More and more people and the less chance your are now leasing property will be affected in the residential property event of a recession or market and investing excess income into downturn. • Corporate tenants pay more money and are very secure tenants. Select properties in areas that have ‘affluent’ tenants with high disposable income. 10. dining and entertainment precincts. Select properties that have land content. 12. Select properties that are in demand from corporate clients.

you are actually purchasing the tenant. • There are far greater body corporate rates to be paid in relation to an apartment building than a townhouse. • The higher the depreciation allowance for the property the greater the tax benefit and the less money you will have to pay from your pocket towards the cost of maintaining the property. • If the tenant disappears. but because of the shift in our lifestyles people do not want to spend their free time watering the garden or pulling out weeds. 16.17 . The old rule of property is that the balance between supply and demand dictates the price. • Townhouses have the greatest appeal to corporate tenants because of their easy maintenance. Select properties that offer high depreciation and taxation benefits. it is very likely that your hard earned investment will be worth no more than 40 percent of its original value. Select properties within projects whose income potential is not based on ‘short term’ or ‘holiday letting’.com/pdsbk .propertydirectworkshop. you are not purchasing the building structure. otherwise engage a quantity surveyor to perform a Depreciation Schedule Analysis on the property. 15. extra privacy features and outdoor lifestyle areas. • Ask the property developer if they have a depreciation schedule for the property you wish to purchase. increased security. You are actually buying the tenant. you will have 50 to 100 competitors who will want to sell or lease their apartment at the same time as you. you can kiss your anticipated investment returns good-bye. • As you can now see. If your apartment is one of 50 or more. not the property. 295 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.Fast Track Property Strategies • Most Australians still prefer to live in a ‘house style’ environment rather than a condo or high-rise apartment building. If the property market takes a downturn and 50 or more competitors try to sell or liquidate their properties at the same time as you. Competitors on your doorstep. with the ‘holiday based’ investment property such as serviced apartments.

• Select boutique properties with less than 35 units in the project. the realtor will receive no marketing money and will have to make up the difference between the rental guarantee and the actual rental price of the property. The fewer units in the development means the less chance you will have of multiple neighbour competitors discounting their rental price. your property will automatically be devalued. You will obviously have less competition for rental in a development of 15 units than a development of 150 units. Selecting a property where the price of the property offers at least a 4 percent gross rental return based on the ‘long-term’ rental guarantee the realtor is prepared to provide. especially the new warehouse-shell based projects. • Ask the realtor to provide you with a rental price that they are absolutely sure is achievable in the worst-case scenario. Select properties that are located within smaller low-rise ‘boutique’ style properties. • Remember that property is worth only what a similar property last sold for. what do think will happen to the rental earning potential or capital gain potential? • If your neighbours panic and sell their property (which is similar to yours) at a lower value than their original purchase price. rather than high-rise multi-storey developments. • If the property market takes a downturn and given the fact that you will have so many potential competitors on your doorstep. • In the event where the same financial institution financed most of the units in the same building and purchasers start falling over. • If the promised and agreed rental is not achieved by the rental agent after two weeks of trying to lease the property. thus reducing your property’s rental potential. the bank may choose to re-value your property and ask you to inject extra equity needed to top-up your loan. 296 .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had 17. • Exactly the same problems associated with serviced apartments as discussed above also apply for any high-rise apartment blocks of more than 35 units. 18.

Professional developers will have finalised the builder and construction price within the first three months of entering the marketing phase of the project. you run the risk that a rise in the construction price will make the project too risky or unprofitable for the developer and the project will never be built. Select properties within projects that are guaranteed to be built and completed. If the developer has not engaged a builder. the project will never be built. Avoid the following types of off-the-plan projects: • Projects that may present a risk of not satisfying bank presale requirements. The only legitimate reason this could happen is a result of dealing with a desperate vendor. solicitor. • Achieving the highest possible rental returns is far easier with a 3 bedroom property. • Projects that do not have a builder selected at the time of your purchase. Ask the realtor to name other projects completed by the same developer and go and inspect them personally. If the developer cannot obtain the funding. • Projects that are built by amateur developers who cannot obtain the right funding or building price to complete the project.Fast Track Property Strategies 19. Select properties which have 3 bedrooms to increase rental income. • One of your goals should always be to increase the rental price of your property every year as much as possible. • You must only purchase properties that contain 3 bedrooms or a minimum of 2 bedrooms. 21. • One of the only reasons to overlook the criteria above is if the property is sold at an extremely low price.com/pdsbk .17 . Do not purchase ‘off the plan’ property that is being sold ‘subject to permit’. 20. as you are unlikely to get tenants requiring 4 bedrooms consistently renting the same property at the same time. 297 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.propertydirectworkshop. accountancy fees and bank fees) spent on purchasing the property. Even large developers can run into problems and decide not to proceed with their project. • If the project is not finalised you will lose money due to the transaction costs (e.g. 4 bedrooms is an overkill.

21stcenturyfinance.com. www. because of your negotiation skills.au email address finance@21stcenturyacademy. the Internet or mortgage based magazines that are available at news stands. you purchased the property at a wholesale price? • Will they take market growth into account when evaluating the LVR? • Will the financier lend you money based on the contract price or valuation. whichever is higher? • Will the lender provide you with 100 percent LVR or only 80 percent? • Will the lender provide you with an interest only investment loan rather than principal and interest? • Will the lender provide you a 5 or 10 year fixed interest facility versus variable rate? 298 .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had How to obtain 100 per cent finance In order to obtain the ideal finance you will have to make numerous calls and phone most of the various financiers who currently lend money towards residential property. I use good finance brokers who work on a performance only basis. Some questions that you will need to address while obtaining your ideal finance: • What valuer does the lender use and will they accept the valuer who recently valued your property for another financial institution? • Will the lender accept the fact that. Do not pay any upfront fees as the broker may not be able to obtain a loan for you and then keep your fee.au You can obtain a list of other brokers and lenders through newspapers. This company attempts to obtain a loan for virtually anyone and I have asked the team to offer every reader of this book a free portfolio review valued at $195.com. I also have my own finance broking company 21st Century Finance to service our clients .

propertydirectworkshop. • All the market research that you have performed. Prepare a professional financial proposal that includes: • A valuation of the property and its rental potential. ready for inspection. This will help increase your borrowing capacity. • A professional financial analysis (prepared by an accountant or an accredited consultant) in regard to the property and your particular financial situation. Relationships are crucial in regard to property finance. You can obtain this estimate from the local realtors. • A depreciation schedule for the property. This analysis should include the following: • All the taxation benefits associated with the property and their effect on your overall holding costs. neatly bound in a presentation folder. including income loss insurance.com/pdsbk . work at building a relationship with your lending manager.Fast Track Property Strategies • Will your current financial status (income and assets) fit the financier's lending criteria? • Will the financier be willing to lend you money for multiple properties? You will need to call as many financiers as required until you are able to secure at least two lenders. They should be more than happy to provide this estimate as long as they have the opportunity to lease the property. term life insurance and landlords insurance. Make sure that you have prepared all the financial information the lender requires and that it is neatly arranged. • The estimated rental income the property should achieve. • Show the lender the bank valuation. • Photographs of the property and all relevant information relating to the property and supporting media articles. Tell the lender your intentions to take adequate insurance coverage. • The bank will take 75 percent of the rental estimate (sometimes 80 percent) into account and add this to the amount of your overall yearly income. 299 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. • A longer-term financial projection for the property (a minimum of 20 years).17 . trauma insurance.

Can I borrow money to finance property if I have very little income (less than $20. Approach the lender as a professional investor and clearly explain your intentions to use your equity as a line of credit income. most lenders will lend you the money required to purchase your investment property. In the current market conditions. irrespective of whether you receive the loan or not. you can use this equity as buffer income by establishing a line of credit facility. Obtain from your lender a firm time when you will have irrevocable loan approval. You can use the line of credit to pay for the difference in cost between your overall property expense and the rental income you will receive. prove to the bank that you are not a risk. Your property value does not sit still regardless of whether you inject extra equity into the property.) or no income at all? If you have equity in your house or an investment property. lenders are virtually throwing money at potential borrowers.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had • Evidence that you have prepared for a worst case scenario. All you need to do as a finance professional is spend the required time and approach enough lenders and you will obtain the deal you want. but be careful not to sign the Privacy Act until they can give you a fair idea that your finance will be approved to avoid marking your credit file. note that I emphasise the word irrevocable. Approach as many lenders as required to obtain what you want. Just because one bank will not provide you with the loan does not mean that another lender will not. If all your other information is in order.000 p. Interest only or P&I (Principle and Interest) loan? Interest only loans are the best types of loan for investment properties. 300 . You must have the attitude that you will obtain finance if you are absolutely committed and that you will not take no for an answer. as every time you apply for loan it may be recorded on your credit file. As I mentioned previously you will probably need to approach more than three lenders to obtain your ideal deal.a.

The investor could be a family member. commercial and investment.propertydirectworkshop. the lender will take 80 percent of your potential rental income into account when assessing your loan servicing ability. You can use the equity in your own home or in your other assets. You can approach family.000 to $50.com/pdsbk . Communicate. it should be very easy to find investors. You can take out a personal loan from lending institutions. Anthony Robbins What happens if I cannot obtain 100 percent finance and I need to come up with equity money? If you cannot obtain 100 percent finance because you could not achieve a large enough discount. If you have no equity and you have a low income.000 without the need for any security except your personal guarantee. You can borrow money from second mortgage lenders. property. friends or any other potential investor and ask them to 'put up' their assets as security to borrow the required equity money. If there is no need for people to provide hard cash and if the investment is sound. Never assume it comes to rules. or you could not obtain enough leverage from the lender.17 . you can still purchase the property with no money of your own. You can obtain a business partner in the property. friend or even a business colleague. You can borrow the equity required (which has been financed by the lender) through the following means: 1. 3. Many solicitors lend second mortgage money for residential 301 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. you can still obtain a loan but you will have to convince another party (a potential investor with the correct income requirement) to coguarantee your loan. If you have a steady job most financial institutions will lend you $35. 4. business. etc. You might have to share some of your profit with them as an incentive for them to co-guarantee your loan.Fast Track Property Strategies Remember. 2.

5. The problem with this is that if the broker does not obtain the right deal for you. Determination is the wake-up call to the human will.000 settlement. again. and what we're willing to do to achieve our dreams. You can borrow cash money from private investors and offer them a higher interest rate or equity in the property. This means that if you are short of $50. If you pay the vendor a high enough interest rate. Always remember (that in my opinion) most finance brokers are incompetent and always work on a no result. no payment basis with finance brokers.000 (obtained from the bank) and you will still owe them $50. the questions that we ask ourselves can shape our perception of who we are. Should I get a finance broker to arrange my loan? The process of obtaining a loan will teach you how you can do it yourself in the future and you will be able to establish your own relationships with key lenders for your future finance needs. as an indication 1-4 percent above current variable market rates.000 on a $250. make sure that you do not 'screw' them on fees. because most finance brokers will ask for an upfront fee. You want the best and brokers do not work for peanuts. what we're capable of. so avoid using brokers who want fees upfront. they should agree in most cases. If the broker provides you with the result you want and guarantees their performance. You can ask the vendor from whom you are purchasing the property to provide you with vendor finance for a small component of the purchase price. secured by a caveat or second mortgage over the property and personal guarantees. At the moment. they still keep your money. it is just a matter of money. Anthony Robbins 302 . you will still provide the vendor with $200. If you do engage the services of a broker.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had property but charge a higher interest rate. Be careful.000. they should be paid a reasonable fee. You and I have that same power at our disposal every moment of the day.

21stcenturyfinance.au 303 For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www.com.php/fsbk.21stcenturypropertydirect. *For a limited time.Fast Track Property Strategies Bonus I've asked the team at 21st Century Finance to provide a Free Finance Review to assist you in your investment goals.a.com/pdsbk .com.99% p. thanks to government backed funding to help non bank lenders compete against the big four banks. www.au/portfolio_review.17 . Extra bonus For a Free 2 day Property and Finance Seminar visit www. Simply visit They also have a 21st Century Home Loan available from as low as 2.propertydirectworkshop.


He has exceptional skill in the areas of tax planning. TAX SECRETS OF THE RICH This chapter was prepared by taxation lawyer Warren Black B Com. LLB (Hons). . He is a qualified lawyer (with First Class Honours) and accountant with around 20. asset protection.years experience in taxation and business law.18. Warren says he discovered that many of his clients have no idea of the incredible secrets and possibilities available to minimise their tax. commercial law and international tax.

An experience that will open you up to a world that you probably never knew existed! Introduction to Trusts What do we mean by a 'Trust'? A trust is a legal device used to manage real or personal property. that if you invest $10. that is. your compounded balance would be $200. that is a significant handicap in the pursuit of creating wealth! So the real question is .37 if you pay no tax? While this would only be $46. the average Australian works 6 months of the year just to pay the taxman! There is a globalisation agenda prepared for Australia from world powers who seek to impose a one world taxing authority upon the whole world to eliminate tax competition.how much of your wealth will you end up keeping? We can see from the above example that our wealth is more at risk. established by one person (the grantor or Settlor) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary).000 at 30% per annum for 10 years. indeed it is reported that New South Wales has the third highest number of lawsuits per capita in the world! But it is not just lawsuits. keep tax rates high? Your rights as a sovereign individual are gradually being eroded as we become more and more scrutinised in our financial affairs and everything else that we do? Lawsuits are rapidly increasing in Australia. A third person (the trustee) or the grantor manages the trust. for example.72 if you pay tax of 48. Trusts go back to the days of the Holy Crusades in the 11th and 12th centuries. For employees or uneducated business people and investors.855. Did you know that the average small business spends one day per week on government compliance issues? Or did you know.5% on your profits. Knights were forced to go and fight in the Middle 305 . Indeed.879. after 10 years. Excessive tax rates and government compliance is also a dangerous and crippling factor for business people and investors engaged in pursuing wealth.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Did you know Australia is one of the highest taxed nations on earth. But the rich have adopted 'Financial Intelligence' intelligent secrets that have eluded most Australians.

Where the trustee of the trust is subject to litigation . then you control the company by being the shareholder and director. The corporate trustee is a Pty Ltd company which is usually set up at the same time in conjunction with the trust. or a company. they will be jointly and severally liable for any such action. if however they were killed on the journey or in battle.com. If the trust was to be sued the appointor/guardian (controller of the trust) sacks the trustee who is being sued and appoints a new one. where there is a corporate trustee any action undertaken will be limited to the assets of the company not those of the underlying directors.21stcenturyaccounting. whilst not actually being owned by the Knight himself. The reason why many trusts have a corporate trustee is for assets protection purposes.18 . As explained above the trustee is a Pty Ltd company and as many people will know companies have limited liability. 306 For a free accounting review visit www. How does a Trust protect my assets? The main. which protects their shareholders. Depending on the type of assets that the trust will be holding it may be beneficial to have one director or many directors and this can be advised upon at the time of creation. In contrast. and the original reason. The Monks came up with the idea that the Knight's assets should be held in trust for the benefit of the Knight and his family. their assets would go to the King.Tax Secrets of the Rich East. If it is a company. If the lawsuit then continues against this company it owns nothing more than $2 in shares and no assets. The trustee can be either one individual. This in effect allowed the Knight's assets to pass to his family if anything was to happen while he was away. joint individuals.au . trusts are used is for their ability to protect assets. Why do I have a company involved? What is a Corporate Trustee? The trustee is the person or company responsible for making the day-to-day decisions on behalf of the trust. In this case the person suing you would walk away with little or nothing or would most likely give up suing you altogether.such as personal liability action in relation to one of the trust's properties if a trust has individuals as trustees of the trust. The reason why trusts are able to protect your assets is that in the case of the trust being sued the entity that the action is taken against in the trustee.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

As an example let's assume that John sets up a family discretionary trust (as the settlor) with Jones Pty Ltd as the trustee (Fred Jones and Mary Jones control the company). Mary Jones is the appointor. The trust is set up to hold assets and invest moneys to generate profits and distribute the profits at their discretion to the beneficiaries (which are their children, James, Jack and Jenny, relatives and favourite charities). Let’s further assume that Fred and Mary make $100,000 profits from their investing and other business activities in the 2006/07 income year. Fred and Mary can distribute the money each year to whoever they want to and in the proportion they wish. And the beauty is whoever gets the money pays the tax. They can give it all to their three children: 70% to James, 10% to Jack, and 20% to Jenny. They can give 30% to themselves, 20% to each of their children and the remaining 10% to their favourite charity or local church. To be more specific, in distributing the $100,000, let's assume that Fred is earning $80,000 per annum. Fred will pay tax at the highest marginal rate of 45% (plus 1.5% Medicare levy). Fred and Mary may decide to distribute no money to Fred, $60,000 to Mary (as Mary pays no tax but stays at home so the tax on $60,000 will only be $13,350), $30,000 to their family company (which pays tax at 30%, so tax will be $9,000) and the remaining $10,000 to their local church (which pays no tax at all). So the total tax will be $22,350 ($13,350 + $9,000). Yet if Fred had done everything through his company, he would have paid tax of $30,000 on the $100,000 and if it had been in his own name, he would have paid 46.5% tax. Worse still, any money he had given to his local church would have come out of his after-tax income. Yet by using a trust, it comes out of the pre-tax income. Appointors must be reminded that there are laws that prevent the movement of assets to defraud creditors. However at a very minimum the trust will protect assets held outside the trust if the trust was to be involved in litigation. For more information see our section later on “Are Your Assets Protected?”

18 - Tax Secrets of the Rich

How does a Trust help me save tax? Trusts save you tax in two ways: 1. The trust has no tax rate so taxable income can be spread between the trust's beneficiaries who then pay tax at their marginal rate; and 2. The trust can pay expenses out of pre-tax income. Distributions to Beneficiaries As stated above the trust (unlike companies) has no tax rate. Instead the beneficiaries of the trust are taxed at their marginal tax rate dependant on the amount of taxable income they have been distributed from the trust. As many people would know your PAYG income cannot be distributed between family members and/or even spouses. This is where a trust differs and where careful tax planning can take place to gain the maximum tax benefit. Did you know that if you had a trust set up before you attended a tax or accounting seminar you would be able to claim all your expenses while you attended? However this is unlikely to be claimable in your own name. As can be seen from the above example the ability to spread the income between different parties can save thousands of dollars of tax every year. In addition to this, unlike PAYG income where tax is removed every pay cycle, in a trust tax is only payable on distributions made at the end of the financial year. This could effectively mean you can invest your money for 12-18 months longer without having to withdraw the tax. This could have great compounding effects on your investments. Expenses out of pre-tax income Under the Australian tax system most things we purchase (apart from some small items that we can salary sacrifice) come out of our post-tax income. For example if you are on the top marginal tax rate of 46.5% in Australia something that costs you $30, really cost you $56. Over time this can really add up. However as the trust is treated like a business, the trust can pay for items related to that business out of pre-tax income. In the case of the $30 you have effectively saved yourself $26, which
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

can be reinvested. Like the above distributions this can have amazing compounding effects over time. How do I get money out and put money into my Trust? Money Out As stated above getting money out of your trust is done simply by making a distribution. This distribution can be made as easily as a bank transfer from the trust account to your own personal account. It is important to remember at this stage however that any payments made from your trust to yourself are included in your taxable income and therefore stringent records should be kept so these amounts can be included in your tax return (there is a specific section in your tax return for distributions from trusts). It is also not just money that can be distributed out of your trust. Capital gains and franking credits can also be passed out of your trust to the most beneficial beneficiary to reduce the total tax payable. Money In Putting money into your trust to invest with can be done in two forms: 1. Gifting the money from your own personal income to the trust. 2. A loan from you to the trust. Many people will tell you that the only way to put money into your trust is via a loan and the failure to draw up a loan agreement will lead to the money gifted in being taxed twice or penalties being enforced. This however is not the case when money is being gifted from a beneficiary to the trust. Clear documentation should however be kept in the case of a gift to make sure that the moneys which are gifted in are not included in the trusts taxable income for that year. Even though, as explained above, a loan agreement is not necessary, many people still decide to draw up such an agreement due to the effects such an agreement may have. By putting in place a loan agreement with a rate of interest (at market rates) the interest paid will become a deduction in the trust and income to the person loaning the money. Such agreements can be used effectively to improve the tax effects for either the trust or the individual loaning the money. When a trust is set up we will be more than happy to advise

18 - Tax Secrets of the Rich

which method will work most effectively for you and what possible benefits may be available in your own personal situation if a loan agreement is drawn up. Why can't I just leave the money in my Trust and not distribute it? A question we often get asked by many of our clients is “why don't I just not distribute the money to anyone and therefore no one will have to pay tax on it?” Unfortunately this is not the case. If the trust does not distribute all of its income (profit) every year to one of a number of the beneficiaries that income will be taxed at 46.5% (the top marginal tax rate). This will not normally happen though as the trust will distribute its income to a number of the various beneficiaries who will pay at their respective tax rates. If you are looking at holding money in your trust for long periods of time you should look at a bucket company, which is explained on the next page, to reduce the amount of tax payable each financial year. Do I have to give the money to the people I distribute to? Anyone can be named as a beneficiary on your trust however it is usually limited to family members and associated trusts and companies. There is no requirement for these people to be informed that they have been made a beneficiary of the trust when it is first drawn up. If you plan on making a distribution to a particular person they must be informed due to the reason that this income must be included in their tax return for that financial year. This money will then be taxed at their marginal tax rate, which, if lower than your own, can be an effective way of minimising the trust's taxable income. Once this money has been paid, tax on it is effectively the income of that person. However what happens in practice is that many agreements are put in place so that although one person may pay the tax on that income and receive a nominal amount for doing so, the original controller of the trust will end up with the income. As stated above the most important aspect of distributing to people other than yourself is informing them of the distribution before it happens so that they may seek advice as to how this will
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affect their taxable income for that year. It must also be noted that such payments may also affect government payments if these payments break thresholds. What is a 'bucket company'? How does that help me in my trust? The term 'bucket company' is used to describe a company which is set up as a beneficiary of your trust to accumulate money. The reason the term 'bucket' (sometimes also called 'slosh' or 'holding') is used is due to the fact that it sits below your trust and is used to pour money into to reduce tax. The reason why 'bucket companies' can be effective is that they have a flat taxation rate of 30%. For this reason companies can be effective where all of your beneficiaries have marginal tax rates of 30% or more. As this money will be taxed at the company tax rate it can then be loaned back to the trust which can then reinvest the money. If this money this was to be distributed at a later date it can then be paid in the form of a fully franked dividend where the person who receives this distribution will be able to fully utilise the franking credits to reduce their income. For this reason this can be an effective way of reinvesting money at a lower tax rate and wait for a time when your marginal tax rate is lower before paying it out to yourself or to another beneficiary. As an example the Jones Family Trust has $100,000 of profit to distribute and all current beneficiaries are on the highest marginal tax rate of 46.5%. The members of the Trust would like to reinvest this $100,000 into a new investment which starts in the new financial year. They want as much money as possible to put into the investment. If this $100,000 was distributed to the current beneficiaries the tax payable would be $46,500. If however the money is distributed to Jones Pty Ltd (a bucket company) only $30,000 tax would be payable. This would enable $16,500 extra to be invested. With compounding effects over 10 years at 7% interest this would lead to an extra $280,000 for the trust. Can I just give all the money to my children? When the term 'family trust' the first thought that comes to many people is 'can I give all the money to my children to save tax?' Although this would be a wonderful thing it if were true

18 - Tax Secrets of the Rich

unfortunately this is not the case. When it comes to children there are a number of different rules depending on their age and what role they play in the trust. In relation to distributions being made to children there are three important age groups: 1. 0-14 2. 14 - 18 3. 18 and over. Each of the above ages has different distribution rules and different tax rates. For children 0-14 they can be distributed up to $1325 tax-free each year. Any amount over this will be taxed at 46.5% and therefore would not be beneficial to distribute any amount above this. When distributing to children care should be taken to make sure they have not received any other income such as bank interest which would push their total income above $1325 for the year. Once a child reaches the legal working age in Australia (which varies between the States - see table below) they can then be employed in the trust so long as they are completing work related to the trust's dealings. At this stage the child will be able to be paid from the trust at their marginal tax rate. (For example they will receive the first $6000 tax-free). It is important to discuss your situation with us before making such a decision as considerations such as superannuation must be considered and rates can differ from year to year. What about negative gearing and/or losses in a Trust? Many people will tell you that the main disadvantage of a trust is that losses cannot be utilised. That is, you cannot claim your negative losses against your income in your personal name. Although there is some truth in this saying, for the great part, the statement is untrue. As long as the trust is controlled by members of the same family through the year's losses from one year can be used to offset profits in the next year, or even in future years if there are years of running losses. It is for this reason that it is important that all expenses are claimed each financial year, even if you are running at a loss, due to the fact that you will be able to use these expenses in later years. In addition to using trust losses in later years, family trusts can make what is called a 'family trust election' so that losses from
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

one family trust can be used to offset gains in another family trust. This is often used where one trust holds negatively geared property while the other is trading shares. The family trust election allows the losses from the property to offset the gains from the shares, in turn reducing the taxable income of the share trading trust. What if I just want to buy property and have no means of cash flow in the Trust? Many clients come to us with a situation where they only want to buy negatively geared property for buy and hold and do not have any other positively geared investments in another trust. However these clients still want to buy their property in a trust so that they can take advantages of the asset protection and tax benefits. In this situation it still can be possible to claim the negative gearing in your own name to offset your PAYG income, while still taking advantage of the benefits of a trust. Two possible options are a Hybrid Trust and Loan Agreements. If you are looking to invest in negatively geared property you should speak to someone who is able to give you an insight into the options. As to the savings that can be made by investing in a trust with property see below. As an example if John lost $10,000 one year and then made $12,000 profit the next, John would only have a taxable income of $2,000 in that later year, as you can offset the losses from the earlier year. Therefore the only real problem is the timing of the losses. Ultimately you will get them in most situations. It is just a question of when you get them. Trusts summary Trusts are a wonderful vehicle to protect your assets. They also are a wonderful vehicle to save a fortune in tax. There are many myths about trusts. That is why it is important to see your professional adviser. At the same time, however, there are many myths and assumptions as to what you can do with trusts. Without careful planning and strategising, you can end up with significant problems.

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For example, if Jack buys a negatively geared property in the Jack and Jill Property Trust. He earns $110,000 while Jill stays at home with the kids and earns $6,000 from selling her knitting on eBay. Jack and Jill sell their property and have a $100,000 capital gain. As they have owned the property for longer than a year they receive a 50% discount. If Jack had to pay this himself he would have to pay $21,250 in capital gains. By distributing all of the capital gain to Jill and his two children they only pay $12,575 in capital gains, a saving of nearly $9,000 and the savings would increase depending on the size of the capital gain. What are the benefits of setting up a Trust? What is a trust? A trust in its simple form is where one party holds assets on behalf of another. The main trust parties are the settlor, trustee and beneficiaries. Settlor: The settlor sets up the trust, with a nominal sum (often $5 or $10). This is usually an unrelated person, such as an accountant or lawyer. This is done to avoid stamp duty and nasty income tax consequences. You never want a family member to be the trust settlor. Trustee: The trustee manages the trust property (investments, assets, etc.) and pays out the trust profit for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The trustee can be an individual or a company (in most cases, the trustee is a company). Let's give a simple example of a trust. John gives Anne $1,000 to give to John's sister in two days time. They sign an agreement in writing to this effect. That is a trust. John is the settlor (as John created the trust), Anne is the trustee (as Anne is holding the $1,000 on trust for John's sister) and John's sister is the beneficiary (as she is beneficially entitled to that $1,000, and would have a claim against Anne as the trustee if Anne was naughty and decided not to pay up). Even if it was not in writing, but it was done verbally, it would still be a trust. To give another example, John gives Anne $10,000 to invest and pay any income earned on that $10,000 to Derek. John is the
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000 on trust. a trustee and beneficiaries. There are 42 types of trust to be precise! However.000 itself unless stated otherwise). and make Mary the trustee of that trust. 315 . For example. Discretionary trusts are a completely different entity. The trustee manages the trust property and investments. it also has an appointor. and Derek is the beneficiary (as Derek is entitled to the income from the $10. They have a fixed entitlement to the trust assets and profits. What are the different types of trusts? There are many types of trusts. The discretionary trust has a settlor. The appointor has the right to hire and fire the trustee (and is the true controller of the trust). John may use a unit trust and give Anne 50% of the units in the trust. where the holders of interests are called 'shareholders'). Any one of them can receive the income. Mary is the trustee and Anne and Derek are the unit holders. and Derek 50% of the units in the trust. The beauty of a family discretionary trust is the beneficiaries are a wide class of people. and pays out the net income for the benefit of the beneficiaries. as opposed to companies. There is no restriction. a trustee and beneficiaries (with the beneficiaries being known as 'unit holders'. But. as the trustee has a discretion to pay the income out in whatever proportion he or she pleases to the beneficiaries.000). if John sets up a trust and wants to give Anne and Derek a 50% entitlement each to the trust capital and profits. For tax planning purposes and asset protection this is one of the great benefits of a trust.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had settlor (as John gave you the $10. John is the settlor. The parties are a settlor. They are highly popular structures for tax planning and asset protection. The appointor ultimately controls the trust. Anne is the trustee (as Anne is holding the $10. the two main types are unit trusts (fixed trusts) and discretionary trusts. Some discretionary trusts also have a guardian who is the ultimate controller behind the appointor.000 and the $10. and is investing it to produce income). Unit trusts are similar to companies.

350 + $9. The trust is set up to hold assets and invest moneys to generate profits and distribute the profits at their discretion to the beneficiaries (which are their children.000 on the $100.000 to their local church (which pays no tax at all). relatives and favourite charities). Let's further assume that Fred and Mary make $100. 10% to Jack.5% tax. a family trust is still one of the best structures available in Australia to protect assets and reduce income tax.000 per annum. Mary Jones is the appointor. And the beauty is whoever gets the money pays the tax. Jack and Jenny. Yet if Fred had done everything through his company.5% Medicare levy). and 20% to Jenny.Tax Secrets of the Rich An example of how a family discretionary trust can help you Let's assume that John sets up a family discretionary trust (as the settlor) with Jones Pty Ltd as the trustee (Fred Jones and Mary Jones control the company). $60. They can give 30% each to themselves. let us assume that Fred is earning $80. it comes out of the pre-tax income. They can give 70% to James. Fred and Mary can distribute the money each year to whoever they want to and in the proportion they wish.21stcenturyaccounting. So the total tax will be $22.000 will only be $13. he would have paid 46.000 to their family company (which pays tax at 30%. James. Worse still. This describes a classic family trust.000 to Mary (as Mary pays no tax but stays at home so the tax on $60.350).000 profits from their investing and other business activities in the 2006/07 income year. Yet by using a trust.000) and the remaining $10. he would have paid tax of $30. any money he had given to his local church would have come out of his after-tax income.000 and if it had been in his own name.au . in distributing the $100. so tax will be $9. $30. In our view.18 . Fred and Mary may decide to distribute no money to Fred.000. As you can see this gives incredible tax planning flexibility and savings. They can give it all to their 3 children.000). 316 For a free accounting review visit www. 20% to each of their children and the remaining 10% to their favourite charity or local church. To be more specific. Fred will pay tax at the highest marginal rate of 45% (plus 1.350 ($13.com.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had What are the benefits of a family discretionary trust? Trusts are wonderful for a number of reasons: 1. you may need to consider a hybrid trust. If a trust accumulates income. 317 . the losses cannot be taken out of the trust. not the trustee.) So if you want to accumulate income. Accumulation of income. or alternatively. To avoid this result. (This does not mean the trust must pay out the income every year. Therefore. you are best to set up a family company and distribute the money you wish to accumulate from the trust into the family company. Buying negatively geared property. they cost almost nothing to set up and involve less accounting work). family trusts are very difficult to penetrate (although in some circumstances the Bankruptcy Act and the Family Court Act allow the Trustee in Bankruptcy and the Family Court to look through the trust. the trust pays 48.e. a loan agreement with the trust. They get stuck in the trust. Please contact us to discuss this further. Asset protection. There are two problems with trusts in Australia. For asset protection purposes. Taxation of trust income. it can distribute the money on paper but can avoid paying it out indefinitely if it so desires. Trusts cannot accumulate the income. They have low compliance costs unlike companies (i. Compliance costs.5%. 3. they can even distribute to exempt charities (meaning they are effectively distributing to them from pre-tax income). This is very important and is the key feature of trusts which makes them so attractive. That means you cannot easily offset the negative gearing losses against your personal income. 2. they can distribute the profit to the beneficiaries with the lowest tax rates. 2. Centrelink also have such powers in relation to family tax benefits). Are there any drawbacks with trusts? Yes. If you are buying negatively geared property in a trust. You can accumulate income with companies but not with trusts. as the trustee has discretion in making their distributions of profit. The trustee must distribute the income to the beneficiaries each year. 1. Trust income is taxed in the hands of the beneficiaries.

as they are earning no income. The remaining $10. Fred resolves to distribute $5. Jack and Jenny.000 to Fred.000 to Fred's church. will pay tax at 30% on its $10.000 per annum and is not options trading at this stage). We will use the Jones Family Trust from the above example.000 per year.5% ($2. he would have paid tax of $29. John and Jack will pay no tax on their money. making an income of $80. She has no interest in options trading. while Mary has earned no income. it would come from his after-tax income. If he was giving it from his day job income. Fred goes to church and pays 10% to his church each week from his after tax income.100. It gets better. Fred will be taxed on his normal day job income plus his $5.000 to Mary. Let's say Fred's 18-year old daughter got a job 318 For a free accounting review visit www. What happens for tax purposes? As profits are taxed in the hands of the beneficiaries. As you can see there are considerable tax savings available to Fred. To date. but Fred can distribute it out of his pre-tax trust income. By doing it this way. not only will there be no tax to the church.000 to Jenny (his 18 year old daughter who earns $10. $35. Fred has been working.000 distribution ($3. Mary pays tax of $7.054 on her $35.18 .com.000). Fred opens up a brokerage account with an options broker in the name of the Jones Family Trust.000 per annum).Tax Secrets of the Rich Can you give me another example? Let's give a further example to show how wonderful trusts are for business people. And with the $5. Fred goes to an options trading seminar and learns how to trade options. Jenny pays tax of $650 on her $4.au .21stcenturyaccounting. more than 50% less.000 in net profits before tax from his options trading.000 (17% tax as she is in the lowest marginal bracket as she only earns $10.000 paid to his church. preferring to stay home and look after their 3 children James.000 he distributes to his family company 'Jones Investments Pty Ltd'. On his accountant's advice. Jones Investments Pty Ltd.425). for the 30 June 2007 tax year. The company.000. $500 to James and Jack (aged 10 and 14 who earn no income) and $4. Fred makes $60.479. $5. If he had earned all of his profits in his own name. This is a saving of nearly $16.000 distribution (about 20%).000 distribution at 46. he pays tax of $13.

And there are other wonderful things you can do with trusts.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had paying $60. as well as ensuring that you pay the least amount of tax that you are legally able to. he could save a fortune in tax! The problem is there are penalty tax rules in Division 6AA of the Tax Act if you distribute profits from a trust to children under 18. Did you know that New South Wales is the third highest jurisdiction in the world for lawsuits per person.000 per annum next year. you might ask: why wouldn't Fred distribute more to his 10 and 14 year old sons? Surely with the $6.5%. Are your assets protected? Are your assets properly protected? Is your wealth foundation watertight from any creditors or lawsuit-hungry predators who would eagerly seek to plunder your wealth to 'reap where they have not sown'? You may think so. Unless the amount is less than $1. Did you know that you can be liable for someone else's debts not only in a partnership but also in a company or trust? Did you know that your professional indemnity insurance policy may not cover you if you get sued? Did you know that employees can be sued personally for 319 . while Fred quits work to be a full time options trader. The rich know how to use companies and trusts to reduce their tax and protect their assets from gold digging scumbags. family trusts are a tremendous way to protect your business and personal assets. In the above example. Did you know that the average Californian gets sued four times in their lifetime? New South Wales and Victoria are not far behind and the other States are catching up fast.000 tax-free thresholds. But you may be in for a shock. The only real drawback of a family trust is owning negatively geared property in the trust. Fred can simply distribute more income to himself and less to his daughter. Family Trust summary As seen from the information above.375. Even that obstacle can usually be overcome by careful planning. behind California and Texas in the USA? And Victoria is not far behind. or falls within certain exemptions. it is taxed at the top marginal rate of 46.

a lobbying group. drove off. so am I protected? • I am an employee. and went straight into a pole. Most people have no idea that in many circumstances.au .18 .) In 2004.com. Surely I don't need asset protection? The facts of lawsuits Do you think that you are safe from a lawsuit? Let me give some real life examples of lawsuits that can and have happened in Australia. It is becoming an epidemic problem. but unfortunately this is what is happening right now in the real world. Surely that will cover me? • I already have a company and trust. Quite outrageous you might be thinking. In the USA in 2005 for example. estimates the National Small Business Association. lawyers' fees and administrative fees) accounted for nearly 2. the 320 For a free accounting review visit www. (A tort case involves a civil wrong and seeks damages for harm done to people or property. Examples of lawsuits In Western Australia. As lawyers we spend more time 'curing' financial cancer than 'preventing' financial cancer. a hotel barman refused to give a drunk man his car keys. When the drunk man became abusive and threatening. a church discovered that one of its ministers was a homosexual. He was injured and sued the hotel for giving him back his keys when he was drunk . or US$261 billion. We will consider questions such as: • Why do I need asset protection? • I have an insurance policy. The drunk man jumped into his car. In this chapter we will examine the basic principles of asset protection while giving you a series of examples and answers to a range of frequently asked questions that can help you determine if you are at risk in a lawsuit and how you can rectify that situation. In Queensland.21stcenturyaccounting. This contrasts to 0. their hard earned assets have no protection whatsoever.8 million.Tax Secrets of the Rich careless behaviour that leads to losses for business clients? These are some of the sobering facts that we face in the world today. Being against the teachings of the church. according to a survey by consulting firm Towers Perrin. the barman reluctantly returned the keys.09% of gross domestic product.62% in 1950. he won the case.and you guessed it. the cost of all liability torts (including damages. the median jury award in product-liability cases was $1.

Ms. of . left the driver's seat to go to the crashed and overturned. Not Winnebago for not putting in surprisingly.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had church immediately dismissed him. Kara Walton.50 cover charge.. of Delaware sued the owner of a night club in a nearby city because she fell from the bathroom window to the floor. Grazinski has any relatives who might also buy a motor home.000 plus a new motor home. knocking out her two front teeth. A jury ordered a Philadelphia restaurant to pay Amber Carson of Pennsylvania. The homosexual minister sued for unfair dismissal and won. Winnebago actually changed their manuals as a result of this suit.) The success rate of plaintiffs (people suing) in the US is around 60%. Whatever happened to people being responsible for their own actions? 321 . Carson had thrown it at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier during an argument. Grazinski sued herself a sandwich. Walton was trying to sneak through the ladies room window to avoid paying the US$3. That is. (This example by the way is not about moral issues in so much as most churches would not expect to encounter litigation problems in this situation. US$113. to the freeway she set the cruise Not surprisingly. Grazinski sued driver's seat while the Winnebago for not putting in the cruise control was set. Even though Ms. crashed and couldn't actually leave the overturned. Mrs. Merv Grazinski. purchased a new 32.000 plus dental expenses. the driver's seat to go to the On her first trip home from a back of the Winnebago to football game. The Oklahoma jury awarded her US$1.500 after she slipped on a spilled soft drink and broke her tailbone. the motor control at 70 mph and calmly home left the freeway.at 70 mph and calmly left foot Winnebago motor home.750. there is over 50% likelihood if you are sued that you may lose (on a purely statistical level). the motor home left the owner's manual that she the freeway. having driven on make herself a sandwich. she set the cruise control Oklahoma. Some of the successful claims in the US are almost unbelievable such as these: Mrs. The reason the soft drink was on the floor .. back of the Winnebago to make Mrs. just in case Mrs. the jury said the nightclub had to pay her US$12. owner's manual that she couldn't actually leave the driver's seat while the cruise control was set.

Do you blame the owners for being surprised considering the toddler was her son? A burglar broke into a house and when attempting to leave with the spoils.000 for his anguish.000 plus medical expenses when his neighbour ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. Here are just some of the warning labels that US companies have introduced to ward off lawsuits. he couldn't re-enter the house because the door connecting the garage to the house locked when Dickson pulled it shut. Arkansas was awarded US$14. Amazingly.com. 322 For a free accounting review visit www. he sued the homeowner's insurance company claiming undue mental anguish. This was despite the fact that she had thrown the drink at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier! A woman tripped over a rampant toddler in a furniture store. the jury said the insurance company must pay Dickson US$500. of Little Rock. Worse. Carl Truman. Unfortunately for the burglar. Forced to sit for eight days on a case of Pepsi and a large bag of dry dog food.18 .21stcenturyaccounting. Who would ever think one could get burned doing that. 19. She took the lid off the coffee and put it between her knees while she was driving. Williams did not get as much as he asked for because the jury believed the beagle might have been provoked at the time of the butt bite because Williams had climbed over the fence into the yard and repeatedly shot the dog with a pellet gun.au .even though the beagle was on a chain in its owner's fenced yard.500 plus medical expenses after being bitten on the butt by his next door neighbour's beagle .Tax Secrets of the Rich Jerry Williams. but sadly they are true. a woman slipped on a beverage in McDonald's and successfully sued them. Truman apparently didn't notice there was someone at the wheel of the car when he was trying to steal his neighbour's hubcaps. the automatic garage door opener malfunctioned and he couldn't get the garage door to open. right? In California. sued the store and won compensation for her injuries. The seriousness of the threat of litigation has led to some companies taking extreme measures. One is labels and warnings on products that border on insanity and appear to be a practical joke. got trapped in the remote garage. of Los Angeles. California won US$74. 79-year-old Stella Liebeck spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico where she purchased the coffee.

This examines issues of wealth creation such as building businesses. To ensure that you control your assets but don't own them. “Ask a doctor before use if you have difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate” (Midol Menstrual Complete). But another possibility is to understand the basic principles of asset protection and how you can regain control of your assets and protect your wealth. One is warning labels. an advocacy group.C. 2. 3. This raises the question. How we keep and manage our wealth. Johnson are afraid that customers will go to any length to get those hard to reach spots on their backs. When Apple introduced its digital music player in 2005. even by using a toilet brush! 5. 4. but she might not like the fumes potentially given off by hot Teflon. “Do not eat” (Apple's iPod shuffle). “This product moves when used” (Razor scooter). Manufacturers are concerned about being sued for pet birds dying. 7. what can you do about it? There are a number of things you can do about it. We consider the principles of asset protection below. This examines issues of 323 . Parody or paranoia? The company wouldn't comment. “Do not use for personal hygiene” (Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush). This label won an award at the annual Wacky Warning Label Contest hosted by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch. Polly may not have a thing for fancy cookware. the company added this warning on its website. developing cash flow strategies and investing in shares. 6. Apparently the people at S. “Do not iron clothes on body” (Rowenta's Irons).What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Some examples of warning labels 1. How we generate our wealth. properties and other growth assets 2. “Keep pet birds out of the kitchen when using this product” (Bialetti Casa Italiana's non-stick pans). Principles of asset protection In building wealth. “This costume does not enable flight or super strength” (Frankel's Costume Superman costumes). we need to consider two issues: 1.

tax minimisation and most importantly. Egbert should be the 'man of straw' and Edwina should be the 'person of substance'. Person of substance is not at risk and signs their name to nothing. for example. preserving our wealth from plunder by unscrupulous people with their success hungry lawyers. the most effective way to protect assets is through companies and trusts. depending upon how the transaction is structured. As a general rule. So the man of straw is at risk.com. They are the company director. or in Doctor Egbert's name. signatory to risky deals.21stcenturyaccounting. 324 For a free accounting review visit www.Tax Secrets of the Rich money management. but you need to be very careful in this regard. purported creditors and government agencies. With the family home. reducing expenses through cost savings. they lose the capital gains tax exemption for family homes if they do. Man of straw is at risk of attack and signs their name to everything. however. as she is not at risk. Edwina is not at risk of being sued. Egbert is the one at risk of being sued.au . but controls everything. let's use an example. trust appointor. or avert a pending lawsuit. If the family home is in joint names. although Doctor Egbert and Edwina could use a family trust. The strawman and person of substance A great strategy for married couples or business partners in certain situations. Egbert is a doctor and his wife Edwina stays at home with his 6 children. How does this work practically? To illustrate. yet controls all the assets. The person of substance is not at risk.18 . Let's look at the 'strawman' and 'person of substance' method to protect your assets. he could transfer it to Edwina. (This may not necessarily be the case. but controls nothing. But he should be very careful before doing so as there are cases where such transactions have been reversed if they were clearly done to avoid creditors. See a professional expert to discuss in more detail. or company.) The other option is for Doctor Egbert to ensure that the house remains in Edwina's name.

Example We will refer to our example with Doctor Egbert and his wife Edwina. If Doctor Egbert operates his medical practice through a company. The directors manage the company's daily business for the shareholders. It can sue and be sued. The shareholders are not at risk. Directors. he is at high risk of being sued. the directors are at risk. As a general rule. they cannot be forced to pay company debts from their own personal assets. the realm of fiction. we will provide a brief outline of a company. They have a fixed interest in the company assets in direct proportion to their shareholding.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Using a company to protect assets First. as a doctor. 325 . Doctor Egbert should be the sole director of the company. it is a real person. It has a legal name and its own ABN. It can enter into contracts. Director. Doctor Egbert has a high risk of being sued. In the artificial commercial world. It has limited liability. 2. Shareholders. The director should be the strawman. or an entity controlled by the person of substance. as she is not conducting any business activities where she may be sued. Shareholders. Egbert is the 'man of straw' and Edwina is the 'person of substance'. The shareholders are the owners of the company. shareholders are only responsible to pay up any amounts they still owe on their shares. Companies have two main players: 1. or an entity controlled by the strawman. for a company that trades in its own right (without being trustee for a trust). i.e. Edwina should not sign cheques or attend company meetings to avoid being a deemed director under Corporations Law. They should by the person of substance. Companies offer asset protection to their shareholders and to the directors. His partner Edwina has a low risk of being sued at home with the 6 children and not working. Edwina should be the sole shareholder. and how it works. A company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders.

e. The main trusts used in business are discretionary trusts and unit trusts. The Trustee is the puppet. For asset protection.au . the Appointor and Guardian should be the person of substance. The reason is it creates an extra 'firewall' of protection between your creditors and your assets. the Appointor and Guardian of the Trust is the 'person of substance' and the Trustee is the 'man of straw'. Family discretionary trusts are an ancient way of building and preserving wealth. The Appointor can sack the Trustee at any time. The Appointor ultimately controls the trust with most trusts. There are also hybrid trusts (which are a mixture of discretionary trusts and unit trusts). they can significantly reduce your tax. • Appointor. Therefore. Trusts are wonderful structures because as well as protecting assets. Indeed. The parties to a standard family discretionary trust are: • Settlor. It is common with family trusts (and highly recommended in most cases) that the trustee be a company. should be the 'man of straw'. The director of the trustee company. Family discretionary trusts protect assets because no one actually owns the trust assets. while the Trustee should be the man of straw.Tax Secrets of the Rich Using a Trust to protect assets Trusts are wonderful vehicles to save tax. The Appointor is the puppet master.com. i. • Guardian.18 . There are various types of trusts. The Settlor creates the trust. protect assets and create estates for your family for many generations. the Trustee is the puppet. • Trustee. of course. They benefit under the trust. or an entity controlled by the person of substance. trusts have existed since medieval times. or an entity controlled by the man of straw. the Trustee holds the assets on trust for a number of beneficiaries and can give the assets and income to whomever the Trustee desires at their discretion.21stcenturyaccounting. The Trustee holds the assets for the benefit of the Beneficiaries and manages the trust. The Guardian controls the Appointor (although in virtually all trusts the Guardian and Appointor are the same person in the trust). 326 For a free accounting review visit www. They are a tremendous vehicle to use in business or investment. • Beneficiaries. The Appointor is the puppet master.

It is also your business assets. or goodwill in a business name. ASIC tried to find a way to break his trusts to get the money back for the disgruntled investors. If this decision is followed. He had worked hard all his life as an investment advisor. As an example we once had a client come and see us where he and his wife had $2 million of assets. Whether this will change the law remains to be seen. Once you enter the business arena. 327 . Businesses and asset protection If you are in business or likely to be in business. ensuring that your assets are well secured is critical. accountants. it means that it can happen again. Reverting back to Doctor Egbert and his wife Edwina. You need to ensure that your personal assets are protected from business lawsuits and ensure that the wealth you have built up from your hard work in business remains intact. It puts lawyers. some attention has to be given to the recent Richpoint Federal Court decision (dealing with Westpoint and Norm Carey). You are responsible for what goes wrong in your business. investors and business people on red alert to think ahead in protecting their assets. once the virgin walls have been breached once. Essentially Norm Carey had used family trusts to shelter his assets from creditors. Nevertheless. Egbert will be the trustee or the director of the trustee company. If you spend years building up a valuable client list. As a final comment. In light of this judgement. Immediately you become a target. you are entering a litigation minefield. However it is not just your personal assets that need protection. and Edwina will be the Appointor and Guardian of the Trust. This way Edwina can sack the company as trustee if there is any risk of a lawsuit. The Full Federal Court did stress that it would only be in exceptional circumstances that this would occur. it could have some ramifications for asset protection. obtaining proper legal advice to protect your assets becomes even more important. If your employees make errors you can be sued. The Full Federal Court held that in exceptional circumstances a trust could be penetrated. one lawsuit can wipe out years of hard work.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Example. Some simple planning can forestall all of this.

Dick intends to buy positive cash flow property. Disaster starting a business in finance consulting. There are no cookies in the jar. It only holds cash.. The beauty of asset protection is that it is not about The beauty of asset avoiding moral responsibility if protection is that it is not you make errors and cause about avoiding moral losses to your client. CFDs and Forex. The assets are safe! 328 For a free accounting review visit www. 'I Hold Assets Trust' licenses the business name and premises to 'My Trading Trust' which carries on the business. among other things.. If he is sued. Suddenly his hard earned wealth doesn't seem secure anymore. It is giving you responsible or not. If anyone sues the business they will sue 'My Trading Trust'. a court or somebody the moral choice if you are else. having an online lending facility for instant loan approvals.18 . Not the Another example is Dick else.Tax Secrets of the Rich One day. Dick's personal wealth plan is to establish a business to generate cash flow and put the money into investments. to buy international growth shares. Dick could set up a trust ('I Hold Assets Trust') to hold the business name 'Show me the Money Honey'. His business is called 'Show me the Money Honey'. Dick is confident that his business will develop substantial goodwill. options. Not the the empowerment to make client. most of his assets are exposed because they are in his own name.au client. responsible or not. He will have a number of finance consultants working for him on a commission basis. He may not be covered by his professional indemnity insurance because he didn't follow the strict conditions of his policy. a court or somebody . Even his wife's assets are at risk because she was a director in his company until recently.com. It is giving responsibility if you make you the empowerment to make errors and cause losses to the moral choice if you are your client. currencies and gold bullion.21stcenturyaccounting. This does not own the business name. It is only licensing it. the business premises and any other valuable assets. he made an error of judgement in advising a client. He will use the Internet in marketing his business. However the consequences may be disastrous. to trade shares. Just one mistake.

and most creditors sue the employer rather than the employee (as usually employees don't have the 'deep pocket' as the employer) there is no certainty of this. there are other great strategies available for Dick. Dick is silly if he goes into partnership with Manadu as he is effectively guaranteeing Manadu's debts. For example. you can be sued by your tenants with respect to your investment properties. Investors and asset protection If you are an investor. Dick could set up a separate trust to hold his properties (Property Trust). and a trust to hold his investments and do his trading (Investment Trust). this is not necessarily the case. However. This is clear from the recent High Court decision in Houghton v Arns. To protect his personal assets at the same time. Although in practice most employers cover the liabilities of their employees if there is a lawsuit. However he simply terminates the licence agreement with 'My Trading Trust' and sets up a new trust. And your professional indemnity insurance policy may not cover you. has a new licence agreement and continues on. although your risk is less than a person in business. you still are at risk. Companies and trusts can give you your asset protection with respect to your properties. As an employee it is essential that you structure yourself to 329 . Dick can protect his family home by putting it in a family trust or borrowing heavily over his family home and putting it through trusts. He is better off to set up a structure which protects him and Manadu and keeps their affairs separate. he will usually prefer the Commodore with no alarm system or protection to the Mercedes with the high tech alarm system. Employees are certainly at risk. If a car thief wants to steal Dick's car. even though you are at not at risk for owning shares. If Dick decides to go into business with his partner Manadu. Employees and asset protection Do employees need asset protection? Traditionally most employees do not consider themselves to be at risk.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had So Dick loses the money in that trust.

18 . Examples John owns three investment properties in his own name. Asset protection summary Asset protection should be considered by everyone. Suddenly all three of his investment properties are at risk. or other assets.au . The court said that the employee had been negligent and careless and was responsible for the losses. The rental property insurer has refused to cover him because of some fine print. Companies and trusts are a tremendous way to protect assets. If you have a partner. This error cost the client a significant amount of money. especially those in business. you should also consider a backup power of attorney. As an employee it is essential that you structure yourself to protect your assets. A visitor to one of his properties sues him as the owner because he slips on a banana peel left by the tenant carelessly on the stairs. The client couldn't sue the company as it was broke. So they sued the web designer and another employee. an employed Internet website expert gave wrong information to a company client about Internet capabilities. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed than find out the hard way later on. It was held that the web designer and the other employee were liable for the $58. They often go into business. In Houghton v Arns. To ensure that your financial affairs are properly handled while you are still living. You should be aware of bankruptcy clawback rules when shifting family assets and family court protection in the event of marriage breakdown with respect to your loved ones.21stcenturyaccounting.Tax Secrets of the Rich protect your assets. 330 For a free accounting review visit www. should also consider asset protection. you should also consider an enduring power of attorney.000 losses. However employees who invest in property and shares. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed than find out the hard way later on. Employees don't always stay employees. Understanding the strawman and person of substance principle in all asset purchases is critical.com.

You may be unjustly sued and lose the case because the other side has a better lawyer.com. To Speak to Warren or his Team at 21st Century Accounting phone 1800 999 270 or visit www.21stcenturyaccounting.au 331 . Your insurance may not cover you.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Why do I need asset protection? Lawsuits are increasing daily. You can be liable for the debts of others in your business in some circumstances. no matter how well protected you are. You may be liable for back taxes and penalties because the government arbitrarily changes an administrative policy.

000 a night trading the E-minis market starting with as little as AUD$2.19.000 . TRADING E-MINIS How investors can make US$500 to US$1.

with a genuine chance at obtaining a good return on your investment. You can work just 2 hours per day and have professionals advise you on when to buy and sell and you can trade from anywhere in the world. A trading career in E-minis Are you sick of your day job. You could establish your own E-mini trading business for a fraction of the cost of buying a 'standard franchised business'.000 attractive to you? If so. no rent (you work from home using your computer) or a place of business to maintain. If you would like to own and run a business of your own with none of the hassles of a traditional business. this chapter may be just what you are looking for! Trading E-minis is an attractive investment option for people to use to create financial independence in the 21st Century. New Zealand and other parts of the world. you may like to consider trading E-minis as a full time business. Before attempting to trade E-minis we recommend that you attend a 21st Century E-minis training seminar that are conducted on a regular basis all over Australia. or are you are looking to change your career? Perhaps you should consider trading E-minis as a job or business. Trading E-minis is a business with an overhead of approximately $10 per trading day with no debtors and creditors. Why trade E-minis? E-minis are cutting-edge products designed for the active trader who wants to trade electronically and who likes to have maximum control and highest profit potential. Trading E-minis offers many advantages over other forms of self-employed businesses.000 a night trading the Emini market with an investment of as little as $2. Trading E-minis is effectively a business opportunity with no staff. Trading E-minis is a business with no more 70-hour working weeks or working on weekends.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Would you like to control your own financial future trading Eminis? Is the idea of making US$500 to US$1. You can use E-mini stock index futures to: • Actively trade stock indexes 333 .

All that is important is that you grasp the concept of trading E-minis. S&P 500 is used in reference not only to the index but also to the 500 actual companies. which have a point value of $250. the stocks of which are included in the index.21stcenturyeminis.19 . E-mini is a short abbreviation for Electronic Mini S&P 500. It is considered to be a bellwether for the US economy and is a component of the Index of Leading Indicators. The index is the most notable of the many indices owned and maintained by Standard & Poor's. Partly because of this. 334 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www. most of which are American.Trading E-minis • Hedge your portfolio or other investments • Gain broad market exposure at relatively low cost What is an E-mini? If you are a novice investor do not be put off by many of the words used to explain E-minis in this chapter. the E-mini contract has a point value of $50. The S&P 500 index forms part of the broader S&P 1500 and S&P Global 1200 stock market indices.com. and thus attempting to match its performance (before fees and expenses). the S&P 500 is the most widely watched index of large-cap US stocks. the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.au . a company which has its stock added to the list may see a boost in its stock price as the managers of the mutual funds must purchase that company's stock in order to match the funds' composition to that of the S&P 500 index. Many index funds and exchange-traded funds track the performance of the S&P 500 by holding the same stocks as the index. as opposed to normal S&P futures contracts. An E-mini is a futures contract that can be traded electronically on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and is based on the S&P 500 index. All of the stocks in the index are those of large publicly held companies and trade on the two largest US stock markets. A brief explanation of the S&P 500 Index The S&P 500 is a stock market index containing the stocks of 500 Large-Cap corporations. After the Dow Jones Industrial Average. in the same proportions.

reliability. anonymity and trading around the clock. the S&P 500 index is often used as a baseline for comparison. efficient way to trade the benchmark S&P 500 Index (and the underlying 500 large-cap US issues) with a single contract. • E-minis offer potentially lower trading costs than trading a basket of equities or Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). offering speed. This can help to minimise losses for small investors. Some benefits of E-minis • E-minis are a fast. fair and transparent markets. with the performance of the target stock or fund overlaid. This means you do not need a large amount of capital to commence trading E-minis. • E-minis provide a smaller contract well suited for a broad range of individual and institutional customer needs.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Linear graph of the S&P 500 Index from 1950 In stock and mutual fund performance charts. This is similar to the Dow 30. • E-minis are electronically traded on the CME Globex® platform. which are strictly rules-based. around the world. The chart will show the S&P 500 index. • E-minis accommodate a variety of strategies such as hedging to protect against adverse price moves. spreading with other stock-index futures and gaining broad market exposure. 335 . • The E-minis market is a level playing field offering open. but different from others such as the Russell 1000. The components of the S&P 500 are selected by committee. • E-minis offer substantial liquidity and tight bid/ask spreads.

Integrity. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) customers and members are protected from default on futures and options contracts by the Exchange's sophisticated risk management and surveillance techniques. the S&P 500 has the most closely watched. The CME is The Index Exchange. thus ensuring the integrity of all trades. Investors can have exposure to the US stock market via the world's leading stock index.00. Affordability. even under the most stressful market conditions. New Mini S&P 500 contracts allow investors to trade this benchmark index at a fraction of the cost. Russell 2000 and/or S&P MidCap 400 and a cost-efficient way to benefit from rising or falling equity markets. if the Mini S&P 500 futures price is at 900.21stcenturyeminis. spreading against other CME index products such as the S&P 500.au . the 336 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www. The CME system has proven to be outstandingly effective. exactly are Mini S&P 500 Futures? • Mini S&P 500 futures are legally binding agreements to buy or sell the cash value of the S&P 500 Index at a specific future date. NASDAQ 100. actively traded and liquid of all futures products based on a stock index. • For example. some very popular. with more than 95 percent market share of all domestically traded stock index futures and options on futures. making it the world's most liquid trading environment for stock index products.com. Although there are many indexes. What. • The contracts are valued at 50 x the futures price. Open interest in the CME's index complex totals in excess of $93 billion.19 . Mini S&P 500 futures will require much less margin than the standard S&P 500 futures. Opportunity. The CME Clearing House acts as the guarantor to each of its clearing members. These new contracts provide a variety of investment opportunities such as increasing or hedging portfolio exposure. The enormous appeal of the standard S&P 500 futures has caused the contract to grow beyond the reach of many investors.Trading E-minis Advantages of Trading Mini S&P 500 Futures and Options Trading Mini S&P 500 futures and options offers investors a number of distinct advantages: Exposure.

you may decide to sell these E-mini contracts if you think the market will be bearish. • The same daily settlement prices allow Mini contracts to benefit from the liquidity of the S&P 500 futures. • Positions are marked-to-the-market daily.25. • Like the S&P 500. or $12. • The minimum price movement of the futures or options contracts is called a 'tick'. • Additional deposits into the margin account may be required beyond the initial amount if your position moves against you. say. You have the opportunity for profitable trading strategies regardless of market direction or volatility You can trade E-mini stock contracts as a day trader. a long (buying) position would be credited $12.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had value of the contract is $45. just like the Standard S&P 500.50 per contract. For example. • Mini S&P 500 contracts are cash settled.50. from 1300. • The tick value is .25 index points. simply with an eye to making a profit.50. 337 . • This means that if the futures contract moves the minimum price increment (one tick). • All futures positions (and all short option positions) require posting of a performance bond (or margin). but you can also use E-minis as hedging tools or to get a particular kind of market exposure. • Even better. but you don't want to disrupt your portfolio by selling off a large number of stocks. a short (selling) position would be debited $12. Because E-minis are futures. but you don't want to purchase additional shares of a particular stock at that time. Returns can be quite substantial 3.00). Mini S&P 500 daily settlements and quarterly expirations will use the exact same price as the S&P 500.000 ($50 x 900. The capital requirement to trade is low relative to stock margin requirements (minimum $1. all Mini S&P 500 positions are settled in cash to the same Special Opening Quotation on the third Friday of the quarterly contract month. there is no delivery of the individual stocks.000) 2.00 to 1300. you may buy them if you think the market will be bullish in the near future. Or. which is settled using a Special Opening Quotation (SOQ). they offer some unique and very important additional features: 1.

2000. On July 13. • Trading E-minis offers low commissions . it also includes stocks from both the NASDAQ stock market and the NYSE. The index. S&P identifies important industry sectors within the US equity market.Trading E-minis Trading E-minis has many advantages over other forms of trading and share investment including: • E-minis offer volatility and liquidity. 2007. • There are no E-mini market makers.552.e. reached an all-time intraday high of 1. On May 30. 2007. each company's influence on Index performance is directly proportional to its market value. i.21stcenturyeminis.com. The Index is capitalisation weighted (shares outstanding times stock price).only US$5. The daily Index values reported in the media are exclusive of dividend income. 338 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www. • The E-minis market offers a genuine chance to make a 5% to 10% return on investment daily. near the height of the bubble. they reflect only price action of the underlying component stocks.87 in trading on March 24.530. The S&P 500 is used widely as an indicator of the broader market.00 round trip commissions.19 . • The E-minis market is very predictable. Some facts about the S&P 500 Index The S&P 500 Index represents about 70 percent of total domestic US equity market capitalisation. the S&P 500 closed at 1. • The E-minis market offers excellent profit potential and 70/1 leverage.23 to set its first all-time closing high in more than seven years. • The E-minis market only needs to move 1 point to make a 5% return. approximates their relative importance in terms of market capitalisation and then allocates a representative sample of stocks within each sector of the S&P 500.au . • There are no gaps in the E-minis market and the market offers risk protection. as it includes both 'growth' stocks (which inflated and then deflated in the dot-com bubble and bust) and generally less volatile 'value' stocks. A market needs both of these factors to be present in order to create market opportunities and trades. • When trading E-minis there is just one simple choice and you only need to be better than 50/50 to make a profit.

10 points. companies that do not trade publicly (such as those that are privately or mutually held) and stocks that do not have sufficient liquidity are not in the index. By contrast.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had the index followed a nearly thirty-point gain the previous day by setting a new intra-day record of 1. In addition. Besides having very tight bid/offer spreads. 339 . after the merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler. which are strictly rules-based. The committee selects the companies in the S&P 500 so they are representative of various industries in the United States economy. the Fortune 500 attempts to list the 500 largest public companies in the United States by gross revenue. Notably.no trading pits and brokers • Sized for the individual investor • Fast moving. but which also had a stock price (in the case of its class A shares) greater than $100. but which were grandfathered and allowed to remain in the S&P 500 after their expatriation. Equities investors like the great 'tradability' of E-minis. its first of the 21st century. which as of April 2006 had a market capitalisation larger than all but twelve of the members of the S&P 500. making it very difficult to trade. exciting and stimulating to trade • Backed by a strong financial safeguard system • Scandal and corruption free • Monitoring only one index instead of dozens of stocks • Less time consuming The components of the S&P 500 are selected by committee. and companies that have never been incorporated in the United States. A notable example of an illiquid stock not in the index is Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.555. This group includes both formerly American companies that are now incorporated outside of the United States. they are: • Highly liquid with high leverage • No uptick rule. The index does include a handful of non-US companies. easy to short • 100 percent electronic . the S&P did not include the newly created German aktiengesellschaft (company) in the index.000. This is similar to the Dow 30. but different from others such as the Russell 1000.

You see every day in the newspaper that the market.an example Let's say you are an individual investor who is bullish on the stock market. award-winning E-mini training course conducted by 21st Century E-minis. Members can log into the Live Trading Room website and watch as the professional trader marks buy and sell signals as they develop on the live chart. that only allows you to value your assets based on 340 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www.au . Trading the E-mini S&P 500 . you could buy a mutual fund. movements in price of companies whose total market valuation (share price times the number of outstanding shares) is larger will have a greater effect on the index than companies whose market valuation is smaller. The transition was made in two tranches.com. The index has since been converted to float weighted. You want to become involved in the stock market. You also realise that you would have to limit your investment to just one or two individual stocks. that is. the first in March 2005 and the second in September 2005.19 . however. You have been following daily activity in financial newspapers and on financial news stations. is moving and you want to be a part of it. 21st Century E-minis offers their clients the truly unique opportunity of a web based education program for trading the Index Futures market and then supporting this education with a live trading room operating from bell to bell. that is.21stcenturyeminis. Or. but you have decided that being a stock picker is too difficult and time consuming. The S&P 500 Index was market-value weighted. Trading E-minis In the past ten years thousands of traders world-wide have enjoyed the popular. however.000 to invest. Members are able to observe the ongoing success of these signals with 100 percent transparency. without adjustment for industry representation and excluding companies incorporated outside the United States. You have traded stocks before.Trading E-minis regardless of whether their stocks trade or their liquidity. only shares which Standard & Poors determines are available for public trading ('float') are counted. as tracked by the S&P 500. you have only around $10.

000) • Returns can be quite substantial . you may decide to sell these contracts if you think the market will be bearish. award-winning E-mini training course conducted by 21st Century E-minis.US$1. but you don't want to purchase additional shares of a particular stock at that time. E-mini S&P 500 contracts allow you to put your investment dollars to work by purchasing E-mini S&P 500 futures. Up to this point. but you don't want to disrupt your portfolio by selling off a large number of stocks. • Or.returns of US$500-1. with the minimum requirement to put up far exceeding your total planned investment. Now you can participate in the leading stock index futures market at a fraction of the cost. • For example. 21st Century E-minis offers their clients the truly unique opportunity of a web based education program for trading the Index Futures market and then supporting this education with a live trading room operating from bell to bell. In the past ten years thousands of traders worldwide have enjoyed the popular. they offer some unique additional features: • The capital requirement to trade is low relative to stock margin requirements (minimum $1. thus losing the trading opportunity within the day.000 a night.000 per night and even higher are common • You have the opportunity for profitable trading strategies regardless of market direction or volatility • You can trade E-mini stock contracts as a day trader. Instead you might consider going long on Mini S&P 500 futures contracts to profit from your bullish outlook. S&P 500 futures have been out of your reach. Members can log into the Live Trading Room website and watch as the professional trader marks buy and sell signals as 341 . • But you can also use them as hedging tools or to get a particular kind of market exposure. Because E-minis are futures.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had the closing price each day. you may buy them if you think the market will be bullish in the near future. Here is your opportunity. simply with an eye to making a profit. This has made it possible for small investors to commence trading E-minis for as little as a few thousand dollars with the opportunity to generate profits of US$500 .

Stochastic. Then a 9-day EMA of the difference is plotted as a dotted line. How can you be right more times than wrong? The key is to become an educated E-mini trader.Trading E-minis they develop on the live chart. E-mini market profit potential • The E-mini market has a liquidity of US$40 billion per day • No gaps = Risk Management • Markets need some volatility to make markets . • You need access.the Emini market volatility is 12 to 20 points per day • A 1 point gain = 5% • A 2 point gain = 10% • Investors can obtain returns of 5% . preferably to a live trading room. In the mathematics of probability.19 .just point-spread • Commission is just US$5 per round trip • Results are published daily To trade E-minis we use three basic indicators 1. MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence). a stochastic process or random process is a process that can be described by a probability distribution. which has a time 342 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www. We provide education to teach people how to understand basic buy and sell signals on E-mini charts. Members are able to observe the ongoing success of these signals with 100 percent transparency. Briefly this technique takes the difference between two exponential moving averages (EMA's) with different periods. An oscillator is so named because the resulting curve swings back and forth across the zero line. • You need education to understand basic buy and sell signals. This series is plotted as a solid line. • We provide education to enable people to trade using a live one-minute-chart. The two most common types of stochastic processes are the time series. This produces what is generally referred to as an oscillator. We have a live trading room where you watch your trades and listen to our trader. The 9day EMA trails the primary series by just a bit.com.21stcenturyeminis. 2.au .10% in 10 minutes • The market has 100 percent transparency • There are no market makers . and trades are signalled whenever the solid line crosses the dotted line.

Price gaps and variations. open. Market gaps are common during times of volatility. and the random field. low. 343 . New Zealand and other parts of the world. E-minis traders use a range of charts to make informed decisions Candle sticks A candle stick is a price chart that displays the high.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had interval domain. The candle sticks paint us a picture In order to be able to properly understand these charts and how to use them to trade E-minis we recommend that you attend a 21st Century E-minis training seminar that are conducted on a regular basis all over Australia. which has a domain over a region of space. 3. and close for a security each day over a specified period of time.

000 contract . • E-minis are a smaller version of large share index contracts • Large share index contracts carry larger risks • A S&P big contract costs $350. T2 and T3) will come up on an average of three times per session • Using three signals (T1.21stcenturyeminis.000 and a 1 point movement represents $250 = 7. understanding and trading the E-mini index.00 per trade .000 and 1 point = $50 = 7.you can watch trading live • Our three 21st Century E-minis signals (T1.5% • Because of high leverage if the index goes up 1 point you make $50 on a $1.au .5% • For an E-mini contract $1. If you go short and the Index goes down 1 point you make a 5% return • The E-mini can be traded at short intervals . • Experienced traders recognise and understand that it usually takes 8-15 minutes for a trading pattern to form • Some people worry that a one-minute trading window is insufficient time to make a trading decision .a 5% return.Trading E-minis Advice from an E-minis trader on how to profit from learning.$2.com.not so for experienced traders 344 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www.it can go up or down 1 point in 1-minute • An average trade lasts 10-15 minutes • E-minis are a simple process .50 out • There is no market maker • The E-mini market has $40 billion dollars per day liquidity • The E-mini market has no gaps • There is a point range of 12-20 points per day • 2 points in E-mini market = 10% ROI in minutes • The E-mini market has had exponential growth in 9 years zero to $400 billion • E-mini trading is transparent . T2 and T3) there is an 85% probability of a 5% return • Experienced traders will be able to recognise and understand these signals which occur on average three times in three hours.19 .the market can only go up or down .a 50/50 probability • With training you can improve your chances of success • Commissions are only $5.50 in and $2.

000 position in the market at a cost of $30. At the end of each trading day you will receive a statement with your trades and account balance.000 in his or her trading account.zero to $400 billion E-mini trading is transparent you can watch trading live Trading E-minis .5 point stop on all your trades as we recommend the most you will lose on any trade is 7.5% of the investment you made on the trade plus commission to the broker. Will I be trading in Australian (AUD) or United States (USD) dollars? You will be trading in USD. What start up capital will I need? We recommend that each trader starts off with a minimum of US$3.000 • E-minis offer simplicity of trades • E-minis trade as a one single item • How does the market rate E-minis? E-minis are widely accepted as the most successful financial product ever launched • No other financial product has gone from zero (when the CBOT introduced E-minis) to $40 billion turnover in 9 years • The large fund manager market is diminishing • With E-minis Index trading is no longer just for large traders • Daily trading of E-minis exceeds US$40 billion. however if you open your account with a recommended broker you will deposit AUD and trade in and out of the account in USD at the exchange rate of the day.some frequently asked questions What is the most I can lose on any given trade? If you use a 1. Fund managers hedge their risks by taking an average position • A fund manager might have a $400. 345 . The E-mini market had exponential growth in its first 9 years .What I didn't learn at school but wish I had • Share Index trading has always been largely the preserve of fund managers by using futures share contracts as hedge instruments.

as 346 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www. His early morning price was 1041.19 . E-mini Case Study How Marcus made $9.000 outlay One morning with the market having sold off for three straight days. What are the trading hours? The US market trades from 1. The E-mini is 1/5 the contract size and requires far less money down on margin. Marcus decided to trade the index futures. where he has far more margin power and where nearly roundthe-clock trading enables him to buy before the open of the cash market.00 am .and that is if you are holding overnight.21stcenturyeminis. During this time you will complete a minimum of 15 profitable days out of 20 using a real simulation account trading the live market.50.000 . However it is our goal to have all our students up and trading real money after approximately 3 months. or.com. If you are day trading. Can I trade my super fund and pay for the course using it? Yes you can and we can put you in touch with accounting services that can assist you in setting this up.00 am Australian Eastern wintertime.000 in margin. Do I need a special computer system to trade the E-minis? You require a PC with Internet Access (High Speed Connection recommended) . An E-mini contract. a friend of ours. How many hours per day do I need to trade? We recommend you only trade 2 to 3 hours per day. 5 points below the SP 500's opening price. with a one-hour break in the middle.Windows 98 Second Edition or newer. A single regular SP contract. valued at $50 per point. as it turned out. Rather than buy the cash index (i. which is valued at $250 per point (or about $260. requires about $20.50 price).000 in a night with a $4.au .Trading E-minis How long does the training take and how long till I trade real money? That will depend on how long you take to go through each step of our training. decided to bet the market would rally. Marcus.8. Marcus bought the E-mini SP contract rather than the regular SP index contract. requires about $4.e. This time frame each day will give you multiple trading opportunities for a 5% to 10% return per trade.000 on a 1041. through funds or ETFs that track the SP 500).

347 .9 million for the mini versus 3. at the same time. Thus. Marcus bought specific date E-mini SP contracts. As a market gauge. Based on their trading volume. the sheer volume of trading makes it an ideal tool for studying how traders are viewing the broader indices. entered an intraday protective stop on his E-mini position to limit his loss in case his analysis and entry proved ill timed or faulty. Given the volume. it is meant to provide a simple illustration of how E-minis are traded and why they have become such popular trading instruments.25 points higher than the cash index's close). and. Since its introduction by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1997. On the NASDAQ side. compared to just under 17 million of the big SP 500 contracts. More than 139 million E-mini SP 500 contracts were traded in the first 10 months of a recent year. That's 18 times $50 per point times 10 contracts. E-mini NASDAQ-100 and the E-mini Russell 2000. these smaller-sized products are the fastest growing in CME history at an average of 130 percent over the past three years. or $9. E-mini futures can impact and anticipate the movement of the cash equity indices. As a trading instrument. people investing in stocks or funds that track the SP 500 or NASDAQ 100 may do well to follow the E-minis. Marcus was able to sell the contracts at more than 18 points. the E-mini equity index product suite today includes the Emini SP 500.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Marcus was. Rather. with the December E-mini SP up to over 1059.000. One trader uses the E-minis (preferring to focus on the S&P and NASDAQ rather than the Russell) both as a trading instrument and a gauge for determining market direction. the example of Marcus's trading experience illustrates how E-minis can be profitable.75 (.7 million for the large contract. along with the virtually round-the-clock trading. By evening. you can buy up to 49 E-mini contracts on just $500 margin using Global Futures Exchange. the ratio was 56. The above case study example is not aimed at enticing you to run out and start blindly trading E-minis.

fair and transparent markets and offer potentially lower trading costs than trading a basket of equities or ETFs. Skill and success in the markets are acquired through hard work. anonymity and trading around the clock. reliability. aggressiveness. education. spreading with other stock-index futures and gaining broad market exposure.com.au . Day trading E-minis takes a combination of discipline. around the world and accommodate a variety of strategies such as hedging to protect against adverse price moves. To receive a free eBook and DVD on how to make $1000 to $5000 per week trading E-minis with as little as $5000 to start go to: Eminisdvd.com. fortitude and willingness to take small losses quickly.au/egsb or phone 1800 683 034 + 61 3 8637 1590 New Zealand (09) 358 7334 348 For a free E-mini DVD and access to a free webinar go to www.21stcenturyeminis. The E-minis market is a level playing field offering open. The markets give a final verdict every trading day at the close. caution.Trading E-minis E-minis summary E-minis are a fast. This verdict will not go in your favour if you enter the trading battle unprepared. E-minis are electronically traded on the CME Globex® platform. patience and emotional discipline. E-minis provide a smaller contract well suited for a broad range of individual and institutional customer needs and E-minis offer substantial liquidity and tight bid/ask spreads. offering speed.19 . efficient way to trade the benchmark S&P 500 Index (and the underlying 500 large-cap US issues) with a single contract.


20. P ROPERTY OPTIONS How to make millions without using any of your own money .

upkeep and maintenance. If the right is not exercised. it must be at the sole discretion of the buyer. on my conditions. An Option is a legal instrument by which a choice is granted to acquire a given property. while you hold this exclusive option. If the seller sells the property to someone else. or 'sell' the option itself. A real estate option gives you 'control' of a piece of real estate without buying it! By having Options on real estate. the option holder is not subject to liability for damages. If you want to be on the 'profitable' selling side (as opposed to the 'costly' buying side) in building your real estate empire. The underlying principal is that in order for the transaction to proceed. or not to buy it. The choice is yours. Simply meaning. you can collect the difference from the seller. assessments. the grantor of option must perform the option's requirements. If the holder of the option exercises it. It is an 'exclusive' right. If the person or entity chooses to purchase. you have the exclusive right to either buy that property. you are entitled to any moneys the seller receives over the price you have agreed to pay for the property or if the seller sells the property for less than what he agreed to sell it to you on your option. You have control of the property during the term of the Option and (in most cases). a document that gives a person or entity the choice to buy. unless you do a lot of 'buying' for your own account. the owner keeps paying all of the inherent costs of the property taxes. the only real alternative you have is using real estate options. That means that no one else can buy or sell that property during the term of your option. either 'sell' the property. or not. but being an agent/broker is a full-time job and allows few (if any) opportunities to build a real estate empire. What could be better than 'controlling' a real estate empire without buying any real estate? Let the owner keep paying the inherent costs and. the Seller is absolutely committed at the original strike price.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had How can you 'sell' real estate if you don't own (buy) it first? You could become an agent or a broker and 'earn' commissions for selling. for a profit. What are Options on real estate or real estate Options? An Option is a right given to purchase or lease a property upon specified terms within a specified time. 350 .

even worse he finished with a tax liability of $235. No one. without first satisfying your option. He is the presenter of the 21st Century Academy course How To make Millions Through Property Options. An example of an Option Have you ever wondered how the land is acquired for a new shopping centre in an existing suburban area? A typical case involves the developer or shopping centre owner offering an option to householders to buy their property in 12 months time at a 20 percent premium to its current value. you are dealing with 'garbage' real estate. Mark Rolton Mark Rolton is a successful property developer who uses property options extensively. Whereas. or sell the option itself to someone else. He relates how after being successful as a project manager he found himself desperate and burnt out after being swindled out of $200.000.20 . You will usually be dealing with 'prime' (or at least acceptable and presentable) real estate properties. you 'control' the sale of that property until your option expires. When you use an option. Rolton was forced to clean windows for $400 a week to 351 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. nine times out of ten. Rolton has an interesting story to tell on how he became involved in Options and property development. This allows time to obtain the necessary planning approvals and stabilises the price that the developer or shopping centre owner will have to pay to acquire the land while the landowner stands to sell their property at a handsome margin over its exiting value. You own the exclusive right to buy that property. you are not buying real estate. Using an option on real estate. legally. or sell that property to someone else.000 by the person he appointed to manage his business.com. can 'buy' or 'sell' that property.Property Options 'Exclusive' means 'exclusive' under the law When you hold options on real estate property.au . or not buy that property. you are buying the exclusive right to buy (or not buy) that Real Estate. you also have another advantage. That means you also have the exclusive right to sell the property as well. if you deal with 'distressed' properties. not even the owner of the property. 21stcenturypropertyoptions.

000 in equity to offer the bank. There are two basic ways of dealing with Options according to Rolton. Control can be far more powerful than ownership If we have an Option on a property of any type the seller is absolutely committed to sell at that price. For instance by turning a 352 . with the result that Rolton optioned the six blocks and making a very tidy profit. we can then ask a higher price for the property that we have control over. you can use the capital gains on the value of the property as collateral with your bank. The second way. to the extent that he made a profit of over $1 million in forty days. which has the potential to produce windfall profits. The first is a 'short option' where the property is held for a short time and sold without any further improvements. if we can improve the value of the property by obtaining a Development Application (D. We control any upside on the property and because it is an Option to buy we can always pull out of the transaction if market forces work against us. As a result of his success with Options.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had survive. is for the Option holder to take out a major Development Application and redevelop the property. A hurried phone call to a lawyer to question how he could profit by putting a deal together for the six blocks followed.5 million as the result of your successful Development Application. the bank was about to foreclose).A. The very next day another of his business contacts phoned to say that he was very keen to buy some land. A few questions and it transpired that the six blocks of land that Rolton's business contact had for sale would be ideal.) approved by the local council which will add value to the property (to build home units for instance on what is now a home site). Opportunity presented itself when he learnt that a business contact was desperate to sell six blocks of land (despite being asset rich. At a later date if you decide to develop the property yourself. Rolton suddenly became very active in Optioning land. While holding that Option. As an example if the value of the property you have an option on increases in value from $1 million to $1. you have $500.

Instead of lots of money the sale would give him. You can get money back but you cannot get time back. low-maintenance home 353 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. When we option a property we have two options when trying to make a sale. Mark Rolton's five criteria for ideal Options 1. Using honesty and integrity . Work to create this win-withyou situation. Allow sufficient time to improve the value of your option. change of use or rezoning. we can try and sell the property in a longer time frame with improvements such as a Development Application involving change of use. Business today has a different dynamic that involves honesty and integrity at the negotiating table so approach your deals with a long-term view. Win with you .au .a long option. Time versus money.com.a short option. we can try and sell the property in a short time frame (days. he offered to design a new. In the second case . To do this will involve a wide range of professional services and trades. weeks or a few months) without making any improvements. 21stcenturypropertyoptions. the owners great concern was his very sick wife who could not use the stairs. How do I serve the needs of sellers and the potential buyers? The other parties involved in your Option should win-with-you. These days the market commands more than a simple win-win situation . In the first case .20 .Property Options vacant block of land into a new suburb or industrial complex. For most councils and town planners to sign off on a major development will probably take at least six months.beyond win-win.critical success factors according to Rolton. Rolton quotes as an example the owners of a property he had an interest in buying opposite a major new retail development. The owners had turned down numerous offers from what they considered greedy uncaring developers who were only concerned with their own selfinterests ('stitch 'em up'). so try to have your options run for at least 24 months.the market wants win-with-you situations. Rolton says he found out what really concerned the owner and what the owner really wanted. Create deals that involve the buyers needs and work around these needs to improve your offer. 2.

the greater the chances of obtaining planning approval. Ensure the team's skills are complimentary. Partner or perish. Rolton pointed out. How much deposit should I pay for an Option? How much deposit should I pay on a potential development site when taking out an Option? Rolton points out that most sellers ask far too much as a deposit and that what they ask usually cannot be justified. Be a Joint Venture Master. look at working with joint venture partners as a way of reducing your exposure to the risks involved. builders and building contractors. civil contractors.000 deposit in order to grant an Option.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had near the hospital to suit the sick wife and thus created a win-withyou situation. which he (Rolton) as the person responsible for working with council to obtain the Development Application. Team fit. the council allowed a new railway to pass the property that increased the allowable density on the property from three stories to six stories. would have to pay. Should Rolton at any time decide not to proceed with the Option the Development Application would revert to the seller of the land parcel as the Development Application was in the name of the seller. He cites as an example a $2 million land package that. Develop relationships with council town planners. Understand all of the costs involved in all the facets of a Development Application. The greater the skills of the team. Instead of thinking that you are giving away part of your profits to your joint venture partners. 5.9 million. 354 . 4. This Development Application money. engineers. giving Rolton a profit of almost $2 million! 3. You may not want to develop a property yourself but you will need to know the ultimate cost of your proposal in order to sell your proposal. with a Development Application would be worth $2. Rolton pointed out to the seller that the cost of a Development Application would be around $150. And fortune favours the brave. was actually in fact a replacement deposit.000. With a good team fit you should be able to make smarter and faster decisions. The seller was asking for a $300. You should be able to utilise the skills of your joint venture team to reduce professional costs. Numbers are knowledge! Knowledge is power! Do your mathematics.

au www.com www.com.au Options for success .gov.com. There are also numerous people in the market place according to Rolton who will stump up the money for Development Applications if they are paid a premium on their costs at the time of settlement. What you decide while negotiating will invariably be passed on to lawyers to write into contracts so it is essential to have your details correct. Instead of a 24 month Option for instance he advises on making the duration of the Option 30 months. this allows more time to gain the necessary approvals and also enhances the chance of the land increasing in value over a longer time frame. 21stcenturypropertyoptions.au . 355 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. Finding sites suitable for Options These are some websites that you visit to obtain property information: www.abr. Rolton says he often uses OPM in his Option deals by offering to pay firms involved in the Development Application a premium on their normal rates if they will defer payment until the deal is settled.rpdata.Property Options Rolton also stresses the need to have the duration of the Option to run for as long as possible.20 .5 million in profit from a property deal using none of their own money. Within 6 months these two young 21st Century Academy clients had made approximately $1.money from thin air The case of two young 21st Century Academy clients.propertydatasolutions.au www.confirm. Using Other Peoples' Money (OPM) Instead of using his own money Rolton outlines some ways of using OPM to finance Options and the development of Options. provides an example of the profit potential of property options.com. who attended a 21st Century Academy property options seminar. Some further sage advice Rolton offers is to make a point of writing everything down as you are negotiating.

000 deposit to Option a property for $825. Colin received an offer of $1. Millions in Rockie In Queensland at the time of publication there is a boom in the exploration for nickel.6 million for the property. The farmer who owned the land was happy to walk away and contemplate his potential returns. After a period of diligent research. Of course the seller of the property was very happy that he obtained a higher price than he would have achieved with the initial enquiry he had received .000 of their own money In another instance . some entrepreneurs optioned 100 hectares of land located on the way to a nearby major mine for $3.000.000 in three weeks using just $1.30 per square metre). Colin quickly learnt that South-East Queensland has a huge demand for nursing homes and hospital beds. A few weeks later the entrepreneurs were approached by a 356 .6 million for the property .000 in South-East Queensland.000 a 21st Century Academy Property Options client (who we will call Colin) received an offer of $1.000 in three weeks using just $1.in his first ever Options deal . Just three weeks after paying an Option deposit of $1.000 of his own money. The ageing seller was tired of living on.beyond win-win result.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had A profit of $775.3 million ($3. It transpired that the owner of the land was already negotiating with another party who was going to use the land for a residential subdivision. Part of the success in this case stemmed from Colin (the person offering the Option) doing a great deal of research before approaching the person who owned the land.a profit of $775. Colin Optioned a property for $825. what the best use for the land was. A further key ingredient in Colin's success was finding out the needs of the parties involved.three weeks after paying a $1. In Rockhampton.and he managed a quick sale . and maintaining his large block and was willing to sell at the best price while the buyer desperately needed land for hospital beds. which is what Colin based his Option offer on. cadmium and coal that present opportunity as well as providing the infrastructure involved. Part of Colin's research before approaching the owner involved ascertaining the prices land in the area was selling for and most importantly.a win with you .

Property Options major Melbourne based organisation who owned an adjoining site and who expressed a strong desire to purchase the land.” Some real estate tips from Mark Rolton • When there is a need for residential housing. the entrepreneurs were faced with a potential profit of $41. Their offer was $45 per square metre. Thus. “cashed out for a killing. 357 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. he. John had Optioned the land based on 28 residential blocks when he first learnt of the work on the dam wall. 21stcenturypropertyoptions. To use John's words. In just a few weeks. historically during four previous boom markets all the other major cities will follow. • When the Sydney market 'fires'. a need for shopping centre sites and industrial sites will follow. Residential markets are the major driver . after paying out the happy farmer. Brisbane usually follows within 18 months of Sydney and then Perth follows soon after. • Look for trends and patterns.20 . After the last Sydney boom Melbourne followed 10 months later. If you do not have houses you will not need industry. The offer was accepted. the entrepreneurs offered a smaller area that would suit their needs for $55 per square metre for a total price of around $15 million.it is logical that all the other markets will follow. this is a macro trend.7 million! Rather than sell the entire 100 hectares of land to the Melbourne group. Before the Development Application was issued the council called John to a meeting to inform him of what they thought may have been a problem for him. the entrepreneurs had made a profit of around $12 million and they still owned the bulk of the 100 hectares that they had Optioned. The council then told John that they wanted to rework their previous proposal in relation to the site: the council now wanted to have 210 residential blocks on the site. which equates to $45 million. In turn this involved the rezoning of some adjoining land.com. Raising the dam level Another case involved the government raising the height of a dam wall by a substantial amount.au . The current zoning only allowed around 28 to 35 residential blocks of land on the site. With the rezoning council now wanted to see 140 blocks of land on the same site.

can you increase your returns and maximise your yields by having retail on the ground floor. “As a seller you may not even want to relocate any time soon. • Think outside the box. • Research opportunities based on what these agents tell you. Ask them about their recent deals and how good they really are. allowing a minimum of four to 18 months for the entire process to be executed. Therefore. e. professional suites on the second floor and residential units on the third floor? This is a micro trend in some inner Sydney suburbs. the market is the market 358 . It is imperative to ensure that you have a minimum of 24 months for a Development Approval. With time. it is now possible to achieve a Development Approval status upon the subject site. They raise huge amounts from Building and Development Applications and headworks. it is imperative that you understand that time is your most valuable asset. • Brisbane at the time of publication had a shortage of commercial and office space. Does that suit you?” A lot of sellers will prefer a greater window to decide and to relocate themselves. you can often lead the seller to a position where they understand that the conditions you are offering are a better fit for them as well. Great Options always come in the form of time.g.for example different housing densities. given that I can meet the time restraints that I require and that would be 24 months.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had • Look at your street directory for trends . If an inner urban area has a three-story height limit. • The major opportunities are on Australia's eastern seaboard. As a negotiator. I am prepared to option your property. • Councils and Governments are mainly concerned with raising money. Find out the trends in their market place and what they want. Your skill as a dealmaker is to softly persuade the owner of a current property to achieve your outcome of time. Negotiating Options When working with Options. Establish their credibility and look at their results. It must be understood that the market is the market. • 'Interview' agents in your area of interest. • Australia's ageing population is a major factor. regardless of how great or how refined you are as a dealmaker or master negotiator. Meaning.

Property Options and you will not always get what you want. it is important at this point. so you will need to start with very clear objectives. as also are investment magazines and journals. so too does the Commercial/retail market. to set some small targets and clear objectives of what you hope to achieve in the next three. You need to approach every negotiation with an open mind and always endeavour to create more possibilities through thinking creatively or looking at opportunities in a different way. what dynamics and what market forces are driving market segments at any point in time. You could suggest to the seller.com. In fact. you will find it is always easier to negotiate more time in a down market. It is imperative to have a clear. Evidence has also shown that when the Residential market begins to rise.au . The churn principle The danger of Options in real estate is not being specific. there are always greater opportunities in a down market than a rising market. Property Investor.g. 21stcenturypropertyoptions. 359 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. With a soft market at hand. Government websites. Real estate agents may be a useful resource to this exercise.20 . Market segments are critical and it is important to understand why it is they exist. Financial Review and the Industrial sections of newspapers. the key is to understand that you need to be flexible. media and specific data relating to lending volumes from banks. “Do you have any other ideas or means of making it work?” .the needs of the seller. The market is never static and as a result.always reverting back to what is important . six or twelve months by using options in real estate. but at the same time slowing interest rates can actually improve an Industrial market. You can source this type of information from real estate journals. defined style of property or a market segment that you are in search of. Options work best in a down market because time is important. e. As a negotiator. Trends like these are easily read and very easy to track. Your market research at any point needs to incorporate market trends and to understand when the market will recover. It is worth noting that most successful people in property have generally made more money in a down market than an up market. forums. This could be in the form of interest rates slowing the Residential market.

Consult Town Plan to find key strips or areas of interest. As a dealmaker. etc. it is obvious that the greater the volume of deals being filtered into the funnel. the greater chance of success you confidently have. square metre (m2) rates. Success in the field of Options and property is determined by how many deals are executed. price paid.based on size. site restraintsTown Plan (Council). Options are a numbers game. our outcomes are inevitable because like anything. building costs/site costs. Agents. • Decide on a specific locality to incorporate approximately five suburbs. Therefore. aerials. The diagram on the next page outlines the filters that are needed in order to have a means for a way of checking and ensuring that all our prerequisites are met. Medium Density (Townhouses). 360 . This is a basic outline of some simple filters that are going to be required to get you started.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had The Churn Formula allows you to insert deals into a funnel and now filter through a series of processes and the integrity of the deals moving through them. Aged Care. infrastructure. • Either drive by to familiarise with area and/or PDS search for right size. • Pick out key parcels . Commercial. This way success is guaranteed and not all deals will work. • Run through mathematics on the site . even after they have been documented.Industrial. easements. issues. parcels and characteristics. flooding. talk to team and agents. It is important to know that whilst the volume of deals are moving through the funnel. shape. you may in fact add more filters to the Churn Formula. • Look at UBD. Therefore. zoning. PDS.find out sales prices from PDS. We want to identify immediately whether the deals being inserted in the funnel are a viable proposition or not. your success can be pre-determined by how many deals you choose to move through the funnel. The Churn Principle for screening sites • Determine Development Type . • Check slope. A successful formula is to start with churning a minimum of 30 deals per week with a view to negotiate and document a deal per month. Professional Space.

20 . undermining.Property Options Options . main roads.The Churn Principle for potential deals Filters Flooding.com. zoning Feasibility Mathematics . 21stcenturypropertyoptions.what is it worth? Contact owner What are your needs? What are you looking for? Book meeting Discuss terms of the agreement Outline deal Does it work for you? Heads of agreement Final Option documentation (by a solicitor) 361 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www.au .

we see trends all over. • Again situation is dependant . Industrial and Commercial markets move at all.arrange meeting for further negotiation. As human beings our emotions drive market cycles. Industrial? Where does your experience lie and what success have you experienced so far? This should determine your starting point in optioning property from this point on. Heads of Agreement signed again. etc. if any.extract price or price range. Professional. so when we spend. • Book the meeting . send a card or drive by/door knock (outcome is to book a meeting). Have you had experience in Residential. 362 . Commercial. drives the economy. In common terms. explain how options work and what you can do for them. Proceed to final documentation (Option). Understand that you can start at Residential real estate and move on to specialise in other fields. it takes some time for other areas of the economy to feel those flow-on effects. property and managed investments. We see trends in common places such as the share market. • Documents are executed upon receipt of Heads of Agreement (usually takes around 1 week). it is important to consider where your current skills. return with offer and Heads of Agreement . lie in property.explain terms. There are always cycles and trends to everything we do with regards to money. new price/terms. we understand that our spending as consumers. When considering what market to target as your chosen field. feel out client on terms. find selling motives. It usually takes a few days to get in touch and then another week to meet. The Residential market is the backbone for all markets.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had When the Churn Principle for screening sites list checks out okay and the site stacks up: • Source the owners contact details: • Place a phone call. It is not uncommon for Residential markets to trend up at about 30 percent growth before Professional. Therefore. • Cycles in the real estate market • Everything related to finance is cyclical . market sentiment or the way we feel about markets as a collective group typically drives market trends. • Depending on situation.

Another market emerging today is office space in certain parts of Australia. The mathematics are very basic.5 percent in terms of Professional space. Aged Care is a very dynamic market and is considered a dynamic market for the simple reason of the dynamic characteristics it is displaying. at a later point. the competition is not as fierce. Negotiating and trying to achieve your terms can be very difficult in the Residential market considering the level of competition you may experience. • Key legalities • Staggered settlements occur where an Option is granted for a given piece of land and an adjoining lot owned by the same owner can be purchased as a right.Property Options The challenge with Residential real estate and optioning is that the competition is quite severe. The media tells us so much about market trends. in some parts of Melbourne. The only reason the market has not existed before or at the levels of demand that are currently being experienced. It is very easy to derive research that outlines Professional vacancies being at an all time low. you can actually split the 363 For a free Property Option DVD valued at $97 visit www. These trends may spell major opportunities and the need to maximise options in these given segments. therefore leaving you an open opportunity to capitalise. The science of optioning property in the Residential market is no secret. specialised Commercial and Aged Care. Aged care is probably the largest trend to emerge in Real Estate during the last 10 years. Therefore. For example. 21stcenturypropertyoptions. Mum and Dad investors are generally not savvy enough to enter these markets and are not familiar with the types of techniques being discussed here. Also some areas of Brisbane can be as low as 1. A few years ago private schooling and childcare were massive industries and as the take-up for this type of development found an equilibrium. Commercial and Professional. optioning and developing Residential property can be quite simple. the vacancy rates are as low as 4 percent. In other areas such as Industrial. Staggered settlements are a fantastic way of minimising exposure in serving the needs of an owner.20 . As a consequence of being so simple you will find competition is fierce.au . is because it is a market that is very difficult to trend or chart given that this demand has not been in existence for long. new markers emerged such as Industrial.com. at the time of publication.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

settlements that may occur. You may Option a parcel of land as a 24 month Option with a right to option the neighbouring lot, 12 months after the Option date, meaning that you have now created a staggered settlement arrangement with a 12-month window between the settlement of these two lots. If you choose to, you can sell one parcel to the market and use the other parcel at a later date. A common strategy is to sell down the first parcel, cash-up from the sale and purchase the second parcel outright and retain as a 'hold'. Staggered settlements give you great leverage and if you choose to now go on and develop any type of property, staggered settlements minimise your exposure and therefore reduce the amount of capital required, making projects less capital intensive or staggering them so that you can now create some success along the way in terms of pre-sales for example. It is like 'staging' a land estate. You see developers that are not prepared to take the risk of developing 100 blocks of Residential land at one time. They see the value in developing perhaps 25 lots in four stages to achieve the same outcome but just over a longer period of time. This way it reduces their overheads and supports their cash-flow. Quite often large tracts of land are staggered as Options. This way it is easier to get better feedback from the Council involved in the Development Approval. Councils can quite often be concerned when there is, for example, say 200 Industrial lots, to be approved in one line. The Council will take into consideration how it envisages the final result, the social and economic impact it will have on the region and the impact if 100 lots of Industrial land cannot be sold. Councils will also consider how it affects other businesses that are trying to start with cheap acquisition costs and how it will affect other businesses in the region if land is so readily available. What impact will it have on other developers will also be a factor for Council consideration. Therefore, Councils tend to shy away from approving large developments all in one line. Quite often Councils see great benefit in staging projects or staging Options with Development Approvals for the simple fact that it gives them time to consider the ramifications further down the track and what other people and industries will be affected as a result.

20 - Property Options

A successful formula is to start with churning a minimum of 30 deals per week with a view to negotiate and document a deal per month. It is important to know that whilst the volume of deals is moving through the funnel, our outcomes are inevitable because like anything. Options is a numbers game.

• • Option Combinations • Combinations provide even greater upside when we approach a deal. Combinations allow us the flexibility to create a greater yield by means of maximising a given property. The following diagram is a typical example of a combination. A combination can take many forms. An example of a Combination development





6 hectares / 60,000m 2 Zoned Residential - 600m 2 Residential blocks
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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

As a regular Residential Development (600m2 blocks) with a retail price of $150,000 per block, this site would be valued at a maximum of around $3,292,000. (Based on 80 blocks at $41,150 each (raw without D.A.) $41,150 x 80 = $3,292,000 Using a creative approach in the form of a 'Combination', we identify area A as a potential Commerce Precinct, capable of a bakery, newsagent, convenience store, possible medical centre, liquor outlet, fast food, etc. with approximately 2,000m2 as Commercial at a rate of approximately $450 per m2 A sub-total of $900,000 Area C we determine is suitable for an Aged Care facility, given its great proximity to the newly created retail precinct and facilities. 15,000m2 is required for the facility and yields us $120m2 without a Development Approval that will be carried out by the Care provider. A sub-total of $1,800,000 The balance of 43,000m2 we decide is best suited to Residential blocks, given the Council will most likely want to achieve a balance in the development density and uphold the integrity of the Town Plan and the surrounding areas. • 43,000m2 @ 750m2 per lot = 57 blocks • (750m2 per lot includes allowances for roads and parks) A sub-total of $2,345,000 • 57 lots @ $41,150 per lot = • TOTAL $5,045,000 • The example above is a classic outline of how many developers approach real estate with common thinking. We can see with this particular site here, that it is 6 hectares or 60,000m2, zoned Residential A. According to our mathematics, if the land (per block) was to retail for $150,000, the maximum we could pay is $41,150 per site raw (without a Development Approval), meaning that the best we could possibly hope for is $3,292,000. After this, developers who continue to stay at the negotiating table are affecting their net profit margin. This is not terribly smart given that they have costs and risk in the market in selling those blocks to end users. Looking outside the square, we appreciate that we can add value by adding different ideas to the mix and this way creating greater value

20 - Property Options

long-term that is in alignment with the Council Town Plan. As mentioned earlier, we can afford to pay more given that we now know how to maximise a property. As another example, if we have a parcel of land that might be say 2,000 square metres in the CBD and the Town Plan says that it is deemed residential you will need to know the Town Plan intimately and the surrounding characteristics close to this particular site. If we believe we have evidence to support our Development Application, we can maximise the zoning. It is our intention to propose the first floor (let's say if has a five storey height restriction) be retail and the next two storeys will be Professional space and the fifth storey will now be Residential, keeping in line with the Town Plan. We have massively increased the potential upside and as a result have created a harmonious balance in the eyes of the Council. When combinations are involved, it is important to seek the knowledge and understanding of a Qualified Town Planner. Research is pertinent and it is the key to understanding that the Town Plan is flexible, provided we achieve a 'workable solution'. Today it can be seen that Councils have a 'workable solution' approach, simply meaning that as the applicant of a Development Approval, the proposal is possible - given a 'workable solution' is evident. The Town Plan in most Councils is written in such a way that it is open to suggestion, however the solution is now the responsibility of the applicant. If is clear that you need to provide substantial evidence and great solutions in order for you to promote change or in any way try and increase the density or the yield of a proposed property. The common term in Government departments such as a Council, is an MCU, a 'Material Change of Use'. This simply means that we are now intending to change the integrity of the site. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to change the entire zoning of a given site; i.e. going from recreational land to Industrial is going to be impossible. However, if we uphold the integrity of the Town Plan, i.e. mix residential as well as Retail, Commercial and Professional space, we have a much greater chance of success.


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What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

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Now I just go to sleep to become wealthier, but in the beginning it took discipline, it took sticking to something even when I had doubts.

What I didn't learn at school but wish I had

You will need to look at which strategy best suits you out of all the strategies we have covered. I am giving you a range of strategies because everyone is different but you will need to choose one or two to focus on, master them and then you can expand your strategies from there. Do not try to do a bit of everything. I do not use all the strategies. I focus primarily on two strategies, i.e. renting and selling insurance for example, but I do not do them all because you do not need to. With property I also usually focus on one or two strategies. Determine which strategies you should do and your investment strategy will change as you grow. You may move from one strategy to another, depending on your current goals. I call the following strategy the 'Baby Bucket Principle' and it is designed to turn risk into your friend as it can ensure you can profit from risk and cannot lose your entire wealth. To do this, you divide your big bucket into some smaller buckets. I call it the baby bucket principle because I like to keep things simple. Remember your big bucket. You have got four buckets to fill up, but which one do you fill up first? We will start on the first bucket. Let's name the buckets. • The first one we will call our security bucket. • Our second bucket we will call our growth bucket. • The third bucket is our momentum bucket. • The fourth bucket we will call the lifestyle bucket.


21- The Baby Bucket Principle

With the security bucket, do you think that it is a really high-risk investment or low risk? Obviously low risk. This principle is important, as the fastest way to become wealthy is determined by the speed at which you get yourself into a position where you can afford to lose money. That is why highlevel investors can make an absolute fortune, because they have plenty of money put aside that they can afford to lose. When you can do that, investing is so simple. You may say that is all right for high-level investors but what if you are starting out,
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it is not 372 . They get sick of working for a boss so they decide to become the boss and start their own business. Growth investments. here is a golden rule. The security bucket is low risk investments. as I will explain. we would probably own it by now. An agent is more biased and will sell you their products. If we buy it. The momentum bucket would cover renting. They borrow against their house to start a business and a traditional business for a 96 percenter is one of the highest risk strategies as they risk losing everything. traditional business. This would help you understand why many people go broke. You may require a good insurance broker if you intend to invest in property. Do not borrow for business until you can afford to lose the money. physical cash. etc. etc. one of our favourite places we always go to. you need to consider those sorts of insurances if you become an active borrower for investing to lower your risk in case you lose your job while building your wealth or suffer illness. lunch and dinner. People who have suffered a business failure often say they wish they had known that 5 or 10 years ago. The intention is not to lose but be able to afford to lose. I thought with the amount we spent there for breakfast. These include your cash management trust accounts. are investments that belong in this bucket. It is best to use a broker rather than an agent for insurance. If you are going to borrow against your house. Lifestyle bucket What is a lifestyle investment? If you want to buy a hobby farm. as they are not generally controlled by one company. disability and health. renting. it is mainly bought for the lifestyle element rather than investment return.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had can you afford to lose anything? The answer is yes if you apply this strategy. Residential property and quality companies. so this is less likely to happen. etc. i. are you buying it for the investment return or for the hobby? For people who own a place in the snow.e. An example is a restaurant. commercial property. whereas a broker will sell you the best products that suit you. We were considering buying a restaurant in Noosa. I suggest income protection. You would include insurance.

Fear will cause people to do nothing. but primarily it is for lifestyle .e. lose money and put themselves in a 373 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. this is often not the case for holiday homes in Australia where there is often an oversupply of holiday homes with high vacancies and poor capital growth. The same applies with a farm. So we are going to understand psychology.The Baby Bucket Principle really to make money but more for the sake of owning one. so they jump into investments they can not really afford.21. That is the difference. A lot of people make the mistake of not doing any growth investments or momentum.com . Obviously if we are too fearful nothing is going to happen. plus allow family and friends to use.21stcenturybonusdvd. plus we get a free holiday home that pays itself off. or a chalet in Switzerland out of their profits. which is the fact that fear and greed drive people emotionally with investing. it is becoming a much better investment plus a cash cow (excuse the pun). Some people are not fearful any more. i. we have two properties we bought mainly for lifestyle. The rest of the time it is holiday rented and is still highly positive geared as we get very high rentals. rather than building up their investments first where that could fund a place in Aspen. That will cause people to just put it in the bank and banks do not mind that because they make a lot of money. They make money out of nothing. They want lifestyle and they jump straight into an investment for lifestyle. With rural property prices rising. If you are smart. The fear of losing money so they just keep it in the bank. The opposite to fear is greed. a place in the snow or a farm that maybe they can not really afford. lifestyle choice. i. What you need to do is divide your investment into levels of risk. New Zealand which we use three to four times a year. The reason we use these buckets is to prevent people from jumping into momentum investments straight away. they want to get rich quickly. it is an idea that too many people take too seriously.e. place all their money under the pillow or just put it in the bank and leave it there. So it makes us money. especially when cattle prices are good.the joy of having a farm to escape to and enjoy the healthy rural lifestyle. That is all money is. you can turn lifestyle investments into growth investments. One is a beautiful winter home in Queenstown. However. Many people are driven by fear.

I consider this a donation to the universe. Imagine losing a thousand dollars. Some people get upset for a decade. That is why these buckets work from a psychology viewpoint. Remember. It obviously means someone else needed that money more than me. people panic.e. If you meet someone very successful financially. I was about to get upset about it and then I thought life is too short to get upset. I thought life is too short. One way to do that is to be detached from the outcome. you will often notice someone very calm about money. calm and collected and not panicked requires you not to be attached to money. put all their eggs into that one basket which is not smart either. You have learned how to make money when the market goes down and how to protect yourself if the market goes down so you can respond intelligently. We know we do not have to panic. it is a nuisance losing all the cards in it but it does not really matter. calm and collected. What we want is to be in between fear and greed. “Be detached from money and be in a position where you do not have to worry too much about it.000 in my wallet. So what we want to do is learn about being financially intelligent and we also have to be emotionally intelligent. They stay broke longer. Money is just an idea and they do not get hung up on it. The only thing is that fifteen years ago there would not have been $1. which means you will not be so driven by fear and greed. Another word for crisis is opportunity. and control our emotions.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had difficult situation and as a result they never get rich quick. We spread the 374 . The point is that you do not want to be too attached to money. write it off and there is no point worrying about it. I could be upset for a day or a week and I know some people who could get upset for a month about it. you should not panic. I would have been depressed.000 cash in it. being cool. do you want to be more cool. You want to be cool. I lost my wallet not that long ago. i. It had $1.” If there is a crisis. Just like if the market is plummeting. calm and collected? Being cool. if I had lost $20 I would have been upset. He said. Fifteen years ago. They will jump into a momentum investment. crisis is opportunity. I will relate an interesting story. calm and collected. My millionaire mentor always said life is too short to be stressed over money. Or.

We are being smarter with our money to allocate it so we can afford to take the baby bucket principle some higher risks on a portion of it to get higher returns and low risk on some to give us peace of mind and security. you could potentially lose that $15. you cannot stop it. The technical term for this is asset allocation. If you apply the baby bucket principle. whether you are aggressive.The Baby Bucket Principle risk. you will be in a position to take advantage of opportunities.000 you can deposit it all into momentum or you can spread it. It takes a bit of effort to get momentum but once it hits critical mass as it picks up speed. Let's work out what percentage to put into each of these buckets. It is not difficult for me to become wealthier now.000 to invest.com . You need to build your buffer zone. conservative or fearful. Out of that $100. A strategy many financial planners will teach you is that you should diversify. When you start it down the hill it is a small snowball. I believe you should put a large percentage of it in security first as security is necessary in the beginning. If you put it into investment at high risk but also high return and if you were to lose the $15. You need to determine your risk profile. If you have just started investing. but in the beginning it took discipline. that is all you should build. Let me break that down further. I just go to sleep to become wealthy. It will be like a snowball. Let's say you were to invest $15. you could be conservative or maybe fearful.000 of your $100.000 into your momentum bucket and put the rest in security and growth. That usually means they do not really know what is going to work so they put it in different baskets and hope something works. That is really what diversification is to 96 percenters. In the beginning. I am not talking about just diversification.21stcenturybonusdvd. It may seem slow in the beginning but you will get yourself prepared.21.000 because now you are in a position where you can afford to lose some money as you are in a position to take advantage of some risk which gives you the chance to make higher returns. It is not what I am talking about. As you learn more you may start to be more aggressive. it took sticking to something even when I had doubts. Let's say you had only $100. Then it becomes easier.000 would you be wiped out completely? The answer is no. In that example. however 375 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. You may build up your cash management trust.

if you are conservative you can see you are only going to put 15% into momentum and the older you get the less you are going to put into momentum as a percentage generally because you have less time on your side and you have different outcomes. It is a guideline for you. This is not advice. Depending on that. However. Out of every $100.000 you invest. let's work out what percentage to put in each bucket. you look at the aggressive column and select your age group. If you are aggressive. You just have to be honest with yourself and become clear whether you are a conservative or more aggressive investor. I believe 376 . That is up to you and you have to relate it back to your psychology.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had you do not ever have to be aggressive. it is just a guideline which you can modify to your own psychology. A lot of people get excited about options trading and rush to buy options. If I am young and conservative. you would consider putting 20% into security. Let us say you are younger than 45 and you are fairly aggressive. AGGRESSIVE 20% 45% 35% 25% 50% 25% 30% 55% 15% CONSERVATIVE 30% 55% 15% 30% 60% 10% 40% 55% 5% Under 45 Security Growth Momentum 45-55 Security Growth Momentum Over 55 Security Growth Momentum Select your age group and jot down the figures for your age group. If I am really aggressive I can put in more than 35%. Seek financial advice for determining your risk profile and exact percentages you should adopt. I can put in 35%. These are guidelines only and must not be construed as advice as every individual investor is different. 45% into growth and 35% to momentum.

The reason you would not borrow money for buying options if you were just starting is that it is a momentum investment and you cannot afford to lose that money. they totally outperform the people who have gone straight into options and do not have the emotional intelligence training to create the ideal mindset. because you are not in a position where you can afford to lose that borrowed money as you have no fall back position.e. They are the sort of people who tend not to follow rules. The trained participants understand the baby bucket where other people generally get caught up with their ego and just want to make money to get rich quick.com . as he had not borrowed the money.21. You could borrow against the net worth you already have. That is why I teach strategies to minimise the risk so you can protect yourself. do not listen and have to learn the hard way. it affects your trading and that is why very few people long term make consistent profits in options trading because they do not go to work on their psychology. especially if they insure their position. As soon as you become attached. than to buy options (Simon's strategy) which is a momentum bucket strategy with higher risk. You may get away with a percentage of that but you would not rush out to get a personal loan and trade the options market using Simon's strategies. renting companies you own.21stcenturybonusdvd. If you talk to Simon and people who have done his options training who have also developed their mindset through emotional intelligence training. His psychology was that he did not want to lose but he accepted that this could happen and was prepared for it. which is different because you are just transferring money out of say equity into another form of investing. So he was detached. received at 21st Century Academy. This explains why you may hear some horror 377 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. However. i. is a growth bucket investment and more people would be comfortable putting a larger percentage of their portfolio into this.The Baby Bucket Principle there is nothing wrong with that if it is appropriate to you but would you borrow money to trade the options market? My answer is no. Simon used more of an aggressive approach where he could get a few thousand aside from savings that he could afford to lose.

Rule 6: If you mess up. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life. lose as a result. but life has not. try delousing the closet in your own room. People with the wrong psychology who do not follow the rules and get caught up in greed.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had stories about options trading. They got that way from paying your bills. intelligent and detached so you can enjoy it. wait till you get a boss. learn from them. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both. not too fearful and not too greedy. your parents weren't as boring as they are now. it's not your parents' fault. You want to be balanced. cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. 378 . Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers. Rule 3: You will not make $60. Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough. so don't whine about your mistakes. Be smart with your money. Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation. That is why your psychology affects everything. In some schools. they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. You are playing with money.get used to it! Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. so it is important to be financially intelligent. Some advice from Bill Gates Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. Rule 1: Life is not fair . The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world.000 a year right out of high school. Rule 7: Before you were born. He talks about how feel-good.

but remember it is worth it.com.au I can't promise you a personal response due to the large number of emails I receive but you never know as I do personally respond to many. the most important thing that turned my life around and made my dreams a reality. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs. I encourage you to continue to develop your 21st century education as this is just the beginning of an exciting new world you can create for yourself. Maybe life was never meant to be a struggle but just a beautiful stroll through a valley on a sunny day.21stcenturybonusdvd. Rule 10: Television is not real life. Now you know how to do it. On one last note. The way I receive is to hear your success stories. I have attempted to give you a lot in this book. a game that you can learn to win and enjoy the process. 379 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.com . as my philosophy is to always give more than expected and it comes back tenfold. feedback and comments. I'd love to hear your success stories or feedback so feel free to email me at: Jamie@21stca. remember it is just a game. 'just do it' and then celebrate your success. In closing. if I was to sum it up into one word. It is up to you to make that decision to live the life of your dreams or settle for a life of regret! As the famous advertisement says.21. It has been an honour to share this journey with you through this book and I sincerely would look forward to meeting you some day if our paths were to cross. Chances are you will end up working for one. Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself.The Baby Bucket Principle Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. that word would be courage and lots of it! I wish you lots of courage as you will need it. Remember to take intelligent action with what you have learnt as this book has removed a lot of excuses you may have had. Do that on your own time.

Since we did this a year ago our net worth has increased by $100.000 discount with a 100% finance. to becoming a developer/ investor and having a quality life I’m proud of.” L. Within 2 weeks of finishing the seminar. but went away with the greatest experience of my life. and my wife’s car. my wife and I drive our dream cars. I cannot thank Jamie enough for the inspiration and practical guidelines.000 pa and implemented the debt reduction plan that Jamie recommends. . I came to the seminar with high expectations. and my family for the future. I have already started to change my lifestyle and myself. My wife and I understood how powerful these strategies can be once we take action. I have also re-negotiated my partner's loan and released $200. my car. Here are just some.000!” “I joined 21st Century in June 2007 and attended the June seminar in my hometown of Queenstown later that month. and by putting into practice some of Jamie’s affirmations and mindset strategies. I know we can make a difference to people's lives. I’ve gone from working 6/7 days a week running a landscape business. After a short time I realised I was in a better position financially than I actually thought. It was a pleasure to be there. achievements and rewards with us. You exceed my expectations by 500%.OUR MEMBERS TRIUMPH IN THE 21ST CENTURY S UCCESS S TORIES PETER WAAKA 21st Century Academy has an incredibly extensive portfolio of past and current graduate Success Stories sharing their experiences. Now the debt is completely out of our space and we can focus on wealth creation and we know exactly when it will be paid off. You are all to be commended for what you are doing. Three years ago I invested in Jamie’s Homestudy and decided it’s time to learn but also take action.R WANLESS "I have just experienced three of the most intense but mind blowing days of my life.” JO HARRISION “I increased my salary by $20. STEVE BERENTE “15 years ago I started my own business. 7 years ago I was almost bankrupt with only $2.000 left after selling my house. I have doubled my income and will finish the financial year having quadrupled my income from the previous year! This has allowed me for the first time ever to save some money ($30.000 in cash management trust) and to pay down a third of my (sizeable) mortgage which I will clear in the next 2 years. CHRISTIAN "Since doing the Homestudy course I have found a residential investment property at $15. Just 3 days out from the seminar. we go on good holidays and took my daughter to Disneyland last year. Keep up the fantastic work.000 in equity to use the renting of shares strategy. I can only describe the seminar as life changing. Today we live in a million dollar home by the beach." P.


S. I am delighted to say I have made over $300. While conducting my research." DAVID ROSS "It would be appreciated if you could pass onto Jamie my sincere thanks for setting up 21st Century Academy. The Homestudy completely blew me away as I had spent nearly 2 years during my course reading. my life has changed for the better beyond belief (and its only been a month) not just financially but also emotionally and spiritually. I owe you a beer. Well after spending some time watching the DVDs. To Jamie and all of you at 21st Century Academyy I say thank you. I completed a Small Business Management Course which proved to be an invaluable source of information that encouraged me to research various investment opportunities and business ideas. As they say 95% of traders lose money & 5% MAKE THE MONEY. reading Jamie's books and attending the 4 day seminar in Melbourne.000 on the stock market.you are an inspiration I did your course 3 years ago and escaped the rat race in Feb this year. Taking Jamie's advice I got a line of credit on my house and started trading the stock market in Blue-chip stocks. I joined in approximately Nov 2008.OUR MEMBERS TRIUMPH IN THE 21ST CENTURY S UCCESS S TORIES BRAD CUSHWORTH DANIEL LEWIS "This has been by far the best money I have ever spent in my life." . This is the first time in my life I feel that there is no stopping people from making progress if they follow the 21st Century Academy advice AND JUST TAKE ACTION. you are really a "GREAT AUSTRALIAN ICON" Always helping people." ANITA KRZYSTYNIAK In December 2008. I turn 70 next month so you are never too old to learn! P. Prior to this I had traded in the market with very little success. I have just purchased a Mercedes for myself and an Astra Hard Top for my wife. learning and researching business and investment opportunities that you so kindly handed over to me on a silver platter! If I had only come across your products and services earlier I could have spent the last 2 years investing my valuable time and energy into implementing strategies rather than trying so hard to find them in the first place! I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity 21st Century has given me and I am now an Affiliate Member who cannot communicate the benefits of this program to everyone fast enough!!!!! "Keep up the great work .S. I came across the 21st Century Academy and was so impressed with the information provided on the free DVD that within a few months I purchased the Homestudy." Cheers. P. Jamie is so right people need a financial education and am I pleased that I woke up to this late last year. TAIKA JONES “Hi Jamie! I do not have any mortgages now they're all PAID OFF! Merry Xmas and best wishes for the coming year.

but I won’t be stalking you." MARTYN BARNWELL "I would like to say a big THANK YOU from my family and myself for all that you have done. Not just for me and my family but for those less fortunate and unable to help themselves as I knew I was about to acquire knowledge.000 then turned this $20.000.900 with little or no risk and already this month I have made another $500 on renting and $360 on Selling Insurance (as it is my first time selling. Thanks to you Jamie. Just want to thank Jamie for awakening the Entrepreneur in me that was laying dormant before I did the Homestudy Course.000 into $50. I am going to make this my main source of income.for releasing us from our preconceptions. The moment I started watching the videos I knew there was more to life than the daily grind.000 bank average $40. In my first month of using the strategy I have made $1. You have all shown us in your own way that there are many kindred. still do and (no doubt) will continue to do. Your book (the first one) was only the second book that I had read in twenty years and when I had finished. CRAIG THOMPSON “Just thought I would drop you a line on one of your Homestudy Graduates.000 the weekly turnover would be in the vicinity of minimum $80. guidance and strategies to enable me to do so..for your guidance with the millions of forms James . I sat down and cried knowing that I had just found HOPE. We both owe our thanks to what 21CA has inspired and taught us so far and look forward to building an impressive portfolio over the coming years! Special thanks to: Jamie . I took a pretty safe position). If I had a bank of $150.000 I started trading and in 2 months turned this into $20.000 the next month. Melissah and I have just put down a deposit bond on our first off-the-plan development in Sydney! The property ticks all the boxes and will no doubt show us the returns we're looking for and will also act as the corner stone for our investing.for taking the time to sit down with us and convincing us to get in the market." . Now I pull out of the market each week using this $50..S. I do consider you as my number one mentor. I knew if I had nothing but the shirt on my back everything was going to be all right from now on.000 . P. THANK YOU.for pulling a few much needed strings I'd also like to shout out a massive thanks to all the members that we've had the pleasure of meeting. it in less than two days." VERN TAIKATO "10 years ago I did the Homestudy Course that 21st Century had and with as little as $3.000 to a trader who has at least 2 -3 years experience. Engkay . Konrad .150.JAKE MILNE Who here has had success from what 21st Century Academy has taught? "Well.

Nick Cheok and Konrad Bobilak for their ongoing dedication to the mission of creating a modern day 21st Century Education that should have been taught at school. Linda Barraud . past promoters Jon and Connie Giann.Head of Customer Service. Sir Richard Branson for being an inspiring model for business success. Danielle Alcide. Robert Kirby for his passion and 387 . Brock Hamilton . Keep them coming. Joanna Decco. Lou Harty. Sheena and Cherie for getting this project off the ground when it sat there idle year after year. Helen Janbazian. Kartik Gupta. Brett Gartner . Jay Abrahams for his brilliant marketing skills. including Warren Stokes . Yasoda for taking part in completing the project. and Jana and Kim for the endless hours of editing. our coaching team headed up by Derek Adams. I would firstly like to thank the Stokes sisters. for countless hours of typing and adjustments. Stuart Wilde for his humorous way of looking at the concept of money and success. Lea Tidy-Russ .IT. and all past and present employees. Julie Spencer. I would also like to make a big thank you to the entire team at 21st Century past and present. my PA. and the ability to read my writing.General Manager. Big thanks also go to all the graduates of 21st Century Academy for making the dream of creating a modern day educational system a reality.What I didn't learn at school but wish I had Acknowledgements Neither a book nor the creation of a concept known as a 21st Century education could come about without the assistance of numerous people. A big thank you to my mentors and teachers. I would also like to make a big thank to my current employees including my 21st Century Managers. some of whom I will not name for privacy reasons but a big thank you to others such as Anthony Robbins who kick started me on the dream to self improvement. I would also like to thank my partners in business and all those who have been involved in some way with 21st Century Group. Also thank you to Anna. Your success stories prove that what we set out to do is occurring and that it has been worth it. Michael Gerber for his business concepts.Head Coach. our entire external team of Licensees and our team of ever expanding agents throughout Australia and New Zealand. Leonie Prendeville.our Logistics Organiser. Robert Kiyosaki for making a complex subject so much simpler for me to understand.

Testimonials commitment to helping people heal emotionally and all the teachers whose books. 388 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. especially my parents.21stcenturybonusdvd. Thank you for everything. love and care through my ups and downs.22.com . keeping me honest. my Dad for his extreme generosity and fair minded thinking. Most of all a big thank you to my family. To my brothers and sisters for always being there. seminars and tapes have played such a big part in guiding me to my success and helping other people emulate that success. my Mum for her never ending support.

The 73 An example of an Option 351 of no money down. The 370-378 Bank of America 67 Bank of North America. capitalism and communism 86 Education Timer 163 Employees and asset protection 329 Environment 117 Equity 206. 298 17 Fast Track Property Strategies 279 21-point property checklist. J. 27. NBC 67 Certainty/Comfort 153 Channelling 223 Chase Manhattan Corp. The 77 Constructive ways of meeting our need for growth 154 Contribution 153 Control can be far more powerful than ownership 352 Dramas 112 Create a Goal Board and a Vision Poster 145 Creating cash flow through renting 215 Creative Thinking 106 Critical Mass 176 Critics will offer this advice 292 Cut your mortgage in half! 164 Cycles in the Real Estate Market 362 Danko. William 216 Debt reduction strategy 184 Debt-Elimination Time Calculator 185 Decide what gives you energy 119 Defining what you want financially 161 Del Mar. Charles 63 Communicating 107 Companies have two main players 325 Compliance costs 317 Compound interest 179 Connection/Love 152 Constitutional Convention. Warren 197. Larry 62 Battle of Waterloo. The 84 Blame and excuses 23 Bucket companies 311 Buffett. A 293 21st Century Academy 5 A 10-year plan 284 21-point property checklist 293 grain of rice 181 month in my life 248-278 trading career in E-minis 333 wealth questionnaire 171 ABC 67 Ability to liquidate 233. Master 150 E-minis 332-346 case study 346 summary 348 traders use a range of charts 343 Economic history. The 359 Citibank 67 CNN 67 Collins. Patrick S. 207 Example of how a family discretionary trust can help you 316 Examples of lawsuits 320 Exercises 21. 31. A 284 100 percent finance 291. 100 per cent finance 291 Anthony Robbins has identified the Six Human Needs 152 Are there any drawbacks with trusts? 317 Are you a poor money manager or a good money manager? 189 Are your assets protected? 319 Asset protection 327. the 192 Bates. 329 summary 330 Principles of 323 Attracting money and success into your life 110 Australia. 237 Absolute financial freedom 169 Accountability and Action 25 Accumulation of income 317 Adding value to a property 289 to the tenant 290 Advantages of Trading Mini S&P 500 Futures and Options 336 Advice from an E-minis trader 344 American Revolution. 62 Case study: How to make money with OPM 217 Cashflow Quadrant 196 CBS. Alexander 75 Demise of the First Bank of the United States 83 Denial 23 Developing your financial education skills 246 Different types of trusts? 315 Discretionary trusts 315 Disease is another word for disharmony 115 Distributions to Beneficiaries 308 Do I have to give the money to the people I distribute to? 31 you believe in scarcity or abundance? 42 you charge enough? 40 you share these Millionaire traits? 216 Dream List. 67 Churn Principle. 222 Businesses 194 and asset protection 327 Buying negatively geared property 317 Buying shares 219 Can I borrow money to finance property if I have little income? 300 Can I just give all the money to my children? 311 Candle sticks 343 Carmack.Index 10-year plan. 99 The meaning of money 126 Expenses out of pre-tax income 308 Family Trust summary 319 Fast Track Property Strategies 287 Finance questions 298 389 . 29. The 76 Bank. one of the highest taxed nations in the world 53 Baby bucket principle.

197 Goal Board and a Vision Poster 145 Goals 148 My 165 Goldsmiths of mediaeval England. The 68 from thin air 355 Morgan Guaranty Trust 67 Morris.com . 77. instead of becoming wealthy 104 Mark Rolton's five criteria for ideal Options 353 Marketing 107 Marx. Victor 97 Gates. The 326 Pasquet.) 204 Parent's Equity 207 Parties to a standard family discretionary trust. Key 363 Let's consider changing our wealth conditioning 35 Leverage 225 Lifestyle bucket 372 Line of credit 282 MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) 342 Madison. 100 per cent finance 291 Nowhere in our school life are we taught how to have money work for u. 197 Lawsuits Examples of 320 The facts of 320 Legalities. 45 Option Combinations 365 Options Finding sites suitable for 355 for success .M. The 80 Five criteria for ideal Options 353 forms of income game 203 major components of a 21st Century education 90 Four Key Skills 106 skills of a 21st century education. 196. James 66.Money from thin air 355 Other People's Money (O. 390 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www. always start with the end in mind 108 Incantations 146 Income 200 Insuring your shares 227 Interest only or P&I (Principle and Interest) loan? 300 Introduction to Trusts 305 Investment portfolio 190 Investors and asset protection 329 Jefferson. The 69 Gratitude 26 Growth 153 Hamilton.Index Financial freedom 167 independence 166 protection 165. 83 Madison. Louis T. Robert 45. 65 Media complicity 66 Medium-term goals 149 Millionaires from real estate 280 Millions in Rockie 356 Mindset and Strategies 27 Mini S&P 500 Futures 336 Money Changers in Jerusalem. Karl 86 Master Dream List 150 McDonald's 16 McFadden. Thomas 77 Key legalities 363 Kiyosaki. Henry 63 Prepare a professional financial proposal 299 Price gaps and variations 343 Primary and essential needs. Robert 76 Most of us will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure 123 My expectations of this book 3 My goals 165 Napoleon 84 Napoleon's rise to power in France 82 Need for growth 154 Negotiating 106 Options 358 New York Times 67 No money down. 147 Historical share data chart 224 Homework 187 How and when do you measure education's success? 2 can you 'sell' real estate if you don't own (buy) it first? 350 can you be right more times than wrong? 342 do I get money out and put money into my Trust? 309 does a Trust help me save tax? 308 does a Trust protect my assets? 306 long will it take? 159 much deposit should I pay for an Option? 354 much will it take? 159 to eliminate debt in 3 to 7 years 186 to have money work for us 45 to make money out of thin air 210 to make money with OPM 217 to obtain 100 per cent finance 298 to put your kids through university 162 wealth is generated 286 you can pay for your child's education and more 175 Your Money Grows Annually 177 If you wish to succeed. 173 security 166 Finding sites suitable for Options 355 First Bank of the United States.P. President 65 Making your personal financial dreams a reality 160 Many people get caught up in appearing to be wealthy. Bill 378 Gerber. Michael 195. The 200 Fractional Reserve Banking 48 Frankel.21stcenturybonusdvd. 98. Alexander 60 Here is the key 30 Hill. Napoleon 144.

64 Tax 199 Technical analysis 221 The American Revolution 73 baby bucket principle 370378 bank 192 of North America 76 Battle of Waterloo 84 benefit of cutting expenses 180 Celestine Prophecy 112 Churn Principle 359 components of the S&P 500 339 Constitutional Convention 77 E-Myth 195. The 324 Success stories 380 Superannuation 209 Sutton. Your 188 Building/Retirement Calculator 186 What about a line of credit? 282 about negative gearing and/or losses in a Trust? 312 are Options on real estate? 350 are the benefits of a family discretionary trust? 317 391 . Anthony C. Poor Dad 45.Results. Anthony 90. 216 Money Changers in Jerusalem 68 Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America 62 parties to a standard family discretionary trust 326 Poor 103 risk factor to borrow for a traditional business 232 S&P 500 Index 334 Stock Market 192 strawman and person of substance 324 true definition of a business 196 US Federal Reserve 62 way down strategy 228 way up and the way down strategy 229 wealth bucket 174 wealth of a nation is determined by the individuals 56 Wealthy Are Scarce 172 Time and Newsweek 67 To trade E-minis we use three basic indicators 342 Trading E-minis 340 some frequently asked questions 345 has many advantages 338 Trustee 314 Trusts 305 summary 313 Try sending love to someone that maybe is having a bad day 114 Two primary and essential needs 153 Uncertainty/Variety 153 Unit trusts 315 US Federal Reserve. George 75 Way down strategy. The 228 Wealth bucket. 98 Robbins. The 334 Sample Payment Schedules 170 Savings 198 Sell something 198 Selling insurance 245 Settlor 314 Short-term and medium-term goal sheets 144 goals 148 Should I get a finance broker to arrange my loan? 302 Six Human Needs 152 SMARTIES 143 Some advice from Bill Gates 378 benefits of E-minis 335 examples of warning labels 323 facts about the S&P 500 Index 338 finance questions that you will need to address 298 real estate tips from Mark Rolton 357 Stochastic 342 Stock Market. Purpose and Action 107 Retirement Calculator 186 Return on investment (ROI) 236 Rich Dad. 197 E-Myth Revisited 197 effects of compound interest 179 facts of lawsuits 320 First Bank of the United States 80 four skills of a 21st century education 200 Goldsmiths of mediaeval England 69 hot dog parable 181 meaning of money exercise 126 Middle Class 103 The Millionaire Next Door 2. 152 Rolton. 95. The 192 Strawman and person of substance. Mark 351 Rothschild family 84 RPA .Index Two 153 Principles of asset protection 323 Property 194 Options 349-367 organising principles 288 vs buying stocks on the Stock Market 287 Put your primary purpose down on paper 139 Raising the dam level 357 Real estate 280 Redfield. James 112 Renovations 212 Renting shares 230 Results. The 62 Using a company to protect assets 325 a Trust to protect assets 326 equity 206 Other Peoples' Money (OPM) 355 Vision Poster 145 Visualisation 145 Wall Street Journal 67 Warning labels 323 Warren Buffett's share selection methodology 222 Washington Post 67 Washington. Purpose and Action 107 S&P 500 index. The 174 Creation System.

com .Index are the benefits of setting up a Trust? 314 are the different types of trusts? 315 are you worth? 202 are your priorities and what is in your way? 133 do we mean by a 'Trust'? 305 do you want in your life? 133 Drains my Energy? 119 happens for tax purposes? 318 exactly are Mini S&P 500 Futures? 336 happens if I cannot obtain 100 percent finance? 301 if you could? 287 is a 'bucket company'? 311 is a Corporate Trustee? 306 is a trust? 314 is an E-mini? 334 is Emotional Intelligence? 90 is financial intelligence? 98 is money? 125 is the true measure of financial wealth? 159 Raises my Energy? 119 the Rich do differently! 105 Why can't I just leave the money in my Trust and not distribute it? 310 do I have a company involved? 306 do I need asset protection? 331 invest in real estate? 280 many children grow up feeling guilty about wealth 36 trade E-minis? 333 you repel money if you are negative 38 you should buy quality.21stcenturybonusdvd. not cheap discounted products 39 World Solutions Institute 60 Would you like to control your own financial future trading E-minis? 333 Write your own eulogy 134 Your personal financial dreams realised 173 Wealth Creation System 188 392 For a free DVD bonus gift from Jamie McIntyre valued at $97 visit www.

To support you in your journey to financial freedom Would you like a ONE STOP SHOP financial centre that can help you on your journey to financial success? At 21st Century we've spent years assembling the best wealth team of specialists available for the do it yourself investor. mortgage broking.com. and see for yourself the benefits of what you will learn. 21st Century Broking Services offer full service broking for Share Renting on the ASX plus we offer online broking for Global Stocks. Forex.au c 21st Century Investor newsletter Subscribe to 21st Century Investor Newsletter and take advantage of our low risk-high probability recommendations and ideal shares for share renting.com.au 21ST CENTURY SERVICES c 21st Century accounting 21st Century Accounting has a successful team of fresh Accountants and business Advisors with a clear focus of providing our clients with the best possible service.21stCenturyFinance.com c 21st Century Insurance (not yet available in New Zealand) 21st Century Academy. financial planning. Future Options. tax planning.au Free Call (Australia): 1800 999 270 Free Call (New Zealand): 0800 893 302 Fax (Australia): 07 3503 9021 Fax (New Zealand): 09 358 7340 . www. Options. even business coaching.21stCenturyBroking.21stCenturyInvestor.21stCenturyInvestmentServices. www. within 30 to 60 days. to help you as our client make more money and keep the money that you make. Our promise to you is that the investment properties we source offer some of the highest capital appreciation and rental yields available. Take advantage of our 30 day trial for a measly $1.com. would like to offer you a free* insurance review to show you how you can protect and insure you and your assets. www. plus much more. Feel free to check out any of our 21st Century Services below.au c 21st Century Broking Services Get up and running with 21st Century Broking Services for Forex. www. whether it be accounting. with 100% finance in a capital protected environment.21stCenturyInsurance.21stCenturyAccounting. asset protection.21stCenturyPropertyDirect.21stCenturyServices. Also find out if a Self managed super fund is the way to go for you and how you can invest your super in the stock market with virtually no risk. Our mission is to provide you as our client with a full range of services.com.com. Futures. can show you how to turn negatively geared property portfolios into positively geared ones. saving you a fortune? www. US Stocks and Options as taught through 21st Century Education strategies including 21st Century Lifestyle Trader.au Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ Best Time to Call:__________________ Best Contact Number (Please circle): Home State:_________________ Postcode: ____________ Work Mobile Phone (H):_______________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):_________________________ ____________ Fax:____________________________________ Email Address:________________________________________________________________ www.com. 21st Century Insurance Solutions has been established to ensure anyone can actively get insurance to protect themselves adequately.) c 21st Century Finance (only available for Australian lending) What if you could access a Finance Specialist that can help you achieve your investment strategies. 21st Century Property Direct strive to provide our clients with the most up to date information about their chosen markets whilst advising them of how best to maximise return on their capital. www. www. (Please tick the service/s you are interested in below so a consultant can contact you to discuss arranging a free consultation.com. Futures.au c 21st Century Investment Services Are you interested in a free portfolio review and superannuation assessment? Book in and see a licensed financial advisor today! Discover ways you can invest in the stock market with no money down. business structuring.au c 21st Century Property Direct Speak to one of our consultants and find out how to buy property virtually no money down and how to build a property portfolio of ten properties or more within ten years. plus how to pay off your home mortgage in half the time. We provide broking services for all strategies taught at 21st Century Education Seminars. Bonds and CFD’s.

this book is for you!” Your Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ State:_________________ Postcode: _ ___________ Phone (H):_______________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):_______________________________ Fax:________________________________ Email Address:________________________________________________________________ 2 "What I Didn't learn From My Financial Planner But Wish I Had" – This book not only challenges what c c c c c c c c c c I would like to order all 8 books for only $99 (+ $15 p&h) saving nearly $150! I would like to order __________ (quantity) 1. What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had for $34. What I Didn't Learn From My Real Estate Agent But Wish I Had for $34.000 a night trading the E-minis market starting with as little as US$2. such as purchasing investment property. After interviewing over 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time.21stCenturyPublishing.95 each I would like to order __________ (quantity) 6. Time Rich for $34.95 each I would like to order __________ (quantity) 4. Secrets of Entrepreneurs Under 40 Exposed! for $32. including the author. especially when updated for the 21st Century." by e-minis Global – Is the idea of making US$500 to US$1. shares and acquiring businesses to name a few or at least paying off your mortgage in record time . Jamie lays the foundation for success with a blueprint of the same educational system he used to transform his life from broke to MILLIoNAIRE. What I Didn't Learn From Google But Wish I Had for $34.000 attractive to you? If so.95 each* included in 8 book offer) (Not Note: There is a $5. be re-energised or gain a new edge. 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By Dale Beaumont" – This book features 14 dynamic entrepreneurs who are shaking things up and achieving mega success. His strategies are still just as valid today.00 fee for postage & handling per book. in the 21st Century for $19.OTHER BOOKS AVAILABLE Available in all leading bookstores! 1 "What I Didn't learn at School But Wish I Had" – In this book. This book is all about removing those chains that tie you to a desk. Hill’s money-making secrets are as powerful today as they were then and can change your life forever. Finance is the backbone behind any investment strategy. c MasterCard c Visa c Bankcard c American Express c Diners Club c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c Credit Card Number c c c c Expiration Date on Card 3 or 4 Digit Credit Card Security Code (Located on Back of Card) c c c c Name of cardholder:__________________________________________________ Signature:_____________________________________ c Enclosed is my cheque made payable to 21st Century Academy: PO Box 352.95 each I would like to order __________ (quantity) 9. many people think is required to become wealthy in this country. How to Trade E-minis for $19. then why haven’t they done it themselves?” 3 "What I Didn't learn From My real estate agent But Wish I Had" – This book outlines numerous ways to become a Property Millionaire in Australia like the author has and covers strategies and concepts you certainly won't learn from your Real Estate Agent that can accelerate your journey to Millionaire status. 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• 8 ways to find money to invest. with virtually no money down! • How to insure your shares.com.au/HSbook Free Call (Australia): 1800 999 270 Free Call (New Zealand): 0800 893 302 Fax (Australia): 07 3503 9021 Fax (New Zealand): 09 358 7340 . • A step-by-step demonstration on how to buy an investment property.com. • How to rent out shares for $5. • How to eliminate debt in 3-7 years.000 per month starting next week. so when it arrives they know that you asked for it to be sent as a FREE gift. • How to make $35. PLUS A BONUS EBOOK TOO! Please inform your friends you have arranged for a FREE DVD to be sent to them.“How I became a self-made mIllIonaIre in my 20’s from Shares and Property Investing and how YOU can too!” As a special gift we would like to provide you.au/HSbook to also order the FREE DVD..21stFreeDvd2.000 to $10.21stFreeDvd2. • How to have a millionaire lifestyle within 12 months without needing to even become a millionaire GET JAMIE'S FREE DVD.. • How to cut your mortgage in half. • How to borrow 100% in the share market with total protection. your friends & family with a free DVD featuring Jamie McIntyre from a recent 3hr Live Seminar Here are some things you will learn: • How to not only survive but thrive in a global credit crisis. Fax back form to 07 3503 9021 Your Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ State:_________________ Postcode: ____________ Phone (H):_______________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):_______________________________ Fax:_________________________________ Email Address:________________________________________________________________ Friend's Name 1: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________ State:_________________ Postcode: ____________ Phone (H):_________________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):______________________________ Fax:__________________________________ Email Address:_________________________________________________________________ Friend's Name 2:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________ State:_________________ Postcode: ____________ Phone (H):_________________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):_______________________________ Fax:___________________________________ Email Address:_________________________________________________________________ Friend's Name 3:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________ State:_________________ Postcode: ____________ Phone (H):__________________________________ (W):___________________________________ (M):_______________________________ Fax:__________________________________ Email Address:__________________________________________________________________ www. You can also go to www. • How to develop the mindset of millionaires and how to make a fortune in a stock market crash.000 per year tax free from property.

investor.000 pa. ” Wealth Creator Magazine This book is about more than just a rags to riches story of how a young Australian went from sleeping on a friend’s couch. • How smart investors are replacing their income in 90 to 180 days or less by using the Renting Share Strategy. www. Many can specialise in one discipline.000 in debt. but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines. $150. transforming their lives as a result of it’s knowledge and strategies.000. • How smart investors are making $1. but weren’t. Now it’s your turn to discover this unique educational system that is not only creating millionaires.000 on the stock market. and without it your chances of excelling in the 21st Century are remote.com RRP $34. E-minis Global. He has been responsible for educating over 250. 21st Century Property Direct.“ Jamie is the only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property. What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had – JAMIE MCINTYRE | AUTHOR Jamie became a self-made millionaire in his twenties. even if they have no money.000 people worldwide have been exposed to the 21st Century Education already.000 per month. I joined in approximately Nov 2008. 21st Century Finance. Jamie lays the foundation for success with a blueprint of the same educational system he used to transform his life from broke to millionaire in less than five years.000 USD per week trading Eminis. he is an entrepreneur. • The 4 key skills you must master to succeed in the Global Credit Crisis and how others have used these to earn over $100. author and President and Founder of Financial Educators Association. • How to legally minimise your tax and protect your assets.S I turn 70 next month. I am delighted to say I have made over $300. • How to easily develop the mindset of a millionaire and think like a winner. • How to profit from Property Options and control property for virtually no outlay.000 people through his DVD courses and live seminars worldwide. P. He is also founder of the 21st Century Group of Companies.” David Ross “If you are looking to accelerate your financial results and create an extraordinary quality of life . business and internet business. In this book. • How smart investors sell insurance in the market for a small fortune and why your financial planner doesn’t know about it. including. a sought after public speaker. “It would be appreciated if you could pass onto Jamie my sincere thanks for setting up 21st Century Academy. the stock market.000 in equity can make as much as $20.000 to $5.95 21 CENTURY ST EDUC ATION FOR LIFE ACADEMY Brought to you by 21st Century Education . • How many Australians have become millionaires in the last 10 years. but is transforming people’s happiness and fulfilment as well. starting with as little as $5. you cannot learn the educational system at school or university. where $150. no job or future prospects. 21st Century Accounting. Creator of the Secrets Exposed Series What you will achieve from this book: • What you should have been taught at school. More than 250. • 8 ways investors raise money to start investing immediately. It’s about something much more powerful and unique he had to discover in order to excel in the game of life in the 21st Century.then Jamie’s book is for you! This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to excel and expand their knowledge. Pinnacle Capital Investments. so you are never too old to learn. Jamie is one of Australia’s most forward thinking educators and a fantastic teacher!” Dale Beaumont. That “something” was a 21st Century Educational System.21stCenturyAcademy. Unfortunately. some who started with very little thanks to these strategies. to becoming a self-made millionaire while still in his twenties. 21st Century Broking and 21st Century Academy – an education organisation that has provided a valuable 21st Century education to Australians and New Zealanders and has received a Highly Commended Award from the Australian Achiever Awards.

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